El Dorado (often known as The Golden City) is the self-proclaimed city of gold and a fictional land said to be located in South America, either closely to Lake Parime. Originally a term, used to describe a mythical tribe chief of the Muisca native people, El Dorado's concept as a city was inspired by the rumours the Spanish conquistandors used to create during their unsuccessful expeditions on South American lands, including Venezuela, Colombia, parts of Guyana, and northern Brazil, in the late 1500s. Eventually, the concept of the city remained to be a myth. Many fictional works have been inspired by the concept of the city including the Dreamwkorks' animated film The Road to El Dorado in which it appears as the primary location of the film.

Regarding the villain tournaments context, El Dorado appears in a minority, with the location from the Dreamwork's The Road to El Dorado film, being used to represent its existence. It is usually featured as the homeland of Tzekel Kan, a powerful spell-caster and one of the secondary players of most of the tournaments' storylines.

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