Doctor Horrible

Doctor Horrible is the protagonist of the Joss Whedon internet musical, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. A mostly incompetent evil genius, Horrible's status as a villain is ambiguous at best. He is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Weed Killer

Doctor Horrible is working on a number of experiments, including a giant plant named Audrey II. Audrey II asks to be fed human blood, but Horrible denies her request, on the basis of his "no-kill" policy. Enraged, Audrey II starts destroying the lab with her vines. Doctor Horrible grabs his death ray, only for Audrey II to shoot him with a discarded pistol. Horrible recovers, however, and blasts Audrey II full force with his freeze ray, killing the monster.

Getting Creative

Doctor Horrible begins engineering some new creations, a bizarre notepad and clock. Luigi and Pavi Largo then hire Dr. Horrible to kill Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg, a businessman who is in their way. Horrible enters Zorg's office, but the businessman gets the draw on him. Horrible has to quickly dodge out of the way of Zorg's deadly ZF1. The two exchange gunfire, but neither is able to land a shot. Horrible thus resorts to his secret weapon: the notepad. The notepad begins strangling Zorg with telekinesis, but it soon urges Doctor Horrible to kill Zorg, in spite of the doctor's "no-kill" policy. In a gruesome display, Horrible takes a chainsaw off the wall and cuts Zorg's head off.


Distraught by what he has done, Doctor Horrible confides his fears in Irene Adler. She suggests that Horrible escape his troubles by committing suicide. Scarred, Horrible does so, hanging himself before a large audience.

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