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Doctor Frankenollie is a minor player in most of the Villain Wars he participates in, mostly by creating Julius Pete, the feral Julius Mouse and Midnight Sparkle (Villains Battles only) at the cost of his life through charring electrocution.

Disney Villains War

Under the Queen of Hearts Employment

After her short fight with Pete, the Queen of Hearts hires Dr. Frankenollie to her cause. Frankenollie uses Pete's body, as one of his biggest experiments, to create a giant replica of the bully cat, although it had costed his life, before he was able to see his new creation.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Upgrading Pete

In this war, Pete requests Doctor Frankenollie to upgrade him so that he would gain an advantage in the criminal empire. Frankenollie agrees and constructs a giant replica of Pete, only to die in the process of his work.

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