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Duncan is a character and the recurring antagonist on Total Drama. He is the secondary antagonist, later deuteragonist in Total Drama Island, the main protagonist in Total Drama Action, a supporting antagonist/anti-hero in Total Drama World Tour and a supporting protagonist/anti-hero in Total Drama All-Stars.

Duncan is a delinquent punk currently on parole from Juvie and, despite being a generally good person at his core, has displayed multiple villainous tendencies in his harsh treatment of those around him during the competition.

He frequently lectures, mocks, tricks, cheats, manipulates and picks fights with many of the other contestants, especially Harold, and is supposedly a certified pyromaniac. In Total Drama Island, he was on the Killer Bass team, in Total Drama Action he was a member of the Screaming Gaffers, and in Total Drama World Tour he quit before the teams were made, But was on "Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot" after returning in I See London.... He was one of two possible winners of the Total Drama Action season, and is the overall highest ranking contestant across the three seasons, his absence for the first half of Season 3 notwithstanding. Duncan had a prominent, longtime love-hate romantic relationship with Courtney, which completely fell apart because of their abusing relationship, and became a hostile rivalry in World Tour.

He was voiced by Drew Nelson.

In Villains Battles 2 he was Recruited by Yosemite Sam and Scar in order to help them after he saved the latter from Percival C. McLeach. He was a secondary player in the second Villains Battles, only to become a major player later on in the third Villains Battles. He's also a major player in Smash Bros Lawl Infinite: War in Another Dimension and in Villains War (Saverio Gamba) (will be one), taking the role of Riku as the dark fairy Maleficent's apprentice.

Soyuzmultfilm Villains Vs Non-Disney Villains War

Vs Bully

Criminal Duncan was able to avoid arrest from Canada and came to Russia, on his way he comes across a cute puppy whose owner is not a very nice guy. But Duncan was involved in violent fights much more often, is the Bully ready for this?

Meeting Bra

Duncan and his new friend met Bra, who came to Russia to find her boyfriend. Duncan was glad to see his girlfriend, and now they will stick together.

Worst Heroes and Villains War: The Sandbox

Villains Battles 2

Saving King Scar

Duncan first appears in Villains Battles 2 when he saw the fight between Scar and McLeach. Deciding that was his time to prove himself as a threat to all enemies, Duncan decided to save Scar and proceeded to punch McLeach, sending him to fall in a pit. Once he got out from the pit, Scar attacked him, leaving an opening for Duncan as he stabs the hunter in the leg offscreen, leaving him to suffer from the injury offscreen. Then, Scar thanks Duncan for saving him and as a reward for his action, Scar nominates him his adviser alongside another member of his faction with his best friends Pete and Yosemite Sam, the genie Jafar. Unaware to both of them, McLeach survived and was taken to a hospital.

Villains Battles 2: the Second Dimension/Interdimentional War

Villains Battles 3

Giving bad news

After Kraven's attack, Scar is being suspicious about what he wanted to do with him until three of his allies inform him of the events of Turles's death, Pete's assassination attempt and Yosemite Sam being deposed by the Major. Now mad and furious, Scar proceeds to plan something to help his friends.

Vs Invader Zim and Gir

After his ally Kraven's failure in assassinating Scar, Prince Phobos hires the Invader Zim and his lackey Gir to assassinate Scar's royal adviser and the heir to the Pride Lands so to weaken Scar himself due to the fact that he cares for them. While they are going to meet Azula, Jafar and Mozenrath, Nuka and Duncan get attacked by the two aliens. When things get awry for the heroes, only a opening can save them.

Informing Scar and Azula

Scar meets up with Azula, Jafar and Mozenrath, who inform him of Queen La's demise. The king, however is surprised that Duncan and Nuka didn't bring them here and wonders where are they, until the both of them arrive and inform Scar of the assassination attempt on them from the orders of Prince Phobos, shocking both Scar and Azula.

