Disney Versus Non-Disney Villains Wiki

Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains is a video series created by the joint effort of Manwhoooo and 73windman, beginning on September 11, 2010. It consisted of short clips starring villains of Disney and non-Disney affiliated animated films in hypothetical battles. In the first series, which ended on August 10, 2011, the villains were primarily hand-drawn animation, with brief interludes showcasing CGI and live-action villains. In the second series, which began on October 31, 2011, villains from animated TV shows are included, as well as an expanded cast of live-action villains. In the third series, which began on August 22, 2014 continued the CGI plot of the war. There was also a prequel series in the same year known as Before the Fall. It ended on 2020/2021.

The series has gathered many fans, some of whom created their own spin-offs, including (but not limited to) GAvillian's Disney vs Marvel Villains, and TheCultOfKefka's Disney Villains War. A brief round in which fans made and submitted their own battles was also included in the first series.

Before The Fall

Part One

  1. Prologue (Featuring Demon Lords (Chernabog, The Nightmare King and the Emperor of the Night)
  2. Puck vs. Hexxus
  3. Interlude (Featuring Adam DeCobray, The Baroness, Dr. Mindbender and Destro)
  4. Bartholomew Lipsky and Miss Go vs. Mayor Valmont (to the modern day Valmont) and The Bad Guys
  5. Adam Decobray vs. Demona
  6. Interlude (Featuring The Huntsman, The Huntsgirl, The Huntsclan, The Archmage and Mozenrath)

Part Two

  1. Prologue [Featuring The Dark Council (Maleficent, Diablo, The Horned King, Hades, Eris, Hordak and Queen Narissa)]
  2. Gantu vs. Krang
  3. Interlude (Featuring Mumm-Ra, Ancient Spirits of Evil, GrunePharaoh Seti I, Queen Tuya and Egyptian Rebels)
  4. Interlude (Featuring Judge Claude Frollo and Mother Maxwell)
  5. Interlude (Featuring Krang, ShredderBebop and Rocksteady)
  6. Interlude (Featuring Rameses and Mirage)
  7. Interlude (Featuring Frollo, Governor Ratcliffe and Gaston)
  8. Mirage vs. Mumm-Ra
  9. Interlude (Featuring Frollo, Mother Maxwell and Enrico Maxwell)
  10. The Archmage vs. Keldor

Part Three

  1. Ansem vs. Sephiroth
  2. Xehanort vs. Pitch Black
  3. Interlude (Featuring Regina, Rocinante and Cora)
  4. Interlude (Featuring Rumplestilskin and Pinhead)
  5. Cora vs. Russell Edgington
  6. Tom Riddle vs. Morgana le Fay and Horvarth
  7. Rumplestilskin and The Narnian Alliance (Jadis the White Witch, OtminThe White Witch's Army, King MirazSopespianGlozelle and Telmarines Army) vs. Sauron
  8. Interlude (Featuring Rumplestilskin and Baelfire)

Part Four

  1. Prologue (Featuring Hordark, Chronos and Servants of Chronos)
  2. Interlude [Featuring Demon Lords (Chernabog, The Nightmare King ,The Emperor of Night), The Dark Council (Maleficent, The Horned King, Hades, Hydra, Eris, Hordak, Horde Wraith and Queen Narissa), Chronos, Servants of Chronos, Slumberland's Inhabitants,  Agrabah's Residents, Eternia's Inhabitants, and Atlanteans]
  3. Interlude (Featuring Keldor/Skeletor, Hordark and Evil Lyn)
  4. Interlude [Featuring Sorcerer's Society (Mozenrath, Xerxes, Yzma, Mad Madam Mim and Ayam Aghoul)]
  5. Interlude (Featuring  Shredder, Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady, HunBaxter Stockman and Utrom Shredder)
  6. Interlude (Featuring Oruku Saki and Karai)
  7. Interlude (Featuring Adam DeCobray/Cobra Commander, The Baroness, Dr. Mindbender, Destro and Zartan)
  8. Interlude (Featuring Mayor Valmont, The Stalker and Shendu)
  9. Interlude (Featuring Enrico Maxwell and Father Alexander Anderson)
  10. Interlude (Featuring Frollo and The Stalker)
  11. Interlude (Featuring Mok Swagger)

Rounds (1st Series)

Round 1:

  1. Hades vs. Hexxus
  2. Frollo vs. Rothbart
  3. The Horned King vs. Rameses
  4. Ratigan vs. Jenner
  5. Doctor Facilier vs. Mok
  6. Ursula vs. Messina

Round 2:

  1. Rasputin vs. Queen Grimhilde
  2. Sykes vs. Carface
  3. Prince Froglip vs. Prince John
  4. Drake vs. Gaston
  5. Ludmilla vs. Maleficent
  6. Epilogue

Round 3:

  1. Jafar vs. Zigzag
  2. Scar vs. Scar Snout
  3. Roscoe and Desoto vs. Cat R. Waul
  4. Shan-Yu vs. Snow Queen
  5. Tzekal Khan vs. Clayton and McLeach
  6. Epilogue

Round 4:

  1. Ratcliffe vs. Tzekel Khan
  2. Prince John vs. Warren T. Rat
  3. Maleficent vs. Sharptooth and Mok
  4. Thrax vs. Scroop
  5. Chernabog vs. The Nightmare King
  6. Epilogue

Round 5 (CGI Villains Round):

  1. Oogie Boogie vs. Other Mother
  2. Syndrome vs. Malthazar
  3. AUTO vs. Madame Gasket
  4. Hopper vs. General Mandible
  5. Emperor Zurg vs. Galaxhar
  6. Intermission

Round 6:

  1. Doctor Facilier vs. The Grand Duke of Owls
  2. Alameda Slim vs. Professor Screweyes
  3. Jafar vs. Clavious
  4. Ratigan vs. Warren T. Rat
  5. Zurg vs. Zygon
  6. Oogie Boogie vs. Lord Barkis Bittern
  7. Epilogue

Homemade Submission Round:

  1. Lady Tremaine vs. Miss Lenoir
  2. Merlock vs. Malice
  3. Dr. Greed vs. Forte
  4. Lotso vs. Zeebad
  5. Morgana vs. The Spirit of the Book and Nicholas
  6. Gantu vs. Megatron

Round 7:

  1. Mad Madam Mim vs. Messina
  2. Nuka vs. Red
  3. Cruella DeVille vs. Aunt Figg
  4. Chernabog vs. Rasputin and Rothbart
  5. Wise Guy and the Toon Patrol vs. Holli Would
  6. Epilogue

Round 8:

  1. Saluk vs. Ruber
  2. Carface vs. Madam Medusa
  3. Shere Khan vs. Claudandus
  4. Yzma vs. Zelda
  5. Doctor Facilier vs. Puppetino
  6. Cat R. Waul vs. Edgar
  7. Mother Gothel vs. Malthazar
  8. Epilogue

Round 9:

  1. Rourke and Captain Hook vs. Black Wolf
  2. Warp Darkmatter vs. Thrax
  3. The Queen of Hearts vs. Darla Dimple
  4. Kent Mansley vs. Lady Tremaine
  5. Lucifer vs. The Mouse King
  6. Merlock vs. Nekron
  7. Hades vs. The Emperor of Night
  8. Epilogue

Round 10:

  1. Pete vs. El Supremo
  2. Scar vs. Steele
  3. Captain Hook vs. King Haggard
  4. Zira and The Horned King vs. Red
  5. Pain and Panic vs. Hotep and Huy
  6. Doctor Facilier vs. Thrax
  7. Hexxus vs. The Firebird
  8. Epilogue

Round 11:

  1. Gaston vs. Tyler
  2. The Forces of Ruber vs. The Forces of The Horned King (Featuring The Horned King, Creeper, the Horned King's men, the Cauldron Born, The Gwythaints, Ruber, Ruber's Metal Army, the Griffin, Rameses, Egyptian Rebels, Rothbart, ZigZag, Zigzag's Illusions and Rasputin)
  3. Frollo and Ratcliffe vs. Nekron
  4. Ratigan vs. Martin Brisby
  5. Yzma vs. Zigzag
  6. Emperor Zurg vs. Professor Screweyes
  7. Jafar vs. Mok
  8. Epilogue

Round 12:

  1. Prologue
  2. Edgar vs. Max
  3. Pete vs. Darla Dimple
  4. Gang War!
  5. Carface vs. Cruella
  6. Madam Medusa vs. Cat R. Waul
  7. Gantu vs. Preed
  8. Kaa vs. General Woundwort
  9. Yzma vs. Gnorga
  10. Epilogue

Round 13:

  1. The Battle of France: Part 1 (featuring Ruber, Ruber's Metal Army, the Griffin, Rasputin, Gargoyles, Zigzag, Kent Mansley, U.S. Military, General Rogard, Tyler, Lizardmen, Lambert, El Supremo, El Supremo's Military, Frollo, Frollo's Soldiers, Camelot's Soldiers, Ratcliffe, Ratcliffe's Army, Shan-Yu, the Hun Army, Gaston, Angry Mob, LeFou, Yzma, and Kronk)
  2. The Battle of Egypt: (featuring Rothbart, Bridget, Rameses, Egyptian Rebels, Lizardmen, Maleficent, Diablo, Maleficent's Goons, Lady Tremaine, Drizella Tremaine, Lucifer and Hotep and Huy)
  3. Battle of the Ocean (featuring Eris, The Kraken, Captain Hook, Captain Hook's Pirates and Smee)
  4. The Battle of Space (featuring Emperor Zurg, Hornets, Brain Pods, Gantu, Warp Darkmatter, the Drej and the Drej Queen)
  5. The Battle of France: Part 2 (featuring Hades, Pain and Panic, the Hydra, Abis Mal, Jafar, Jafar's Dark Horsemen, Frollo, Frollo's Soldiers, Camelot's Soldiers, Gaston's Angry Mob, Rourke, Helga, Mercenaries, Ratcliffe, Ratcliffe's Army, Yzma, Kronk, Shan Yu, The Hun Army, Ruber, Ruber's Metal Army, Rasputin, Gargoyles, Kent Mansley, U.S. Military, El Supremo, El Supremo's Military, Messina, ZigZag, Alligators, Tyler, Lambert, the Griffin and Sharptooth)

Round 14:

  1. Hades and the Titans vs. Eris and her Titans (featuring The Wind Titan, The Lava Titan, The Ice Titan, The Rock Titan, Sharptooth, The Roc, The Red Bull, and The Dragon)
  2. Maleficent vs. Rothbart
  3. Frollo vs. Ruber
  4. Ratigan vs. The Mouse King
  5. Ursula vs. Morgana vs. Messina
  6. Captain Hook vs. Holli Wood
  7. Jafar vs. Rasputin
  8. Doctor Facilier vs. Mok (Rematch)
  9. Epilogue

Rounds (2nd Series)

Round 1:

  1. Shan Yu vs. King One Eye
  2. The Witches of Morva vs. Ruber
  3. Pete vs. Lord Maliss and The Wizard of Wonderland
  4. Ursula vs. Merman
  5. The Huntsman and The Huntsgirl vs. The Formless Minions
  6. Doctor Drakken vs. Mojo Jojo
  7. Long John Silver vs. Eris
  8. Epilogue

Round 2:

  1. Major Bludd and The Baroness vs. Madam Medusa
  2. Stormella vs. Mozenrath
  3. Skeletor vs. Demona
  4. Azula vs. Shego
  5. Joe the Fish vs. Marina Del Ray
  6. The Baroness vs. Cruella DeVille
  7. Tzekel Kan vs. Amos Slade
  8. Epilogue

Round 3:

  1. Anastasia vs. Rameses
  2. Sarousch vs. Valmont
  3. Doctor Sevarius vs. Baxter Stockman
  4. Odin vs. The Snow Queen
  5. MacBeth vs. Destro
  6. The Fearsome Five vs. The Gangreen Gang
  7. The Schlepper Brothers vs. The Beagle Boys
  8. Epilogue

Round 4:

  1. Demona vs. Cobra Commander & The Baroness
  2. Sa'Luk vs. Hun
  3. Eli Pandarus vs. Daolon Wong
  4. Black Bear vs. Darkheart
  5. Norton Nimnul vs. Doctor Robotnik
  6. Mojo Jojo vs. Chang
  7. The Huntsman vs. The Skeleton King
  8. Nessus vs. Aku
  9. Epilogue

Round 5:

  1. The Quarrymen vs. Galvatron
  2. Xanatos vs. Vlad Plasmius
  3. McLeach vs. Major Bludd
  4. DNAmy vs. Doctor Mindbender
  5. Coyote vs. Technus
  6. Queen Narissa (transformed into Eradicus) vs. Valmont
  7. The Battle of Atlantica (featuring Ursula, Evil Manta, Marina Del Ray, Electric Eels, Octopid, Skeletor, Evil Lyn, Merman, Mer-Man's Giant Monster Fish, Beast Man, Tri-Klops, Trap Jaw, Clawful, and Whiplash)
  8. The Evil Queen vs. Rameses
  9. Epilogue

Round 6:

  1. Ratcliffe vs. Admiral Zhao
  2. Horace and Jasper vs. Hak Foo
  3. Negaduck vs. Him
  4. Senor Senior Senior and Senor Senior Junior vs. Fuzzy Lumpkins
  5. Warp Darkmatter vs. Lugnut and Blitzwing
  6. Duff Killigan vs. Walker
  7. Xanatos vs. The Shredder
  8. Mozenrath vs. Devimon
  9. Scar vs. Mumm-Ra
  10. Epilogue

Round 7:

  1. Cruella vs. Freddy
  2. Sark vs. Gideon Graves
  3. Morgana vs. Bavmorda
  4. Davy Jones vs. Goro
  5. Judge Doom vs. Count Olaf
  6. Maxim Horvath vs. Malachite
  7. The Battle of Oz (featuring The Wicked Witch of the West, Princess Mombi, Wheelers, Nomes, Flying Monkeys, Winkie Guards and The Nome King.)
  8. Stayne vs. Count Ruegen
  9. Ramsley vs. Voldemort
  10. Captain Hook vs. The Kurgan
  11. Epilogue

Round 8:

  1. The Dark Dragon vs. Shendu
  2. Tiburon vs. Drago
  3. Captain Hook and Sarousch vs. Professor Screweyes
  4. NOS-4-A2 vs. Blackarachnia
  5. Tony Dracon vs. Ebon
  6. Lady Tremaine and Sootinai vs.Lena
  7. The Weird Sisters vs. The Gangreen Gang
  8. Monkey Fist vs. Storm Shadow
  9. Pete and Ursula vs. Discord
  10. Mirage vs. Grune and Slithe
  11. The Sanderson Sisters (Winnie, Mary, and Sarah) vs. Van Pelt
  12. Barbossa vs. Bellatrix LeStrange and Lucius Malfoy
  13. Jafar vs. Ruber
  14. Epilogue

Round 9:

  1. Prologue
  2. Ursula vs. Azula
  3. Yzma vs. Mojo Jojo
  4. Typhon vs. Aku
  5. Fox and the Pack vs. Karai (featuring Fox, Wolf, Jackal, Hyena, Dingo, Karai, and the Foot Ninjas.)
  6. Drakken and Shego vs. Hun and Baxter Stockman
  7. MacBeth vs. The Shredder
  8. Interlude 1
  9. Interlude 2
  10. Monkey Fist and Fukushima vs. Combustion Man
  11. Warmonga vs. Starscream
  12. The Gorgon Sisters vs. The Trix
  13. Tublat vs. Van Pelt
  14. Drizella  (transformed into Nix) vs. Jack Spicer
  15. Doctor Claw vs. Zorg
  16. The Battle of Agrabah (featuring Mirage, Abis Mal, Abis Mal's Thugs, Ayam Aghoul, Haroud Hazi Been, Mechanicles, Mechanical Mantis, The Mukhtar, Al-Muddy, Slumbergath, Skeletor, Evil Lyn, Two-Bad, Trapjaw, Tri-Klops, Beast Man, Griffins, Clawful, and Mer-Man)
  17. Epilogue

Round 10:

  1. Prologue
  2. Cobra Commander vs. The Assassin
  3. Megavolt vs. Technus
  4. Anansi vs. Beast Man
  5. Sevarius vs. Mindbender
  6. Hecate and Devimon vs. Skeleton King and Queen La
  7. Warhok, Gantu and Gravitina vs. Vexus
  8. Hades and The Headless Horseman vs. Samhain
  9. Interlude 1
  10. Shredder vs. Zurg
  11. Shego vs. Hak Foo
  12. Silver and McLeach vs. Bishop
  13. The Pack vs. Zartan and The Dreadnoks
  14. Kalabar vs. The Evil Genius
  15. Destro vs. Doofenshmirtz
  16. Narissa and Nathaniel vs. Voldemort and Wormtail
  17. Demona vs. Ebon
  18. Epilogue

Round 11:

  1. Prologue (featuring Shredder and Krang)
  2. Krang vs. Hamsterviel, Zurg and Leroy
  3. Thailog and Coldstone vs. Daolon Wong
  4. Abis Mal vs. Zhao
  5. Storm Shadow vs. Coyote 3
  6. Fat Cat vs. Carface
  7. The Acolytes (Odin, the Dark Dragon, and Hecate) vs. Mumm-Ra
  8. Fang vs. Karai
  9. Jadis vs. Saruman and Lurtz
  10. Interlude
  11. Echidna's Children and Gaston (in the form of Amok Mon Ra) vs. King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis
  12. Amon vs. John Castaway
  13. Shere Khan vs. Kaynar
  14. Gantu vs. Megatron
  15. Senor Senior Junior vs. Vlad Plasmius
  16. The Forty Thieves vs. The Dark Hand
  17. The Battle of Peru (featuring Azula, Military of the Fire Nation, Yzma, Kronk, Incan Palace Guards, the Huntsman, the Huntsclan, and Megavolt)
  18. The Sanderson Sisters vs. Jareth
  19. Epilogue

Round 12:

  1. Prologue
  2. The Pack vs. Shendu
  3. The Sorcerers Society vs. Mojo Jojo's Ape Army
  4. Don Karnage vs. Cat R. Waul
  5. Negaduck vs. Jack Spicer
  6. Megavolt vs. Nightmare Moon
  7. Mombi vs. Xayide
  8. Narissa vs. Count Olaf
  9. Interlude
  10. Abraham Kane vs. Hun
  11. Duff Killigan vs. Combustion Man
  12. Evil Manta vs. Merman
  13. Norman and Doofenshmirtz vs. Professor Ibsen and Van Pelt (also featuring: Norton Nimnul's Robot DogsVan Pelt's Hound DogsIbsen's Winged MonkeysIbsen's Mechanical Hippo)
  14. Pain and Panic vs. Demongo
  15. Zira and Shere Khan vs. Beast Man
  16. Epilogue

Round 13:

  1. Prologue
  2. Shan Yu and Mozenrath vs. Fire Lord Ozai
  3. Jason vs. Barbossa
  4. Cardinal Richelieu and Captain Rochefort vs. The Sheriff of Nottingham
  5. Pete vs. Evil Lyn
  6. Shego and Red vs. The Baroness
  7. Amin Damoola vs. Valmont
  8. Interlude
  9. Queen La vs. Drago
  10. Hordak vs. Oberon
  11. Warp Darkmatter vs. Starscream
  12. The New Fearsome Five (Negaduck, Fat Cat, Fat Cat's Gang, Don Karnage, Air Pirates, The Phantom Blot, The Collector, Mr. Doodles and Collector's Toon Creations) vs. Shredder and Krang (also featuring Bebop and Rocksteady, and Foot Soldiers)
  13. Horvath vs. Yaxley and Dolores Umbridge
  14. Epilogue

Round 14:

  1. Prologue
  2. The Battle of the Underworld (featuring Hades, Gaston, Dr. Facilier, Facilier's Shadow, Shadow Demons, Friends on the Other Side,The Weird Sisters, Echidna, Ladon, Pain & Panic, Lady Waltham, Hobson, Chaos, Nemesis, Eris (transformed into Mala Mala Jong), Aku, Samhain, Tzekel Kan, Chief Tannabok's Warriors, Ember McLain, Skulker, Discord and The Fates)
  3. The Battle of the Forbidden Mountains (featuring Maleficent, Ursula, Pete, Queen Grimhilde, Abis Mal, Thugs of Abis Mal, Mechanicles, Mechanical Rhinoceros Beetle, Mechanicles's Beetles, The Witches of Morva, Hades, Skeletor, Evil Lyn, Beast Man, Tri-Klops, Whiplash, Stinkor, Webstor, Two-Bad, Skeletor's Minions and Monster)
  4. Interlude 1
  5. The Battle of Planet Z (Featuring Zurg, Warp Darkmatter, Warhok, Warmonga, NOS-4-A2, Gravitina, Hornets: (Regular Hornets and Big-Hornets), Decepticons: (Megatron, Blitzwing, Lugnut, Starscream and Blackarachnia))
  6. The Battle of San Francisco (featuring Shredder, Krang, Foot Soldiers, Karai, Queen La, Leopard Men, Coyote and Negaduck)
  7. The Battle of Nockmaar (featuring Horvath, Bavmorda, Army of Nockmaar, Sheriff of Nottingham, Jareth, Jareth's Goblins, Winnie, Mary, Sarah, Rochefort, Musketeers, Mercer, Cutler Beckett's Troops, Evil Genius, Xayide, Xayide's Crustacean Henchmen, Kal, & General Kael)
  8. Interlude 2
  9. The Battle of England (featuring Ratcliffe, Captain Hook, Pirates, Sarousch, Amon, John Castaway, The Quarrymen, Admiral Zhao, Military of the Fire Nation, Col. Staquait & French Foreign Legion's Troops)
  10. The Battle of the Fire Nation (featuring Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Combustion Man, Military of the Fire Nation, Shego, Duff Killigan, Senior Senior & Jr, Dr. Drakken's Henchmen, Gorrilla Fist, Gorilla Fist's Samurai Gorillas Army, Monkey Fist, Fist's Monkey Ninja Army & Dr. Drakken)
  11. The Battle of China (Featuring Fire Lord Ozai, Military of the Fire Nation, Jafar, Shan Yu, the Sorcerer's Society: (Mozenrath, Yzma, Ayam Aghoul and Mad Madam Mim), Megavolt, Saluk & The Huntsman)
  12. Epilogue

Round 15:

  1. Prologue
  2. Cruella DeVille, Doctor Claw & Hector Barbossa vs Forces of Pinhead (Pinhead and Freddy Krueger)
  3. The Battle of New York (Featuring Xanatos, Steel Clan, Owen, Macbeth, Fox, Abraham Kane, Karai, Coldstone, Monkey Fist, Cobra Commander, The Baroness, Doctor Sevarius, Doctor Mindbender, Cobra Soldiers, Bio-Vipers, Baxter Stockman, Demona, Destro, Utrom Shredder, Hun, Foot Ninjas, Shredder and Zurg)
  4. Interlude 1
  5. The Second Battle of China (Featuring Mozenrath, The Huntsman, Huntsgirl, Huntsclan, Mad Madame Mim, Sa'Luk, Yzma, Kronk,  Ayam Aghoul, Megavolt, Skeleton King, Formless, Shendu, Mojo Jojo, Mandarin, Valina, Bone Kitty, Jack Spicer, Jack Bots, Vlad Plasmius and Vulture Ghosts)
  6. The Battle of Pride Rock (Featuring Tublat, Zira, Vitani, Zira's Lions, Mirage, Fire Cats, The Mukhtar, The Mukhtar's Manacles, Slithe, Grune, Lizardmen, Warbots, Scar's Ghost, & Mumm-Ra)
  7. Interlude 2
  8. Forces of Hordak (Featuring Hordak, Hordak's minions: (Mantenna, Leech, Grizzlor, Callix, Horde Wraith and Horde Troopers) and Narissa (transformed into Malcho)) vs Maleficent and Skeletor
  9. Maleficent vs Skeletor
  10. The Battle of Bald Mountain (Featuring Odin, The Chaos Lord of Fire, Hecate, Canis and Lupus, Giant Crystalline Monster, Daolon Wong, The Dark Chi Warriors, Devimon, The Dark Dragon, Sage Odin, Oberon, Titania, Nergal, Nergalings, Myotismon, Bats, Devidramon, Phantomon, the Snow Queen, Yono, Count MarzoCount Marzo's Hound Dogs and Puck)
  11. Frollo vs. Hell (Featuring Frollo, Chernabog, King Minos, Unbaptized Babies, Cerberus, Gluttons, Charon, Arch Demons, Chernabog's dark minions and Lonesome Trapped Souls)
  12. Intermission
  13. Jafar vs. Azula (Guest Starring: Iago, Shan Yu, The Hun Army and The One-Eyes)
  14. Doctor Facilier vs. Mok
  15. Epilogue

Rounds (3rd Series)

Round 1:

  1. Prologue
  2. Cobra Commander vs. Dr. Dementor
  3. Mirage vs. Vaatu
  4. Ratcliffe, Gaston, and Hook vs. Father Anderson
  5. Gang War Battle (Featuring Carface, Negaduck, Cat R. Waul, Don Karnage, Valmont, the Shredder, Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady)
  6. Braig vs. Pitch Black
  7. Demyx vs. the Remnants (Featuring Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz)
  8. Oogie Boogie and Maleficent vs. Bahamut SIN
  9. Interlude 1
  10. Interlude 2
  11. Ursula vs. Mane-Iac (also featuring: the Gorgon Sisters, Pete, the Witches of Morva, the Headless Horseman, Abis Mal, Mechanicles, Echidna, Ladon, Pain and Panic, Dr. Facilier, Lawrence and Mane-Iac's henchponies)
  12. The Stepmother's Three (Featuring: Lady Tremaine, Queen Narissa and Queen Grimhilde) vs. Maliss, Darkheart and the Wizard of Wonderland)
  13. The Triceratons (Featuring: Zanramon, Commander Mozar, Monza Ram, Monza Ram's Comrades and Triceraton Warriors) vs. The Saurians (Featuring: Lord Dragaunus, Wraith, Seige, Chameleon and the Hunter Drones) (also featuring: Lord Dregg, and HiTech)
  14. MacBeth vs. Lust and Gluttony
  15. Interlude 3
  16. Zurg vs. Flogg (also featuring: Hornets, Mega-Hornet, Optikk, Hoove, Karatti, Slush Head and Mutant Troopers)
  17. Interlude 4
  18. Rumplestiltskin vs. Saruman
  19. Regina vs. Lord Voldemort
  20. Epilogue

Round 2:

  1. Prologue
  2. Abis Mal Vs Webstor
  3. The Mutants Vs The Saurians
  4. Arburtus Vs Evilseed
  5. The Titans Vs Rasputin (Featuring Ursula, the Rock Titan, the Ice Titan, the Lava Titan, the Wind Titan, Rasputin, Bartok and Insects)
  6. Interlude 1
  7. Royal Pain Vs Sylar
  8. Regina Vs The Nazgul
  9. Interlude 2
  10. Interlude 3
  11. Monstro Vs Zhao
  12. Captain Hook Vs King Fuhrer Bradley/Wrath
  13. Hannibal McFist Vs Storm Shadow
  14. Banshee and Raven Vs The Stalker
  15. Interlude 4
  16. Interlude 5
  17. King Candy vs. Lord Farquaad
  18. AUTO vs Ganondorf
  19. Mother Gothel vs the Other Mother
  20. Interlude 6
  21. Judge Doom Vs Zorg
  22. Sheriff Vasey Vs Killian Jones
  23. Dr. Drakken Vs Fire Nation Warden
  24. Count Marzo Vs The Archmage
  25. Epilogue

Round 3:

  1. Prologue
  2. Prince James Vs Smaug
  3. The Morganians Vs The Death Eaters (Featuring: Maxim Horvath, Drake Stone, Sun Lok, Bellatrix Lestrange, Death Eaters's Minions and Lucius Malfoy)
  4. The Jabberwocky Vs Freddy Krueger
  5. The Huntsclan Vs The Snakemen
  6. The Gorgon Sisters Vs The Wicked Witch of the West
  7. Yono Vs Aku
  8. The Cyclops Vs Azula and Ruber
  9. The Mutants Vs The Heed (also featuring: Gazalien and Gravitina)
  10. Interlude 1
  11. Interlude 2
  12. Musical Number: Love is an Open Door (featuring: Prince Hans and Prince Charming)
  13. Master Eraqus vs. Master Cyclonis
  14. Marluxia vs. Tai Lung
  15. Interlude 3
  16. Musical Number: Are You In or Out (featuring: Sa'Luk (as the new Huntsman), the Huntsclan, the Huntsboys 88 and 99 and the Huntsgirl/Rose)
  17. Frollo vs. Barry
  18. The Mukhtar vs. Evil Lyn
  19. Red vs. Rat King
  20. Fang vs. Tohru
  21. Gaston vs. Envy
  22. Epilogue

Round 4:

  1. Prologue
  2. Xanatos, Owen, and Fox vs. The Valentine Brothers (Featuring Xanatos's Soldiers, Alexander, Luke, Jan and The Nazi Ghoul Army)
  3. Khartoum vs. King Hiss
  4. Tony Dracon vs. Cobra Commander
  5. Doctor Facilier and Lawrence vs. Lust and Gluttony
  6. Interlude 1
  7. Interlude 2
  8. Greg and Tamara Vs Russell Edgington
  9. Sark Vs Sylar
  10. Interlude 3
  11. Jafar Vs Jose
  12. Hecate Vs Skeletor
  13. Banshee Vs Daolon Wong
  14. Interlude 4
  15. Interlude 5
  16. Dark Ace vs Abraxas
  17. Riku vs Alexius
  18. Hopper vs Repton
  19. Hades vs Duchess Florianne
  20. Interlude 6
  21. Epilogue

Round 5:

  1. Prologue
  2. The Battle of The Forbidden Forest (Featuring King MirazSopespianGlozelle and Telmarines Army, Regina, Black Riders, Nizam, General Kael, Army of Nockmaar, Sauron's Army: (Gothmog, Orcs, Witch-King of Angmar and Fellbeasts), Tywin Lannister, Army of Tywin Lannister and Cora)
  3. Rumplestiltskin Vs Sauron
  4. Interlude 1
  5. The Wedding (Featuring: Lawrence (disguised as Prince Naveen), Anastasia Tremaine (transformed into Cinderella), Lady Tremaine, Drizella Tremaine, Lady Tremaine's Guards, Doctor Facilier, Facilier's Shadow, Queen Narissa, Queen Grimhilde, Queen of Hearts, Rameses, Hotep and Huy, the Kralahome, Lord Maliss, Kent Mansley and U.S. Military)
  6. Forces of Kane Vs Forces of Bishop (Featuring: Abraham Kane, Monkey Fist, Fist's Monkey Ninja Army, Red, Bishop, Alpha and Mewtwo)
  7. Forces of Zurg Vs Skeletor and the Mutants (Featuring: NOS-4-A2, Vampire Hornets, the Mutant Army (Flogg, Skeletor, Grr, Slush Head, Lizorr, Optikk, Butthead, Quakke, Crita, Staghorn and Mutant Troopers), Emperor Zurg, Warp Darkmatter and Regular Hornets)
  8. Interlude 2
  9. Interlude 3
  10. Mok and Professor Screweyes Vs The Fates (also featuring: Doubt)
  11. Hannibal Roy Bean Vs Huntsmaster Sa'luk
  12. The Battle of Hell (Featuring: Oberon, Children of Oberon: (Titania, the Weird Sisters, Raven, Raven's Clan), the Snow Queen, Stalker/Kagetane Hiruko, Forte, Evil Lyn, Daolon Wong and Chernabog)
  13. The Battle of London (Featuring: Frollo, Captain Hook, Captain Hook's Pirates, Ratcliffe, Ratcliffe's Colonists, King Fuehrer Bradley, Admiral Zhao, Fire Nation's Troops, Amon, Equalists, Mecha Tanks, Dr. Drakken, Dr. Drakken's Robot, the Millennium: (the Major, Schrödinger, the Doctor, the Captain, Zorin Blitz, the Letzte Batallion), London's Citizens
  14. Interlude 4
  15. Riku vs Pitch Black
  16. The Battle of Sugar Rush (Featuring Hopper, Hopper's Grasshoppers, Thumper, Roman Torchwick, Neopolitan, King Candy, Sour Bill, Cy-Bugs, Prince Charming, Wiches, Steve, Ed, Prince Hans, Prince Hans' Soldiers, Archibald Snatcher, The Other Mother and Hades)
  17. Interlude 5
  18. Epilogue

Round 6:

  1. Prologue
  2. Captain Hook Vs Rip Van Winkle
  3. Shredder Vs Tomas Brod
  4. Demona Vs Destro
  5. The Destruction of Denebria (Featuring Skeletor, Flogg, Slush Head, Crita, Butthead, Quakke, Crita, Mutant Troopers, Primus' Civilians, Lizardmen, Mumm-Ra, Slithe, Panthera and Leo)
  6. Interlude 1
  7. Huntsgirl Vs Aku
  8. Mumm-Ra and Mirage Vs Vaatu
  9. The Battle of China III (Featuring Ursula, Snake Men: (King Hiss, Rattlor, Squeeze, Tung LashorSnake Face, Kobra Khan and Snakemen Warriors), Serpos, Mozenrath, Xerxes, Yzma, Kronk, Jafar, Archmage and Sa'Luk)
  10. Interlude 2
  11. The Battle of the Ministry (Featuring Maxim Horvath, Winnie, Mary, Sarah, Drake Stone, Dolores Umbridge and Yaxley)
  12. Epilogue


  1. Prologue
  2. Jafar Vs Jose Porla (Rematch)  (featuring Evil Lyn and Kobra Khan)
  3. Interlude
  4. Fight for Earth (Featuring NOS-4-A2, XL, Triceratons: (Zanramon, Commander Mozar and Triceraton Warriors), Lord Dregg, Mung, Batmen, Earth Protection Force, Bishop, FBI Agents, Dr. Robotnik, Snively Robotnik, New York's Citizens, Dr. Drakken, Dr. Drakken's Destruction Robots, Duff Killigan, Monkey Fist, Fist's Monkey Ninja Army, Starscream)
  5. Interlude 2
  6. Interlude 3
  7. Forces of Xanatos and Cobra Commander vs the Millennium (Featuring Xanatos, Owen, Steel Clan, Macbeth, Fox, Alexander Xanatos, Cobra Commander, Destro, Zartan, The Dreadnoks: (Torch, Ripper and Buzzer), the Captain, Zorin Blitz, the Baroness and the Letzte Batallion)
  8. Intermission
  9. The Battle for the Underworld II (Featuring Hades, Dr. Facilier, Towa, The Horned King, Pain and Panic (in the form of Bahamut), Echidna, Ladon, The Chimera, The Cyclops, The Gegenius, Faciier's Shadow, Shadow Buddies, The Black Bear, Fleshlumpeater, Loki, The Frost Giants, Fenrir, Dalong Wong, The Dark Chi Warriors, Scar, Magica De Spell, The Lich, Queen La and the Skeleton King)
  10. Interlude 4
  11. Musical Number: Friend Like Me
  12. Interlude 5
  13. The Second Wedding (Featuring The Archmage, Mozenrath, Xerxes, Yzma, Kronk, Ayam Aghoul, Mad Madam Mim, Skeletor, Flogg, Slush Head, Optik, Karatti, Hoove, Lizorr, Quakke, Staghorn, Butthead, Crita, Mutant Troopers, Ruber, The Griffin, Rothbart, Rasputin, Bartok, Azula and Maleficent)
  14. Epilogue


  1. Prologue
  2. The Archmage Vs Skeletor and the Mutants (Featuring: Flogg, Slush Head, Optik, Karatti, Hoove, Lizorr, Quakke, Staghorn, Butthead, Crita and Mutant Troopers)
  3. Interlude 1
  4. Forces of Xanatos and Cobra Commander Vs The Millennium (Rematch) (Featuring: Owen/Puck, Dingo, Macbeth, Demona, Fox, Alexander, The Baroness, Destro, Tomax, Xamot, Storm Shadow, Zartan, The Dreadnoks: (Torch, Ripper and Buzzer), Major Bludd, Baxter Stockman, Cobra Soldiers, The Major, Zorin Blitz, The Doctor, The Captain, Tubalcain Alhambra, and the Letzte Batallion)
  5. Interlude 2
  6. The Stepmother's Three vs the Forces of Kent Mansley (Featuring: Lady Tremaine, Drizella Tremaine, Anastasia Tremaine, Lucifer, Queen Narissa, Hydra (transformation of Narissa), Queen Grimhilde, Kabane, Zombies (Highschool of the Dead), Zombies (Seoul Station), Evil Spirits, The Queen of Hearts, Kent Mansley, Rasputin, Gargoyles, Rothbart, Rameses, U.S. Military Capital Defense Command, Paranormal Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force and The King's Guards)
  7. Interlude 3
  8. Maleficent Vs Fire Lord Ozai (featuring Azula and The Wiches of Morva)
  9. The Battle of China IV (Featuring Mozenrath, Xerxes, Yzma, Kronk, Ayam Aghoul, Mad Madam Mim, Megavolt, Skeletor, Slush Head, Mutant Troopers, The Huntsman, The Huntsgirl/Rose, Shan-Yu, Hayabusa, Shendu/Valmont, Finn, Ratso, Chow, Tso Lan, Tchang Zu, Po Kong, Xiao Fung, Hsi Wu, Dai Gui and Bai Tza)
  10. Interlude 4
  11. The Forces Of Frollo Vs The Homunculi (featuring Fuhrer King Bradley/Wrath, Governor Ratcliffe, Father Anderson, Sloth, Helga Sinclair, Percival C. McLeach, Gaston, Envy, Clayton (transformation of Envy), Gluttony, Pride, and Hades)
  12. Interlude 5
  13. The Forces Of Shredder and Krang Vs The Forces Of Tengu Shredder (featuring General Traag, Rock Soldiers, Bebop and Rocksteady, Foot Ninjas, Foot Mystics, Re-animated Foot Soldiers, Doctor Mindbender, Bio-Vipers, and Karai)
  14. Interlude 6
  15. Musical Number: Evil Like Me
  16. Interlude 7
  17. Musical Number: This Is The Greatest Show

The Fall:

  1. Interlude 8
  2. The Forces of Xanatos, Cobra and Shredder vs the Demon Army (featuring Xanatos, Fox, Owen, Steel Clan, Macbeth, Cobra Commmander, Baroness, Destro, Major Bludd, Zartan, Storm Shadow, Cobra Soldiers, Shredder, Krang, Karai, Dr. Mindbender, Bebop and Rocksteady, Magica de Spell, Demons (Devil May Cry), Demons (DC), Re-animated Foot Soldiers, Demons (TMNT) and Spawn of Cathulhu
  3. Intermission
  4. The Forces of Mozenrath vs the Skeleton King and Hannibal Roy Bean (featuring Yzma, Kronk, Incan Palace Guards/Animal Guards, Ayam Aghoul, Madam Mim, The Huntsman, Rose/Huntsgirl, Huntsclan, Megavolt, Mandarin, Formless Minions, Old Ones and Evil Lyn)
  5. Intermission 2
  6. Skeletor and The Mutants vs Nos4a2 and Robotnik (Unicron) (featuring XL, Snively, Flogg, Slush Head, Crita, Quakke, Optikk, Hoove, and Butthead)
  7. Intermission 3
  8. The Final Battle: Part 1 (featuring Frollo, Frollo's Soldiers, Snowball, Ratcliffe, Ratcliffe's Colonists, Gaston, LeFou, Gaston's Angry Mob, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Shan-Yu, Hayabusa, McLeach, Joanna, Helga, Facilier, Cruella, Abis Mal, Haroud Hazi Been, Mechanicles, Scooter, Mechanicles Junior, The Witches of Morva, Alexander Anderson, Ninth Crusade, Xanatos, Steel Clan, Cobra Commander, Cobra Soldiers, Cobra Commander, Cobra Soldiers, Baroness, The Shredder, Foot Soldiers, Rock Soldiers, Kent Mansley, U.S. Military, Rameses, Rothbart, Rasputin, Daolon Wong, Shendu, Army of Hell (Lesser Demons, Blue Fangs, Bald Priest, Malphas, Unknown Creatures, Visitor, Buer, Amalaric Sniper, Giant Bat, Beast Demon, Werewolf, Gaibon, Slogra, Baskerville, Familiars Army, Mok, Professor Screwyes, and Chernabog))
  9. Intermission 4
  10. The Forces of Mozenrath and Ursula vs Jafar, The Snakemen and Evil Lyn (featuring Yzma, Ayam Aghoul, Madam Mim, The Huntsman, Pete, Slush Head, Hoove, Flogg, Kobra Khan, Tung Lashor, Snake Face, Squeeze, and Rattlor)
  11. Maleficent and Azula vs Mozenrath, Skeletor and Jafar (also featuring Ursula, Xerxes, Iago, and Snakemen Warriors)
  12. The Final Battle: Part 2 (featuring Hades, Facilier, Frollo, Ratcliffe, Ratcliffe's Colonists, Thomas, Captain Hook, The Horned King, Creeper, The Horned King's Barbarian Guards, Gwythaints, Cauldron Born, Towa, Xanatos, Steel Clan, Cobra Commander, Cobra Soldiers, Baxter Stockman, The Shredder, Kent Mansley, FBI Agents, Rameses, Rothbart, Rasputin, Anastasia, Lady Tremaine, Drizella, Professor Screweyes, The Lich, Magica de Spell, Scar, Cathulhu, Dragon Tengu Shredder, Shendu, Daolon Wong, Re-animated Foot Soldiers, Kappas, Gergoth, Mok and Chernabog)
  13. The Final Battle: Part 3 (featuring Maleficent, Hades, Frollo, Anastasia, Yzma, Ayam Aghoul, Madam Mim, Megavolt, Rose, Chernabog, Skeletor, Mutant Troopers, Flogg, Slush Head, Kent Mansley, Baxter Stockman, Cobra Commander, Azula, Mozenrath, and Xerxes)
  14. Epilogue


Chernabog, The Nightmare King and The Emperor of the Night met to discuss the completion of the crystal of darkness - which would allow them to wipe all good from the world and reign supreme. However, both the Emperor and the King were caught off guard and angered when Chernabog revealed he intended to use all of the crystal's power for himself, despite the three having agreed to share rulership over the Earth.

Puck found a very slithery dark spirit and just for fun gave it shape and power, feeding it until he saw that the little spirit was a recently depowered Hexxus in disguise. Showing off his true abilities, Hexxus then unleashed his powers, setting all near him ablaze. Puck attempted to put a stop to this, but Hexxus merely fed off of this power, as Puck attempted to once again contain him. Hexxus lashed out, but Puck quickly retaliated, and turned the evil spirit into the Black Tree, where Hexxus then slumbered.

At Cobra Industries, The Baroness briefed Adam DeCobray on the latest Cobra profits and introduced Dr. Mindbender's Bio-Viper project. Despite Destro's doubts about the effectiveness of the Bio-Vipers, DeCobray believed that they had potential to make Cobra unstoppable and promptly reminded Destro to remember his place. When Adam announced that he was off to make a weapons deal with the Quarrymen, Destro was disgusted to learn that they were doing business with such a xenophobic group. DeCobray, however, dismissed his concerns and plainly stated that they do business with whoever paid their price.

At the turn of the century, Sykes hired criminal duo Bartholomew Lipsky and Miss Go (ancestors of Drakken and Shego) to steal a device for him. However, the corrupt Mayor Valmont (an ancestor as well to the modern day Valmont) and his men didn't take kindly to thieves in their town. Miss Go managed to steal the device and went to the top of a ferris wheel where Lipsky was to extract her. However, Mayor Valmont and his Bad Guys had followed her. One of the Bad guys used an enchanted rope to lasso her ankle and hold her in place while Mayor Valmont loaded a rifle. Miss Go then used the device to disintegrate the rifle before Valmont could fire and knocked one of the Bad Guys into a horse trough. However, another one of the Bad Guys revealed his enchanted hat which he used to knock the device out of Miss Go's hands and caused it to fall off of the ferris wheel. Miss Go then lept onto Bartholomew Lipsky's hot air balloon while he tried in vain to make her go back and retrieve the device. The two then escaped on board the hot air balloon.

Adam DeCobray met with the Quarrymen and sold them a large shipment of weapons, but the meeting was disrupted by Demona, who sought to destroy the xenophobic group for their anti Gargoyle agenda. DeCobray's guards were slaughtered, and the Quarrymen fled in the chaos, seizing the weapons shipment in the process. DeCobray attempted to defend himself, but was outmatched by Demona, who tore off the right side of his face with her claws, and left him to die while the building exploded. Despite all of this, DeCobray managed to survive the explosion.

Meanwhile, The Huntsman met with The Archmage Destane and his apprentice, Mozenwrath. The Archmage had summoned him to make him expedite the search for the Eye of Odin, an artifact that Destane desired. Mozenwrath volunteered to search for it himself. However, Destane dismissed him claiming that he did not want Mozenwrath claiming it. When Mozenwrath started to angrily claim that he was more powerful than Destane realized, Destane silenced him with a few magical blast. Destane continued to speak of how the would all share in the rewards the Eye of Odin would grant them. However, The Huntsman remained suspicious of The Archmage's true motives.

The Dark Council, an alliance of the most powerful dark sorcerers, met to discuss using Chernabog's crystal to their own ends.  As Maleficent explained how Chernabog would use the crystal to cleanse the world, Narissa stated that she approved of the idea of a cleansing. However, Hades pointed out that the crystal could wipe them out as well. Hordak stated that they should wield the crystal due to them being the most powerful beings across all realms. However, Maleficent pointed out that the crystal was too powerful for them to control and that it would tear them apart if they attempted to. Eris then pointed out that even if they could gain control of the crystal, there was still no guarantee they wouldn't be wiped with the rest of the world, a viewpoint Hades staunchly agreed with. Maleficent then went on to state that regardless of the crystal's power, the ritual could still be stopped. The Horned King then suggested that instead of stopping the ritual, they should join with Chernabog and be rewarded for pledging their loyalty to his cause. Hades, however, doubted that it would end well for them if they attempted that. Maleficent then stated her plan to use the crystal to their advantage. She suggested they corrupt the crystal's power to only remove their more undesirable traits as she put it, rather than their lives. With this, their enemies would be destroyed and they would be free to bring about a new world order. The rest of the Council agreed with the plan and decided to put the plan into motion.

Gantu was hired by Flogg, leader of the Mutants of Denebria, to hunt down galactic fugitive, Krang, who was hiding on Earth. Gantu tracked Krang down and attempted to blast him, only to learn that his walker was composed of laser-proof plastic, their battle then attracted the attention of an unwelcome third party. This third party was The Shredder, accompanied by Bebop and Rocksteady and a force of Foot Ninjas. Gantu quickly wiped out the Foot Ninjas with his laser pistol, blasting them to pieces. The Shredder then decided to deal with Gantu himself. He used a small device to knock and Gantu off his feet and knock the laser pistol out of his hand. Krang then proceeded to destroy the laser pistol in mid air with his dual laser cannons and pulled a lever that trapped Gantu in one of his containment units. Unfortunately, debris from the battle destroyed Krang's walker. As The Shredder prepared to depart, he was originally going to leave Krang behind, but as Krang begged and pleaded with him, he decided to take him with him.

In Egypt, the people had been turned into slaves by the vile Mumm-Ra, who deposed Pharaoh Seti I and insisted the people praise the ancient spirits of evil whom he served. Although the pharaoh tried to stop him by telling Mumm-Ra that he is the most powerful being in Egypt, it was not enough to please the mummy, who told the king that if his people were to exist, they must worship the ancient spirits of evil. The pharaoh made his final decision by refusing the offer of the priest, a mistake that would cost him his life, the wife Queen Tuya and his family being imprisoned and enslaved under Mumm-Ra's orders.

In France, Judge Claude Frollo paid a visit to the slums in the dead of night. The purpose of this visit was to hire a prostitute for a night of her company.

Having returned to his base, The Shredder ordered Bebop and Rocksteady to dispose of Krang because "he doesn't negotiate with mutants, terrorists or talking brains." Krang then pointed out that he was commander of a vast army in Dimension X. The Shredder then stated that he also had an unstoppable ninja army. He added that he was working on a robotic Foot soldier but had received unsatisfactory results. Krang then offered to take a look at his designs. From there, Krang and Shredder forged an alliance.

Rameses, son of the Pharaoh, sought out Mirage for help in destroying Mumm-Ra. At first, Mirage was unwilling to help, finding it hypocritical since Egypt had enslaved those weaker than them to build their pyramids, Mumm-Ra wasn't any more cruel. But once Rameses pointed out that Mumm-Ra worshiped the ancient spirits of evil, Mirage's interest was piqued since the Oberati banished them years ago. She then realized that she had something to gain in helping Rameses.

Frollo's indiscretions were the talk of the town, with his political ally Governor Ratcliffe and his nephew Gaston already privy to his secrets, the Judge decided to take action.

As Mumm-Ra was in the middle of a ritual; Mirage, Rameses and his high priests, Hotep and Huy, attacked Mumm-Ra head on. Hotep and Huy subdued Mumm-Ra's minions by swinging their staffs and knocking the minions to the ground. Realizing the situation was dire, Mumm-Ra decided to pull out all the stops and transformed into his Everliving form. Mirage then fired blasts of magic at the ceiling which sent debris raining down on Mumm-Ra. As Mumm-Ra charged at her, Mirage fired a powerful magical blast in his face. Mumm-Ra, realizing he was outmatched, tried to pull back to another position, but Mirage released another magical blast that reverted Mumm-Ra back to his decayed form. Mumm-Ra's army then began to flee as Slithe tried in vain to maintain order. Seeing the situation was hopeless, Grune and Slithe then retreated as well. Having been driven back to his tomb, and heavily weakened from the battle, Mumm-Ra entered his tomb and entered a state of suspended animation, to Mirage's fury.

Frollo returned to the slums to confront the prostitute he paid for, but he didn't count on her having a young son, Enrico. The woman attempted to defend herself. However, as she attempted to protect Enrico, Frollo stabbed her in the back. Frollo then forced Enrico to tell anyone who asked that his mother was murdered by ruffians under the threat of sharing her fate should he not.

Keldor and his evil warriors Evil Lyn, Kronis, Tri-KlopsBeast Man, and Mer-Man assaulted the Archmage's citadel and attempted to steal the Grimorium Arcanorum. The wizard quickly dispatched Keldor's minions, leaving Keldor himself to defeat Destane. Keldor easily outmatched the Archmage in fighting skills, using his twin swords with stellar precision. He was able to disarm the Archmage, but briefly lowered his guard. At that moment, the Archmage attacked him with a mystical skull bomb. It severely damaged Keldor's face, forcing Keldor and his warriors to flee.  But Mozenwrath decided to take advantage of his master's frailty. He grabbed his master in a telekinetic grip and raised him into the air. Mozenwrath then fired a magical blast at Destane, sending him plummeting down a pit to his death.

Three years prior to the start of the war, King Ansem of Hollow Bastion uncovered his world's Keyhole. Seeking to obtain the ultimate powers of darkness, he opened the door to free the legendary Calamity locked within. However, his top general, Sephiroth, rebelled against him and bonded with the powerful alien Jenova instead. Sephiroth unleashed his new-found powers to destroy Hollow Bastion. Seeing this change of events, Ansem retreated. Sephiroth continued to reduce Hollow Bastion to ruins with his increased power.

Ten years prior to the start of the war, Pitch Black went to the Fairy Godmother for a boost in power in order to make a power play for the crown of the Multi-World Nation. To become the new High King, he needed to challenge King Xehanort. He then confronted Xehanort and proposed a duel between the two for control of the Multi-World Nation. Seeking to kill Pitch once and for all, Xehanort accepted as Pitch faded into the shadows. The next day, the two battled, with Xehanort matching Pitch's powers with his sword. The two traded blasts of power, but Xehanort's age ended up working against him. Xehanort gave one more blast of power, but Pitch guarded with a wall of shadow. As Pitch attacked once more, he quipped that it was now time for Xehanort to face his fear of being too old to rule the Multi-World Nation anymore. To Pitch's surprise, Xehanort stopped fighting, and pitch attacked with a blast of power that destroyed Xehanort's body.

In the live action universe, Regina tried to escape from her arranged marriage to the vampire King, Russell Edgington, with the help of her personal horse, Rocinante, but her mother, Cora stopped her in her tracks with a barrier spell that prevented her from leaving until she was married. Despite Regina's insistence that she didn't want power and only wanted to be free, Cora stated that power is freedom and tried to convince her that things would be easier once she was Queen.

Rumpelstiltskin summoned Pinhead to gain knowledge on how to defeat the Dark Lord Sauron. Pinhead informed Rumpelstiltskin that he would need something in return for this information. Rumpelstiltskin agreed and Pinhead then informed him that to defeat Sauron, he simply needed to cut the One Ring from his finger. Rumpelstiltskin was very shocked at how simple it was and asked Pinhead what he wanted in return. Pinhead simply informed him that when the time came, he would let him know.

