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In every game, there are winners and there are losers."

Doctor Julian Robotnik is the main antagonist of Sonic The Hedgehog (SATAM) and a supporting character in Disney vs Non-Disney Villains, Non Disney Villains Tournament, Disney vs Anime Villains War, Animated vs Video Game Villains War and Video Game Villains War  .He debuts in the second part of the series, and joins forces with Kent Mansley and his shadowy Snively group of intelligence agents.


Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two


In the aftermath of the nuclear war that mutated Mok Swagger, many humans took refuge in underground bunkers to escape the fallout. Not all the radiation could be filtered out, however, leading to many mutations. Above ground, animals were also subject to mutation, gaining increased intelligence and humanoid characteristics. The animals called themselves "Mobians" and the emerging mutated humans "Overlanders". A war erupted between the two races over limited resources, and the Mobians won.

The surviving Overlanders were enslaved by the victorious Mobians. Among the captives taken was a young tinkerer by the name of Julian Kintobor. A portly, comical-looking youth, Julain was taken in by the ruling House of Acorn as a sort of court jester, using his mechanical knowledge to create toys and contraptions for the children of the royal family. Over time, the royal court began to recognize Julian's great intellect and trusted him with developing greater projects for the betterment of the Mobian race. Julian put on a servile facade while, in reality, he was always looking for an opportunity to avenge the treatment of his race.

Among Julian's colleagues was a Mobian named Amadeus Ratigan. Together, the two began work on the process of "roboticization", whereby living tissue could be near-instantaneously converted into cybernetics. Amadeus believed that the process would be used to aid the injured or critically ill by replacing damaged or missing body parts with perfect prosthetics, but Julian actually intended this to be the insturment of his revenge. Amadeus would be his first test subject, converted into a mindless robot servant by a weaponized roboticization ray. Publicly, Julian claimed Amadeus had been incinerated beyond recognition in a tragic lab accident. In fact, he was ready to show the Mobians what it was like being slaves.

Backed by an army of robots (both built the traditional way and converted from unwilling victims by roboticization) Julian led an attack on the Kingdom of Acorn from within. In less than 24 hours, Julian took over the kingdom for his own. Every Mobian Julian or his troops found was taken captive for roboticization. Few escaped. To seal his victory, Julian took a new name: Ivo Robotnik.

From his capital of Robotropolis, Robotnik began making plans for a new era of Overlander domination. To his regret, a few Mobians managed to escape his coup and set up colonies across the world. In the settlement of NIMH, named for an old research corporation founded by Julian, the son of his old partner would grow to begin his own reign of terror: Professor James Ratigan.

Vs Norton Nimnul

Doctor Robotnik first enters the war upon being contacted by Kent Mansley to work on a top secret project. Mansley claims he needs the world's greatest inventor, a claim that clearly appeals to the Doctor's ego. When he journeys to meet Mansley, he is outraged to discover that the government agent has also invited another scientist, Professor Norton Nimnul. The two scientists get into an argument and vow to defeat one another. Mansley promises the winner the right to work on his new project. Despite Robotnik's distaste for Mansley's hiring practices, his piqued curiosity incites him to take on the job. 

Nimnul, however, goes on the offensive. The scientist steals Robotnik's roboticization ray, but Robotnik catches wind of the theft. Robotnik attempts to take Nimnul down, only for Nimnul to blast him with the ray. The shot converts Robotnik's hand into a metal gauntlet. Robotnik's SWATBots, brought into action by the violence, swarm the compound, but Nimnul escapes. Swearing revenge, Robotnik pursues Nimnul across the city and opens fire on his inferior vehicle (a converted bus). Nimnul manages to parachute out of the bus before it explodes, but this goes unnoticed by Robotnik, who assumes Nimnul has died in the crash.

The Villain-Prison

Impressed by Robotnik's handling of Nimnul, Mansley contracts him to start work on his classified project - a state of the art, highly secure prison to house any upstarts, criminals, renegades and enemies of King Ruber. Robotnik contributes much to the overall design and security systems of the prison and supplies his elite SWATBots as the prison's security guards. He is subsequently granted a seat on King Ruber's leadership council.

Shifting Loyalties

Robotnik witnesses the "death" of Ruber at Jafar's hands. Accordingly, when Fire Lord Ozai becomes king of the world, Robotnik pledges his allegiance to him. Robotnik then operates under Ozai's daughter, Azula, once the princess asserts her power. Yet Azula fires Robotnik as warden of the super-prison, installing a new Fire Nation warden in his place, much to Robotnik's dismay.

