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Dr. Greed's Henchmen (Platini, the Manager, and the Unknown Corporate Manager) are the minions of Doctor Greed, who, along with Greed, run the Mix Max industries, a corrupt corporation known for it's animal cruelty. The Henchmen play a minor role in the villains wars.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Dr. Greed and his henchmen arrive at the Beast's castle, to meet Forte in a proposal to make the instrument sing for the corporation factory. However, the insulted Forte refuses and consumed by his own rage, his music changes to a violent musical number. Dr. Greed's weapons prove nothing against the organ's violent music. Forte's music then becomes more aggressive, as it begins to tear the ground, underneath Dr. Greed and henchmen, apart. Dr. Greed and his henchmen make an attempt to escape from the castle only to be sucked on, by the destruction of the floor, into a dark abyss.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Fall to Screweyes

Dr. Greed arrives at the circus of Professor Screweyes to make a deal with him, as the greedy doctor wants to purchase the circus for his operations. When Greed mocks Screweyes, after the professor refused to Greed's offer, Screweyes activates the machine of fear to crumble the floor. While one of Dr. Greed's henchemen attempts to escape, he does not making it, as he is sucked on into an unknown location. Screweyes then turns to Dr. Greed and the rest of the henchmen, as they run for their alives, only to run into a dead end. Screweyes then crumbles the floor beneath Greed and his henchmen, falling into a dark abyss.

Non Disney Vs DC Villains War

Dr. Greed's henchmen have a bit role in this war. When the fashion designer, Mad Mod, titls the floor beneath Dr. Greed and his men, the henchmen make their attempt to escape. The first one, Platini, fails first, falling to his apparent demise, forcing the others, including the Manager, and an unknown corporate associate of Dr. Greed, to run for their lives. However, they are ambushed by Mad Mod, as he corners them in a nearby wall. Mad Mod looks on as they fall to an emptiness void.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War