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Elmer Fudd is one of the main villains from Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. He remains the villain who is the archenemy of Bugs Bunny. His one-sided rivalry with Bugs and Daffy has become legendary. He is a major player in many Spin off tournaments.

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Vs Scarface

At a lodge in the country, the hunters Van Pelt and Elmer Fudd exchanged hunting stories, with Van Pelt mocking Fudd for his failure to capture any significant game. Tired of being seen as a laughing stock by his fellow hunters, Elmer angrily left the lodge, determined to return with a the pelt of a powerful beast in his possession. After wandering through the woods for some time, Fudd eventually came across a blue fox known as Scarface, a beast renowned for his strength and savagery. With the fox busy drinking from a stream, Elmer decided to take advantage of his distraction, and began to creep up behind him. Unfortunately, Scarface was eventually alerted to the hunter's presence, and turned around to attack him. Thinking quickly, Fudd took aim with his rifle and fired, wounding the fox. Seeing that the beast was injured, Elmer moved in to finish off his prey. However, Scarface was able to keep moving in spite of his injury, and dodged each of Elmer's shots. The fox then decided to go on the offensive, pouncing on Elmer and biting him on the leg. Realizing that Scarface was too much for him to handle, Fudd broke free and attempted to make a run for it. Unfortunately, Elmer was not let off so easily, as he ran into Scarface's master, the legendary Beast that ruled the forest. Frozen with terror, Fudd was unable to do anything but watch as the Beast closed in on him, devouring the unfortunate hunter as Scarface watched with sadistic glee.

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