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Dr. Neo Cortex is the main antagonist in the Crash Bandicoot video game franchise.

He has appeared in Animated Villains vs Video Game Villains, Disney vs Anime Villains, Worst Villain Tournament Ever and Video Game Villains War.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs Syndrome

When Emperor Zurg informs Syndrome of his plans for the invasion of the Multiverse, Cortex overhears this and decides to stop Syndrome once and for all. When the two meet, Cortex summons Galleom to take care of him. However, Syndrome soon drops an explosive onto Galleom destroying the robot. As Syndrome taunts him, Cortex breaks down and attempts to attack the "Super-Villain" himself. Unfortunately, Syndrome uses his powers to send Cortex flying across the air.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Vs Ghostfreak

After his previous defeat, Cortex planned to use his power crystal to help him defeat the invaders. However, before he could even use his crystal, Ghostfreak had returned from hiding and took the power crystal from Cortex. With the crystals power, he was able to open a portal to the animated dimension and summon a minion as well, the Yenaldooshi. Cortex shot the Yenaldooshi, destroying it, with his ray gun and then fired a shot at Ghostfreak. This only enraged the alien, but Cortex tackled him back through the portal. Cortex then reclaimed the crystal in victory.

Teaming with Dr.Eggman

After successfully beating Ghostfreak, Cortex went down to rest but he was awoken by Dr. Eggman who offered an alliance between the two doctors. Thinking of the possibilities, Cortex quickly accepted.

Watching Metal Sonic

After Cortex told Eggman about his encounter with the Winged Beast, Eggman decided to send Metal Sonic to destroy the Winged Beast. Eggman and Cortex also watched the fight, just in case Metal Sonic needed a helping hand. The Winged Beats proceeded to beat Metal Sonic around when he confronted it, picking Metal Sonic up, throwing him and smacking him around. However, Eggman and Cortex gave Metal Sonic a power boost which enabled the machine to blast through the Winged Beast.

Teaming with Bowser

Meanwhile, Cortex was getting ready to show Eggman his new inventions made from parts of the robot Eggman defeated when the war began. But before he could finish it, he was interrupted by the arrival of Bowser to their lair. He explained that he needed their help in finding Maleficent, as he believed her to be responsible for Peach's disappearance. Luckily for him, Eggman and Cortex agreed to aid him, believing that Cortex's invention just might be able to help him...

Against Syndrome Forces

Eggman's scanner detects Cyclonian air crafts heading towards them. Cortex sends a message to some of his old friends for help, but they won't be able to arrive in time, so they'll have to defeat them or hold the intruders off until the cavalry arrives. So Cortex and Bowser go out to deal with them, while Eggman prepares one of his own machines for battle. Can they defeat Syndrome and his most powerful allies?

After His Defeat

After they are defeated, Eggman, Bowser, and Cortex are upset at their loss until Cortex remembers the invention he want to show them. A portal generator to the animated dimension! They eagerly try the machine, but because Cyclonis broke a piece of the Power Crystal, the machine becomes highly unstable and breaks. Bowser is sucked into an unstable portal, is mutated and lands in a strange.

Bowser discovers that he has changed after something went wrong with the machine. Luckily Eggman and Cortex manage to connect to another computer in the dimension and communicate to Bowser through it. They discover Bowser's altered appearance and explain his condition. They believe that only part of Bowser made it to the animated dimension and the rest of him went into the live action dimension. The computer also detects a nearby power source with a energy signature similar to the portal Cortex created. Before they can study the energy signature and explain more to Bowser, the connection between dimensions is lost. Leaving Bowser on his own.

Hunting a crystal

In order for their machine to work, Eggman and Cortex need a new crystal. Luckily, Cortex has heard on the TV that what they need is a prize in a race. So Cortex proposes they enter the race and win the crystal. Eggman likes the idea, so Cortex, Tiny the Tiger, N. Gin and Eggman begin working on vehicles for the race. Though their cars have a few surprises built inside.

The Race

King Candy allows Dr. Cortex, N. Gin, Tiny the Tiger and Eggman into his race. These villains are after a scepter King Candy discovered and is offering as the grand prize for the latest race. Little does he know, the scepter has a crystal which is perfect for Dr. Cortex's machine. These villains are determined to win, but so are King Candy and his subjects. You can bet that there will be cheating in this race.

