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A spin-off tournament formerly created by BATTY3459. A new version will be created by Daniel Esposito and there is a other version created by Saverio Gamba aka Scarr94.

Regular Rounds so far: 2

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Rounds so far: 3

Saverio Gamba's version

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8

Round 9

Events of the War (Saverio Gamba's Version)

Part One

Hades is angry because of his failure of conquering Mount Olympus, however he is suddenly attacked by another Hades, a prisoner in Tartarus. What will Hades do now that his counterpart has escaped from Tartarus?

Dr. Hamsterviel has heard of the threat that General Zod poses, so he sends out Captain Gantu to negotiate with a mysterious villain to help them. As he goes to this player's base, Gantu is quickly tracked and attacked by Sinestro...

In Paris, Judge Claude Frollo started his gypsy purge as he is about to kill Esmeralda. However the sorceress Morgaine Le Fay quickly crashes the party as she decides to deal with him right away. Will Frollo be able to deal with him or has she underestimated the judge?

Plotting a plan to take over all Africa, Scar and Shere Khan are attacked by Cheetah, who wants to rule Africa for herself. She may look like a mutated cheetah, but the King and the servant aren't afraid of using their claws on another animal.

Clayton is searching for a legendary criminal known as Killer Croc as he attempts to hunt him down to get some dignity. However, Killer Croc decides to take him out. Has Clayton a chance against this ferocious "animal"?

Having conquered the Underworld, DC Hades gathers his "brother" Maxie Zeus and colleague Eris to prepare an assault against a new player. However they are unaware that an old acquittance of Hades has discovered this event.

Lamenting over his failure, Gantu is quickly found by David Xanatos, who finds interest in a big alien such as him and offers him an alliance as Gantu accepts.

The famous criminal Pete has heard of the war as he prepares a faction to take out the threats that he's gonna deal with. Meanwhile in Gotham City, the Joker gathers new allies for his uprising in war.

Having discovered of Gantu's failure, Dr. Hamsterviel finally found a way to contact his secret employer, Emperor Zurg, as he is informed about Sinestro's threat.

The infamous businessman Lex Luthor has gathered some allies to deal with the threat that Xanatos poses. Among them, there is also Cheetah, who survived against Scar and Shere Khan. However they are unaware that an old rival of Lex Luthor is watching this with his security system.

Criminal fellow Cruella de Vil is gathering her faction to deal with criminals that might try to take her out from her steam.

Finally it is revealed who sent Sinestro to deal with Gantu as this employer tasks him with a new job.

And Dr. Facilier informs his mysterious benefactor about Hades' defeat at the hands of the other Hades. And the latter is not happy about it.

Part Two

Jafar's position as vizier is being threatened by Wotan, who plans to take over Agrabah too. To end this problem, the vizier wishes to be the most powerful sorcerer in the world. With his newly acquired powers, he decides to take him out.

After his encounter with Cheetah, Scar goes out for a walk to relax, however he is soon challenged by Gorilla Grodd for the control over the Pride Lands. The winner takes the kingdom, the loser will be exiled...

On Pete's behalf, Dr. Drakken and Shego attempt to forge an alliance with them, however the Joker responds by having Harley Quinn attack Shego. Who will have the upper hand?

Gideon has recently discovered that a worker of his, Felix Faust, has freed DC Hades from the deepest part of Tartarus. So he takes matters in his own hands by dealing with him.

Bane threatens Sykes to break him if he doesn't pay him a large sum of money. When Bane gets away from his office, Sykes hires Alameda Slim to take him down. But what does matter in this battle? Hypnotism or muscles?

Scar, now fed up with invaders in his kingdom, gathers his faction to take care of the possible threats that might try to take on him as Scar plans something as well.

In the Underworld, Felix Faust meets with Hades as he tells him that he freed him from the deepest part of Tartarus as the god accepts him.

After his defeat against Bane, Alameda Slim falls under the employ of a new faction leader planning something to do in the war.

After conquering Agrabah, Jafar summons his vizier Merlock to have ideas to deal with the war.

Lex Luthor, having heard of Bane's victory over Slim, assimilates him in his faction to take down Xanatos asap.