Banished But Glad of It

After Ozai's death, Azula, now completely paranoid, decides to banish the entire war council. Robotnik, however, is completely happy to oblige, now finally free of the princess, and once again free to see to his own designs once again.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Three

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Building Up His Forces

After the death of his good friend, El Supremo, Dr. Robotnik swears revenge. He thus captures and roboticizes Sonic to produce the malevolent Metal Sonic. Along with this, he builds robotic duplicates of both El Supremo and Zygon, mocking his assistant, Snively, along the way.

Vs The Shredder

Robotnik plans his first conquest: seizing the Technodrome without the help of his robot duplicates. Using Metal Sonic, as well as Sleet, Dingo, and a number of SWAT Bots, Robotnik manages to storm the Technodrome. At the machine's heart, Robotnik encounters the Shredder. Robotnik shoots his opponent with a laser, but the Shredder recovers and blinds Robotnik temporarily with some broken glass. Before Robotnik can finish the Shredder off, he flees through a dimensional portal.

Ruined from Below

Robotnik moves to the northern frontier in order to put down some rebels, so he is forced to leave Snively in charge. He thus becomes quite disapponted when Snively loses some key technology to Megatron. Unbeknownst to Dr. Robotnik, a virus called Infermon has hacked into his computer system and has created a tear in the fabric of reality. A being called Discord emerges from this tear and begins to cause general chaos at Robotnik's expense. Without Robotnik's consent, Discord transforms him into a snail, a gorilla, and a pig, forcing Robotnik to eat the dirt. Eventually, Discord gets bored and leaves, turning Robotnik back to normal. He is furious to discover that Snively has been laughing at him all throughout Discord's antics. Agent Smith offers to repair Robotnik's lair, so long as he can use the Roboticizer once. In need of assistance, Robotnik acquiesces to the request.

Dinosaur Killer

Robotnik and Snively are busy with regular duties when they notice Sharptooth coming after them. Robotnik waits for just the right moment to fire his lasers, ultimately nailing the dinosaur head on. He then orders his SWAT Bots to destroy the T. Rex, but they end up being destroyed. Robotnik has Snively hit the dinosaur full force with a cannon, leaving it open for him to lay the final blow. With the push of a button, Robotnik fires a full battery of cannons at Sharptooth, blasting it down a gorge to its death.


Robotnik finalizes a doomsday machine with which he schemes to take over the world within 24 hours. Upon Snively's suggestion, Robotnik exits his lair through the skylight, in order to admire his creation. He then notices Mok Swagger, the creator of Infermon and the dark manipulator behind many events of the war. Mok hurls around several energy balls, destroying various bits of machinery. Though Robotnik initially laughs the threat off, it soon becomes apparent that Mok's damage to the doomsday machine is irreparable. In his horror, Robotnik can only laugh as his empire comes crumbling around him.

The Egg-man

His body annihilated in the attack, Robotnik finds himself in a new metal body. Snively reveals that Mok bound him to a metal body. Snively himself let Mok inside the base, permitting him to defeat Robotnik. Robotnik tries to roboticize his nephew, only for Snively to reveal a trump card: a shock controller for Robotnik's new body. Snively also reprograms Robotnik's body, forcing the former doctor to do whatever his nephew says. Finally, to finish off the humiliation, Snively re-names Robotnik "Eggman." Eggman, forced by his new master, then goes to report on the world at large.

Video Game Villains War

In the Faction of Ganondorf - Creating Dark Samus

Ganondorf establishes an alliance with Dr. Eggman, and Doctor uses his machine to create three doppelgangers: Dark Link, Dark Samus, and Wario. Dr. Eggman sees fit to put Dark Samus, the most dangerous of his creations to use, having the doppelganger assassinate Dr. Neo Cortex. Unfortunately for Eggman, Cortex escapes, but not before Dark Samus kills his most lethal enforcer, Crunch.

Called Into Battle

Dr. Eggman manages to sit out several rounds of the war before squaring off with a mysterious entity of unimaginable power: Tabuu. Eggman tries to send several of his robots at the being, but Tabuu blasts through all of them. Eggman arrives in his own battle mech, but Tabuu manages to dodge most of his shots. When Eggman later launches his fists at the mech, Tabuu shatters most of the robot's internals. Eggman flees in his Egg Carrier, only for Tabuu to pursue him and launch him out of of safety. As a last resort, Eggman unleashes his most powerful creation, Metal Sonic. While Metal Sonic destroys Tabuu, Eggman is unaware to the fact that Metal Sonic has been severely damaged during the fight and has gone haywire. At the same time, Dark Samus develops a sense of individuality and abandons the alliance. 

