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Dumbo is a young circus elephant who was born with large ears which he later discovers give him the ability to fly. When his mother is threatened by the forces of evil, he joins the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice in Disney Heroes vs Villains, becoming one of their first non-mouse recruits.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Teaming with League of Extraordinary Gentlemice

Losing Ratigan's trail, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice stopped in Paris on Timothy's request. Sneaking into the circus, the League found the baby elephant Dumbo weeping in a corner. Timothy explained that he and Dumbo had once been close friends, keeping an eye on the youngster when Dumbo's beloved mother, Mrs. Jumbo, was performing in the circus. However, when Frollo fired the Ringmaster and began taking control of the show, he saw Dumbo's large ears as a deformity which would make Dumbo a poor performer. Frollo intended to have Dumbo put down, but Mrs. Jumbo came to her son's defense, attacking the judge. The Coachman and his men restrained Mrs. Jumbo, putting her in isolation as a "mad elephant". The entire time, Timothy saw Ratigan lurking behind the scenes, laughing to himself. Timothy suspected that Ratigan was in league with Frollo and was responsible for the attack on Dumbo and his mother. To ensure Dumbo would not be killed by Frollo, the League unanimously voted to take the elephant with them, also vowing to find a way to release Mrs. Jumbo from her imprisonment. At that moment, Evinrude arrived at the circus, delivering a letter from Hawaii asking for aid from the League. Suspecting that Ratigan may be to blame for the trouble in Hawaii, Basil mustered the League to head for the islands with renewed purpose.

Vs Lucifer and Felicia

Following Ratigan's trail, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice found themselves at the Horned King's citadel, only to walk into another trap left by Ratigan. The mice found Lucifer waiting for them, but as they tried to evade their old enemy, they found he had back-up in the forms of Ratigan's pet Felicia and Lucifer's mate Pom-Pom. Pom-Pom leapt at Dumbo, stunning him as Lucifer knocked Basil down with a stamp of his paw.


Meeting up with the League in the Horned King's innermost sanctum, Taran and Robin Hood were disturbed to learn that they still had not found an exit that was not being guarded. However, they did find a large steel cage holding a female figure. Before they could investigate, the Horned King's minions and allies stormed in, having been alerted to the escape attempt by Sa'Luk. The group tried to flee but found the King's minions cutting off all routes of escape. Things looked hopeless as the King's generals and soldiers closed in, aiming to kill the prisoners rather than risk another escape. With no other options, Taran cut the chain holding up the cage, thinking it could knock out some of the King's minions. However, as the cage broke open, the prisoner within was revealed to be none other than the Atlantean Princess Kida.As Kida's powers threatened to bring the building down, both heroes and villains fled for their lives. Just as the heroes escaped to the wasteland outside, they turned to see the citadel collapse into rubble. At last, Kida managed to get control of her powers, landing next to the heroes and explaining her situation to them. Though initially frightened by Kida's power, the heroes agreed to help her return to Milo.

Vs Grimhilde and Horned King Forces

As the heroes came up the road, the Cauldron Born ambushed them, leaping out of a river and immediately butchering Ichabod Crane as the others watched in shock and horror.The alley cats swarmed Edgar, knocking him to the ground as Lady, the dalmatians and Dumbo confronted Roscoe and Desoto. Desoto kicked Dumbo, knocking him down. Timothy confronted the dogs to protect Dumbo as Roscoe moved in to kill him.

Prepared for the show

Meeting up with the League of Gentlemice after the battle at Castle Grimhilde, Lilo told them about what she had discovered at the Coachman's circus. Knowing that the rest of the resistance was in no shape for an assault on the circus after the battle, the League and the Disney Dogs and Cats assembled to stop the Coachman once and for all.

Battle of the Circus

In Paris, Stitch and the animal heroes infiltrated the fairgrounds as the Coachman prepared his latest show, with children from all over the world, including Peter and even Lilo, targeted. As Sarousch began to work his magic on the children, the festivities were suddenly interrupted by Timothy, who set the elephants into a panic. He was supported by Dumbo, who used his newfound powers of flight to strike at the circus crew from above. With Timothy and Dumbo leading the charge, the other dogs, cats, and mice stormed the circus as the Coachman rallied his men.When Dumbo knocked out Lumpjaw again, Sarousch summoned more of the Pink Elephants, Heffalumps, and Woozles, which managed to wound several of the heroes.As the heroes watched the dust settle, they decided to return to their friends, happy to have survived the Coachman's show unscathed.

Battle of Agrabah

Aladdin and a small army of resistance fighters arrived in Agrabah and prepared to lay siege to the palace.As she flew around the battlefield, Dumbo flew after her, with the two circling each other, trying to get the upper hand.The League of Gentlemice freed the Sultan from Jafar's dungeon, allowing the monarch to escape with the heroes before the Titan leveled the building.

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