Gideon, now with a deep hatred on Felix Faust, plans something to kill him, however he is encountered by Dr. Facilier, who tells him that two powerful beings could be his key to success. Interested in the Shadow Man's proposition, Gideon gladly accepts.

Hades may be down, but he's not out...

After his victory against Shego and Drakken, Joker plans to get rid of Pete with the Penguin's assistance while Harley Quinn is healing at the hospital.

At the same time, Shego and Drakken tells to Pete about their success over defeating Harley Quinn and about their failure on taking down Joker and apologize to him. As he accepts the apologies, the bully cat has an idea to deal with Joker.

Xanatos finally gathers his own faction to take out Lex Luthor once and for all

Part Three

In a Pub near Notre Dame, a new player feels disgraced because of this ongoing war and because that he is doing nothing in war. However he is encountered by a survived Frollo who wants Gaston to aid him against Morgaine le Fay.

Wotan, having survived against Jafar, plans to kill him for good and conquer Agrabah, but he eventually is greeted by Klarion the Witch Boy, who wants him to join his benefactor's faction. Wotan accepts.

Meanwhile, Dr. Facilier and Gideon succeeded in summoning a powerful demon to aid them. As Facilier proposes an alliance with Bill Cipher, he accepts. Much to the joy of Gideon and the mysterious benefactor

Knowing that Xanatos is planning to kill him, Luthor sends his second in command Ultra Humanite to capture Macbeth so he can have informations on the C.E.O of Xanatos Enterprises. As Macbeth corners him on behalf of Xanatos, who will win?

Pete, frustrated of the threat that Joker poses, tasks Mr. Winkie to capture the Penguin to weaken Joker's faction. However will he and the Weasels be able to defeat Joker's right hand man or will they have unexpected help from someone?

Thanks to the Friends on the Other Side, Dr. Facilier and Bill Cipher release new allies to aid the mysterious benefactor in taking down DC Hades.

At the same time, DC Hades and Felix Faust release a new ally to help them. But first they need to find a way to cure him.

Klarion introduces Wotan to his secret employer, Morgaine Le Fay. At the same time she sends Klarion to take care of one of Frollo's men, coming to attack the sorceress. The ally? Gaston himself.

Seeking to help out Pete's faction in defeating Joker's threat, Cruella hires Professor Dementor to take out Dr. Hugo Strange because he's plotting to join Joker's team. Will he succeed in defeating Strange or is the doctor prepared for any challenge?

After capturing the Penguin, Pete forces him to tell him about the Joker's plans. However, when he doesn't get any answers, Pete has the Beagle Boys torture him until he reveals any important detail.

Harley Quinn has recovered from the Hospital and now she's ready to help her pudding against Pete.

Gaston, disgraced from his defeat, decides to inform Frollo about Morgaine's new ally, but he's surprised by Captain Hook, who wants to help them. At first the captain of the guards doesn't care about his offer, but when Hook reveals interesting details about Morgaine, Gaston reconsiders his offer.

The mysterious benefactor orders Bill to take out two allies of DC Hades: Eris and Maxie Zeus, who are plotting to kill Dr. Facilier to weaken the benefactor's faction. Will at least one of them survive against the demon?

In the kingdom of Meridan, the devious Prince Phobos has heard from his minion Cedric about the ongoing war. However they are interrupted by Morgaine le Fay, who after sending Klarion to defeat Gaston and after leaving Wotan in charge of things, has decided to conquer Meridian as a new base of operations. However Cedric steps in to defend his master. What will the ruler do: fight or flee?

Maxie Zeus informs DC Hades that Eris has been eliminated by Bill Cypher. The new ruler of the Underworld then decides to call a friend of his to help him against the benefactor's faction.

Meanwhile, the mysterious benefactor compliments Bill for his success in taking out Eris, only to be interrupted by Prince Phobos, who wants to forge an alliance with them to get Meridian back from Morgaine. They accept and welcome him with open arms.

In the Spirit Realm, Morgaine and her allies recruit a deceased ally to serve her cause once more.