The day of Regina's wedding had arrived, but Russell decided to call things off since he believed Regina was no Queen. Cora attacked him, lifting him into the air with her magic as the vampire laughed maniacally and mocked Cora. She then threw him against a tree with her magic. However, before she could do anything else, Regina intervened and pushed her mother into a magic mirror as Russell laughed in delight. The mirror shattered upon Cora entering the world within as Regina reflected, horrified, on what she had done as Russell looked on in pleasure.

Tom Riddle attempted to join the Morganians, but when Morgana mocked his abilities and heritage, a duel broke out. Riddle casted a spell against Morgana that began to meld her into a stone wall. However, Horvath entered at that moment and cast his own spell which freed Morgana. In a rage, Tom blasted Horvath off his feet with a blast of magic. Morgana then fired a powerful blast of magic that nearly knocked him off his feet. Realizing he was outmatched by the two more experienced sorcerers, Riddle departed in shame.

Jadis the White Witch and King Miraz joined with Rumpelstiltskin to defeat Sauron's army of Orcs on the slopes of Mount Doom. The Narnian army took heavy losses in the battle but succeeded at drawing Sauron out. Sauron knocked away some of King Miraz's Telmarines who tried to face him head on. Seeing his chance, Rumpelstiltskin revealed himself and cut the Ring from Sauron's hand and then Jadis stabbed him with her dual swords, destroying him. As Rumpelstiltskin held the One Ring, Jadis relished in her victory.

With Sauron defeated, Rumpelstiltskin claimed the ring as a gift for his son, Baelfire, knowing that he would not be tempted to use its power.

Elsewhere, the Greek God of time and father of Hades, Zeus and Poseidon, Chronos, met with Hordak, as they planned to seize the crystal's power for themselves.

Chernabog, the Nightmare King and the Emperor of the Night unleashed the power of the crystal, causing devastation across the world and plunging it into darkness. The Dark Council arrived to intervene, but were suddenly hampered by the betrayal of Hordak and Narissa as they attempted to claim the crystal for themselves. As Hordak attempted to use the crystal's power, the Horned King moved in to try to stop him. But Hordak quickly retaliated with a blast of magic, temporarily blinding the lich. At that moment, Chronos arrived. Hades, outraged at this attack, battled his father. As Hades summoned his pet Hydra to deal with his father's henchmen, Chronos covered Hades in a curtain of lava. Hades fought back, and knocked Chronos into a portal that lead to the River Styx. Maleficent then fired a powerful spell at Hordak that banished him to Despondos, halting his attempts to steal the crystal. Narissa, seeing that she could not defeat the others on her own, retreated. The rest of the Council members then turned their attention to the dark crystal, destroying it and scattering the pieces around the world much to Chernabog's fury. He then vowed revenge on the Dark Council as they departed.

A wounded Keldor sought help from the banished Hordak to save his life - Hordak agreed but at a price, and Keldor was reborn as Skeletor as the flesh of his face was burned away, leaving the horrifying visage of a skull. Upon seeing his new face, Skeletor laughed maniacally. Meanwhile, Mozenwrath summoned Yzma, Mad Madam Mim and Ayam Aghoul to the citadel to reveal the demise of the Archmage. He also proposed that all of them join together to form a new Sorcerer's Society.

Oruku Saki found himself betrayed by Baxter Stockman and Hun, and confronted by a new Shredder. Oruku Saki ordered Bebop and Rocksteady to deal with the imposter but were quickly dispatched. As he attempted to deal with this new Shredder himself, he too was overpowered - and was banished to Dimension X with Bebop and Rocksteady following him, leaving Krang to make a quick getaway.

One night, as the new Oruku Saki was wandering the streets of Japan when he came across an orphan girl. Naming her Karai, he took her in as his daughter and trained her in the martial arts.

Zartan and his Dreadnoks had managed to rescue Adam DeCobray from the ruins of the building Demona had left him in just in time to bring him back to Cobra HQ where Doctor Mindbender quickly performed surgery to save his life, much to the Baroness's relief. Because of the injuries Demona had inflicted on him, DeCobray had great difficulty breathing. To solve this problem, Mindbender built him a respirator mask that would allow him to breath, the only drawback being that he would have to wear it indefinitely. As Destro commented on how both he and DeCobray would have to wear masks for the rest of their natural lives, DeCobray abandoned his name of Adam DeCobray and proclaimed himself as Cobra Commander.

Mayor Valmont received a visit from The Stalker, who had a task for him; to free Shendu from his stone prison. In France, with his mother dead, Enrico Maxwell was placed in the care of Father Alexander Anderson. Maxwell then declared that one day, he would have revenge on all who had wronged him, particularly Frollo. Father Anderson was only too happy to instruct him.

Meanwhile, Frollo himself received a visit from The Stalker, who warned him of an impending war. Despite Frollo detesting such a hellish being in his presence, The Stalker advised him to strike first or fall to the darkness, which was the spark needed to start the war.

And from the shadows, Mok, using his vast wealth and technology, kept tabs on the strange phenomena around the globe. As he quickly saw that all the world's heroes were dying out, Mok then anticipated the coming war between the various villains of the world. He then purposed to be the "last man standing".

Events of the War

Early Skirmishes

It is unknown how exactly the universes of the Disney and Non-Disney villains came into contact, nor when exactly the war between them happened in relation to the other wars that have sprung up. The war began with small conflicts between several key figures, beginning with the pollution spirit Hexxus' takeover of the Underworld.

While seeking a way to overthrow his brother Zeus and become king of the gods, Hades, god of the dead, met with his advisors, the Fates. They informed him about Hexxus, a powerful spirit who had terrorized the rainforest of Fern Gully until being sealed in a tree. Flying to Hexxus' resting place in his chariot, Hades burned down the tree, releasing the foul creature. Hades attempted to convince Hexxus to join him, but the spirit refused, attacking Hades. Surprised at Hexxus' power, Hades fled.

Hades returned to the Underworld, but was pursued by Hexxus. The spirit overcame Hades and tossed him into the River Styx. Although unable to die, Hades was pulled down by the shades inhabiting the river, leaving Hexxus to take the throne and title of god of the dead.

Meanwhile, in the world of mortals, the judge of Paris, Claude Frollo, had begun a campaign to root out and exterminate magic users, seeing them as servants of Satan. One of his first targets was Hedge von Rothbart, a sorcerer who had been terrorizing a kingdom in Northern Europe. Frollo's soldiers attacked Rothbart in his home, capturing him and his minion, Bridget.

Brought to Paris for execution, Rothbart used his powers to escape. Confronting Frollo himself in Notre Dame, Rothbart transformed into a monstrosity known as the Great Animal. Frollo attempted to fight back, but was no match for Rothbart, who flung him from the rooftop of Notre Dame.

Miles away, in Egypt, an even more powerful sorcerer, the Horned King, had been using his fearsome Black Cauldron to attack the nation, hoping to gain control of it. The Pharaoh, Rameses, resisted the attacks, even when the Horned King himself visited to negotiate surrender.

Rameses gathered his army and led an attack on the Horned King's citadel. From his tower, the Horned King used his great power to decimate Rameses' army with pillars of fire and walls of water. Rameses himself was drowned before he could even set foot in the Horned King's castle.

The skirmishes continued on a smaller scale. The rat city of NIMH was visited by the criminal mastermind, Professor Ratigan. Appearing before the city's council, Ratigan had a heated argument with Jenner, one of the council members. When Jenner insulted the newcomer, Ratigan challenged him to a duel.

That night, Ratigan and Jenner met in battle, pitting Ratigan's brute size and claws against Jenner's swordsmanship. The duel was vicious, but Ratigan eventually won out, killing Jenner. Knowing the public would turn on him if they learned what transpired, Ratigan destroyed any evidence of his involvement, and began making plans to seize control of Nimh.

Meanwhile, the brilliant scientist Mok Swagger had been observing these early battles. Recognizing the potential for all-out war, Mok resolved to make certain that he came out on top. Targeting the voodoo sorcerer Doctor Facilier, Mok used his supercomputer to make contact with the Friends on the Other Side, the spirits that gave Facilier his powers.

Not long after, Mok confronted the doctor in his Voodoo Emporium. Facilier attempted to force Mok out, but the scientist revealed he had persuaded the Friends to join him. The spirits turned on their former partner, forcibly dragging the horrified Facilier to the Underworld.

In the depths of the sea, the witch, Ursula, had finally managed to take the power of the trident from the ruler of the oceans, King Triton. Her new power was coveted by the shapeshifting sorceress, Messina, who attacked Ursula. Using the trident, Ursula grew to a gigantic size to fight Messina. However, Messina spotted a shipwreck that had been pulled from the seafloor by Ursula's powers. Transforming into a waterspout, Messina plunged the ship's jagged prow into Ursula's chest, killing her. However, the trident was lost in the battle, leaving Messina without its might.

The Conflict Grows

Soon, the battles between villains became more and more frequent. Rasputin, a Russian mystic and necromancer, arrived in Eastern Europe, offering his services to the wicked Queen Grimhilde. However, Rasputin's treacherous reputation had preceded him, and Grimhilde refused him, to his humiliation. Seeking revenge, Rasputin used his magic to take control of the Queen's Magic Mirror. Taunting her, Rasputin then struck the Queen with a curse that turned her into a hag.

Grimhilde attempted to flee her kingdom, but this was not enough for Rasputin. Confronting the former Queen in the forest, Rasputin blasted lightning at a cliff she was standing on. Grimhilde fell to her death, followed by a large boulder. With the Queen dead, Rasputin laid claim to her castle and magical storehouse.

Meanwhile, in New York City, two major figures in the criminal underworld found themselves at odds. Brutal loan shark Bill Sykes called a meeting with Carface, a pit bull crimelord. Carface was behind on his debts, and Sykes threatened him. Knowing what happened to those who failed to pay back Sykes' loans, Carface decided to act.

Later, as Sykes was on his way to kill Carface, the pit bull and his lackey, Killer, set a trap. Pushing an abandoned car into the road, they waited for Sykes' limo. As planned, Sykes crashed into the car, killing him instantly.

In the caverns beneath England, the goblin Prince Froglip plotted a war against the "Sun People" (those who lived above ground). Rallying an army of goblins, Froglip led an assault on the castle of the tyrannical Prince John. With their network of tunnels circulating the entire castle, the goblins had the upper hand over John's guards. However, they made a mistake when they dug too far and breached a dam. The tunnels were flooded, and the goblin army was swept away. Froglip almost escaped, but John himself struck him down.

It wasn't long before news of the turmoil reached throughout the world. Seeking an advantage, the corrupt Governor of the Virginia Colony, Ratcliffe, hired a huntsman named Gaston to strike at key targets. One of these was a thuggish penguin named Drake.

Accompanied by his henchman, LeFou, Gaston sailed to Drake's lair in Antarctica. Drake's size and strength initially had the upper hand, but Gaston soon evened the odds with his weapons. Drake attempted to throw a large boulder at his foe, but Gaston tackled the penguin, knocking him to his death. Afterwards, Gaston took Drake's head as a trophy.

In Moscow, the sorceress Maleficent made a play for the throne of Russia. The young tzar was a simple obstacle to get past, but his adviser, Ludmilla, proved more difficult. Desiring the throne for herself, Ludmilla contacted Mok Swagger, who had cemented his control over Facilier's Voodoo Emporium.

With the aid of the Friends on the Other Side, Mok created a potion that would help Ludmilla. He told her it would give her great power, but at an equally great cost. Paying little heed to Mok's warning, Ludmilla drank the potion, which turned her into a dragon. Unfortunately, the potion also took Ludmilla's human mind. Driven only by an instinctual desire to take out Maleficent, the dragon attacked the witch's castle on Forbidden Mountain. Spotting the dragon as it climbed her castle, Maleficent summoned a lightning bolt which struck the former Ludmilla down.

Back in the Underworld, as Ludmilla's soul arrived, Hades managed to free himself from the River Styx. Knowing he could not challenge Hexxus in his current state, Hades traveled to the realm of Tartarus. Here, he met with Eris, the goddess of chaos, who he teamed up with to take back the Underworld.

Meanwhile, after assisting Ludmilla, Mok used his supercomputer to observe the other conflicts taking place across the globe. Seeing the results, Mok continued to plot his master scheme.

At last, recognizing a war was brewing, many villains began to gather their forces. In Egypt, the Horned King summoned his undead soldiers. On the outskirts of China, the Hunnic warlord Shan Yu gathered his army. In Virginia, Ratcliffe rallied his colonists. In France, Gaston gathered a mob of villagers to his banner. In Africa, the scheming lion Scar put together an army of hyenas. In England, Prince John rebuilt his army. In Europe, Rasputin began summoning demons to serve him. As these forces gathered, Hades and Eris watched in sinister delight. Little did they know a new power would soon rise in the East...

Power Plays

In the kingdom of Agrabah, the wicked sorcerer Zigzag arrived as an emissary of the conqueror King One-Eye. Zigzag tried to convince the Sultan of Agrabah and his grand vizier, Jafar, to surrender peacefully, but was rebuked. Zigzag warned the Sultan to ready his forces for war before departing. Knowing the armies of Agrabah stood little chance against the One-Eyes, and desiring the throne for himself, Jafar decided to take matters into his own hands.

As the One-Eyes arrived and prepared to lay siege to Agrabah, Jafar unveiled a magic lamp he had recently obtained, containing a powerful genie that would grant Jafar three wishes. Jafar used his first wish to become a mighty sorcerer, and rode out to confront Zigzag. As the two sorcerers rode towards each other, Jafar revealed his new powers by breathing fire, frightening Zigzag's horse and burning down the One-Eyes' siege machines. With his army in ruins, Zigzag tried to escape, but was blasted away by Jafar. Agrabah had been saved from one tyrant, only for Jafar to begin taking over the city.

In Africa, the deceitful lion Scar, having taken over a pride of lions by murdering his own brother, was concerned morale in his subjects was low. When a group of human infants were attacked by a bloodthirsty wolf, Scar Snout, Scar decided to save them as an example of his benevolence. Scar tackled the wolf, but underestimated his opponent's strength, allowing Scar Snout to toss the lion from a bridge. Recovering, Scar returned to the battle and turned the tables, tossing Scar Snout in turn from the bridge to his death.

After the death of Bill Sykes, Carface began building up his own criminal empire, but soon recieved word that Sykes' pet dobermans, Roscoe and Desoto, were hunting him down to exact vengeance. Fearing for his life, Carface contacted the criminal mastermind Cat R. Waul, placing a contract on Roscoe and Desoto. Waul's gang ambushed the dogs, but were on the verge of defeat until Waul himself stepped into the fray. Armed with a large revolver, Waul shot both Roscoe and Desoto to death.

In China, Shan Yu gathered his army of Huns to attack the fortress of the Snow Queen, who controlled a crucial mountain pass. Aware of the oncoming invasion, the Queen used her powers to trigger a massive avalanche. Shan Yu and his horde were buried in ice and snow before they could even set foot in the Queen's citadel.

Continuing his plots, Governor Ratcliffe hired two hunters, Clayton and Percival C. McLeach, to travel to Mexico and depose the tyrannical Aztec shaman, Tzekal Khan. Hearing of the contract, Khan prepared himself by using an ancient ritual to take control of a gigantic jaguar statue. As Clayton and McLeach approached Khan's hideout, they were ambushed by the statue, which easily shrugged off their attacks and tossed McLeach from a cliff into a river. Evading the jaguar, Clayton attempted to go after Khan himself, but soon became entangled in vines. As Khan taunted him, Clayton cut himself free, but fell from the clifftop, accidentally hanging himself from a vine. At the same time, McLeach plummeted to his own death over a waterfall.

Back in Paris, in the Hall of Justice, Ratcliffe called a meeting between his surviving forces: Gaston, obsessed government agent Kent Mansley, and brutal knight Sir Ruber. At the meeting, Ratcliffe revealed his true master, Frollo, who had survived his battle with Rothbart. As Frollo announced his plans to use the war to take control of the world and exterminate all magic users, Ruber made an attempt to murder the judge and seize power. Gaston intervened and subdued Ruber, but Ruber escaped before he could be captured.

Meanwhile, in the Underworld, Hexxus consulted the Fates about the events of the growing war. After seeing the recent rise of Frollo's faction, Hexxus decided to form his own alliance, resurrecting the vile Thrax, a murderous virus and old enemy of Hades.

Forging Alliances

After the meeting at the Hall of Justice, Ratcliffe and Frollo received word that Clayton and McLeach had been killed by Tzekal Khan, who was still alive. Displeased, Frollo ordered Ratcliffe to eliminate the sorcerer on his own. Ratcliffe assembled his army and set sail for the Aztec Empire.

Upon arrival, the colonists were immediately attacked by Khan's jaguar statue. Seizing a rifle, Ratcliffe depowered the statue with a well-placed shot to the eye. Angered by the loss of his weapon, Khan stepped forward to kill the army himself. Knowing of Khan's magic, Ratcliffe did not waste time waiting for him to use it. He brought his cannons forward, opening fire while also setting off kegs of gunpowder. Khan's temple was destroyed, and he was swept away in the river below. Not leaving anything to chance, Ratcliffe followed Khan downstream and had him arrested when he emerged from the water.

Despite having rebuilt his army to full strength after the war with the goblins, Prince John continued to have problems with the noble outlaw, Robin Hood. Wanting to be rid of him once and for all, John hired a criminal, Warren T. Rat, to capture Robin Hood. Soon, Warren succeeded where John had failed repeatedly, capturing Robin Hood and putting him to death.

Despite Warren's success, the greedy prince refused to pay the rat for his services. Warren brought his gang to England and laid siege to John's castle. During the conflict, a surprising revelation was made: Warren was actually a cat, disguising himself to further his schemes. The tide of battle soon turned in Warren's favor, and he burned John's castle to the ground.

Knowing Maleficent was a powerful enemy, Mok Swagger decided to try once again to get rid of her while the War was still young. Discovering the fearsome T. Rex, Sharptooth, Mok decided to use it against his rival. Using a mind control device, Mok took command of Sharptooth and had him attack Maleficent's castle.

As Sharptooth approached Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent saw him from her tower and summoned a forest of thorns to stop him. The dinosaur managed to break free, and Maleficent realized she would have to be more direct in killing him. She teleported to the ground, causing Sharptooth to charge her. Before he could harm the sorceress, however, she transformed into a dragon, shocking Mok, who was watching the battle via computer. The mighty dragon easily defeated Sharptooth, to Mok's dismay.

Seeking additional allies to serve Hexxus, Thrax journeyed to space and met up with Long John Silver's pirate crew. Silver agreed to lend his aid, but one of his crewmen, the brutal Scroop, refused to serve the new god of the dead. He ambushed Thrax, who disabled the ship's gravity, sending Scroop flying. Scroop managed to hold on to the ship's rigging, but Thrax pursued, severing the ropes holding Scroop down. The cutthroat was sent tumbling into the void.

On Bald Mountain, the powerful demon-god Chernabog was confronted by a rival, the Nightmare King. Chernabog began by summoning his army of demons and ghosts, which the Nightmare King easily destroyed. Next, Chernabog conjured a blast of hellfire, which struck the Nightmare King a mortal blow. The King was consumed by flames, and Chernabog laid claim to his domain.

Back in China, Shan Yu freed himself from the ice, along with several of his men. Suspecting the Hun would survive his battle with the Snow Queen, Frollo tracked him down and accepted him into his alliance. Meanwhile, in Tartarus, Hades expanded his own forces by returning the soul of Doctor Facilier to life in exchange for his aid against Hexxus.

Back in Europe, Rasputin located Ruber, still desiring to get revenge on Frollo. The Russian mystic allied with the evil knight, granting him the power to turn his followers into men of iron. At the Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent was approached by another visitor, but this time, he was friendly. The Horned King and Maleficent combined their forces in what would prove to be a truly terrifying alliance...

War Consumes the Multiverse

Around this time, skirmishes broke out among the villains inhabiting the CGI animation universes as well. In Halloween Town, the terrifying fiend known as Oogie Boogie was distressed to learn that a newcomer, the Other Mother, was being proclaimed more frightening than himself. Paying her a visit, Oogie was surprised to see the "frightening" Other Mother was seemingly just an ordinary woman. Oogie taunted her and tried to force her out of town, when the Other Mother revealed her true form: a thin, spider-like witch. This creature horrified even Oogie, who tried to escape. However, the Other Mother pursued him and, using a needle, cut open his sack-like body. The vermin which made up Oogie were destroyed in a vat of his Snake and Spider Stew. The Other Mother claimed victory, not knowing that one of Oogie's insects had escaped.

On a remote island, the wannabe superhero Syndrome sought to prove himself by defeating the cruel tyrant, Emperor Malthazar. During the confrontation, Syndrome impulsively used his powers to toss Malthazar hundreds of feet through the air. Malthazar survived, and returned to his underground base to rally his men and take out Syndrome. Unknown to Malthazar, Syndrome had tracked him down. The "hero" used an explosive device to cause a cave-in, draining a river into the base and drowning Malthazar's army. Syndrome left, just as Malthazar made his own escape.

Deep in space, the mad robot Madame Gasket had been dismantling her own robot brethren in a bid for power. Seeing Gasket as a threat to his own plans, the twisted machine known as AUTO had his robot guardsmen capture Gasket and bring her before him. Unintimidated, Gasket threatened to turn AUTO into scrap metal, whereupon AUTO activated his stronghold's defenses to take Gasket out. Gasket fought back, but in the end, she was thrown into a furnace and destroyed.

In the world of insects, the brutal grasshopper, Hopper, and his gang had long been terrorizing an ant colony, forcing them to pay them a tribute of food each year. On the brink of starvation, the desperate ants hired the cruel General Mandible to defend them. When the grasshoppers paid their next visit, Mandible met with them, telling Hopper to either leave the ants in peace or prepare for war. Hopper chose the latter.

A few weeks later, Mandible had assembled his army and marched on the grasshopper base. Hopper's gang met them, and both sides fought fiercely. In the end, though, the larger grasshoppers prevailed. Mandible was taken before Hopper, who killed his enemy by tossing him into the earth, where he was dashed on a large root.

Back in space, another large war was brewing between the armies of the evil Emperor Zurg and the alien warlord Galaxhar. Galaxhar's clone army triumphed over Zurg's robot forces, only for the Emperor himself to confront Galaxhar aboard his mothership. In single-combat, Zurg proved the victor, and he destroyed the ship by overloading the engines.

However, Zurg was unable to make it out in time, plunging down a shaft to what seemed to be certain death. At the last moment, however, the damaged warp core tore a hole in the fabric of the universe. Instead of dying, Zurg was transported to the hand-drawn animation universe, where he managed to take over an alien planet. Using the planet's computer systems to learn about the war going on between the villains, Zurg decided to create a new army and claim victory.

The War Continues

Deciding to test out their new minion and take out a threat to their power, Hades and Eris tasked Doctor Facilier with killing the powerful sorcerer, the Grand Duke of Owls. Facilier was returned to the realm of mortals, where he confronted the Duke in his treetop fortress. The Duke quickly sprung into action, using his magic breath to grow to enormous size and summon a whirlwind. This display did not deter Facilier, who used his own magic to shrink the Duke, making him easy to kill.

Elsewhere, the mad Professor Screweyes was putting on a show at his circus of fear, not knowing he had two visitors. One, Mok Swagger, was watching to see if Screweyes could prove himself to be a capable minion. The second, cattle rustler Alameda Slim, had come to steal the animals Screweyes used in his show. Slim set to work, using his hypnotic yodeling to enchant the animals, much to Mok's annoyance. However, Slim had underestimated the master of fear. Screweyes used the terrifying special effects in his circus to break Slim's mind, driving him insane. The horrified Slim was shot out of a cannon to his doom, while Mok watched with delight.

In Rothbart's hidden fortress, the sorcerer ordered his estranged partner, Clavious, to seek out the Forbidden Arts, a powerful magic orb. Although Clavious had no loyalty to his long-time rival, he agreed, hoping to use the Arts for himself. Clavious tracked down the Arts, only to discover another sorcerer had found them too: Jafar. The two evil magicians engaged in battle, seeming to be evenly matched. However, Jafar had Iago fly out of nowhere and knock the orb from its pedestal. Jafar escaped, having lost the Forbidden Arts, but killed his enemy in the resulting explosion.

Back in NIMH, Professor Ratigan continued to build up his power base, conferring with Warren T. Rat. However, Warren revealed that he knew Ratigan had murdered his predecessor, and planned on leaking this information to the public, making Ratigan an outcast and Warren the new most powerful man in NIMH. Knowing he had to act fast, Ratigan had his minion Fidget assemble materials for a secret weapon. The following day, Ratigan confronted Warren and his gang of cats, summoning a mechanical monstrosity, the Giant Mouse of Minsk. Terrified, Warren and his men fled, never to return.

Emperor Zurg finished constructing his base, which he named Planet Z. However, another alien warlord, Zygon, had been planning his own conquest of the planet for months, and was not about to cancel his plans over a change in leadership. Zygon's trained soldiers proved victorious over Zurg's newly-constructed robots in several conflicts, leading Zygon to personally approach Zurg to negotiate surrender. However, the ruthless Zurg was ready for him, blasting Zygon apart.

Back in the Stop-Motion universe, murderous nobleman Lord Barkis Bittern approached Oogie Boogie, who had managed to reform himself after his battle with the Other Mother. Bittern hoped Oogie could help him acquire more wealth through his gambling, but Oogie refused to share any of his riches. Oogie mercilessly tore Bittern apart with his torture devices before devouring the corrupt lord.

Despite Scar's attempts to bolster his reputation, a severe drought hit the Pride Lands, sending the lions into famine. Meeting with his mate, Zira, Scar decided to achieve through conquest what politics had failed to deliver. Assembling an army of hyenas and lions loyal to him and Zira, Scar swore to destroy any who stood in his way.

In Neverland, Frollo and Shan Yu met with the pirate Captain Hook, recruiting him and his crew to their faction. Mok revealed himself to Screweyes, impressed with his skills, and took him under his wing. As his reward for a successful mission, Eris revealed to Facilier that his killer was still alive and growing more powerful.

A new age of darkness swept into Agrabah as Jafar finalized his takeover, deposing the Sultan and taking him captive. And under the sea, the witch Morgana returned her sister, Ursula, to life.

Signs of Things to Come

Laying low after her battle with Ursula, Messina emerged again to take out another rival, fellow sorceress Madam Mim. Confronting Mim in her hut, Messina challenged her to a Wizard's Duel. Mim accepted, and the two shape-shifted into various animal forms to battle. When Mim's hut began to get damaged in the conflict, Mim took the battle outside, where she transformed into a powerful dragon. Unimpressed, Messina used her greater magical skill to summon a virus that infected Mim, leaving Messina with victory.

Feeling left out of Zira and Scar's alliance, Zira's son Nuka sought to prove himself as a warrior. Traveling to the Horned King's citadel, Nuka asked the necromancer to seek out an enemy for him to battle. The Horned King told Nuka of an elderly dog named Red that might prove a worthy adversary, and Nuka left to seek Red out, unaware the King had set him up. Red turned out to be a powerful demon, and easily defeated Nuka, crushing him.

The corrupt lawyer Lickboot phoned his client, wealthy socialite Cruella DeVille, with grave news: thanks to the chaos caused by the war, DeVille was now nearly bankrupt. Lickboot announced his intentions to leave Cruella for a wealthier client named Pristine Figg, much to Cruella's dismay. Confronting Lickboot and Figg at the latter's mansion, Cruella threatened the pair, to no avail. A few days later, Cruella made good on her threats by attacking Figg while she and Lickboot were out driving. After a car chase, Figg and Lickboot were rammed off the road into a pigpen. Humiliated and fearing for their lives, the pair went into hiding, allowing Cruella to restore her lost fortune by laying claim to Figg's.

With the Nightmare King destroyed, Chernabog now began laying waste to the eastern European landscape with his demonic hordes. Fearing Chernabog's power but unable to confront the demon-lord on their own, the sorcerers Rasputin and Rothbart forged an alliance. Traveling to Bald Mountain, the two sorcerers battled Chernabog and his demons. Although they made quick work of Chernabog's minions, Rasputin and Rothbart found that the Black God still trumped them in power. Retreating back to Grimhilde's castle, the two consulted the Magic Mirror for aid. The mirror revealed that another demon, the Emperor of Night, might be able to defeat Chernabog, and the two sorcerers conjured the Emperor. As predicted, the Emperor outfought Chernabog and banished him from the mortal world, ending his threat.

Meanwhile, seeking to avoid the more dangerous villains, Carface and Cat R. Waul went into hiding away from the war, establishing an illicit club. They employed the dancer Holli Would, who longed to travel to other universes and harbored a deep hatred of animals. Eventually, this hatred caused Holli to fall afoul of the club owners, and Holli sought out Emperor Zurg, who she had learned hailed from another universe. Zurg agreed to let Holli escape from Carface and Waul, using his technology to transport her to the live-action universe.

Unfortunately, Holli soon learned that a group of weasels calling themselves the Toon Patrol had been tasked by their employer with preventing anyone from the animated universe from intruding in their dimension. Chased by the Toon Patrol's leader, Wise Guy, Holli sought out the Spike of Power, which would grant her power over dimensional energy. Finding the Spike, Holli was turned back into her animated form while remaining in the live-action universe, and kicked Wise Guy from the tower where the Spike rested.

After being restored to life, Ursula sought power on land in order to find and reclaim the Trident. Learning of Frollo's faction, Ursula transformed herself into a beautiful woman, "Vanessa", and seduced Frollo, tightening her control over him with hypnosis.

Rasputin, having presented Ruber with Rothbart's services, was confronted by another sorcerer: Zigzag, who had survived his attempted invasion of Agrabah. Along with Rothbart, Zigzag was also accepted into Ruber's alliance.

Meanwhile, back in France, the noblewoman Lady Tremaine discovered Urusla's plot. To buy her silence, Ursula granted Tremaine a magic wand that would grant her magical power of her own. Accepting Ursula's gift, Tremaine also inducted herself into Frollo's alliance. However, Ursula was dismayed when she discovered Morgana had taken the Trident as her own. Ursula swore revenge on her sister.

Discovering the mortally-wounded Nuka, Zira watched with horror as her son died in front of her. The lioness vowed to find and punish Nuka's killer, while Red met up with his true master: Hexxus, God of the Dead.

Crime and Sorcery

Still building his own faction, Ruber learned of the band of 40 Thieves and sought to acquire their services. The leader of the thieves, Sa'Luk, refused to cooperate, but said that Ruber could win control of the band by facing him in mortal combat. Facing his enemy on a mountaintop, Ruber took advantage of a loophole in the rules and called in his pet griffin to aid him, casting Sa'Luk down.

In the swamps of Louisiana, arch criminal Madam Medusa was closing in on the legendary diamond known as the Devil's Eye. Hearing of this through his second in command, Killer, Carface decided to lay claim to the gemstone before Medusa. Ambushing Medusa while she was in town, Carface tried to gun her down, but she managed to escape in her car. Not one to give up easily, Carface next tracked Medusa to her riverboat, only to be kicked off and chased away by her alligators, Brutus and Nero.

Knowing Zira was looking for her son's killer, Red decided to nip this threat in the bud. He sent Claudandus, a feline serial killer, to find and eliminate Scar and Zira's ally, the dreaded tiger Shere Khan. The two killer cats squared off in a burning house, but Khan overcame his enemy, slicing open his stomach. His organs spilling out, Claudandus was left to a horrifying death while Khan went to inform Scar and Zira of the attempt on his life.

Returning to his base after the battle with Sa'Luk, Ruber tasked Rothbart with finding a powerful magic potion in the possession of the Inca sorceress Yzma. Although Ruber never told Rothbart why he needed the potion, Rothbart reluctantly sent his lover, Zelda, to retrieve the potion. Infiltrating the Inca capital, Zelda was discovered by Yzma, who began battling the intruder. Zelda proved more powerful in combat, but Yzma won by knocking her potion collection down on the other sorceress, consuming her in a blaze of fire.

The greedy puppeteer, Stromboli, found himself being upstaged by a newcomer named Puppetino, who began attracting audiences and money away from Stromboli. Furious but with no fighting ability to speak of, Stromboli hired Doctor Facilier to dispose of Puppetino. Facilier accepted, not informing Stromboli that he had already been sent by Hades and Eris to kill Puppetino, who was a secret servant of the Emperor of the Night. Confronting Puppetino after one of his shows, Facilier used his voodoo dolls against Puppetino, transforming the mad puppeteer into a lifeless puppet himself.

Hearing of Carface and Cat R. Waul's criminal syndicate, Cruella DeVille saw the organization as a threat to her newly regained wealth. Hiring a butler named Edgar, who had experience in dealing with cats, Cruella ordered him to take out Waul. Unfortunately, Waul had already heard about the planned hit and laid a trap for Edgar. Sending his gang to ambush Edgar on the road, Waul succeeded in sending Edgar packing.

In the CGI universe, Malthazar was seeking new power after the loss of his army. Hearing that the hair of a young maiden, Rapunzel, could grant eternal life, the tyrant sought her out. However, he fell afoul of Rapunzel's caretaker, Gothel, who was already using the hair to sustain her own life. A struggle ensued, and Malthazar ended up slicing Rapunzel's hair off, making it lose its power. Rapidly aging, Gothel was cast out of her tower by Malthazar, collapsing into dust as she hit the ground.

Planning a new offensive, Ratcliffe tried to speak to Frollo in the Hall of Justice, but, consumed by his desire for "Vanessa", Frollo sent the Governor away. Confused and angered by Frollo's lack of action, Ratcliffe met with Kent Mansley and his newest general, Lyle Rourke, to take action behind Frollo's back.

After hearing of her old associate Medusa's own run in with Carface and Cat R. Waul, Cruella gave her a call, requesting that the two of them combine forces to resist the change in the criminal underworld. Medusa joyfully accepted.

After his death at the hands of the Horned King, Rameses made the perilous journey to the realm of Tartarus, where he was found by Eris. The dark goddess, impressed by Rameses' force of will, took him in and informed him of how his former kingdom had been claimed by the Horned King and Maleficent, who were terrorizing the population.

Making it back to the Pride Lands, Shere Khan met up with Scar and Zira, who he informed about Red and his role in their son's death. Zira swore to make Red pay for his crime.

Although upset by Zelda's failure, Ruber was able to find the time to welcome the dark sorcerer Nekron into his alliance. Meanwhile, the war on Earth had attracted an alien race, the Drej, who planned to destroy all life on Earth and make it their own.

Rise of Hades

Tasked with overseeing Ratcliffe's latest offensive, Kent Mansley sent Captain Hook and Lyle Rourke to assassinate the wizard Blackwolf, who was amassing an army of mutants. Rourke and his team of mercenaries laid siege to Blackwolf's castle, engaging the mutants in a bloody battle, with Shan Yu and his Huns appearing to lend Rourke a hand. While the armies were occupied on the battlefield, Hook infiltrated Blackwolf's castle and shot the wizard dead.

Seeking to expand his power into space, Hexxus sent his second-in-command Thrax to attack Emperor Zurg. Thrax landed on Planet Z to find Zurg holding a conference with the Drej to create an alliance to attack Earth. When Thrax sabotaged the power generators for Zurg's base, the Emperor's right-hand-man Warp Darkmatter attacked the intruder. The super-soldier battled the virus through the halls, but Thrax used explosives to take out Darkmatter, compromising the base.

In the realm of Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts had decided to remain neutral during the war, concerned only with herself. That all changed when she invited child actress Darla Dimple to entertain her. The temperamental Queen threw a fit when she became bored with Dimple's performance and ordered her guards to arrest Dimple when she talked back. However, Dimple's giant bodyguard Max came to her defense, scattering the Queen's card soldiers and even overthrowing the Queen herself. With the Queen out of the way, Darla claimed the throne of Wonderland for herself.

Hearing rumors that Lady Tremaine was a magic-user, Kent Mansley decided to investigate this breach of Frollo's anti-magic laws. Paying a visit to Tremaine's estate, Mansley was rebuffed, but returned with military backup. Threatened, Tremaine revealed her magic wand and attacked Mansley's forces, destroying tanks and even a nuclear missile launched against her. Unable to stop her, Mansley fled, swearing to inform Frollo of Tremaine's treachery.

Back in NIMH, Ratigan faced another threat to his power in the would-be Mouse King. The King had recruited an army and confronted Ratigan at his home, only for the evil professor to call in another secret weapon: Lady Tremaine's pet cat, Lucifer. Lucifer easily defeated the Mouse King's army, and badly injured the King himself, forcing him to put his plans on hold.

Seeing Ruber's new general Nekron as a possible ally, Jafar decided to test him against his minion Merlock. Told he would be granted use of Jafar's magic lamp if he slew Nekron, Merlock took the form of a griffin and set out to the sorcerer's ice fortress. Informed by his men of Merlock's approach, Nekron used his telekinisis to tear Merlock's magical amulet from his grasp, robbing him of its power. Returned to his normal form, Merlock helplessly fell to his death, much to Jafar's delight.

Returning to Hades' base in Tartarus, Eris introduced him to her new minion Rameses, to Facilier's chagrin. Finding that Hades had still made little way in reclaiming the Underworld, Eris accused him of cowardice and challenged him to defeat the Emperor of the Night to prove himself. Hades accepted the challenge, and Eris granted him a powerful spellbook to use in the battle. The demonic Emperor nearly proved a match for Hades, but with the aid of Eris' spellbook, Hades banished him back to his own realm.

After Merlock's death, Jafar approached Nekron, who accepted the other sorcerer as an advisor. The two men then began to plot to overthrow Ruber. Meanwhile, although Thrax left Planet Z after defeating Darkmatter, Mok took advantage of the damage to take over the planet's remaining systems, forcing Zurg to retreat in fury.

On the Jolly Roger, Frollo and "Vanessa"'s wedding day had come, with Hook reluctantly serving as the minister. Ratcliffe once more attempted to talk Frollo out of this foolish tryst, but the wedding was halted by Morgana, who had come to ruin her sister's plot. Her deception revealed, Ursula returned to her own form and attacked Morgana, while Frollo watched in horror.

As Darla Dimple cemented her control of Wonderland, Lady Tremaine travelled to the Forbidden Mountain. After seeing Frollo come back to his senses, Tremaine feared that Mansley would inform the judge of her transgressions, and so she left Frollo's alliance to pledge her loyalty to Maleficent and the Horned King.

In the Underworld, Hexxus and his generals were informed by the Fates that Hades was on the warpath. Hexxus prepared his forces, while in the realm of mortals, Messina and her lover El Supremo prepared for an invasion of Britain.

War for the Underworld

After Prince John was overthrown by Warren T. Rat, the thug known as Pete took advantage of the situation to have himself declared king of England. His coronation ceremony was interrupted, however, when El Supremo and his forces stormed the palace, hoping to take the throne for their own agenda. Pete engaged Supremo in a swordfight, but was soon defeated.

In Africa, Scar found his own leadership challenged by an upstart husky by the name of Steele. The lion battled the dog for supremacy, soon casting his enemy from a cliffside. Steele survived the fall, but Scar's hyenas, seeing that Steele would not be their new leader, attacked the dog and devoured him alive.

Coming back to his senses after the failed wedding to Vanessa, Frollo recommitted himself to his expanding influence, sending Captain Hook to take the kingdom ruled by King Haggard. As Hook's crew invaded Haggard's castle, the king himself stepped in to fight off the invaders. Hook defeated Haggard in a swordfight and cast the wicked king from a cliff.

Having been told the true story of her son's death by Shere Khan, Zira paid a visit to the Horned King's citadel. Knowing the King had been the one who sent Nuka on his foolish quest, Zira demanded he aid her in battling Red. Promised that he would be able to lay claim to Red's power, the King agreed, and the two set out to confront the cat demon. While Zira distracted Red in physical combat, the Horned King used the Black Cauldron to imprison the demon, granting Zira her vengeance.

Unnerved by the loss of one of his generals and Hades' growing power, Hexxus sent his minions Pain and Panic to Egypt to request an alliance with the Horned King's ally, Maleficent. The sorceress, unimpressed by the minor demons, demanded they prove their worth in a battle with her high priests, Hotep and Huy. Thinking the battle would be easy, Pain and Panic agreed, only to be defeated by Hotep and Huy's magic.

At last, Hades sent word to Hexxus to meet him in battle once more. Hexxus departed the Underworld, leaving it in the command of Thrax, while he went to duel Hades. Meanwhile, Hades sent Doctor Facilier to take back the Underworld from Hexxus' forces. The voodoo doctor sent his shadow demons against the deadly virus, but Thrax's explosives and fire attacks made quick work of them. However, Facilier surprised Thrax and knocked him into the River Styx, where Thrax was destroyed in the unholy waters.

Hexxus returned to the world of mortals to meet Hades in combat, using his powers to possess a giant machine to use as a weapon. However, Hades had prepared a deadly surprise, freeing the ancient Firebird spirit to wage battle for him. Although the Firebird reduced Hexxus to an oily skeleton, Hexxus could not be killed so easily. Realizing the only way to defeat Hexxus was to undo his previous mistake of releasing him, Hades used the Firebird's power to re-imprison Hexxus in his tree prison.

Returning to the Underworld and reclaiming the title of god of the dead, Hades met up with Pain and Panic, who had been cast out of Egypt after their humiliation. Hades promised to make them pay for their treachery, then met with Eris, who he had previously promised joint rule of the Underworld in exchange for her aid. Instead, Hades told the goddess of chaos that she was of no further use to him, and cast her out of his reclaimed realm.

Infuriated by this betrayal, Eris and Rameses presented themselves to Ruber and his alliance, who welcomed the dark goddess into their ranks. Rasputin took advantage of the alliance to sell his soul to Eris, granting him greater powers and bonding his lifeforce to his reliquary.

Meanwhile, on Planet Z, Mok used his new control over Zurg's computers to download information on dimensional travel, a key part of his master plan. He and Professor Screweyes used this new information to contact Holli Would and bring her into his alliance.

In Wonderland, Darla Dimple brought the deposed Pete into her regime, not knowing he was plotting to overthrow her and take Wonderland for his own. In the meantime, Dimple was already planning her next big performance...

The End Begins

Taking a break from his work with Frollo, Gaston decided to stop at Carface and Cat R. Waul's nightclub for a night of relaxation. Things went downhill when a thug named Tyler started causing trouble in the club, forcing Gaston to step in. Taking up his blunderbuss, Gaston shot Tyler multiple times, seemingly killing him. Grateful that this interruption had been dealt with, Gaston's militia and the nightclub patrons celebrated with a night of excess.

With their ranks bolstered with the addition of Rameses and the patronage of Eris, Ruber's forces began their strike against their enemies. Eager for revenge, Rameses suggested they begin with assaulting the Horned King's citadel. Storming the castle, Ruber personally slew the Horned King's dragon guards, allowing Ramses and the remnants of the Egyptian army to pour inside. The King's barbarian warriors came to meet them, only to be turned back by Rothbart and Zigzag's magic attacks. At last, the King sent his undead Cauldron Born army out to break the siege. They proved unbeatable in combat, but while the King was distracted, Rasputin snuck in and sabotaged the Black Cauldron. With the Cauldron's magic undone, the Cauldron Born fell apart and the Horned King himself was consumed by his own weapon.

Although pleased with the strike against King Haggard, Frollo still felt too many enemies had popped up while he was under Vanessa's spell. Concerned with Nekron's rising power base, Frollo decided that he and Ratcliffe should attack Nekron's ice fortress in person. Breaching the defenses assisted by a small personal guard, Frollo engaged the sorcerer in combat. He was overwhelmed by Nekron's powers, but when Ratcliffe burst in, Nekron was distracted enough that Frollo was able to stab him in the back. Frollo and Ratcliffe beat a hasty retreat as Nekron's fortress collapsed, not knowing that Jafar had also escaped, turning his back on his ally when his usefulness ran out.

Back in NIMH, Ratigan found himself confronted by another upstart, the mad scientist Martin Brisby. Recognizing Martin posed little threat, and with another pressing engagement, Ratigan decided not to waste his time in fighting Martin directly, instead setting up a deathtrap and departing in his flying machine. Unable to prevent Ratigan's escape, Martin was killed when the Professor's deathtrap set off a fiery explosion.

After the fall of the Horned King, Ruber sent Zigzag to retrieve the magic potion from Yzma, still needing it if his plans were to succeed. Zigzag first attempted the diplomatic approach, but Yzma dismissed his efforts. Next, sending his pet crocodiles to distract Yzma, Zigzag snuck into her secret labs, only to be discovered. The mad Inca genius sent her guards after him, only for Zigzag to use his powers to transform them into animals. Attempting to steal back her potion, Yzma tried to use a spell of her own to attack Zigzag, only to transform herself into a harmless kitten. With his enemy dealt with, Zigzag was finally able to escape with the potion.

Learning of Thrax's death, Zurg decided to take back his tower, not knowing Mok had taken it for his own. As the alien warlord entered his base, he was confronted by Professor Screweyes, who unleashed his circus' latest attraction against Zurg: a mind-controlled Sharptooth. However, Screweyes had not counted on Zurg's still remaining technology. Using his Unimind device, Zurg hijacked control of Sharptooth, turning him on Screweyes. In addition, Zurg also took control of Screweyes' pet crows, having them tear their master apart.

Seeking to make up for Nekron's death, Jafar also invaded Planet Z with the aim of taking out Mok himself. Mok, already having prepared for battle with Zurg, turned his attention to the new arrival, countering Jafar's magic attacks and using his technology to strike back. Seeing this assault was going nowhere, Jafar struck down Mok's lackey Zip, who had been providing support in the battle. Realizing it might be a good time to retreat, Mok escaped in his zeppelin, giving up Planet Z now that he had the data he needed.

With the destruction of the Horned King, Maleficent sought out Frollo as a new ally. Arriving at the Hall of Justice and turning back Frollo's guards when they tried to attack her, Maleficent proposed an alliance with Frollo's faction. Although he despised magic and its users, Frollo realized that he might need a sorcerer on his side if he was to win the war, and reluctantly accepted Maleficent's offer.

Barely alive after the fight with Gaston, Tyler drank an immortality potion he had prepared for just such an occasion, restoring himself. He, along with Messina and El Supremo, impressed by Ruber's recent successes, decided to throw in their lot with him.

With Planet Z now his again, Zurg and his men restored Warp Darkmatter. Having witnessed the power of Zurg's forces, Jafar informed the Drej Queen that Zurg may prove a threat to them. Deciding to put a hold on their plans for Earth, the Drej mobilized to launch a preemptive strike against Zurg.

Meanwhile, with Yzma's potion now his at last, Ruber took the first step of his master plan by using it to bind the powerful sword Excalibur to his hand, making himself nigh-unstoppable. The dawning of a new age had begun...

Gang War

In a plot to expand their criminal operations, Carface and Cat R. Waul convinced Darla Dimple, queen of Wonderland, to back their nightclub. To seal the agreement, Dimple requested a special performance at the club. The media attention this brought attracted the attention of Cruella DeVille, who created an alliance along with Madam Medusa in an effort to take over the criminal underworld: Horace and Jasper, Cruella's usual lackeys; Snoops, Medusa's primary henchman; Edgar the butler, still in Cruella's employ; and the lawyer Lickboot, who had returned as Cruella's financial backer. Together, the group planned to crash the nightclub during Dimple's performance.

Scouting the nightclub during the opening acts leading up to the big show, Edgar was discovered by Dimple's own monstrous butler, Max. Edgar escaped to the rooftop while being pursued by Max, knocking the rival butler out onto a giant balloon float of Dimple. Max began pulling himself back to the roof, but thinking quickly, Edgar retrieved a pitchfork and burst the balloon, sending Max soaring off into the night.

Back in the nightclub, Pete took the opportunity to make his move, upstaging Dimple with a performance of his own. The club's patrons adored Pete's act, but the infuriated Dimple snuck away to sabotage her traitorous second-in-command's moment of glory. Pete had anticipated this, and had booby-trapped the stage equipment to cause Dimple's sabotage to backfire. With Dimple humiliated in front of the entire nightclub, Pete dumped her into the basement, laying claim to the throne of Wonderland.

While this was going on, Edgar opened up the nightclub to the rest of Cruella's gang, who stormed in and confronted Carface and his cronies. Initially, the dog and cat thugs had the upper hand, outnumbering and attacking Horace, Jasper, and Edgar. However, the tables turned when Snoops led Brutus and Nero, Medusa's pet alligators, into the battle, sending the animal gangsters into a retreat.

Escaping the nightclub, Carface hijacked a police cruiser and attempted to escape town. Cruella, Horace, and Jasper pursued in their own car. As Carface struggled to gain footing on his vehicle, Cruella climbed out onto the hood of her own, knocking Carface into a passing newspaper bin, defeating the crimelord.

Meanwhile, Cat R. Waul decided to make a last stand at the club, personally confronting Medusa as she stormed in. Armed with a shotgun, Medusa fought off Waul's remaining henchmen, before being caught off guard and turned back by T. R. Chula, Waul's lieutenant. Recovering, Medusa caught Waul and his last remaining men in a trap, blasting them off into the air. They survived, but were caught by a passing train and taken to an unknown location.

Learning that the Drej had turned their sights on him, Emperor Zurg decided to open a position for another general, a position sought out by the rogue Galactic Federation Captain Gantu. As a test of his skills, Zurg sent Gantu after Preed, an alien mercenary hired by the Drej as a spy. Confronted by Gantu, Preed tried to bluff his way out with a blaster pistol, but Gantu shot and killed the spy with his own gun.

Searching for new territory, the cruel rabbit General Woundwort found himself in the home of the hypnotic python, Kaa. Woundwart threatened the serpent and demanded he cede his territory over to him, but Kaa was unimpressed. Aware the general might kill him in a direct fight, Kaa instead hypnotized a passing dog into doing his fighting instead. The dog got the better of Woundwart, tearing him to shreds.

Aware of Yzma's past successes, Maleficent sought out the kitten scientist and restored her to human form. In return, Maleficent demanded that Yzma take care of a rising threat presented by the troll queen, Gnorga. Travelling to the underground kingdom of the trolls, Yzma found Gnorga and her husband, provoking their wrath. Attempting to escape back to the surface, Yzma was pursued by the royal family, forcing her to use a potion to transform the queen into a rosebush.

Aware the war was reaching its final stages, Frollo held a meeting between his generals and allies, including Maleficent, Yzma, Captain Hook, Ratcliffe, Rourke, Gaston, and Kent Mansley. Maleficent used the meeting to bring Lady Tremaine back into the alliance, even placing her above Mansley in rank. As Mansley departed the meeting in a rage, he was met by a strange old man, who suggested the government agent take his talents to Ruber. Mansley left in thought, not knowing the old man was Jafar in disguise.

Back on Planet Z, Zurg finalized his preparations for war with the Drej, bringing in Gantu after his successful mission. With his forces complete, Zurg plotted to strike first, heading off the Drej army en route to Earth.

Travelling to Queen Grimhilde's old castle, Kent Mansley decided to betray Frollo and join Ruber's army, which by now included Rothbart, the Magic Mirror, Rasputin, Rameses, Eris, Tyler, Messina, and El Supremo. Mansley brought with him important information regarding the defenses Frollo had in Paris, which Ruber planned to be his next target.

On neutral ground, Zigzag and Shan Yu met to discuss the latest developments in their respective factions. Shan Yu told his old friend that he was ready for whatever lay ahead, before Zigzag departed.

Across the world and throughout the universe, the armies of the greatest villains to ever live prepared for the final battle...

Side Conflicts

In addition to the main battles and campaigns of the First War, a few other conflicts sprang up on the sidelines. While most of these were relatively minor in scope, some would set in motion events that would prove to be major deciding factors in later battles of the First and Second Wars.

After being granted her magic wand by Ursula, Lady Tremaine travelled to Moonscar Island to claim it for Frollo's faction, either by diplomacy or force. Meeting with the Island's owner, Miss Simone Lenoir, Tremaine met with resistance, forcing her to unveil her wand and clash with Lenoir, who proved to be both a voodoo sorceress and a werecat. A stray bolt of Tremaine's magic awoke a horde of zombies which attacked Lenoir, and Tremaine used the distraction to destroy her adversary.

Prior to his death at Nekron's hands, Merlock came into conflict with the late Queen Grimhilde's brother, Lord Maliss. Both sorcerers set their sights on a magic lamp, hoping to use its power to prove themselves to one of the major villain factions. Told of the lamp's location by Jafar, Merlock claimed it first, and the genie imprisoned inside slew the wolves Maliss had sent after Merlock. Raising a mountain into the sky to serve as his personal fortress, Merlock next clashed with Maliss himself, who had taken the form of a dragon. After a short battle, Merlock used the lamp to turn Maliss to stone.

In a castle in France, the living pipe organ Forte was visited by the cruel Doctor Greed, who had heard of Forte's musical talent. The maestro was flattered, until Greed told him that he wanted Forte to compose a jingle to advertise a new sausage machine. Gravely insulted, Forte instead used the power of his music to collapse the building on Greed and his henchmen.

