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The Elder Gods are important background characters in Mortal Kombat franchise. They are the supreme omnipotent deities who control every single realm. All Elder Gods are mysterious entities with the exception of Shinnok. Elder Gods play a background role in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever


Elder Gods created the universes the entire war takes place in, when they destroyed The One Being and split his body in parts. Elder Gods generally are not interested in the events of the universes, for they believe the war is necessary to happen. During the creation of Earthrealm, Raiden was assigned to be the guardian of the universe. The only threat to the Elder Gods from the WHvVWE universe has been Kronos, who was the corrupted son of an Elder God. With the help of Earth Gods, Kronos was sealed away. The Elder Gods' rivalry with omniscient beings like Shinnok and Arktos has also been relevant in the universe, as those beings want to bring back The One Being.

Another two corrupted children of Elder Gods went into a war against eachother, so Elder Gods used their powers to create a subrealm to seal the two Gods and prevent them from destroying the universe, that realm came to be known as Videoland.

Other children of Elder Gods in WHvVWE Universe include all the Earth Gods, The Gatekeeper, Dark Yabu and Lilith, and possibly more yet to be discovered.