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Emperor Zurg

Emperor Zurg is a Disney villain from the 2000 TV series, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (a spinoff of the hit Disney/Pixar film, Toy Story), and a major player in all three villains tournaments.

A dangerous alien warlord, he rules over a vast interstellar empire and frequently comes to blows with other alien races and the villains of Earth.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains


Evil overlord on the outside; spoiled child on the inside. Zurg was born the son of Maleficent, the mistress of all evil, and Hades, god of the Underworld. Maleficent almost immediately took Zurg under her wing in the art of evil and conquering. She taught him the fine techniques of sadism and slow, patient planning. For the first decade of his life, Maleficent was Zurg's mentor.

It was around Zurg's tenth birthday that Hades realized he hadn't done nearly as much. However, Hades was inferior to Maleficent in patience and teaching, and Hades knew it. Guilty he could provide nothing for his son as far as teachings, Hades compensated by spoiling the boy. Any extravagant gift Zurg wanted, Hades obliged. Even something Zurg wouldn't have any use for, like a plasma blaster or a spaceship, Hades got for his boy.

Around Zurg's eighteenth birthday, Maleficent teased Hades for not teaching him anything useful as far as evil goes. Frustrated by this intently playful taunting, Hades decided to give Zurg a head on lesson; an assault on Zeus.

Hades and Zurg went to Olympus, where they intended to overthrow Zeus once again. Zurg rushed into battle. At this point in time, Hades still had Zeus's trust, so, Hades kept hidden. Zurg opened fire onto the Gods, and fared somewhat well. That is, until, Zeus threw a lightning bolt.

Zurg took the bolt directly to his face, disfiguring him. He retreated, and returned to his parents, permanently scarred.

Zurg was outraged. He threw a tantrum, yelling at Hades, calling him a coward for letting him face Zeus alone. He then yelled at Maleficent, demanding she punish Hades. However, Maleficent sided with Hades, scolding Zurg for not valuing the element of surprise. That was the final straw.

Zurg took to his spaceship (that nobody thought he'd ever use) and declared that he'd never, ever want to see his parents again. And with that, he took to Space. Zurg's leaving was one of the biggest contributing factors to Hades and Maleficent's eventual divide. It is a guilt that haunts Hades even to this day.

In Space, Zurg found a planet that was similar to Earth in atmosphere (something owned by an IRKen empire? Zurg can't fully remember) and conquered it. With his own design, he renamed it Planet Z. Wearing a robotic mask and armor to hide his scars (and block out any reminder of his parents) he began his new conquest as Emperor Zurg. To read the beginning of Emperor Zurg's story arc, see this article.

Establishing a Presence - Vs Zygon

Zurg arrives in the animated universe, quickly assuming control of a massive network of villains. Interested in the war on Earth, he decides to take over most of the universe aside from it. He has his armies assemble a new base, only for the warlord, Zygon, to attack it with an armada of starships. Zurg orders a squad of Hornets to take down the ships, but the trained fighter pilots overwhelm the assault. Zygon himself comes to fight Zurg; unimpressed, Zurg uses laser beams from his eyes to literally disarm Zygon. Zurg then calls for his blaster cannon, a cannon that he promptly uses to blast Zygon in half.

Attack on Zurg Tower

Zurg's grip on space is threatened by the arrival of the mysterious Drej, a group of aliens capable of destroying the planet. While conducting a meeting with the aliens, Zurg tasks his most powerful associate, Warp Darkmatter, with guarding his tower. Unfortunately for Zurg, the bacterium, Thrax, defeats Darkmatter and destroys most of Zurg Tower. When Zurg returns to a half-destroyed base, he finds what is left taken over by Mok Swagger's super computer. The Emperor is forced to relocate.

Return to Zurg Tower

Zurg perfects work on a doomsday device based on a mind-link generator called the Unimind. With it at his command, he makes an assault on his former base, now in control of Mok's associate, Professor Screweyes. Screweyes summons a resurrected Sharptooth (as Rex) to deal with Zurg, but Zurg hypnotizes it with the Unimind. Zurg then uses the Unimind on Screweyes's crows, leading the animals to eat their master alive. Now back in control, Zurg finds the wounded Darkmatter and has his men rebuild him.

