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Doctor Jacques von Hamsterviel is the main antagonist of the Lilo and Stitch franchise. A gerbil-like alien with a penchant for science, Hamsterviel is a minor player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War, acting as a member of Zurg's alliance.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two


Jacques von Hamsterviel was the heir to a long line of aristocrats to the planet Norvegica. Jacques was raised spoiled by his rich parents in a huge mansion.

By his teenage years, Jacques grew incredibly bored of his life of priviledge. Eventually, having every toy and treat immediately grew tiresome.

On a whim, Jacques decided to get some adrenaline by seeking cheap thrills through crime. He started out stealing from corner stores and gas stations, but his lust for crime grew.

Jacques was always highly gifted in the field of science. It was the only subject he truly excelled at, and finally he had some use.

Jacques spent a few years making high-tech weaponry. What started as relatively harmless stun laser grew into triple barrel flamethrowers.

However, he could only hide for so long. His parents found out about his experiments and yelled at him.

By this point, Jacques didn't even care about his parents anymore. His life of small crime had hardened him to the extent that he no longer cared, and had no problem leaving them without saying goodbye.

The newly certified Doctor Hamsterviel was found by the Evil Emperor Zurg, who expressed his interest in his machinery. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Dimension Hopping

Hamsterviel breaks into the lair of Krang and demands to know all of Krang's advantages in the field of interdimensional travel. When Krang refuses to divulge his secrets, Hamsterviel calls in Leroy. The experiment quickly takes down Krang's rock soldiers but takes too long to take down Krang himself. To this end, Hamsterviel calls in Zurg himself, who quickly incapacitates Krang and takes over his base.

Disney Villains War

Joining Zurg

Learning of the Beagle Boys' fall, Xanatos met with Horace and Jasper to bring in a new ally, Captain Gantu, who had survived his battle with Dragaunus and been relieved of his command in the Galactic Federation. Learning of this increase in his enemies forces, Zurg responded by bringing in the mad alien scientist Doctor Hamsterviel and his clone army.

Vs Mcabeth

Deciding to try his hand at taking out Xanatos' forces, Doctor Hamsterviel confronted the mastermind's employees, including the criminal brothers Horace and Jasper, and the immortal Scottish king Macbeth. Instead of battling them himself, Hamsterviel unleashed his foremost creation, Leroy. The alien creature made quick work of Horace and Jasper, but Macbeth proved a more dangerous opponent, killing Leroy with a well-placed shot. Before he could do the same to Hamsterviel, the doctor fled in his ship.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs Mandarin and Mr.Cat

By orders of the Skeleton King, Mandarin must go to destroy the Cloning Machine at all cost. Mr. Cat wants to prove to the Z Force that he is not only a little cat and accompanies the monkey, as they arrived Hamsterviel is using the machine to create an army of Leroy's. Will Mandarin and Mr. Cat prevail or is the doctor having a trick up his sleeve?

Vs Zurg and Skeleton King

Zurg and Skeleton King at full speed arrive were the final Chaos Emerald is, as the habitants of the planet don't want to give the emerald Zurg decides to use what he knows best. Soon Dark Oak interferes along with the doctor, the final Tyrants of space are ready to battle. Will Zurg have what it takes to beat his father or will the Foreztation Project will be a success?

Battle of Galaxy

Zurg launches a full assault with all his forces to stop nothing more than the Forestation Project. The Metarex are prepared for the incoming assault as they confront Zurg's forces, but what will happen when someone starts his plan to end both enemies at once and claim victory?

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

Planing to kill Ash

And finally, Doctor Hamsterviel prepares for world invasion as well as planning to destroy Ash Ketchum and his friends. But what's the Armageddon Key he needs to do so?

His faction

And finally, to get the Armageddon Key ready, Doctor Hamsterviel is approached by a mysterious visitor who knows how to work it out.Doctor Hamsterviel needing to invade before unlocking the Armageddon Key is approached by Lord Dragaunus and the Triceratons who will help Hamsterviel invade.

His quest

Doctor Hamsterviel needs a very special key to unlock the Armageddon Key. Told the assignment by Hamsterviel, Dragaunus sends out the Triceratons to find it.

Freeing The Dark Dragon

And finally, the Triceratons give Hamsterviel the key he wanted. With that said, the Armageddon Key...known as the Dark Dragon...awakens!Now free, the Dark Dragon is sent by Hamsterviel to destroy a very powerful threat.

Attacking France

Doctor Hamsterviel, hears news of Ash Ketchum being captured by Xanatos and Magica DeSpell, and decides to invade and destroy all of France personally, with assistance from Nos4a2.

Vs Pikachu Forces

After a hard fight with Skulker, Pikachu returns to France, where he discovers that Ash Ketchum is missing. Things get even much worst when Hamsterviel and his forces invade France. Hoping to prevent any damage, Pikachu with some help from Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Piplup decides to deal with the Dark Dragon, Dragaunus, the Triceratons, Nos4a2, and the leader himself, Doctor Hamsterviel.

Teaming with Don Karnage

Meanwhile, Doctor Hamsterviel is not pleased of their failure to destroy France, thanks to Pikachu an his friends, and now they must think of a new plan. Suddenly, comes Don Karnage, who apparently escaped his fight against Mewtwo, who has new plans to help Hamsterviel.

Plan C

With the death of Don Karnage at the hands of Brock, Hamsterviel and his forces go into Plan C. But what will Plan C involve.

Losing everything

With the loss of Nos4a2 and Dragaunus, Dr. Hamsterviel's empire is collapsing, and so the mad hamster doctor sends the Triceratons to take down Lucario, so that their empire doesn't die.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

A meeting with his boss

Frustrated with his defeat by the League, Ratigan was met by his secret backer, the alien scientist Dr. Hamsterviel, who derided him for losing Lilo and Stitch.

Vs Forces of Buzz Lightyear

Finding out that Buzz Lightyear had pursued him to Earth, Emperor Zurg tasked Doctor Hamsterviel and Professor Ratigan with disposing of his old enemy and his friends. As the two plotted their attack, Lightyear and the Galactic Federation taskforce broke into Hamsterviel's facility searching for Zurg. Hamsterviel deployed a squad of Hornets to battle the heroes, but after a short firefight, Doctor Jumba destroyed the robots with his blaster rifle.Buzz and the other Federation heroes managed to destroy the remaining Hornets and even a large battle robot that Ratigan unleashed as a last line of defense. As the heroes closed in, the slippery Ratigan escaped on his airship, leaving Hamsterviel behind to be captured.


The Grand Councilwoman arrived on Earth at Buzz Lightyear's request, taking Doctor Hamsterviel into custody before returning to space. However, as he was taken away, Hamsterviel vowed that the heroes had not seen the last of him.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Heroes Vs Villains War

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Disney Vs DC Villains War

Talking with Zurg

Having discovered of Gantu's failure, Dr. Hamsterviel finally found a way to contact his secret employer, Emperor Zurg, as he is informed about Sinestro's threat.

All Out Heroes vs Villains War

In Zurg and Frieza's faction

In the galaxy, precisely on Planet Z, two evil emperors have decided to join forces and have gathered their allies in order to put an end to the Galactic Alliance and its members.

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War