Dragon Zang is the dragon form of the dark nature of Zang, the evil counterpart of the character Zin, who is a friend of Aladdin in the episode. He is a minor villain in the Aladdin T.V series, appearing only in the episode "Opposites Detrack" and a minor player in the villain tournaments, most notably in Disney Villains War 2.

Disney Villains War 2

Taking Down Mirage

In this tournament, the dragon serves as one of the dragon transformations of Queen Narissa, fighting the dark sorceress Mirage in the Underworld,along with her lover, Doctor Facilier when the evil cat took control of it and consumed Hades's powers. When Mirage's creatures were feed to the Friends on the Other Side, Narissa makes a final stand to the queen of the Underworld, only to be dispached by Mirage's powers, who used her powers to create vines, wrapping around her. Fortunately for Narissa, Doctor Facilier broke the spell, which it held Hades powers in it, forcing the Evil Incarnate to leave the Underworld and free Narissa from the vines, returning to her normal form.


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