Having gained three magic crystals and beginning to use their power to freeze the world, the toy-like sorcerer Zeebad came across the former ruler of the Sunnydale Daycare toys, Lotso. Believing Lotso could be a valuable ally, Zeebad demonstrated his power to the teddy bear, but Lotso only saw this as a reason to take the crystals' power for his own. Seeing no further use for Lotso, Zeebad attempted to leave in a train, but Lotso managed to climb on board and sabotage it, causing it to crash. Angered, the sorcerer chased Lotso off with his magic. Lotso was found by a garbageman, who tied him to the front of his truck, much to Zeebad's amusement.

After coming into possession of the Trident, Morgana began her take over of the oceans. The demonic Spirit of the Book and her unwitting servant Nicholas observed this and went to thwart her. Morgana initially dismissed the Spirit and Nicholas as a threat, but Nicholas used the book to summon a demonic bird, which attacked Morgana. Using the Trident, the sea witch destroyed the bird and turned her attention to the Spirit, sealing it back in the book.

On the distant planet of Cybertron, the robotic Decepticons had been unaware of the war taking place on Earth until their scout Laserbeak informed his master, the mighty Megatron. At first, Megatron was amused by what he saw as a petty squable between the weak flesh creatures of Earth, but decided Earth's resources could be useful to him. Attempting to secure the spaceways around Earth, Megatron came into conflict with Captain Gantu of the Galactic Alliance. The Decepticon leader destroyed Gantu's ship, but was overcome as he went to confront Gantu on the space station where he landed. Badly damaged, Megatron was taken down to Earth by his men, where he came to Mok Swagger's attention. Making improvements to Megatron's body, Mok kept him in reserve as part of a backup plan.

Final Offensives

As Ruber's ultimate plan unfolded, he gained entry into Paris by concealing his forces in unassuming carriages, as Rasputin's demons unlocked the city gates. Upon reaching the center of the city, Ruber revealed himself and his iron soldiers began clashing with Frollo's guardsmen. Zigzag, Rasputin, and Kent Mansley entered the fray as well, supported by Tyler's lizardmen. Hunnic archers manned the walls and fought off the lizardmen, until Mansley's tanks blasted them to pieces. El Supremo's terrorists joined the fight soon after, easily outgunning Frollo's guards. As Ruber's griffin nearly killed Frollo, Ratcliffe arrived and led his own soldiers against Tyler's lizards. Seeing Tyler, Gaston lept in and shot his second-in-command, enraging the general. Tyler soon took revenge by shoving Gaston from the city walls to his death. Yzma and Kronk next attempted to lead an air assault, only for Rasputin to shoot her down.

As the attack on Paris continued, Rameses and Rothbart led an offensive against Maleficent's holdings in Egypt. Maleficent summoned a wall of fire to stop Ramses and the free Egyptian army, but Rothbart used his own magic to nullify it. Deciding to strike against them, Tremaine transformed Lucifer into a human being, giving him a twisted carriage to ride into battle against Ramses. Both the former king and Lucifer were knocked from their vehicles in the ensuing conflict, but Ramses recovered. As the army reached the walls of Maleficent's palace, Hotep and Huy were ambushed by lizardmen, only narrowly escaping death due to the timely arrival of Maleficent's goons. Upon his arrival, however, Rothbart used his magic to turn the goons' weapons into harmless bubbles. Tremaine stepped in to engage her fellow sorcerer, but Ramses deflected a magic blast with his sword, turning it back on Tremaine, transforming her into a frog. Concerned they might be losing the battle, Maleficent's raven Diablo attempted to flee, only for Rothbart to turn him to stone. The rest of the Egyptian army stormed in and defeated the goons, while Maleficent decided to retreat, with Rothbart in pursuit.

Striking against France's navy, Eris unleashed her Kraken on Captain Hook's flagship, the Jolly Roger. The sea monster quickly overcame Hook's crew, knocking them off the ship and leaving Hook alone. After his experiences in the war, however, Hook was a changed man. Gone was the cowardly, bumbling pirate captain of years past, leaving in his wake a cold and bloodthirsty warrior. Slicing through the ropes of the mast with his sword, Hook speared the beast through its eyes, forcing Eris to leave to plot again.

In the spaceways near Earth, the Drej fleet arrived, only to be cut off by Zurg's army. Gantu lead Zurg's fighters in clearing out the Drej ships, leaving the way open for Darkmatter and Zurg's Hornet robots to board the Drej mothership, the Alahenena. With the Hornets taking out the Drej infantry and Darkmatter and Gantu working together to eliminate the remaining air support, Zurg activated Planet Z's orbital cannon to destroy the Alahenena, killing the Drej Queen, with Darkmatter and Gantu escaping in the nick of time.

Back in Paris, Hades appeared out of nowhere, deciding to cause chaos by summoning his Hydra in the middle of the opposing armies. Ruber's griffin attacked, slicing off the Hydra's head, only for more to appear in its place. Eris ruined Hades' fun by bringing in Sharptooth, who buried the serpent in a rockslide. A disguised Jafar and his minion Abis Mal intervened next, with Jafar slaying the griffin and Mal destroying Tyler's last immortality potion. El Supremo and Messina brought in their snake airship to bring down the last of Frollo's defenses, killing Rourke when he tried to take it down. Mortally wounded herself, Rourke's lieutenant Helga took out the airship with a well-placed shot, killing El Supremo as well. Tyler tried to storm the Hall of Justice, but Shan Yu cut him off, killing him in a swordfight. Eager to avenge her lover's death, Messina hypnotized Ratcliffe's men, turning them against him and leaving an opening for Zigzag to break into the Hall of Justice. He found the way barred by Yzma, who had prepared herself for a rematch and caught the sorcerer in a trap, plunging him into a pit of his own crocodiles, where he was devoured. With Rasputin's demons causing chaos throughout the French troops, and Frollo's remaining generals deciding to flee the battle, Frollo took refuge in Notre Dame Cathedral, pursued by Ruber himself.

The First War Ends

Once again secure in his power over the Underworld, Hades freed the Titans in an ploy to take down Zeus and rule Olympus. Knowing of Hades' plan and still seeking vengeance for his betrayal, Eris decided to summon a group of her own monsters: a gigantic Roc, Sharptooth, a fearsome Dragon, and the demonic Red Bull. Hades sent his Titans in to battle Eris' creatures, with the Rock Titan quickly crushing the Roc, only to have its heads blown off by the Dragon. The Titans recovered, and the Lava Titan smothered the Bull in magma as the Wind Titan blew Sharptooth off a cliff to its death. Watching her forces crumble before the might of the Titans, Eris was forced to retreat.

Returning to Forbidden Mountain after her defeat in Egypt, Maleficent was surprised by Rothbart, who had managed to track her back to her base. As Rothbart easily defeated Maleficent's remaining troops, the sorceress' patience ran thin, and she transformed herself into her dragon form. Initially shocked, Rothbart countered by taking his Great Animal form, and the two began their duel. Maleficent ignited the ground with her fire breath, but Rothbart simply took to the air. It was to no avail, as Maleficent mauled the sorcerer, causing him to fall from the sky and explode in a magic backlash.

Retreating into Notre Dame after his army's crushing defeat in the defense of Paris, Frollo found Ruber waiting for him inside. The two leaders drew their swords and fought, with the battle spilling out onto the rooftop. Frollo ultimately found himself outmatched by Ruber's strength and experience, and was cast from the rooftop into the fires that raged in the city below.

At long last, and with no more rivals making claims to his power, Ratigan declared himself king of NIMH. However, his coronation did not go entirely to plan, as the Mouse King, having survived his battle with Lucifer, attempted to stage a coup. A fearsome battle raged in the throne room, until Ratigan knocked the Mouse King from a tower to his death.

After having her wedding and chance at ultimate power ruined by Morgana, Ursula had been battling her sister for supremacy and possession of the Trident. This battle was interrupted by Messina, who had returned to the seas to make a new start after the death of El Supremo. Evading Undertow, Morgana's shark minion, Messina summoned a storm that knocked the Trident from Morgana's grasp. Claiming the Trident once again, Ursula used it to freeze her sister alive in a block of ice, before beginning a rematch with Messina. The sorceress took the upper hand, destroying Ursula's eel lackeys Flotsam and Jetsam. Recovering, Ursula managed to blast Messina with a magic bolt, finally killing her.

At last, the time was right for Mok to initiate his master plan. Using Zurg's stolen technology, Mok opened a portal to the live-action universe and sent Holli Would through with orders for her to plant a mysterious transceiver on the other side. Unfortunately, the portal was also spotted by Captain Hook and his crew, who were also transported into the other universe. As Holli planted the transceiver, opening a rift in the space/time continuum, Hook confronted her and shot the device, sucking Holli inside to her doom.

Picking through the ashes of Paris and looking for a way to turn the events of the battle to their advantages, Jafar and Rasputin came face to face. With neither sorcerer willing to concede to the other, they began a duel, with Rasputin using his reliquary to transform the ruins into a magic battlefield. Jafar took the form of a giant cobra, but Rasputin countered with magic blasts, badly injuring the former vizier. Seeing the time was right, Jafar made his final wish from his magic lamp, becoming an all-powerful genie. However, this power came with a cost, as Jafar was bound to his own lamp and was imprisoned within it. Before his fall, however, a stray magic bolt struck Rasputin's reliquary, causing the Russian mystic to wither to dust.

Although Holli had fallen, the transceiver in the live-action universe had stayed operational long enough to suit Mok's ends. He at last put the final stage of his plan into motion, summoning a powerful demon, strong enough to conquer the entire multiverse for Mok. However, upon learning of this, the Friends on the Other Side felt Mok had grown too powerful for his own good, and went back to Doctor Facilier, who arrived on the scene just as Mok summoned his demon. With his Friends by his side, Facilier turned the tables on Mok and banished the demon back into the netherworld. Turning his attention to his old enemy, Facilier at last took his revenge by knocking the mastermind into the portal before it closed.

At long last, the war had come to an end, and to the victors went the spoils. Hades, with the aid of the Titans, succeeded in overthrowing Zeus and conquering Olympus, becoming ruler of the gods. Using the Trident, Ursula made herself ruler of the world's oceans. Ratigan solidified his control over NIMH, ushering the rat city into an age of darkness. Although he lost his power in France, Ratcliffe returned to England and overthrew the king, becoming king of the British Empire. Shan Yu also returned to his home, at last conquering the Chinese Empire. Yzma ascended to become empress of the Incas, and Ramses reclaimed his throne in Egypt, exiling Hotep and Huy for their treachery. He also sent Kent Mansley a gift, restoring Lady Tremaine to human form to serve as the agent's personal slave.

As Rasputin found himself trapped in the Limbo between dimensions, Ruber began to rejoice in his new power. With Frollo's expansive power base added to his own conquests, Ruber became the most powerful mortal man alive, declaring himself the new King of the World. He ushered in the "Ruberian Age", as Maleficent, with her army almost totally destroyed, raged helplessly from Forbidden Mountain.

Meanwhile, Frollo found himself the ultimate loser of the war, and for his sins, the former holy man was sentenced to an eternity in Hell. Here, he encountered Chernabog, who, although banished from the mortal plane for the time being, prepared to amuse himself with his latest prisoner...

The Second War

The War Begins Anew

It had been six months since the end of the last war and Shan Yu had tightened his grip on China. The Snow Queen, having stayed out of much of the first war, was greatly distressed that her old enemy had attained so much power. Desiring revenge, she called upon her ally King One-Eye and asked him to destroy China. Eager to take out a rival warlord, One-Eye's army marched on the Great Wall of China and engaged the Huns. Shan Yu's archers pelted the king's army with arrows and drove them from the wall. Shan Yu then snuck up behind One-Eye in the confusion and knocked him from a cliff. The once mighty conqueror fell to his death in the raging sea.

Maleficent paid a visit to Ruber, who had pronounced himself King of the World, to "pay her respects". In truth, the sorceress jealously desired Ruber's power and sought to remove him from his position through trickery. Maleficent told the king of a powerful sword known as Drynwyn that lay in the swamps of Morva. Ruber, eager to increase his power, set out with two of his mighty iron soldiers to Morva to look for the sword. However, he found the Witches of Morva, Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch, waiting for him. The witches had been tasked by Maleficent with killing Ruber, and enchanted the swamp to kill Ruber's two henchmen. Orddu even managed to separate the sword welded to Ruber's arm. Ruber then chose to flee the battle, narrowly escaping with his life when the witches turned themselves into flying spears.

The Wizard of Wonderland, a minor sorcerer who dwelled in Wonderland, wished to usurp Pete, who had been made king of the strange land after getting rid of Darla Dimple, but feared Pete's power and resources. He was approached by Lord Maliss, freed from his stone prison due to Merlock's death in the previous war. Deciding to make his presence known once again, Maliss joined forces with the Wizard to overthrow Pete. The Wizard approached Pete in broad daylight and challenged him for the position of ruler of Wonderland. Pete, infuriated, attacked the Wizard, causing him to retreat. Maliss then stepped in and Pete, recognizing the danger the sorcerer posed, summoned his guards. Maliss used his powers to drop a chandelier on the weasels, taking them out of commission. The Wizard reappeared and startled Pete with his horrific face, knocking him into the path of the rolling chandelier, which knocked both Pete and his cronies out of the palace. The Wizard then claimed control of Wonderland.

The mysterious Merman, an amphibious humanoid from another realm, made his appearance on the battlefield, challenging Ursula for control of the seas by attacking her in her lair in Atlantica. Ursula initially mocked the intruder, threatening him with the power of the Trident, but Merman had a powerful trident of his own, which he used to burn her face with energy blasts. She retaliated with energy projectiles of her own, sending Merman packing with a deadly barrage. However, her cavernous lair was destroyed in the process, depriving Ursula of a home base.

The Skeleton King, a twisted scientist and sorcerer, approached Earth and sent out his Formless Minions to gather intel on the planet. The Minions came into contact with the monster-slaying Huntsman and his apprentice, the Huntsgirl. The Huntsgirl attempted to prove herself to her master and attacked the skeletal beings with his staff. However, they easily recovered from her attacks and then knocked the staff from her hands. The Huntsman managed to recover the staff and with his greater power, eradicated the Minions before they could cause any further harm.

David Xanatos, a brilliant criminal mastermind, sought a new scientist for his enterprise and had selected two candidates for the position -  the mad Doctor Drakken and the mutant simian Mojo Jojo. In order to decide which one was more qualified, he pitted them against each other in a battle of wits and brawn. Mojo used a machine to grow to a gigantic size, intending to crush Drakken, but the mad doctor responded by supercharging one of his robots, sending it to battle the arrogant monkey. Despite Mojo's size and martial arts, he was overwhelmed by the superior arsenal of the robot. Mojo Jojo was eventually crushed by a skyscraper. Drakken took the position in earnest.

Having survived her encounter with the Titans, Eris decided to plunder Long John Silver's treasure trove to gather strength for her comeback. She invaded Silver's pirate ship disguised as her old enemy, Sinbad. Silver, however, saw through the ruse. Eris then stabbed him in his cybernetic leg. While he was stunned, Eris retreated to the docking bay. Silver found her there and sent his pirates after her, hoping to regain the powerful spellbook Eris had stolen from him. However, Eris proved too powerful and overwhelmed the pirates, sending a good chunk of them out into space. She then escaped with the book. However, in the confusion she left behind the lamp containing the spirit of Jafar, which she had retrieved from the ruins of Paris. Stumbling upon this, Silver began plotting to use this powerful item to make up for his losses...

In the Forbidden Mountains, Maleficent was furious with the Witches of Morva for failing in their mission to assassinate Ruber. They were joined by Pete who, having lost his throne, pledged his allegiance to Maleficent.

Meanwhile, in the distant Fire Nation, Fire Lord Ozai, king of the mighty Fire-Benders, sent his daughter, Princess Azula on an important mission. Xanatos held a meeting with Cobra Commander, head of the terrorist organization Cobra. Xanatos asked for the Commander's help in the coming war, but the Commander had plans of his own. Despite this, Xanatos informed his mysterious ally that all was going to plan.

Lord Maliss visited the castle of his sister, Queen Grimhilde, and was informed of her death at Rasputin's hands by her Magic Mirror. Having always been rivals with the queen, he was pleased that his troublesome sibling was out of the way and started moving forward with his own quest for power. In China, Shan Yu rallied the remnants of the One-Eye army to his banner, having proven himself by slaying their king. He also met with his old ally Yzma, Empress of the Incas, who proposed forming a new alliance.

Meanwhile, having lost her previous hideout, Ursula relocated to the royal palace of Atlantica and assembled a new council of underlings to help her keep order - the cruel royal advisor Marina Del Ray and the Evil Manta, a fellow sorcerer. In his fortress at Camelot, Ruber realized that he was vulnerable and met with his allies, Kent Mansley and Rameses. He was approached by Lord Maliss, who pledged his loyalty to Ruber. Ruber, realising his need for a new sorcerer after the attempt on his life, agreed.

At his secret base, Cobra Commander gave his second-in-command, the Baroness, a very important mission after his failed meeting with Xanatos. Meanwhile, unseen by any of the major villain parties, Mok climbed out of the pit where he had met defeat at Facilier's hands six months ago. With a new master plan in mind, he disappeared into the night in his limo.

In a distant realm, a powerful sorcerer decided the time was right to conquer this new world for himself...

Rise of Cobra and Xanatos

Knowing that Xanatos would be a danger to his operations, Cobra Commander set about dominating the criminal underworld and eliminating its leaders that emerged in the first war. Major Sebastian Blood, a mercenary working for Cobra Industries, discovered Madame Medusa's hideout in Devil's Bayou. He immediately contacted the Baroness, who went to confront Medusa with a squad of Cobra troopers. The two terrorist leaders managed to overwhelm Medusa's thugs as she barely struggled to counterattack. Bludd destroyed the steamboat base as Medusa attempted to escape atop Brutus and Nero. However, she careened out of control and crashed into the wreckage of her former headquarters, crushing her spine and causing an agonizing death. Bludd attempted to finish her off with a shotgun, only to have his right arm eaten by Brutus. Despite his injury, he survived the ordeal. Medusa's former lackey Snoops managed to escape in the chaos.

Yzma spoke with the ambitious sorcerer Mozenrath and offered him a place in her and Shan Yu's new empire. He was keen to accept, but Yzma first wanted the young sorcerer to prove himself. At the same time the Snow Queen, still pursuing her grudge against Shan Yu, sent the ice-controlling witch Stormella to eliminate her old enemy. Stormella began summoning a fearsome blizzard to smother Shan Yu's capital, but Mozenrath confronted her, sending his Mamluks demons against her. Stormella wiped them out with a blast of magic, but Mozenrath himself proved a more dangerous foe. He sent a powerful blast of magic at Stormella that knocked her off a cliff to her death.

Xanatos met with his new aide Dr. Drakken and introduced him to his ally, the cunning gargoyle Demona. Soon after, Xanatos tasked Demona with investigating mysterious activity at the newly arisen Snake Mountain. Arriving, Demona was met by the Mountain's master, the powerful extradimensional sorcerer Skeletor. Demanding that Demona leave his domain, Skeletor was instead met by the gargoyle's rocket launcher, although he easily shielded himself from her attacks with his magic. After Skeletor blasted the weapon from her hands he forced Demona to retreat, telling her to inform her ally that he had made a powerful enemy.

Although Demona failed her mission, Drakken was intrigued by her skills and introduced Xanatos to his own second-in-command, the formidable femme fatale Shego. Xanatos decided to test Shego by sending her to investigate reports of rising military activity in the Fire Nation. Shego set out to the distant nation; upon arrival, she ran into the princess of the Fire Nation, Azula. Shego insulted the princess and told her to submit to Xanatos' new world order. The two began fighting each other, showing off their own set off abilities and skills. Azula missed Shego with a blast of flame, but was able to knock her against the mast of Azula's warship. Shego retaliated, and was able to send Azula over the side of the ship and into the seas.

In the seas, a sentient fish named Joe had discovered a potion that could grant heightened intelligence to all sea life. Ursula feared an uprising by her fish subjects and demanded that her royal advisor, Marina del Rey, set out to deal with Joe before he became too much of a problem. When Marina arrived, Joe pelted her with starfish, but she managed to trick Joe into taking more of the potion, which made him almost human-like. However, he found himself now unable to swim or breathe underwater, and drowned as Marina looked on.

With Medusa dead, the Baroness set out to take down Medusa's partner in crime, Cruella DeVille. She had the element of surprise and ambushed Cruella while she was out driving in the mountains. Cruella, however, would not be taken so easily and led the Baroness on a chase, though outmatched by Baroness high-tech weapons. Horace and Jasper, seeing Cruella in trouble, attempted to attack the Baroness from behind but lost control of their vehicle and crashed into Cruella, sending both of them flying off the road. With Cruella badly wounded, the Baroness quickly took control of her resources for Cobra.

With the death of Frollo, many prisoners that were arrested under his orders had been freed, including the sorcerer Tzekel Khan. Seeing the sorcerer as a threat, Shan Yu rode out to find the hunter Amos Slade. His men strongly objected, but Shan Yu figured that if Amos were to die, it wouldn't be much of a loss either way. Amos tracked the sorcerer to El Dorado, where the residents of the golden city warned their high priest. Khan revealed himself to Amos, who managed to shoot the sorcerer's eye out. Khan struck back, summoning rats, snakes, and spiders, causing Amos to stumble into one of his own traps, where he died of bleedout. Eris, goddess of discord, was watching, and decided that Khan would prove useful to her. Seeing an alliance with Eris as a means to restore his power base, Khan agreed to enter the goddess' service.

Meanwhile, the Baroness and fellow Cobra agent Destro reported to Cobra Commander, who was pleased to hear of the fall of Cruella and Medusa's criminal empire. The Commander then tasked them with eliminating another annoying competitor.

At his laboratory, weapons designer Baxter Stockman was contacted by a mysterious business partner about their joint project. On the Forbidden Mountain, John Silver brought Jafar's lamp to Maleficent, who summoned the genie. Believing himself free, Jafar attempted to leave, only to find himself bound to the lamp and bound to serve Maleficent, much to his fury.

Returning to China, Mozenwrath was officially welcomed into Shan Yu's Alliance, and the latter was quite pleased with his growing number of allies. Elsewhere, Cruella's butler Edger was now forced to work for Cobra Commander or be killed. Cruella meanwhile lamented the downfall of her empire.

The Snow Queen, furious with the defeat of Stormella, changed herself into a new form, and vowed to be rid of Shan Yu once and for all. All of this was overseen by Hades, ruler of the gods, who had great interest in the growing conflicts in the mortal world.

During all of this, Mok Swagger, having returned to his old base, took the next step in his bid for power as he researched the power of the "Armageddon Key"...

Old Grudges and New Alliances

Seeking allies against Eris' inevitable wrath, Hades ordered Doctor Facilier to obtain Lady Tremaine's wand and give it to her daughter Anastasia. Facilier did so, persuading the young girl to seek vengeance on Eris' old ally Rameses and free her mother and sister from captivity. She travelled to Egypt and confronted the king. Rameses was unimpressed by her threats, although Kent Mansley recognized his old rival's weapon in Anastasia's hands. Anastasia used the wand to unleash terrible plagues on Egypt. With the frogs and locusts ravaging the kingdom, Rameses released Lady Tremaine and Drizella from their servitude. Mansley, however, was greatly distressed that his mortal enemy was free to seek vengeance upon those responsible for her humiliation.

The con artist and magician Sarousch travelled to England to bring his circus to King Ratcliffe's land. Promised a share of the profits, the greedy Ratcliffe agreed to provide security in the form of his elite guardsmen. When Sarousch began his performance, with his men pickpocketing the crowd, he was suddenly attacked by the crimelord Valmont and his Dark Hand organization, who had been tipped off that Sarousch had a mysterious talisman in his possession that Valmont desired. Sarousch sent the English guards to attack Valmont, but the Dark Hand's advanced weaponry easily overpowered them. Having gained possession of the talisman in the struggle, Valmont easily defeated the last of the guards. The crafty Sarousch then attacked Valmont with his stage tricks. Despite managing to rout Valmont's henchmen, Valmont was too powerful and Sarousch was forced to flee.

Doctor Anton Sevarius, one of Xanatos' chief scientists feared his position in Xanatos' organization was no longer stable with Doctor Drakken around. He decided to prove his worth by sabotaging a top-secret project under the command of the renowned weapons designer Baxter Stockman. Stockman had been working on a prototype for a robotic duplicate of Xanatos named Coyote, but this didn't deter Sevarius from focusing his wrath on his rival scientist. Armed with an explosive chemical, Sevarius set out to undo Stockman's work. When Sevarius arrived in the facility, Stockman called his bluff and sent his Mouser robots and lasers on Sevarius. However, Sevarius threw the chemical into Stockman's lab, obliterating the facility. Both scientists managed to escape, but Coyote was destroyed.

Hades enlisted the aid of Odin, king of the Norse gods, in a plot to destroy the Snow Queen, not wanting her grudge against Shan Yu to interfere with his long-term plans. Odin travelled to the Snow Queen's palace, where they did battle with their powerful staves. The Snow Queen immediately attacked Odin but he was faster on the draw and subdued her with his abilities before she could call her sleigh, forcing her to retreat. By the time the sleigh had arrived, Odin had prepared a more powerful spell, a whirlwind capable of freezing anything. As the Queen attempted to flee the palace on her sleigh, Odin's whirlwind caught up to her and froze her solid.

Destro and the Baroness prepared to launch a missile at Xanatos' headquarters, hoping to remove him and his forces from the war in a single strike. Owen Burnett, Xanatos' personal assistant, picked up on this information and suggested that they enlist the aid of the immortal Scottish mercenary Macbeth to stop Destro. Macbeth infiltrated Destro's highland castle as the missile was prepared for launch, encountering several Cobra Robots and eliminating them quickly and efficiently. However, by the time he reached the control room, Destro had already launched the missile. Acting fast, Macbeth destroyed the control mechanism and fired a few shots at the crest of the missile, altering its trajectory. The missile struck the side of the silo, causing a massive explosion. Most of Destro's personnel perished, but both Destro and Baroness escaped. Macbeth too escaped the fortress unscathed.

With Cruella and Medusa's criminal empire in ruins, the criminal mastermind known as Negaduck decided to make his move to fill the void. He assembled the Fearsome Five, a group of supervillains that could easily take control of the criminal underworld. Ace, leader of the Gangreen Gang, knew that his small gang of petty street criminals would prove to be no match for the supervillains, and went to Hades for help. The God of the Dead agreed to empower Ace and his friends, eager to seize control of the mortal criminal powerbase. With new superhuman powers of their own, the gang returned to the surface where they did battle against the Five. Ultimately, the Five were outmatched and fled, and Ace's group emerged victorious, free to run the city as they desired. With this defeat, the Five disbanded, leaving Negaduck to his own devices.

After the supposed downfall of Mok, word had spread. Maleficent eventually also heard of her enemy's defeat, and commanded Pete to retrieve Mok's supercomputer, eager to learn its secrets. Pete, however, decided to task this to his henchmen, the Beagle Boys. Though the Boys were able to infiltrate Mok's abandoned base, they were eventually confronted by Mok's henchmen, the Schlepper Brothers, tasked with keeping the computer from falling into the hands of Mok's enemies. The Beagle Boys managed to break through the hypnotic powers of Mok's music, but the eldest Brother, Toad, was able to use the old traps and tricks of the base to send the Boys packing.

In New York City, Baxter Stockman reported to his secret master, the ninja master Shredder having failed his mission with Coyote. Thinking of the Shredder as a common client, Stockman attempted to shrug off his failure as a "minor setback" and asked for more funding to continue his work. Unfortunately for him, the Shredder didn't take kindly to failure of any kind and ordered his servant Hun to mutilate Stockman for his arrogance.

In San Francisco, Valmont consorted with his own master, the ancient demon Shendu. The talisman Valmont had taken from Sarousch was one of twelve needed to free Shendu from his mystic prison, and Shendu tasked Valmont with recovering the other eleven, promising him power over the mortal world in exchange for his loyal servitude.

In the realm of Asgard, Odin called together the mysterious Acolytes, a secret society which counted among its number the evil Digimon known as Devimon; the Greek goddess of sorcery Hecate; the extraterrestrial demon Sage Odin; the powerful demonic Dark Dragon; and the elderly sorcerer Daolon Wong. Together, the Acolytes swore to spread darkness across the mortal realm.

With the ancient spell book taken from Long John Silver, Eris and Tzekel Khan joined their powers to awaken the demon lord Aku, ready to "once again smite the world as [he] did in days long past". Khan joyfully announced that the gods had awakened.

Mok, having joined forces with the evil magic pipe organ known as Forte, decided to bring his old allies back to life. Professor Screweyes was brought back from the dead, and Holli Would was recovered from the void between worlds. Mok then revealed to his old friends that he and Forte had a new plan, with Forte promising that it would "bring the house down". Lady Tremaine and her daughters returned to Moonscar Island where, with her wand back in her possession, Tremaine summoned a horde of zombies and vowed revenge against her former captors.

Power Changes Hands

Hoping to assassinate Cobra Commander after his failed attempt to assassinate Xanatos, Demona was able to infiltrate his base at Cobra Mansion. Though the guards weren't able to take her down, the Commander proved to be more tricky. Demona was able to take down the Baroness, but the Commander escaped through a trapdoor. As Cobra Commander tried to board a getaway helicopter, Demona attacked once again, but the Commander had an ace up his sleeve, attacking her with a gun hidden in his cane. Demona was knocked from the roof, allowing Cobra Commander to escape to another base. Meanwhile, Destro saw an opportunity to unite with Demona against his leader for his own reasons...

Hoping to strengthen his slowly slipping grip on power, Ruber decided to turn his control over the Forty Thieves to the Shredder. Saki accepted, and turned over power to his second-in-command, Hun. But Hun's leadership did not go unchallenged, as Sa'Luk, having survived his duel with Ruber in the first war, decided to return to regain his control over the Thieves. He challenged Hun to a battle for leadership, which Hun accepted. They met on top of the Shredder's headquarters, where Hun attacked first, knocking Sa'Luk down. The bandit responded with a swipe of his claws, which staggered Hun. Hun drew a sword and prepared for a counterattack, but Sa'Luk connected with a mighty punch that knocked Hun through the skylight and down to the floors below. Sa'Luk had finally regained control over the Thieves.

Suspicious of the Acolytes' motives, the wizard Eli Pandarus invaded one of their hidden strongholds where he met Daolon Wong, who tried to dispose of the intruder. Pandarus summoned a troll army that Wong quickly disposed of with serpents he summoned to battle Pandarus' minions. Pandarus, surprised by Wong's power, found more success in attacking Wong directly, sending him flying with a blast from his wand. Pandarus then summoned magical hands and used them to bury Wong under a pile of snow. Wong retaliated however, and sent Wong flying into a wall and trapped him in magical hands of his own. The force of the impact killed Pandarus, and Wong left to inform Odin of this development.

Enraged after hearing that Shredder and Hun lost the Forty Thieves, Ruber instructed Lord Maliss to recruit new sorcerers and magical beings to their cause. Traveling in a forest, Maliss came upon a strange fox which he suspected had some magical ability. The fox was engaged in a brutal fight with a large black bear. The fox seemed outmatched by the bear's strength, but it lured its opponent to a waterfall and tricked the bear into breaking a log bridge, destabilizing the ledge and causing the bear to plummet off the cliff to its death. The fox then revealed its true self as the devious trickster demon Darkheart. Maliss, impressed, decided to take Darkheart on as his personal apprentice.

Kent Mansley was ordered by Ruber to find a scientist to help with a top-secret project meant to contain potential threats to his power. Mansley selected two possible men for the job, the acclaimed inventor Professor Norton Nimnul and the devious roboticist Doctor Ivo Robotnik. Initially hired to work together, a rivalry developed between the two scientists, leading Nimnul to try and steal Robotnik's robotizication ray, which could transform living beings into robots under his control. Robotnik caught wind of the theft and attempted to take Nimnul down, only for Nimnul to blast him with the ray. The blast converted Robotnik's hand into a mechanical gauntlet. Robotnik's SWATbot minions, alerted, swarmed the compound. Nimnul managed to escape, but Robotnik pursued him across the city and fired on his vehicle, a bus converted into a flying machine. Nimnul managed to parachute out of the bus before it exploded, but this went unnoticed by Robotnik, who assumed Nimnul died in the explosion.

Rumors began to spread through the criminal underworld that, before her death, Madame Medusa had come into the possession of a vault containing untold wealth. Mojo Jojo, having recovered from his injuries sustained in his battle with Drakken, happily set out to acquire the key to this vault, but does not know that Chang, a disciple of the Dark Dragon, was after the key as well, told to obtain the vault's contents for the Acolytes. Chang managed to get to the key first, but Mojo Jojo pursued her in a tank until Chang used her magic to destroy the vehicle. Mojo, unfazed used the tank's cannon to propel himself after Chang, snatching the key. He then confronted the sorceress in a powerful battle armor, but Chang refused to give up, transforming into a dragon. Chang used her flaming breath to critically damage Mojo's armor, but Mojo used the last of his machine's power to fire an electrified net onto Chang, frying her to death. With the key now his, Mojo set out to search for the mysterious vault.

Impressed with the Huntsman's performance against his minions, the Skeleton King summoned him and his apprentice to his fortress, asking for the Huntsman's servitude. The Huntsman refused to bow to the authority of a magical creature like the King, laughing off his offer. Enraged, the King blasted the Huntsgirl with his magic, wounding her in the knee. Coming to his apprentice's aid, the Huntsman used his staff to burn the King's face. As the King recovered, the Huntsman fired a blast into the ceiling, causing the fortress to start to fall apart. The King knocked his enemy through a wall, with the Huntsgirl following after him. While the pair were distracted, the King escaped on a flying skeletal demon.  

Eris approached her new ally Aku and told him of her plot to storm Olympus and take down Hades. The older and more cunning demon, while impressed with Eris' boldness, suggested they instead strike at Hades' allies, picking them off one by one until the god had no minions to shield him from attack. Aku first tracked down Hades' river guardian, the centaur Nessus. Aku travelled to the edge of the Great River and demanded Nessus surrender and renounce Hades, but the mighty Nessus only laughed at the demon lord. Aku attacked, blasting Nessus with his eye beams. Nessus survived and charged at Aku, but the demon then transformed into a gorilla and beat Nessus to death.

In deep space, Megatron emerged from his long absence after the end of the first war, gathering the Decepticon forces to strike against Earth once more, eager to avenge his earlier humiliation. Back on Earth, the Shredder confronted Hun and Baxter Stockman (the latter now missing an eye), calling them out for their failure and the loss of the Forty Thieves.

Seeing the Huntsman, Huntsgirl, Sa'luk, and the Forty Thieves as potential allies against Ruber's weakening empire, Shan Yu brought them to China where he accepted them into his faction. On the Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent tested Jafar's power by making her first wish, demanding that he restore Diablo to life after the bird was turned to stone in the first war. The Witches of Morva laughed at this, believing that not even Jafar was that powerful, but he proved them wrong by restoring Maleficent's loyal familiar.

In a secret meeting, Destro confronted Demona and told her how impressed he was by her bold attack on Cobra Commander's headquarters. The arms dealer proposed an alliance with the gargoyle, who eagerly accepted. Back in Paris, Maliss presented Darkheart to Ruber, who was unimpressed with the seemingly frail young boy. Angry, Darkheart showed his true demonic form to Ruber, who took back his doubts, now convinced that Darkheart was just what he needed to turn his fortunes around.

In his Snake Mountain stronghold, Skeletor summoned his mightiest warriors: the sorceress Evil Lyn, who also served as Skeletor's consort; the mighty Trap Jaw; the strategist Tri-Klops; the brutal Beast Man; and Merman, who had recovered after his battle with Ursula. Together, the group planned to expand their empire by striking at strategic locations, including Agrabah and Atlantica. Meanwhile, with his base destroyed, the Skeleton King sought an alliance with the jungle sorceress Queen La in order to rebuild his power base.

Meanwhile, in the depths of a European forest, a certain disfigured queen emerged from hiding and plotted to make her triumphant return.

Skeletor Strikes

Six months before the Second War began, following the downfall of Mok, the Quarrymen (a group of terrorists devoted to protecting humanity from inhuman threats) were sent by their leader John Castaway to destroy Mok's remaining equipment to prevent the demon summoned by him from ever returning to Earth. Breaking into one of Mok's abandoned bases, the Quarrymen was confronted by Galvatron, the finished upgraded form of Megatron, who had suffered months of cruel experiments to turn him into a weapon for Mok. Thinking the Quarrymen agents of Mok, Galvatron attacked them in revenge for the pain caused to him, but when he learned they were only there to destroy Mok's computers, he let them finish their mission. With the computers destroyed, Galvatron was able to rebuild himself into Megatron, only to find Castaway was interested in making him a pawn of his own. Vowing to never become anyone's tool ever again, Megatron easily defeated Castaway and the Quarrymen, forcing them to retreat. Megatron then returned to space to find the other Decepticons.

In the present day, Xanatos met with infamous billionaire Vlad Masters, secretly the ghostly supervillain Vlad Plasmius. Xanatos revealed that he had evidence proving Masters was Plasmius and planned to leak the evidence to the authorities unless he agreed to work for Xanatos. Unwilling to sacrifice his freedom and resources to Xanatos, Masters took on his Plasmius form the following evening and set out to strike at Xanatos before he could carry out his threat. At Xanatos' headquarters, Plasmius was attacked by three of Xanatos' Steel Clan gargoyle drones. Plasmius' ethereal form easily withstood the drones' laser weapons,  and he retaliated by blasting a drone out of the air. However, another proved more of a threat, evading Plasmius' attacks and countering with an ectoplasmic net designed to trap Plasmius in his ghostly form. As Plasmius was subdued, the drone revealed itself to be Xanatos himself, wearing a suit of power armor.

In hiding after the fall of her criminal empire, Cruella de Ville met with fellow refugee Percival C. McLeach, who had allowed the world to believe him dead after his fateful battle with Tzekal Khan in order to avoid punishment for his failure. Cruella contracted the poacher to find and kill Major Bludd as a stepping stone towards reclaiming her power. Finding his quarry on a desert highway, McLeach gave chase in his rig. Seeing he was being pursued, Bludd turned around and faced McLeach head-on, trying to get him to flinch. This ploy was unsuccessful, as McLeach's larger vehicle knocked Bludd aside easily, knocking him from his car. Surviving the wreck, Bludd pulled a gun on McLeach, only for the outlaw to hurl a knife that knocked the weapon from Bludd's hand. Retrieving an RPG from his car, Bludd tried to shoot back at McLeach, only for McLeach to get back in his rig and fire a rocket at the mercenary, killing him.

Dr. Sevarius tracked down a colleague, the brilliant but childlike geneticist DNAmy, hoping to gain her services in producing genetically-altered soldiers for Xanatos. Amy agreed, but Cobra agents found out about the alliance and informed Cobra Commander and the Baroness. The pair decided to send their own geneticist Doctor Mindbender, himself an immature genius, to sabotage Amy's work. Infiltrating DNAmy's lab, Mindbender sent his prototype android Bio-Vipers to destroy Amy's work, but she summoned her own creations, monstrous animal hybrids she dubbed her "Cuddle-Buddies". In the ensuing battle, the Bio-Vipers slew many of Amy's Cuddle-Buddies, enabling Mindbender to destroy the Gene Splicer Amy used to create her monsters. As Amy desperately tried to salvage her work, Mindbender escaped the burning lab.

At last having rebuilt Coyote, Baxter Stockman presented the android to Hun. Deciding to test the machine in battle, Hun told Stockman to send Coyote to confront Nikolai Technus, a ghost with the ability to control all technology. Tracking Technus down, Coyote fired on him, but the ghost dodged his blasts and retaliated with his magic, striking Coyote down and burning off his flesh. A second blast felled the android, and Technus hacked into Stockman's computer system, warning him not to test his wrath again.

Valmont found that another of the talismans needed to free Shendu was owned by Queen Narissa, a powerful sorceress who ruled over a distant kingdom. Narissa had stayed out of the first war, preferring to develop her own plans in solitude, but she struck at Valmont and the Dark Hand as they snuck into her fortress, throwing up a smoke screen with her magic. When Valmont refused to back off, Narissa transformed into a griffin-like monster to take the fight directly to her enemies. Although Narissa's fire breath kept the Dark Hand at bay, Valmont's talisman proved useful as a weapon, blasting Narissa to the ground. With Narissa stunned, Valmont had his men take off with her talisman while he stayed to hold her off. Narissa struck him with eye beams, but he recovered and shot her down with another blast from his talisman. With Narissa subdued, Valmont rejoined his men, now owning two talismans.

Skeletor decided to begin his war of conquest by striking at Atlantica, which Merman had already successfully scouted. In order to make the battle easier, Evil Lyn cast a spell enabling Skeletor's forces to breath underwater. So empowered, the warriors marched on Atlantica, watched from afar by Ursula, who mustered her own armies to defend her city. Evil Manta's warriors arrived on the battlefield first, confronting Merman, who rode a giant sea monster into battle. The monster easily slew the warriors, with Tri-Klops and the other minions of Skeletor backing it up. Marina del Ray swooped in with her eel minions, hurling knives at Evil Lyn, but the sorceress deflected the weapons with a magic shield. She then struck back, crushing del Ray's eels under a massive boulder before knocking out del Ray herself with a magic blast. Evil Manta next dove into the fray, tackling Lyn and two more of Skeletor's warriors, Clawful and Whiplash. With Lyn out of action, Merman comanded his sea monster to attack Manta, blasting him away with a magic blast from his sword. At last, with her minions either dead or beaten, Ursula herself entered the battle, easily crushing Skeletor's men with her immense magical powers. Just when it seemed they might lose, Skeletor came in to turn the tides. He used his own magic to crush Ursula with a rockfall, only for her to recover and hurl a large boulder back at him. Infuriated, Skeletor blasted the boulder into rubble with his magic as Ursula unleashed her full power on Evil Lyn, knocking her out of the fight once more. As Ursula prepared to bring the Trident to bear against her enemies, Merman's sea monster attacked, slashing her across the arm with projectile teeth. Skeletor took advantage of the distraction to shatter the Trident with a blast from his staff, bringing to an end Ursula's reign. With the source of her power destroyed, Ursula fled, leaving Skeletor victorious.

At last feeling confident enough and recovered enough to make the journey to Forbidden Mountain, Queen Grimhilde asked Maleficent to undo Rasputin's curse and restore her beauty. Maleficent, wishing to prove Grimhilde's worth, demanded she first punish Rameses for Maleficent's loss of Egypt during the first war. Grimhilde, eager to do anything to win back her power and beauty, decided to strike at the Pharaoh's innocent son. She gave him a poisoned apple and watched with sadistic glee as he ate it and collapsed. Mansley arrived on the scene but was too late: Grimhilde had escaped and Rameses' son was dead. In mourning, Rameses vowed to make the world pay. He would do whatever it took to end the war and remove all its players in vengeance for his son's murder.

Concerned that Mindbender had tipped his hand too soon, Cobra Commander ordered the Baroness to dispose of the Bio-Vipers before they could be traced back to Cobra. The Baroness activated a killswitch that disintegrated the Bio-Vipers, leaving no evidence that Cobra's enemies could use against them. Meanwhile, livid with Stockman's latest failure, the Shredder ordered him to be mutilated once again.

Deciding to move on to the next conquest, Skeletor placed Merman in charge of Atlantica. As Merman plotted his domination of the seas, Marina del Ray was locked in Atlantica's dungeons for the rest of her life. At the same time, Fire Lord Ozai made plans to strike out at the rest of the world, declaring that a new age where only the Fire Nation was supreme was coming soon.

Ursula found refuge on Forbidden Mountain, throwing in her lot with Maleficent. In her own kingdom, Narissa decided the time had finally come to make her own move in the war, contacting Skeletor's old master Hordak and promising to release him from his extradimensional prison if he would accept her as his apprentice. In Agrabah, with Jafar believed gone for good, his old pawn Abis Mal and Mal's partner, the Greek genius Mechanicles, took the throne.

In Egypt, Rameses accessed a hidden tomb where an ancient alien sorcerer lay dormant. Despite the fears of his people, Rameses released the sorcerer from his prison, vowing to serve him if he would avenge his son. The sorcerer, calling himself Mumm-Ra, announced that Rameses' loyalty would be rewarded...

Fire and Beasts

Ozai, beginning his plans to create his new world, tasked his greatest general Admiral Zhao with eliminating King Ratcliffe's naval operations and taking England. The Admiral agreed, and set out with his fleet, confronting the English navy, commanded in person by Ratcliffe, in waters off the coast. Zhao then engaged the king of England's flagship, and soon gained the upper hand. As Ratcliffe attempted to flee, seeing he was in over his head, Zhao's men unleashed their assault, pelting Ratcliffe's ships with fire and advanced catapults. Ratcliffe soon found himself outmatched by Zhao's superior weaponry, and his flagship was sunk. He was knocked into the seas and barely managed to escape drowning, swimming to shore while Zhao watched from afar.

Xanatos held a meeting with Cruella and told her of an ancient talisman that could help her gain revenge on Cobra Commander and rebuild her criminal empire. Cruella sent Jasper and Horace to retrieve the talisman, but they were intercepted by the Dark Hand's most lethal enforcer, Hak Foo. Jasper threw both a bottle and a dart at Hak, which stunned him briefly. Before the two could finish Foo off, he grabbed the talisman, and used it's powers to light Horace's pants on fire. The two were then buried in rubble, and Hak Foo departed wih the item.

After losing his territory to the Gangreen Gang, Negaduck set up business in a new city. However, he stumbled across a supernatural doll, that revealed itself to be the cross-dressing demon Him in disguise. Him launched an attack on Negaduck, hoping to succeed where the Gangreen Gang had failed and take over the criminal underworld himself. Him transformed into a monstrous, lobster-like being to eliminate Negaduck, replete with extra heads for arms. Though Negaduck was startled at first, he overcame his fear and replaced it with anger. Wielding his signature chainsaw, Negaduck sliced off the extra heads. Him used his tail to cause an earthquake, sending Negaduck plummeting to the ground. As Him revealed in his "victory," Negaduck shot him with twin lasers, depowering the demon. As Him pleaded for mercy, Negaduck opened a portal into the netherworld, sending Him into the pit of despair whence he had risen.

Oruku Saki held a meeting with Cobra Commander and they formed an alliance to dispose of Xanatos once and for all, ending his domination of the criminal world. Unbeknownst to either leader, Destro contacted Demona again and told her what the Commander was planning. He told her that if the planned strike was successful, someone would need to step in and fill the void before anyone else could...

Confident in their new power, the Gangreen Gang arrived on the private island of the wealthy Senior criminal family and proposed an alliance. Senor Senior Senior, offput by the Gang's crude demeanor rejected this offer. Offended, the Gangreen Gang manipulated the wild hillbilly Fuzzy Lumpkins into attacking the Senors, telling him the Seniors planned to destroy his homestead. Fiercely protective of his property, Fuzzy arrived in the Seniors' home, where Senior Senior and his son Senor Senior Junior manned their security system against him. Although briefly stunned by a laser blast, Lumpkins shot back, destroying most of the lasers. He then contorted his body into a ferocious, feral form, ready to tear the Seniors limb from limb. Before he could attack, however, Senior Senior triggered a massive top, crushing him to death under it.

The Decipticons Lugnut and Blitzwing, traveling through space and scouting for new territory for Megatron, soon found themselves shot down by the newly revived Warp Darkmatter. Warp stated that the two alien robots were in violation of Zurg's airspace and engaged them in combat. Lugnut was able to decimate Warp's hornet robots, and Blitzwing eliminated Warp's own weapon, much to Warp's surprise. Unable to take down the two of them alone, Warp soon retreated to tell Zurg of this incursion.

Xanatos and Dr. Drakken arrived at Owen's headquarters and task him with eliminating the ghost jailor named Walker, hoping to recruit his charges. Owen, however, decided not to dirty his own hands, and tasked the deed to Duff Killigan, a Scottish, golf-obsessed mercenary. Duff accepted the mission, and soon engaged the ghost at his prison. He made quick work of Walker's henchmen, but Walker proved to be more of an opponent, melting Duff's golf clubs with a blast of magic. Duff retaliated, pelting him with golf balls, until Walker managed electrocute Duff with his power, enabling him to escape.

After Owen informed Xanatos of Killigan's failure, he was then contacted by Cobra Commander, who proposed that they cease hostilities and meet to try and work out a deal on neutral ground. Xanatos agreed, eager to pursue other matters and believing he could kill the Commander if he tried to double-cross him. When he arrived at the meeting place, clad in his battle suit, he was met not by Cobra Commander, but rather the Shredder himself. Xanatos was caught off guard by this opponent, who then reveals himself as none other than Oroku Saki. Xanatos attacked with his lasers and weaponry, but the Shredder was far too agile and powerful to be defeated. With a rapid flurry of strikes, Shredder severely damaged Xanatos's armor, and levelled him with a powerful blow. Shredder then left Xanatos for dead, not knowing that the crafty Xanatos survived.

Odin and his Acolytes discovered that a shard of a powerful crystal they sought was in the possession of Mozenrath. They sent Devimon to retrieve it and slay Mozenrath. Infiltrating the lair of Mozenwrath, Devimon encountered the enchanter, who warned him to flee lest he be killed. Devimon transformed the surrounding area into a rocky battlefield, while Mozenrath attacked with his magic. Devimon survived the blast, and responded by trying to crush Mozenrath under a rockslide, only for Mozenrath to levitate a rock platform above the debris. The two continued to fire magic blasts at each other, with Devimon managing to knock Mozenrath from his perch. The enchanter was barely able to keep himself from falling onto jagged rocks below, while Devimon sneakily snatched up the artifact before departing. Mozenrath knew that on this day, he had been outwitted.

Rameses, having freed the evil Mumm-Ra, asked the creature to demonstrate his powers, believing time may have dulled them somewhat. Mumm-Ra, insulted that a mere mortal would dare doubt his abilities, sets his sights on the Pride Lands and its ruler, Scar, hoping to remove him from the war altogether. Traveling to the Pride Lands, he soon encountered the lion, and demanded that he bow down to him and proclaim his allegiance or die. Scar refused, believing his army of hyenas would easily tear this lone intruder apart. As the hyenas made to devour Mumm-Ra, he unleashed a magical blast which blew them apart, killing legions of them. With Pride Rock now burning, Scar attempted to flee, leaving the hyenas to suffer Mumm-Ra's further wrath. Scar soon found himself cornered on the edge of a cliff, with Mumm-Ra closing in quickly. Scar quickly swiped ashes into Mumm-Ra's face, burning him and forcing him back. Scar commanded the surviving hyenas to aid him, but they abandoned him instead, furious that he had left them to die. With nothing left to lose, Scar attacked, leaping at Mumm-Ra, but Mumm-Ra counters with a fatal blast of magic that knocked Scar's lifeless body to the ground, as the rest of his kingdom burns. Mumm-Ra ordered the remaining hyenas to bow to him and follow his command, and they agreed, fearing his might.

Deep in Ruber's kingdom, Horace and Jasper were transported to a new super-prison that Kent Mansley had built as a way to contain enemies of the regime, presided over by the alien-mutated Alpha, the cyborg agent Bishop, and Doctor Robotnik and his nephew Snively. As Zhao's forces create a blockade around England's borders, now controlling the seas, King Ratcliffe held an emergency meeting with the Russian nobleman Count Nikolas Rokoff and Lt. Colonel Staquait of the French Foreign Legion as they planned a counterattack.

A now despondent Cruella, believing she was failing every time she tried to reclaim her power, was approached by Mok Swagger. With nothing left to lose, she joined him, unaware that Mok already had plans for her in mind. In the ruins of the Pride Lands, Zira grieved over Scar's lifeless body as Shere Khan arrived on the scene. Zira rallied the lionesses to attack Mumm-Ra and avenge their leader, but Shere Khan was not too impressed by Zira's new leadership role. Kaa, curious about what Zira had planned, decided to throw in his lot with her.

Meanwhile, Xanatos finds himself locked away in prison, having been found and apprehended by the police after his battle with the Shredder, and Baxter Stockman found himself now confined to a mechanical wheelchair after his last punishment. In the wake of Xanatos' imprisonment, his followers quarreled amongst themselves on what to do next. Demona was then pressured by by them to assume leadership. She agreed, remembering Destro's words. And on Planet Z, Zurg called together his new alliance of galactic villains, including Gantu, Warp Darkmatter, the alien warriors Warhok and Warmonga, the robotic vampire Nos4a2, the gravity-controlling Gravitina, and the mad scientist Dr. Hamsterviel.

New Levels of Consciousness

As part of his plot to release Chernabog once again, Mok Swagger used his interdimensional technology to send Cruella de Ville into the Live-Action Universe to retrieve a mystical puzzle box known as the Lament Configuration. As Cruella arrived, the leader of the demonic Cenobites, the sadist Pinhead, sensed her presence and resurrected the dream-walking serial killer Freddy Krueger to dispose of her, as the Configuration was under his protection and was crucial to his own plans. Krueger ambushed Cruella at an abandoned farm, attempting to intimidate her with his frightening appearance. The criminal only insulted his fashion sense in return. Freddy slashed at Cruella with his glove, but her thick fur coats kept her relatively safe. Cruella, for her part, hit Freddy with a pitchfork, sending the ghost flying. Krueger retaliated by hitting her with a flying air tank, knocking her back on a trapdoor. Krueger finished the fight by sending Cruella into a vat of mud. Though Cruella did not die, she failed to acquire the Configuration.

