EVE (Extraterrestial Vegetation Evaluator) is the deuteragonist of the Disney/Pixar's animated feature film WALL-E. An artificial intelligent robotic creation of the space vessel AXIOM, designed to find any possible living life-force on planet Earth, Eve crossed paths with the robot WALL-E, with the latter displaying a living plant to her, confirming the AXIOM's assumptions. Over the course of her adventure, she joined up with WALL-E, developing affection towards the latter, to convince the few survivors of "humanity" to return to Earth and stop the totalitarian robot AUTO from taking over the space vessel, eventually gaining their trust and decision to return home. She is also featured in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villain as one of the new additions of the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, where she joined forces with the other heroes to stop the villains. 
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