Opening a portal

Once Cortex gets the crystal, he puts into his machine to open a portal to the other dimension and send Metal Sonic there to study the world before they go themselves.

In order to take complete control of the Great Clock, Nefarious needs access to the Orvus Chamber's controls. So Nefarious, Eggman, and Cortex interrogate and scan the mind of the Great Clock's creator, Orvus the Zoni. Orvus sacrifices himself to prevent them from learning how to get in. Sadly, Eggman and his allies managed to gather some info from his mind just before he disappeared. They see a small piece of Zoni technology that belongs to a certain robot on earth. Eggman knows the Zoni device is and believes they can use this small device to help them gain entrance into the main chamber. A new robot Eggman recently discovered and reprogrammed should be helpful for getting the device.

Video Game Villains War

Almost Killed

Cortex, along with the other villainous scientists of the war, resolves to gather his forces and take over the world. However, his plans are interrupted when Dark Samus breaks into his fortress. In a panic, Cortex summons Crunch to deal with the threat. Cortex makes his escape, though not before witnessing Crunch's death at Dark Samus's hands.

War By Proxy

It is revealed that Cortex has near total control of the global political underworld, as he is the creator of Boss Cass and various other villains stirring up local trouble. Cass serves as a liaison to Cortex, who focuses on the larger goals of the war. Cortex originally has the minor agent, Swampy, build a munitions factory to supply his forces, but the crocodile is killed when Baron Dante attacks. Cortex later has Arpeggio build a Clockwerk armor prototype, but both birds, mechanical and organic, are destroyed. Cass reports the successive stories to Cortex, who is reasonably enraged by the failures. He orders Cass to have the Fiendish Five wipe out the Boss Brigade of Erol, one of Ganondorf's top men. Though the Five succeed in taking out most of the Boss Brigade, Erol manages to finish off them all.

Animated Version of Dr. Neo Cortex single view in Worst Villain Tournament.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Worst Hero and Villain War Ever


Neo Periwinkle Cortex was raised by a family of circus clowns, being the constant victim of their pranks. After getting one pie in the face too many, 6-year old Cortex blew all of them up in the air with a makeshift bomb. After that, he enrolled in Madame Amberly's Academy of Evil, where he met two of his future colleagues, Nitrus Brio and N. Gin. After the three kids graduated from the Academy, Cortex and Brio formed an unholy alliance, creating chaos and mutated animals wherever they went-

At some point, Cortex and Brio were hired by an international terrorist organization known as Amalgam to work for them, for they had quite a resume in causing terror. However, Cortex found the working conditions Amalgam offered extremely unpleasant, and would quit working for them only 5 months after being there. Nitrus Brio received mental scars from working to the organization which resulted in him turning into a stuttering hysterical nutcase.

Cortex and Brio were now wanted criminals, as Amalgam had sent a mole to make a report about them to Interpol. The two men escaped to an australian archipelago of three islands, where they would begin building their base. At some point, Cortex met an intelligent cassowary called Boss Cass. Boss Cass taught the mad scientist about "primes", intelligent animals who had human-like features. Inspired by this, Cortex envisioned that he would get revenge to everyone who wronged him with his own army of primes, the "Cortex Commandos" as he referred to them. He believed that by using Nitrus Brio's version of Evolvo-Ray, he could turn animals and primes into powerful mutants.

Cortex and Brio created several mutants, each as fierce and ugly as they come, but none of them were suitable to lead the Cortex Commandos, so Cortex captured three bandicoots, one male and two female. Cortex put the newly-evolved male bandicoot, Crash, into a brainwashing tool called the Cortex Vortex. However, Cortex Vortex ended up rejecting Crash, causing the machine to malfunct, and Crash to escape Cortex's base of operations. Instead, Cortex proceeded to attempt testing two mutated female bandicoots, Tawna and Coco Bandicoot, instead.

However, Crash would eventually make his way back to Cortex Castle to save Tawna and Coco from Cortex Vortex, and destroyed the castle, Cortex landed in a nearby cave, where he discovered the power source for his next plan, the Power Crystals.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

All-Star Villains Tournament