Don Karnage is an internationally known pirate and the main villain of the Disney animated television series, TaleSpin. Karnage is a minor player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War and a secondary player in the second Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Vs Cat R. Waul

Karnage discovers that Cat R. Waul and T. R. Chula have stolen precious diamonds from his mine. In his rage, he actually throws a sword at Waul. Waul takes his revenge by cutting the rope securing the main support beam of the mine. This causes the entire mine to collapse. Karnage and his men are blinded, however briefly, but Karnage gains his vision and orders his men to chase after the two criminals. All is lost, however, as Karnage loses a few men down a pit and the two gangsters escape.

Escapades with the Fearsome Five

Negaduck adds Don Karnage to his latest incarnation of the Fearsome Five. Karnage proves one of the more effective warriors in the faction's battle against the armies of the Shredder. One of Karnage's pirates lays out Bebop, while Karnage himself buries Rocksteady in a pile of sand. He even gets a kick in on the Shredder himself. But all this is for naught; Bebop recovers and blasts one of Karnage's henchman directly on top of him, likely killing the pirate. If this blow was not enough, Karnage presumably dies in the Shredder's last ditch dimensional portal energy blast.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

Disney Villains War 2

At Mr.Khan's services

To this end, Khan ordered one of his men to contact the notorious pirate Don Karnage and secure his services.

Vs Ben Buzzard

Needing new airplanes for his job with Mr. Khan, the sky pirate mercenary Don Karnage tried to purchase several from a dealer named Ben Buzzard. However, when the con artist Buzzard demanded an outrageous sum of money from Karnage, the pirate decided to simply take the planes. Bold but foolish, Buzzard set off after them, attacking the fleet and managing to sabotage several of the planes, knocking them out of the sky. Infuriated, Karnage turned on Buzzard and ran him down, finally smashing him to pieces in the propeller blades.

Vs Carpie King

Tiring of Don Karnage's antics and believing he was too expensive of an asset, Mr. Khan tasked the sky pirate with recovering a crystal from the mighty Carpie kingdom, hoping they would manage to kill him. Having had bad history with the vultures, Don Karnage attacked the kingdom with his full force. As the Carpie King and his soldiers flew out to attack Karnage, he opened fire with his machine guns, slaying many of the soldiers. The Carpies struck back, tearing apart Karnage's fleet as the King himself attacked Karnage's plane, sending his wingmen crashing into the sea. Although Karnage managed to shoot down the King, he was ultimately forced to retreat with heavy losses.

Battle of New York

In New York, Mr. Khan gathered his remaining allies and launched a full-scale attack on the Xanatos Corp building, hoping to take it and remove the threat to his power over the criminal underworld. As Don Karnage approached in a giant battleship, Drakken activated an army of androids to defend the building. Karnage took out the anti-air defenses protecting the building, as Quackerjack, Bushroot, Liquidator, and Megavolt deployed for battle. They were opposed by Coyote and the cybernetic-enhanced Pack, but Thaliog arrived to back up the supervillains. Quackerjack unleashed some toy teeth to bite off Jackal's arm, but he was able to simply reattach it before punching out the clown. Coyote froze Liquidator solid, but at the same time Megavolt blasted Wolf with electricity. Hyena came to his defense, shooting Liquidator and Megavolt, seemingly killing them both. Coyote pushed Bushroot into a shredding machine, destroying much of his plant body, leaving only his head and a single worm-like root behind. When Don Karnage arrived to reinforce the four supervillains, Hyena fired on him, forcing him to duck behind cover. Thaliog tried to gun the Pack down with a powerful battle-rifle, but they overwhelmed him with their numbers. Just as it seemed Cruella and Drakken might fight off Khan's forces, a new contender approached: the alternate-universe Doofenschmirtz. Activating his portal machine, he brought his robot army in from his dimension and unleashed them on everyone present. Karnage's battleship, heavily damaged from both the Pack and Doofenschmirtz's robots, retreated.

Disney Villains War 3

Hunted by Mr.Khan

Having made good on their escape, Karnage and Sevarius think they were free from their responsibility from Khan. But Thailog then arrived to fulfill his assignment from Khan. Thailog blasted Karnage with his blaster rifle, stunning him. Thailog then took out a net gun and used it to capture Sevarius. Thailog then caused critical damage to Don Karnage's airship. Thailog then departed with Sevarius, leaving Karnage to his fate.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Dick Dastardly

Cobra Commander tasks one of his subordinates, Dick Dastardly, with eliminating an air pirate named Don Karnage, who has been causing trouble in his airspace and waylaying his pilots. As Dastardly and his men assault Karnage's Iron Vulture, a dogfight ensues...

Vs Captain Hook

Having broken away from Bloth's crew, Captain Hook is seeking new ways to finance his criminal endeavors. Hearing of an island that holds a vast treasure, Hook sets out in search of it. However, when he finally finds it, he discovers that he is not the only pirate seeking the treasure, as Don Karnage also arrives to claim it, but the chaos of their battle, combined with a nearby keg of gunpowder, may have rather...explosive results. Will either of them be able to claim the treasure?

Joining Glomgold

Unfortunately, Glomgold has had a similar idea, and decides to hire the services of Don Karnage.

Against Mr.Burns Forces

With the Beagle Boys dealt with, the rest of Burn’s forces charge in, catching Glomgold and his allies off guard. Glomgold, Fat Cat, Karnage, and his pirates face off against Burns, Rob, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Rancid, Darrell, and the Gangreen Gang, with Plankton aiding them remotely and waiting with backup...

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Villains Battles

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