The Master Control Program orders his most trusted Commander Sark to shut down the operations of Gideon Gordon Graves; a music mogul and the leader of the League of Evil Exes. Gideon, noticing the intruder, unsheathes his katana. Sark pushes Gideon back with a ring of energy, which he recovers from quickly. After a quick adjustment of his glasses, Gideon uses his powers to try and destroy Sark. The program dodges the first blast, only for the second blast to break his second energy disc in half. Having grown tired of fighting Gideon, Sark uses a fully charged energy disc to send Gideon onto a flight of stairs, leaving after Gideon struggles to get up.

The evil queen Bavmorda had obtained a deadly spell, the Rising, and planned to unleash an army of the dead upon the world. As she performed the ritual, she was interrupted by the legendary sorceress Morgana le Fay, who sought to obtain the spell for herself. The two engaged in a battle of magic, Morgana taking the first shot by incinerating Bavmorda's guards in a firestorm. Bavmorda retaliated, twisting some nearby candlesticks into restraints to hold Morgana back. Morgana shattered the bonds and unleashed a magic blast that knocked Bavmorda to the ground, but Bavmorda recovered and separated Morgana's spirit from her body. Morgana survived this and pummeled Bavmorda with a massive barrage of spells, but Bavmorda was equally resilient, surviving all of Morgana's blows. Bavmorda summoned a powerful lightning storm to drain Morgana's life and finished the sorceress off with a thrown fireball.

Ever searching for new contestants to join his Mortal Kombat tournament, the Outworld sorcerer Shang Tsung approached the Ghost of the Seas and Captain of the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones, in hopes of getting Jones to join. Jones was not interested, so Tsung struck up a deal with him: if Jones could defeat Tsung's champion, the mighty half-dragon Goro, he would leave Jones in peace. Jones accepted, and set forth to battle the Shokan prince. As Goro revealed himself, Jones found himself physically mismatch, as Goro boasted four arms and supernatural strength. Jones drew his sword and attacked, but Goro levelled him with a blow. As the battle raged, the two of them found themselves at the edge of a cliff. Jones stabbed Goro, who fell over the side, but clung on for dear life. Jones looked back, where Tsung gave the command for Jones to finish the battle. Jones then stabbed Goro's hand, and the Shokan fell to his death.

The nefarious criminal Count Olaf, and his ally the Hook Handed Man, decided to infiltrate the vigilante Judge Doom's prison in hopes of freeing the mad scientist Doctor Claw. Olaf planned to forge a powerful criminal empire with Claw, and only the prison walls and Doom's forces stood in his way. Once inside, they found themselves opposed by Judge Doom and the Toon Patrol (having survived their previous encounter with Holli Would). The Judge commanded the weasels to attack, but the Hook Handed Man evened the odds, knocking out Wise Guy. Olaf then discovered the weasels weakness, and used his acting skills to make the weasels literally die of laughter. Olaf then picked up an anchor from the wall, and crushed Doom with it. With the Judge incapacitated, Olaf then freed Doctor Claw, and Olaf's plan began to come to fruition.

The demonic Evil Genius, with obvious plans of his own, discovered a powerful magical gauntlet known as Malachite's Hand. He then delivered the weapon to the sorcerer Malachite himself, hoping that Malachite will be able to eliminate potential threats to the Evil Genius's power. Knowing full well of the power Malachite's weapon possessed, Maxim Horvath, one of Morgana le Fay's most powerful followers, sought Malachite out and challenged him to a sorcerers' battle. Malachite attacked first, blasting Maxim. But Maxim retaliated, staggering Malachite. Malachite managed to burn Maxim's hand, but his rival sorcerer's expertise was too great. The two then traded fiery magical attacks, until Maxim gained the upper hand and incinerated his rival, leaving nothing but a hat to remember Malachite by.

In the magical land of Oz, tensions had begun to rise. The Nome King, ruler of the rock-like Nomes, had stolen the magical Ruby Slippers from the Wicked Witch of The West, an evil hag who sought to rule Oz. The Witch first attempted to talk the king into returning the slippers, but he refused, not wanting to give up their vast power. The Witch decided that if she had to kill the King to regain her slippers, then so be it. Upon returning to her castle, the Witch commanded her army of flying monkeys to set out against the King's mountain fortress. The King's trusted commander, Princess Mombi, saw the monkeys appearing on the horizon, and commanded her Wheeler minions to take her to the King. The Wicked Witch herself then joined the fray, flying in on her broomstick. As Mombi warned the King, the Witch's army filed into his fortress, killing the rock monsters that guarded it, much to the King's annoyance. He then used his magic to frighten the Witch's soldiers away. The Witch, however, was ready, tying his life-force to a magic hourglass, causing the King to erode into a rocky beast. The Witch then threw the hourglass at him, speeding up the process, and the magic powders inside dissolved the King. Seeing the battle was lost, Mombi fled for her life as the Wicked Witch of the West regained her beloved slippers, and absolute control of Oz.

The evil Count Ruegen arrived in a Live-Action counterpart to Wonderland, hoping to convince the Red Queen to turn her kingdom over to his master Bavmorda. This, however, enraged the Queen, who called upon the Knave of Hearts, Stayne, to deal with the Count. Stayne challenged Ruegen to a duel. The two seemed to be evenly matched, but Stayne gained the upper hand, and stabbed Ruegen through the heart, much to the Red Queen's delight.

The Dark Lord Voldemort, one of the most powerful wizards alive, planned to prove once and for all that he was the undisputed master of darkness, seeking out a suitable opponent. He selected a ghostly butler named Ramsley, who boasted control over the dead. As Voldemort confronted Ramsley, the butler summoned a group of 999 evil spirits to deal with the intruder. Voldemort countered with a fiery spell, banishing the evil spirits. He then used his magics to summon a giant fiery serpent. Coiling around Ramsley, the snake's fire burned him as Voldemort opened a portal to hell. He then watched as Ramsely plummeted into the eternal fires below.

Having been trapped in the Live-Action realm ever since his encounter with Holli Would, Captain Hook had grown desperate to return himself and his crew to his own universe. With his Live-Action body aging far quicker than his animated form, Hook sought out an immortal warrior known as The Kurgan. Hoping to steal his immortality for himself, Hook challenged the Kurgan. The Kurgan rode into battle, laying waste to Hook's pirate crew. Hook then drew his weapon, and battled the Kurgan personally. The Kurgan overpowered Hook, knocking him to the ground, but the Captain attacked his enemy with his hook hand, injuring the Kurgan. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, the White Witch of Narnia Jadis appeared. She then used her magic to cause the ground beneath the Kurgan to give way, causing him to drop to his death. She then turned her attention to Hook, and returned him to the animated universe for her own reasons, much to Hook's joy.

Meanwhile, Cruella approached Doctor Claw and Count Olaf with plans to forge an alliance, hoping to further Mok's plans. They accept. Lord Cutler Beckett, head of the East India Trading Company, arrived in Live-Action England and meets with the Sheriff of Nottingham's human counterpart and the corrupt Cardinal Richelieu. Beckett then proposed an alliance to control the events of the war in a way that would grant them great power and fortune.

The two embodiments of evil, Darkness and the Evil Genius, joined forces as they planned to remake mankind their own, twisted image. At her ice palace, Jadis revealed her alliance, composed of the newly exiled Mombi, the wicked Winnie Sanderson and her coven of witch sisters Mary and Sarah, and Maxim Horvath, who now was forced to bide his time after the death of Morgana, as well as an army of monsters and dark creatures. In the lands of Middle-Earth, Saruman, the White Wizard, received word from his master, the Dark Lord Sauron, to begin building a grand army. All the while, Voldemort planned his next move, seizing the powerful Elder Wand to usher in a new age...

Reign of Chaos

Angered by Valmont's tardiness in finding the remaining Talismans, Shendu insulted his minion and his men. Finn, one of Valmont's more hot-headed men, drew his gun and threatened the "statue", but Shendu told the Dark Hand of his true power and origins. He had once ruled over most of the world in a demonic empire. However, one of his servants, the Dark Dragon, rose up against him. The Dark Dragon even caught Shendu off guard, blasting him with a stream of flame. Shendu, however, recovered and pummelled his enemy with a battery of spells. The Dark Dragon, though, was but the figurehead of a massive conspiracy against Shendu. Chang and members of the Huntsclan, who had long suffered under Shendu's rule, worked together to fuse Shendu into his statue form. Now fully aware of what they were dealing with, the Dark Hand recommitted themselves to finding the ten missing Talismans.

Believing Shendu could pose a threat to the Skeleton King's plots, Queen La sought out the shark-man Tiburon, tasking him with slaying Shendu's estranged son Drago. Tiburon was reluctant at first, not wanting to face Shendu's wrath and wary of indebting himself to the Skeleton King, but La bribed him with a replica of Triton's Trident she had crafted. Tiburon confronted Drago, but the powerful dragon stunned Tiburon with a blast of magic. Tiburon did not back down, and summoned a massive flying serpent and a few shark-hybrids to help him. He even stunned Drago with the false trident. His next shot missed Drago and set a porch rail next to Drago on fire. Inspired, Drago used this as a flaming staff. Tiburon extinguished it, but the use of so much magic caused Tiburon's mount to lose it's ability to fly, causing both it and Tiburon to plummet into the sea.

Upon hearing of Captain Hook's return to the animated universe, Mok, still furious that Hook had ruined his plans before, decided to kill Hook once and for all. At the same time, King Ratcliffe summoned the corrupt magician Sarousch and sent him to attempt to re-recruit Hook into his alliance, knowing that Hook was one of Frollo's greatest soldiers in the days of the First War. Sarousch accepted, and set out to get Hook back into the fold. Hook was beginning to consider Sarousch's offer when Screweyes suddenly appeared. Not wasting time, Screweyes powered up his fear machine, causing Hook and Sarousch's fears to come to life. Hook, however, was not scared of the crocodile illusion that was set against him, having overcome his previous fears long ago. Sarousch was not so lucky, being struck with fear as The Clown, a hideous beast, appeared. The demonic clown sent Sarousch's foot soldiers into such a panic that they attacked their leader. Hook, having had enough of Screweyes' interference, attacked with his sword, but Screweyes escaped in his zeppelin before Hook could deliver the finishing blow.

Zurg, fearing the looming threat of the Decepticons, considered it prudent to be proactive against such opponents. He ordered NOS4a2 to infiltrate their command ship and steal their vast knowledge database. NOS agreed, and set out. Upon arriving at the command ship, NOS finds himself blocked by Blackarachnia, the Decepticon chief assassin. NOS attacked, shooting lasers from his hands and fire from his mouth. Arachnia easily dodged these attacks and responded with her own laser cannon, striking NOS down. The space vampire survived and used his wings to take to the air. With an electric assault, NOS defeated Arachnia and sucked her dry of energy. After he was sated, he successfully obtained the data.

Valmont formed an alliance with the shadow-controlling supervillain Ebon, insisting that the Dark Hand and Ebon's Metabreed would live equally under Shendu's rule. Fearing Shendu's return, John Castaway hired the gangster Tony Dracon to tear the alliance apart. Dracon and his thugs entered the lair and easily defeated Ebon's henchmen Shiv and Talon, but soon Ebon took it upon himself to get rid of the intruders. Ebon disarmed most of Dracon's men and knocked them out before slipping away into the shadows. Dracon himself then tried to shoot Ebon from a distance, but Ebon emerged and knocked the gun out of Dracon's hand. Ebon then roughed up Dracon and tied him up with the rest of the gang, promising to torture them for information and punishment.

It had been a year since Tremaine's battle with Miss Lenoir and it was the Harvest Moon once more. Miss Lenoir's spirit told her disciple Lena that if she could kill Lady Tremaine and spill her blood over an altar, Lenoir could live once again. Lena arrived at Tremaine's manor and cornered the noblewoman, transforming into a bestial werecat to deal with her. Tremaine, however, used her magic wand to summon the Arabic smoke demon Sootinai to kill Lena. Lena, completely outmatched, could hardly strike back against Sootinai before he drained away her lifeforce, leaving nothing more than a skeleton. Tremaine, however, banished Sootinai as soon as he killed Lena, leaving herself the lone victor.

After their victory over the Fearsome Five, the Gangreen Gang had been running roughshod over their city, challenged by none. Hades, however, decided that it was time to collect on his generosity, as the Gang had done absolutely nothing to repay him. He and Facilier selected the Weird Sisters to do the job, three beautiful witches who could no doubt deal with the troublesome Gang. When the Sisters confronted the Gang, Ace declares that he and his friends were above Hades and he refused to pay. With that, Ace and his friends attacked, using their powers to blast the Sisters into a nearby lake. This only managed to infuriate the Sisters; they then retaliated with a magical maelstrom that removed the Gang's powers, leaving them helpless street toughs once more. The Sisters eradicated the Gang with a blast of magic, leaving Ace to watch in horror as a fatal lightning bolt streaked his way.

Still searching for her missing husband, Fox Xanatos contacted her associate, the ninja lord Monkey Fist, and tasked him with finding Xanatos. Monkey Fist accepts. His search eventually led him to a secret Cobra facility, where he and his monkey ninjas used poison blowdarts to dispose of the guards. Once inside, he had his monkeys destroy the gun turrets guarding the main computer, then hacked into it and discovered that Oroku Saki had Xanatos held captive beneath his headquarters. He was unaware that the Baroness was watching him, and she sent her own ninja assassin Storm Shadow to deal with Monkey Fist. As he confronted the intruder, Storm Shadow was able to wound Monkey Fist with his sword, but Monkey Fist was able to recover and use the surrounding smoke to make a quick getaway, having already gotten the information he needed.

John Silver, secretly wanting revenge against Maleficent for not paying him for obtaining Jafar's lamp, decides to leave her a special present: a strange statue he had come across in his travels. Maleficent accepted the gift before departing with Jafar to oversee other matters, leaving Pete, Ursula, and her other minions to guard the statue. Shortly after, the statue broke open to reveal Discord, the embodiment of chaos hailing from the distant realm of Equestria. Pete and Ursula were unimpressed by the creature and begin to taunt him. Discord responds by using his chaos magic to cause Pete's pants to fall down, and then electrocuted Ursula. He then made quick work of Maleficent's goons and teleported away. 

In Egypt, Mumm-Ra returned from the Pride Lands and met with his two greatest generals, the lizard-man Slithe and the feline Grune. With Rameses away on other business, Mumm-Ra saw fit to see to his own goals, including seeking revenge on the evil goddess Mirage, who had been responsible for imprisoning Mumm-Ra long ago. Grune and Slithe left with a small army, but when they arrived, Mirage overwhelmed them with her magic. Grune leapt into action, using his magic club to wipe out Mirage's own goblin troops. Mirage proceeded to wipe out the alliance's division of giant walkers. When Grune tried to personally strike Mirage down, she disarmed him. Outclassed, Grune and Slithe escaped.

In the Live-Action Universe, Lord Beckett hired the big-game hunter Van Pelt to dispatch the Sanderson Sisters, who could pose a threat to his plans. Van Pelt stormed into their house with his trusty rifle, but found the witches in waiting. As Van Pelt readied his assault rifle, Winnie fired a sword composed of magic at him. Though this did not kill Van Pelt, it did throw off his aim. Before Van Pelt could fire another shot, Winnie and her sisters turned his body into pixels, sending the enraged hunter into the Animated Universe.

Voldemort sent his most trusted servants, Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange, to recover a prophecy that told who would win the upcoming war. At the same time, Horvath sent Captain Barbossa to find the prophecy, promising to lift the curse upon him and his crew if he succeeded. Lucius found the prophecy first, but Barbossa arrived to claim it himself. Bellatrix, the more dangerous of the pair, threw a knife into Barbossa's heart; the pirate simply wrenched the bloody knife out. As Bellatrix and Lucius marveled at the occurrence, Barbossa revealed that he and his men were skeletal warriors that could never die until the curse was broken. Malfoy drew his sword cane in an attempt to protect the prophecy, but Barbossa calmly shot him in the chest. As Bellatrix fled, Barbossa discovered that he had actually destroyed the prophecy by accident.

Having had seven months to relish the "Ruberian Age", Ruber planned to hold a grand celebration to commemorate his reign as king of the world. As Ruber and his war council began to celebrate, a giant red mass rose through the floor. It turned out to be none other than the evil genie, Jafar. Maleficent had wished to be rid of Ruber, and Jafar had come to honor the wish. Ruber's men attempted to attack, but Jafar rendered their weapons useless. Seeking to land a killing blow, Ruber charged, but Jafar blasted him with a mighty magical assault, leaving nothing but a headplate to remember the former king of the world by as Ruber's war council looked on in horror.

Maleficent then celebrated her victory, believing Ruber utterly destroyed, but Jafar warned her not to revel in victory just yet, as genies are forbidden to kill. As it turned out, Ruber had been transported to limbo, where he was reunited with his old ally, Rasputin. Together, the two planned their escape back to the world of the living.

Meanwhile, with the defeat of the Gangreen Gang, the crimelord Fat Cat arrived to claim the criminal underworld for himself. Elsewhere, as Discord learned of the events of the First and current wars, he was sorely disappointed by how much chaos he had been missing out on. Seeing Eris and her allies as kindred spirits, Discord joined up with her.

Monkey Fist, now knowing of Xanatos' whereabouts, reported to Fox, who had Dr. Drakken plan a rescue mission. Realizing that Mok was after his head, Captain Hook met with King Ratcliffe and Sarousch in England, where he accepted their offer of an alliance.

Fearing Mumm-Ra's wrath, Mirage sought out Abis Mal and Mechanicles, who believed she would prove to be useful to their cause. And, in his pyramid, Mumm-Ra assembles his generals: Grune, Slithe, the deranged Kaynar and the brutish Addicus, preparing for the next stage of the war.

Fall of the Shredder?

Atop Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent and her allies celebrated Ruber's defeat. However, their revelry was interrupted by Hades, who, having heard of Ruber's death, wished to once again forge an alliance with Maleficent. She declined, pointing out Hades' torrid affair with Eris and demanded that he leave. As Hades' departed in humiliation, Ursula approached Maleficent and asked her to restore her pets, Flotsam and Jetsam. Feeling generous, Maleficent did so, and the festivities continued. Jafar and Iago, however, were less than happy about their continued servitude. Little did they realize that they were being watched by Azula. Meanwhile, Demona and Sevarius took advantage of Xanatos' absence to unleash his old secret weapon: Thailog, the evil clone of the deceased gargoyle Goliath.

With her father having heard of the mystical lamp in Maleficent's possession, Azula had been sent to retrieve it. As she reached Maleficent's throne room, she found herself barred by Ursula, who was guarding the lamp. The witch challenged Azula to a battle, and attacked. Azula struck with her firebending, but Ursula teleported away from the strike and retaliated, firing magical orbs. Azula dodged the assault, using her speed to outrun the corpulent witch's magics. Azula then capitalized on Ursula's slow attacks, striking her with a bolt of lightning. Azula then snatched up the lamp and escaped, leaving Ursula fuming with anger.

Mojo Jojo finally tracked down and unlocked Madam Medusa's hidden vault, revealing a vast trove of crystals inside, much to his delight. Having knowledge of the crystal's secret powers, Yzma planned to use a youth potion to make herself beautiful in an attempt to charm the crystals away from the mutant monkey. Shan Yu agreed to Yzma's plot, sending her away with his blessing. When Yzma arrived at Mojo's lair, her attempts to charm him were thwarted by the Skeleton King, who had arrived to check on Mojo's progress. Suddenly, Yzma's potion began to wear off, revealing her ugly old form underneath. Seeing that all had gone wrong, Yzma went with plan B. She revealed a gigantic mechanical squid lying in wait. Mojo, having already planned for such an attack, pulled a mystical statue from the vault. He then used it to summon a flood, trouncing the mech.

With their first part of the plan completed, Eris and her allies discussed their next move. They decided to attack Typhon, the Father of all Monsters, hoping to cut off Hades' supply of minions. Aku travelled to the surface, relishing the chance to "show the world who is master". As he confronted Typhon, he summoned a bolt of lightning, which struck the giant beast. Typhon, proving to be far more resilient, struck Aku with his fire breath as Aku was busy gloating, injuring the Shogun of Sorrow. Aku then used his eye lasers to blast Typhon against a nearby mountain. Typhon, having grown tired of the battle, began to pick up the mountain in an attempt to crush Aku. But the move proved to be ruinous, as Aku blasted Typhon's feet. Typhon then accidentally dropped the mountain on top of himself, killing him. With his enemy defeated, Aku then delighted himself by burning down a nearby village.

As the time of salvation grew near, Fox gathered together Doctor Drakken and the mercenary group known as the Pack to assist her in her plan to rescue Xanatos from the Shredder's clutches. They were surprised when Macbeth suddenly appeared and offered them his own services. Fox obliged, knowing of the Scotsman's fearsome reputation.

Fox and the Pack infiltrated the Shredder's headquarters in the dead of night, but came up against strong resistance in the form of his adoptive daughter Karai, and his elite Foot Ninja guards. The Pack soon managed to take down the flimsy robot guards in quick succession. However, Karai proved far more competent than the robots, downing both Hyena and Wolf in quick succession. Fox proved a more difficult opponent. Though Karai assaulted her with both katana and whip, Fox knocked her out with a swift left hook. From his chamber, the Shredder watched in disbelief, calling on Stockman and Hun to dispose of the intruders.

Drakken and Shego were up next, infiltrating the compound. As they made their way through the fortress, they soon found their way blocked by Hun, who revealed a secret weapon to deal with them: Baxter Stockman, now nothing more than a disembodied head but armed with a giant mechanical suit of armor. Shego challenged Stockman, who used his mechanical arms to keep her fire away from him, nullifying her attacks. Hun, not wanting to be left out of the battle, lept into an attack vehicle. Drakken then called in his Bebe androids to deal with Hun, but Hun used the vehicle's cannon to obliterate them. Meanwhile, Shego and Stockman continued their battle. Shego dodged Stockman's assault of missiles and bullets, until Stockman got a lucky shot in, sending her down and burning Drakken's face in the process. Shego then retaliated and damaged the mech, cutting off one of the legs. She then picked up a rocket launcher nearby, and blasted Stockman out into the streets, defeating him. Using a laser device, Drakken destroyed Hun's vehicle, causing him to flee.

Meanwhile, with his entire compound engulfed in chaos, the Shredder decided to join the fray himself and take out the threats personally. However, he found his way barred by Macbeth, there to distract him while Fox located Xanatos. A fight to the death soon broke out as Macbeth lit the Shredder's throne room on fire. Shredder attacked, levelling Macbeth with a strong kick. He then ran, Macbeth giving chase. Shredder ambushed him, slashing Macbeth across the arm and the side of his head. Macbeth then grabbed a nearby spiked meditation table, and shoved it at Shredder, knocking him through a window out onto the balcony. He then pulled out a pistol and shot the Shredder, but his armor nullified the shot. Shredder then retrieved a pair of katanas, challenging his enemy to a swordfight. Macbeth armed himself by taking a ceremonial sword from the wall. Shredder's swords, however, were magic. He blasted Macbeth, but Macbeth fought on. The two then rushed one another, but Macbeth feinted and struck, decapitating the Shredder. As his enemy's head fell to the ground, Macbeth left the body to burn.

Beneath the complex, Fox blew open Xanatos' prison cell, liberating her husband. To her surprise, Xanatos revealed that he knew he would be captured, using the opportunity to test Fox's leadership capabilities and her strength against the Shredder's forces. She passed the test with flying colors, and Xanatos declared that he would reward her loyalty. As the victors departed, the headless body of the Shredder rose up, picked up his head, and walked away into the flames.

Desert Storm

Receiving word that Xanatos had escaped imprisonment, Cobra Commander met with Doctor Mindbender to discuss the progress of the Bio-Viper project. When Mindbender said that the project was falling behind schedule, the Commander threatened him to get the Bio-Viper ready soon or he would be forcibly replaced.

In Agrabah, Mirage summoned the undead sorcerer Ayam Aghoul and the genie-hunting Mukhtar into her ranks, bolstering the forces of Agrabah in preparation to strike back at Mumm-Ra.

Wary of Fire Nation activity near their island, the Senor family called together their allies, including Duff Killigan, DNAmy, Monkey Fist, and Shego. Shego, wanting to finish off Azula after their previous battle, asked Monkey Fist to look into the Fire Nation's military mobilisation. He brought along his fellow ninja Fukushima on the mission, but they were confronted by the Fire Nation assassin known as Combustion Man. Fukushima tried to strike Combustion Man with his staff, but the Fire-Bender ignited a massive explosion, shattering the staff. Fukushima stepped up his assault, encasing Combustion Man's head in ice and striking his third eye with a pebble when he broke free. Though the two attacks disoriented Combustion Man, he recovered. He finished the fight, slamming Fukushima into a wall with lethal force. He then surrounded him in icicles, leaving the ninja for dead. Monkey Fist fled rather than face such a deadly opponent.

Warmonga begged Zurg for an assignment, eager to do her part in the war with the Decepticons, and he decided to send her to take out Megatron's second-in-command, the treacherous Starscream. When the two encountered one another, Warmonga tried to shoot Starscream with a blaster pistol, but he simply evaded the shot and fired his Null Ray at her. While this blow would be lethal to a robot, Warmonga was organic. She thus survived the blow and deflected several more of Starscream's attacks. She even used a whip-like device to shock Starscream. The Decepticon modified his body into an F15 jet, but even this form took a hit from Warmonga's blaster. But Starscream couldn't be beaten by pure firepower; his lasers utterly overwhelmed his lesser opponent and knocked her unconscious.

Having suffered severe losses in his ranks, Hades approached the monstrous Gorgon Sisters Medusa, Euryale, and Fury in hopes of forging an alliance. At the same time, however, Eris had brought the three witches known as The Trix into her alliance. As fate would have it, the two teams of sisters would soon meet on the battlefield. The Trix sisters summoned a massive thug to take out the Gorgons, but Medusa defeated the brute with a single shot of magic. Darcy of the Trix then fired lighting bolts at Fury, but the far more nimble Gorgon dodged this attack. Darcy then created a massive tornado which forced all three of the Gorgons back. The Trix laughed at the Gorgons for their fear, but were soon punished with blasts of laser vision. Stormy of the Trix recovered and wounded Fury, and created multiple copies of herself, reinforcing them with another tornado of her own. Fury dispersed this tornado and then the clones. Fury, not wishing to be outdone, created a tornado herself, sucking Stormy and Darcy into it. Icy, the last Trix sister standing, managed to block Fury's next attack, and responded with a shockwave. However, Fury regrouped and sent Icy plummeting to her death with a magic blast.

Having found himself trapped in the Animated Universe, Van Pelt set out to make a name for himself among the villain powers by killing the biggest, most ferocious animals he could find. He soon stumbled upon the fearsome gorilla Tublat and his ape army. Tublat commanded his followers to attack, not taking kindly to Van Pelt's poaching, but Pelt managed to kill them off. Tublat then attacks Pelt, taking advantage of the hunter's reload time to knock him into a waiting giant venus fly trap. Using the distraction, Tublat attempted to kill his rival with a rock, but Pelt raised his rifle once more and shot Tublat into the nearby river rapids.

Sensing the time was right, the demoness Wuya pressured the childlike mastermind Jack Spicer into collecting the pieces of the powerful Shen Gong Wu and taking the world for his own. Lady Tremaine, catching wind of these plans, used her magic to turn her daughter Drizella into a hideous monster, and sent her to stop Spicer. Drizella found Jack, who was wielding his Monkey Staff. Jack successfully blasted Drizella away with a Shen Gong Wu. He then used the Monkey Staff to transform into a strange monkey-human hybrid. Though Drizella whipped him with her tail, Spicer's new agile body allowed for increased endurance. He outmaneuvered Drizella and struck her directly with the staff, reversing the spell and forcing her to retreat.

In the Live-Action realm, Dr. Claw met with the eccentric arms dealer Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, hoping to combine their criminal empires. Not seeing Claw as a worthy ally, Zorg refused the offer. Insulted by the rejection, Claw returned to his helicopter and prepared to leave, but his pride had been wounded, and he would not go without a fight. He launched a missile at the building as a parting shot. The shot missed Zorg, who decided to teach Claw a lesson. Zorg fired arrows from his ZF1 submachine gun, destroying the controls of the helicopter. Claw parachuted out rather than die in the helicopter, which crashed into Zorg's building. Fortunately for him, Cruella was waiting outside in an escape car.

Skeletor enacted the next phase of his plan, this time targeting the city of Agrabah with the full force of his henchmen. Mirage's new allies rallied to the city's defense. Mechanicles spurred Abis Mal into action, activating a switch that brought forth a platoon of the Al-Muddy mud men. As Skeletor deemed this threat beneath him, he sent Evil Lyn to deal with them. Evil Lyn unleashed a blizzard that froze the Al-Muddy where they stood. As the two-headed Two-Bad fired on a retreating Abis Mal and Haroud Hazi Been, Mirage struck him down with a blast of magic. The Mukhtar stepped into the fray, dueling with Trapjaw. Trapjaw initially took the advantage with his brute strength, but was shocked when the cunning Mukhtar fried his robotic arm with a magical lantern. Recovering from his surprise, Trapjaw bit the Mukhtar's sword in half. Meanwhile, Abis Mal and Mechanicles activated a gigantic robot in the shape of a praying mantis, facing off with Tri-Klops. Tossing a grenade into a lava pit, Tri-Klops detonated it as the mantis robot passed over it, spraying the mech with lava and bringing it down, though Abis Mal and Mechanicles managed to survive. As Evil Lyn confronted Mirage herself, the evil goddess summoned a mystical dragon to dispose of Lyn. Firing lightning bolts at the dragon, Lyn slew it and turned it back into magical energy. Seeing her army falling, Mirage brought down a pillar with a magic strike to shield her escape, just as Skeletor entered the palace. The Overlord of Evil found himself opposed by Ayam Aghoul, seeking to protect his mistress. Skeletor summoned a magical maelstrom, but Aghoul broke free by tossing a skull bomb at Skeletor, knocking him back. Recovering after being knocked into a wall by Aghoul's magic, Skeletor retrieved his staff and blasted Aghoul into seeming nothingness. Enraged, Mirage teleported away as Skeletor claimed Agrabah for his own.

Xanatos returned home, greeted by Owen, only to discover that someone had unleashed Thailog prematurely. Xanatos and Owen deduced that Sevarius was responsible, and decided to terminate his contract of employment with Xanatos Enterprises forever. Meanwhile, following Typhon's death and needing a source of monsters for the conflict with Eris, Hades and Facilier visited Echidna, Typhon's mate and the Mother of All Monsters, securing the use of her monster children.

Having survived his encounter with Skeletor thanks to his undead nature, Ayam Aghoul sought out Yzma and offered his services to her, believing she was the "next best thing" to serving under Mirage. In a similar encounter, Abis Mal and Mechanicles were recruited by Maleficent, who promised them vengeance on Skeletor. Elsewhere, the Skeleton King and Queen La unveiled their new alliance, consisting of Mojo Jojo, the Skeleton King's old minion Mandarin, the sorceress Valina, Norton Nimnul, Jack Spicer, Wuya, Technus, and Vlad Plasmius.

In the Ghost Zone, Tzekel Khan arrived at Walker's prison and overpowered the ghost, unleashing one of its most powerful prisoners; Samhain, avatar of the dark forces of the night. At their headquarters, the Acolytes received a visit from the Stalker, a mysterious emissary who ordered them to speed up their quest for the crystals before their time ran out. Meanwhile, Azula transported Jafar's lamp to her father, who quickly released Jafar and became his new master. His first wish... to be the new King of the World. Jafar granted his wish, and Ozai declared himself the Phoenix King.

Rise of the Phoenix King

In an undisclosed location, the secretive Illuminati met to discuss the recent events of the war, having manipulated many of the events from behind the scenes. Deciding that Cobra Commander had become a liability, they decided to send an expert Assassin to eliminate him, though one of their number, Xanatos, disagreed with this plan, favoring a more covert plot. Nevertheless, the Assassin soon arrived at Cobra HQ and infiltrated the grounds, launching an attack on the security systems. The Baroness, however, was alerted to his presence, and sent out security drones to kill him. The Assassin destroyed them all and soon broke into the Commander's command center, using a cloaking device to evade capture. He easily took down the soldiers inside and managed to knock out Baroness. Cobra Commander quickly struck, using the electric tip of his cane to knock out the Assassin. He swore vengeance upon those who hired the Assassin, and then killed his enemy with a fatal bite from his pet cobra.

Yzma soon revealed her new lab assistant, Megavolt, formerly of the Fearsome Five, to Kronk. However, Megavolt wanted to be more than a mere flunky like Kronk. He decided to prove himself by seeking out a powerful villain to face. His search led him to a shopping mall, where he met one of the Skeleton King's enforcers, Technus. Megavolt attempted to use the mall's appliances against Technus, but the evil ghost was more in his element. He used the appliances himself to craft a gigantic suit of mechanical armor. Megavolt attempted a comeback, knocking Technus down. The two electrical villains traded blasts, but in the end, Megavolt destroyed the armor and apparently Technus with it. Megavolt escaped the explosion with some loot in hand as well.

Hoping to gain a measure of revenge against Skeletor for her defeat in Agrabah, Mirage made a deal with the evil spider god Anansi, promising him a seat of power within her new regime in exchange for his services. When the spider beast arrived in Agrabah, he was confronted by Beast Man and the rest of his crew. Beast Man charged the spider, but Anansi knocked him away. However, Beast Man used his mind control on a pack of jaguars, which attacked Anansi. In the confusion, Beast Man struck Anansi out of his web with a whip, and Tri-Klops then obliterated the spider god with his cybernetic eye, ending the threat.

Realizing how vulnerable he was without Xanatos' backing, Sevarius hastily tried to forge an alliance with Negaduck, meeting with the criminal at his Gen-U-Tech research headquarters. In the midst of their meeting, however, Doctor Mindbender appeared, accompanied by a new horde of Bio-Vipers. Negaduck decided to abandon Sevarius, leaving the mad professor to protect his creations alone. Sevarius fired a pistol at Mindbender but missed. He then used a computer terminal to operate a giant claw, lifting Mindbender out of the battlefield, even bashing Mindbender into a wall. But Mindbender got the upper hand once he put on his mind control helmet. Using the helmet to control the Bio-Vipers, Mindbender wiped out Sevarius' guards and disarmed his opponent. As Sevarius charged, Mindbender sent him crashing into a tank of electric eels. Sevarius seemingly died from the eels' shocks.

Stalker had recently discovered that a vast amount of the crystals the Acolytes were seeking had been recently recovered by Mojo Jojo from Medusa's vault, and he sent Hecate and Devimon to recover them from Queen La's temple. They arrived at the lair and met the two masters of the fortress, Queen La and the Skeleton King, engaging them in combat. Queen La actually tore a massive hole through Devimon's body with her staff, though he recovered from the blow. Hecate engaged the Skeleton King, shattering his breast plate before he got a chance to fire a spell. Hecate also sent one of her griffins at the warrior, but he knocked it out. Devimon then knocked Queen La out with a gust of wind. He and Hecate escaped with the crystals, though both La and the Skeleton King lived on.

The robot queen Vexus and her Cluster army arrived at Zurg Tower with the intention of conquering it. However, Gravitina, Warhok, and Gantu were all there to defend it. Vexus threatened the defenders with the full might of the Cluster Prime armada, but the Planet Z defenders were unintimidated. Vexus later returned at the head of an elite invasion force. Gantu eliminated the Cluster foot soldiers, while Warhok attacked Vexus herself. To his surprise, she anticipated his blows. Gravitina then entered the fray, though Vexus got an initial edge and knocked her down. Gravitina got her revenge, using her telekinetic abilities to hit Vexus with pillows and send her falling down a set of stairs. Gravitina eventually tired of toying with her enemy; she summoned a solar flare to come down and incinerate the Queen of the Cluster. Vexus died uttering a dreadful scream.

Hades' troubles soon increased as the evil ghost Samhain attacked, invading the Underworld in hopes of releasing all the souls of the dead and building an army. Samhain quickly attacked, making quick work of Pain and Panic. Hades then attempted to incinerate Samhain with a fire blast, exchanging a back and forth hit and run attack. Hades, finding Samhain to be tricky, decided to summon a ghost of his own: The Headless Horseman. The Horseman rose from the River Styx, but Samhain claimed he did not fear the evil spirit. The Horseman gave chase, attacking Samhain relentlessly as he chased him through the Underworld. The Horseman summoned a flaming pumpkin and hurled it at his rival, causing Samhain to flee. Having been watching the battle, Eris then revealed herself to Hades, revealing that she had been the cause of his recent troubles, including his falling out with Maleficent, the deaths of his monsters, and the attack by Samhain, claiming that it had been easy to manipulate Hades as the god of the dead seethed in rage.

As Ruber's former war council began to fight amongst themselves for control of the faction, Jafar and Fire Lord Ozai arrived. Ozai then had the council swear their allegiance to him as he declared himself their new king.


Having now recovered from the battle against Macbeth, the Shredder, now revealed to be an Utrom named Ch'rell, is now once again ready to rejoin the war.

Shredder then begins the first step towards his master plan for global domination. He has gained knowledge of Zurg's transdimensional technology, and plans to use it for himself. And, with his forces in disarray after the battle with Vexus, Zurg soon finds himself at a disadvantage. As the Shredder invades his compound, he easily destroys Zurg's hornet guards. Shredder quickly closes the distance as Zurg's cannon has no effect on Shredder's armor. Desperate, Zurg attacks Shredder with alien martial arts. He riddles the Shredder with strikes, damaging Shredder's android body. Eventually, Shredder forces Zurg to retreat,  as he has Baxter Stockman (now only a head after his battle with Shego)  deal with Zurg's troublesome scientists before transporting himself and his new equipment back to earth.

With another Talismin located, Valmont sends his enforcer, Hak Foo, to retrieve the item. A the same time, Drago, not wanting his troublesome father to return to life, is desperate to stop the attempt. He seeks out Shego, interrupting one of her spa days, and offers her a sum of money to retrieve the item first. She accepts. Upon arriving at the item's location, Shego and Hak Foo meet. Shego blasts Foo with her fire, stunning him, but he retaliates and sends her through a wall. Shego survives and responds with another fiery blast, but Foo leaps high, and dropkicks Shego through another wall. This time, she stays down, as Foo claims the item for himself.

With the criminal underworld in complete chaos, Percival C. McLeach and John Silver decide to forge an alliance in hopes of surviving. However, their meeting is soon interrupted by Agent Bishop, who plans to send them off to Kent Mansely's super-prison. Silver attacks Bishop with his laser cannon, but Bishop survives, and damages Silver's mechanical leg with a grappling hook. McLeach then joins the fight, and uses an electric device to shock Bishop. Once again, Bishop endures the onslaught, and knocks McLeach into a nearby pit. Silver's pirate crew then attempts to join the fray, but Bishop calls his soldiers in to back him up. Seeing a nearby machine above the pirates, Bishop blasts the support, causing the machine to fall, creating a huge gap in the floor, and taking the pirates with it. Silver, now all alone, has no choice but to surrender.

While discussing methods of further advertising their services, the Pack was approached by the severed head of Coyote (who was now independent of the Shredder after the destruction of his HQ) who suggested they take down the Dreadnoks, an unruly biker gang led by Cobra Commander's enforcer, Zartan. The Pack attacked the Dreadknoks while they were relaxing. Zartan called the Dreadknoks into action, but the Pack took an early edge. They managed to knock out many a Dreadknoks member. Only when Zartan involved himself in the fight did things begin to change. Dingo literally threw a rock at Zartan's soldier, managing to irritate the biker leader. Wolf was more effective, punching Zartan while holding a set of weights. Wolf cringed in fear, however, when Zartan lit a stick of dynamite and hurled it at him. Though the blow didn't kill Wolf, it gave Zartan time to knock Dingo into Wolf. Outclassed, Wolf and the other members of the Pack fled.

Kalabar, leader of the Morganians, had returned to wrest the power of leadership away from Maxim Horvath, who now had leadership after Morgana's death. Horvath told Kalabar that he would gladly step aside...if Kalabar could defeat the Evil Genius. The now overconfident Kalabar quickly set out to take down his new rival. As Kalabar infiltrated the Genius's hideout, he attempted to scare the Genius with a hideous gremlin visage. However, the Evil Genius wasn't scared at all, but instead mocked Kalabar. Kalabar, enraged, attacked the Genius with magic, but the Genius waved off the attacks, and responded with his own, proving himself to be the superior sorcerer, the Genius incinerated Kalabar.

Xanatos was approached by Doctor Doofenshmirtz, who eagerly volunteered to prove himself. Xanatos sent the good doctor to infiltrate Castle Destro and get info on COBRA's new weaponry. Xanatos also gave Doofenshmirtz a small fleet of Steel Clan robots to help in the mission. Doofenshmirtz arrived before Destro and presented his robots, only to learn Destro had some reinforcements of his own. Though the robots dealt some damage, Destro's walkers and drones eventually took out the remaining robotic gargoyles. Destro let Doofenshmirtz escape, not thinking the incompetent doctor to be a threat.

Hordak asked Narissa to find the Lament Configuration, which could be the key to releasing him from his dimensional prison. Narissa travelled to the live action realm with Nathaniel in tow, but before they could seize the box, they were attacked by Lord Voldemort and Wormtail. Voldemort had a special connection to the box, and was determined that it not fall into Narissa's hands. While the two masters dueled, Wormtail faced down Nathaniel, brandishing his magic wand so to intimidate him. However, Nathaniel drew a sword; a coward at heart, Wormtail transformed into a rat and fled from the battle. Narissa showered Voldemort with water and struck at him with black energy, but Voldemort deflected both attacks. Before he could damage Narissa, agents working for Zorg stole the Configuration. Voldemort moaned in agony as both the agents and Narissa escaped.

Demona, having been expelled by David Xanatos, soon held a meeting with a mysterious hooded stranger, who told her of a powerful spell book known as the Grimorum Aronorum. But, the dark stranger isn't so keen on giving her all of the powerful magic, but instead gives her only a few spells. Should she prove to make good use of the spells, the stranger will give her the rest.  Demona then sets out to return to New York. But, upon her arrival, Demona is spotted by the evil shapeshifter, Ebon, who wishes to do away with her. Upon encountering the shapeshifter and his servant, Shiv, Demona battles them. She uses her signature laser cannon, and easily makes quick work of Shiv. Ebon, however proves to be far more dangerous. He strikes Demona, but she rallies back, attacking him once again. But, Ebon is able to disable her laser cannon. This gives Demona a chance to use her new spells, and she unleashes the magic as Ebon tries to flee. The magics the incinerate the shapeshifter, much to Demona's delight.

Meanwhile, Doctor Sevarius reveals that he faked the fall to his death, so that Xanatos wouldn't seek retribution against him. Cobra Commander, impressed by the doctor, invites him into the Cobra organization, much to Doctor Mindbender's annoyance.

Mirage travels to the Pridelands, where she allies herself with Zira to take down Mumm-Ra. Shere Khan, however, is suspicious of Mirage. Owen, discovers Demona's treachery, and "Puck" uses a powerful spell to curse Demona to transform into a human by the light of day. Sa'Luk makes a purchase for the rest of the Talismans from the enigmatic Trader Slick, who has been collecting them over the years in hopes of gaining a profit.

Zorg's men deliver him the Lament Configuration, but are horrified when they open it and release Pinhead, who reveals he his big plans in store for them. Jareth visits Queen Bavmorda, and tells her of a prophesied child destined to destroy her. Bavmorda realizes she must perform a ritual to exile the child's spirit or she will be doomed.

Shredder, now is possession of Zurg's technology, learns about alternate dimensions in hopes of conquering the multiverse. Elsewhere, Hades encounters Gaston, who has been in the underworld ever since his death at the Battle of France. Echidna is not impressed by Gaston, but Hades sees potential. He has Doctor Facilier perform a ritual to transform Gaston into a monstrous beast, and promises to restore him should he be of use. And while attending a mysterious rally in the city, King Ratcliffe meets the enigmatic Amon, who Ratcliffe believes will be useful against the Fire Nation.

Blood Will Flow

The real, human Shredder, who is trapped in Dimension X, contacts his ally Krang on earth, and plans an amazing escape. Krang agreed to help him out, though they falsely believe that the Utrom Shredder has been defeated. Krang's conversation with Shredder was cut short by the arrival of Doctor Hamsterviel, who wished to learn all Krang knew about dimensional travel. He unleashes Leroy, while Krang's rock soldiers rushed to his defense. Both the rock soldiers and Krang failed to take down the experiment with their laser cannons. While Krang held off Leroy, Hamsterviel called in Zurg himself. Zurg severely damaged Krang's walker with his laser vision and took over the base.

Sevarius presented his 'son', Thailog, to Cobra Commander, who decided to send the gargoyle outside for field testing. Meanwhile, Daolon Wong used his magic to revive a long deceased gargoyle and dub him Coldstone. Thailog approached Wong, hearing of his action against Eli Pandarus. The two fought and Wong struck first, blasting his opponent away. Thailog, however, was no slouch with a blaster rifle; he emptied a round right into Wong's behind. Daolon recovered, pushed Thailog away, and shattered the support beams of a water tower. As Thailog was washed away, Wong summoned Coldstone to finish him off. This action proved Wong's undoing. Coldstone remembered the original for Thailog, Goliath, to whom he was a friend in a previous life. Coldstone attacked Wong, who teleported away before the gargoyle android could cause any more damage. Coldstone and Thailog then formed a fast friendship.

Hoping to put Abis Mal's skills to good use, Maleficent sent him deep into Fire Nation territory to steal back the lamp. Abis Mal infiltrated a Fire Nation outpost where the lamp was under heavy guard, but first he and his thieves needed to deal with Admiral Zhao. Though Abis Mal tried to be secretive, he disturbed Zhao in meditation. When Zhao turned to face him, Mal sicked his troops on the warrior. Zhao knocked them out handily, but Mal grabbed the lamp. Zhao continually scorched Mal's behind as he tried to run away, causing the hapless henchman to drop the lamp. This proved the final straw for Abis Mal, as he drew his sword and charged Zhao. He actually nearly cut down his rival, but Zhao nimbly dodged. A thrust, however, downed Zhao briefly. Zhao struck Mal with a massive fireball, forcing Abis Mal and his associated to flee.

Drago, now realizing that his father's release is truly immanent, decides to approach the Pack with an important mission; the assassination of Shendu. However, Drago reveals that they will need a boost in firepower, and tells them of a Cobra facility in the mountains. The Pack then decides to send Coyote 3 to steal the info, however, he is halted by Storm Shadow upon his arrival. The ninja reveals the Bio Vipers lying in wait in the snow, but Coyote 3 destroys them with his weaponry. Storm Shadow then draws his blade, and damages Coyote's leg. But Coyote 3 blasts the snowy mountainside, and causes an avalanche than buries Storm Shadow and the Bio Vipers. Coyote 3 then successfully obtains the plans.

Carface, wanting to make a bid comeback in the criminal underworld, decides to set his sights on Fat Cat. The crime bosses meet, and Carface informs Fat Cat that his time is up. Fat Cat eventually backs down, and attempts to flee his office, but Carface is not ready to let Fat Cat leave yet. As Fat Cat attempts to escape, his large rear gets stuck in a window. Seeing the opportunity, Carface chomps down, and bites Fat Cat in the rear before the corpulent cat manages to escape as Carface takes over his place in the criminal underworld.

Odin and the Dark Dragon attempted to seize the next crystal, which was held in the Book of Omens, currently in Mumm-Ra's hands. Odin blasted Mumm-Ra away with a powerful spell. The Dark Dragon then prepared to roast the mummy warrior. But Mumm-Ra then transformed into his more powerful form, Mumm-Ra the Everliving. This new form disarmed Odin and traded blows with the Dark Dragon, eventually striking the latter with a backhanded spell. Hecate teleported away before the mummy could destroy her. She rallied together her fellow Acolytes; striking as one, they struck Mumm-Ra, who fled rather than risk further injury. The Acolytes took the Book of Omens for themselves.

Demona, still adjusting to her human form, decided to avoid wasting precious time by hiring Fang, a mutant that worked for Sevarius before his 'death', to get a drop on Karai, who had recently resurfaced. At her residence, Karai had a meeting with Doctor Mindbender, where they discussed a secret alliance in light of their masters' dwindling sanity and rising bloodlust. However, Fang dropped in and began to wreak havoc. Karai tried to bribe Fang, but he scorned the notion of money. Knowing her life was in danger, Karai donned a suit of armor eerily similar to that of the Shredder. As Fang prepared to attack, she fired a whip chain at him. She actually hit him, but Fang clawed her twice. Fang even mustered some magic and shattered Karai's helmet. But Karai had one final trick: explosive shurikens. Fang fled rather than risk injury, leaving Mindbender and Karai to discuss their next move.

Deciding to make a move in hopes of obtaining the legendary ring, Saruman sends out his henchman Lurtz and his army to retrieve it from the kingdom of Jadis the White Witch. As his forces attempt to lay siege to the kingdom, they are interrupted by Jadis' wolves. Saruman himself is soon confronted by Jadis, who gets the drop on him and throws him around like a rag doll. Saruman's craftiness proves a match for the witch, as he grabs her wand, and threatens her with both wand and staff, forcing her to flee rather than risk further defeat.

At the same time, the newly returned Carface once again met up with Cat R. Waul at their old club. Waul, thinks Carface acted too rashly, and has allied himself with the sneaky Mr. Lickboot in hopes of creating great financial gain. Fat Cat, still furious over his defeat, is soon approached by Negaduck, who suggests that they join forces in hopes re-taking the criminal underworld. Fat Cat, wanting revenge, accepts.

Drago uses his stolen technology to upgrade the Pack, having even more plans in store for them. Backing in the Live-action universe, Saruman travels to Mordor, where he meets with Sauron's other generals, the Witch-King of Angmar and Gothmog. They then prepare their armies for battle.

Discord presented Eris with two other villains from Equestria, King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis, and announced that he intended to destroy the remaining children of Echidna with them. At the same time, Hades gathered Echidna and her family and ordered them into battle. Discord and Tzekal Kan arrived with Chrysalis and Sombra. Gegenius attacked Queen Chrysalis. However, it only took two blows from Chrysalis's horn to knock him out. King Sombra knocked the Chimera into his brother, Ladon, removing both from the battle. The Cyclops then squared off against Queen Chrysalis. Though the Cyclops charged Chrysalis, one blast from Chrysalis's horn knocked him out. Echidna mourned the state of children today when they failed to bring down their opponents. Gaston then entered the battle on Hades's behalf. With a few fireballs, Gaston utterly destroyed Sombra. Queen Chrysalis proved a bit more of a challenge, as she actively attacked Gaston. Gaston, however, absorbed her fire balls and knocked her halfway across the planet with an attack of his own. Tzekal Kan and Discord retreated after witnessing Chrysalis's and Sombra's defeat.

John Castaway held a public rally for potential Quarrymen recruits, however, it was quickly derailed by Amon who began preaching his own ideals. The clashing mentalities of the two clan leaders caused controversy, and before long, a massive riot broke loose. Castaway's soldiers attacked, and Amon's Equalists rushed in to defend their master. Castaway threatened one of the Equalists with a pistol, but the more nimble Equalist knocked him into an elevator console. Not one to be outdone, Castaway shot and killed his rival. However, Amon was far too agile and quick to be taken down by Castaway's weaponry. Though Amon seemed to have the upper hand, he decided it was far wiser to withdraw from the battle rather than be struck down by a stray bullet.

Looking to make another clear statement in the pride lands, Mumm-Ra and Slithe send their most unstable warrior, Kaynar to take down Mirage. As Kaynar nears the pride lands, he is encountered by Shere Khan. Kaynar attacks the tiger, knocking him away with a straight punch. He then prods his weapons at Khan, who fights back with his claws. Khan then retreats to a cave, but Kaynar follows as he prepares to attack again. Suddenly, Mirage appears, much to Khan's chagrin, and uses her magic to topple overhanging rocks onto Kaynar, forcing him to retreat.

Hoping to free the newly imprisoned Deceptacons, Megatron sets out to raid Zurg's prison facility. The scene becomes perfect for Megatron as he finds Gantu guarding the prison. Gantu calls in the security hornets, but Megatron blasts them to smithereens. Gantu then personally attacks Megatron, armed with a blaster, but Megatron proves to be too crafty. As Gantu fires, Megtron counters and uses a cable to pull Gantu's blaster away. Gantu then attempts to flee in an escape cruiser, but Megatron then transforms into an attack helicopter, and gives chase. A brief battle ensues, and Megatron blasts Gantu out of the sky. As his ship crashes, Gantu is met by Kent Mansley, who then captures Gantu and imprisons him.