Battling the Drej

Zurg's empire, however, faces a threat far greater than Mok's men in the Drej. After the Drej Queen is informed by Jafar of Zurg's return, she begins attacks in earnest. Zurg recognizes the threat and thus decides to hire on some new lieutenants. One of his latest finds, Gantu, proves his worth in killing one of the Drej's assets, a bounty hunter named Preed. In the succeeding Battle of Space, Gantu takes out most of the Drej's air forces, whilst Darkmatter eliminates most of their ground forces. Zurg then uses his perfected Unimind death ray to eradicate the entire Drej fleet. Zurg thus retains control over space.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Battling the Decepticons

Zurg's reign meets a new adversary in Megatron, the leader of the Decepticon Transformers. After Warp Darkmatter loses a bout with two of Megatron's lieutenants, Blitzwing and Lugnut, Zurg decides to take action. He assembles a massive alliance, consisting of Darkmatter, Gantu, Warhok, Warmonga, NOS-4-A2, Gravitina, and Hamsterviel. Zurg first sends his energy vampire, NOS-4-A2, to infiltrate the Decepticon base and hack into the enemy's mainframe. NOS-4-A2 succeeds, though not without defeating Blackarachnia. Zurg tries to replicate this success by sending Warmonga out to defeat Megatron's right-hand robot, Starscream, but this proves a false hope.

Some Fruitless Interruptions

Two attacks severely impede Zurg's campaign against the Decepticons. Though the first attack, from the Cluster Queen Vexus, is an abject failure, it manages to disorient Zurg's forces enough so that they are unprepared for the second attack. The Shredder, newly rehabilitated from an earlier defeat, invades Zurg Tower. Zurg and a team of Hornets try to take him down, but the Shredder's armor deflects most of their blaster fire. As the Shredder shreds through the Hornets, Zurg continues to shoot at him ineffectually. As the Shredder heads into the melee combat range, Zurg reveals his mastery of his own martial art: the Penelthusian Death Grip. It proves surprisingly effective, as Zurg strikes the Shredder multiple times. However, the Shredder's more lethal hand sais damage Zurg's armor, forcing him to make a retreat. As the Shredder and his associate, Baxter Stockman, hack into Zurg's inter-dimensional transportation machine, the emperor roars in defeat.

Back on Track

Without a transporter, Zurg faces a severe disadvantage. He thus has his subordinate, Hamsterviel, track down Krang, an alien with vast knowledge of interdimensional travel. When Hamsterviel has some difficulty dealing with the alien scientist, he calls in Zurg. Zurg quickly destroys Krang's bipedal walker with his laser vision, taking control of the base for himself. Zurg is not above torture, forcing Krang to reveal all his secrets and rebuild the dimension portal. Krang builds Zurg a transport, but, in light of their common hatred of the Utrom Shredder, asks that Zurg free the real, human Shredder from Dimension X. Zurg complies. In the meantime, Warp Darkmatter asks permission to fight a Decepticon, in hopes of impressing Warmonga. Zurg laughs off the intention, sending Darkmatter to fight Megatron himself. Though Darkmatter gets the better of Starscream, he flees the battle once Megatron arrives.

The Battle for Planet Z

Emperor Zurg is making his final plans when Starscream destroys most of Zurg Tower. Surprised, Zurg realizes Starscream is but part of an all-out attack by the Decepticons. When Starscream gets the better of Darkmatter in their rematch, Zurg activates a wall laser and knocks the Decepticon lieutenant out. Zurg observes most of the confrontation, only trying his hand when Megatron enters the field. Zurg dodges most of Megatron's laser fire, but Megatron dodges Zurg's own laser bolts. Megatron draws a sword and leaves Zurg in a crumpled heap. But as Megatron is about to deal the finishing blow, he inexplicaby explodes and dies. As it turns out, Starscream planted a time bomb onto Megatron's back prior to the battle. In what could be described as an instance of the creators' breaking the fourth wall, Zurg excitedly comments on the twist ending.


Krang brings in the real, human Shredder to Zurg's flagship. The martial artist also possesses an atomic ray capable of leveling an entire building. Zurg agrees to let them take out the false, Utrom Shredder. Their plan is successful, and the Utrom Shredder is annihilated.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Three

Making New Enemies

As Zurg's empire slowly crumbles, after the previous battles cost enough power and allies, Zurg gets attacked by Flogg and his Mutant armanda, as he chooses the perfect moment to strike in the planet, for space domination. Zurg, however, does not give up easily and uses some his remain forces, particulary, a giant replica of a regular hornet, called the Mega-Hornet. Thanks to the Hornet's assistance, Zurg manages to force Flogg and his Mutant Army, retreating from the planet at once.

A Hopeless Alliance

Later, the Saurians, with leader the cannibalistic warlord, Lord Dragaunus, arrive on Planet Z, after their previous lair was destroyed by the Triceratons. Zurg proposes an alliance with the Saurians' leader, promoting him further as his new second in command captain. However, Dragaunus, insulted by the offer, refuses to join him, much to Zurg's tough luck.

More Loss

Knowing that he needs more forces to his empire, Zurg sends Gravitina to search for possible recruits. Although Gravitina succeeds in her mission, as she finds the alien race of the Heed, she meets her demise, when the Mutants get their revenge, by wiping out both the Heed race and Gravitina.

