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Doctor Albert Wily is the main antagonist of the Megaman video game franchise and Mega Man's arch-nemesis. A genius inventor who still resorts to stealing robots in order to achieve world domination, Wily suffers from a severe inferiority complex. He is a major player in the Animated vs. Video Game Villains War, the Video Game Villains War, Worst Villain Tournament Ever  and Disney vs Anime Villains War.

Disney vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Creating some Robots

Dr. Wily, just having got done stealing a group of robots from Dr. Light, came across a portal. The mad doctor entered and found himself in another dimension.

Vs Norton Nimnul

Interested in starting an alliance in this new dimension, Wily visited Norton Nimnul. He was interested after Norton showed off some of his weapons, but he ultimately rejected Wily. Later that night Wily stole some of Norton's plans from his lab only to be caught by Nimnul. Wily fled as Nimnul pursued him, laser in hand. Norton searched the city for Wily in his flying school bus only for the mad scientist to confront Nimnul with his Robot Masters. As Norton tried to flee one of the Robot Masters destroyed the bus, only for Norton to get out in a parachute. However, another of the Robot Masters cut Norton's parachute, sending him plummeting into the sewers.

Using Nimnul's Plan

Dr. Wily, using Norton's plans, began to build a replica of a robot back in the Video Game dimension, Protoman. Along with some other machinery.

Teaming with Dr.Doofersmith

Dr. Wily and Protoman broke into Doofenshmirtz's lab where they found the doctor. Dr. Wily being impressed by Doofenshmirtz's robot offered an alliance with the doctor, which he accepted.

Teaming With Another Scientists

Dr. Wily recruited Dr. Drakken and Dr. Pretorious into their group. Which Doofenshmirtz seemed fond of calling "The Scientist Syndicate"

Vs The Nightmare King

Returning to his castle after working on some plans, Wily is greeted by the Nightmare King himself, ready to make itself known by taking out the doctor. However, it is Wily's hometurf and he might have some machines to defend himself. But will it be enough to defeat the King?

Finding who freed The Nightmare King

Dr. Wily tries to find out where the Nightmare King came from, only to learn it was from Dr. Robotnik, who assures him he has more plans up his sleeve...

Dr. Wily in the CGI Universe

Video Game Villains War

Attacking Dreamland

Dr. Wily is the first of the villainous scientists to mount an assault during the war, sending his Robot Masters to destroy Magolor, the current leader of the Dreamland alliance. Though Magolor manages to destroy nearly all of his robots, Wily's favorite warrrior, Protoman, manages to destroy the demonic being for good.

New Temps

Dr. Wily, in hopes of securing his place in the war, hires two temps, Jessie and James. When the Dreamland alliance becomes active once again, he has the two defeat one of its new members, Professor Monkey-for-a-Head. Despite a few setbacks, they manage to defeat the hybrid doctor.

Cartoon Villains War


Dr. Wily approaches Skeletor in hopes of forging an alliance. Skeletor, irritated after his meeting with Shredder and seeing Wily as useless, rebuffs him and humiliatingly sends him away. Seeking revenge, Wily sends his newest robotic creation, Protoboy, to kill one of Skeletor's allies, the Decepticon second-in-command Starscream.

Vs Masters Of Evil

Fearing retaliation from Skeletor for his failed attack on Starscream, Dr. Wily attempts to forge an alliance with Xanatos by meeting with Dr. Sevarius and showing him his plans for a cyborg super-soldier. Unfortunately, his fears are proven correct when the meeting is interrupted by Baron Zemo and his Masters Of Evil, as Skeletor seeks to make an example of Wily and has sent Zemo to capture him. As Sevarius makes his escape, Wily calls in his robot henchmen to fight off the attackers. Which team will truly prove to be the masters?

Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

In Jail

Meanwhile, at a Cobra prison, various criminals and threats to Skeletor’s empire are locked away. The prison’s administrator, Megatron, places the ghost Walker as the new warden, hoping to maximize efficiency. Little do any of them know that three mysterious figures have the prison in their sights.The three Homunculi, Lust, Gluttony and Envy, infiltrate Cobra’s prison, seeking to free a certain inmate. Walker and the prison guards rally to fight off the intruders, but will they be able to maintain control once the Homunculi free a few of the other prisoners?

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Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Captain N Version Dr. Wily

Ruby Spears Version Dr. Wily

Worst Hero And Villain War

Captain N Version Dr. Wily

Ruby Spears Version Dr. Wily

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

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