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Electro is the son of Red Skull and a secondary player in Disney Vs Marvel Villains war

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Vs the Evil Queen

Sent by Red Skull, Electro sets out to find the Evil Queen, who has just killed Snow White. Electro chases the Queen up a mountain, where she attempts to crush him with a large rock. However, with a single blast of lightning, Electro destroys the ground on which the Queen stands, sending her falling to her death.

Electro after his mutation.

Old Betrayals, New Allegiances

Electro reports back to Red Skull, only to reveal that he no longer intends to work for the Nazi. As Red Skull turns his back on Electro, the electrical supervillain shoots him in the back with electricity and teleports away. Electro then turns to Doctor Octopus, who upgrades him and adds him to his latest project: the Sinister Six.

An Underwater Battle

Electro and Doc Ock travel to the lair of the sea witch, Ursula, hoping to steal her powerful trident. When Ursula and Doc Ock get into a verbal spat, Electro breaks up the fight by cutting Ursula with a light blast of electricity. Enraged, the sea witch sics her moray eels, Flotsam and Jetsam, onto Electro, but he kills them. Ursula then grows to massive size and injures Doctor Octopus, but Electro manages to kill her as well.


One day, while defending Gen-U Tech Labs, Electro gets embroiled in a battle with the Pack. He and Shocker team up to kill Wolf, but Shocker ends up killed by another member of the Pack, Jackal. Electro turns his attention to Hyena, destroying one of her lethal wrist lasers. Electro prepares to electrocute his foe, but Hyena destroys part of the ceiling above Electro. Before Electro can run away, he is crushed by a piece of falling debris.

Electro Live action

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