England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It shares borders with Scotland to the north, and Wales to the west. Separated by the continental Europe, due to the North Sea, England covers up a major part of the Great Britain. Its capital city is London, one of the most known attraction cities of the whole world. England is also notable for its own personal history records, as multiple people have been native to the island of the Great Britain from one period to the next, ultimately changing shift, name, and political governorship throughout history by the next generations. It is also known for the English language, the most popular world wide language that serves as basis of communication with other people, worldwide. England is also notable for being the first country to adopt the parliamentary system, a political status shared by other nations as well.

In the villains wars, England is one of the main locations and battle scenarios, either featuring the villains conflict or the heroes battle with their enemies.

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