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Eli Pandarus is a minor antagonist in the Disney animated series, American Dragon: Jake Long. A talented wizard, he is a minor player in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Eli Pandarus, suspicious ofOdin's mysterious Acolytes , tracks down one of their number, Daolon Wong. Pandarus, thinking he can defeat Wong easily, summons a small group of trolls. Unfortunately for him, Wong defeats the trolls in a matter of seconds. Pandarus finds more success in attacking Wong directly, sending the enemy flying with a blast from his wand. Pandarus then summons magical hands and uses them to bury Wong under a pile of snow. Wong, however, retaliates, sending Pandarus flying into a wall and trapping him in magical hands of his own. Pandarus is defeated, and presumably killed.

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