Frollo gathers his faction, composed of Gaston, Hook and the French Legionnaires led by Colonel Staquait.

In the same place where Pete is interrogating Penguin, the duo are suddenly ambushed by a vampire. One of them escapes with difficulty, but the other? The other fell under his control.

Part Four

While going out for a walk, Scar is attacked by Killer Croc, who wanted to conquer the Pride Lands to make it a new base of operations for his plans that don't consider Joker's plans. However unexpected help comes for the king...

Harley Quinn, after recuperating from her wounds against Shego and Drakken, decides to take out the loan shark Bill Sykes to make her return known to the world. However she has tricks upon her sleeve...

While stealing a priceless diamond for his own, Negaduck and the Fearsome Five are suddenly ambushed by Livewire, who wants the diamond for herself. The Fearsome Five may be easy to defeat, but Negaduck is smarter than his minions...

Hades wants to forge an alliance with Morgaine through Mordred unaware that she's planning to have the mysterious benefactor dead. However Mordred refuses and attacks him. As Morgaine's son summons new allies to crush the god, an ally of the benefactor steps in to help Hades...

Unlike Cruella and Pete, who are dueling against Joker, the criminal mastermind Ratigan attempts to forge an alliance with Joker through Two Face as his messenger, but he suddenly intimidates Ratigan. As he later tries to make his escape in his zeppelin, Two Face has his man defeat him...

Wotan attempts to forge an alliance with DC Hades in order to take down the enemy they have in common. The new god of the Underworld accepts this alliance.

Meanwhile, with all its allies gathered, the mysterious benefactor reveals to be none other than Maleficent and has Hades as her second in command, but this leaves an ally of the faction envious as the mistress revives a deceased villain to serve her cause.

After telling his faction about what happened, Pete recruits a newcomer to help him in a mysterious plan of Pete himself. However Drakken seems to be afraid of this recruit.

Ratigan survived Two Face's attempt to have him dead and he is recruited by Negaduck, who has formed his own faction.

Meanwhile, Dracula and Penguin forge an unlikely alliance with Jafar, who accepts. However he is unaware of the true identity of this man...

Joker recruits Hugo Strange to replace the Penguin now disappeared. However they are interrupted by Harley Quinn, who recruited a new ally to help her pudding, but a thought to be dead villain makes her appearance, joining the clown's faction.

Scar and Grodd finally gather their allies for the inevitable conflict that is going to judge the Pride Lands' fate.

Part Five

After joining forces, DC Hades and Morgaine's faction start plan their war against Maleficent's faction.

On behalf of Maleficent, Bill Cipher recruits two new allies that may also help him on his secret plot: summon his master.

A new player starts forming a faction of her own to participate in war.

Joker sends Poison Ivy on an important task.

Cruella recruits a newcomer that plans to have her brother's murderer dead.

From orders of Morgaine, Klarion has been sent to conquer Wonderland as a new base of operations. However he is aware that he must take down its current ruler: the Queen of Hearts.

Poison Ivy finally tracks down the threat that she has to take out for the Joker. The threat is none other than Bushroot, who was sent by Negaduck to go and recruit new allies against Joker (because he heard that Livewire survived and joined him). Who will win between these two plant lovers and plant manipulators?

The Mad Doctor was able to turn Pete into a giant! Now the bully cat targets Joe Chill, who was a long friend to the Joker. Will Joe survive Pete?

Cruella has decided that she personally goes to deal a blow with Joker, only to mistake an impostor of the Joker, planning to have both Pete and the true Joker down. Will she survive or will her faction crumble?

Ursula finally got the Trident, only to be challenged by Orm, who wants the Trident on his own. Whoever dies, a third party is the winner.

Gorilla Grodd orders Bud and Lou to go and take out Shere Khan, who is deemed as a threat to his plans and to weaken Scar's faction. As they attack the tiger, the latter reveals he is not so easy to defeat...

Seeking to test Prince Phobos' strength, Maleficent sends him to take out Morgaine but this time without Cedric to aid him. As he is getting the upper hand, one of the woman's allies reveals to the one who killed him prior the war. From afar, a god watches.