Word soon reaches Monkey Fist of a group of legendary Monkey Stones containing untold power. Wishing to prove themselves, the Seniors volunteer to do the job of retrieving them. At the same time, Queen La wants the stones for herself, and tasks Vlad Plasmius to get them. They all reach the stones at the same time, and while Vlad is a powerful spirit, Junior resolves not to let his father down. Vlad's magics prove to be a match for Junior's weaponry, until Junior gets a lucky shot in. Vlad then produces copies of himself, frightening Junior away with his powers. Vlad then takes to Monkey Stones back to Queen La.

Sa'Luk, hoping to gain the remaining Talismans for himself, attacked the Dark Hand during the middle of a crime spree, little realizing that the Dark Hand Enforcers were wielding the power of the Talismans at that very moment. Finn crushed a few with telekinetic abilities but ended up unconscious from a punch by Sa'Luk. Ratso blasted a few thieves away before flying into a wall after being hit by a shuriken. Chow turned a few of the thieves into rats. The Dark Hand also hired a few dozen ninjas to scare the remaining thieves away. After Hak Foo and Valmont knocked out the leader of the thieves, Sa'Luk, they discovered that he was in possession of the remaining Talismans.

At the same time, Azula leads a Fire Nation invasion force against Yzma's palace in Peru, taking her forces completely by surprise. The Huntsman attempted to martial a defense, leading the Huntsclan from the front lines. Using his staff, he managed to take out more than a few of the Fire Nation's tanks. However, a crew of firebenders sent him and his forces packing. Azula soon infiltrated the palace and pursued Yzma to her secret lab through the chutes of the city. Megavolt tried to intervene, but Azula easily defeated him. Unfortunately for Azula, the distraction allowed Yzma time to escape. Megavolt then escaped and the Huntsclan retreated into the woods. However, Azula now had a stranglehold on Peru.

Jareth had located the prophecy child; Kal, the son of Kalabar. Jareth attempted to convince Kal to join him, but the Sanderson's arrived with the same intention. Winnie noticed that Jareth was merely trying to trap Kal so that Bavmorda could sacrifice him. She resorted to drastic measures: singing. The Sanderson's broke into a rendition of Screamin' Jay Hawkins's "I Put a Spell on You," instantly rapturing Kal. Jareth got his goblins to attack the witches mid-song, but Winnie fired a spell on some rocks and triggered an avalanche. Jareth left, utterly humiliated by the singing witches.

Escaping to China, Yzma reports to a furious Shan Yu, who commands her to seek out more sorcerers for their cause. At his tower, Zurg orders the now captive Krang to help him rebuild his transdimensional technology. Krang refuses, but is tortured until he complies.

At Cobra's headquarters, Destro receives a visit from a mysterious woman called "Dominique Destine", who soon reveals herself as Demona. Elsewhere, King Ozai informs his his daughter that he will lead the attacks on the rest of the world by himself, much to her chagrin, something Jafar quickly notices. Back in the Live-action realm, Cruella and Claw grow closer, as Olaf becomes annoyed with them. They soon decide that Olaf is becoming increasingly useless. Also, Mok uses his technology to transform Forte back into human form, as he prepares for the next stage of his master plan.

Yzma, Mozenrath and Ayam Aghoul find Madam Mim, and use a potion to cure Mim of Messina's poisons, recruiting her into their group. Meanwhile, Destro introduces Dominique to the Cobra Commander, who pledges her financial resources to Cobra. However, Doctor Sevarius finds something incredibly familiar about her. And, Valmont, now having all the Talismans, releases Shendu.

Evil Unleashed

Bavmorda, her fear of the prophecy child growing, pressures General Kael into doubling his search. Meanwhile, the Sanderson Sisters present Kal to Maxim Horvath, who tells him of the death of his partner Morgana, and that they share a common enemy as Jareth looks on. Having tired of Cruella and Claw, Count Olaf aligns himself with Zorg, who quickly introduces him to Pinhead.

Freed by Valmont, Shendu attempts to begin his plans of making the world his own. As he begins to bring his demonic temple to the surface, he is suddenly attacked by the upgraded Pack, under contract from Drago to kill Shendu. However, the beast refuses to go without a fight. As the Pack dispatches Torhu, Shendu attacks with his demon magic, taking down Wolf. Dingo then tries his hand with an electrified whip chain, but the mighty demon retaliates and smashes Dingo's mech suit. Wolf then manages to get a blow in which dazes Shendu, allowing Jackal and Coyote to attack as Jackal shoots mech claws into the demon, but Shendu fights back, tearing a hole in reality and dispatching Coyote.  Hyena attacks Shendu, tearing a hole through his chest, but Shendu instantly heals himself. Hyena that transforms into a spider like form to finish Shendu off, but he attacks and kills her with an energy blast. Jackal desperately throws himself at Shendu, who backdrops him into a nearby pool of water, which electrifies the cyborg. Wolf, now all alone, attempts to defeat Shendu himself. Though he manages to get in a final blow, Shendu electrocutes him with laser vision. Having killed all of the Pack single-handedly, Shandu then scorns Valmont and his thugs as they attempt to flatter him.

Vlad Plasmius pressures Queen La into an attack on Shan Yu, telling her that his forces are weakened after the battle of Peru. Vlad decides to have Mojo Jojo create a mighty ape army using Chemical X. As they send the army to attack, the army finds itself barred by the Sorcerer's Society. Mozenrath launches the counterattack with his magic, taking out the flying monkeys above. Madam Mim joins the fray, defeating a huge gorilla in her rhino form. Mozenrath continues to take down more troublesome monkeys as Ayam Aghoul uses a magical skull to down a monkey tank. Having watched the battle below from her tower, Yzma finds herself menaced by a giant monkey mech. However, the mech proves no match for Yzma's missiles. With his army quickly defeated, Mojo retreats in shame as the Society looks on.

Cat R Waul and Chula located a treasure trove on a seemingly abandoned island, hoping to use it's riches to finance their new criminal empire. They were disturbed by the arrival of Don Karnage and his pirate crew, the real owners of the Island. Karnage discovered that Waul and Chula had stolen precious diamonds from his mine. In his rage, he actually threw a sword at Waul. Waul took his revenge by cutting the ripe securing the main support beam of the mine. This caused the entire mine to collapse. Karnage and his men were blinded, however briefly, but Karnage gained his vision and ordered his men to chase after the two criminals. All was lost, however, as Karnage lost a few men down a pit and the two gangsters escaped.

Negaduck decided to begin his campaign by spreading his own personal brand of chaos, only to be halted by Jack Spicer, who decided to make an attempt at the crime lord. Intent on killing his rival, Jack Spicer unleashed his Jack Bots, only for Negaduck to destroy them all. The mallard then piloted a tank firing absurdly large shells, one of which actually hit Jack in the face. Spicer, however, sent a massive robot to crush the tank. Though it succeeded in destroying the tank, the robot was helpless to the simple act of being tripped. Spicer looked on in fear as Negaduck lit a comedically large bomb. But his crossbow came in handy, as he quickly extinguished the flame and pegged Negaduck to a wall. Before Spicer could celebrate, Negaduck slipped out of his clothes and escaped. As he escaped, Negaduck encountered the Phantom Blot, with whom he forged a partnership.

Having heard of a powerful being imprisoned in the moon, Megavolt began a solo mission, hoping to restore his reputation after his humiliation at Azula's hands. When he arrived, Nightmare Moon was disturbed from her plans of unleashing eternal night on the world, and immediately attacked. Before Megavolt got a chance to attack, Nightmare Moon landed a lunar module on his head. She made her way to Earth, but Megavolt dogged her all the way. No sooner did he set up a camera-like laser than did Nightmare Moon blast him with electricity. Nightmare Moon's smile faded as Megavolt revealed the true power of his laser: rainbows. Nightmare Moon was eradicated before she could even flee.

Having heard rumors that the prophecy child could be hiding within Jadis's faction, General Kael encouraged the witch Xayide to attack their weakest link- Mombi, knowing how she coveted Mombi's power of life. Xayide was happy to oblige the General, and assaulted Mombi's tower of heads with her army. Her crustacean guards eliminated the Wheelers surrounding the fortress, but Xayide then had to walk through Mombi's corridor of severed heads. Xayide was unintimidated, finding Mombi's head located at the end of the corridor. As Mombi's body searched for its head, Xayide carried the head to Bavmorda.

Hoping to impress his new allies, Count Olaf put on a show at Zorg's headquarters- the show was infiltrated by Narissa, who disguised herself as an hag and prepared one of her poison apples. She presented it before Olaf, hoping to use his death as a distraction, but the count recognized that she was not a member of his acting troupe and knocked the apple away with a prop sword. However, the count was too busy with his performance to stop Narissa. As Narissa found the Lament Configuration hidden inside a wall, Pinhead, the most powerful demon in the Configuration and the true leader of Zorg's alliance, emerged. Putting the play to a halt, Pinhead demanded the return of the puzzle box. Narissa grabbed a prop sword to defend herself. Yet this was but a ruse; using the sword as an anchor, she teleported away with the Configuration in hand.

Pinhead, completely furious at Olaf over losing the configuration, rips him apart with his demonic hooks as a horrified Zorg looks on while Olaf is drained of his blood. Meanwhile, Megatron rallies his troops, and quickly makes an example of Starscream, who attempts to undermine Megatron's authority.

At the same time, Jafar secretly pays a visit to Princess Azula's chambers, telling the princess that he knows of all her troubles, and advises her to take control during her father's absence. The next day, Azula and Jafar attend the annual Lizard Men Games, where all of Ruber's old war council is in attendance. Seeing her opportunity, Azula challenges the Lizardmen Leader to mortal combat. The King proves to be no match as Azula knocks him into a lava pit as his minions look on in disbelief. Azula then claims control over the Lizard Men army as Jafar silently observes.

Having failed his master many times before, Hun is granted one last chance to redeem himself, as The Shredder sends him to recover an experimental microchip from the well known industrialist, Abraham Kane. Hun accepts the mission without hesitation, ready to prove himself worthy of being The Shredder's right hand man again. As Hun arrives at Kane's hideout, he quickly crashes in in a large armored vehicle. Kane quickly is alerted to the intruder, and decides to deal with the intruder personally. He leaps into a mechanical walker, and fires the lasers at the armored car, but unfortunately, it isn't enough to damage Hun's car. Seeking action, Hun leaps out of the car, but is forced to dodge Kane's missiles. Hun fights back, hurling an oxygen tank at the walker, causing it to explode. Kane is forced to jettison the walker's escape probe, as Hun obtains the microchip.

Having grown tired of Monkey Fist's constant mocking of his past failures, Duff Killigan decides to make a statement. He heads into Fire Nation territory, and seeks out the assassin known as Combustion Man. Duff quickly locates the assassin, and a battle breaks out. The two trade explosive attacks, but neither can gain an advantage. Duff attacks, hitting Combustion Man in the forehead with his golf ball, and then pummels him with his golf clubs. Combustion Man powers through the assault, and retaliates with a blast that is able to send Killigan packing.

Sage Odin had discovered the next power crystal in Atlantica, and contacts the Evil Manta, who accepts the task of recovering the crystal. However, it is being held by Manta's arch-rival, Merman. With trident in hand, Manta lays waste to Merman's soldiers, and soon overpowers his rival. Merman attempts to use the crystal's power, but fails as the magic backfires. Merman is completely unprepared, and is quickly defeated as Manta obtains the great crystal for Sage Odin.

Xanatos decides to recruit the hunter, Van Pelt, to his forces, hoping he will be of use. Pelt also brings along Professor Ibsen. Meanwhile, the Skeleton King sends out Norton Nimnul to destroy Xanatos industries. Dr. Doofenshmirtz, wishing revenge on Xanatos, decides to tag along. As the scientists meet at the tower, they soon come into conflict. Ibsen attacks with mechanical flying monkeys, but Nimnul defeats them with his laser mech. Ibsen's mechanical animals quickly defeat Doofenshmirtz's, and Doof quickly attempts to escape, but actually falls to his doom. Pelt the summons rabid dogs, who tear Nimnul apart.

Aku orders his most trusted disciple, Demongo, to infiltrate the underworld to steal souls from the River Styx in hopes of building an undead army. Demongo arrives in the underworld, and is met by Pain and Panic. Demongo attacks, tripping Pain up with a skull, and blasting Panic into Pain, causing him to spear Pain's butt with his horns. Demongo then gleefully sears them with fire, but the two attack with arrows, getting in one lucky shot, only to be blasted again. However, Demongo's luck ends as Chaos arrives in the underworld, and attacks, using to magic to cause Demongo's powers to leave him, leaving him a withered husk.

Having tracked Anansi's scent to the Pridelands, Beast Man follows, and comes into contact with both Zira and Shere Khan. As a fight breaks out, with Khan taking down Beast Man's shadow beasts. Khan attacks Beast Man, leaping across a gorge, but Beast Man catches Khan mid flight, causing Khan to latch onto the nearby ledge for dear life. Zira tears through some trees in an attempt to crush Beast Man, causing him to flee. Zira then turns her attention to Khan. To Khan's horror, she slashes his paw, and he falls to his apparent demise as a boulder falls on top of him.

Meanwhile, Hades returns to the Underworld, where he is greeted by Loki, Chaos, and Nemesis, who offer their help in taking down Aku and Eris. Elsewhere, Demongo crawls back to Aku, having failed, and begs for mercy. Aku then crushes Demongo in his fist, as Samhain reveals two of his minions to aid Eris's cause: Ember McLain, and her boyfriend, Skulker.

As Abraham Kane and David Xanatos decide to join forces, Pinhead begins construction on a new, large scale Lament Configuration. He intends to bring about hell on earth, but Zorg doesn't seem to happy about his master's plans. Elsewhere, Bavmorda, desperate for help, turns to the Evil Genius. Xayide delivers Mombi's head for interrogation, and she tells all she knows on Kal to save her life. Bavmorda then sends her forces to find the child.

Back in the Animated-universe, Narissa uses the Lament Configuration to unleash the evil warlord, Hordak. At an undisclosed location, Negaduck holds a meeting with Fat Cat, The Phantom Blot, Don Karnage, and The Collector, declaring them The New Fearsome Five.

In the Pride Lands, Zira introduces Khan's replacement, Tublat, as Mirage already has plans for him. And, the Shredder begins the first phase of his master plan.

The Final Countdown Begins

Krang had rebuilt Zurg's technology and convinced the Emperor that they had a common enemy in the Utrom Shredder, and Zurg agreed to open a dimensional portal to Dimension X and release the human Shredder and his Technodrome at last.

Mozenwrath met Shan Yu at his citadel to discuss mobilizing a force to retake Peru. Shan Yu explained to Mozenwrath the reason why he despised the Fire Nation so much; years ago, they raided his village and massacred the entire town, killing his wife in the process. Suddenly, the citadel came under attack from Fire Lord Ozai himself, who had brought an entire army with him. Ozai confronted his old enemy, and attacked Mozenwrath with a blast of lightning. The sorcerer retaliated with his magic, knocking Ozai away. However, with Ozai's armies approaching, his rivals were quickly forced to flee.

Pinhead introduced a horrified Zorg to his new henchman, Jason Voorhees, much to Freddy's annoyance. To test his abilities, Pinhead sent him to find a target, and Jason chose to attack another undead warrior; Captain Barbossa. Jason hunted Barbossa down, and the two squared off. Jason impaled him with a machete. But Barbossa's curse kicked in; the machete dealt minimal damage. Barbossa stabbed Jason, but Jason too was immune to being impaled. Barbossa commented on the irony of the situation and then shot Jason away. He dropped a massive tankard onto the brute, but Jason knocked it over. On a whim, Barbossa altered the water pressure; this accidently triggered Jason's fear of water. Catching on, Barbossa shot an electrical panel, sending a massive surge of electricity through Jason and killing the mongoloid. As Barbossa left, Zorg approached, asking Barbossa for assistance.

Evil Genius visited the Sheriff of Nottingham and his advisor, Mortianna, and convinced them to join his cause. Growing suspicious of the Sheriff's motives, Cardinal Richelieu and Captain Rochefort pay him a surprise visit, only to be attacked upon entering his hidden chambers. The Sheriff attacked them headlong crudely with a broadsword. Rochefort, a calm fencer, brandished his rapier in response. The two began to duel. Mortianna then attempted to skewer Cardinal Richelieu, but he simply shot her. As the Sheriff and Rochefort clashed, Rochefort's nimbler blade took the edge. The spy even managed to chop half of the Sheriff's hair off. Yet the Sheriff retreated, promising to cut Rochefort's heart out with a spoon as he left.

Evil Lyn infiltrated Maleficent's castle for Skeletor. Upon arrival she found Pete taking guard, and intended to make quick work of him. However, Pete had fixed up his branch of Maleficent's castle with the latest in security technology. Pete nearly crushed Lyn with rocks. Lyn was more than capable of deflecting the rocks but was genuinely unprepared to be disarmed by a flying boxing glove. Pete then fired up the dual laser cannons and struck Lyn, knocking her out of the castle. She escaped, but only just.

Mindbender decides to fit Zartan with a special chameleon suit, allowing him to take on the appearance of anyone he so chooses. At the same time, David Xanatos also heard of this technology, and desired it for himself. Abraham Kane decided that he would send his best operative: Red, to steal the suit. However, Shego, overly annoyed with Red's vanity, decided to tag along in hopes of upstaging him. The two intercept the Baroness on a mountain highway, and attempt to force her into giving the whereabouts of the suit. A fight breaks out, and Red soon lays waste to the Cobra troopers. Baroness fought back, shooting Shego as she rushed her. Shego then retaliated, knocking Baroness out of her truck. Red then electrified Baroness, but as it turns out, she was actually Zartan in disguise, who is then brought in.

Mozenrath and the Huntsman decide to pay a visit to the thieves guild. During their visit, they hire the thief Amin Damoola to gain information on Valmont and the talismans. Mozenrath even goes so far to equip Amin with a magical gauntlet. As the thief infiltrates Valmont's compound, he finds that the gauntlet easily allows him to beat Tohru, Finn, Ratso, and Chow. Valmont, thinking quickly, activates a magical element in his cane, knocking Amin's gauntlet away. As Amin attempts to put it back on, Shendu arrives and scares the thief away.

At the same time, Maleficent decided to pay a visit to Snake Mountain. She warns Skeletor not to make an attempt on her castle again, but Skeletor reveals that Lady Tremaine has acted as his informant, revealing her knowledge to him, much to Maleficent's fury. In the Underworld, Hades and Doctor Faciler decide to reward Gaston for his loyal service by returning him once again to human form.

Mok gathers his allies together to discuss their next plan. As it turns out, Megavolt, Loki, and Sarousch have all been acting as spies within their respective factions, giving Mok plenty of valuable knowledge. Elsewhere, having once again met up with the real, human Shredder on earth, Krang has the Shredder install him in a new android body.

The Dark Dragon invites a frustrated Drago to his lair, where his gives Drago a boost of power in hopes of Drago destroying their common enemy: Shendu. However, the now bestial Drago is intercepted by Queen La, who plans to put a stop to Drago's destruction. La strikes first, but Drago is not phased. He knocks her away with his incredible power, and then spends the next few minutes vaporising her leopard henchmen. La then throws her shield at him, but it only manages to stun him. She then fires blasts form her staff at Drago, but his wings deflect them. As things begin to look grim for the queen, Drago's father, Shendu, arrives, distracting his son. La takes this opportunity to open a portal to hell. As Drago falls in, he begs Shendu to save him, but Shendu refuses, and coldly tells Drago to remember his place. Shendu then allies himself with Queen La and the Skeleton King.

Having been freed from Despondos, Hordak was keen to find out just who imprisoned him there. He visited an old friend, Oberon, who was less than cooperative. Oberon then killed one of Hordak's minions. Hordak did not take kindly to this and tried to crush his old friend with a barrage of boulders. Oberon stopped them in midair, and casted them away, unharmed. Yet Hordak attacked with a frightening psychic assault powerful enough to crash Oberon through several walls. Oberon then revealed Maleficent was the mastermind behind Hordak's imprisonment due to Hordak attempting to obtain the crystal of darkness for himself. Hordak then vowed retribution and fled.

Wanting to impress Warmonga, Warp Darkmatter asked Zurg for a chance to take on Megatron himself. Zurg agreed, but when Warp attacked a Decepticon base, he found himself up against Starscream instead. Unlike with Blitzwing and Lugnut, Darkmatter brought in all his guns. He effectively knocked the foe back first with a couple aerial mines. then with a blaster pistol. He even managed to dodge Starscream's Null Ray and hit the robot with a clawshot and a blaster rifle. Though Starscream easily wiped out Darkmatter's backup hornets, Warp activated a bladed arm and began hacking through Starscream's circuits. Just then, Megatron entered. His arsenal expended, Warp Darkmatter fled the battle. But Starscream lived to fight another day.

Shredder and Krang, in the Technodrome, plotted the downfall of Ch'Rell, until they were interrupted by the arrival of the New Fearsome Five: The Phantom Blot, The Collector, Don Karnage, Fat Cat and their leader, Negaduck, who demanded that the Shredder surrender the Technodrome to him. Tempers flared, and an all out battle raged within the Technodrome. The Collector sent out an imp to fight some of the Shredder's armies, but Bebop and Rocksteady killed it without a second glance. One of Karnage's pirates laid out Bebop, while Karnage himself buried Rocksteady in a pile of sand. Negaduck the pulled out a shotgun and destroyed most of Shredder's Foot Clan robots. Seeing this, Krang roared at The Shredder to get into the action. Negaduck then sicked one of his imps on the Shredder, but the more experienced martial artist killed it. The Collector then severely damaged Krang with a cannon while Karnage then got a kick in on the Shredder himself. But all this was for naught; Bebop recovered and blasted one of Karnage's henchmen directly on top of him, likely killing the pirate. Phantom Blot managed to knock out Bebop with a blaster, but he was killed when the Shredder activated the Technodrome's laser systems. The Collector then managed to knock both Shredder and Krang down with a magical bull-anvil creature. Yet Krang got up and punched the Collector into a portal to Hell contained within a toy chest. Fat Cat then slashed off Krang's new arm. Negaduck readied a grenade launcher and blasted away both Krang and the Shredder. Yet the Shredder created a massive energy blast from his computer console, killing Fat Cat and rocketing Negaduck out of the Technodrome. Krang's body was destroyed in the fight with the Fearsome Five, but he himself survived. The two schemed how to take down the Utrom Shredder, now known to be working on a dimensional reality breaker; a machine allowing Ch'Rell to destroy the universe and rebuild it at his whim. Krang realized the Shredder's atomic ray may be the only weapon capable of stopping it; the weapon was now in the possession of Valmont.

Hoping to get some help in his fight against Bavmorda, Maxim Hovath visits the Ministry of Magic. Unfortunately, help isn't what he gets as Dolores Umbridge, the Ministry's Review Officer, and a powerful sorcerer, Yaxley, attempt to arrest him. Horvath quickly acts, and blasts them as he attempts to escape. Xaxley gives chase, getting a shot in and blasting Horvath against a wall. Horvath, thinking quickly, causes the Ministry posters outside to come alive and swarm Yaxley, causing the much needed distraction for Horvath to get away.

Meanwhile, Azula pays an unexpected visit to Kent Mansley's Super Prison, where she places a new Fire Nation warden in place of power, much to the chagrin of Dr. Robotnik and Agent Bishop. Elsewhere, Ch'Rell reveals his plans to Karai as he plans to destroy the universe and create it on his own image. Karai, however, is quite concerned with his genocidal plans.

Yaxley reports Horvath's escape to Voldemort, who is not concerned, as he now completely controls the Ministry of Magic. In the Fire Nation, Admiral Zhao makes an alliance with John Castaway, hoping to use the Quarrymen to keep Amon busy during his campaign against England.

Realising that he needs an army with which he can take over China, Shendu turns to La and the Skeleton King for help, but the King wants Shendu to serve him, much to Shendu's anger. Meanwhile, Facilier and Gaston meet with Clayton's sister, Lady Waltham. Facilier reveals that it was Tzekel Khan who killed Clayton causing Waltham to vow vengeance.

The Sherriff of Notingham retreats to Bavmorda's castle and pledges his allegiance to her cause. In China, Mozenrath punishes Amin Damoola for his failure, but Amin begs Mozenrath to let him put what he has learned to good use. On the other side of the planet, Doctor Sevarius reveals that he has completed the Bio Viper army ahead of schedule, much to the horror of Doctor Mindbender. Unbeknownst to them however, Demona, Thailog, and Destro plot to overthrow Cobra Commander, but Destro is not fond of his newest ally.

In Live-action England, Maxim Horvath visits Cutler Beckett in hopes of an alliance after being rejected by the Ministry. Beckett decides to give Maxim a special task force in light of the Sherriff's new-found treachery. Back in the Animated-realm, Myotismon awakens the Snow Queen from her slumber. And, with the Crystal of Darkness reassembled, Stalker prepares for the final step of his master plan.

The Final Showdown

Skeletor gathered his chief henchmen and prepared for his assault on Maleficent. Evil Lyn reported the Forbidden Mountains's greatest weakness to Skeletor. Merman reported an ocean-wide insurrection against him. Tri-Klops reported that he had ousted all of the "undesirables" from Agrabah. Beast Man reported that he had tracked Abis Mal and Ursula's scent to the Forbidden Mountains. He got into a brief quarrel with Evil Lyn, but Skeletor broke it up. Trap Jaw gathered Skeletor's forces for the attack. Skeletor then decided to attack the Forbidden Mountains and crush all of his enemies in one fell swoop.

At the same time, war was brewing below as Hades and his forces found themselves under attack by Eris and Aku. As Tzekel Khan rallies his soldiers, he is met by Lady Waltham. However, Echidna and her son Ladon even the score, with Ladon even eating one of Khan's soldiers as Echidna causes havoc on the battlefield. Nemesis joins the fray, attacking Khan with her scythe arm, but Khan knocks her back. This gives Waltham a chance to hit Khan with a magical dart. The shaman is suddenly reduced to a lowly cockroach, and promptly crushes beneath Waltham's foot. Meanwhile Gaston and Dr. Facilier were having their own problems as the battled Ember McLain and her boyfriend, Skulker. Gaston attacked first, blasted Ember through her large screen, while Facilier looked on. However, Ember survived, and Skulker readied his arsenal for attack. The Weird Sisters attempted to put a stop to this, but Ember soundly defeated them with a blast from her guitar. Skulker made use of the distraction, laying waste to the battlefield. He nearly knocked Gaston into a bottomless pit. However, Facilier used magic powder against Ember, causing her powers to leave her. He then sacrificed her, feeding her essence to the Friends on the Other Side. Discord then encountered Chaos. Discord didn't take Chaos seriously, infuriating the cat, who unleashed his powers and transformed Discord back into his statue form. Nemesis then attempted to take down Skulker, managing to get in a strike, but Skulker quickly took her down with his weaponry. Having watched the battle long enough, Aku joined in. Pain and Panic shot arrows at him, but he simply absorbed them, unharmed. He then shot the arrows back at Hades, who managed to avoid and melt them. Hades then burned a gash in Aku, and left him to die, but Aku transformed into a giant scorpion. As Aku prepared to attack the gloating Hades, Hades shot fire from his finger like a gun, knocking Aku from his perch and into a bottomless void in the underworld, defeating him. Seeing their old rival on the battlefield, Pain and Panic attacked Samhain. The evil spirit was caught completely off guard as the two used a magic crystal to imprison the screaming ghost once again. Seeing her ranks all but depleted, Eris attacked Hades. Transforming into a giant golem, she quickly withstands a blast from Hades trident and knocks a pillar on top of him. As she prepares to kill Hades, Chaos leaps in from of her, and she destroys the cat in her fury. Hades sees his chance, and fires cables at the golem, tying it up. Eris pulls out a flaming sword, cutting through the cables with ease. Hades then attacks with all his trident's might, destroying Eris' golem form. Eris is left a shriveled husk. As Eris rages at her former lover, Hades blasts her into a fiery coffin and sets her ablaze, killing Eris once and for all. As Hades begins to celebrate, The Fates arrive, and tell him of the battle beginning above. Skeletor has mounted an assault on the Forbidden Mountains. Seeing this as a chance to set things right with Maleficent, Hades departs to save her.

Skeletor's forces arrived at the Forbidden Mountains, taking Maleficent by surprise. Their minions began to battle it out. Evil Lyn attacked first, sicking Whiplash and Clawful onto Ursula. The sea witch used her magic to smash the two into each other, defeating both. Mechanicles then entered in a giant rhinoceros beetle mech. Once again, Tri-Klops faced him down. Mechanicles knocked him away with an extendable spear. When Trap Jaw tried to come to his friend's aid, Mechanicles downed him with a cannon. Evil Lyn then laid waste to a few of Maleficent's goons while Beast Man then attacked the Witches of Morva. Orwen and Orgoch worked to incapacitate Beast Man, knocking the warrior off his perch and into the thicket. Pete took it upon himself to try to beat down Evil Lyn with his bare hands. However, just as he was about to pummel her, Beast Man interrupted his attacks. In response, Pete beat him down with a long cosh. One of Skeletor's warriors then blasted Pete into the ground with a laser cannon. This gave Beast Man the opportunity to crush Pete with a rock. Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw then got their second winds. Trap Jaw slowed the gears of Mechanicles's mech and Tri-Klops downed it with his laser cannon. Skeletor created a giant beast with his black arts, and sent it into battle. Abis Mal used a magic tornado to wound the beast, then Ursula delivered the final coup de gras. Orwen of the Witches of Morva then increased the size and strength of Abis Mal. Abis Mal used his new size and laser vision to their fullest, taking out Merman and laying waste to the battlefield. However, Evil Lyn had had enough of Mal's attacks and changed him back into a normal person. Mechanicles finally found an enemy his own size in Stinkor, Skeletor's minion known for an overwhelming stench. Though Stinkor destroyed many of Mechanicles's robot bugs, Mechanicles sliced his enemy's mask off, exposing him to his own stench. Skeletor himself then tried to enter Maleficent's lair. But the Mistress of All Evil was not one to back down from a challenge. She stopped Skeletor right as he set foot on the drawbridge. The two exchanged in some brief banter, each declaring his or her title with pride. This time, Maleficent spared no expense; she transformed into her dragon form. Her fire breath even managed to disarm Skeletor, separating him from his staff. But Skeletor revealed his best weapon, an enchanted sword. With two strikes, he impaled Maleficent, delivering a near fatal wound reverting her from her dragon form. But Hades arrived just in time to block Skeletor's shot as he was about to kill Maleficent. Skeletor managed to knock him away, but only briefly. With one massive exertion of force, Hades knocked Skeletor out of the battlefield. As Tri-Klops and the rest of Skeletor's generals attempted a tactical retreat, Queen Grimhilde trapped them inside the mountains, leaving them vulnerable to capture and imprisonment. Skeletor then escaped on a giant raven, leaving his forces behind.

Far from the Forbidden Mountain, Shendu and Skeleton King discussed their new alliance, and were joined by Negaduck, who survived his battle with Shredder. Shendu agreed to hand control of the Dark Hand's assets over to Queen La, much to Valmont's annoyance.

Horvath and Cutler Beckett planned their assault on Bavmorda's castle, agreeing to work together to destroy a common enemy. Beckett assigned his second in command, Mercer, to oversee the mission alongside Horvath. Meanwhile, knowing that the time was near, Bavmorda began the ritual that would banish Kal's spirit into the netherworld.

Deep underground, Shredder and Krang were suffering from some power failures and could not raise the Technodrome to the surface. Their conversation was suddenly interrupted by Karai, who asked to help them in their plans against her father.

Using the captured prison station as a base, Megatron gathered his Decepticons and launched an all out assault on Zurg's headquarters on Planet Z. But, immediately before Megatron readied his Decepticon squad for the assault, Starscream planted a powerful bomb onto his general. Starscream was the first to breach Zurg's headquarters, once again facing down Warp Darkmatter. But this time, Starscream did not cower before his opponent. He dodged the blasts from Darkmatter's laser cannon. With one shot of his Null Ray, he rendered Warp unconscious. Zurg, however, blasted Starscream with a giant laser. The blast felled Starscream. Blackarachnia attacked NOS4a2, this time knocking her opponent unconscious with a massive blast of energy. But Gravitina electrocuted Blackarachnia and blasted her into the cosmos. Lugnut then buried Gravitina in rubble. However, he soon encountered Warhok and Warmonga. Warhok fired a small grenade onto Lugnut's foot, knocking the Decepticon away temporarily. Blitzwing then annihilated Warhok with missiles from his plane mode. In his robot form, he proceeded to kill Warmonga with a laser cannon. With their enemies defeated, Blitzwing and Lugnut took out several of Zurg's Hornets. Warp Darkmatter then lamented Warmonga's death. Gravitina, having emerged from the rubble, binded the arms of both Blitzwing and Lugnut and locked them up, removing them from the battle. As the battle came to a close, Megatron attacked Zurg, though the evil emperor dodged the blasts from Megatron's laser cannon. For his part, Megatron dodged all of Zurg's attacks. Megatron did get the upper hand, cutting Zurg down with a power sword. Yet, right as he was about to deal the mortal blow, Megatron died as Starscream's bomb went off. All that was left of him was a hand. Zurg then excitedly commented on the twist ending.

Hoping to gain control of the atomic ray that had fallen into Valmont's hands, Shredder and Krang launched an assault on his headquarters, which had now fallen under the control of Queen La and Negaduck. Valmont then decided to take leave of his new employers. Yet he didn't leave without a parting gift: a reprogrammed Coyote set to kill. The Shredder used his helmet to disintegrate several of Queen La's leopard men soldiers. Coyote managed to tear the Shredder's helmet off, but Karai impaled it. Surprisingly, Coyote kept on functioning, but not once the Shredder crushed it with debris after putting on his helmet again. Queen La blasted the Shredder with energy from her staff but failed to kill the martial artist. The Shredder then kept on annihilating La's men. Krang got into an abandoned mech and began to lay waste to the battlefield, but Negaduck arrived in his own mech suit. Negaduck tied up and downed the robot, only for the Shredder to fire a crossbow bolt at him. In typical Negaduck fashion, the mallard smacked it away with a tennis racquet. But not all was good for Negaduck. Bebop and Rocksteady, the Shredder's most loyal soldiers, gunned down the mech and supposedly killed him before he could cause any more harm. La then attacked Karai with her staff, but Karai dodged, causing La to smash her staff on the ground. With her magic undone, La crumbled into dust. This secured Shredder the victory and the atomic ray.

The time had finally come for Bavmorda to destroy the prophecy child and wield the great power. However, before the ritual could begin, Maxim Horvath and his forces attacked. Mercer and his soldiers blasted in, as Kael began his ground defence.  Mercer and his men easily defeat the crustacean soldiers, as the Sheriff of Nottingham called in more troops. Xayide tries her hand, attacking Winnie with her magic, and knocking Winnie off her broom, but Winnie strikes back, blasting Xayide with pure energy, killing her. Rochefort then encountered the Sheriff of Notingham on the battlefield. Rochefort asked the Sheriff to "come along quietly, for old times sake". But the Sheriff attacked in response. Rochefort was ready, however, and stabbed the Sheriff through the heart, killing him once and for all. Mercer then spotted the Evil Genius, and attempted to snipe him, but he blasted magic at Mercer and his men, causing them to flee. The Sanderson Sisters regrouped for the next part of the fight, but quickly found themselves set upon by Jareth, who was hungry for revenge. He quickly overpowered the two younger Sanderson Sisters with his magical orbs, but Winnie wasn't to be defeated so quickly. She used her magic, and cast a spell that transformed Jareth into an owl. Incapacitated, Jareth quickly fled the battle. Maxim Horvath and Kal, the prophecy child, step in to do battle with the Evil Genius. However, the Evil Genius fights back, with his powers proving to be capable enough to repel their assault, until he is finally overwhelmed. The Genius is then transformed into a statue, much to Hovath's delight. The two then storm Bavmorda's throne room and confront her. Bavmorda doesn't go down easily, and knocks Horvath away. Kal then attacks Bavmorda with magical vines, but the turns then to dust and crumbles them. Kal then summons bolts of lightning, and Bavmorda attempts to counter this. However, Bavmorda accidentally begins the banishment spell too soon. This causes both Kal and Bavmorda to dissolve away into a place beyond life and death. Maxim looks on approvingly, his mistress having been avenged as General Kael, the lone survivor of Barvorda's forces, flees for his life.

In the Fire Nation, Lord Ozai then makes his second wish for Jafar's undying loyalty as Ozai prepares his assault on China. Jafar tells Ozai then he will serve him, but Jafar then tells Iago that he knows nothing of loyalty and plans to betray the Firelord. Elsewhere, The Illuminati then meet to discuss the current state of the game. They decide that Princess Azula is becoming a menace that could potentially cause trouble for them. Xanatos then promises to resolve the problem.

As the Fire Nation blockade began their assault on England, King Ratcliffe and his forces quickly set to beginning their counterattack. The Fire Nation attacked with catapults from their ships, as Zhao and John Castaway watched the battle rage. Castaway then decided to send in his Quarrymen as the walls of England soon became breached. As the Fire Nation soldiers began to pour in, Col. Staquait found himself caught off guard. Sarousch, however, was ready. Using his trickery and illusionary magic, he quickly managed to take down a few of the Fire Nation tanks. As the battle continued to escalate, Castaway decided to enter the great city using it's railway on a train. However, the Equalists attacked the train, managing to defeat the Quarrymen, and Castaway was soon confronted by Amon himself. Castaway fired his gun at Amon, but Amon quickly closed the distance and trapped Castaway under some wreckage. Amon then sabotaged the train's controls, and quickly escaped the train as it derailed and fell into a chasm where it exploded, taking Castaway with it. Back at the palace, Zhao took on both King Ratcliffe and Captain Hook, nearly killing the king with a fireball. Hook steps in to defend Ratcliffe, savagely downing Zhao with his sword, but as Hook prepares to run Zhao through, Zhao levels Hook with a martial arts chop. Zhao's luck quickly runs out as Amon joins the fray. Amon quickly reveals his bloodbending power, and strips Zhao of his firebending. As Amon tells the Admiral of this, Zhao rages helplessly. Now overpowered and severely outmatched, Zhao and his remaining forces flee. However, not all may be right in England..... 

Sent by Xanatos to settle an old score, Doctor Drakken and Shego infiltrated the Fire Nation. The Senor Seniors blasted down the Fire Nation wall to make way for Shego and her allies to invade. While Monkey Fist and his enigmatic ally Gorilla Fist took on Mai and Ty Lee, Drakken helped ignite Shego and Duff Killigan with their respective rivalries with Azula and Combustion Man. Azula rode into battle, attempting to goad Shego into a fight. Duff Killigan changed his strategy against Combustion Man. He tripped Combustion Man with a cluster of non-explosive golf balls. Shego then decided to watch the fight instead. Duff then dodged one of Combustion Man's explosions. Mai used her stilettos to bind Gorilla Fist with a hanging wheel. Ty Lee attacked Monkey Fist but her attacks proved less than useful. Monkey Fist broke Ty Lee's hand, though he failed to kill her with his own thrown stakes. Duff Killigan then prepared one of his explosive golf balls and fired it at Combustion Man. In the end, nothing was left of Combustion Man but his gauntlet. Mai subdued Monkey Fist and unmasked Gorilla Fist, revealed to really be DNAmy, having survived her battle with Doctor Mindbender. Seeing that Mai and Ty Lee were larger annoyances than expected, Senior Jr. suggested to his father that they kill their enemies. Senior Sr., however, deemed such behavior below true villainy. Instead, he used the laser to knock the two girls into a river. Azula then very nearly incinerated Drakken, spurring Shego into action. DNAmy managed to break free of her bindings, and arrived just in time to pull Drakken to safety. Azula then attacked Shego furiously. Azula cornered Shego, and with a blast of lightning at point blank range, obliterated her. With Drakken and the rest of his forces frightened, they retreated.

Phoenix King Ozai personally oversaw the invasion of China, accompanied by Jafar, who managed to break an entrance point through it's great walls. Ozai's fleet of airships and mastery of fire were almost overwhelming, and Shan Yu's armies acted quickly to repel the powerful invaders. Mozenwrath took it upon himself to destroy many of the Fire Nation's tanks. Yzma then used her potions to take out dozens of Ozai's men. She first used one to make them choke and cough, and then used one to produce an avalanche. Madam Mim the took out several of Ozai's minions with her magic as they attempted to scale the walls. Yzma then used another potion to create a massive explosion. Megavolt laid waste to the attackers using one of his ray guns. Sa'Luk then outboxed a few Fire Nation enforcers, knocking them from China's walls. The Huntsman and the Huntsgirl broke into one of Ozai's flagships, sending the pilots plummeting into the sea. Ayam Aghoul then destroyed Ozai's flagship with his magical skulls. However, Ozai managed to escape the ship's destruction. Meanwhile, the Huntsman his commandeered ship into the others, slashing them to pieces. Fire Lord Ozai then claimed that, though there had been a few setbacks, he "had all the power in the world." Mozenwrath engaged Ozai once again. He attempted to strike Ozai down, but the firebender still outclassed him. Though Mozenwrath himself was not killed, he lost Xerxes, his sidekick, to Ozai's flames. Madam Mim used her magic to grow to gargantuan size, but Ozai buried her in rubble. Ozai then defeated Yzma with a blast of fire. Jafar then attacked Ozai. The shocked Fire Lord demanded that Jafar obey him, but Jafar alerted him to the trick. Enraged, Ozai blasted Jafar with fire, for his attacks to have no effect whatsoever. Jafar smashed his enemy through several rock columns. As genies cannot kill directly, Jafar left the Fire Lord at the mercy of Shan Yu, who appeared on the horizon. Ozai had now expended all of his energy. Shan Yu approached, sword drawn. Ozai mocked his opponent, asserting his still being alive. Shan Yu merely replied, "Perfect," and slaughtered his old enemy.

Meanwhile, Abis Mal turns over Skeletor's captured forces to Kent Mansley's super prison for a valuable reward. It seems for Evil Lyn and her companions that there is no escape. Having seen to Ozai's death, Jafar confronts Azula and demands that she free him from his lamp. However, Azula refuses, forcing him to continue to play the part of the servant as Ruber's former war council watches.

Now having completed the new, gigantic Lament Configuration, Zorg, Freddy Krueger, and Pinhead begin their plan to create Hell on Earth. With the Fire Nation defeated and on the run, Amon makes his move and seizes control of England from Ratcliffe. He sends both the former king and Sarousch to prison. He also banishes Captain Hook, but refuses to kill him, saying that he would only become a martyr. He then declares that the era of bending of over, and that a new era of equality has begun.

Skeletor and Webstor (his only follower not to be captured) return to Snake Mountain, where they are greeted by Lady Tremaine, Queen Narissa, and the newly revived Hordak. Hordak then forces Skeletor into his service once again. Maleficent and Hades put their differences aside and renew their relationship as Ursula and Dr. Facilier look on approvingly.

Karai, Shredder, and Krang meet up with Xanatos to discuss a plan to stop Ch'rell and his multiverse genocide. As a reward for her loyal service to him, Hades resurrects Lady Waltham's brother, Clayton. Dr. Drakken gathers his henchmen and mourns Shego's death. And, Stalker then travels to Hell itself to speak with his master: the Black God, Chernabog.


Chernabog prepared to rise again in Hell, while Judge Claude Frollo was subjected to endless horrors. In the Fire Nation, Azula became wary of Ruber's ruling council and banished them all from her kingdom, with the exception of Jafar, who was tired of serving her family.

Xanatos met with the Illuminati to discuss the threat of Ch'Rell, warning them of his apocalyptic plans. He proposed to deal with the problem once and for all. In the Live-action universe, Jadis travelled to Mordor to make sure that Sauron's minions had not yet recovered the ring and was greeted by the Mouth of Sauron. She saw that Sauron's spirit had endured and quickly departed.

Dr. Claw's assistant, Kramer, created an array of prosthetic hands for Claw to wear as he and Cruella prepared for battle. Cobra Commander and The Baroness discussed the Shredder's plans thanks to an informant, Baxter Stockman, and decided to make their own strike on his HQ.

As Pinhead's gigantic Lament Configuration neared completion, Cruella and Claw stormed Zorg's headquarters in an attempt to retrieve it for Mok. Pinhead and Freddy stepped up to face them. Freddy then goaded Cruella into a fight. Cruella seized the opportunity, swinging on a rope to hit a button capable of activating the base's laser defense system. Though the plan worked, Freddy healed his wounds instantaneously. Freddy then slashed through the rope, laying Cruella flat. At that moment, Barbossa arrived. He shot Freddy; though the shot didn't kill the spirit, it certainly winded him. Pinhead and Barbossa's blades clashed briefly, but Pinhead summoned his Cenobite hooks. These hooks, being made of demonic material, were able to injure Barbossa. Suddenly, Zorg then worked up the nerve to break the chains with his gun. Pinhead , enraged, promised to make Zorg suffer, terrifying the businessman. But Barbossa was not one to let his new ally die. He impaled Pinhead with his cutlass. Doctor Claw finally developed a plan, blowing up the new Lament Configuration with a cigar bomb. This caused Pinhead to dissolve into a new, smaller Lament Configuration, one Cruella promptly took as all Freddy could do was watch. Zorg congratulated his ally as Cruella and Claw left with the puzzle box.

Having decided that the time had finally come to begin his mass genocide, The Utrom Shredder attempts to board his starship. He is blocked, however, by Monkey Fist, and his old rival, Macbeth. Monkey Fist attacks Shredder, his sword ripping away his clothes, revealing the mechanical body beneath. Shredder attempts to block the assault, but without his battle armor, is at a disadvantage. Much to Shredder's relief, Hun bursts in, equaling the playing field as Monkey Fist calls in his monkey ninjas. Shredder uses the distraction to escape in an emergency elevator, and decides to accelerate the plan. As he emerges from the elevator, he finds himself blocked by Abraham Kane, who's soldiers quickly deal with the Shredder's Foot Soldiers. Surprisingly, Destro reveals himself to be waiting in the shadows, as Cobra Commander has called for Shredder's death. Destro, armed is his new prototype Hisstank, attacks. Macbeth attempt to battle the tank, but his weaponry does little to the armored machine. Destro then relieves Macbeth of his favoured pistol, but Macbeth retaliates with explosive pellets that soon send the tank out of control, much to Destro's dismay. Taking advantage of the distraction, Monkey Fist quickly takes down more Foot Soldiers, and attacks Shredder once again, unleashing a flurry of strikes hat reveal even more metal beneath Shredder's flesh. As Hun intervenes, he soon notices this, and pulls away the remainder of the Shredder's disguise, revealing the Shredder's true utrom identity, much to the shock of all. Using this moment of shock, Abraham Kane pulls out his secret weapon, "a gun that shoots a snake!" and fires it at Hun, knocking him from the command tower. As Shredder attempts once again to escape, his is stopped by Baxter Stockman, who freezes him with liquid nitrogen, and plans to take him apart "piece by piece". However, Shredder is able to escape his Utrom exosuit and slip away. Meanwhile, all out chaos ensues below, as both Cobra and Xanatos' forces have all begun their own battle rather than stop the Shredder. Dominique attacks the Baroness and Mindbender, drawing her laser pistol, but the Baroness fires a laser disk at her enemy, knocking her away. However, Dominique is quick to transform herself into Demona, much to her enemy's horror. Baroness quickly tells Sevarious to activate the Bio-Vipers. He does so, with the Vipers leaping into action. Demona is quickly able to dodge the attacks, and soon is able to blast Baroness with full force of her pistol, laying Baroness out. Mindbender then uses the chaos to secretly hack into Coldstone's systems, and sicks him onto Macbeth. Mindbender then confronts Sevarious, and gives him a much needed beatdown. Having survived the battle long enough the two leaders of the assault then join the fray. Cobra Commander, armed with a mechanical battle suit attacks Xanatos, firing missiles before Xanatos could even get off a shot. Fox, seeing her husband assaulted, attempts to take down the Commander with a blaster, but the Commander quickly guns her down. Xanatos then leaps to Fox's defense, unloading his entire arsenal on the Commander's mech. With his mech damaged, the Commander quickly fumbles to reestablish control; however, Xanatos quickly knocks him out of the mech and into a vat of acid below, seemingly killing him. Owen then joined in, blasting away at the remaining Foot Ninjas. At the same time, Ch'rell had been able to enter his most powerful battle suit, standing several stories high. With this suit, he easily defeats Xanatos. As Ch'rell prepares to cut a bloody swath across the battlefield, he is confronted by Karai, who begs him to stop the madness. But, Ch'rell refused to listen; meanwhile, unknown to him, Zurg and the real human Shredder were waiting above is Zurg's star cruiser. With a powerful blast from the null ray, the Utrom Shredder is then reduced to ashes.

Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra meets meets with Slithe, and admonishes him for his failure, but reveals that a furious Shere Khan survived and has revealed Zira and Mirage's location to him. Elsewhere, Zira and Mirage travel to the Spirit Realm, unaware that they are being watched.

Mozenrath, Yzma, and Shan Yu meet to discuss further affairs, with Shan Yu departing on his own mission and leaving them in charge of China. Dr. Mindbender meets with a grieving Karai. After extensive DNA research, Mindbender determines that Karai is the daughter of the human Shredder, much to her surprise.

Learning that China had become weakened, after the Fire Nation attack, and with Shan Yu leaving the city, leaving the Sorcerer's Society in charge of China, Shendu and Skeleton King's remaining forces launched an all out assault in China from their giant warship. At first, the Skeleton King sent a dark minion to deal with the sorcerers, only to be defeated by Megavolt's ray guns and Saluk's sharpened claws, which they opened a crack below him, into an empty void. After that, Vlad Plasmius ordered his magical ghost birds to attack, but unfortunately they were dragged away by Ayam Aghoul's tornado, vanishing in it. Jack Spicer then mock his powers, telling him that it was nothing, but this angered the sorcerer who throws him into a column nearby. Seeing this skirmish, Vlad Plasmius interferes in the battle, to save his friend. With his magic powers, he was able to knock the elderly wizard temporary to the ground, celebrating his victory. Just then, Ayam Aghoul throws a magic skull at him, grabs him and throws him into a portal, leaving his fate unknown. Jack Spicer quickly left China, mocking for the last time his enemies. Meanwhile Yzma and Kronk confronted Mojo Jojo for the last time, before Yzma throws a magic potion to the ground, which it spray a deadly gas air in the whole room, leaving the monkey scientist to his presumed death while Yzma and Kronk left the room immediately. At the same time the Skull Sorceress caused chaos on the battlefield, killing some of the Huntsclan members. But before she could do anything else, she was ambushed by the arrival of Madam Mim, who transforms herself into a giant dragon. Unimpressed by her powers, Valina attempted to dispatch the dragon with her powers, but this backfires as Madam Mim incinerates the Scull Sorceress with her fiery breath. With all of his remained allies dead or defeated, the Skeleton King sends his only left minion, Mandarin, to deal with the Huntsgirl. As the battle continues on, Mandarin thought unimpressed that his enemy was nothing against his powers, that was until the Huntsgirl chopped his arm and tossed him into a molten pit. Furious for losing anything, the Skeleton King entered the fight and knocked out the Huntsgirl, but this was spotted by the Huntsman who quickly runs to save her and kill his greatest archnemesis. At first  the Huntsman throws the Skeleton King into a wall and then throws from his staff a net, to capture him alive, but the Skeleton King responds quickly by throwing it back at him. This was not stopped the Huntsman's powers who cut the net and uses his staff as a bow to shoot an arrow at the Skeleton King's chest, sending him falling to the same molten pit with Mandarin, killing his enemy once and for all. Yet the battle wasn't finished with Shendu, free and wreaking havoc in Shan Yu's kingdom. Mozenrath tried to stop the Shendu with his powers, but this had not stopped the demon as he throws a fireball at the young sorcerer, levelling him into a nearby column. The Huntsman, after his battle with the Skeleton King, witnesses his fellow sorcerer, defeated at the hands of Shendu and attempted to strike the demon down and save his friend. While he deflect the first blow of the demon sorcerer and attempted to kill him with the power of his staff, Shendu fires a massive wave of fire to Huntsman, taking this as a final shot head on, and knocked from rooftop to rooftop, killing him in the process. Angered by the death of the Huntsman, Mozenrath, who survived his crash with the column, continued to fight the demon again with the promise that he will hear tortured screams from Shendu. As the demon fires a final fireball to Mozenrath, which he dodged, the young sorcerer quickly cast the banishment spell, capable to turn Shendu into a shield again, torturing him and screaming just as Mozenrath said. While Shendu declares his eventual return, Mozenrath smashed the shield into pieces, hopefully not to return in the future by anyone, much to his delight for winning in the second battle of China.