Vs Dr. Nefarious

Dr. Eggman learns of Dr. Nefarious's 2-D ray and decides to take out the robotic doctor once and for all. He brings with him his remote-controlled Egg Dragoon, his previous model having been mysteriously destroyed. Nefarious manages to take down the Dragoon using his own mech, but Eggman uses his classic Death Egg Robot to deliver the coup de grace. Nefarious seemingly perishes in the resulting explosion.

His Plans Ruined

Dr. Eggman helps Ganondorf assemble a meeting with his allies. Their plan: capture enough princesses to unleash the power of the Triforce. When Erol suggests attacking the lair of the Lich King in order to capture one of the princesses, Farrah, Eggman suggests otherwise. He instead opts to have the Ancient Minister distract the alliance's foes with dark energy bombs.

All of these plans go awry when Metal Sonic goes rogue and kills the Ancient Minister, Erol, and Ganondorf in a massive robotic takeover. Left without security, Eggman flees.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Vs Lock, Shock and Barrel

Lock, Shock, and Barrel found a portal to the video game dimension in the hopes of finding Oogie Boogie. They arrived inside Eggman's base, and began messing with his machines. It didn't take long for Eggman to find the intruders, and decided to take care of them personally. He arrived in his Egg Walker, ready to get rid of them. To his surprise, Lock figured out how to create some robotic skeletons from his machines. Eggman proceeded to blast the skeleton apart. In response, the pranksters threw a pumpkin bomb at Eggman, stunning him long enough for them to escape.

Teaming with Dr. Neo Cortex

After successfully beating Ghostfreak, Cortex went down to rest but he was awoken by Dr. Eggman who offered an alliance between the two doctors. Thinking of the possibilities, Cortex quickly accepted.

Watching Metal Sonic

After Cortex told Eggman about his encounter with the Winged Beast, Eggman decided to send Metal Sonic to destroy the Winged Beast. Eggman and Cortex also watched the fight, just in case Metal Sonic needed a helping hand. The Winged Beats proceeded to beat Metal Sonic around when he confronted it, picking Metal Sonic up, throwing him and smacking him around. However, Eggman and Cortex gave Metal Sonic a power boost which enabled the machine to blast through the Winged Beast.

Teaming with Bowser

Meanwhile, Cortex was getting ready to show Eggman his new inventions made from parts of the robot Eggman defeated when the war began. But before he could finish it, he was interrupted by the arrival of Bowser to their lair. He explained that he needed their help in finding Maleficent, as he believed her to be responsible for Peach's disappearance. Luckily for him, Eggman and Cortex agreed to aid him, believing that Cortex's invention just might be able to help him...

Against Syndrome's Forces

Eggman's scanner detects Cyclonian air crafts heading towards them. Cortex sends a message to some of his old friends for help, but they won't be able to arrive in time, so they'll have to defeat them or hold the intruders off until the cavalry arrives. So Cortex and Bowser go out to deal with them, while Eggman prepares one of his own machines for battle. Can they defeat Syndrome and his most powerful allies?

After His Defeat

After they are defeated, Eggman, Bowser, and Cortex are upset at their loss until Cortex remembers the invention he want to show them. A portal generator to the animated dimension! They eagerly try the machine, but because Cyclonis broke a piece of the Power Crystal, the machine becomes highly unstable and breaks. Bowser is sucked into an unstable portal, is mutated and lands in a strange.

Bowser discovers that he has changed after something went wrong with the machine. Luckily Eggman and Cortex manage to connect to another computer in the dimension and communicate to Bowser through it. They discover Bowser's altered appearance and explain his condition. They believe that only part of Bowser made it to the animated dimension and the rest of him went into the live action dimension. The computer also detects a nearby power source with a energy signature similar to the portal Cortex created. Before they can study the energy signature and explain more to Bowser, the connection between dimensions is lost. Leaving Bowser on his own.

Hunting a crystal

In order for their machine to work, Eggman and Cortex need a new crystal. Luckily, Cortex has heard on the TV that what they need is a prize in a race. So Cortex proposes they enter the race and win the crystal. Eggman likes the idea, so Cortex, Tiny the Tiger, N. Gin and Eggman begin working on vehicles for the race. Though their cars have a few surprises built inside.

The Race

King Candy allows Dr. Cortex, N. Gin, Tiny the Tiger and Eggman into his race. These villains are after a scepter King Candy discovered and is offering as the grand prize for the latest race. Little does he know, the scepter has a crystal which is perfect for Dr. Cortex's machine. These villains are determined to win, but so are King Candy and his subjects. You can bet that there will be cheating in this race.