Dracula and Penguin have a meeting with Morgaine and Mordred as they tell them to proceed in taking out Jafar, however their argument is overheard by Jafar's vizier, Merlock...

Who tells Jafar that Alucard is working for Morgaine's faction. The duo, however, get a visit from an old rival of Jafar wanting to join them. Jafar accepts only to plan to kill her too.

In the Underworld, DC Hades meets Prince Phobos' soul as he requests to be revived, only to be taken out as Hades celebrates that his rival is gone.

Lex Luthor requests Amanda Waller to aid him in taking out Xanatos. At first she doesn't care, however when he reveals interesting informations about his doing, Amanda has a change of heart.

Pete survived his defeat as he is teleported in a different world, only to be met by a new ally telling him how to escape.

With Pete mysteriously gone, Dr. Drakken plans to take over the faction, only to be deposed by Shego, who substitutes him much to the Mad Doctor's joy.

Part Six

From orders of the Joker, Harley Quinn and Catwoman seek to take down the threat that Shego poses as they start attacking Ratigan, who was scouting the territory for Drakken, Shego and Negaduck. Unaware to them, Ratigan is luring them to a horrible surprise awaiting them...

Jafar starts his plans to take down Dracula once and for all by sending Merlock to kill the Penguin. As the sorcerer begins to attack, Mordred steps in to prove that he's not gonna let Hades and Facilier defeat him.

Prince John has heard that the ancient sorceress Circe has been released from her prison in Tartarus from his governor and sends the latter to arrest her for her crimes against mankind. Ratcliffe may be fully prepared with his army, but the sorceress may not be easy to slain...

After feasting on Merlock, Dracula prepares to make the citizen of Agrabah his legion of the undead, but Jafar quickly stands in his way as he knows of his identity and turns into a snake to defeat the vampire. The sultan may be an expert in magic skills, but this might not be enough to hold Dracula at bay, especially when the vampire hypnotizes one of his previous minions...

With no news from Ratcliffe, Prince John is not only furious, but he's also ambushed by Felix Faust, who seeks to use England as a base of operations for himself. However when he discovers that he recruited an enemy he wanted dead named Abra Kadabra, he gets the chance to hire a former ally of Xanatos to join him. Only one team will have control over England and the two sorcerers aren't weak at all...

After her horrifying meeting with the newly born Parasite, Madame Medusa hires the infamous hunter Percival C. McLeach to take out her own enemy for her mysterious employer. As McLeach duels the creature (who has recently captured Superman), he will discover that Parasite isn't easy to defeat as he thought...

The leaders of a infamous council in galaxy named Mala and Jax Ur respectively inform the dangerous space conqueror Mitch that he's gonna be arrested if he doesn't stop causing havoc in the galaxy. The conqueror anyway seems to be uninterested to their warning and proceeds to corner them with robots of his own.

Under Scar's orders, Janja is sent with his pack to take down Gorilla Grodd, who has recently recruited a pack of gorillas to finally be able to kill Scar and conquer the world. Which team will be superior? A pack of hyenas or a pack of gorillas?

The mastermind behind the attacks against DC Hades' faction finally makes her move! Maleficent arrives in England, where the new ruler, Mordred, attempts to duel her, however the turned young man is going to fall in a devilish trap of the mistress of all Evil herself...

Having hypnotized Mordred, Maleficent orders him to act as a spy to find out information about her enemies.

Janja informs Scar of his failure in eliminating Gorilla Grodd, Scar takes note of how strong is the gorilla and decides to plan something else by sending Zira and Shere Khan out on a mission.

With Catwoman captured, Joker decides to plan another assault much to a survived Harley Quinn"s annoyance.

With Jafar gone, Irmaplotz retreats to another place, where she is recruited by the Horned King as she discovers that her mother Queen Zonthara works for him. She is also greeted by fellow sorceress Madam Mim.

Dracula attacks Gotham and starts killing people.

Honest John decides to forge an alliance with Negaduck (Dr. Drakken) and Shego's faction.

