Dormin is the primary villain of the video game, Shadow of the Colossus. A demon of unimaginable power, Dormin is his universe's equivalent of Satan. Dormin is a major player in the Video Game Villains War.

Video Game Villains War

A First Attempt

Prior to the events of the war, Chaos drained much of Dormin's power into the helmet of the Lich King, hiding the helmet on the other side of the planet. Dormin, his spirit tied to a temple, nonetheless decides to make his move and get revenge. He summons eight massive monsters called Colossi and has them try to take down Chaos. Unfortunately for Dormin, Chaos's warriors manage to destroy his first wave of monsters. Dormin, however, remains dangerously in play. When Bowser sends Malefor to capture a princess, Dormin thwarts the effort by having his dragon, Alduin, kill Malefor.

The Disciples

Dormin begins to call upon his earthly agents in order to make his presence known. His first agent, Baron Dante, manages to murder the weapons trader, Swampy, but proves almost useless as a formal agent. Dormin treats his death at the hands of King K. Rool a success. Renewed, he summons two of his best agents: Doku and King Bohan. He sends Doku to retrieve the helmet of the Lich King, in order that his corporeal form might be restored, while he has Bohan gather more armies and disciples. Bohan, for his part, succeeds, gathering together Red, Sarevok, Professor Von Kriplespac, as well as the forces of Gruntilda.

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