A New Robot

In order to take complete control of the Great Clock, Nefarious needs access to the Orvus Chamber's controls. So Nefarious, Eggman, and Cortex interrogate and scan the mind of the Great Clock's creator, Orvus the Zoni. Orvus sacrifices himself to prevent them from learning how to get in. Sadly, Eggman and his allies managed to gather some info from his mind just before he disappeared. They see a small piece of Zoni technology that belongs to a certain robot on earth. Eggman knows the Zoni device is and believes they can use this small device to help them gain entrance into the main chamber. A new robot Eggman recently discovered and reprogrammed should be helpful for getting the device.

Vs The Fabrication Machine

The Fabrication Machine is searching for Dr. Cortex, but instead finds Dr. Eggman in his old lair. Eggman is after the piece of Zoni technology in it's chest that powers the Fabrication Machine. To help him accomplish his goals, he's rebuilt an old robot he found and orders it to tear the Fabrication Machine apart until he gets the device.

While studying the Great Clock, Eggman finds something imprisoned within the structure...

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs Dr. Drakken

Dr. Drakken finished a new robot and decides to test it with Dr. Eggman. At first Eggman is not impressed, but once it change of form Eggman change's his mind Will Drakken's new robot defeat Eggman's Fort or will Eggman have a little help?

New allies

In Eggman's headquarters , Bowser arrives. Eggman surprised by seeing his old friend Bowser wants to form and alliance with him by giving him a plan to conquer the world, Eggman like's the plan and agree with the alliance.Sedusa been affected by the black dust of Him her powers has been increased. Eggman wanting to see Shego strength and loyalty challenges Shego to defeat Sedusa.

Vs Nos4a2

Nos contacts the Emperor Zurg from the old Dr. Eggman base. Zurg gives the order to Nos-4-a2 to see if the technology of Earth is useful, Eggman security is activated seeing the robotic vampire in his old base Eggman decides to send Missile Wrist to finish him off. But then Eggman joins forces with his robot to defeat the intruder quickly. Is Eggman and his robot ready to destroy Zurg's robot or will Nos is capable of defeating this pair?

Sending Metal Sonic

Eggman has been watching and see's that the  Tri-state area is a good place to put in the Eggman Empire, Dr. Eggman activates Metal Sonic to attack anyone who oppose him.

Freeing Shadow

In an old file Dr. Eggman finds his Grandfather Diary, about a creature name "Shadow" that will bring total destruction and even show and image about that creature. But a batty lady is spying the Doctor.Arriving at Doof' Prison Island Eggman finds the creature Shadow, Eggman starts working and pulling some strings to get the machine to start working, but once the creature show's in-front of the doctor. Eggman is surprised by the result.


Eggman celebrates now that he has his Grandfathers Ultimate creature, just things get better when Decoe and Bocoe show Omega, Rouge infiltrates and show's a little video she took of Shego with another doctor giving the information about the E-Series Robots, their guns and lasers. Infuriated about a great treachery to the Eggman Empire decides on using a special machine with Shego.

Decide to use his team

Back at Eggman's base Decoe and Bocoe are still worried about Heinz, since now the Tri-State Area is at his command jus to have a great surprise that his enemy had survived his fight, so the mad scientist decides to use his team once again to extinguish Drakken for good.Meanwhile, Team Dark has been regrouped by Eggman, by a simple task to obliterate Drakken from this life. Giving to Shadow, Rouge and Omega a special order, to make this mission a success as a spy tells them about Drakken's location.

Vs Dr. Drakken's Forces

Team Dark starts their assault on Drakken's base, Omega and Eggman confront the robot guards to distract Drakken of his true plan. Shadow goes to the weaponry central ready to activate the bomb, while Rouge take's care of DNAmy and her creatures.Drakken wants to deal with Shadow personally, as Eggman arrives at the scene to help Shadow. Rouge is beaten by DNAmy's creature and Omega assist's Rouge and helps her with this monster. Will Drakken be the triumph or will the secret finally be revealed of the tragedy that happened many years?

In Mercurymon's faction

Mercurymon starts chapter 2 and unveils his faction consisted by Ranamon, Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Hex and Nerissa.

Vs Second Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Eggman finally corners the one last threat that could stop his plans to build the Eggman Empire. Doof on the other hand plans to defeat Eggman and have Townsville and the Tri State Area at his command, Eggman might be able to beat the Norm bots but will he stand a chance against Heinz and his robot?

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Vs The Archmage

The King's little ceremony seems to be cancelled by the Archmage's arrival, not wanting to get his hands dirty the King sends his generals to deal with these traitor to the crown. While both generals try to put up a fight, the Archmage alone defeats them. Now confronting the king with the Dark One's powers seem to be to much for the Archmage. As Joker starts to make his move alongside Nerissa to put things worse the Witches of Morva make their move after their deal with Hook. Is this truly the end of Mercurymon's reign or it will be only luck that saves him from this endless fight?

