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Emperor Zurg

Emperor Zurg is the warlord of vast interstellar empire and the archenemy of the heroic Buzz Lightyear. Mentioned only by name in the first Disney/Pixar film, Toy Story, he appears in person as the tertiary antagonist in the sequel Toy Story 2. He is a major player in all three of the primary villain tournaments.

His CGI form appears briefly in the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war before being switched out for his animated counterpart.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains

At War with Gallaxhar

Zurg and Gallaxhar are established as enemies prior to the outbreak of the villains war. At this point in the conflict, Gallaxhar generates a massive clone army. The clones overwhelm Zurg's drones. Zurg, angered by his army's failure, attacks Gallaxhar's flagship himself. His blaster cannon far outclasses Gallaxhar's pistol, and he disarms his adversary. Zurg then tampers with some of Gallaxhar's machinery, creating a wormhole in the CGI universe. This overload leads the entire ship to explode and Gallaxhar to be vaporized. Zurg, however, is sucked through the wormhole, appearing in the animated universe.

For more of Zurg's Disney vs Non Disney Villains story arc, see here.

Disney Villains War 2

Into a new dimension

Returning to Planet Z after his failed attack on Earth, Emperor Zurg came upon a dimensional rift in the far reaches of space. Thinking that he may be able to turn his fortunes around and conquer a new realm, Zurg ordered his men to enter the rift, only to emerge in the form of a toy. Finding himself in Sunnyside Daycare Center, Zurg's attempt to conquer the toys there hit a snag when he was confronted by the daycare's self-styled ruler Lots-o'-Huggin-Bear, better known as Lotso. Used to dealing with upstart rebellions, Lotso attempted to threaten Zurg into submission, but his usual tactics were nothing compared to the alien warlord. Easily overcoming the bully in hand-to-hand combat, Zurg cast him into a dumpster, where he was later disposed of at the town dump.

Vs DOR-15

Troubled by Zurg's arrival in the CGI universe, Commander Sark travelled to the tower of Mother Gothel where the robotic DOR-15 had been dwelling since murdering its former master Goob in the first war. Offering the killer bowler hat a place in the MCP's machine empire, Sark sent DOR-15 to slay Zurg. DOR-15 found Zurg at the home of the Robinson family of inventors, where he had tracked down a machine that would restore him to his original size and form. DOR-15 barred Zurg's way with an army of robot hats, but Zurg blew them away with his gun. DOR-15 attacked Zurg on its own, but Zurg's superior firepower prevailed and the evil hat was destroyed. Zurg then succeeded in using the machine to return to his normal self.

Meeting Auto?

At the same time, Zurg brought his forces into the CGI universe to take the realm for his own. Zurg appointed the AI pilot AUTO as the commander of his armada.

Vs Auto

With Zurg gaining more territory, Xemnas' eyes fell upon the warlord. Knowing he could not fight a war on two fronts, Xemnas sought to dispose of Zurg indirectly by reprogramming his pilot AUTO to turn against his master. Learning of his computer's treachery, Zurg moved in to dispose of AUTO, but it summoned drones to defend it. Zurg responded by calling in his Hornet robots, only for AUTO to dispose of them with a laser grid. Attacking Zurg directly, AUTO managed to knock Zurg into an exhaust shaft before taking control of his fleet.

Teaming with Count Dooku

In the CGI Realm, Count Dooku arrived at Zurg's lair, revealing that he knew the warlord was watching the battle with Hook. Dooku offered Zurg an alliance with him and his dark master, using the promise of the secrets of dimensional travel as a bargaining chip.

Battle of CGI

In the CGI Universe, the Mad Doctor and his allies confronted the combined forces of Zurg and Count Dooku at the Keyblade Graveyard, an ancient land scarred by the first war with the Great Evil. Both sides hoped to reach Kingdom Hearts, which could return them to the Animated Universe.

Vs Mad Doctor

On the highest peak of the Keyblade Graveyard, just underneath Kingdom Hearts, Zurg and the Mad Doctor squared off with one another, each eager to claim the portal's secrets for their own. Zurg initially found himself outmatched by the Mad Doctor's battle-mech, but managed to recover and fired on it with his arm cannon. The mech was knocked off balance and teetered on the edge of the cliff, but before Zurg could finish him off, Master Xehanort teleported in. Easily blocking Zurg's shots with a force field, he returned fire with magic from his Keyblade. The Mad Doctor climbed from the wreckage of his mech, his human visage entirely gone, exposing his robotic form underneath. Tackling Zurg, he shoved him from the cliff to his apparent demise. For the rest of the bio, see here.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Sending Syndrome

Zurg pays a little visit, to his second in command for the Invasion of the Multiverse.

Vs Cortex's Forces

Enter the scene Zurg decides to deal with both plumbers personally Wario uses the Bob-omb launcher 2000, Waluigi gives the coordinates and attacks Zurg avoids the attack but its sent Syndromes people and killing them in the process. Zurg reacts quickly and attacks them by sending them at the sky, the Wario Brothers try again to attack but Zurg still avoids them and sending them a full blast defeating both clowns. Meanwhile Ganondorf contacts Wolf that the bargain is over infuriated on not getting payed Wolf show's his true colors... Zurg watches in his computer Wolf and sends his Hornets after them, for a good-bye Ganon sends the Auroros to eliminate Wolf but Zurg's Hornets destroys the birds. Wolf sends a blast to Zurg angry the Emperor decides to end the fight but Wolf decides to make a great attack sending the Emperor to his defeat.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Want help

Cortex is wondering Syndrome's true intentions, as he reveals that his boss is the one who planned everything. Zurg is seeking to return to his Realm for that he requires Cortex help and makes a good proposition to the Doctor to have him on his side.

Teaming with Pete

After the attack Asajj Ventress returns to Zurg's base with Pete, now Pete has only 2 options work for Zurg or perish.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Sending an assasin

Zurg realizes Gantu is on his trail and can't have Gantu interfere with his plans, so hires a mercenary to take care of him. Wolf O'Donnell gladly accepts the job.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs Galaxhar

Galaxhar is planning on conquering the world with his clones, but the mighty Emperor Zurg decides to confront him to take the title of ultimate planet conqueror. Zurg for sure has got a sleeve to help him in this battle.

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)

Teaming with Mephiles

After much reflection, Zurg decides to go to the conquest of space in the 3d world. So he uses the Unimind to enter that world. As soon as he reaches it, Zurg runs into Mephiles, who after the defeat of Syndrome, desperately seeks help to beat Anakin Skywalker. So the dark hedgehog makes a pact with Zurg: the latter will have dominion over the entire space of the 3d world, in exchange the evil emperor will have to kill Anakin Skywalker. Zurg accepts the deal and the two join forces.

Vs Megatron

Starscream informs its leader, Megatron that a mysterious individual from another world is approaching their base. Megatron decides to personally take care of this individual. The latter is none other than Zurg who was heading to launch an attack on Anakin Skywalker's alliance. And when he runs into Megatron, the galactic emperor will try by all means to subdue the leader of the Decepticons.

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War