The Space Conference

In the later events, Zurg is presented in a space conference, a meeting of several galactic species, to discuss about the future of the universe in their own hands. Though the Mutants make an offer for peace, Zurg, on the other hand, makes an opposite theory, as he requests complete surrender to all of the alien races in the univere, while continuing that a new tyrant empire would start, as his citizens would be mindless drones, who would have long workdays in crambed cubicies. NOS-4-A2, however, exclaims his disgust over Zurg's thinking, only to be silenced by the space warlord himself. The conference ends, with no other issues to continue with.

Betrayal and Assault on Planet Z

In spite of his abuse towards NOS-4-A2, his actions lead him to his undoing, as NOS turns a traitor to his empire and helps the Mutants of Denebria instead. Soon enough, NOS-4-A2 meets with Zurg, showing his traitorous moves, as he wants revenge for his previous humiliation. He then orders his arrest by his vampre-hornets, though Zurg manages to escape from their claws. Zurg then offers a chance to NOS-4-A2, as he sees him as a member of his own family. NOS-4-A2, however, claims that if that was the case, he must pass his control to the energy vampire. Zurg then makes his way out ot the commander center of the planet, allowing the Mutants of Denebria to strike once more upon the planet.

Vs Skeletor

During the battle, Zurg sends Warp Darkmatter and his remain Hornets to deal with the Mutants, as they make their way to Zurg's chamber. When the Hornets fail to stop the Mutants, Zurg attempts to make a retreat, only to be met by the overlord of evil, Skeletor. Zurg then draws a lightsaber and begins his class with Skeletor. Due to Skeletor's efficiency, Skeletor manages to overpower Zurg and knocking off from the battlefield. Outmached, outnumbered and losing all of his remain powers, Zurg attempts once more to make a tactical retreat from his own planet, though saved by his remain henchman, Warp Darkmatter.

Disney Villains War

Scheming, Hiring, and Fighting

Zurg closely watches the early events of the war and plans to take actions into his own hands. His first step is to hire various rogues from across the galaxy to increase the size of his army. This eventually leads him to the crew of John Silver. The crew seems interested in joining, but one member, Scroop, shows resistance. The spider-like villain attacks Zurg; sensing Scroop is not a threat, Zurg has his grubs reverse the gravitational polarity of the ship. Though Scroop tries to hang on to the ship's flag, Zurg shoots through the grounding rope, leaving Scroop to fly into the cosmos. He then meets his primary ally in Shego.

Altercations with the Galactic Federation

The forces of the Galactic Federation are the only threat standing in the way of Zurg's invasion of Earth. Determined to conquer the planet, Zurg has his lieutenant, Warp Darkmatter, take out the Galactic Federation's top fighter pilot, Captain Gantu. The mission, however, is fruitless, with Darkmatter being taken out. Furious with Darkmatter's defeat, Zurg hires Dragaunus to take Gantu out. This time, Zurg's forces have the victory, Zurg laughing as Gantu crash lands on Earth. Zurg also has his scout, NOS-4-A2, take out the Evil Manta.

The Invasion Commences

On Earth, Hades lets loose the Titans. Not wanting the monstrous beings to interrupt his plans, Zurg uses Dragaunus's laser to destroy them all. At the same time, he orders his forces to invade Earth. Though Zurg lays waste to the countryside, he has mixed results against the forces of David Xanatos, a criminal mastermind intent on protecting Earth for his own purposes. Zurg's minion, NOS-4a2, ends up dead at the hands of Helga and Rourke, but Draganaus destroys Xanatos's scientifically-minded ally, the Mad Doctor.

The Second Push

In preparation for the next phase of his invasion, Zurg hires Dr. Hamsterviel for assistance. The second phase is even more indecisive, with Shego wiping out Negaduck and Silver trumping Madam Medusa, but with Hamsterviel drawing a match with Macbeth and Draganaus falling to Xanatos himself. Enraged with such results, Zurg personally enters the fray.

The Final Battle

Signs do not bode well for Zurg when Gantu, now allied with Xanatos, defeats Silver and Macbeth kills Hamsterviel. Zurg and his main forces personally storm Xanatos's base. The battle results in an all-out brawl, with Xanatos and the Master Control Program wiping out dozens of hornets. For his part, Zurg disarms Commander Rourke. Despite Demona's taking out his main forces, Zurg still enters the building's main room.

Zurg finds Xanatos defended by Puck. Though Shego valiantly tries to take the fairy down, Puck's magic proves too much for her. Enraged, Zurg guns the fairy down. Xanatos, armed in a battle mech, manages to disarm Zurg. Zurg retreats to his ship, but Xanatos comes in hot pursuit. Xanatos unleashes a massive electric blast that disables most of Zurg's armada, forcing the invader to make a tactical return to Planet Z.

Disney Villains War 2

For more information, regarding about her character, see here.