Letting Mechanicles in charge

Meanwhile Eggman leaves the Eggman empire to Mechanicles in his care while his away.

Finding two last emeralds

Eggman's scanner has detected 2 Chaos Emeralds, during his ruling in the Egggman Empire the doctor started his search for the emeralds in his search he had found now 5 emeralds. Now with the last 2 emeralds the doctor decides to send Bowser to get one of the emeralds while he searches the other but this doesn't seem to escape to Rouge's attention.

Vs Negaduck

With the Black Knights on the move, Negaduck starts to make his presence by stealing the Chaos Emerald and use it's powers to power up his men and have the Criminal Underworld in his power. Having a lot to do to reach that goal, he will have to beat one of the King of the World Generals to have the Emerald permanently...

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Mother Brain

The cruel roboticist Doctor Julian Robotnik had succeeded in ascending to become absolute ruler of Robotropolis and extending his tyrannical reign over the city. Unfortunately, a rival conquer, Mother Brain, had also hoped to take over Robotropolis herself for some time, and was none too pleased that Robotnik had beaten her to it. Determined not to let Robotnik thwart her so easily, Mother Brain gathered her army and laid seige to Robotropolis, and sent a transmission to the doctor, encouraging him to surrender while he still could. Robotnik, however, refused, and swore to make Mother Brain pay for challenging him. Amused, Mother Brain ordered her troops to begin attacking directly, while Robotnik had his nephew, Snively, deploy the SWATBots to repel the invaders. With Mother Brain’s two generals, King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard, leading the troops, her army clashed with Robotnik’s robotic soldiers. Despite Mother Brain’s troops taking an early advantage, Robotnik’s soldiers were eventually able to overpower them. While the frontal assault was taking place, a few attempted to sneak into the city through the sewer tunnels. However, they were quickly noticed by Snively, who activated the traps within the tunnels, sending them packing. Despite the success of Robotnik’s troops, it did little to halt Mother Brain’s army, who continued to advance. This mattered little, as while the battle had been raging, Robotnik had used the time to pinpoint Mother Brain’s location, and decided to end the battle personally. As Mother Brain watched the battle remotely from her throne room, Robotnik burst in, determined to put an end to his enemy for good. Despite being caught off guard, Mother Brain still taunted Robotnik, asserting her superior power. However, Robotnik, taking a quick glance around the room, quickly noted her weak spot: the controls on her tank apparatus. Firing a laser from his wrist, Robotnik succeeded in damaging the controls, causing Mother Brain’s tank to short-circuit. Robotnik laughed with glee as Mother Brain exploded from the damage, leaving him the victor of the battle and undisputed ruler of Robotropolis.

Teaming with Mom

In Robotropolis, Dr. Robotnik meets with his partner in crime, Mom, to introduce her to his new ally, Vexus. With their combined resources and army of robots, the three prepare to pursue their own agenda.

Vs Baxter

Shredder makes a deal with Dr. Robotnik for the doctor to produce an army of robotic ninjas for him, in exchange for a higher position in power once Shredder wins the war. Unfortunately, Xanatos learns of the contract and, concerned by Shredder's growing power, sends one of Dr. Sevarius's lab assistants, Baxter Stockman, to invade Robotropolis and sabotage Robotnik's work...

Vs Bowser

For the most part, the rulers of Robotropolis have managed to avoid any major conflicts, choosing to focus on their own internal affairs rather than on conquest. Their peace is interrupted by a rogue Saurian warlord known as King Koopa, who begins wreaking havoc. Mom and Robotnik dispatch their security forces in defense of the city, but Koopa proves to be stronger than they anticipated. However, the pair still has a few tricks up their sleeves...

Talking with Vexus

With the help of Robotnik, Vexus discovers exactly who sent Vilgax after her. Realizing the Gems aren't going to simply let her walk away, Vexus decides to go on the offensive.

Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

Meeting with world rulers

Securing his empire’s dominance, Skeletor and his ruling council hold a summit with the remaining world leaders: Fire Lord Ozai, Fuhrer King Bradley, Charles zi Britannia, and Dr. Robotnik. Skeletor proposes that they all work together towards mutual prosperity, while also revealing that he now controls the Shredder’s former secret weapon. Although Emperor Charles is slightly impressed by this display of authority, Ozai, Bradley, and Robotnik are all less than willing to submit to the rule of another.

