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Dragon Ludmilla is the dragon form of Ludmilla and her true nature, remained in her dark heart. It serves as the primary antagonist in the Don Bluth's sequel film, Bartok the Magnificent. Dragon Ludmilla is a bit player in the villains wars.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War

Transformed by a potion of Mok, Ludmilla sets out to confront the evil witch, Maleficent, residing in the Forbidden Mountain. She even manages to climb out a tower in order to reach her. Howeer, before she could do so, Maleficent destroys the tower, in which Ludmilla was climbing, toppling Ludmilla to her demise.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

In this tournament, Ludmilla is the possessor of a magic potion, to which it's origins are currently unknown. When she is offended by Valmont, Ludmilla drinks the potion, to reveal the beast inside her dark heart, transforming her into a dragon. This change proves to be tho her advantage, as she knocks out Tohru, one of Valmont's sidekicks without any effort. When the Dark Hand escapes, Ludmilla gives a chase, eventually reaching them to their lair, in a highest building floor. When she attempts to climb the building, Valmont uses his trump card, a dragon tallisman, to destroy the tip of the building, that Ludmilla was climbing, plummeting Ludmilla to her demise.

Pokemon Heroes Vs Disney and Non-Disney Villains War

Somehow, prior to the events of the war, Ludmilla finds a magic potion, with extraordinary abilities. After being hired, by Queen Grimhilde, Ludmilla and her partner, Madam Mim, is sent to deal with Grimhilde's recent threat, Misty. Before she would confront her, Ludmilla consumes the magic potion, that transform the Russian adviser to a powerful dragon. However, before she could attack, Misty summons a pokemon that knocks out Ludmilla from a cliff to her death.