Duncan is the treacherous King of Scotland and the father of Canmore. He is expected to play a role in Part 2 of Disney Vs Marvel Villains

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Invited by Sinister

Mr. Sinister called upon Judge Claude Frollo of France, Count Nikolas Rokoff of Russia, and King Duncan of Scotland, hoping to foge an aliiance in a mission to revive Apocalypse. However, he instead gained three new enemies, as the ideals of Apocalypse discomforted Duncan, challenged Rokoff, and enraged Frollo. Duncan was left unsure about how to feel about the situation, as, while he certainly sees Sinister and Apocalypse as threats to his crown, he is also relunctant to lose his crown in an all out war. He decides to remaine on the sidelines for now, and see how things play out. But on the good side, his rival for the throne, Macbeth, has been destroyed by the Enchantress in the last war, so he doesn't need to fear for his throne...yet.

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