Discussing about threats

With Scar joining them once again, Pete and Yosemite Sam discuss with Shan-yu, Scar and Prince John about the threats of these mysterious villains, the Major and Prince Phobos (they became aware of Prince Phobos due to Gir accidentally revealing that he and Zim work for Phobos in their assassination attempt on Duncan and Nuka). The lion king however reveals that Julius Caesar joined him to help his friends in taking down the enemies by providing his men on helping the rulers of the world. Ratcliffe, who was attending the meeting, sends out Duncan and Captain Hook to watch over the borders of France. As they go, Ratigan joins his old friends back much to Scar's joy. With our heroes gathered, they prepare for battle against these new foes.


Outside Pete's castle precisely in the northern border, Duncan and Captain Hook are discussing about the things that have been happening during the war as they slowly become friends. Their talk, however, is quickly interrupted by Oliver Cromwell and his men, who decided to ambush them now that there aren't a lot of Scar, Pete and Sam's allies in the area. The former pirate and Scar's royal adviser may be tough fighters, but the Lord Protector isn't willing to give up so easily even if it means capturing one of them to prove his might...

Joining a treachery alliance

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)


Duncan Nelson was born in New York by the union between Jacob Nelson, a famous police officer in Canada and Jane Jackson, a teacher in the elementary schools. Duncan had a good relationship with his mother, however his father showed no concern for his own son because of his childish behaviour and most likely never cared for him. The behaviour of his father would have costed Duncan to have father issues by the time he grew up. At the age of 8, Duncan was at a subway with a cousin of his to make a surprise to his mom for the arrival of his uncle, who came from the same place his father was born: Canada. While his big cousin asked Duncan to stay where he was as he went to buy some things for their family, an ambush on the subway took many people, including Duncan, off guard as three men tried to kill them all. While succeeding in taking many lives, they would also attack the young kid by pinning to the ground, blocking him before he could escape and stabbing him in the neck, leaving him to die of bleed out. However Duncan didn't wanted to die and started to suffer of Thanatophobia, as he pleaded until he was stabbed, a Black God heard him and quickly took his soul on a black world. Then, the Black God offered to Duncan to join as one by making a deal: in exchange of the kid's servitude, the god would have given him immortality as long as their lives were bound into one. Duncan accepts and was restored to life. Then he reached where his attempted killers (they were assassinating a man) and slaughtered the three men by tearing them apart. When his cousin arrived, he was shocked to find many dead bodies as he asked what happened here, Duncan simply answered by telling him that he was almost killed but he survived, while the others were murdered and the killers suffered divine wrath. Shocked, he felt paralyzed and some time later, Duncan visited Hell, where he met his master's messenger, the Stalker and two minions of the king who, like him, where revived to serve his master: the legendary vampire Dracula and businessman Vlad Masters, who at that time was 20 years old. On his 12th birthday, he had a gift from his master: a black hood. Duncan, despite feeling happy for this unexpected gift, also felt concerned about so. The god then manipulated him into thinking that with this hood, he will be a vigilante stopping all criminals in the only way Duncan knew how to stop someone: kill. Duncan then proceeded to dub himself as the Hooden Killer. Even when Duncan was arrested and went to juvie several times, he kept coming back by summoning weapons with his magic at his disposal. His father, having enough of this charade of Duncan's, casted him out of the house much to his mother's anger and horror at what her husband did. Wandering in the streets to search a new home, he was then found by another god he swore to worship after he gave him a new place for him to stay. Duncan then prepared for his revenge against those who have crossed him.

T.V Villains War

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Joining The New Fearsome Five

After his defeat against The Trix, Negaduck decide to form a new Fearsome Five. The new team was formed from: Negaduck, Duncan, Fat Cat, Slade and Jinx. However, after seeing what Negaduck can do, Duncan's girlfriend, Courtney, have a spicy conflict with Negaduck. After the conflict, Negaduck and Slade decide to rid of Courtney.

Non Disney and Cartoon Network Heroes vs Villains War

Smash Bros Lawl Infinite: War in the Main Timeline

Smash Bros Lawl Infinite: War in Another Dimension