New assistant

Wanting to begin expanding his faction to strike back against Skeletor, Dr. Robotnik seeks a new assistant, eventually settling on two candidates: boy genius Jack Spicer, and the young alchemist Varian. Wanting to see who is more qualified, Robotnik pits the two against each other in a duel. However, one member of Robotnik’s faction isn’t too keen on the idea of being replaced…

War of the Villains

Dr. Robotnik created The Ultimate War Weapon, which he himself was very proud of. However, when Verminious SnapTrap came to steal it, an outraged Robotnik send forth his henchmen, Grounder and Scratch. After SnapTrap frightened them off, Robotnik decided to take matters into his own hands. But before he even got a chance, SnapTrap activated a button which caused his fortress to self-destruct. We last saw Robotnik on his backside, unable to get up and crying.

In Need of Help

Later on, at a local club, Robotnik wonders how he'll berid of SnapTrap and re-acquire his fortress. The club owner, Pete, reccomended him to get his hands on The Ultimate War Weapon he invented. Robotnik agreed with Pete's idea, and decided to plan his next move.

Allying With Darla Dimple

Robotnik later recieved a call from Darla Dimple, who needed some help getting rid of Brad Buttowski and Mad Jack and invited him over to her mansion to have a discussion. Once there, Robotnik offered Darla an alliance with him, much to the discomfort of her butler, Max. Nevertheless, Darla accepted his offer and gave him the idea to first prove herself as a worthy accompliss.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

In this tournament all cartoon incarnations of Robotnik were different people and formed the Council of Robotniks that helps Koopalliance to defeat Alliance to End Koopalliance

AoSTH Robotnik

Considered to be the leader of the group. He fought againstRigatoni who was piloting the Evangelion, and his famous lair was destroyed in the process, regardless Robotnik won because Scratch, Grounder rand Coconuts were turned into giants by Sleet. He was part of the Egg Fort's crew while fighting against N. Gin and Klump. AEK won and took all Robotnik's hostage, including him. When Sleet and Dingo released the Council, he set up an igloo fortress where he fought Dingodile. Then one of Ganon's minions tricked him outside and sent him away.

AoSTH Robotnik later survived and introduced Metal Robotnik to the group.

Sonic X Robotnik

The Most Active Member of the group who built Egg Fort and Moon Cannon. He was first Robotnik to appear in the series when he fought Neo Cortex in his mission to release Jap-Koopa. He lost when Cyberskull came to help. After Cortex was taken hostage by Sleet and Dingo, Egg Fort was fixed again, and now functioned as an underwater vehicle. He fought against N. Gin by releasing mechanical jellyfish. However, he and other Robotnik's lost. Later Sleet and Dingo saved all the Robotnik's and Sonic X Robotnik went on to build a new Egg Fort, N. Gin quickly destroyed it and Sonic X Robotnik decided to build Moon Cannon, which he introduced to others when AoSTH Robotnik introduced Metal Robotnik.

SatAM/SU Robotnik

OVA Robotnik

Worst Hero And Villain War

Dr. Robotnik


Ivo Kintobor was born in Megaland, he was the son of a wealthy, celebrated scientist. On early age, Ivo’s mother divorced from the scientist and took Ivo under her wing. To protest her husband's philantropy, she changed her surname to "Robotnik" as did Ivo. Ivo was a very successful yet unpopular child, and quickly grew to hate animals, nature and other people. He got invested into robotics through one of his teachers, Dr. Albert Wily. Robotnik's final year project in college was a mechanical device that could turn a biological being into a robot, known as Robot-Transmogrifier. After finishing his studies Robotnik also tried to try the job of a college teacher but after roboticing one of the students he was fired and later arrested. Robotnik fleed from prison and settled to a new location, Planet Mobius. Mobius was full of animals so Robotnik saw them as perfect slaves. Robotnik's attempt to take over the planet however was fooled by a certain blue hedgehog and protector of the planet, Sonic the Hedgehog. Since then Robotnik developed a bitter hatred for that Hedgehog and his friends.

Dr. Eggman

Worst Villain War Ever R

Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Dr. Julian Robotnik

Dr. Eggman

Sonic Boom Eggman

Free For All Villains Tournament

SatAM/SU Robotnik

AoSTH Robotnik

OVA Robotnik

OVA Robotnik A.K.A Classic Robotnik First Appear in Free For All Villains Tournament Round 14 In The Epilogue When Ivo Robotnik (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Robotnik) Introduces Him and Dr Eggman (Sonic X Robotnik) to Bowser and Julian Robotnik(Sonic Satam/Underground) and His Fight was With Him Teaming Up with Scratch and Grounder to Defeat Dr Cortex But Mechanicles Arrives to Save Him and They Forge an Alliance and He Blames on Scratch and Grounder for Their Failure. Later on He Tells Bowser About Hades is on the Loose.

Classic Robotnik Was Also One of The Robotniks That Took Part of Being Part of The Battle Between Koopas and Robotniks Alliance vs. Dr Cortex's Forces.