Vs Cruella De Vil

Alone and having lost everything, Cruella de Ville wandered the streets until she encountered Emperor Zurg, who had been returned to the Animated Universe by Kingdom Hearts. Using his Unimind device, Zurg destroyed Cruella's car, reducing it to its bare chassis. Cruella tried to attack Zurg, but he easily knocked her aside into a garbage can. He then revealed his new power: controlling dimensional energy, using it to transport Cruella away to parts unknown.

Disney Villains War 3

Trying to free Shego

Seeking to renew his attacks on the hand drawn realm, Zurg sought out Shego, his most trusted ally who had been imprisoned since the last war. However, Agent Grizlikoff wasn't too keen on releasing her. Zurg sent his Hornets to attack the prison but Grizlikoff activated his defenses, sending rocks firing out at the Hornets, destroying them. Grizlikoff then entered the fray himself. As more of Zurg's Hornets attempted to fire on him, he activated a remote machine gun which destroyed them. Zurg then activated his booster jets and took to the skies. Grizlikoff tried firing at him with his remote guns but Zurg dodged all of the shots. As Grizlikoff got more frustrated he started to use more and more powerful guns. But, at that moment, Shego managed to generate enough power to blast free of her bindings. Zurg then fired his arm cannon at an anvil, knocking it on Grizlikoff's head, stunning him. As Grizlikoff tried attacking again Shego fired her signature blasts at him, knocking him out. Zurg and Shego then departed.

Forced by Warmonga

Warmonga met up with Zurg and Shego and forced them to ally with her.

Vs Dragaunus

As Zurg and Shego moved to set up shop on Earth, they were confronted by Dragaunus and Evil Buzz. Dragaunus was still furious with Zurg for abandoning him at the end of the first war. Shego blasted one of Dragaunus's s soldiers as he was preparing to attack. Dragaunus then blasted Shego, knocking her into a pillar. Zurg then started blasting apart Dragaunus's forces while Dragaunus tore apart Zurg's robots. Zurg flew into the air with his jet booster as Dragaunus blasted at him. Zurg then decided to resort to his martial arts. Dragaunus used his cloaking device to hide himself. As Zurg tried to strike at him, he only hit air. Seeing the situation turn against them, Zurg and Shego retreated.

A final move

Zurg, now without allies needed to make a desperate bid by joining up with his former enemy Xanatos.Xanatos and Zurg crafted a fragile alliance as Zurg revealed the existence of other realms to Xanatos that other nothing like their realm but still bared significance to theirs, Zurg explained that he had encountered strange beings in this other realm but also encountered a familiar face, the Mad Doctor. Zurg commented that it was like he was back from the dead but also took into account that he was an android so that made it difficult for him to die in the first place. Xanatos was fascinated by the possibility of more worlds and believed they could profit from this. Even though Zurg was confused, Shego explained that Xanatos wanted to get to the bottom of this. Xanatos explained that Doofenschmirtz was working on a device to access different worlds and now that he was gone, he could move in on his plans without any interference. Zurg then reminded Xanatos that they were on the brink of an invasion by the Skeleton King. But Xanatos pointed out that if they could get the equipment, they would tip the scales in their favor. After Xanatos had left, Shego asked Zurg if he intended on staying as his errand boy. Zurg revealed that he was only going to work with him temporarily and once the device was complete, he would steal it and use it for himself.

Attacking Skeleton King

Zurg tried to rally his space forces against the Skeleton King by sending XL and Torque to take down Scrapperton, one of the Skeleton King's generals.

Helping Xanatos

Having failed to take out his wife, Xanatos decides that Zurg and Shego should take the Eye of Odin from her, after reminding the Emperor of a loss he had.Zurg finds Fox in a mutated state attacking some security guards and sends out a Mega-Hornet to deal with her. After the former Renard shrugs of an arrow, firing it back at Zurg's machine and destroying it with a claw swipe. After a brief scuffle with Shego, Fox targets David. While Xanatos pleads to find his wife in the feral body, Zurg and Shego stall her, allowing David to remove the Eye of Odin, turning her back into a Human.Xanatos thanks the Evil Emperor for helping him as he goes back to his castle, as the feud between Zurg and him is over.

Disney Villains War Reboot

Emperor Zurg appears in the reboot in a role similar to the original series. During the earlier events, Zurg begins his campaign to rule the galaxy. His first course of action is to cut losses with the Galactic Federation, the organization that kept Zurg from conquering Earth. He instructs his re-builted ranger, Agent Z ,to stop Captain Gantu, the Galactic Federation's high-ranking officer. Unfortunately, he is easily defeated by the captain, much to Zurg's dismay.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Losing A Home

Emperor Zurg is ruling over Planet Z as usual when Galactus arrives to consume the planet. Terrified of Galactus's tentacles now devouring his world, Zurg sends his hornets at his foe. However, Galactus destroys them without any effort. Zurg flees from his planet, taking the top of his tower with him. He can only look on in dismay as Planet Z is slowly devoured by the godlike being.

