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Dr. N. Brio is a mad scientist who formerly worked for Doctor Neo Cortex. He is usually associated with potions.

Dr. N. Brio appears in Worst Villain Tournament Ever, as one of the members of De Signe's Order.


Brio was working with Marquis De Singe in Siperia to fulfill his "secret experiment" when Intruders were sighted in the area, he went along with Gauron to stop these.

He met LeChuck, who wanted De Signe's head on a plate for some reason. Brio transformed into Mutant Frog and avoided all of LeChuck's attacks and then fled.

He later informed De Signe that he didn't bother to fight, and focused on experiment instead.

When the Intruders made their big attack, he wanted Roddy Piper to do something, so Roddy sacrificed himself to destroy Carlos Santana's tank. He also turned monster and attacked Kutlass. Later, when Stone LeChuck attacked, N. Brio released his favourite Arm Slave, Behemoth, that destroyed Stone LeChuck quickly.

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