Sonic X Robotnik (Known as Dr Eggman)

Dr Eggman Start Off as He has been introduced by Dr Ivo Robotnik At the End of the First War.

Later on He Duke out Count Rokoff (Because Dr Doom Who Wants to Retire from the War Orders Him to Kill Eggman.) But Dr Eggman Successfully Won and Left Rokoff to His Fate.

Meanwhile He Invades Dr Doom's Base to Attack Dr Doom But Doom Managed to Escape But Eggman Fire Missiles at Doom to Finish Him Off.

Later Eggman Watches Metal Sonic Fight Against Mechanicles. And After Metal Sonic Won He Cheer Metal Sonic For Winning. During The Meeting of The Koopas and Robotniks Alliance He Inform Bowser About Metal Sonic Defeated Mechanicles.

Dr Eggman Was Also One of The Robotniks That Took Part of Being Part of The Battle Between The Koopas and Robotniks Alliance vs. Dr Cortex's Forces.

Dr Eggman Also Faced Against Mok Swagger Because He wanted to Form an Alliance with Him so He Could Force Him to Help Him Summon the Demon from Hell But Eggman Refuses. Later on Mok was on his Super Computer and Attempting to Spy on Eggman But Unfortunately Eggman Caught him and Challenges Him to a Duel. So Straight After Been on the Super Computers Eggman and Mok Came Face to Face and Fight Over for to see Who's Powerful Than the Other. After Eggman Destroyed The Demon with His Egg Fleet(Which is a New Weapon for the Koopas and Robotniks Alliance) and After Mok Ended Up Been Pissed Off. Eggman Punches Him Which Cause Mok to Fall into the Pit to Hell.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

Manuel's Villains War

Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Vs Yugo and Co.

After thinking of Sonic's defeat he decides to Take on other heroes he decides to take on a group of Tristepin's but he isn't doing that with out his big guns. With Yugo and his team to find a mysterious treasure to help their people unaware of Eggman trying to catch them but as soon as he finds them they prove to be a challenge.

Teaming with Black Hat

Meanwhile Eggman is still ranting about his lost against Yugo until the forces of Black hat show up to help him out but Robotnik mistakes them for intruders and apologies for trying to kill them as Flug tells him that they are allies and Robotnik shows off his greatest invention Metal Sonic. This leaves Black Hat a little jealous.

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Teaming with Frollo

To take revenge on the Alius Academy, Frollo summons Dr Eggman and Mojo Jojo to hunt down Xene, Torch, Gazelle and their followers. The two evil genes accept only if they are attacked by the Alius.

Teaming with Dr.Doofersmith

Frollo was disappointed with Mojo Jojo's failure to capture the Gemini Storm. Then Dr Eggman proposes to summon a new ally in the group: Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz. So Mojo Jojo, Doofenshmirtz and Eggman vow to join forces to stop Alius Academy and then take over the world.

Preparing for the final battle

As Frollo and the alliance of scientists try to obtain information from the Gemini Storm on where the other members of the Alius Academy may be, a bitter surprise awaits them. The Epsilon led by Dvalin, takes Mojo Jojo, Dr. Eggman, Doofenshmirtz and Frollo by surprise and exiles the Gemini Storm for being defeated by them. The group will have to prepare for the Epsilon attack.

Vs Dvalin and Epsilon

Dvalin and Epsilon have decided to deal a severe blow to the alliance of scientists. But Doofenshmirtz and Eggman are ready to face their invaders. Who will win?

Avenging Frollo

Eggman crying informs Doofenshmirtz and Mojo Jojo that Frollo has been killed and to avenge him they will have to eliminate the last members of the Alius Academy: the Diamond Dust, the Prominence and the Genesis. Mojo Jojo and Doofenshmirtz prepare for that moment. But Dr Eggman.

Vs Xene's Forces

This battle will be important for Xene and Genesis because if their alliance with Zurg, Marvin the Martian and the Martian Queen wins against that of the scientists led by Eggman, the Alius Academy will have dominion over the entire Earth. During the battle there will be a sudden twist. What will it be?

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)

Vs Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Snively informs Xene and Dr Eggman that Doofenshmirtz has decided to launch his new attack on the Alius/Eggman alliance. Eggman decides to take care of Doof, but does not know that Danville's evil scientist has recreated his robot, Norm who is now stronger than in the previous battle against Xene's old alliance (the one with Zurg and Marvin the Martian).

