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Evil Aladdin is an evil incarnate of the original character and a former shadow, controled by Ayam Aghoul. Though not having a major appearance in the television series, "Aladdin", Evil Aladdin plays a significant role in the villains tournaments, specifically in Disney Villains War 2 and in Heroes Vs Villains War.

Disney Villains War 2


After Prince Phobos usurps the current ruler of Agrabah, he transforms Aladdin into a more evil version of his own image. Later, Phobos gathers his new recruits, including Evil Aladdin, and dark twisted versions of Princess Jasmine and the former Sultan of Agrabah. Together they form the Team Evil Agrabah faction, though this specifically society would work briefly.

Vs Jafar

Wanting to test the faction, Phobos sends the team in a sweep attack with the powerfull genie, Jafar. When the Sultan manages to hold off the evil sorcerer, Jafar assumes the form of the genie, to finish them off. With a single blast, Jafar takes both Aladdin and the Sultan out from the game.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Starting a Rivarly

Influenced by Eris' magic, Marina Del Ray takes the appearance of Evil Aladdin to start a civil war between Aladdin and Sinbad. Instructed by both Ursula and Eris, Marina Del Ray sets off to find Sinbad. She finds him, relaxing in a shore, along with his crew. Marina Del Ray then taunts the captain pirate, furthermore throwing to him rotten fruits. When Marina and Freddie, two members of Sinbad's crew enter the fray and throw a bucket at Del Ray, Del Ray responds by throwing rotten fruits to Marina. Angered, Marina throws a crab at Del Ray, only for Ray to counter attack the hit, sending the crab right to Sinbad, only for the hero to dodge the sea creature. Sinbad and Del Ray then clash in swords and canes, not long as Freddie shows up in the scene. Using all of his strenght, Freddie punches Del Ray into the seas, knocking her out. Seeing that Sinbad got away, along with his crew and the fact that the plan of Eris works, Marina Del Ray returns to her previous state. This is the only appearance of Evil Aladdin in this tournament.