The Dungeon of Doom was a stable made up of heels from World Championship Wrestling.

In the show The Dungeon of Doom was lead by The Master. Their goal was to try and destroy hulk hogen and end Hulkamania

They are main players in the "Worst Villain Tournament Ever".

Members Who Have Appeared

Members who have fought (or at least appeared) in WVTE

The Master of the Dungeon of Doom

"The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan

The Giant

Big Van Vader

Big Bubba

The Shark


"The Man of Question" Hugh Morrus

Members Who Have Yet to Appear

Members who have not fought or even appeared in WVTE

(It is uncertain which members will or will not appear at all, so expect the list to be changed constinly)

Kamala “The Ugandan Giant”

One Man Gang

The Barbarian

Lex Luger

Braun The Leprechaun

Maxx Muscle

Loch Ness

The Yeti


Super giant ninja

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

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