Part Seven

After teaming up, Pete and Lotso meet up with Syndrome, who has heard of his arrival and hopes to join his cause. The cat accepts and proposes to him that he should be making Lotso grow in a big size so he can fight with whoever the threat is. Syndrome accepts as he does so. Now with a faction in this new world, Pete prepares to find a way to go back home.

In an Asylum in the Arkham City of this universe, Superman releases a criminal to aid him in his schemes to protect his base from a threat that may crush his dreams for world domination.

And in another universe, a criminal rises despite being rather annoyed of what exactly his first scheme is about.

The god Jadis has been worshipping for years has arrived in her icy castle. As she tries to forge an alliance with him, Ares rebuffs her and starts defying her. The queen may be skilled in fighting terms, but the god isn't to be underestimated, isn't he?

Seeking to dispose of the main threat that causes problems to Pete, Lotso decides to defeat the Bane of this universe, but can a plushie bear really think he has a change against an enhanced man such as Bane himself?

In A.C.E industries, Judge Doom has tracked down the scents of an impostor of a villainous crime boss, Joker. A battle erupts... and justice is served, if Judge Doom doesn't fall...

Tex.Corp is under attack by the true Joker as he demands Tex Richman to surrender. But the important thing is, will he survive? And what is Inspector Gadget doing he- oh wait, he's a mere clone sent to kill the crime boss.

While Pete is busy stealing a ray that allows people to travel through time, Syndrome was keeping an eye on the base and recruits Oogie Boogie to help Pete in his cause. However, they are suddenly ambushed by the One Earth Regime's members Robin and Wonder Woman, who have been sent to take them down. When it looks like they are about to win, another member of the Regime drops in...

The final confrontation between these two evil villains has come as Pete and Superman square off. One wants to return to his homeworld and the other wants to dominate the world by defeating Pete. However an unexpected player enters the conflict. What does this person want from Pete and Superman?

Part Eight

A Winged Gorilla has recently escaped a lab where it was born and was terrorizing a forest until it's current ruler, the bear Lumpjaw, shows up to remove him off his territory. Will he succeed or will this gorilla make him cost his own life?

Pete makes return back home, where he's greeted by his allies (mostly Shego) as she introduces Negaduck to him. Honored to be joining forces with the most powerful criminal in St. Canard, accepts to lead the faction alongside Negaduck.

Having discovered that Morgaine hired the killer Deathstroke to kill him, Frollo sends Captain Hook to stop the criminal from killing him. However, as Deathstroke is taking the upper hand against the pirate, a third villain appears, from orders of someone to defend Hook.

From orders of Morgaine Le Fay, Circe has to hunt down a member of the Horned King's alliance to weaken him. While on her journey, she finds not only an old rival of hers, but a member of the Horned King's faction as well. The member is none other than Madame Mim, who challenges her to a wizard's duel. Mim may be a mad powerful witch, but Circe is far smarter than her...

After taking out Cruella and her criminal empire along with her, the Brave and the Bold Joker decides to send Harley Quinn (The Batman) to steal a potion that could help him in taking over the criminal underworld and defeat all those who stand in his way. The quinn is ready to defeat those who stand in her way... even the empress Yzma.

From orders of the Horned King, Queen Zonthara is sent in taking out Morgaine's faction before she can cause any damage. Unfortunately for her, a hero who fell under her control stands in her way. Will she survive this fire-breathing demon?

Getting rather annoyed of doing nothing in the war, the malicious Lord Havok sends a mysterious villain who disguised as a deceased heroine to deal with one of the Evil Queen's allies, namely Magica De Spell, who was trying to summon a demon the Evil Queen worships. The real question is: who has the upper hand?

In the House of Villains (formerly House of Mouse), Pete and Negaduck's faction are celebrating the former's return. The party is, however, cut short by the Mad Doctor as he reveals that through Pete's DNA, he has created a monster alongside a friend of his. While the allies get shocked and horrified, Fat Cat gets mad at him for stealing Pete's DNA from him, however Pete shuts him up as he reveals interest and keeps listening to him.

Morgaine is visited by Rorek, who wants to offer an alliance between her and Lord Havok. At first Morgaine decides to kill her, however when Rorek reveals her true identity, the sorceress has a change of heart and decides to have this new ally a new suitable form.

