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The Enchantress is a noted enemy of Thor and a minor villainess in the Marvel universe. Despite this, Enchantress is a powerful sorcerer and a major player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains Wars, serving as the primary acolyte of both Loki and Dormammu.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Initial Fights - Vs Maleficent

After Loki's defeat at the hands of Hades, the Enchantress and her compatriot, the Executioner, free him from his prison. Loki then tasks the Enchantress with defeating Maleficent, Hades's right hand woman. Enchantress arrives in Maleficent's forces, only to face the full opposition of Maleficent's army of goons. Try as they might to break the Enchantress's defense, they prove unsuccessful; the Enchantress turns their arrows into flowers and their boulders into bubbles. The Enchantress zaps most of the goons away, leading Maleficent to dirty her own hands. The Enchantress manages to ward away the first few attacks from Maleficent, absorbing some magic and teleporting away from more powerful attacks. However, the tide turns when the Enchantress kills Maleficent's pet, Diablo. After this, Maleficent unleashes some of her more powerful techniques, blasting down the Enchantress with two extremely powerful magical attacks. It is only thanks to the intervention of the Executioner that the Enchantress manages to escape with her life.

Assembling an Alliance

Loki, realizing the Enchantress is not powerful enough to defeat Maleficent, tasks the Enchantress with a new project: assembling a team called the Masters of Evil. The Enchantress enlists the aid of Baron Zemo and Wonder Man early on, eventually adding Crimson Dynamo and Abomination to the project. The newly empowered Masters of Evil travels to Maleficent's lair on the Forbidden Mountain, only to encounter a group of magicians called the Sorcerer's Society. A fight ensues, with both the Sorcerer's Society and the Masters of Evil taking heavy losses. The Enchantress tries to be of use, but a magical skull from Ayam Aghoul stuns her. The Enchantress recovers, managing to take out Mozenrath with a powerful spell. However, when Ayam Aghoul kills Baron Zemo, the Enchantress realizes that the tide has inextricably turned. She teleports herself and the Executioner out of the battlefield, defeated.
Enchantress Amora Demon

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Cartoon Villains War

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