Working with Doom

Zurg lands on HYDRA Island, currently led by Doctor Doom. Zurg allies with the villainous doctor.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Three

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Sending allies

Nos contacts the Emperor Zurg from the old Dr. Eggman base. Zurg gives the order to Nos-4-a2 to see if the technology of Earth is useful.Meanwhile in a planet an emperor send one of his soldiers to get something special that he needs.

Trying to negociate

Emperor Zurg is holding negotiations with the newly arrived Metarex forces in an attempt to forge an alliance. But one of the Metarex leaders invade and attacks Planet Z, in an attempt to get the planet egg.

Left his home

Back at Planet Z Drum's show to his Emperor that the attack of planet Z was planned since the start by Dark Oak only to get the Planet Egg, infuriated and with no other option Zurg leaves his planet.

Teaming with Skeleton King

In space Zurg enters the Skeleton King's Fortress to propose an alliance to destroy the Metarex. Skeleton King has no importance of the Metarex, but the Emperor tells that he knows that Leroy's Leader is working with the Metarex to destroy everything in existence. Hearing that the Skeleton King changes his mind and accept to help.

Vs Dark Oak Forces

Zurg prepares his forces for the great assault at a Metarex Fortress the Skeleton King decides to send mandarin to give him some help as well to look what are the Metarex really up to.Zurg begins his assault in a Metarex Fortress but for his surprise dark Oak was waiting for him along with his army, the Emperor prepares to give the order to the Hornets to attack, both army's begin destroying and attacking each other just leaving Zurg and Dark Oak. The Emperor launches a full attack at dark Oak just to know that it was a hologram, must of the Metarex rise from the ground to destroy their enemies Zurg decides to end their lives forever by ordering their total destruction but the Metarex make a quick counter attack destroying most of the Hornets still the Hornets don't give in so easily. Just when victory was close Red Pine, one of Dark Oak's commanders traps Zurg with his army at the Fortress congratulating mandarin and Zurg for bringing the Chaos Emeralds which Mandarin has in his possession 4 and Zurg 3 the Emperor makes a quick move destroying some Metarex Lizards, meanwhile Mandarin obtained the info about Dark Oak's true objective ejecting a Planet Egg from the Fortress, now without that Egg Red Pine see's no use of the Fortress and give's the order to destroy it. Zurg contacts Grubs on knowing the whereabouts outside the Fortress, Grubs activate the shield of Zurg ship telling that the Metarex wants to destroy their own fortress impressed about what the Metarex are really capable of decides to fly from harm just giving one last shot, making a gravitational hole absorbing all the Metarex ship Red Pine makes his final move trying to use all the accelerator of his ship just to be destroyed with the rest, meanwhile Zurg tries to escape as well jus to know that everyone is doomed with a final choice Zurg leaves his ship jus escaping in time for a great death. Dark Oak see's that when the time is right Zurg and Skeleton King will not know his true power.


Zurg surprised that the Metarex are acting seriously calls upon the "Z Force" and sends them to make a surprise attack to show that if you want to win you have to act serious.

Giving a last change

Zurg has located one of the final Chaos Emeralds, he decides to give one last chance to Agent Z and sends him to get the emerald to the planet of the little green man.Darkmatter arrives at Planet Z, as he reveals he lost the Emerald. Infuriated about this Zurg see's enough of Darkmatter, replaces him with Vegeta and decides to give him the worst punishment and torment no one has ever faced of Zurg.

Descovering something

Zurg and Skeleton King have found one of the two sources in the Metarex planet, which seems to be very damaged of the War that happened many years. The Zurg and the rest of his allies might discover something big that happened between Dark Oak and Warmonga.

Vs Dark Oak and Hamstervil

urg and Skeleton King at full speed arrive were the final Chaos Emerald is, as the habitants of the planet don't want to give the emerald Zurg decides to use what he knows best. Soon Dark Oak interferes along with the doctor, the final Tyrants of space are ready to battle. Will Zurg have what it takes to beat his father or will the Foreztation Project will be a success?


Zurg's forces celebrate, finally with the Leader of the Metarex gone no one will stop them, but Zurg has his doubts and orders an assault to destroy his father generals for good.

Battle of Space

Zurg launches a full assault with all his forces to stop nothing more than the Forestation Project. The Metarex are prepared for the incoming assault as they confront Zurg's forces, but what will happen when someone starts his plan to end both enemies at once and claim victory?

Vs Skeleton King

The final battle of the Galaxy is at hand! Skeleton King takes one on one with Zurg in the attempt to beat him escape and leave him with the Galaxy that's about to perish, the emperor must deal with the traitor fast otherwise his father might destroy the Galaxy along with him. Will the Skeleton King's plan succeed or will the Emperor is willing to do a sacrifice?

