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Dr. Schechter is a minor villain from the animated movie Heavy Metal 2000. An android scientist in the employ of Tyler, Dr. Schechter is notorious for capturing innocents and testing them for his next experiments. He is a bit player in Heroes vs. Villains War.

Heroes Vs Villains War

A Surprised Demonstration

Dr. Shechter, along with the spaceship crew of Cortez and the warrior Tyler, offer their services to the space warlord, the Emperor Zurg. Because of Tyler's pressure of immortality, Dr. Schechter makes a successfull test experiment, regarding on the healings effects, that would keep Tyler alive.The demonstration surprises both the scientist and the space warlord, Zurg, himself.

Dealings With The Circus Perfomers

Later, Schechter visits the Lobster. Inn, in which it was the base of operations for the Coachman and his perfomers. He proposes to the sinister figure to bring more children to their circus, in exchange of a sum fee, though he doesn't mention his real motivations to the party. The Coachman and the perfomers agree to his terms and soon enough they bring their victims, before Schechter and Tyler.


Later, Schechter is more pressured by his master, to make his test experiments, quickly, so that he would gain immortality potions. Schechter promises to Tyler, that he would create immortality potions, in time. In the later events, Dr. Schechter makes his next move, on experimenting upon the young children, for the creation of immortality potions.


Schechter makes his next move, by vaccinating Julie, with his latest test experiment, horrifying the other young children in the process. He manages to put Kerrie, temporaray in a state of unconsciousness, on purpose to work on his top project. Just as he would create potions for Tyler, Schechter gets attacked by a group of heroes, led by Mulan and Jim Hawkins. Backed up by Hotep and Huy, Schechter enacts his fully participated role in the war. When the priests fail to deal with the heroes, Schechter takes matters into his own hands. He, thus, takes a club and hits Stitch, before he would deal with Jim Hawkins and Mulan. Even though, Mulan manages to disarm the scientist and injures his face, that didn't stop for Dr. Schechter to reveal his true form, as an android robot. Before he would kill the two heroes, however, a recovered Stitch traps Schechter, under a massive moblie object, all the while a hazardous chemical fire begin to pour the lab. Schechter is helpless, as the whole laboratory is annihilated, taking the scientist to his demise.