Edmond is one of the main protagonists of the Don Bluth's animated movie, Rock-A-Doodle. Originally a human from the live-action universe, Edmond was transformed into a small kitten by the villainous Grand Duke of Owls, before he would be transported to the animated universe. Due to his innocent and cheerful nature, he made quick friends with his new surrounding enviroment, including the hound dog Patou, the expert magpie Snipes, the genius Peepers, the pheasant singer Goldie, and the heroic rooster Chanticleer. He was once embarked on a journey to find the Chanticleer, in order for both of them to fight the Grand Duke, eventually defeating him and returning to his original home. Yet, he is targetted once again by the Grand Duke in the events of Heroes vs. Villains War, leaving him once again to track down Chanticleer and fight the Grand Duke and his allies, although with the help of his former friends.

Heroes Vs Villains War

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