Transformed into the Dragon, from the Little Mermaid Series, during the final events of Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part 2

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Wanting to team with Vilgax

Interested in his dimensional technology, Zurg contacted Vilgax and offered an alliance between the two. But when Vilgax didn't accept, Zurg blasted his enemy's ship and Vilgax was caught in the explosion, leaving Zurg to take the technology himself.

Vs Borf

Zurg's grubs are almost finished rebuilding Vilgax's trans-dimensional technology, when a alien known as Borf calls him and demands to use the technology. Zurg sends some Hornets to dispose of him, but Borf easily destroys them. Zurg is upset by this and on his way to deal with Borf personally...

Wily sees security footage of his robot masters leaving without his permission. He discovers that someone has taken control of his robots.

For more information, regarding about her character, see here.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Vs Ash

Ash Ketchum manages to escape the dungeon that Frollo has him locked up, and finally reunites with Pikachu. However, Mok was watching the whole thing, and asks Emperor Zurg to take him out personally. Zurg tries to take him out, but Ash's Cyndaquil might be tought to deal with.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Angry of Gantu

In the distant reaches of the cosmos, Gantu returned to his master, the evil Emperor Zurg. Though Zurg was disappointed with Gantu's failure against Hawkins, he said that he had sent another agent to strike against a more dangerous enemy.

Freeing Silver

In space, deep in a Galactic Federation prison colony, John Silver watched as Emperor Zurg broke in and released him. Zurg informed Silver that he needed him for an attack on Earth to reinforce Maleficent's forces.

Zurg's Invasion force

Meanwhile, Zurg and his invasion force, including Gantu, the rogue space ranger Warp Darkmatter, and John Silver landed near Forbidden Mountain, with the use of an escape pod, to meet up with Maleficent.

Vs Lilo and Stitch

Back in Hawaii, Lilo and Stitch were just getting back to their lives when Zurg's army arrived on Earth, attacking the city. Warp Darkmatter, the vanguard of the invasion force, attacked Lilo, destroying her house with his blaster. Seeing the threat to Lilo, Stitch came to defend her, but Zurg arrived at that moment and blasted him away with his eye-beams. As Stitch recovered, Warp fired on him with his arm-blaster, but Stitch caught the energy and threw it back at the dark Space Ranger, knocking him out. Zurg ordered his Hornet robots to attack, but Stitch caught their energy beams as well, further pummelling the helpless Warp. Fed up with the stalemate, Zurg brought out a net gun and snared Lilo and Stitch with it, to Warp's relief.

Confronting Silver

Calling John Silver to him, Zurg revealed that Scroop had told him that Silver had released Lilo and Stitch from confinement. Sick of Zurg's methods, Silver declared his resignation from Zurg's employ, but the evil emperor wasn't willing to let him go that easily. He told Silver that if he left, there would be no one to keep him from killing Jim Hawkins, whom Zurg knew Silver cared for. Reluctantly, Silver agreed to stay.

Meeting with Hades

In the Underworld, Hades was visited by The Fates and Zurg, who informed him of Maleficent's latest plan. Maleficent hoped to free the ancient and powerful Titans from their divine prison to use against the hero forces, but the Titans could only be freed when the planets aligned with Earth in an infrequent cosmic event. Zurg was to use his technology to force the planets to align early while Hades used his power to shatter the wards imprisoning the Titans.

Unimind Device

On Planet Z, Emperor Zurg put the finishing touches on his planet-aligning device. Only one remaining part, the Unimind Device, was needed, and it happened to be on the ship that Jim Hawkins and Peter Pan had commandeered. Long John Silver was reluctant to go along on the mission, but knew that refusal would only make things worse for Jim.

Vs Peter Pan's Forces

Infiltrating the airship being used by Peter Pan and Jim Hawkins to recover the Unimind device, Sliver's pirates broke into the armory and took the ship's weapons for their own. As the pirates began their attack on Pan and Hawkins' team, Zurg's other soldiers boarded the ship to reinforce them.Zurg himself finally entered the fray, launching a shrinking ray at Alice that reverted her to normal size.As the villains cornered Jim, Darkmatter prepared to execute him for his earlier humiliation, only for Silver to come to Jim's defense and knock out Darkmatter. However, Zurg had already found the Unimind, taking control of it and using it to teleport his men back to Planet Z - all except for Silver, who he left to face the angry heroes as punishment for his betrayal.

