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The El Katib, or else known as Shadow Walkers, are monstrous beasts of the night that walk Earth three nights, every seven years in the desert. They are minor villains in the Disney television show, Aladdin, and minor players in the villains wars.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two

Sent to Kill Cats

When Mirage is confronted by Grune and Slithe, two generals of Mumm-Ra, she sends the El Katib to take care of her enemies. Unfortunately, Grune blasts the shadow creatures, with  powerfull lightning bolts from his weapon, causing the Shadow Walker to fade into nothigness, much to Mirage's fury.

Disney Villains War 2

Fallen Guardians of the Underworld

In this war, Mirage has the El Katib to guard the Crystal in the Underworld, from any intruders. Soon enough, Doctor Facilier and Narissa arrive to stop Hades, although they notice that he is not his previous self. Upon discovering Mirage's revealation, Facilier and Narissa attempt to destroy the Crystal and free the source of the Crystal, so that Hades would retrieve his powers back. However, Mirage orders the El Katib to kill the duo. Distracted by Narissa, who transforms herself into a dragon, Facilier, summons the Friends on the Other Side to deal with the creatures. Before the Shadow Walker interact, the Friends devour the creatures' essence in a flash, much to the enjoyment of the Friends.