Elliott in the 1977 film adaptation.

Elliot is a large green benevolent dragon, acting as a sorts of a guardian spirit to young children, including the orphan Pete. While caring, friendly, and mischevious for most of his life, Elliott can also become furious and enraged to those who threaten children in his presence. He also possess the ability of invisibility in plain sight when threatened by other nefarious forces. Spending most of his time with Pete, Elliott soon realised that he needed to let him go as soon as their problems are resolved. To that end, he bid farewell to Pete after the end of his adventure. He appears as the titular deuteragonist of Disney's 1977 film, Pete's Dragon, as well as the 2016 live-action remake.

Elliott is slated to appear in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains as among the dragons that will fight on the side of good.

Elliott Live Action

Elliott in the 2016 film adaptation.

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