Battle of Planet Z

With Rourke's guidance, Lightyear's squad and the Atlantean mercenaries landed on Planet Z and made ready to launch an attack on Zurg's base. However, Lightyear's instincts proved to be correct; it was a trap. Rourke turned and punched Lightyear as Zurg's army emerged from ambush and prepared to kill the heroes, teleporting Rourke back to Earth. Just before the heroes were killed, however, another ship arrived on the scene and attacked Zurg's forces; Peter, Jim, Stitch, and Silver had arrived. Zurg retreated into his stronghold as Gantu and Warp Darkmatter engaged Stitch and the Atlantean fleet.However, Zurg suddenly sprang from ambush, gripping Jim by the neck and preparing to kill him. Seeing what was about to happen, Silver again came to Jim's rescue, knocking back the emperor and destroying his personal Hornet guard. Shooting the distracted Silver, Zurg prepared to kill his former lackey when Jim came to his defense, returning the favor from earlier. As Jim disarmed Zurg, the other heroes arrived and surrounded him. Lightyear was about to arrest Zurg when the emperor revealed one final surprise: a self-destruct sequence for Planet Z. Activating a hidden switch in his armor, Zurg escaped through a trapdoor, leaving the heroes to die.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

Heroes vs Villains War

Heroes vs Villains War-Part Two

Sending Agent Z

Zurg sends Warp Darkmatter to retrieve a weapon they left behind at Marcus' fortress.

Teaming with Zarkon

Zurg meets with Zarkon and asks if he will be willing to help him conquer the universe.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Dominator

After conquering another planet, Dominator arrived and declare to Zurg an war with Plan Z. Unfortunately, Zurg was prepared and killed the ruler with her own weapon.

His faction

Zurg decide to recruit John Silver and Gantu to help him in his quest to conquer the world.After failing both their missions, Zurg somehow welcomes Hamsterviel and Thrax in his faction.Emperor Zurg and his goons finally re-built Shannon to do what they want to her.

Denying Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond tries to convince Zurg to join her faction to conquer the Earth, but the emperor refuse her offer. Yellow Diamond swears revenge to Zurg.

Transformers vs Disney and Non Disney Villains War

Teaming with Ursula

Ursula meets up with the Evil Emperor Zurg to discuss to defeat the Variations of the Transformers as Hades revealing to be a secret ally to them.

Vs Prime Starscream

Another Version of Starscream informs the Version's Soundwave about planting a Dark Energon Crystal into the Earth so it will increase its size and become useful to the variation of the Decepticons as he plants them some Robots ambush him as another Variation of Emperor Zurg arrives to deal with him as he uses his blaster to make Starscream lose his arm forcing him to escape.

Disney vs Transformers Villains War

Sending Agent Z

At Planet Z the Grubs were making installments on Warp Darkmatter/Agent Z for the Evil Emperor Zurg and he sends him to Cybertron to investigate and deal with any Decepticon there.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Back home

Zurg's death is eminent, but a portal opens as he returns into his dimension home. As he arrives at his tower, he begins to analyze every event of the war.

Manuel's Villains War

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

Sending his ally

At the headquarters of Zurg the evil emperor decides to send his new ally Ultron to kill Rourke, because it could get in the way of his plans, but Rourke had already guessed this and his partner Helga to take care of the android.

Vs Ultron

Zurg is worried that Ultron is too powerful and decides to betray him, the evil emperor decides to talk to him, but the android does not want to listen to him saying that he is still the more powerful of the two, then for the space ruler this is a real one. threatens and decides to annihilate his former ally.


After fixing Ultron for the time being, Zurg needs a new ally and is introduced to him by his henchmen Agent Z.Following the defeat of Agent Z, Zurg decides to bring back to life someone who knows quite well the enemies he will have to face for control of the Earth.

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Supporting a group

Emperor Zurg arrived at the Martian royal palace to support the group of Marvin, Xene, Torch, Gazelle and the Martian Queen. Furthermore, Zurg reveals to his allies that it was the Vexos led by Zenoheld who hired John Silver and his pirates to take out the space rulers opposed to them and dominate the Universe. Faced with this situation Xene, Marvin, Gazelle, Torch, Zurg and the Queen of Mars decide to join forces to counter the Vexos.

A new advice

Zurg is angry about Agent Z's defeat. Unfortunately, he wasn't strong enough to counter the Vexos. At this point Marvin the Martian suggests that Zurg send Xene and the Genesis (the strongest team in Alius Academy) to defeat some Vexos. Xene then prepares for the mission.

Prepared for the final battle

Thanks to a bug they installed after the victory of Xene and Genesis, Zurg and his alliance saw everything that happened in the enemy camp. Now that their opponents are shaken by the blow they have suffered, Zurg's group intends to persuade Prince Hydron, weakened by the torture ordered by his father, to join them. It will be Zurg himself to carry out this mission along with Xene, Torch and Gazelle.

Teaming with Prince Hydron

After being tortured by Zod Duck's minions at the behest of his father Zenoheld, Prince Hydron receives an unexpected visit from Zurg, Xene, Torch and Gazelle. They want to persuade the prince to join their alliance. To do so they say that King Zenoheld is not worthy of being Hydron's father because of how he treated him. Then Zurg, Torch, Xene and Gazelle promise not only that after beating Zenoheld the Vexos will be left alone but Hydron will become the new ruler of the Vestals. Faced with this proposal, Prince Hydron agrees to join Zurg's alliance.

