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Dr. Luther Paradigm, also known as Dr. Piranoid, is a mad scientist creating fish monsters with genetic experiments. He is the main antagonist of Street Sharks cartoon, and plays a recurring role in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever as a member of GEZZAN.

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Luther Paradigm was born in Germany in 1961. He moved to America to become a marine biologist. At some point in his life, he read the book The Theory of Manipulation by Jarvis Babbit and the book ended up changing his life. Paradigm saw humans as foulish creatures who were only slightly smarter than monkeys. Paradigm greatly overestimated his own intelligence, and quickly developed a bitter rivalry with Dr. Robert Bolton, his superior and employer.

In the late 90's, United Nations contracted Bolton to take part in top secret research expedition to South Pole, which made Paradigm grow even more jealous. Paradigm began studying the mutation science in hopes of creating an army of anthropomorphic mutants to serve as his tool to take over the world. Through shady circles, he found out the easiest way to create mutants is to use a powerful essence known as Mutagen, but finding it is quite rare. Paradigm travelled to New York City as he had heard a factory producing Mutagen had been located there. He got into an argument with another bidder, which led to Paradigm losing his eye. Paradigm didn't gain the mutagen and returned to work for Bolton again. This time he was sabotaging his projects and experiments, one of which would lead to the birth of a notorious freak crimelord.

Paradigm later found a new unrevealed secret about his idol Babbit. Apparently he had gone missing after trying to look for an alternate dimension known as Parallel World. Paradigm believed if he could find that world he could easily use whatever sources it had to accelerate his plans. When Bolton went mysteriously missing one night, Paradigm moved to Japan, where he created his first fish monsters with the help of Bolton's old blueprints. Slash and Slobster. His next step was to find an object that could help him discover a new dimension.