Meanwhile, at Pride Rock, Mumm-Ra was ready to begin with the extermination of Zira and her allies. With a vast army at his command, all was ready. Unknown to him, both Grune and Slithe were plotting against him. Soon, they were met with resistance from Zira's forces, led by Tublat. The large ape quickly downed one of the battle mech's with a boulder. Grune, seeing the ape's power, confronts him for battle. Though he manages to stun the ape with his shock club, Tublat recovers and fells him with powerful blows. At the same time, Slithe finds himself under the attack of the Mukhtar. The Mukhtar is able to down a tank and a few lizard soldiers with his magic weaponry, but Slithe refuses to go down so easily. The two then clash swords, battling away. Slithe eventually gets the upper hand, and blasts him enemy into the sand. Meanwhile, in the Spirit World, Zira and Mirage found themselves confronted by Mumm Ra himself. Zira quickly attacks the mummy with a flurry of claw strikes, swearing vengeance for Scar. Tired of this, Mumm-Ra transforms into "Mumm-Ra the Everliving". With his new powers, he easily blasts Zira off of a cliff. Mirage takes advantage of the distraction to send in her fire cats, but Mumm Ra easily destroys them. The two then battle as Mirage attempts to down the giant mummy. As Zira hangs on for dear life, the ghost of Scar appears. Mirage attempts to banish Mumm-Ra once again, and Scar uses this to knock Mumm-Ra out of the Spirit World. Seeing her mate, Zira allows herself to fall, choosing to stay with Scar in the Spirit World. Scar then tells Mirage to get out. Angered by this, the sorceress vows to return. Outside, Grune sees the portal's imminent destruction and attempts to flee. Tublat grabs him and sacrifices himself to kill Grune, claiming that no sacrifice is too great. And, in the form of a bird, Mumm-Ra escapes the destruction.

Meanwhile, in Hell, Chernabog leaves Frollo in the hands of King Minos, Judge of the Damned. Frollo, however, claims that he is guiltless before the Judge. Angered, Minos lashes out at Frollo with his tail. Frollo then quickly grabs a sword, and slashes Minos. Minos then rages that Lucifer (Chernabog) will devour Frollo for eternity as Frollo makes his escape.

At the same time, Hordak and his forces gather at the Forbidden Mountains to lay siege to Maleficent's fortress. As one of his generals objects, Hordak executes him without mercy. Hordak then sends Lady Tremaine to the CGI Universe to deliver his contingency plans to Ansem.

In his fortress, sensing the rise of the Black God, Oberon gathers an elite squad which he dubs is "Anti-Acolytes", consisting of himself, TitaniaCount Marzo, Nergal, the Snow Queen, Yono, Myotismon, and a reluctant Puck. And in Hell, Stalker tells Chernabog that the time has arrived for him to ascend from Hell back to his throne on Bald Mountain.

The time has come for Hordak to invade the Forbidden Mountains and kill the wicked fairy Maleficent, so he launched an all assault with Queen Narissa, Skeletor and their minions. Just as they arrived, Skeletor approached Maleficent with humorous gesture. But that didn't concern the evil fairy who had heard about Skeletor's new master and his role as a trusted servant to Hordak, and so she suggests to Skeletor to betray his master and assist her as well. Excited, he agreed to the contract and they begin their attack against Hordak's forces. At first Hordak sent his minions to deal with the evil witch, only that they met their fate just as Maleficent fires with her magic staff to the ground below them, crumbling into pieces and falling into a seeming bottomless pit, taking Hordak's men in it. At the same time Narissa learned about Skeletor's treachery against them and transformed herself into a giant serpent to dispatch the former student of Hordak. Terrified by her appearance, Skeletor didn't lose his courage for fighting a giant animal and he began to attack her with his weapons. This proves difficult for him to shoot at the queen who evades his attacks, but it was getting more difficult when Narissa break his flying glider's left wing, which he was standing in, believing that he will fall to his death. But instead he uses his impressive piloting skills to land the glider safely to the ground and activates his laser canons to the ground below her, burying the queen alive. Furious for losing his allies, Hordak casted the spell that it held him in the realm of Despondos, only that Maleficent and Skeletor will be their new prisoners. Seeing this and not having a plan in her mind, Maleficent summoned her ultimate magic which level up the Forbidden Mountains, taking all of her enemies, including herself, into the bottomless pit while leaving the castle to it's auto-destruction. From this event the only one had been heard during their falling was Hordak, screaming into the void.

Fortunately the spell that Maleficent had casted in the Forbidden Mountains didn't take Maleficent and Skeletor into the bottomless pit. As it turns out it transported them into the Live-Action Universe where they meet for a final time. At this point Skeletor ended his temporary alliance with Maleficent, claiming that he had been waiting so long for this moment. After their short dialogue, Skeletor casted a fire spell to evil fairy, only that she deflects his blast and casted one of her own spells, but this was proved useless since Skeletor use the same tactic of Maleficent by deflecting her attack. Thinking quickly, Skeletor encircles Maleficent with metal rings and threw her into a nearby wall. But that didn't stop the Mistress of all Evil, who transforms herself into her giant dragon form again, remembering the same fight with the Overlord of Evil in the animated universe, only this time is different that the other one. After her transformation, Maleficent used a burst of flame to wound Skeletor, and force him to surrender to her. In his last attack Skeletor tries to slay the dragon with a secret sword that he had kept in the previous battles. Unfortunately for him, Maleficent use her fire breath, plunging the skeleton warrior into a seeming bottomless pit, just as Maleficent returned to her original appearance, witnessing the death of her enemy.

Chernabog's Acolytes gathered on Bald Mountain and attempt to use the crystal to release their master from the depths of Hell- but were confronted by Oberon's forces. Sage Odin ripped away his skin to reveal a powerful demon within, but, before he could attack, Puck crushed him between two pillars of fire. He then wiped out Devimon with two blasts of magical energy. Devimon managed one last evil laugh before evaporating into nothingness. Myotismon then took on the Dark Dragon personally. Myotismon summoned an army of bats to destroy the dragon, but the Acolyte roasted them to bits. Myotismon then blocked a few of the Dark Dragon's attacks, ultimately slinging his dark whip around the dragon. The attack blasted the Dark Dragon into oblivion, killing the being once and for all. Nergal then faced down Hecate. Hecate summoned a crystalline monster that knocked Nergal aside. Marzo then intervened and used his laser vision to blast the creature apart. Nergal then electrocuted the goddess, putting her out of commission. Daolon Wong then managed to stun Puck, then Yono took on the enemy sorcerer. Wong summoned three evil demonic henchmen to take Yono down; one of them was able managed to strike Yono with a hammer. However, Yono managed to disarm them quickly. Puck then recovered and weakened Wong's demon fighters. With his enemies incapacitated, Yono annihilated his foes. Oberon himself took on Daolon Wong. Though Wong initially struck Oberon down with his magic, Oberon's wife Titania knocked the Acolyte away. Oberon then recovered and magically blinded Wong with his own magic. The Snow Queen encountered Odin again. This time, the Acolyte summoned the Chaos Lord of Fire. Though the demon's frightening appearance briefly frightened the Snow Queen, she wiped it out with her magic. All of Oberon's forces then pooled their powers to destroy Stalker's dark crystal once and for all, much to the demon skeleton's fury.

At the same time, Frollo continued his quest through Hell, battling various Demons and Monsters as he grew close to the gates that could mean his freedom. He was pursued by demonic Unbaptized Babies, which he labelled as monsters in disgust. As he shut the door leading to the next chamber of Hell to block off the baby demons, he witnessed Cerberus, a giant three-headed worm, devouring gluttonous souls nearby. Although at first he shouted at them to stand and fight, he ultimately decided to avoid a direct confrontation with Cerberus and moved on to the shores of Acheron. There he saw Charon, who was about to deliver a fresh batch of damned souls to the shores of Hell. Frollo leapt onto Charon, who retaliated by summoning winged demons to attack Frollo. The judge killed the demons with his sword and stabbed his weapon into Charon himself, triumphantly proclaiming victory as Charon smashed into the opposite shore, killing him in the process. As Frollo leapt off the now ruined boat, he took one last look at the damned souls in the river before making his escape through the gates of Hell. Meanwhile in the abandoned Palace of Justice in France, Rasputin's reliquary is suddenly dragged in Limbo, taking Bartok with it. There the bat meets with Rasputin and Ruber.

In the Live-Action Universe, after the victorious fight with Pinhead, Cruella took the Lament Configuration and sent it, with the help of the dimensional-teleportation machine of Dr. Claw, through a portal to the Animated Universe, into the hands of Mok. Excited about Cruella's successful delivery and everything is going according into his plan, he begins to enact his masterplan. But before he begins, he ordered his ally, Professor Screweyes to deal with Sarouch, since he is imprisoned in jail from the battle in England by orders of the new king, Amon.

At the coronation of the new king of the world, before Azula claimed her title as the new Fire Lord, Jafar and Iago interfere in the scene, having grown tired of her rule of the kingdom, and attempt to dethrone Azula. While the princess was able to easily knock the bird out, she was no match against Jafar's genie powers who was invincible against Azula's attacks. Jafar responds with his own magic of fire to the princess, but she quickly dodge it. Proving her strength, Azula is able to stand against his powers. In a final attempt, Jafar shoots his magics at the princess, which tossed her into a nearby cliff as he creates a wasteland of molten pits, hopefully to push the princess down inside. Acting quickly, Azula threw Jafar's Lamp into one of the molten pits, killing the genie in the process and ending his terror once and for all. But before she can celebrate her victory over Jafar, Shan Yu, who had spied on her during the fight, orders his army to attack the Fire Nation, not only with the Hun Army but with the help of the One-Eyes as well. The leader himself approached the princess, telling her that all of her kingdom had been ruined and she must bow herself to the new King of the World. Furious by her ending era in her kingdom, she refused the new king and left the Fire Nation, leaving the whole world under the protection of the Hun Warrior.

Meanwhile in the English prison, Professor Screweyes visited Sarousch's cell. Believing that he will be freed, Sarousch doesn't understand that the professor came to silence him, since his previous failure, and so he activated his machine of fear and madness, turning the performer insane. As a result, his head exploded by the overload of madness and insanity in his brain.

At the same time, Mok arrived in the Underworld to finally take revenge on his old enemy, Dr. Facilier. Mok quickly revealed that Loki had been serving him all along, much to Facilier's dismay, and then, unleashing all his powers, Mok easily obliterated Facilier's shadow demons with his special effects bolts, now more powerful than ever. He then turned his attention to the Friends on the Other Side, and then destroyed them also for their previous treachery. He then told the defeated Facilier "I have enjoyed your little game, but tonight, the game is MINE!" Utterly defeated, and completely outmatched, Facilier retreated with Pain and Panic in tow.

Meanwhile, in Limbo, Rasputin is quickly alerted to a rise in his powers. Discovering that Eris's life has come to an end, Rasputin quickly determined that he now had the last vestige of her powers, which in turn made him the new god is discord. Ruber was overjoyed at the news, and decided that the time had come to once again usher in the Ruberian Age as they escaped limbo.

Down in the Underworld, the last remaining Acolytes stood before the Black God himself. Odin begged his master for one last chance to redeem himself. However, Chernabog was far from forgiving, and melted Odin into a puddle of gore as Wong and Hecate watched in horror. Suddenly, Mok revealed himself. Using the lament configuration, Mok and his allies perform an elaborate musical number as the summon The Seven Homunculi: Lust, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Sloth, and Gluttony. Chernabog gladly accepts Mok's help, as the Homunculi will greatly replenish his forces.

And finally, in China, a great celebration is held for Shan Yu and his forces, having defeated the Fire Nation once and for all.


Having escaped the destruction of the Forbidden Mountains, the remains of Maleficent's forces take refuge on Mount Olympus. They quickly tell Hades of Maleficent's demise. Facilier quickly arrives, and begs Hades to put a stop to Mok and Loki's treachery. However, Hades falls into a depression over the loss of yet another lover, and decides to drop out of the war. Seeing this, Ursula quickly takes control of the faction.

In the remains of Maleficent's old castle, Lady Tremaine finds Queen Grimhilde, who has miraculously survived. They then find Narissa, and Tremaine restores Grimhilde's youth. The three then form a powerful alliance. With Cobra Commander defeated, Destro and Demona quickly take control of Cobra, with both Sevarious and Thailog joining the ranks, as well as a returned Major Bludd.

Sa'Luk returns to the Huntslcan HQ and proclaims himself the new Huntsmaster, much to Rose's horror. A very weakened Mumm-Ra returns to his pyramid and is confronted by Rameses. The pharaoh demands that Mumm-Ra reveal the identity of his son's killer or die. Mumm-Ra then reveals that it was Grimhilde all along. Rameses then vows revenge.

On the run, Azula meets up with the newly revived Rasputin and Ruber. Ruber claims that Azula will play a major part in his new plans. The three then decide to forge an uneasy alliance. The real Oroku Saki takes his rightful place as head of the Foot Clan, while in the Underworld, Mok quickly destroys the spirit of the defeated Jafar, taking out one of the last threats to his newfound power as Screweyes gleefully looks on.

Having defeated all his enemies, Xanatos decides to spend time with his wife and his infant son, completely ignoring the call from the Illuminati. Having escaped from Amon, Captain Hook and Ratcliffe take refuge in Gaston's new bar where they lament their troubles in England. As they begin to drown their sorrows, all three are shocked to find that Frollo has escaped Hell. Once again, Frollo gathers his forces.

In the Live-action universe, Maleficent meets with Cruella and Dr. Claw. She demands that they send her home, but they decide to strand her in the CGI Universe instead. In the ruins of Ch'rell's old base, Baxter Stockman reveals that he is alive and well, but he is not alone, as the Cobra Commander himself survived as well. He then swears vengeance on his foes.

And, having survived the fall into the shaft, Skeletor vows that he will return....

The Third War

Part One

Oberon travelled to the Live-Action Universe, in a new form, and recruited Skeletor for a special mission - to seek out the crystal of darkness, lost after the battle with the Acolytes in the deepest reaches of space. Skeletor was healed following his battle with Maleficent, and returned to the hand drawn universe by Oberon. However, he took on a new appearance because his magic was weakened somewhat. Oberon promised him he would restore him to his former glory on completion of his mission.

Shendu was scolded by his family in the spirit realm for not attempting to free them and choosing to rule China himself. At the same time, Vaatu - who had detected trespassers in his domain; Mumm-Ra and Mirage. had been angered by their presence in the spirit realm, he decided to make examples of them.

Cobra Commander rallied his loyalists and adopted a new mask, as he prepared to reclaim his empire and swore revenge on all those who betrayed him. He quickly decided that he would set out to reassert his power and regain the loyalty of Cobra.

Later that very day, The Commander led his remaining loyal forces against Kent Mansley's super prison in an attempt to free the captured Zartan. However, as the Dreadnoks (Buzzer, Ripper & Torch) wreaked havoc across the battlefield, the recently banished Dr. Robotnik watched secretly from above. As the battle raged outside, Zartan regained hope of his rescue. However, Prof. Dementor (who had been placed in charge of torturing Zartan) had other ideas. As The Commander quickly bombed his way into the prison unscathed, Dementor called in his henchmen. Unfortunately, they were no match for the Cobra troopers. Dementor and the The Commander quickly engaged one another with the signature sidearms, blasting away at one another. Dementor was quickly able to regain the prison module from the Commander, but it was too late as the Commander freed Zartan, who quickly leapt into battle. As Zartan laid waste to Dementor's control room, the mad scientist quickly escaped. Robotnik attempted to quell the uprising with a squad of Swatbots, but Zartan and the Commander had already made their getaway.

Vaatu confronted Mirage, angered by her intrusion into the spirit realm during her battle with Mumm-Ra - Mirage attempted to defend herself, but found Vaatu too powerful to overcome, easily dodging and shrugging off her attacks. Vaatu then moved to the offensive, smacking Mirage, leaving her dazed. He then gripped her in one of his appendages. However, before Vaatu could do anything, Mumm-Ra made a surprise appearance and blasted Vaatu's appendages, forcing him to release Mirage. Realizing that neither of them were a match for Vaatu, both Mirage and Mumm-Ra fled from the battle.

Ratcliffe lead Gaston and Hook on a mission to reclaim the palace of justice as Frollo's base of operations; when they arrived however, they were confronted by Father Anderson, the Iscariot organization's secret weapon. Ratcliffe quickly shot Anderson in the face with his rifle. However, as Ratcliffe reveled in his supposed victory, Anderson rose up, having regenerated his injury. Gaston then took several shots with his rifle. Anderson managed to parry most of the bullets with his blades. However, one managed to get through his defenses and knock him back. Hook then stepped in to engage him with sword drawn. The two clashed blades briefly but after Hook destroyed Anderson's blades, the Father drew more from his sleeves and threw them at lightning speed at Hook, sending him flying backwards. As Father Anderson moved in to finish the three off, Frollo suddenly arrived with his army. Realizing that he could not win with the current odds, Anderosn decided to retreat as he opened his Bible and levitated the pages around him through supernatural means. As he used the pages to teleport away, he promised that next time he would butcher Frollo.

Seeking to return to their former glory, Carface, Cat R. Waul, Don Karnage, Negaduck, and Valmont met up to discuss a truce. Together, the would once again regain power. However, their meeting was soon interrupted by the arrival of the Technodrome. Karnage and his thugs quickly mobilize an air defense, attacking the Technodrome in their bi-planes. As the drome's shields repel Karnage's rockets, Krang joins in the battle personally, using his mechanical body to grow to a giant size. Negaduck decides to take action, damaging Krang's body with a spear-gun. As Bebop and Rocksteady try to save Krang, Negaduck knocks a stack of barrels atop them. Krang quickly radios the Shredder for help. As Shredder appears, Karnage quickly engages his in a dual of swords. Carface and Negaduck then sneak inside the Technodrome, and Negaduck attempts to send the Shredder and Krang back to Dimension X. However, his plan backfires, and he and his fellow mob bosses are quickly sucked into Dimension X, much to Krang's horror. As Shredder and his allies are forced escape in a truck, they quickly discover that their entire army of Foot Soldiers and Stone Warriors has been taken away with the Technodrome.

Growing increasingly frustrated with Pitch Black's fiscal policies hurting his business, Syndrome and his top researcher, Ansem, hired out the services of Braig, a master marksman and hitman. Braig confronted Pitch in his castle, and attempted to assassinate the High King. Pitch sent one of his Nightmares after Braig who began shooting at it. However, Pitch soon revealed that the Nightmare was merely a distraction as he fired a shadow straight into Braig's eye. No longer able to continue fighting without the use of his eye, Braig retreated.

Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz, the physical remnants of Sephiroth's power, infiltrated Syndrome's facilities under the orders of a high paying employer to steal the mysterious box that Hordak sent over to Ansem. When they arrived to steal the box, however, they found that it was guarded by one of Ansem's stooges, Demyx, a water elemental. Demyx drew his guitar and conjure up a massive wave of water but it did nothing more than leave Kadaj waist deep in water. As Demyx started to get worried, Loz punched the ground and sent a large shockwave towards him. Demyx created a water shield to protect himself. Before Demyx could do anything else, Kadaj fired a telekinetic strike at him which winded him and destroyed his guitar. Yazoo then finished Demyx off with a shot from his pistol, killing him. As the Remnants rejoiced in their victory, they claimed the box.

Oogie Boogie commissioned the Fairy Godmother to construct for him a new lair after his old one fell into the clutches of the Other Mother. However, the lesser boogie man refused to pay her for her services. The Fairy Godmother, rather than sending out Tai Lung to collect the payment in blood, decided to use her magic to, instead, create a monster to destroy Oogie and his new lair. She summoned up the Bahamut SIN and sent it after Oogie. While Oogie was exploring his new lair, SIN attacked, sending a large amount of smoke at Oogie as he began to tear at the lair. Oogie became terrified of the monster and attempted to flee, however, at that moment, Maleficent arrived. SIN attempted to attack the Mistress of All Evil but Maleficent killed it with a single blast. Grateful to Maleficent for saving him, Oogie Boogie decided to team up with her.

Braig, furious about the damage Pitch inflicted upon him, returned to Syndrome's headquarters to get some retribution, only to find that Ansem wasn't one to take any of his shenanigans as he threatened Braig with a familiar Keyblade. Having been scared straight, Braig agreed to continue to work for Ansem, just as long as Ansem kept up his end of the bargain.

Pitch Black called a meeting of his ruling council to discuss the recent assassination attempt, and swore that he would weed out the culprit, whom he suspected to be someone on his council, and promised to make the culprit's suffering everlasting.

Mirage and Mumm-Ra agreed to put aside their differences, for the moment, to combat the threat of Vaatu, who sought to destroy them both. But they still agreed to go back to attempting to annihilate each other once Vaatu was dealt with.

Shan Yu made his agenda clear to the world leaders, establishing his new dominion. He stated that he did not intend to repeat the mistakes made by Ruber and Phoenix King Ozai. Shan Yu asked that all of the leaders fall in behind him and stated that all petty fighting will be met with brutal force. Chase Young of the Xiaolin Monks asked Shan Yu for a small territory where they can rebuild their temples due to them being damaged in the crossfire of the last war. Shan Yu granted his request despite Mozenwrath's objections. He explained that ruling malevolently was what cost Ruber his popularity and power. He explained that sacrifices had to be made if they wanted to keep their positions.

Meanwhile, Holli attempted to establish a pecking order with Lust, but found that her place in power was now entirely irrelevant. Lust then cut Holli to bits with her claws for attempting to assert authority while Mok laughed maniacally.

Ursula wasted no time in gathering the remnants of Maleficent and Hades' forces and establishing herself as leader. Reactions were mixed, but the meeting was cut short by the sudden arrival of Mane-lac, who wanted Mt Olympus for a new base of operations. Ursula saw her chance to win over the masses. Mane-lac sprayed Ursula in the face with her hair spray, burning it. She then unveiled a giant blowdryer. Ursula then conjured up a tornado that sucked up all of Mane-lac's minions. Mane-lac then fired the laser in her blowdryer but Ursula shrugged it off. She then threw a magical orb at Mane-lac, knocking her off the blowdryer. She then threw several more at her, killing her. This caused everyone to be convinced of Ursula's skills as a leader and accepted her.

Seeking to reclaim her old castle as a base of operations, Queen Grimhilde, Lady Tremaine and Narissa swooped in and attacked Lord Maliss and his allies, with Maliss exceedingly surprised seeing his sister back from the dead. Darkheart took on his true demonic form for the battle but Grimhilde quickly sealed him away inside a magic box before he could do anything. Seeing this, The Wizard of Wonderland summoned lightning which knocked debris onto Narissa but she just shrugged it off. Lady Tremaine then knocked the distracted Wizard off his feet with her wand, then fired another shot which killed him once and for all. Seeing the odds turn against him, Maliss quickly turned into his dragon form and fled the battle, seeking new allies.

Seeking to assert their dominance over the galaxy, Lord Dregg, an emissary of an unknown master, quickly contacted Prime Leader Zanramon, whom he told to weaken the Saurian Empire, and they would be allowed to meet his master. The next day as the Triceraton's armies invaded the Saurian's homeworld, the cannibalistic warlord Dragaunus challenged Commander Mozar, backed up by his own forces. The Saurians quickly laid waste to the invaders, until Monza Ram and his Triceraton Gladiators intervened, followed by an air attack. Seeing his own forces completely overwhelmed, Dragaunus and his forces quickly retreated to save their skins.

Lust and Gluttony began to stretch their legs on the surface world, before Gluttony picked up the scent of a cursed, immortal man. Hoping to figure out his secret to immortality, the duo approached him, only to find the scent belonged to Macbeth, who wasn't willing to become a meal for Gluttony without a fight. Gluttony charged directly into Macbeth, knocking him against a wall. Macbeth then drew his pistol and shot Lust in the head and chest. But due to her Homunculi physiology, she quickly regenerated. As Gluttony moved in to devour Macbeth, he shot him in both arms, forcing back. But he regenerated instantly. Gluttony then rammed into Macbeth, knocking him to the ground. Lust then charged him as well, knocking him back some more. As Gluttony prepared to eat him, Macbeth realized that he was badly outmatched and dropped some smoke pellets. Macbeth then took the opportunity to retreat.

Flogg, leader of the Mutants of Denebria, took advantage of Emperor Zurg's weakened empire in the wake of the Decepticon War and invaded the space around Planet-Z with a huge armada.

Flogg lead an assault force to the planet in an attempt to capture Zurg himself. Zurg came out with a squadron of tanks while Flogg personally lead a squadron of fighters against him. Zurg sent out his Hornet robots, but Flogg and his forces annihilated them. Flogg landed with intention to take Zurg prisoner. But, one of Zurg's tanks revealed itself to be a gigantic Hornet robot. Flogg's men attempted to shoot the robot, but it fired shots that disarmed them of their weapons. The Hornet them moved in to attack them. Flogg's mutants attempted to leap at the robot and attack it hand to hand but the Hornet fired more lasers that knocked them out of the sky. Flogg then began to attack Zurg with a whip extension to his arm. But Zurg grew annoyed and ordered his Hornet to attack him. The Hornet then launched missiles at Flogg that knocked him into the rest of his forces. As this was going on, Skeletor watched from a distance. As Flogg and his forces began to retreat, Skeletor revealed himself to them and hitched a ride with them back to Flogg's ship.

Cutler Beckett met with the new Sheriff of Nottingham, Vaisey, and assembled his new allies - Lady Morgana, King George, Guy of Gisborne and Queen Regina. Together, they sought to claim Sauron's ring for themselves.

In Mordor, the spirit of Sauron addressed his allies: Azog the Defiler, Saruman, the Mouth of Sauron, Gothmog, and the Witch King of Angmar and prepared them for the coming war.

Rumpelstiltskin and Baelfire had been tracked down by Saruman's Uruk Hai, lead by Lurtz. As Rumpel left Bae alone for a moment, the Uruk Hai found Bae and Lurtz prepared to fire an arrow at him. But before he could do so, Rumpelstiltskin emerged from the woods and tackled Lurtz. Both of them drew their swords and Lurtz slashed at the Dark One only for Rumpel to catch the blade with his hand. Rumpel then decapitated Lurtz with a quick swing. Saruman then arrived on the scene. As Rumpelstiltskin taunted Saruman with the ring, he slashed Rumpel across the face with his staff but Rumpel simply healed it with his dark magic. He then took out his wand and knocked Saruman off his feet with a telekinetic push. Angered, Saruman opened a portal to parts unknown. Despite his best efforts, Rumpelstiltskin was unable to stop the portal from sucking Baelfire in.

President Snow addressed the people of the capital, but his speech was interrupted by an attack launched by Voldemort and his Death Eaters. At the same time, Regina began her search for the ring, bringing the two powerful sorcerers face to face. Voldemort fired a series of spells that knocked Regina onto the hood of a car. Regina quickly recovered and conjured some fire but before she could use it, Voldemort fired a very powerful spell that knocked Regina into a clocktower. Suddenly, Snow's Peacekeepers arrived. Seeing he was outnumbered, Voldemort retreated as Regina seethed in anger.

Skeletor introduced himself to Flogg and they formed an alliance - though Flogg was not prepared to cede command of his Mutants to Skeletor.

Having deposed the Wizard of Wonderland, the Stepmothers Three reinstated the Queen of Hearts as it's ruler, though tensions rose between her and Narissa.

Ruber returned to Camelot to rebuild his power base, and was rejoined by Lord Maliss.

Tiring of Ursula and Hades, Facilier returned to his voodoo shop with Lawrence and prepared to pursue his own agenda.

Kadaj brought the mysterious box back to his employer, Malthazar, who opened it to release it's contents: the ghost of Rothbart.

Oogie Boogie introduced Maleficent to DiZ and his group, the ones who put him back together after his defeat at the Other Mother's hands. Maleficent also decided that she needed a valet in this new world, and used her powers to resurrect Mother Gothel to serve her purposes.

Zurg attempted to recruit Dragaunus as his General, who was insulted by the offer and refused outright.

Destro and Demona joined forces with Starscream.

Rameses completed rebuilding Egypt and prepared to strike out on his own; lifting Hotep and Huy's exile and recruiting a new advisor called the Kralahome. His eye was also drawn to the beautiful noblewoman, Zuleika.

Frollo was approached by Enrico Maxwell, head of the Iscariot organization - though he did not yet realize he and Maxwell had met once before. Frollo was angry at him for defying him but Enrico stated that they could not just let him do as he pleases. Frollo then called in Hook and his pirates to intimidate Enrico. Seeing this, Enrico and Anderson departed but Anderson promised to cut Frollo to bloody pieces next time.

In the Underworld, Jafar was approached by a mysterious figure who he vented his frustrations to. When Jafar stated that he wanted revenge, the figure decided to help him in his quest.

Meanwhile, The Major spoke with the Doktor about how ecstatic he was about the conflict coming ahead and stated that this would be the greatest conflict of them all.

Part Two

Chernabog and Stalker discussed their new ally: Mok, who claimed to have a way to release Chernabog, but refused to tell them what it is. They both distrusted him, and decided to watch him closely. Chernabog pointed out that the souls Mok had been sending to Hell from the Underworld had restored his strength. But he also pointed out that Mok saw himself as their equal. Stalker assured Chernabog that he would destroy Mok at the first sign of betrayal.

War criminal Solf J.Kimblee was released from Kent Mansley's super prison and picked up by Cobra Commander, who had been told of Kimblee's talents by Zartan.

Seeking to expand her power base and wrap up loose ends, Ursula assigned Abis Mal, who had just ordered some of his men to be executed, the task of capturing Snake Mountain, and used her magic to give him a high tech upgrade with which to do it. However, Snake Mountain was currently in the control of Webstor and his army of mutant Spiders. Abis Mal smacked Webstor back with his laser cannon but Webstor quickly recovered and back in for the assault. Abis Mal then blasted all of the Mutant Spiders away with his laser cannon. Abis Mal then flew towards Webstor with his jet pack. Just as he was about to fire his laser cannon, Webstor blocked the entrance with his appendage making it explode. However, Abis Mal revealed that he had come prepared with twin machine guns and gunned Webstor down, killing him.

Now allied with the Mutants of Denebria; Skeletor established himself as Flogg's second in command and manipulated him into launching an attack on the Saurians, seeking to test the Mutants in battle. The sorcerer Saurian threw an energy ball at Skeletor which he dodged with a jump. A few of Dragaunus's foot soldiers fired at Flogg but he used his whip attachment to deflect their blasts at them, destroying them. One of the Mutants showed off his strength by kicking away a boulder then throwing away another. He then kicked one of the Saurians, knocking him down. The sorcerer Saurian then fired another magical blast, knocking the Mutant's weapon out off his hand. As Flogg moved in with his whip, Dragaunus fired a blast from his ring, knocking the Mutant into Flogg. Skeletor then entered the fray and fired a blast at a container overhead, making it spill lava over the battlefield. Seeing this, the Saurians retreated.

After being exiled from Agrabah by Tri-Klops, Arburtus was in hiding when Evilseed arrived in hopes of turning him into the authorities for a reward. Evilseed summoned two giant, tyrannosaur like venus fly traps for the fight. Arburtus controlled some giant vines to grab the venus fly trap and drag it away. The other venus fly trap bit one of Arburtus's plants but Arburtus caused spines to protrude from the plant, killing the fly trap. Evilseed then attempted to escape riding a large snake like plant. But Arburtus controlled some vines to grab Evilseed in the face. Evilseed managed to rip the vines off but Arburtus summoned a mass of thorn bushes which buried Evilseed, killing him.

Ursula's first course of action was to use Hades' reserve of Titans and use them to invade Camelot and get rid of her enemies. However, she didn't plan for Rasputin, who was back from the dead with the powers of a god. As the Titans approached Camelot, Rasputin conjured a blast of lightning which stunned them. The Rock Titan then punched him, scattering his body parts everywhere. But Rasputin managed to reassemble himself. Rasputin then summoned a massive cyclone which sucked the Titans in. He then launched them into space where they were blown to smithereens. As Ursula lamented her loss, Rasputin celebrated.

Criminal Genius Gemini was informed of the return of Cobra Commander by his subordinate, Agent Beta. He did not take the news well as he jettisoned Beta out of his base.

Furious at the loss to the Saurians, Flogg began to regret listening to Skeletor; who assured him that the battle was merely a test and that his ultimate plan would ensure their victory.

President Snow hosted a party at the Presidential palace, inviting many of his allies and several business persons to gather support. Cruella and Claw were forced to socialize with Zorg, and met Snow's new subordinates; Victor Frankenstein and Henry Burke.

The Witch King met with Gothmog and ordered him to press on into the Enchanted Forest, where he felt the ring may be found. Though this was the territory of Queen Regina, the Witch King planned to deal with her himself.

In Narnia, Lord Miraz held council with his advisors, including his second in command, Nizam. He also introduced his new General, Kael, who once served Queen Bavmorda. Miraz had captured an Orc, and planned to strike back against Sauron's armies before they grew too strong.

Hoping to capture and weaponize the super powered serial killer known as Sylar, Claw hired the young technopath Sue Tenny a.k.a Royal Pain to capture him at Sky High's homecoming dance. As Royal Pain confronted Sylar, he telekinetically thrusted her into a disco ball. As she demonstrated her technopathic powers as she freed herself, Sylar became interested in trying the powers himself. Sylar telekinetically launched shards of glass at Royal Pain sending her flying. She then took out an electric gun and blasted Sylar with it, stunning him. Sylar then used a telekinetic blast to knock Royal Pain out. He then sliced her head open, killing her, as he sought to learn her powers.

The Witch King led the Nazgul into the Enchanted Forest, but was confronted by Queen Regina; despite his promise to 'break' her, the Nazgul found the Evil Queen to be more than a match for them. As the Nazgul approached her with blades drawn, Regina threw a fireball at one of them, setting him on fire. As the rest of the Nazgul charged at her from a river, Regina summoned a massive wall of water which washed the Nazgul away.

Russell Edgington went on live TV and announced his plans for Vampire dominance; as President Snow and his allies watched in horror.

And, with one more ability stolen from Royal Pain, Sylar prepared to make his move.

Snapper Carr reported on the upcoming Presidential race between Abraham Kane and Agent Bishop.

Valmont was suffering from financial difficulties after the debacle with Shendu.

Slithe began rounding up the last of Zira's followers; including having his men capture Kaa for unknown reasons.

Mok required a blood sacrifice, and dispatched Evil Manta - who was still allied with the Acolytes - to claim Admiral Zhao. To that end, Evil Manta unleashed the mighty Monstro to destroy what was left of the renegade Admiral's fleet. Monstro sent a wave at Zhao's command ship, scattering his crew. Zhao then had his crew launch a fireball at Monstro as he charged towards the ship. However, Monstro just shrugged it off. Seeing how desperate the situation was getting, Zhao decided to sacrifice his ship to kill Monstro. He had his ship charge right at the whale and leaped off at the last second. The ship then impaled Monstro, killing him.

Frollo began to reclaim his seat of power in France, but was challenged by the arrival of King Fuhrer Bradley - who proposed an alliance. Frollo agreed, but only if Bradley could beat his best warrior, Captain James Hook. Hook and Bradley clashed swords for a while until they got into a blade lock. Hook then swiped Bradley with his hook, breaking the lock. Bradley then quickly threw a knife at Hook, knocking him down. Frollo then stopped the fight and accepted Bradley into his forces to Hook's dismay.

Sent by Cobra Commander to find new sources of revenue to rebuild Cobra, Storm Shadow engaged industrialist Hannibal McFist - but Hannibal's chief scientist, Viceroy, had a trick up his sleeve. Viceroy unveiled a large multi armed cyborg composed of human and animal DNA. The cyborg punched Storm Shadow but he quickly recovered. Storm Shadow then kicked the cyborg back and then threw daggers at it. The cyborg then fired a hidden mechanical arm from it's chest, knocking Storm Shadow down. Storm Shadow quickly recovered and threw several daggers which cut all of the cyborg's arms off. Storm Shadow then finished it off by cutting it in half with his katana. Seeing this, McFist and Viceroy retreated.

After deposing the Crystal of Darkness, Oberon plans to kill Chernabog's loyal follower, the Stalker. He tasks Banshee and Raven to finish the demon once and for all. The Oberati manage to track the Staker into an underworld basement. At first Raven tried to attack the Staker with a tomahawk, only that he got disposed by Stalker's powers. The Banshee then mocks her enemy powers and then blasts a cog, which it was above the Stalker, almost crashing him. However the cog stopped right it gonna crash the demon. The Stalker then lift the cog and blasts the Oberati to an unknown area. The Raven, who had recovered his powers after his previous defeat, prepares to strike again at the demon. Despite his attack, the Stalker stops his action once again. Just as then Oberon appears and confront his rival personally. He uses his magical powers to break another cog, above the Stalker, right to the demon, killing him instantly. Oberon laughs at the defeat at his rival, but just as he was leaving from the underworld basement, he was unnoticed that the Stalker's essence was not dead after all, just as the only remnant of the Stalker manages to survive and makes it's way back to Hell.

Meanwhile, Mok Swagger punishes the Evil Manta for letting Admiral Zhao away and not sacrificing him. As the Evil Manta attempts to please his master to give him another chance, Mok instead insists that a bloody sacrifice must be done, and that it would be either the Evil Manta or his son, Little Evil. With a heavy heart, the Evil Manta bids his last farewell to his child, as he is been sacrificed right in front of his terrified son, who looks his father's death in horror. With this sacrifice, Mok was able to summon the demon, Aku from the Underworld, who was killed, after his previous defeat at the hands of Hades.

In Hell, Stalker's essence returns to an outranged Chernabog, who gives up a portion of his own life force to rebuild his loyal servant in a new, more powerful form. Stalker then awakes in a new appearance, ready to start his evil actions back again.

Extremely paranoid after the failed attempt on his life, Pitch sought the services of a shady and power-hungry man known as Archibald Snatcher. Snatcher agreed to track down and eliminate the traitor that sent Braig in exchange for a position in the king's council. Pitch accepted these terms and even offered the seat of the traitor upon his success. However, Pitch's new behavior and rash actions began to worry Hopper, who decided to form a rebellion with the eccentric royal racer King Candy before things spiraled out of control.

The new rebellion's first target was the kingdom of Duloc, ruled by the diminutive Lord Farquaad. The short tyrant quickly ordered his guards to defeat King Candy's vicious Cybug army, but the high-tech monsters used their weapons to kill the troops after a brief battle. As Candy taunted him, Farquaad attempted to assert himself as a king and end the rebellion personally, but a Cybug devoured him before he could even attack.

AUTO, left to plot after his encounter with Madame Gasket long ago, finally finished preparing his own rise to power. Unfortunately, he was seen as a threat by the dark wizard Ganondorf, who sent a large army of robotic soldiers to deal with the AI. AUTO easily disposed of the machines with a massive explosion, forcing the sorcerer to attempt a more direct approach. Soon, Ganon confronted AUTO on his ship, launching a powerful blast of dark magic at his opponent. AUTO managed to dodge the attack and knock Ganon to the floor with an electrical current, but the dark warrior got up just as the malevolent machine was preparing to finish him off. He then stabbed AUTO with his sword, shutting the robot down for good.

Still sore over his original defeat, Oogie successfully convinced Maleficent to strike against the Other Mother. Mother Gothel was tasked with this and set off to the witch's lair with a dagger. The two eventually confronted each other and the Other Mother attempted to reason with Gothel, but was rudely dismissed. With that, the Mother transformed and severely frightened Gothel, sending her running. Other Mother left her subordinate, the Other Father, to deal with the intruder while she attended to more important matters. The Father gave chase on a massive mantis-like machine and managed to follow Gothel all the way to a small bridge. There, Luxord arrived to aid Gothel and destroyed the bridge. The Father's vehicle fell through and got stuck as Luxord stole his life force and returned to base with Gothel.

There, Gothel criticized Luxord's actions and claimed that she was perfectly capable of handling the battle. Though Luxord had his doubts, Maleficent ordered him to leave and threatened Gothel to stop her lies, revealing that the mission was a test for both of them. The Mistress of All Evil openly revealed her disregard toward Oogie and distrust toward everyone else, explaining that she only kept them alive to establish her power in the CGI universe. She then told Gothel to find an apprentice with which to increase her power.

With Farquaad dead, Pitch and the deadly emperor Lord Shen believed it to be wise to send a message to the growing rebellion by making Ganondorf the new Lord of Duloc.

DiZ began the next phase of his plan by having his mysterious ally break into Castle Oblivion. There, he managed to take out the cameras and download the insane program Clu into the main computer before leaving.

As promised, Lord Dregg allowed Zanramon and the Triceratons a meeting with his master: NOS-4-A2. The dinosaur conqueror expressed disbelief and shock at the sight of the energy vampire running the operation as NOS explained that he wanted to take the universe to feed on himself. Zanramon had second thoughts about working for what he considered the mere brainchild of an already immature emperor, but Dregg assured him that NOS had an interesting plan. Convinced, the Triceratons stayed to hear him out.

Zorg was having just another day at the office selling some black market weapons to a crew of aliens when Judge Doom crashed the meeting to take the ZF1 shipment for his own gain. Zorg and the Mangalores rushed to defend the weapon, only for Doom to knock two of them down with his sword, Some of the Mangalores retreated, but one rushed Doom before being sent clear across the room with a punch. Zorg then stepped up to the plate, firing a laser attachment from the ZF1. Doom managed to deflect the beam into a few more Mangalores with his sword, but the weapons dealer knocked him back with a high-pressure blast of steam. Heavily injured, Doom quickly got up as Zorg and the remaining Mangalores departed.

Cutler Beckett ordered Sheriff Vaisey to round up and kill all known pirates in Nottingham. Though he gleefully carried out these orders, the hangings were soon interrupted by a new pirate known as Killian Jones. The two got into a sword fight, with Jones managing to knock Vaisey down and kick him around early on. However, the sheriff was able to prop himself back up and knock the pirate back with a kick, disarming him as well. Jones reached for his sword but was intercepted by Vaisey. Vaisey contemplated simply killing Jones, but instead decided on a lasting punishment and cut off his hand. As Jones found a nearby hook to possibly replace it, Vaisey rode off on his horse.

Azula began tying up loose ends while also eliminating threats to her newfound power. To that end, she tasked a skilled and ruthless Fire Nation Warden to capture her old foe Dr. Drakken. The Warden, along with a small group of Fire Nation soldiers, broke into his target's lab, but Drakken proved to be quite a cunning threat even without the aid of Shego, summoning an army of large robots before the Warden and his men began launching fire. As Drakken fled the room, the robots opened fire with their laser cannons, but were eventually melted due to the Warden's skill. With his robots destroyed, Drakken entered the battle in a ship and revealed a powerful weapon that could manipulate the very ground. using the pieces absorbed by the beam, Drakken conjured a massive earth shield to deflect the Warden's fire. He then knocked the soldiers and their leader down by launching the many pieces that composed the shield at them. The Warden tried to continue the fight, but Drakken created a massive platform out of the ground he and his men were standing on. The scientist then moved the platform above the ocean surrounding the island his lab was on as the Warden begged for forgiveness due to his inability to swim. Unfortunately, Drakken showed no mercy and disintegrated the platform, causing the Warden to fall and drown.

Puck heard rumors of a mysterious figure hoping to obtain an artifact he possessed known as the Eye of Odin. In order to keep the item from falling into the wrong hands, Puck entrusted it to Count Marzo. The count soon found these rumours to be well grounded as the Archmage, supposed dead after Mozenrath's betrayal several years ago, arrived to take the Eye for his own grand designs. Marzo used the artifact to shield himself from the Archmage's spells and take out his undead minions, but Archmage blasted a pillar in an attempt to crush the count. Though he managed to dodge this as well, Marzo's arrogance over his new power proved to be his undoing. In the middle of his gloating, Marzo was left open to a spell from the Archmage that turned him into an old, defenseless dwarf. Marzo was pinned to a pillar by another spell as the Archmage fused with the Eye, greatly increasing his power.

After the successful conquest of Snake Mountain, Ursula released King Hiss and his followers, including Tongue Lasher, Squeeze, and Snake Face. Grateful to be freed, the original ruler of the mountain quickly agreed to an alliance with the Sea Witch.

Slithe subjected Kaa to many experiments, giving him new cybernetic enhancements and a new name: Klang. He then presented his new project to a pleased Mumm-Ra and Mirage.

At an Equalist rally, Amon provided a demonstration of his new Chi Blocker technology, which would allow anyone to take away bender abilities. This interested Dr. Drakken, who was present in the audience and looking to start a new alliance.

With no funds or otherworldly assistance, Valmont was forced to set up shop in an abandoned and dingy warehouse. At the same time, Shredder and Krang arrived to regroup after the loss of the Technodrome. Finding each other to be down on their luck, the crime lord and warrior forged an alliance hoping to turn their fortunes around.

Skeletor, now knowing the capabilities of his allies, planned an attack with the help of Flogg's second-in-command, Crita.

Jafar's spirit paid a visit to Mozenrath in the hopes of convincing him to rebel against Shan Yu. To his relief, he was successful as Mozenrath planned to become the new King of the World.

Captain Hook's old crew in the live-action universe, abandoned after the pirate's battle with the Kurgan, pledged their loyalty to Killian and allowed him to take both the hook and name of their old captain.

The Major, meanwhile, pondered Shan-Yu's decree of an end to war itself. He was quite disturbed by the prospect, as he claimed mankind's greatest achievements were made in wartime. Finally, he decided to strike against the king after speaking with his ally, the Baroness, revealed to be alive after the fall of Cobra in the last war.

Part Three

Seeking revenge on Cruella and Claw, Freddy snuck into their base, but he was quickly sent plummeting through the dimensional vortex. He found himself in Wonderland, where he met the Queen of Hearts, Cora who promised to give Freddy what he wants.

Horvath gathered the Morganians, Drake Stone and Sun Lok, and introduced them to Jadis.

Voldemort and the Wicked Witch of the West forged an alliance, with him granting her a horcrux in the form of her horcrux and sending her to the animated realm.

With his kingdom in debt, and seeking to hide this from his new allies, King George sent his son, James, to the Lonely Mountain, having heard rumors that it's vast treasure horde lied unguarded. However, James soon found the rumours were not true as Smaug awakened while he was stealing the treasure. As Smaug approached, James tried to flee with the treasure he had collected. But Smaug breathed a blast of fire, cutting him off from the exit. Smaug then breathed another fiery blast, incinerating James.

Having now fully taken control of the Ministry of Magic, Voldemort had Dolores Umbridge sneak his Death Eaters into Azkaban to free Lucius Malfoy, but they were confronted by Horvath and his new followers. Bellatrix fired a spell at Horvath that sent him crashing into the ceiling. As Horvath tried to reach for his staff, Sun Lok fired several claws at Fenrir Greyback but he just blocked with a magical shield and Bellatrix blasted him out of the building. Drake Stone then blasted a Death Eater back. Horvath then grabbed his staff and blasted a Death Eater several feet away. Bellatrix then used her magic to unlock the cell doors. The Death Eaters then escaped with Lucius Malfoy in tow.

Cora met the Red Queen on the field of battle, hoping to usurp her control of Wonderland using her new warrior. The Red Queen sent out the Jabberwocky to face Freddy. As Freddy commented on himself being eternal, he cut off the Jabberwocky's tongue as it stuck it out towards Freddy. The Jabberwocky then breathed a blast of fiery energy, injuring Freddy. It then sent sent Freddy flying with a slash. Freddy then lured the Jabberwocky to the top of a tower where Freddy decapitated it. Cora then claimed victory as she put the Red Queen and Stayne in chains.

Ursula introduced King Hiss and his Snakemen to the rest of her faction before leaving the Snakemen in charge of Snake Mountain while she returned to the Forbidden Mountains. Meanwhile, news of the resurfacing of the Snakemen quickly reached the Huntsclan, and the new Huntsmaster, Sa'Luk, salivated over the profit he foresaw from the skins of the Snakemen on the Magical Black Market. The Huntsclan ambushed the Snakemen in a cave, as the Snakemen charged the Huntsclan. Rose sent several Huntsclan warriors into battle but a Snakeman managed to knock Rose back. As the Snakemen closed in on the Huntscaln, Rose knocked one back with her staff. Sa'Luk then blasted several away. When Tongue Lasher threatened the Huntsclan recruits, Rose kicked him away. As Squeeze constricted Rose, Sa'Luk, hit him over the head, releasing his grip. King Hiss then started firing venomous blasts at Sa"luk but he blocked them. As the Huntsclan rallied and unleashed several Cerberus attack dogs, the Snakemen retreated.

The Wicked Witch, accompanied by her Truckle and army of Flying Monkeys, descended upon the Greek city of Athens in search of a base of operations. The city was currently in the control of the Gorgon Sisters, but with Hades laying low, their control was wavering. The Gorgon Sisters frightened the Flying Monkeys with their snake hair. But the Wicked Witch put them on the defensive with magical blasts. The Gorgons then knocked some of the Flying Monkeys out of the sky. The Wicked Witch fired more blasts but the Gorgon Sisters dodged them. The Wicked Witch then cast a spell that turned the Gorgon Sisters to stone. She then obliterated them with another blast.

Hoping to flush out his and Mok's problems, Aku advertised a massive reward to anyone that managed to kill one of Oberon's Anti-Acolytes. When Skulker brought this up in a crowded tavern full of Bounty Hunters, Yono decided to show these amateurs the path. As several Bounty Hunters charged him, Yono blasted them away. Aku eventually became fed up with the Bounty Hunters and stepped in himself. Yono transformed into a Stone Gorilla but before he could do anything, Aku blasted him apart with his eye beams.

Chiding Hiss for his failure against the Huntsclan, Ursula decided to demonstrate her own power by unleashing the last of Hades' Titans on Camelot, hoping to take out the recently returned Ruber. As the Cyclops started wreaking havoc in Camelot, Azula and Ruber stepped in to face him. Ruber flew in on his griffin but the Cyclops smacked him away. The Cyclops tried to step on Azula but she dodged and burned his leg with a blast of fire. Ruber then finished him off by punching his leg and sending him off a cliff.

Skeletor put the first phase of his plan into action by sending the Mutants to attack The Heed, who were currently in negotiations to join Zurg with his envoy, Gravitina. The Mutants arrived in their starfighters and made a strafing run on The Heed, after which they landed and prepared for a ground assault. The Heed then attacked in overwhelming numbers. As The Heed began their attack, Skeletor blasted several of them. Slush Head then fired at them with his blaster cannon, scattering The Heed ranks. Skeletor then used his magic to knock a significant amount of Heed down. Gravitina then entered the fray and engaged Crita. Gravitina knocked Crita to the ground with a telekinetic strike but Crita retaliated with a blast from her staff which knocked Gravitina to the ground. As the Mutants continued their attack, Skeletor decided to pull out the ace up his sleeve to deal with The Heed's overwhelming numbers. Skeletor deployed his asteroid ray. Seeing this, the Mutants returned to their ships and departed. At first, The Heed believed they had won until they felt the tremors and saw Skeletor's device drawing asteroids to the planet. After a taunt, Skeletor departed. The asteroids then devastated the planet, wiping out The Heed and Gravitina.

Ruber and his allies met to discuss their unstable alliance and rebuilding their power base. Rasputin pointed out that their armies were scattered, the throne had been lost and stated that they must find a way to rebuild. Azula then commented that their army was nonexistent. With Shan Yu occupying the Fire Nation and Amon hunting down benders, she had barely a hundred fighters left. Azula then mentioned that Ruber's henchmen leave a lot to be desired. Ruber then sarcastically asked if his invincible metal men did not reach Azula's high standards. Azula then tersely replied that they didn't. Ruber then warned Azula that she was grating on his last nerve. Maliss then broke it up, claiming that they should not argue among themselves. He pointed out that they had enough enemies as it is. His sister chief among them. Rasputin simply stated that he had turned Grimhilde into a feeble old croon once and that he could do it again. Maliss remarked that even if Rasputin was a god, he underestimated Grimhilde. Azula the added that she had summoned an old acquaintance in hopes of procuring them a navy. This ally was revealed to be Zhao as he stated that he didn't think much of Azula's company. But he speculated that she was more comfortable among these renegades than at her father's court. Azula then chastised Zhao for speaking to her in that manner as she was Fire Lord. With a sarcastic apology, Zhao revealed that he was signing his resignation. He commented that he would not serve the coward who would murder her own father. As Azula showed her fury and denied it, Zhao revealed that he knew all about her deal with Jafar. He commented how she was a kin slayer and a king slayer citing it as quite an accomplishment. Azula then ordered him to get out of her sight which Zhao gladly did. Ruber then stated sarcastically that Azula is quite a people person.

Syndrome met with Xehanort's brother, Master Eraqus, to prod him into taking action against Cyclonis. Eraqus mentioned that he has not been a lord since Xehanort cast him out. Syndrome then said that Xehanort was not a better king than Pitch was. Eraqus demanded to know what Syndrome wanted. Syndrome explained how the nation was falling apart after the assassination attempt on Pitch and Syndrome sought to be the nation's hero. Eraqus asked Syndrome what he knew of heroes. Syndrome stated that he knew Eraqus one of them and that together, they could cleanse the nation and return it to it's former glory. Syndrome further explained that Master Cyclonis controlled Pitch's airforce and if Eraqus defeated Cyclonis and took Cyclonia for himself, then Pitch would suffer a heavy military loss. Convinced of the plan, Eraqus agreed.