Battle of Vestronia Palace

Finally, the alliance of Zurg and that of King Zenoheld are ready for the battle that could decide the fate of the galaxy. But since John Silver, Mylene and Lync will eventually betray him, will King Zenoheld win or will this be the end of his reign?

Animated vs CGI Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

His faction

In space, the malevolent Emperor Zurg gathers new allies for the war against the Planet Eater known as Pyron.In space, the mysterious benefactor who hired Raditz reveals to be Frieza and plans to forge an alliance with Zurg in hopes to defeat Pyron. The emperors swear to take over the entire galaxy.

Vs Xene

Searching for valuable asserts to help him in taking down Pyron, Zurg approaches the alien Xene with an alliance of sorts. Sadly for him, Xene refuses and decides to conquer Planet Z for the Alius Academy. However Zurg is fully prepared against invaders...

A new ally

Frieza and Zurg release a new ally to help them against Pyron, unaware that Xene survived...

Disney,Non Disney,DC and Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

His faction

Zurg gathers his faction for a presumable war.

Villains Battles

Vs King Cold

Having heard about the war on Planet Earth, King Cold decides to forge an alliance with Zurg in hopes to invade and conquer the planet. But when the emperor refuses, is this his end?

A meeting with a king

Meanwhile, Zurg helds a meeting with the new king of Vestroia, Xene in order to stop the threat of Zenoheld and Frieza. As the king accepts.

New allies

Having heard of Gantu's defeat at the hands of Link and Volt, Xene and Zurg plot a plan to take out King Zenoheld directly. However, the duo receive the visits from Janus, the Gemini Storm, Dvalin, the Epsilon, Torch and Gazelle, who are interested in helping Xene and Zurg. As the emperor of space and the alien recruit them.

Prepared for the final battle

On Planet Z, Zurg and Xene plot a plan to take out once and for all King Zenoheld and Frieza's alliance, but the space emperor thinks they need to wait a bit more before attacking. But perhaps Xene could devise a solution for this problem...

Battle of Galaxy

While Xene and Zurg decided to go and take out King Zenoheld, the emperor's allies (Dvalin, Torch, Gazelle, John Silver and his pirates) corner Frieza and Zenoheld's allies led by Cooler in order to make the Vestroian ruler a easy prey for Xene and Zurg. Will Cooler and his allies survive?

Final Battle

Zurg and Xene decide to take out Zenoheld before he could try to regain Vestroia from Xene's hands. The former ruler may have 2 allies against the duo, however, during the fight something strange will happen...With Frieza's betrayal, Xene and Zurg finally are capable to corner Zenoheld and Hydron. Will the new ruler of Vestroia take down the former ruler and his son with Frieza and Zurg's help?


With Zenoheld and his allies annihilated, Zurg, Frieza and Xene claim power over the galaxy, much to their allies' joy.

Villains Battles 2

Teaming with Vexus

Having heard of Prince Hydron's survival, Zurg recruits a new player of the war named Vexus, who could be useful to increment his alliance with Xene and Frieza.

Villains Battles 3

Teaming with Frieza

Zarbon informs Frieza of Jeice, Burter and Lord Slug's demise, thus infuriating the emperor of space. However he is visited by his wife the Dark Queen, who wants to help her husband discover who assassinate three of their men. Soon, Zurg and Xene join in as well, wanting to help their ally. Frieza, then, prepares for war against this new threat.

Disney Vs DC Villains War

Talking with Hamsterviel

Having discovered of Gantu's failure, Dr. Hamsterviel finally found a way to contact his secret employer, Emperor Zurg, as he is informed about Sinestro's threat.

Villains War (Adrian C)

Plan to rid of Mok

Psy Crow, Zurg, Lord Dominator plan to Get Rid of Mok.

Vs Chilled

Chilled decides to rule Planet Z, however he learns it already has ruler named Zurg, will Zurg keep title as ruler?

New allies

Zurg teams with 2 Invaders.

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Summoning Warp Darkmatter

After Watching Xemnas and Drill Defeat Mok's Goons,Zurg summons Warp Darkmatter.

Vs Mok Forces

Mok Revives His Master,However,Zurg stops Him.

Villains War 4 (Adrian C)

New member

Zurg Hires a new member of his team.

Vs Cruella

Having fled and lost everything, Cruella runs into this escapee from the multiverse. As she deems him as her, having lost everything, Zurg shows that he has aquired something new from his trip.

All-Star Villains Tournament

All Out Heroes vs Villains War

His faction

In the galaxy, precisely on Planet Z, two evil emperors have decided to join forces and have gathered their allies in order to put an end to the Galactic Alliance and its members.