Harley Quinn (The Batman) delivers the potion to the Joker (Batman the Brave and the Bold) as he turns into a monstrous version of himself to cause terror among criminals

With no news of Magica, the Evil Queen decides to send out Ayam Aghoul and Lady Tremaine on two missions while the queen decides to tie up of a loose end namely Snow White. Meanwhile, Wotan has decided to find Mordred for Morgaine, unfortunately he is cornered by Aghoul himself. Will the magician succeed in taking out Morgaine's ally?

Zira and Shere Khan have finally arrived in the deepest part of the jungle, where another gorilla named Gorilla Grodd as well schemes what to do in the war. This gorilla may not be so hard to kill after all...

Having heard that the One Earth Regime's former member Black Adam killed the fearsome Oogie Boogie, Randall has been hired to kill Boogie's murderer. However this might not end well for Randall as Adam reveals that he's not that stupid.

Having heard of Pete's return in the Animated dimension, Baby Face seeks to break apart Pete's faction by murdering the crime boss himself with the aid of his wife and some thugs who they recruited from prison. Pete is more prepared than him as he reveals to have a security system that was built by Dr. Drakken and by Norton Nimnul in the cat's absence...

The malevolent Emperor Belos has decided to form his alliance and sends one of his men to trick Frollo into an alliance.

Maleficent sends Mordred on a mission. As soon he's gone, Bill Cipher shows up, telling Maleficent his master plan. She is intrigued, but not her husband, who is afraid for her safety.

Morgaine sends Chang to find Mordred and bring him back to her.

With Snow White out of the picture, the Evil Queen proclaims herself as the fairest one of all and decides to head out in her castle to ask the Magic Mirror how are her allies doing. Unfortunately for her, she has to escape from someone who wants to take over her kingdom, Lord Havok. But will she survive or is she to be doomed?

Having found Mordred, Chang prepares to hand him back to his mother. However Mordred doesn't recall having a mother (since Maleficent hypnotized him), furthermore making Chang realize Mordred isn't himself. As she decides to take him by force, Mordred reveals he isn't one to be underestimated.

Morgaine, worried about Chang, decides to contact her. However before she can do so, Lady Tremaine has been sent to kill her. The mistress may have learned how to use magic, however can she defeat someone who mastered magic before her or is Lady Tremaine going to lose?

From orders of Negaduck, Ratigan is sent to take down a low criminal (Catman) that could be a threat because of his ability to domesticate ferocious animals such as tigers. Ratigan, however, doesn't want to dirty his hands and sends his massive beast, Felicia, after him. Unfortunately for the pussy, Catman releases a ferocious animal mentioned before to even the odds...

Having witnessed the demise of the Evil Queen and Lady Tremaine but still unaware of Magica's fate, Ayam Aghoul decides to join another faction that is dueling with Morgaine too.

Shan-Yu finally meets up with Frollo as he wants to join the judge. Ayam Aghoul finally joins this faction as he is welcomed in.

In space, a dark entity has arisen as General Zod wants him to join his faction. However he shows his uninterest by killing a member of his faction. As he warns Zod that one day he'll conquer his empire.

Zurg has gathered new allies aside from Hamsterviel and orders them to be ready for war against Zod. For the occasion, Hamsterviel is revealing to be creating an alien to aid them...

Round Nine

With Ayam Aghoul's arrival, Mozenrath announces to the Horned King that from this moment forward, they will be known as the Sorcerer's Society (composed of Moz, Madame Mim, Ayam Aghoul and Irmaplotz). Then the king decides to unleash the Cauldron Born to aid his allies.

Meanwhile, Brainiac forges an alliance with Zod to crush both Zurg and Darkseid as Superman's father accepts.

In the Underworld, Felix Faust reveals to his master, DC Hades, that he formed the Anti Sorcerer's Society as the opposing faction of Mozenrath's team of sorcerers. The team is composed of Faust himself, Circe, Abra Kadabra and a new player, Steppenwolf. DC Hades expresses joy over the choice of Faust into creating him a team of sorcerers.