Maleficent travelled to Destiny Islands where she found one worthy of being her apprentice: Riku.

Hans, who had remained at Pitch's castle following the council meeting, began to court the heir to Pitch's throne, Charming, prompting the two to break out into a duet as they proclaimed their affections for each other.

On Syndrome's behalf, Eraqus arrived in Cyclonia to put an end to the upstart master. The light obsessed maniac sought to snuff out Cyclonis's darkness, however, the young prodigy was able to meet the old master blow for blow. Eraqus drew his Keyblade but Cyclonis blasted him back with a wave of energy. Cyclonis then grabbed her staff and as Eraqus started firing beams from his Keyblade, she parried each one with her staff. As Eraqus prepared another attack, Cyclonis blasted him with a powerful beam from her staff. Eraqus then dropped to the floor, dead.

With Oogie Boogie still indebted to her and running free, the Fairy Godmother sent her fearsome enforcer, Tai Lung, to put an end to the minor boogieman. However, when Tai Lung arrived at Oogie's hideout, he found Marluxia there instead. Marluxia swiped at Tai Lung with his scythe but he leaped out of the way. Tai Lung lunged at Marluxia but he slid out of the way. Tai Lung tried to punch Marluxia but he blocked with his scythe and knocked Tai Lung back. Tai Lung then charged Marluxia and knocked him back with a push. The two warriors found themselves evenly matched until Marluxia used his cards to bring up Tai Lung's most painful memories: those of his time as Xehanort's apprentice. Xehanort found Tai Lung abandoned when he was a cub and took him in. Xehanort proceeded to raise him as if he was his on. He also trained him to adulthood, teaching him everything he knew. But when the time came for Tai Lung to take the Mark of Mastery exam, Master Eraqus failed him because he could not keep the darkness within him in check. And as he waited for Xehanort to intervene, he did nothing. Feeling angry and betrayed, Tai Lung lashed out against Eraqus with two punches and away as Xehanort looked away in sorrow. As Marluxia mocked Tai Lung, he prepared to attack again. But before Tai Lung could make a move, Marluxia knocked him out with a swing of his scythe.

Maleficent, hoping to mold Riku into her apprentice, whispered to the darkness in his heart, causing a catastrophe which destroyed the Destiny Islands.

Stalker met with Ursula, who revealed that she intentionally sent the Titans to their doom in exchange for the Philosopher's Stone. The souls of the Titans were used to restore his benefactor's strength, though he did not reveal who this benefactor was. The Stalker also revealed that Maleficent was still alive and in the CGI realm. When Ursula asked Stalker why he told him this as he owed her nothing more, he simply departed.

Huntmaster Sa'Luk, now adopting his predecessor's mannerisms, chastised Rose for letting King Hiss escape, and questioned his new followers' loyalties. He then broke out into song where he explained how he was going to betray Shan Yu for his anti war policy. As he demanded to know if his followers were with him or not, Rose questioned what would happen if she refused. He told her that he would take her refusal as treason and that she should not betray the Huntsclan.

Frollo continued his campaign to bring order back to Paris by hunting down the city's many dissidents - though a cross dresser named Barry gave him more trouble than he bargained for. Frollo took out his dagger and Barry his meat cleaver and the two clashed blades. Barry got the upper hand and knocked Frollo down. As Barry moved in for the kill, Frollo drew his sword, knocking the meat cleaver out of Barry's hand and sending him recoiling in pain over his cut hand. Frollo then knocked him to the ground. As Frollo stood over Barry, Frollo's men burst in and arrested Barry. At that moment, King Bradley arrived to lend Frollo a hand. He then took Barry to the Palace of Justice.

Going behind Bishop's back, Alpha hired a new guard, the Mukhtar, to personally enter the cell of Evil Lyn, and assassinate her, fearing her potential wrath should she escape. Mukhtar prepared to carry out the sorceress' death sentence as she and another former minion of Skeletor's were attempting an escape. As the Mukhtar was about to strike Lyn down, Evil Lyn used her magic to switch places with him, leaving Mukhtar in the cell and Lyn on the outside. As Kent Mansley shouted orders over the phone, the laser defenses tried to stop Lyn but she managed to out run them and escape much to Kent's dismay.

Seeking to undermine his Presidential rival, Bishop, Kane ordered Red to infiltrate Bishop's headquarters and steal top secret information about his campaign, but Red found one of Bishop's surprising experiments, the Rat King, instead. Red tried to punch the Rat King but the Rat King caught his fist. The Rat King then flipped Red over his shoulders and slammed him to the ground. Red then uppercutted the Rat King but the Rat King shrugged it off and picked up a wooden board. He tried to hit Red with it but Red blocked the strikes. The Rat King then leaped back onto a wall and jumped at Red knocking him back. As the Rat King closed in, Red fired several energy beams at him, knocking him out. Red then departed with the intel.

Hoping to tie up some loose ends after uniting with the Foot Clan, Valmont hired Fang to assassinate his former associate, Tohru. Fang found Tohru's new residence, where he was hoping to make a living outside of crime, and attacked him. Tohru punched Fang back but Fang recovered a shot down a crate from the ceiling with his blaster rifle. The crate landed on Tohru covering him in the fish within to Tohru's dismay. Tohru seemed outgunned, but fortune favored him as the Steel Clan arrived. Xanatos then personally blasted Fang away as he revealed himself to Tohru.

Mok, not happy that Gaston's soul still remained escaped from the River Styx, decided to send Envy to recollect it. Envy knew the best way to get close to Gaston, by taking Belle's form. Gaston pointed out that Belle seemed in a pleasant mood. She said that she was always pleasant around him. Gaston then asked her to tell him about the last book she read. She replied that she couldn't remember since it was so long ago. The brutish hunter then proved how inquisitive he really was as he pointed out that Belle reads every day and would never take such a shine to Gaston. He demanded to know who this impostor was. Realizing he overplayed his part, Envy revealed himself and decided to assassinate Gaston the old fashioned way. As Envy moved in, Gaston punched him, sending Envy flying back. Gaston then moved in after Envy. As Envy got back up, Gaston took out his shotgun and shot Envy multiple times. Angered, Envy knocked Gaston back with a blow. Gaston quickly recovered and shot Envy with his bow and arrow. With Envy writhing in pain, Gaston hit him across the head with a club, sending him reeling. Seeing he had lost the upper hand, Envy retreated.

Ursula brought Hades news of Maleficent's survival, re energizing him.

Feeling betrayed by the Huntsclan, Rose was approached by the enigmatic Hannibal Roy Bean.

Stalker and the remaining Acolytes began to rebuild their number by recruiting the escaped Evil Lyn.

Dr Facilier visited Lady Tremaine and offered to arrange a royal marriage for one of her daughters.

Dr Drakken joined Amon's Equalists and started to build him mechs to combat against benders.

The Wicked Witch of the West went to visit Ursula at Snake Mountain and formed an alliance with her.

Xanatos recruited Lady Eboshi and Gemini, and introduced Tohru as Karai's new right hand.

Red returned with Bishop's files, and revealed that Bishop had information regarding a forthcoming alien invasion.

DiZ locked away Tai Lung following the snow leopard's fight with Marluxia.

Hopper, who was currently occupying Duloc, received a visit from a burlesque performer by the name of Madame Frou Frou who had come to entertain the rebellion.

CLU, looking to start making his move, brought in a virus known as Abraxas.

Riku woke up following the destruction of Destiny Islands, realizing what he had done as Maleficent watched from above.

Dr. Frankenstein had obtained the petrified remains of Evil Genius, and used them to rebuild him as President Snow's new bodyguard, Sark.

Part Four

Shan Yu met with Yzma and Mozenrath to discuss the return of Ruber and Azula - while Mozenrath wanted to crush them, Shan Yu decided to implement a diplomatic solution. He ordered Yzma to go to Ruber with a proposal to hand over Azula and her fealty. As Mozenrath argued that this was weak, Shan Yu stated that their armies were still weak from the war with the Fire Nation and that he was trying to avoid another war.

Ratcliffe, suspicious of Frollo's new ally, decided to pay Bradley a visit and investigate, but instead met his wife and son.

Cobra Commander discussed his financial situation with Tomax and Xamot. They informed him that he had no resources because Destro and Demona had robbed them of all their accounts. When he asked of the Baroness's offshore accounts, they told him that they had vanished with her. The Commander threatened that the two had better try harder or they would end up on Doctor Stockman's operating table.

With Flogg celebrating his recent victory, Skeletor resumed his quest for the crystal, which he located on Moon Nordor. Wanting what kind of power the crystal possessed, Skeletor used the Mutant Quake as a test subject. The crystal boosted Quake's strength to superhuman levels but at the cost of making him mad with power. Skeletor promised him more power if he worked with him and Quake agreed.

Xanatos came under attack at his own headquarters by a pair of Vampires; Luke and Jan Valentine. While Luke attacked Xanatos and his security team head on, Jan attempted to capture Fox and Alexander. As Xanatos's security team shot at Luke, he just dodged the bullets. Xanatos then went and grabbed a rifle of his own. One of Xanatos's guards then threw a grenade at Luke, distracting him long enough for Xanatos to shoot him in the head. As Xanatos's security team clashed with the Valentines' soldiers, Jan confronted Fox as she threatened him to stay away from her son. Jan kicked Fox to the ground before she could fire off a shot and his men moved in to kill her. Seeing death approaching and desperate to defend her family, Fox tapped into her latent Fae powers and slaughtered all of Jan's men with a single blast. Jan then ran from Fox and into another room. He was dismayed to find Xanatos and Owen waiting for him there as the two gunned him down. Xanatos then swore to find out who ordered the attack and to make them pay.

Ursula and Hiss used the Philosopher's stone to restore Snake Mountain to its former glory, but their celebration was cut short by the arrival of Khartoum, who wished to claim the stone for himself. King Hiss fired his shadow blasts at Khartoum but it didn't faze him as he fired his own magical blasts at Hiss. While the attack destroyed everything around Hiss, he was unfazed and swore to make Khartoum's death a slow and painful one. Hiss sent some of his shadows snakes to the ceiling where they dropped debris on Khartoum's head. Khartoum responded with another magical blast but Hiss shrugged it off. Hiss then teleported using his shadow snake ability to another angle and used his powers to turn Khartoum into a small shrimp like creature. Ursula then proceeded to eat Khartoum.

Firefly put Cobra Commander in touch with an associate of his, Tony Dracon, who offered to loan the Commander a few million dollars to get his enterprise back on track. The Commander and Firefly travelled to the docks to make the deal in disguise, but the deal turned sour when Dracon demanded to see the Commander's face as payment. As Dracon tried to remove the Commander's mask, he was electrically shocked. The Commander then punched Dracon back. Dracon then ran away in fear as the Commander took the money for himself.

As they concluded negotiations, Lady Tremaine gave Facilier a tour of her new city, but the two were disturbed by Lust, who Tremaine ordered arrested. After plowing through Tremaine's guards, a curious Facilier and Lawrence tracked her to the city's library, where she and Gluttony were searching for something. Gluttony charged into Lawrence, knocking him into a wall. As Lust ran at Facilier, he unleashed a powerful voodoo blast which levelled the library though the Homunculi managed to make it out unscathed.

Skeletor tried to pressure Flogg into using the crystal to super power the Mutants, but Flogg, worried about his troops' safety, refused.

Ratcliffe was cornered by Bradley's son, who had a shocking revelation. The child revealed that he was actually Pride, the first Homunculus. He congratulated Ratcliffe on his judgement but told him that from now on, he would always be watching him from the shadows.

Mozenrath made his move to overthrow Shan Yu, having grown tired of his peaceful policies. Mozenrath then opened a portal to another realm which sucked Shan Yu in. Mozenrath then prepared to become the new King of the World but at that moment the Archmage and Jafar revealed themselves. Mozenrath realized in shock that Destane had returned and that now he was wearing the Eye of Odin. The Archmage pointed out that with the Eye, his power dwarfed Mozenrath's and that he would reduce Mozenrath to a pile of ash if he didn't do what he said. Jafar interrupted the exchange as he pointed out to Destane that he had held up his end of the bargain. The Archmage acknowledged this and restored Jafar to physical form. Jafar then left to reclaim his kingdom as Mozenrath realized that he should not have trusted Jafar. Mozenrath guessed that the Archmage wanted to be King of the World now but the Archamge revealed that he needed a figurehead to face all the blowback for the Archmage's plans. That was what he needed Mozenrath for, he would serve as the Archmage's figurehead and would take the fall for the Archmage should things go sour.

Shan Yu found himself in Limbo and encountered the Horned King there.

Skeletor decided to absorb the power of the crystal for himself. He took on a new form and obtained a power boost as he absorbed the crystal's power.

In the fiery pits of hell, the Lord of Darkness made his power play, and usurped the throne of hell from a weakened Pinhead.

In the land of Westeros, The Night King led his army of White Walkers against the Seven Kingdoms. Seeing this, Tywin Lannister met with Roose Bolton and his son Ramsay, as well as Lord Petyr Baelish at Harrenhal to discuss the oncoming army. Needless to say, tempers flared at the meeting.

In Wonderland, Jefferson the Mad Hatter was discovered and brought before Cora and Freddy Krueger. Cora demanded to know how Jefferson arrived in Wonderland, but he refused to tell, hoping Cora would reunite him with his daughter. Cora responded by having the Hatter's head cut off. Still alive, the Hatter was forced to reveal his secret of his hat's powers, allowing Cora to escape Wonderland and arrive in Westeros.

Knowing of Russell Edgington's growing power, Henry Burke decides to send his top two agents, Greg and Tamara, to infiltrate Edgington's mansion and kill him. At the mansion, they encounter Russell and his guards. Tamara strikes a guard with a high powered taser, knocking him out. Russell responds by quickly attacking Greg, throwing him up into the ceiling, and then viciously massacres him. Seeing this, Tamara flees. Talbot, Russell's consort, arrives on the scene to see the damage done to their home. Russell shrugs him off, angering Talbot. Russell then follows Tamara on horseback, shooting her with his pistol. He then instructs his werewolves to tear Tamara apart.

In the Capitol, Dr. Frankenstein shows off the newly rebuilt Sark to President Snow, who is quite impressed. Dr. Frankenstein soon returns to his laboratory, only to find Sylar invading to steal technology. Sark steps in to deal with the intruder, attacking him with power blasts, but Sylar manipulates them away from himself as Sark dodges his own attacks. Seeing that his foe is unfazed, Sylar prepares to attack, as does Sark. Sylar manages to injure Sark's head, sending him down. As Sylar moves in for the kill, Dr. Frankenstein injects a sleeping drug into him, knocking him unconscious, and giving the doctor a brand new test subject.

Rumplestiltskin is visited by the Female Cenobite. She tells him that it is time for him to return the favor that he owed to Pinhead. The Dark One responded that Pinhead never specified what the favor would be, and that he had no time for such things. The cenobite insisted, demanding that he build Pinhead a new Lament Configuration. Though Rumplestiltskin tried to protest, the cenobite told him that should he build it, the cenobites would help him find his long lost son.

Jafar, now flesh and bone once again, arrived in Agrabah to regain his throne, with Tri-Klops now imprisoned. However, he found that a new usurper had taken control- Jose Porla, the master of the Phantom Lord Guild. Jafar decided to eliminate his competition, summoning several mystical beasts, included a red bull, a griffin and a minotaur, to defeat Jose. However, Jose's magic repelled them with ease. Jafar then summoned a giant scorpion into battle, but Jose once again defeated it, setting it on fire. Jafar, now annoyed, unleashed blasts from his staff, but the ever nimble Jose dodged the attacks with amazing speed. Jose then summoned evil spirits that obliterated Jafar's mystical beasts. Seeing that he was currently unable to defeat his new rival, Jafar fled.

Having activated the crystal's power, Skeletor inadvertently alerted Hecate to it's location-seeking to impress Chernabog, she decided to take it back, personally. Hecate fired a blast at Skeletor but he jumped over it and fired a blast of his own at one of Hecate's griffins, killing it. Hecate fired another blast but Skeletor knocked it away with his staff. Hecate fired another which Skeletor deflected but was still knocked down. Skeletor then lost the power he had gained from the crystal and reverted to his previous state. In a rage, Skeletor blasted Hectae, killing her but also blasted the crystal. This caused the crystal to explode, engulfing Skeletor and destroying the entire cavern.

Resentful that Proteus was chosen for a 'special task' over her, Banshee decided to prove to Oberon her strength by killing the last living Acolyte Daolon Wong. The scheming fairy sneaked into Wong's headquarters. She breathed a blast of magic into Wong's face, stunning him. Wong shrugged it off and blasted a beam of his own which the Banshee parried. As the fight continued, Wong sang a song about how he was completely in control of the situation. Wong conjured up a winter storm at the Banshee, freezing her. He then put a muffle over her mouth to taunt her. As she melted out of the ice, she removed the muffle. She then turned into the monster, Cromm-Cruach, as Wong blasted her with beams from his eyes. He then blasted her with his staff again. As she charged at him, Wong blasted her in the face with his staff. She then reverted from her monster form and died.

Stalker chastised Mok for his recent failures, and tensions grew between the two master planners. Mok was angered that Stalker didn't inform him of the ploy he was playing with the Titans. Stalker then informed Mok that he was misinterpreting the nature of their relationship. As he said, Mok served the master, Chernabog, and Stalker was his voice. He warned Mok not to set himself on equal footing with them as he was a servant, nothing more. Mok then made a remark at Stalker's haling heritage then he proceeded to remind Stalker that is was him who freed the Homunculi and it was him who took the Underworld for them. He then told him that it would ultimately be him who would free Chernabog while Stalker and his Acolytes waste time looking for the crystal. Mok then taunted Stalker saying that he disappoints everyone, whether it's being born or disappointing his master. Stalker then retorted that the Homunculi had achieved nothing, that they could have taken the Underworld without Mok's help and Stalker remarked that Mok had yet to divulge his plan to free their master and he stated that he was beginning to doubt he even had one. Mok told Stalker to have faith and that he only asked for a little patience. Stalker then warned Mok that though his patience was formidable, it was not infinite. He suggested Mok redouble his efforts because Chernabog had little tolerance for failure. Mok the assured Stalker that his loyalty was to Chernabog always. Satisfied, Stalker departed. Screweyes reminded Mok that if Stalker found out what he was planning, they were screwed. Mok stated that he was well aware. He then revealed that he had a plan to get rid of Stalker's influence and force Chernabog to rely solely on him. Screweyes then revealed that he had found the location of a map Mok needed. He revealed that the Fates had been holding on to it and theorized that they should be easy enough to take care of. When he asked Mok, if he wanted to send the boys, Mok stated that he would feel more comfortable if they handled it personally.

Hades, in his quest to find Maleficent, went to Stalker who sent him to the CGI realm.

Lord Shen and Pitch Black discussed an alternative solution to the conflict with King Candy and Hopper. Making Ganondorf Lord of Duloc had not dissuaded Hopper or Candy from their rebellion. Shen explained how Frieda was preparing a ball to appeal to the lesser lords serving under Candy and Hopper but Shen explained that they should still prepare for war. Pitch then suggested that they take a page out of the traitor's book and send an assassin. Shen then decided to send his contact in the Raptors. Pitch's queen, Persephone walked through and didn't say a word to either of the two. As Shen noticed that she was becoming more distant, he asked Pitch if everything was alright. Pitch responded that his marital troubles were inconsequential and that Persephone would come around. He then ordered Shen to see to the assassin at once.

CLU's top agent Abraxas had been spotted in the Cyclonian outskirts, so Cyclonis sent her own top agent, the Dark Ace, to investigate. As Abraxas killed a bystander, Dark Ace readied his energy blade. Dark Ace slashed at Abraxas which completely annihilated a column Abraxas was standing near. Abraxas was unfazed by the attack and fired one of his own. This knocked Dark Ace off a cliff but he quickly deployed his hang gliding wings and retreated as Abraxas moved in to continue his mission.

With Hans still in the capital, Maleficent hoped to deal him a blow by sending Riku to assassinate his court Apostate Mage, Gereon Alexius. However, when Riku arrived in the Aestas, he found that Alexius's loyalties lied, not with Hans, but with a mysterious figure known as "the Elder One." Riku drew his blade and as Alexius charged a magical blast, Riku charged at him and slashed him with his blade, stunning Alexius and sending Riku flying back when the blast detonated. Alexius then fired another blast at Riku but he blocked it. Seeing how powerful Alexius was, Riku called on the darkness to empower him. Riku then charged Alexius and cut him down with his blade.

Shen ordered his Raptor assassin, Repton, to sneak into Duloc and assassinate Hopper. However, Repton's competence was considerably less than that of the insectoid warlord as Hopper quickly beat Repton to the ground. As Repton got back up, Hopper threw a giant grain at him, sending him flying back down. Before Repton could do anything else, Hopper ripped the grain dispenser out of the wall, sending an avalanche of giant grains at Repton, knocking him off a cliff and sending him falling to his death.

Frieda attempted to help stop the war by appealing to the lesser lords under King Candy and Hopper at a ball. However, her efforts were thwarted by her cousin, the Duchess Florianne, who killed her in the name of a figure called "Corypheus" with a stab to the back. Hades, meanwhile, was looking for Maleficent and just so happened to stumble upon this event. Hades asked Florianne if she had seen Maleficent after complimenting her on crashing the party. Florianne claimed that Maleficent's claim to power would not be tolerated as Corypheus would reign supreme. She stated that she would fall as would Hades. Hades responded by saying that was uncalled for and that if Corypheus (as Hades called him) laid a finger on Maleficent, he would do to him what he was about to do to Florianne. As Florianne was about to attack Hades with her bow and arrow, Hades quickly incinerated her with a blast of fire before she could do anything.

Pitch met with his council and forged a new plan of attack against Hopper and King Candy. Shen informed Pitch the terrible news that the assassin had failed and that all out war was inevitable. Pitch calmed himself by mentioning that they knew sending the assassin was a long shot and ordered Shen to contact Frieda as she shared a birder with Duloc. The Fairy Godmother then entered with more terrible news. As Pitch asked what it was, she informed him that Frieda was assassinated at her ball. As he got more angry, Pitch ordered an aerial strike and ordered that Cyclonis by contacted. At that moment, Hans entered with even more terrible news. With his barely controlled anger, Pitch demanded what it was now. Hans revealed that Cyclonia was blockaded by an aerial force and thus could not make a military strike. Pitch tried to keep himself calm but when Charming pointed out that he didn't look calm, Pitch burst out in anger, calling Charming an imbecile. He showed his frustration at being blocked at every turn and that he had no idea Candy or Hopper were this competent. Hans then made a suggestion that since they would be expecting them to attack Duloc, they should instead launch an attack on Sugar Rush itself which would force them to vacate Duloc to defend their home kingdom. Pitch approved of the idea and as he was about to order Shen to lead the attack, Hans made another suggestion that he and Charming lay siege to Sugar Rush. As Charming showed his confusion, Hans stated that it would be good for the heir apparent to strike down the traitors and that he should prove himself to the peasants. As Charming asked Hans what he was doing, Hans assured him this would be good for both of them. As the Fairy Godmother showed her disapproval and forbade the act, Pitch overruled her, stating that their deal was to make Charming the heir to his throne. He pointed out that this was what being the crown prince meant. Pitch then ordered that the armies of Far Far Away and the Aetius be taken for the attack at dawn. He then ordered Shen to take Ganondorf and take Duloc once it was vacated. He then ordered the Godmother to find Syndrome and have him send aid to Cyclonia. All of the council members complied.

CLU's armies formed an aerial blockade around Cyclonia. Dark Ace revealed to Cyclonis that the blockade prevented their forces from getting through. Cyclonis pointed out that this prevented them from lending their air force to Pitch's attack on Sugar Rush. Cyclonis looked at all of the recent events and stated that it couldn't be a coincidence. Someone was playing a dangerous game. She stated that she almost wished she had thought of it herself. Dark Ace asked who would be capable of doing such a thing. He suggested Malthazar or Maleficent. She dismissed them both as terrorists with limited resources. She deduced that something this intricate had to be tied to someone in Pitch's inner circle. By process of elimination, she deduced it was either Hans or Syndrome or both. Dark Ace asked her how she could be sure. Cyclonis just stated that you don't become a fourteen year old girl on a council made nearly entirely of older men by just looking pretty.

Madam Frou Frou seduced Hopper into revealing what he knew about the assassination attempt on Pitch. She complimented him on being big and strong to fight off the lizard man. Hopper bragged that he barely broke a sweat doing it. She continued to compliment him on sending the assassin after Pitch. Hopper revealed that the assassin wasn't sent by him. He went on to reveal that his flies on the wall told him that Syndrome was behind that. Madam Frou Frou then stated that that was interesting.

Cora approached Tywin Lannister and the two discussed their world views as Tywin stated his belief that family was what lived on not personal glory. At the same time, Cora stated her belief that love was an illusion that fades over time while power endures and ensures you don't have to rely on anyone else.

Maleficent told Riku the location of his friend Sora while Riku began to question Maleficent's true motivations for helping him.

Hades took his search for Maleficent to Sugar Rush, where he was promptly thrown into the Fungeon for good measure by Sour Bill.

Abraham Kane expressed concerns that his presidential campaign was taking too long - unknown that he and the Illuminati were being watched.

Bishop spied on Kane's meeting and discovered his involvement with the Illuminati.

Wuya approached Aku, who granted her a new body in exchange for her servitude.

With his money troubles solved, Cobra Commander integrated Extensive Enterprises into Cobra and prepared to rebuild Cobra.

Ursula recruited the Big Bad Wolf.

Skeletor was revealed to be alive, having absorbed the power of the crystal completely.

From the ashes of the Tevinter Imperium rose the threat of the Elder One...Corypheus, now ready to take action with the deaths of his minions Alexius and Florianne.

The Major gathered his forces and allowed them to move ahead with an experiment.

Part Five

Rumplestiltskin visited Cutler Beckett and his allies, who were meeting with King Miraz. Rumple explained how their goals of taking down Sauron coincided. He told them that if they drew Sauron's southern force out, he would keep his main force at Mordor occupied. Miraz and Beckett's forces all agreed to the plan.

Tywin Lannister solidified his alliance with Cora and left Roose Bolton as Hand of the King, while he left on a mission with his new ally.

Regina and Miraz drew out the Witch King and Gothmog's army, leading to an enormous confrontation on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest. Miraz's forces used catapults against the Orcs, launching stones at them as the two armies closed in. The Orcs responded by firing arrows at the Telmarines. General Kael then rushed into the fray. As the Witch King personally entered the fray, King Miraz went after him and decapitated his mounted beast. The two then engaged each other but after a brief battle, the Witch King killed Miraz with a strike from his mace. As the Telmarines fell back from him, Regina stepped up to confront the Witch King. As the Witch King taunted her, stating that no man could kill him, she responded by telekinetically driving a sword through his head, killing him as she was not a man. At this moment, Tywin Lannister and Cora arrived with their army, Cora having brought them through a portal. Tywin's army charged Gothmog but he desperately tried to stop them with fired arrows. But Gothmog saw that this barely put a dent in Tywin's army. Tywin's forces then broke right through the Orc ranks, slaughtering Gothmog and his forces. With Orc bodies at his feet, Tywin proclaimed their victory. But Regina realized to her horror that her mother had returned.

Deciding to finish the job he started years ago, Rumplestiltskin travelled to Mordor, where Sauron lied undefended with much of his army occupied elsewhere. As Sauron slowly approached Rumple, Rumple grabbed Sauron in a telekinetic grip. As he taunted Sauron for his fatal mistake, he then crushed Sauron's spirit, destroying him for good.

Ramses met with Lord Maliss. Ramses brought up how they were once allies and made a request to him. He told Maliss how his sister had murdered his son. When Maliss mentioned that she had done far worse, Ramses said that he wanted her to die screaming. Loving the idea, Maliss told Ramses that he knew exactly where she was. Ramses became furious that Maliss did nothing despite knowing where she was and questioned why he feared her so much. Maliss suggested that Ramses should fear her as well. Ramses accused Maliss of being a coward and decided to face the Queen alone. As Maliss told him it was on his own head, Ramses called Maliss a man without honor. Maliss responded that it was better to be a man without a honor rather than a man without life.

The space powers held a conference after recent conflicts, where Skeletor made an unexpected offer for peace. Skeletor and Flogg then appointed their own peace ambassador: Slush Head. As Dragaunus found this whole event to be strange, Slushhead proved his stupidity by forgetting his lines, leaving Skeletor banging his head into the desk at the Mutant's incompetence. Zurg then requested complete surrender to his authority and explained how everyone would become mindless drones in his empire and have long workdays in cramped cubicles. NOS 4A2 made a comment to Zurg who shut NOS up by reminding him who gave him life.

Yzma and Mozenrath discussed the untimely demise of Shan Yu. As Mozenrath revealed that he had passed on after Yzma questioned why no one had seen him for days, Mozenrath said it must have been the stress of his position. Yzma then commented that this seemed familiar since Destane passed on in the same fashion. Mozenrath suggested that they not ruin the moment with such slanderous talk. He then revealed that he had arranged to succeed Shan Yu as emperor, citing that he would have wanted it this way. Mozenrath then stated that this was an opportunity for both of them. He was to expand Shan Yu's borders and conquer what remained of the world. He said that once that was done, he would oversee a larger planetary government, letting control of the Imperium fall to Yzma, a proposition she found intriguing. Mozenrath stated that she would be his right hand. She just warned him not to trade her for power like he did his last one.

NOS 4A2 made Skeletor and Flogg an offer. He made his offer from being impressed at their display at the conference. Even though Flogg thought this was too dangerous, Skeletor disregarded Flogg's concerns and asked NOS what he was planning. He revealed that the war with Megatron depleted Zurg's resources. Planet Z would fall easily if they were able to get past the planetary shield. NOS revealed that it was almost impenetrable as he designed it. As Skeletor grew fond of NOS, he revealed that he would provide them with the necessary codes to deactivate the shield. He stated that taking the planet should be child's play once that was done.

Dr Facilier disguised Lawrence as Prince Naveen, while Tremaine disguised Anastasia as Cinderella, all in preparation for their upcoming wedding.

Kent Mansley received a surprise phone call from Lord Maliss. After Mansley made a snarky remark about how Maliss finally found out how to use a phone, Maliss informed him about Ramses and his attack on the Queen. Mansley told Maliss he would meet him there.

Monkey Fist warned Kane about Bishop informing him that one of his cameras was hacked and Bishop now had footage of him meeting with the Illuminati. As Kane decided to handle this himself, Monkey Fist revealed that the Illuminati had sent him to assist Kane in getting the footage back.

Bishop explained his motives and introduced his newest genetic creation; Mewtwo. He revealed that he was the head of the E.P.F: the Earth Protection Force which was dedicated to finding ways to protect Earth from future alien invasions. Mewtwo was the latest experiment in creating a weapon to combat alien threats.

Tremaine and Facilier put their pieces into play and prepared for the union of Anastasia and Lawrence (who were oblivious to one another's real identities), but Ramses, hungry for revenge, crashed the ceremony with his forces. As Tremaine's guards tried to attack Ramses, Hotep and Huy turned them into small harmless animals. Kralahome then dropped a drapery on top of the Queen of Hearts, angering her. Ramses confronted the Evil Queen, calling her out for murdering his son. She simply replied that she didn't even remember him. Lady Tremaine hit Ramses with a magical blast, knocking him down. Maliss then arrived to aid Ramses and Grimhilde stepped up to face him. But before Maliss could do anything, Grimhilde hit him with a strike of lightning. As he entered his dragon from, she continued to fire magical blasts of lightning, turning him to stone. As Tremaine prepared to finish Ramses off, US army forces busted into the palace. As Mansley shouted orders, Ramses and his forces reluctantly left with Mansley as they escaped by helicopter.

Kane, Monkey Fist and Red tracked Bishop to his secret base and prepared to recover the incriminating evidence. But Bishop and his allies then revealed themselves. As Red prepared to fight, Alpha blasted him against a wall with his blaster rifle, knocking him out. Mewtwo then confronted Monkey Fist. As Monkey Fist sent his monkey ninjas after him, Mewtwo fired energy balls at them, scattering them and sending them running. As Monkey Fist stepped up to face Mewtwo, he started firing energy balls at Monkey Fist, forcing him to dodge around them. With Monkey Fist on the defensive, Mewtwo used his powers to turn him to stone. Bishop and Kane faced off in a brawl. Kane charged right at Bishop as the two traded blows until Kane grabbed Bishop by the arm and threw him across the room. Kane then leaped forward and tried to stomp on Bishop but Bishop rolled out of the way. Seeing that the odds had turned against him, Bishop grabbed the evidence and retreated through a detachable motorized train car, leaving Kane to yell in frustration.

With NOS 4A2's help, Skeletor and Flogg began a massive invasion of Planet Z. While Skeletor and Flogg used the access codes to lower the deflector shield, NOS confronted Zurg and sent his vampirised Hornets after him. While Zurg avoided the Hornets, he tried to plead with NOS that he had made him and they were like family. But NOS was hell bent on claiming the empire for himself. Zurg then retreated from the command center. As Flogg's fleet closed in on Planet Z, Skeletor approached in his Skullcopter and sent Slush Head to scout out the forces. As Slush Head reported no signs of resistance, Skeletor reported that he would arrive with Flogg's armada once the shield was completely down. As the Hornets clashed with Flogg's fighters, Warp Darkmatter entered the fray. As Crita blasted Hornets apart, Warp fought back against them. But despite his best efforts, Flogg and his forces landed as Skeletor joined up with them. As the Hornets pressed fire against Flogg, Skeletor blasted them apart. As Flogg and his forces made their way to Zurg, cutting through his forces, Zurg brought in reinforcements who squared off against Flogg's forces. As the Hornets kept pouring in, Skeletor blasted the door controls, cutting the supply of Hornets off. As Skeletor confronted Zurg, Zurg drew a lightstaff and the two began a duel. Eventually, Skeletor overpowered Zurg and as he prepared to finish him off, Warp Darkmatter in an escape orb as the two retreated. With the battle won, Flogg ordered a planetwide search for Zurg.

Shan Yu's funeral took place in China, quickly followed by Mozenrath's coronation ceremony while Jafar looked on in annoyance.

Cobra Commander reopened an old Cobra base on a remote island and unified his loyalists.

Frollo briefed his followers and prepared to reclaim England from Amon and his Equalists. As Frollo stated England would be needed for the war, Hook pointed out that Shan Yu had declared that all war was to be snuffed out. Frollo stated that this was not a war between men but against Hell. He told them how he had seen the horrors of Hell and would not let it fall to the fires. Gaston stated that he had been down under and only saw a lot of people standing in line. Frollo told Gaston that his torment was nothing compared to his and to not presume to know about Hell. Ratcliffe questioned how they were to fight demons and suggested that it would be best to focus on their mortal affairs. Frollo stated that with Fuhrer King Bradley backing their forces, they would be a significant power once again. Bradley added that his men were only too happy to help. To aid in their strike, Frollo had recruited two new lieutenants, Helga Sinclair and Admiral Zhao. Ratcliffe was angered by Zhao's recruitment as he cost him his throne. Frollo stated that it was Ratcliffe's stupidity that cost him his throne while Zhao taunted Ratcliffe about not falling overboard Zhao's flagship.

Under attack from all sides, Oberon planned a final assault on Hell itself.

Meanwhile, Mok and Professor Screweyes have tracked down the Fates and ask them to give their magic eye, in order to claim the map, that Screweyes mentioned. The Fates, however, have other plans, and instead summon a monster of their own, Doubt, to deal with them. Despite Doubt's efforts, the beast is defeated by Screweyes magic, who hurls him into a wall. Once defeated, the Fates handle over their eye to Mok, in which the eye reveals the location of the map. Once they have found it, Mok goes to the next stage of his plan.

Hannibal Roy Bean volunteered to deal with Sa'Luk for Rose, promising to deal him a most humiliating defeat that would bring an end to his time as Huntmaster. Hannibal rammed into Sa'Luk, knocking him through a wall. Sa'Luk got his helmet knocked off but he ripped the mechanics for an elevator out and threw them at Hannibal. But Hannibal just dodged it and Sa'Luk drew his claws and prepared to fight him. But Hannibal quickly beat Sa'Luk into submission then departed.

Ursula paid Frollo a visit her help in defeating Amon in exchange for a piece of England. Frollo reluctantly agreed but Zhao assured Frollo that he would terminate Ursula as soon as the battle was over.

Oberon brought his followers to the gates of Hell itself, and launched a full on assault against Chernabog and his followers. As Oberon cleared away Chernabog's minions with strikes of lightning, Forte unleashed blasts of musical energy, destroying the tower the Snow Queen was in and sending her falling to her death in the lava below. Titania then used her magic to halt Forte's assault and destroyed his keyboard, causing him to topple down to his death. As Evil Lyn faced the Weird Sisters, she fired a massive blast of energy, stunning them. The Sisters knocked pillars down on Lyn but she deftly dodged them and bound the Sisters with magical energy. Oberon then blasted a pillar at Lyn, knocking her out of the fight. Daolon Wong then faced off against Raven as Raven brought wooden creatures to life to aid him. He first blasted Wong back with a telekinetic blast but Wong quickly recovered and blasted the wooden creatures apart as they attacked him. Wong then blasted Raven with magical attacks and then conjured a giant cobra which devoured Raven. Oberon and Stalker confronted each other as Stalker called Oberon out on making his life miserable with his bigotry. Oberon replied that he should have drowned him at birth. Stalker fired a powerful magical blast, knocking Oberon down. Stalker started shooting at Oberon with pistols but he put a magical shield around himself, shoved Stalker pack with a telekinetic push and called one of the guns to him. As Oberon examined the gun, Stalker disintegrated it with his magic and shot Oberon with an iron bullet, injuring Oberon. As Oberon tried to attack again, Stalker blasted him against a wall. As Stalker bid his farewells, Chernabog absorbed Oberon's soul to feast on himself.

Frollo and his forces arrived in London, accompanied by Ursula, to launch a surprise attack on a rally being hosted by Amon and Dr. Drakken. Ursula fired a bolt of lightning at Amon which he swiftly dodged. As Amon tried to retreat, Frollo cut him off but Amon knocked him against a wall with his bloodbending. Ratcliffe quickly intervened and threw an explosive at Amon which knocked him back and into a wall. As Ratcliffe sent his men in to apprehend Amon, he used his bloodbending to throw them into a stack of hay. Ursula then threw a powerful spell at Amon, knocking him out a window and into the water below. As Bradley was wandering through an alley, he was confronted by Drakken in one of his mecha's. Bradley drew his swords and as Drakken fired at him, he deftly dodged each blast. Bradley then cut through the mecha as Drakken panicked. At that moment, the Major arrived in his zeppelin. The Major spoke to his followers, encouraging them to destroy everything in sight and to kill and devour everyone. He then unleashed a massive missile barrage that devastated London. Seeing the horror, Frollo and his forces retreated while the Major relished in all the destruction around him. As Zhao tried to catch up to the others, he was cut off by Ursula who conjured up giant hands which she used to kill Zhao harvest his soul before she left the battlefield.

Hans and Charming had a quick marriage ceremony before setting out to invade Sugar Rush.

Hopper recruited notorious gang leader Roman Torchwick to bolster his forces for the upcoming siege but Torchwick found himself infatuated with Madam Frou Frou when she came to speak with Hopper.

Riku followed up on Maleficent's instructions and tracked down Sora, trapped in sleep in the courtyard of Pitch's castle. Pitch infected Sora with nightmares, prompting a confrontation with the silver haired youth. Before Riku could do anything, Pitch engulfed him in pure darkness. But Riku then attacked the darkness from within, destroying it and sending Pitch flying off. Riku returned his attention to Sora but Sora vanished in a puff of darkness and from that darkness emerged a strange armored being. As this entity exited into a Corridor of Darkness, Pitch looked on in glee.

Charming and Hans lead the royal forces against King Candy and Hopper. The royalists clashed with the rebellion. Roman Torchwick arrived in a mech and blasted the ranks of Hans's soldiers apart. Charming sent tree soldiers raining from above to terrorize the rebels. Archibald Snatcher then entered the battle in his Gundam and revealed himself to be Madam Frou Frou much to Hopper's horror. He then unleashed Hell on the rebels, sending Hopper's grasshoppers running while Torchwick just noted that he found Snatcher hotter this way. As Hans's soldiers fought against Torchwick, Hans threw the aim of one of his crossbowmen to the ceiling, shooting a chandelier on top of Roman's mech, destroying it. The Other Mother arrived to aid Charming and Hans and found herself face to face with Candy's new monstrous Cybug transformation. Candy completely overpowered the Other Mother, ripping out her button eyes and knocking her down into her web. As one of Hans's crossbowmen fired at Roman, his right hand Neo jumped in and blocked it with her umbrella. Hans then slashed at the two with his sword, supposedly shattering them. Hans took the moment to reflect on how he had just hit new levels of shattering and how he missed his calling as a demolitions man. Meanwhile, Hades broke out of the Fungeon and caused Hopper's gang to retreat with his anger. He then unleashed a massive fiery blast intending to burn the whole kingdom down. The Cybugs were attracted to the light and rushed into the flames, incinerating themselves. as King Candy tried to rally the Cybugs, his own Cybug properties drew him to the flames, incinerating himself with the rest. Furious over the loss of his forces, Hopper confronted Charming. As Charming wielded his sword against the monstrous insect, Hopper melted the sword and knocked the prince to the ground. As Hopper was about to finish Charming off, he heard a familiar voice cry out to Monsieur Hopper and turned around just in time for Snatcher to crush him under his Gundam.

Hades flocked back to Maleficent's side and had a reunion with his love. Hades proclaimed his love for Maleficent while admitting that he lost everything and it all fell apart without her. Maleficent then laughed at Hades and remarked how pathetic he was. She continued to state that love was weakness and that she had no time for lovesick fools in her ranks and ordered him to get out of her sight. As Hades was leaving, he screamed at Maleficent in a fury and warned her that she was going to wish she never did this to him and then departed.

Pitch and Persephone lamented the loss of their daughter, Emily, and hated words were exchanged. Pitch commented that Charming might make for a worthy heir after having succeeded in his task. Persephone stated that it should have been Emily who became princess. When Pitch said that he missed her as well, Persephone accused him of moving on and not caring about her like she did. Pitch countered by saying that it had been eleven years since Emily died and that he toppled an empire to avenge her. He said that he still loved her but had found other reasons to live. Persephone said that she hadn't and it ate her up every day. Pitch proclaimed that he was done with her whining and demanded that she find a new reason to live or cease living. Persephone then said that he was vile and his crown had only made his soul blacker.

Sylar was imprisoned within Claw Tower and interrogated.

Nizam, Kael and the Telmarines agreed to join their strength to Tywin and Beckett's, creating a grand new alliance.

With Sauron destroyed, Voldemort travelled to Mordor and seized control of his weakened armies, beheading the Mouth of Sauron and gaining the loyalty of Azog.

Regina rejected her Mother's 'help'.

As Snatcher was en route back to report to Pitch about Syndrome's betrayal, he found himself abducted by Braig after a brief argument about how to address Snatcher.

King Hiss unveiled his master plan to Ursula; to free the Snake God, Serpos.

Skeletor and Flogg proclaimed victory and set themselves up on Planet Z.

The tape of Kane's meeting was released to the public, creating a controversy that damaged his election challenges.

Tensions continued to mount between Mok and Stalker as Mok demanded to speak to Chernabog but Stalker stated that he would speak with Mok when he deemed it necessary. Mok snarled back that he hadn't seen Chernabog in weeks. He threatened that whether he was ignoring him or avoiding him he did it at his own risk, devil or not. Stalker replied that for Mok's sake he would tell Chernabog no such thing.

A disguised Drakken made his escape from the burning ruins of London as Amon's mask floated to the surface of the water, all that was left of the Equalist.

Part Six

Shendu struck a deal with his Demon Siblings. They would empower him to escape from the Spirit Realm so that he could possess a human and open the gates keeping the Siblings imprisoned and release them onto the world.

Lady Tremaine enacted the next phase of her plan. Now that Anastasia and Lawrence's rule was secured, they were to begin sending the common folk to Moonscar Island, much to the couple's chagrin.

Demona unveiled her master plan to Destro and Thailog. She revealed a spell she had stolen from the Grimorium Arcanorum that had allowed her to survive for countless years. The spell would allow the three to steal a minute of life from whoever saw or heard the spell. Demona explained that this would grant the three of them centuries of life, even when divided between them. She planned to broadcast an incantation of the spell throughout the day, ending at sundown.

The ancient spirits of evil told Mumm-Ra the key to defeating Vaatu: a blade forged from the heart of a destroyed star. Particularly, a star found in the galaxy of the Denebrians.

Ruber and Azula discussed recent events. One of Azula's spies reported in that Lord Maliss was dead. Ruber did not even remember Maliss. The two then proceeded over which of the wizards on the former royal council was which.

Trapped in the burning ruins of London, Frollo sent Hook to seize a ship and prepare an escape route, but an agent of Millennium stood in the way: Rip Van Winkle who held the Eagle ship. Hook taunted her nature as a woman. Offended, but taking it calmly, Winkle loaded her musket and fired at a pirate of Hook's, killing him with a specialized heat seeking bullet. When the other pirates came to the aid, the special bullet killed all of them. She then broke her guard, attempting to sing her favorite song. This proved to be her undoing, as Hook creeped up from behind and strangled Winkle, while at the same time impaling her through her chest with his rapier while Hook and Mr. Smee looked on.

Krang sent Shredder to recover a powerful gem, which was also sought by Tomas Brod. The two crime lords came face to face in a downtown warehouse, with explosive results. One of Shredder's Foot Ninja's used threw an explosive fan at one of Tomas Brod's minions. She was knocked out by the explosion. Brod blasted apart several of the Foot soldiers with a laser cannon. After deciding to leave his unconscious minion behind, Brod blasted a brick wall with his cannon, causing it to collapse upon a contingent of Foot Ninjas. As Shredder retrieved the gem, Brod's men engaged in a gunfight with Shredder's Foot Ninjas, blasting several of them apart. While Bebop and Rocksteady held Brod and his goons off, Shredder fled into a storage closet and mixed several chemicals. As the firefight continued, kicking up smoke that caused several of Brod's men to run coughing, Bebop and Rocksteady's laser pistols ran out of juice. At that moment, Shredder burst out of the storage closet and pushed the vat of chemicals towards Brod. Frightened, Brod and his men retreated to their airship while Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady lowered themselves out of ma window. Bebop commented that Shredder had bluffed hi way out. As the building burst into flames from the chemicals behind them, Shredder said that he never bluffs. The three departed.

Demona's true intentions were revealed as she broadcasted herself casting the spell, turning people worldwide to stone. As Destro attempted to stop her plans, Thailog levelled his laser cannon at him. But Demona grabbed him, throwing off Thailog's aim and causing him to miss. The two wrestled briefly until Thailog threw Demona off. Thailog revealed the full scope of his own schemes as he revealed that he had prepared for the possibility of Demona's betrayal. He unveiled his creation: a clone created from the DNA of Demona and the human Elisa Maza, Delilah, who he intended to replace Demona with. Destro rushed the Gargoyles but Delilah fired at him with a laser cannon. Destro returned fire and destroyed a console, cutting off Demona's broadcast. As Thailog prepared to fire at Destro, Demona tackled Thailog through a wall. The fighting caused a fire to breakout, consuming Demona and Thailog as Destro escaped and the building burned to ashes

After conquering Planet-Z, Skeletor and Flogg hosted a celebration on the Mutants' homeworld of Denebria-but Mumm-Ra had their galaxy in his sights. Slithe's lizard soldiers infiltrated the planet's defenses and snuck into the city. As Skeletor and Flogg made a victory speech, Slithe's soldiers set explosives throughout the city. Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra had moved his pyramid into space and commanded his minions to launch the satellite. Slithe pleaded that his men were still on the planet and that they should give them time to evacuate. But Mumm-Ra retorted that emotion was a weakness that had no place in mastering chaos. Mumm-Ra launched the satellite and it travelled to Denebria. The celebration was interrupted by storms as the satellite entered Denebria's orbit. A cataclysmic explosion was set off by the explosives. Skeletor, Flogg and several of his Mutant just barely managed to escape as the galaxy was destroyed, leaving only the remains of the system's star. Mumm-Ra's satellite collected the dead stars energy and departed the destroyed system.

Shendu's mission began, with his siblings casting a spell that bound Shendu to them, allowing them to locate him and ensure he didn't betray them and trapped him in an old ally: Valmont, much to Shendu's dismay.

Stalker met with Hannibal Roy Bean, who gave a special task to the Huntsgirl: to retrieve a weapon capable of harming Aku as Stalker wished to banish him again and put Mok in his place.

A disgraced Sa'Luk was chewed out by Mozenrath, proclaiming that he was not worthy of filling the Huntsman's place.

Mumm-Ra and Mirage forged the sword of Plundarr.

Armed with an ancient weapon, Huntsgirl faced off against Aku. The shapeshifting master shrunk down to human size and fired his laser eye beams at the Huntsgirl. She deftly dodged and ran off. Aku hacked apart a gravestone with a sword as he searched for the Huntsgirl. Upon finding her, Aku turned into a dragon and fired his eye beams. The Huntsgirl deflected them by rapidly spinning her staff. Aku continued his barrage of eye beams until the Huntsgirl jumped up a wall, breaking off Aku's attack and slashed him with the weapon, grievously injuring him and sealing him away.

The time had finally come for Mumm-Ra and Mirage to confront the seemingly all-powerful Vaatu. Mirage then betrayed Mumm-Ra, revealing that she had planned to merge with Vaatu all along. As Mumm-Ra unsheathed the sword of Plundarr and transformed into his Everliving form, he prepared to use it on Vaatu but Mirage knocked Mumm-Ra down with a blast of magic. Mumm-Ra then merged with the sword, transforming into a new, more powerful form. As Mirage continued to blast Mumm-Ra, he fired his own magical blasts at Vaatu. As Mumm-Ra started to do damage, Vaatu swatted Mumm-Ra away, knocking him through a wall. Mumm-Ra was so weakened by the blow that he reverted to his decayed form. Mirage ordered Vaatu to finish Mumm-Ra off, angering Vaatu. Vaatu then fired a blast of magical energy, annihilating Mirage and Mumm-Ra.

Ursula and King Hiss unleashed the Snake God, Serpos, and marched on the Imperial Palace, hoping to overthrow Mozenrath. Jafar fired off a magical blast, knocking King Hiss off of Serpos. Serpos began to raze the city, knocking Mozenrath out of his palace and leaving him hanging for dear life. The Archmage then revealed himself and helped Mozenrath up as Yzma and Kronk expressed their shock that the Archmage was still alive. The Snakemen moved through the forests as Sa'Luk confronted them. However, one of the Snakemen turned him to stone with his gaze. As Yzma bemoaned his incompetence, Sa'Luk's stone body fell into the water and sank into the depths. The Archmage unleashed a barrage of magical beams, injuring and angering Serpos. Mozenrath fired a magical beam of his own, splitting Serpos's head in two. The Archmage followed up with a blast that obliterated the split heads. Mozenrath then completely destroyed Serpos with a magical beam. Jafar confronted King Hiss who launched a barrage of snakes at the sorcerer. Jafar retaliated with a magical beam which Hiss barely managed to block as it knocked him back. Jafar then used his snake staff to hypnotize King Hiss's additional snake heads, causing them to turn on their master and devour him. As the hypnotism wore off, the snake heads realized in horror what they had done before they died. After witnessing the death of their leader, the Snakemen retreated. Ursula mourned the loss of her pets and looked in rage at the Archmage as he laughed.

Bishop was sworn in as President as the US military declared martial law due to riots caused by the failing economy.

Stalker presented Mok with an ultimatum as Mok confronted the demon for giving the Huntsgirl the means to defeat Aku. Stalker countered that his decision to release Aku was not sanctioned by the master. Despite Mok's claims that all he did was for the master, Stalker firmly stated that he knew everything Mok did was for himself. Stalker once again told Mok that he was but a servant to the master. Mok angrily responded that he was no such thing. He said that he was not just an emissary like Stalker. As Mok continued to brag about himself, Stalker told him that he was a failed pop star with and old bag of tricks and delusions of grandeur. As Stalker continued to show his contempt for Mok, he told him that he had ten days to reveal to Stalker his plan to release Chernabog, after which he would snap Mok's neck.

Rumpletsiltskin made good on his promise to release Pinhead and construct a new Lament Configuration.

Henry Burke and Commander Thread closed in on Russell Edgington.

Seeking to attack President Snow himself, Russell arrived at a party in the Capitol, planning to massacre everyone. At the same time, Pinhead arrived to replenish his strength. The Cenobite proceeded to slaughter the party goers gruesomely. At the same time, Russell feasted on the singer. Pinhead laughed maniacally as he locked the doors, preventing anyone from escaping as he continued to massacre the party goers as Russell laughed in glee. At that moment, President Snow appeared on a video screen and revealed his trap to Russell as the Vampire King felt Talbot in pain as Snow's men killed him. Stricken with grief and fear, Russell fled back to his estate while Pinhead continued the slaughter.