Informing his lose

Dr Eggman informs Xene, Torch, Gazelle and Snively of his defeat against Dr Doofenshmirtz. The three heads of the Alius Academy were puzzled by what happened because Doof wasn't such a hard guy to beat, but after learning from Snively that Doofenshmirtz and Mojo Jojo allied with Utrom Shredder and Lelouch Vi Britannia, things they change. The members of the Alius/Eggman alliance must find a way to react to this difficult situation.

Animated vs CGI Villains War (Saverio Gamba)


At the Forbidden Mountains, Maleficent and her allies begin their plans to take over the world and travel to different world. One of her allies, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, has invented a interesting machine that can allow people to travel in other worlds. As Maleficent and her allies arrive, they begin their plans...

Vs Gallaxhar

The alien conqueror known as Gallaxhar decides to get rid of Maleficent and her allies by taking out Dr Eggman, who could be a treat to his plans. Who will come out on top?

Vs Raditz

A mysterious benefactor asks the saiyan Raditz, to start an attack on Planet Earth by taking out a doctor who deems to come from another dimension. As he arrives to take out Dr. Julian Robotnik, the Saiyan will find out that he should pay attention to a machine that Robotnik created. His name? Hatchiyack.

Vs Lelouch vi Britannia

Dr. Eggman reveals to have never trusted Maleficent since the beginning and decides to help Ganondorf hunt her down as he tells him a tale about why he doesn't trust animated villains. Many years ago, the exiled prince and terrorist Lelouch Vi Britannia attacked Dr. Eggman fearing of him to be a threat to his plans to remove his father (Charles vi Britannia) from the throne. For this motivation, Lelouch decided to conquer Eggman's old base, but the doctor seemed to have a robot to defeat him. Was it useful anyway?

Found a portal

Hades, Maleficent and Dr. Eggman find out about a River Styx connected to the other one in the Animated world. Hades and Maleficent think how to use it...

Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

Teaming with Lelouch

After the Team Rocket's failure, Dr. Eggman reveals to Lelouch that he has created a new robot to serve their cause.With the Team Rocket missing and with Suzaku successful, Lelouch has a meeting with the scientist Dr. Eggman in order to have him helping the Britannian forces since they must eliminate the only threats that stay on their way: Android 13, Dr. Kahl, Goopy and Cell.

Villains Battles

Teaming with Hades and Maleficent

In the Underworld, Maleficent, Hades and their allies decide to send some of their group to take out some of Chernabog's alliance. Right in that moment, Dr. Eggman arrives to help the alliance in taking out the demon of the Bald Mountain along with his robots. As they welcome him in their alliance in exchange of his undying loyalty.

Vs Omeha Shenron

From Chernabog's orders, Omega Shenron is looking for the Underworld, but he is stopped by Dr. Eggman, who was sent by Maleficent and Hades to take him out. With the help of Missile Wrist can the doctor defeat the shadow dragon or Omega Shenron has the upper hand?

Teaming with Frollo and Mok

After the pirate's defeat and Ratcliffe's "death" against Cruella, Alameda Slim and the Beagle Boys, Frollo and Mok cast Captain Hook out from the Palace of Justice. Later, the duo receive the visit of Classic Robotnik, who was sent in the Animated world by Xehanort. Mok, however, has recruited the Schlepper Brothers (Toad, Sleazy and Zip). So the judge of Notre Dame and the super star recruit them in order to weaken Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance.

More allies

After Chernabog's death, Hades, Maleficent, Radamanthys and Dr. Eggman envoke 2 new allies in order to take out the Horned King and Omega Shenron, the remaining allies of Chernabog.

Vs Horned King Forces

While scheming their final move against Hades and Maleficent, the Horned King and his allies receive a surprise visit from Corset and the Devil who want to help them. They, however, get attacked by Him, Dr. Eggman and Eris. During the battle, somebody comes to help one of the teams fighting...

Vs Scar,Pete,Yosemite Sam Forces

The final battle for England, France, Germany, China and Africa has just begun. As Pete and Yosemite Sam get their revenge as Frollo tries to take out all of them once and for all. Now that this battle is gonna decide who is gonna rule the world, which side will be victorious?


After his defeat at the hands of Midnight Pete, Classic Robotnik finds himself in a laboratory. In fact, the evil and cruel Dr Julian Robotnik has captured him and the latter decides to roboticize him as he plots to join forces with a newly born alliance along with his newly born Metal Robotnik...

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Find about other villains

Julian Robotnik is informed that there are other villains in the war.

Villains War 4 (Adrian C)

Decide to rule Boxmore

After being informed,Robotnik(SATAM) Plans to rule Boxmore with a iron fist.


Robotnik(AOSTH) is planning with his minions,and sees a portal and goes into it,he appears in the Live Action,hoping to find More Allies,and create a another Metal Sonic.

TV Villains Tournament

TV Villains Tournament Remake

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War