Hades and Maleficent celebrate Chang's death at the hands of Mordred, however they are interrupted by the wicked Queen Narissa, who wants to join them in retaking the Underworld. Hades and Maleficent accept this new ally in once they are told by Facilier in recruiting her.

After spending moments doing nothing against Lex Luthor, Xanatos finally decides to put his master plan in action.

Having heard of a threat lurking nearby, Scar rallies his hyenas to solve this problem.

Having been sent by DC Hades to defeat the Horned King, the Anti Sorcerer's Society are quickly encountered by the Sorcerer's Society. In this battle only one quartet will win...

Sent by Joker to defeat the Fearsome Four, the Royal Flush Gang attack the criminals as a villain watches this from the Joker's helicopter. In this battle, Negaduck may need a little help here...

With the Royal Flush Gang out of the way, Negaduck and Shego berate Harley Quinn about the fact she follows the orders of a fool despite they will lose forever. These words make Harley Quinn cry and realize the Joker never loved her back especially when Batman was on the clown's way. Shego feels bad for Harley as the girl asks them why they are helping her. However both Negaduck and Shego, after rallying the Fearsome Four, ask her to stop following someone who never loved her back and twisted her mind to become a toy. Harley, after this speech of her old enemies, joins forces with Negaduck and Shego to aid Pete, much to the joy of Megavolt, Quackerjack and Liquidator.

From orders of Frollo, Shan-yu has to take out the threat that Ra's Al Ghul poses due to his association, the League of Assassins. A swordfight begins however only one of them will come out on top...

Wanting to prove to Xanatos that he's not one to mess with, Gantu finds the Riddler, who was just waiting for any ally of Xanatos to come in his way. Unfortunately for Gantu, it won't be easy to solve a riddle, especially when you don't know what a riddle is...

Emperor Belos sends Lilith to take down Morgaine before her dream to rule the world fulfills. However, the witch finds herself cornered by a new player of the war, who wants to join Morgaine. In the middle of the battle, a god decides to recruit someone for his faction, allowing the loser to flee the battle.

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed inform Scar that Janja and his clan have seen Gorilla Grodd, but this time he was flying. Scar, then, sends them to send his pride to deal with Grodd. Zira then attacks the gorilla with her pack of lionesses, however she soon discovers that it isn't Grodd. At the same time, Nuka decides to deal with the gorilla to prove his mother and father that he could be useful. This mistake Nuka made will not only cost his life, but also Scar...

In the Pride Lands, Scar is furious with Janja and his clan over Nuka's demise and exiles him and (offscreen) his clan.

Having heard of Catman's success in eliminating Ratigan's pet, Joker recruits him to replace Harley Quinn.

In the jungle, Zira is still angered of Nuka's death until she encounters two cheetahs who want join Scar. Zira recruits them for her beloved Scar.

Maleficent, Mordred and Hades recruit the Witches of Morva for their faction as they hope to defeat Morgaine and DC Hades as soon as they can.

The Coachman forges an alliance with Madame Medusa to stop many threats that could obstacle Medusa's rise to power, including Parasite. For this reason, Madame Medusa sends him to either forge an alliance with Black Mask or kill him if he refuses. Of course Black Mask refuses and decides to hunt down the malicious man as a demonstration of opposal to Madame Medusa...

While Lilith is fighting Doctor Destiny, Emperor Belos is suddenly ambushed by Steppenwolf, who survived the fight with the Sorcerer's Society and seeks to end the emperor's reign for Morgaine and DC Hades. Will Belos be able to keep the sorcerer at bay or has he met his match?

Wanting to put an end to Xanatos's treat, Lex Luthor orders some members of the Injustice Gang to defeat Xanatos. Unfortunately for Luthor, the businessman has found out about this via his security cameras and decides to send his remaining allies to defeat his rival's inmates. Which side will be victorious? And who has to make a hasty retreat?

From orders of Maleficent, the Witches of Morva have to annihilate any ally of her enemies and fortunately they have found Wotan, who survived his death against Ayam Aghoul and was intentioned to assassinate him (unaware that he has been defeated). Wotan may be a powerful sorcerer, but the witches may be more than a problem for him...