Horvath returned to the Ministry with his allies, seeking to finally dethrone Dolores Umbridge and put a serious dent into Voldemort's plans. Yaxley burst into the room and blasted Horvath into a pillar. As the Death Eater advanced on him, Horvath disarmed Yaxley and threw three knives at him, killing Yaxley. As Umbridge started barking orders, the Sanderson Sisters conjured a fire dragon which chomped down on Umbridge and destroyed all of her hanging decrees. Horvath looked over his victory in pleasure.

A devastated Russell returned home to the remains of his lover.

Escaping Mumm-Ra's weapons, a heavily damaged Mothership had to take refuge on a desolate asteroid as Skeletor berated Flogg and his Mutants for their situation.

Having killed King Hiss, Jafar claimed leadership of the Snake Men army. While Abis Mal barked orders, Ursula slinked away.

At the Dark Hand headquarters, Shendu revealed to his goons that he now possessed Valmont.

Jadis allied with the Red Queen and Stayne, who had escaped from Wonderland in Cora's absence.

Having survived his battle with Demona, Thailog sought to unite the crime families under his leadership.

A captive Umbridge was imprisoned in Azkaban.

On Moonscar Island, Lady Tremaine's army grew.


After his failure to capture Bishop, the Illuminati scolded Abraham Kane, dismissing him from their membership which terrified him and begs for another chance. Suddenly, an explosion went off inside a building, catching them off guard and killing all present. Soon enough, it was revealed to be the work of the Major, who orders his men to set course on their destination. Already instructed, the Millennium sets the Deus Ex Machina into New York, with the Major announcing the annihilation of any opposition regardless the loss of innocent lives.

As Maleficent and Hades reunited, they returned to the hand-drawn universe to re-assert control of their forces. While most of them were surprised to see Maleficent in the flesh, others happily cast their lot in with the Mistress of All Evil. Securing the loyalties of Jafar, Facilier, and Ursula, Maleficent promised her circle of allies that they would strike back at Skeletor and Ruber, her true mortal enemies. Upon being questioned by her allies about her return, Maleficent explained her story, which it set in motion of her uprising, as well as her reunion with Hades. Satisfied with her story, Maleficent's allies celebrate for her return.

Flogg and his forces arrived at Earth following the destruction of Denebria. With their resources running low, Skeletor appointed Staghorn as a scout unit to search for allies, before they would make their next move. Though Staghorn initially refused out of fear, Skeletor threatened him into carrying out the mission.

In outer Space, NOS-4A2 gathered Zanrammon, Dregg, and his invasion force, announcing the invasion on Earth as his next conquest.

Sent by Stalker to recruit more allies, following the heavy casualties in the battle of Hell, Evil Lyn arrived in Agrabah and intercepted Jose Porla, tempting him to join the Acolytes. However, their meeting was interrupted by Jafar, accompanied by Kobra Kahn, who was sent by Maleficent to stop any opposition in the east, with the front motive to reclaim his old kingdom. While it seemed that Jose would gained the upper hand, Jafar revealed new powers bestowed by Maleficent and Hades, which made him equal in power. Though he managed to repel most of his attacks, Jose was eventually overwhelmed by the vizier's powers, which reduced him into a frail man unable to fight. With Jose incapacitated, Jafar approached Evil Lyn, persuading her to join his cause.

In Area 51, President Bishop, having recruited Dr. Drakken to his side, restored Monkey Fist and recruited him to the Earth Protection Force. Alerted by the arrival of NOS-4A2's fleet into Earth, Bishop rallied his forces to repel the intruders.

NOS-4A2's fleet arrived on Earth and begun their invasion. On Zanramon's orders, the Triceraton fleet descended and began laying waste to various cities. This did not go unnoticed by Bishop, who began mobilizing the US army to head off the invasion. Meanwhile, NOS-4A2 left Zanramon in command of the fleet, while he and Dregg would personally lead the invasion force. Back on Earth, the rest of the alien forces arrived, overwhelming the Earth's Protection Force's defenses. However, as Dregg gloated and asserted his superiority to the civilians, Duff Killigan stepped forward and challenged the warlord. Outraged by Killigan's insolence, Dregg sicked his soldiers on the mad golfer. Fortunately, Dr. Drakken and Monkey Fist arrived to back him up, and the three of them easily dispatched Dregg's soldiers. Dregg himself, however, was a more challenging foe, and knocked both Killigan and Drakken aside with laser blasts. As Dregg summoned the rest of the Triceraton soldiers, Drakken brought in his Destructo-Bots to even the odds. The robots outnumbered the Triceratons and quickly forced them to fall back. However, Dregg unleashed several small parasitic creatures, which swiftly eroded the robots to nothing. Angered, Monkey Fist stepped forward to face Dregg one-on-one, easily besting him in hand-to-hand combat. The fight was brought to an end, however, when Duff launched an explosive golf ball, severely damaging the structure of the building they were in. With the roof caving in, Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Killigan were forced to flee, while Dregg was unable to make it out in time and was crushed to death when the building collapsed. Meanwhile, the Triceraton air force continued to advance, only to find themselves challenged by the unexpected arrival of Starscream. The rogue Decepticon began shooting down the various ships, forcing the rest of them to focus their attention on him. Despite their efforts, Starscream evaded all of their attacks with ease, and gleefully downed the entire squadron. As a last resort, Zanramon's ship unleashed several concentrated laser blasts, damaging a large portion of the city. Fortunately, Starscream was able to severely damage the ship, halting their attack. This left the ship open to attack, an opening that Dr. Robotnik took advantage of, launching several nuclear warheads at the fleet. The warheads critically damaged Zanramon's ship, leaving the Triceraton commander unable to do anything but scream in rage as his ship fell into the ocean, taking him with it. As Bishop sent in reinforcements to secure their victory, he found himself confronted by none other than NOS-4A2 himself. Bishop attempted to shoot down the robotic vampire, only for NOS to dodge all of his attacks and retaliate with a blast, knocking Bishop down a chute. However, the president soon emerged, making one last stand against the alien overlord. Bishop attacked NOS with a flail-like weapon, only to accidentally hit some his own machinery. As Bishop struggled to free himself, NOS took the opportunity to electrocute him, wracking the president with pain. Despite this, Bishop managed to pull himself free and made one last attempt to kill NOS-4A2. However, at that moment, the damage the machinery had endured, combined with NOS's electrocution, caused it to explode. The blast sent Bishop flying into a massive steel hook. NOS laughed maniacally as Bishop was impaled on the hook, killing him.

With the map currently in his possession, Mok met with Screweyes to plan his next course of action. Using the map, he would track down one of the world's dangerous items: the Ring of Darkness. When Screweyes asked Mok of the capabilities of the Ring, Mok explained the true revelations. Before the age of mankind and the Gods' rule over the Heavens, the world was ruled by primordial beings known as the Great Old Ones. Chernabog was considered the last living survivor of his kind, following the destruction and defeat of their brethren. In order to stop them from controlling the world, the Gods created the Ring, the only powerful item to control the Old Ones. Using the ring, they banished the beings into different types of prisons. He also mentioned that the Ring had the powers to dominate the Old Ones' will to submission. Catching the hints of the mastermind, Screweyes was more eager than ever to see Chernabog enslaved at Mok's command. Mok then gleefully revealed that the Ring was located in the Underworld, and that he would soon be able to set his plan into motion.

In Camelot, Ruber and Rasputin were reunited with the revived Rothbart, who had managed to return to the animated universe through unknown means. With his old group of allies back together again, Ruber lead them in song about the various obstacles they have overcome to get where they are, and how they would soon have all they ever wanted.

In Hell, Chernabog was enraged to learn of the return of Maleficent and Hades to the animated realm. While Stalker assured him he had measures in place to deal with this new development, Chernabog was unconvinced, and decided to revive Scar, Magica De Spell and The Lich to serve as his new Acolytes. 

With Cobra's forces finally rebuilt, they were rejoined by Destro, who with the failure of his plans and the betrayal of Demona, had little choice but to return to his old master's side. As Storm Shadow trained the new troops, Cobra Commander revealed to Destro and Zartan that their old enemy, Xanatos, had invited him to a meeting. The Commander guessed that Xanatos likely blamed him for the massacre of the Illuminati, but decided to attend and humor him anyway. 

On Maleficent's instructions, Jafar and Ursula combined their powers to free Shan Yu and the Horned King from Limbo. With their combined magic, the two were able to create a path out of Limbo. Meanwhile, Shan Yu and the Horned King were surprised to see a bulb of light pierce the darkness of their prison, and decided to follow it, believing it might be a way out of Limbo. However, as they were about to escape, the two heard a woman cry out for help. When Shan Yu investigated further, he was shocked to discover what appeared to be the soul of his long-lost wife. Knowing the tricky nature of Limbo, the Horned King warned Shan Yu not to be fooled. His fears turned out to be correct, as Shan Yu's "wife" was nothing more than a vision created by none other than the Nightmare King (still alive after his battle with Chernabog), who mocked Shan Yu for being tricked by such a cheap illusion. The Nightmare King then revealed that while Chernabog ruled Hell, Limbo was the King's domain, and stated that there would be no escape for either of them. However, despite his efforts to prevent them from leaving, Shan Yu and the Horned King managed to escape through the light just in time, and ended up back in the mortal realm, where they were greeted by Ursula and Jafar. 

At the Eyrie Building, Cobra Commander and Xanatos met for their summit. During the meeting, Xanatos accused Cobra of being responsible for the death of the Illuminati. Cobra, however, asserted that he had nothing to do with it, and if he had, he would have used a more subtle method. However, their summit was interrupted by the arrival of Millennium forces. Led by Zorin Blitz, the Millennium soldiers blasted their way in. Despite being caught off guard, Xanatos immediately mobilized the Steel Clan to defend the building, with Cobra's soldiers also leaping into action to aid them. Together, they were able to gun down several of the Nazis, but it did little to halt Zorin's advance. At that moment, Zartan burst in and attempted to kill her, only to be thwarted by her bodyguards. Macbeth then arrived and began gunning down Zorin's soldiers, nearly shooting Zorin herself several times. Meanwhile, Cobra Commander and Destro found themselves confronted by the brainwashed Baroness, who threatened them with a gun. However, Cobra refused to believe that she was 'his' Baroness, asserting that the real Baroness would not allow her mind to be dominated by anyone. This caused the Baroness to have flashbacks to her memories of Cobra and Destro, briefly snapping her out of her brainwashed state and neutralizing her. However, while all this was happening, the Captain broke into the nursery of Xanatos's infant son, Alex, blasting Xanatos aside when he tried to stop him. The Captain then took Alex and escaped in a helicopter, leaving Xanatos and Fox to realize in horror what he had done. 

Doctor Facilier recruited a new ally, the demon sorceress Towa, in preparation for an upcoming attack on the Underworld.

In the Underworld, Loki and the Acolytes had been left in charge by Stalker to defend it from any attackers. Unfortunately, Stalker's fears turned out to be correct, as Hades arrived and challenged the rival god, announcing his intention to reclaim his old kingdom. As Doctor Facilier and the rest of Hades' forces arrived to back him up, the Acolytes mobilized to fight them off. Towa first summoned a giant demonic bear to aid them, while Hades sent in Echidna's children to attack. Scar quickly stepped in and began brawling with the bear, while Daolon Wong summoned the Dark Chi Warriors. Sadly, the Warriors were no match for the monsters, and were quickly devoured by Gegenius. In response, Loki unleashed a blast of energy that sent Gegenius flying against a wall, knocking the beast unconscious. Seeing this, Facilier summoned his shadow minions and sent them to attack. However, Magica De Spell quickly evaporated them with several blasts of magic. When the doctor's own shadow attempted to attack her, Magica merely absorbed it into herself, much to Facilier's anger. Meanwhile, the Cyclops moved in to attack the Lich, who responded by summoning forth the soul of a deceased villain to defend him. The soul, which turned out to be none other than the Skeleton King, quickly overpowered the Cyclops and knocked him to the ground. While all this was going on, the bear had managed to corner Scar on the edge of the River Styx. The bear moved in to finish him off, but Scar proved to be the more agile of the two, and managed to knock the bear off the cliff and into the Styx himself. Frustrated by this loss, Facilier proceeded to sic Ladon and the Chimera on the Acolytes. Working together, Loki and Daolon Wong were able to use their magic to overpower the two monsters and toss them around like ragdolls. Disappointed by her children's performance, Echidna herself decided to step into the fray, while Towa summoned another monster, the monstrous giant known as the Fleshlumpeater, to replenish their forces. Eager to please their master, Pain and Panic also joined the battle, merging together to transform into a fearsome dragon. In their new form, the two proceeded to knock Scar off a cliff with their fiery breath. Hoping to even the playing field, Loki awakened the Frost Giants and rallied them against the invaders. It was at this moment that the Horned King made his entrance. On Hades' orders, the King used his magic to restrain Wong and send him flying out of the battlefield, neutralizing the sorcerer. Undeterred, the Lich merely resurrected another soul, Queen La, to make up for this loss. Meanwhile, Echidna, Pain, and Panic had teamed up against the Skeleton King, managing to back him up against a wall. As Echidna moved in to finish him, however, the Skeleton King got his second wind and blasted Echidna with his staff, sending her flying into the distance. As a frustrated Hades shouted orders, Loki's pet wolf, Fenrir, froze the god with his icy breath, much to Loki's amusement. Fenrir next attempted to attack Fleshlumpeater, but the giant proved to more than a match for the wolf, quickly overpowering it and flinging it away. However, this only gained Fleshlumpeater a brief reprieve, as he found himself forced to contend with two Frost Giants. Meanwhile, the Skeleton King had managed to recover from Pain and Panic's assault, only to be immediately attacked by Towa. Fortunately for him, Queen La quickly came to his aid, using her magic to heal the King's injuries. La then turned her attention to Towa, only for the demon sorceress to unleash a barrage of magic on the queen. La managed to survive the assault, however, and angrily retaliated, disarming Towa and knocking her unconscious. This did not go unnoticed by Facilier, who was enraged by the defeat of his ally. Before La even had time to react, Facilier blew magic powder at her, causing her body to crumble into dust. However, before he could celebrate his victory, he was attacked by Magica, who began using her magic dime to steal the terrified doctor's soul. Seeing this, the Horned King quickly came to Facilier's aid, knocking Magica aside and freeing the doctor from her grip. He was caught off guard, however, by the Lich, who blinded him with a fiery blast. This stunned the Horned King for but a moment, but it was more than enough time for Magica to begin sucking both of their souls into the dime. Witnessing this, the Fleshlumpeater stepped in to save their lives, drawing Magica and the Lich's attention long enough for Facilier and the Horned King to escape. Sadly for him, the Lich blasted the giant with a surge of magical power, blinding him. Recoiling in pain, the Fleshlumpeater blindly stumbled off a cliff and into the River Styx. Seeing this, Pain and Panic attacked the necromancer, knocking him aside with their powerful breath. The Lich quickly retaliated, wounding the dragon with a blast of fire. This left an opening for Scar, who had survived their previous assault, to attack. Leaping at the dragon, Scar sunk his claws into it's back, severely wounded it. Heavily weakened, the dragon fell to the ground, separating back into Pain and Panic. Eager for revenge, Scar began to sadistically toy with the two minions. Enraged by these losses, Hades broke free of his icy prison, gaining the attention of the Frost Giants. As they advanced on him, Hades exploded into flame, melting the entire Frost Giant army, much to the horror of the other Acolytes. As the Skeleton King stepped forward to attack the god, Hades merely knocked him back with a thrown fireball. Hades then turned his attention to Loki, and unleashed his full power on the trickster god, leaving Loki to meet a fiery demise. Demoralized by the death of their leader, the remaining Acolytes decided to cut their losses and live to fight another day. The four then made a hasty retreat, leaving the Underworld in the hands of Hades once more.

Having reclaimed the Underworld, Maleficent met with her key advisers, which now included Hades, Dr. Facilier, Ursula, the Horned King, Jafar, and Haroud Hazi Been. Together, they discussed their next move. 

Arriving at the White House, Dr. Robotnik met with the new ruler of the United States: NOS-4A2. The robotic vampire then commended Robotnik on his work, revealing that the doctor had been operating as NOS's spy from the beginning. With Bishop out of the way, the two could proceed with their plans to roboticize the planet, transforming the entirety of Earth's population into machines for NOS-4A2 to feed on. 

In Camelot, Ruber and his allies met to discuss their prospects. Rasputin expressed his irritation at their lack of progress in reclaiming the throne, with Rothbart stating that his patience was wearing thin. Ruber, however, revealed that he had already enacted a plan to regain power, a plan that involved arranging a political marriage between Azula and King Mozenrath. While Rothbart was enthusiastic about the plan, Rasputin commented that he didn't expect the princess to react well to the idea. Ruber insisted that she would be fine with it...as soon as he got around to telling her. 

Back at the palace, the Archmage revealed his plans to Mozenrath. With a fragment of the Crystal Of Darkness in his possession, and the power of the Phoenix Gate and the Eye of Odin under his control, Destane planned to create a new crystal, which he would use to control every living thing on the planet. When Mozenrath commented that it might be too much power for even him to control, the Archmage explained that he had found a place with enough energy to fuel the crystal: Avalon. The Archmage further explained that for now, they needed to focus on gaining new allies and securing their control over their corner of the world, and unveiled his agreement with Ruber to unify their two empires by marrying Mozenrath to Princess Azula. Upon hearing this, Mozenrath remarked that this plan was doomed to failure. Unbeknownst to either of them, however, their conversation was overheard by Skeletor, who planned to take advantage of the situation. 

Xanatos and Cobra Commander, having called a truce, received a visit from the Millennium's messenger, Schrödinger, who claimed that his master had a message for both of them. Schrödinger then put them on the line with the Major, who was in the midst of executing one of his underlings. The Major warned the two of them of how ruthless he and his minions could be, and advised them against standing in his way. When Cobra Commander promised that there would be dire consequences for his interference, the Major scoffed, stating that his men were the finest of the Third Reich, and that Xanatos and Cobra would be no match for him. Having had enough, Owen pulled out a gun and proceeded to shoot Schrödinger in the head. Amused, the Major accepted their declaration of war, and commented that he looked forward to facing them on the battlefield, just before Xanatos destroyed the screen by shooting it. Cobra Commander ordered his men to deal with the messenger's body, while Xanatos prepared to move on to Plan B, although he remained noticeably stressed by the entire situation. This did not go unnoticed by Cobra Commander, who remarked that he seemed terrified by the idea of losing his son to a madman like the Major. Xanatos replied that nothing terrified him, as nothing was beyond his ability to change, although the Commander remained unconvinced.  

Aboard the Mothership, Skeletor and Flogg held a secret meeting with Mozenrath (as well as his new bodyguard, the Mukhtar.) Flogg introduced himself and announced his intention to conquer the planet, though this only seemed to amuse Mozenrath. Skeletor, however, reminded his ally that they were on a peaceful mission, gaining Mozenrath's attention. Skeletor then made the king an offer of an alliance, staging an elaborate musical number to demonstrate his capabilities. Impressed by Skeletor's power and flair, Mozenrath accepted. 

In Hell, an enraged Chernabog berated the Acolytes for losing the Underworld, stating that it was key to his plans. When Stalker attempted to assure his master that he had a plan to make up for their loss, Chernabog silenced him, stating that he would no longer tolerate failure, and warned Stalker that if he failed again, he would find himself a new second-in-command. All of this was observed by an amused Mok. 

Late at night, Mozenrath secretly met with Yzma in the Citadel. Upon arriving, Yzma complained about Mozenrath constantly making her meet with him at such outrageous times, and angrily noted that it was currently 3am. Mozenrath defended his choice of a meeting time by stating that he had just returned from outer space, and requested that she give the matter her full attention. Mozenrath went on to explain that he had secured an alliance with Skeletor, Flogg, and an extremely powerful armada of mutant ships and troops. Yzma interrupted to ask who Flogg was, though Mozenrath himself wasn't quite sure. Mozenrath then further explained that Skeletor would finally give them the edge needed to topple Destane. Yzma asked if this would occur before or after Mozenrath's upcoming wedding. Mozenrath replied that it would happen at the wedding, as their new allies would spring a trap during the ceremony. Although Yzma suggested informing the other members of the Society, Mozenrath decided against it, fearing that Mim's gossipy nature would work against them, and that telling Aghoul would just lead to him rambling about his own previous 73 marriages. When Yzma asked whether or not they should inform Kronk, Mozenrath sarcastically agreed, commenting on Kronk's "legendary" discretion. 

With all the pieces in place and the stage set, the royal wedding took place. Rothbart, Rasputin, and Ruber were the first guests to arrive, closely followed by Azula. The Archmage personally greeted the princess, stating that he had great plans for her. Witnessing the arrival of the bride, Madam Mim and Ayam Aghoul began gossiping about the wedding, eventually leading to Aghoul beginning an anecdote about his previous wives. Off to the side, Yzma met with Kronk to ask if everything was ready for their plan, although he mistakenly believed that she was referring to the wedding dinner, much to her frustration. Meanwhile, Ruber escorted Azula to the altar, just as Mozenrath arrived with Skeletor and the Mutants. Destane was surprised and suspicious to see Skeletor there, although Mozenrath reminded the Archmage that he had said they were in need of new allies. Skeletor himself then stepped forward and, although he acknowledged that they had had their differences in the past, asked that they have peace for at least one day. The Archmage cautiously accepted this, although he still remained slightly suspicious of Skeletor's intentions. With the bride and groom present, and all the guests assembled, the ceremony began, with Mozenrath and Skeletor eagerly awaiting the moment when their plan would unfold. They did not have to wait long, as Yzma gave the signal, and a mutant jumped out of the wedding cake, shocking the guests and enraging the Archmage. The mutant, Staghorn, threw weapons to all the mutants in attendance and signaled them to attack. Skeletor then proceeded to attack the Archmage, as Mozenrath celebrated that his master would soon be no more. However, Destane refused to go down so easily, blocking Skeletor's attacks and blasting his staff out of his hands. The Archmage then boasted that he was no longer as weak as he had been the last time he and Skeletor fought, and that this time he would destroy him once and for all. Skeletor, however, was unintimidated by the Archmage's threats, and began to overwhelm Destane with a magical onslaught. Seeing that this battle was not worth fighting, Destane decided to cut his losses and teleported away, much to Mozenrath's anger. At that moment, Maleficent arrived to crash the party, catching the attention of both Ruber and Skeletor. Maleficent sarcastically expressed her disappointment at not being invited to the wedding, before proceeding to knock Ruber to the ground with a blast of magic, much to Azula's amusement. Ruber's griffon attempted to come to his master's aid, only to be held in place by Maleficent's thorns. Ruber got up and tried to flee, but Maleficent would not let her old enemy get away so easily. Conjuring a magical spinning wheel, Maleficent hypnotized the knight, ordering him to touch the spindle. Unable to resist, Ruber did so, pricking his finger on the spindle. The former king regained awareness just in time to feel the magic of the spinning wheel envelop him, leaving him unable to do anything but scream and laugh maniacally as his body was disintegrated. Seeing this, Skeletor saw that it was not worth trying to fight his old nemesis, and fled. Meanwhile, Rasputin was outraged by Maleficent's interference. Rothbart, however, reminded him that an outrage was better than an obituary, and advised that they both retreat while they still could, to which Rasputin begrudgingly agreed. Azula, meanwhile, found herself approached by Maleficent, who advised her to abandon Mozenrath and join her, promising that she would help the princess regain her former glory. Intrigued and impressed by Maleficent's power, Azula accepted the dark fairy's offer, stating that the two of them would soon dominate the Earth, as Maleficent teleported both of them elsewhere. Witnessing this, Flogg frantically informed the others that the wedding had been called off and that their plans had failed, causing Yzma to fume with anger.  

Stalker and Hannibal Roy Bean, accompanied by Rose, met with Shendu, who was now occupying Valmont's body, to make him an offer. Stalker promised to provide Shendu with the location of the Panku Box (the object needed to free his siblings), on the condition that they agree to serve Chernabog. Shendu agreed to these terms, as Hannibal stated that he looked forward to working with Shendu again. Rose, however, was very uneasy about the whole situation, and was beginning to have second thoughts about her choice of allies.

Gathering his troops together, the Major made ready for his upcoming war with Xanatos and Cobra, preparing to crush them once and for all.


Stalker and Hannibal Roy Bean performed a ritual to resurrect the original holder of the Shredder title: the demonic Tengu Shredder

Maleficent introduced her new apprentice, Azula, to her followers, though Jafar was less than pleased to see her.

Shendu sought the Panku Box while struggling with defiant Valmont, under the watchful eye of Hannibal. 

Stalker met with Demona (who had survived her battle with Destro and Thailog) and recruited her for an important task: kill Xanatos and Cobra Commander and in return, she would be given her her own territory under Chernabog's rule. 

Finalizing their alliance, Mozenrath took Skeletor on a tour of the imperial palace, and introduced him to his allies, including Ayam Aghoul. The undead sorcerer expressed his admiration for Skeletor (particularly their shared penchant for skulls), and attempted to engage him in a long rambling anecdote, only for Skeletor to cut the conversation short, since there were other matters to attend to. Mozenrath then ushered Skeletor away so that they could plan for a coming offensive, but not before saying one final farewell to his old mentor. Mozenrath then magically contacted Destane, who had escaped to Avalon after the disastrous wedding, and mocked him for hiding away like a failure. When the Archmage asked if his old apprentice really thought so little of him, Mozenrath bitterly replied that he barely thought of him at all anymore.  

At the Forbidden Mountains, Azula trained under the guidance of Maleficent and the Witches Of Morva, in hopes of awakening the darkness within herself and realizing her full potential. When Azula succeeded in conjuring a powerful blast of lightning, the Witches commented that her skills were almost perfect, a mere hair out of place. However, Azula replied that 'almost' wasn't good enough, and continued training while Maleficent watched with pride.

Mozenrath planned the death of Destane with a song, where he reflected on Destane's poor treatment of him in the past, and celebrated his new plans for once Destane was dealt with, while Skeletor was only too happy to aid him. 

On Mozenrath's behalf, Skeletor and Flogg took a Mutant assault force to Avalon, hoping to topple the Archmage once and for all. Skeletor contacted Slushhead, who had lead an advance force to Avalon, and informed him that they would attack when Skeletor and Flogg got there. However, Slushhead, in a moment of great stupidity, misinterpreted Skeletor's orders and commanded and attack immediately, much to Skeletor's chagrin. As Skeletor approached in his helicopter with the rest of the Mutant force, Destane unleashed a magical assault which Skeletor just barely avoided. As Skeletor and the Mutants attacked him, the Archmage used a magical barrier to block the attacks, then blasted Skeletor out of his helicopter. Flogg arrived in his ship and fired on the Archmage but Destane's magical barriers withstood the ship's firepower. As Skeletor tried to attack him, Destane drew on his crystal of darkness and made Skeletor lose his crystal embued power . As Flogg rushed to go help Skeletor, the rest of the Mutants were confronted by a giant sand sculpture of the Archmage empowered by the Archamge. The mutants continuously beat the sand Archmage but it kept reforming itself. The sand Archmage then knocked both of the mutants away and taunted Slushhead for only just managing to beat up a beach and promising to kill all of them before withdrawing his power from the sand, causing it to explode. Flogg then confronted the Archmage to save Skeletor and attempted to hit him with his whip. But the Archmage simply blasted Flogg and knocking him out. Enraged over Flogg's defeat, Skeletor recovered his power and charged straight at the Archmage, knocking him to the ground and seizing the Eye of Odin. The Archmage, however, merely responded by bragging that he still had the Phoenix Gate and the Grimorum Arcanorum bonded into his very being. But, without the Eye of Odin, the Archmage could no longer control the Grimorum's power as it surged through his body. Skeletor then finished the Archmage off with a magical blast, destroying him once and for all, leaving only the Phoenix Gate behind. 

With the help of Finn, Ratso, and Chow, Shendu found the Panku Box. However, he required his minions to take it for him, since he could not touch something forged of good magic. The three did so, as Shendu prepared for the endgame of his plan. 

At the Eyrie Building, Baxter Stockman performed an operation on the Baroness to undo the Major's brainwashing, with Cobra Commander watching intently. Much to the Commander's delight, the procedure was successful, as Stockman managed to remove all the Major's nano-machines and completely free the Baroness from his mind-control, returning her to her former self. She then rejoined the Commander as they prepared for a final confrontation with Millennium. 

Xanatos and Cobra Commander combined their forces to rescue Alexander and bring down The Major. While Fox infiltrated the Major's airship, Zorin Blitz commanded Millennium's defense while the Baroness directed the offense. Cobra and Millennium biplanes clashed in the air with Destro leading the charge. The Cobra forces, particularly Baroness's warship, tore through Millennium's defenses. However, the Millennium forces managed to land a hefty blow on the Baroness's ship. In response, the Baroness fired everything she had, critically damaging Zorin's ship and forcing it to crash land. As Cobra's and Xanatos's forces boarded Major's zeppelin, Doktor expressed his concerns but Major assured him that everything was falling into place. Owen and Storm Shadow confronted the Captain, with Owen transforming into Puck. As Storm Shadow lashed out with his swords, the Captain revealed himself to be a werewolf and blocked Storm Shadow's assault and responded with several blows that stunned Storm Shadow. Puck then fired off a magical blast that knocked the werewolf back. As the werewolf revealed his full lupine form, Puck unleashed a barrage of magical tendrils that impaled the werewolf, leaving him completely immobilized. Storm Shadow then finished the werewolf off by ripping his heart right out of his chest. The Millennium foot soldiers then squared off against Zartan, the Dreadnoks and Macbeth. Macbeth blew through the Millennium ranks while Dingo joined in on the attack. However, the Millennium mercenary Tubalcain Alhambra then entered the fray and tore through the Dreadnoks. Macbeth and Dingo both put Tubalcain on the defensive, forcing him to block their attacks with his cards. Macbeth dodged around Tubalcain's cards and killed him with a single well placed shot. As Xanatos and Cobra Commander advanced through the zeppelin, they were confronted by Demona. Cobra then told Xanatos to go find his son, insisting that he would take care of Demona himself. As Doktor packed his bags in a desperate effort to escape, Fox and Baxter Stockman stormed in to save Alexander. As Stockman taunted Doktor for his amateurish skills, Doktor pulled out a weapon only for Fox to riddle him with bullets. Then, as the ship fell apart, debris fell and crushed Doktor. Fox then retrieved Alexander. Cobra Commander then activated his personal power armor and blasted Demona back with his staff. Demona recovered and slashed Cobra Commander's chest before blasting him with a laser rifle. However, Cobra rallied and deflected additional laser blasts with his shield. Demona then flew in and knocked the Commander's helmet off with her mace. Before Demona could finish the job, the Baroness showed up with multiple holographic duplicates. As the Baroness left Demona befuddled, the Commander hit her with a paralyzing blast, then he blew up a portion of the ceiling, crushing her under debris. Xanatos confronted the Major who just calmly sat in his chair and explained how he had waited for countless decades for this war and had given everything for it. He explained how everything had built up to that day. Filled with rage towards the man who had taken his son, Xanatos told the Major that he was a dead man. The Major was unintimidated, however, and goaded Xanatos into acting on his rage and wreaking vengeance upon him. Xanatos then fired at the Major from his arm cannons, shattering the Major's bulletproof glass and hitting him dead on as he embraced it. However, the Major survived the blow, albeit heavily injured, as it was revealed that he was a cyborg. As Xanatos commented on his victory, Major pulled out a pistol and shot at Xanatos, However, Xanatos blocked the bullets and deflected one back into the Major's head. The Major died with a smile on his face, satisfied with having lived through the greatest war of all time.

With the battle won, Xanatos, Fox, Alexander, and Cobra Commander returned to Xanatos' castle. There, Xanatos thanked the Commander for helping him save his son, and admitted that he owed the Commander a debt he could never repay. The Commander accepted this, making peace between the two former enemies.

Lady Tremaine prepares her army of the dead, despite Anastasia's increasing concerns. Anastasia pointed out that the people of the kingdom were growing concerned over all of the disappearances. But Tremaine dismissed the concerns of the 'gutter trash' and dismissively said that they would be of far more use as part of her army.

Jafar awoke the spirit of Fire King Ozai from the River Styx in a plot to gain revenge on Azula. Ozai immediately sought out Azula and tormented her.

With Ruber dead, Rasputin and Rothbart flocked to the side of their old allies, Kent Mansley and Rameses. With the four gathered together, Kent Mansley briefed them on their current situation, while Rameses sought revenge on the Evil Queen. Mansley pointed out that they would not be able to reclaim the throne but they did have the resources to claim a small kingdom or two. Rameses suggested that they go after Tremaine and her faction who had claimed most of Russia, noting that it seemed undefended. Rothbart, however, suspected a trap. Mansley also questioned Rameses on his real reasons for going after them. Rameses insisted on his revenge, though Mansley carefully reminded him what happened the last time he went after the Queen. Rameses, however, insisted that with Rasputin and Rothbart's help, things would be different. As Rasputin agreed with the pharaoh and expressed joy at returning to his Motherland, Mansley gave in and agreed on the plan.

The Stepmothers Three and the Queen of Hearts plotted their new rise to power through a song.

Jafar taunted Azula, suggesting that she may need to resurrect her father to stop his haunting of her, while pointing out that she would have to trade her own life in return. However, Maleficent began to suspect something was amiss, having witnessed Ozai's spirit haunting Azula.

Having finally gathered enough resources to rebuild their forces, Shredder and Krang were able to bring Karai and Doctor Mindbender to their side. With their help, Shredder and Krang constructed an interdimensional portal and made preparations to travel to Dimension-X, with Shredder leaving Karai in charge of the Foot Clan while they prepared to recover the Technodrome.

Rasputin, Rothbart, Rameses and Kent took their army to Anastasia's palace to begin their invasion of Russia. Tremaine unleashed her undead Horde, while Rameses sought revenge, and Rothbart faced Narissa. While Kent Mansley's soldiers faced Tremaine's zombie army, Narissa transformed into a Hydra and attacked Rothbart. The sorcerer immediately blasted Narissa's head off but she grew three more back. Rothbart continued to blast off her heads but she regenerated more and more. Changing tactics, Rothbart blasted a nearby cliffside, sending rocks raining down on Narissa, crushing her to death. As the Queen of Hearts reacted in fear, Kent Manlsey's soldiers continued to hold the line against Tremaine's zombies, gunning them down as they charged them. The Evil Queen conjured up a wall of fire which blocked Rameses from joining the battle. Rasputin then confronted the Queen, looking to finish what he started back at the beginning of the war. He conjured up demons which ripped and pulled at the Queen's dress. But, at that moment, Lucifer managed to sneak up on Rasputin and swipe his reliquary out of Rasputin's hands and under the waiting foot of the Evil Queen. The Queen, looking to achieve vengeance on Rasputin, stomped on the reliquary, cracking it more and more while Rasputin desperately fought to get it back while threatening her. But before the Queen could crush the reliquary completely, the wall of fire dissipated. Rameses seized the opportunity, charged forward and plunged his sword into the Queen's chest, claiming revenge for his son's death. Rasputin bid the Queen farewell as she died. Horrified by the deaths of her allies, Lady Tremaine used her wand to teleport herself, the Queen of Hearts and her daughters away, escaping just as Mansley and his troops secured the palace.

Jafar revealed his true motivations to Kobra Khan. As Kobra Khan pointed out that some of the Snake Men thought Jafar weak for choosing to serve Maleficent, Jafar revealed that this was only a temporary arrangement and that Jafar was only serving Maleficent because it was convenient to him. He explained that Maleficent had always been his greatest threat and that it would be easier to tear her alliance apart from within. He stated that soon Maleficent would be forced to destroy Azula, completing Jafar's revenge against her. When Kobra Khan questioned what came next, Jafar told him that the Archmage had created a new Crystal of Darkness. Jafar knew that Maleficent would find this out soon enough and he intended to beat her to the Crystal and use it to secure a decisive victory. But little did they know that Ursula was watching their whole meeting.

Realizing her error in allying with Hannibal and Stalker, Rose gathered the mystical crystal skulls, and used their power to resurrect her old master, the Huntsman. As the Huntsman expressed his gratitude, despite the irregularity of the events, Rose explained how Hannibal had seized control of the Huntsclan and allied with Shendu, who aimed to release his Demon Siblings and take back control of China from King Mozenrath. Upon hearing Mozenrath had become king, the Huntsman was impressed, and claimed to have always thought the boy would go far. He then stated that Shendu was what would link his siblings to the physical world, and they would have to banish him to the Spirit Realm to send them back. However, they would need the weapon of the immortal who originally defeated Shendu, which the Huntsman pointed out was in Shan Yu's possession.

Events between Azula and Ozai came to a head as he tempted her to give her life to revive him. However, as Azula showed signs of defiance and Ozai attempted to order her to obey him, Maleficent personally intervened to face down the Fire Lord and free her new protege from his influence. Azula hit Ozai with a fire ball that knocked him into a pillar and the Witches of Morva, who had arrived as well hit Ozai with a powerful gust of wind and wave of water that smashed him against the ground. Maleficent then cast a Sleeping Curse on Ozai, leaving him permanently dormant as Azula then kicked her father back into the River Styx.

Shendu released the Demon Sorcerers by opening a portal to the Netherworld using the Panku Box.

Seeking to destroy the one who had dared to take his name, the Tengu Shredder attacked the Foot Clan. Seeing this, Karai and Mindbender prepared to fight him off. Donning the armor of the Shredder, Karai stepped forward and defiantly faced the demon head on. However, she soon found that she had underestimated the 'old relic', as he easily overpowered her with his magic and subdued her attempts to resist him. The Tengu Shredder then took Karai hostage as Mindbender looked on in horror.

The Demon Sorcerers attacked China, facing off against Mozenrath's forces, while the Huntsman and Rose engineered a plan to banish Shendu, with a little help from Shan Yu. Ayam Aghoul faced off against Xiao Fung, firing a magic beam at him, just narrowly missing. Fung released a gust of wind at Aghoul, knocking him down. But Aghoul recovered and shot Fung with a finger beam. Megavolt faced off against the Dark Hand goons, pitting his electric sword against their electric batons. Megavolt out fenced them all, prompting them to run in fear. Yzma and Kronk made an aerial entrance to the battle, seeking to take on Hsi Wu, but Tchang Zu hit them with a blast of lightning, knocking them out of the sky. As Bai Tza disarmed the Mutant soldiers with a ball of water, Madam Mim confronted her, turning into a dragon. Mim roasted the demon with fire breath, but she reformed herself with her water powers. As the Mutants shot at her, Bai Tza used her water powers to disarm them. As Megavolt tried to intervene, the water demon splashed him with water, causing a short circuit that knocked him out. As Tchang Zu advanced across the battlefield, he was confronted by Yzma. Incredulous, he asked how she could have survived. Finding herself at a loss, Yzma asked Kronk how they survived. Kronk simply admitted that he had no clue and that by all accounts it made no sense. With that, Yzma went back to business. Skeletor entered the fray and gave a speech about his evil power only for Slushhead to ruin the moment with his commentary. As Skeletor pondered why he bothered bring Slushhead along, Yzma expressed her similar feelings about Kronk. As Skeletor and Tchang clashed beams, Skeletor was sent sprawling into a wall. Mozenrath then entered the fray and defeated the thunder demon in short order with a display of magical power, sending the demon flying. Mozenrath then had a good laugh with Xerxes before moving on. Dai Gui faced off against Madam Mim and Ayam Aghoul who mocked the demon. Agoul knocked him down with a skull bomb while Mim blasted him back with a magical blast when he recovered. Aghoul then pelted him with another skull bomb, knocking him out. Mozenrath confronted Tso Lan, who first gave Mozenrath pause with a magical blitz, but Mozenrath responded with a magical assault of his own which overpowered the demon. Yzma faced off against Po Kong and drank a potion to transform herself into a monster. Yzma quickly incapacitated the demon with eye beams. The Huntsman then arrived with Rose, shocking both Shendu and Mozenrath, having witnessed his death. At the Huntsman's instruction and encouragement, she selected Shendu as her prey. Shendu breathed fire at the Huntsclan, but the Huntsman deflected the fire with his staff. Taking advantage of Shendu struggling to control the insubordinate Valmont, the Huntsman fired a bow and arrow at Shendu, knocking him into a pool of water. At that moment, Shan Yu revealed himself as Kronk pointed out that he was still alive. Shan Yu faced off against Shendu and brandished his sword, which Shendu revealed in fear was the symbol of the immortal that defeated him. Shan Yu then used the sword to fire a beam that exorcised Shendu from Valmont's body and banished him back to the Spirit World. With Shendu sent back, the link to the physical world was broken as the rest of the Demon Sorcerers were sent back as well with Mozenrath's faction celebrating. Valmont then broke out into a euphoric joy at having his body back.

Maleficent and Azula confronted Jafar, having been informed of his treason by Ursula, but Jafar managed to slip away.

Mozenrath's faction celebrated their victory and the return of the Huntsman with an elaborate song and dance number, all the while Megavolt complained about not being able to sleep with the noise.

Having been ordered by Mok to take care of one last loose end, Professor Screweyes summoned Cruella De Ville back to the animated universe. Cruella was angered at being called back so suddenly, and demanded to speak to Mok. Screweyes, however, stated that she now knew too much, and that Mok had asked him to silence her once and for all. However, Screweyes found that his powers no longer worked on Cruella, who angrily proclaimed that both he and Mok would suffer for this insult before leaving. Screweyes admitted that he hadn't expected that, but resolved to simply tell Mok that Cruella was dead.

Governor Ratcliffe continued to secretly investigate the Bradley family, and managed to unveil a dark secret about them. Unfortunately for him, before he could tell anyone about this, he found himself abducted by Furher King Bradley himself, who intended to put an end to his interference for good.

At the Palace Of Justice, Frollo called together his allies, including new recruits Percival C. McLeach and Alexander Anderson, to discuss their next move. However, before the meeting could proceed, Frollo noticed that Ratcliffe was mysteriously absent and asked where he was, noting that he was seldom late. Gaston stated that he hadn't seen the governor for days, and suggested that perhaps Ratcliffe had found a new lady friend to occupy his time, to which Hook jokingly replied that he didn't think Ratcliffe had any interest in women. Frollo then ordered Anderson to find Ratcliffe and bring the governor to him, to which Anderson complied.

Shredder and Krang freed the Technodrome from Dimension-X.

Hoping to gain revenge against Mok for his betrayal, Cruella travelled to the Underworld to ally herself with Hades, claiming that she had valuable information to offer him on Mok's plan. Cruella explained that Mok planned to find the Ring Of Darkness and use it to dominate Chernabog. The Horned King interjected that he had studied the Great Old Ones for many years, but had never been able to find the Ring. At that point, Pete revealed that he had noticed a few artifacts had gone missing from the Underworld, with the Ring likely being one of them. When Hades angrily rounded on Pete and demanded to know why he hadn't been told about this, Pete meekly defended himself by claiming that he hadn't had time to do a full inventory yet. As an enraged Hades tried to calm himself down, the Horned King gravely noted that if Mok were to find the Ring, he would be all-powerful. However, it seemed that they had received this information too late, as Mok had managed to claim the Ring and prepared to set his plans into motion.

Having taken Ratcliffe to a remote location, Furher King Bradley prepared to murder the governor and silence him once and for all. However, before he could do the deed, Father Anderson arrived with the rest of Frollo's task force, and ordered the homunculus to step away from the governor. The two then clashed blades, with Anderson eventually getting the upper hand and impaling Bradley through the chest. Being a homunculus, Bradley survived this and kept fighting, but was noticeably weakened. Taking advantage of this, Anderson capitalized by brutally slashing off Bradley's arms, leaving the homunculus to bleed to death as he succumbed to his wounds. However, this only granted them a brief reprieve, as Sloth and the other homunculi arrived. Helga Sinclair attempted to halt Sloth's advance with several gunshots, only for Sloth to toss her off the edge of a cliff. Fortunately, Helga managed to grab onto the ledge and pulled herself back up, stunning Sloth with a kick to the chest. Capitalizing on this, McLeach fired an explosive at the homunculus, seemingly destroying him. As McLeach celebrated his "victory", however, Sloth emerged from the smoke, still very much alive, and knocked McLeach into a pit. While Sloth's attention was diverted, Ratcliffe shot him with his rifle, stunning the homunculus long enough for Gaston to attack. The French hunter's great strength worked to his advantage, as he managed to brutally beat Sloth, wearing him down and causing him to crumble into dust. At that moment, someone who appeared to be Clayton entered the battle, narrowly missing Ratcliffe with a gunshot. Before he could finish the governor off, Helga intervened, kicking Clayton to the ground. As McLeach held him at gunpoint, "Clayton" revealed himself to be Envy in disguise, mocking McLeach. Before Envy had a chance to attack, however, Helga shot him repeatedly before knocking him to the ground with a swift kick. As Envy raged against the humans, Gaston threw a torch at the homunculus, setting him ablaze. Helga then threw an explosive onto Envy's body, sealing his defeat. Envy's body burned away to ash, revealing his true form: a small green worm, which Gaston promptly crushed under his boot. Gluttony then entered the fray. Not wanting to give him the chance to attack, McLeach slashed him open with a knife, allowing Gaston to send him flying backwards with a powerful punch. The two then worked together to take him down, shooting him repeatedly to weaken him. Gaston then finished Gluttony off by bashing his head in with a club. However, the battle was not over just yet, as the most powerful of the Homunculi, Pride, entered the fray, devouring Gluttony's corpse as the others watched in horror. Ratcliffe moved to attack, only to find himself restrained by Pride's shadows. As Pride's shadows surrounded Ratcliffe and prepared to kill him, Helga activated a trap, imprisoning Pride in a mound of Earth. At that moment, Hades arrived to deal with the last homunculus. As Pride angrily tried to assert his superiority as one of the Homunculi, Hades unleashed his full power on him, causing Pride's body to crumble into dust.

Having returned from Dimension-X, Shredder and Krang came back to find their lair in disarray after the attack that had taken place in their absence. When Shredder demanded to know where Karai was, Mindbender informed him that they had been attacked by someone calling himself the Tengu Shredder. Shredder immediately recognized the name of his predecessor, and was shocked to learn that he had returned from the dead. Krang, on the other hand, was baffled by the sheer number of Shredders that existed, and remarked on how confusing it was. Shredder explained that the Tengu Shredder had been the first to bear that title, and was a nearly unstoppable demonic creature. Mindbender then informed him that the Tengu Shredder now had Karai. Enraged that the demon had taken his daughter, Shredder ordered Bebop and Rocksteady to come with him and help him free Karai. He then instructed Krang and Mindbender to modify the weaponry to be able to attack magical creatures (despite neither one having any idea how to do so), before setting out to rescue his daughter.

Maleficent approached NOS-4A2 and Dr. Robotnik with an offer. Initially, NOS-4A2 didn't think much of Maleficent, and claimed that Zurg had overestimated her. However, Maleficent quickly demonstrated her capabilities by magically transforming Robotnik's head into that of a bird, angering the doctor while amusing NOS and Snively. Maleficent then proposed that they join her in conquering the universe. Intrigued, NOS-4A2 decided to accept.

Tunneling into the Tengu Shredder's hideout, Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady managed to find the cell where Karai was being held and freed her. As Karai sincerely thanked her father, the four of them escaped together.

At the Palace Of Justice, Hades approached Frollo with a proposal, revealing that they now had a common enemy. Hearing this, Frollo skeptically asked if Hades also wished to stop the rise of Chernabog, which Hades confirmed. However, Frollo stated that he found that difficult to believe. Gaston vouched for the dark god, pointing out that Hades had brought him back from the dead. Although Frollo acknowledged this, he still didn't find Hades to be any more trustworthy than the other demons he had encountered. After expressing mock offense at this, Hades laid out his terms: if Frollo were to help him and Maleficent in the upcoming battle, they would allow him to keep his empire and his position of power once they had conquered the world. Hades noted that this was the best deal Frollo was likely to get, and asked for his answer. After thinking it over for a moment, Frollo reluctantly admitted that in such desperate times, it would likely be necessary for him to adapt to new thinking in order to survive, and agreed to lend Hades his support.

Shredder and Krang marshalled their armies to take down the Tengu Shredder. Krang summoned General Traag and his Rock Warriors from Dimension-X, while Bebop and Rocksteady led the army of Foot Ninjas into battle. Together, they marched on Tengu Shredder's fortress, facing off against his army of zombified warriors. As the Technodrome fired it's entire arsenal on the opposing army, the Tengu Shredder's elite minions, the Foot Mystics, entered the fray, only to find themselves headed off by Doctor Mindbender and his Bio-Vipers. Meanwhile, Krang used his technology to grow to an enormous size, and proceeded to crush the Earth Mystic under his giant fist. Seeing this, the Fire Mystic tried to intervene and fight Krang off, only to be annihilated by a blast from Doctor Mindbender's headset. However, the Wind Mystic managed to knock the doctor aside with a powerful gust of wind. Before the Metal Mystic could come to the aid of his ally and finish off the doctor, he was attacked by Karai, who sliced him in half with her sword. As the Wind Mystic watched this in horror, Mindbender got back up and unleashed another powerful blast on the Mystic, obliterating him. General Traag then finished off the last of the Mystics, the Water Mystic, with a shot from his blaster. Despite this, the zombie warriors continued to advance, while Bebop and Rocksteady continued to gun them down. At that moment, the Tengu Shredder himself entered the fray, while the human Shredder stepped forward to face him one-on-one. The two Shredders then drew their swords and dueled. Although Shredder initially managed to hold his own, even managing to slash his enemy across the chest, his sword eventually broke against the demon's magic blade. Fortunately, Bebop and Rocksteady intervened to save their master's life, blasting a hole through the Tengu Shredder's chest. While all this was happening, Karai had managed to forge a psychic link to the Tengu Shredder through meditation, and prepared to destroy him from within. Karai then proceeded to psychically sap the Tengu Shredder's energy, draining his power and wracking his body with pain. Taking advantage of his enemy's weakened state, Shredder kicked the demon aside, knocking off his helmet. Seeing that his end was near, the Tengu Shredder remained defiant, and swore to fight to his very last breath. Undeterred, Shredder sliced the demon in half with his sword, destroying the Tengu Shredder once and for all.

Mok and Stalker discussed recent events, as tensions between the pair reached a new high. Mok snidely informed Stalker that both the Tengu Shredder and the Demon Sorcerers had been defeated. Stalker countered by pointing out that Mok's Homunculi had suffered the same fate. Mok merely played it off as a necessary loss, stating that the Homunculi were unreliable, and could not be trusted indefinitely. Stalker mused that Chernabog would not be pleased with either of them. Mok, however, argued that Chernabog had the utmost confidence in him, while the same was not likely to be true of Stalker. Stalker merely replied that Mok's failures would be noted as well. Mok asked why he was still alive if that was the case. Stalker replied that he asked himself that question every time he saw him. Mok smugly observed that Stalker seemed vexed by how Mok remained untouchable. Stalker retorted that it vexed him that Mok was even alive, and asserted that Mok was nothing more than an ill-made, repulsive creature with delusions of adequacy. As Mok was about to object to this, Stalker cut him off, stating that he overestimated his own importance to Chernabog's plans. Stalker further insulted his rival by calling him a tiny, petty rodent, who he would waste no more time on.

Maleficent and Azula prepared for their final victory, with Maleficent accepting the fire princess as her surrogate daughter and the heir to her wicked legacy. Azula was only too happy to fill this position, as the two broke out into song about their coming victory and how they would rule side-by-side once the world was conquered.

With the Ring in his possession, Mok approached Chernabog and prepared to enact his plan. Chernabog, unaware of Mok's true intentions and still believing him to be his loyal servant, ordered him to summon Stalker before him. Mok pretended to comply, but first stated that there was still one matter that needed to be attended to. Mok then revealed that he now held the Ring Of Darkness. Chernabog instantly recognized the Ring, and was enraged that Mok would dare threaten him. Before Chernabog could attack him, however, Mok used the Ring's power to dominate his will, and gleefully ordered the demon to bow before him. Chernabog had no choice but to comply.

Skeletor and Mozenrath activated the power of the Archmage's new crystal, and prepared to use it to seize control of the rest of the world.

Realizing what Mok had done, Stalker confronted him, stating that he had crossed a line that could not be uncrossed, and ordering him to hand over the Ring. Mok, however, was unintimidated by Stalker's threats, and mocked him, revealing that he now had complete control over Stalker's master. Knowing that he was doomed, Stalker warned Mok that even if he was vanquished, Mok would have no victory, as the power he sought would eventually destroy him. Stalker claimed that Mok was not capable of wielding Chernabog's power, and would never be a god. Mok cared little, and mockingly expressed his regret that Stalker would not be alive to see his final victory, although his master would be. Mok then summoned Chernabog, and ordered him to kill Stalker. Mok departed as Chernabog struck down his former second-in-command, leaving Stalker's lifeless body to sink to the depths of Hell.

With Chernabog under his control, and having ascended to become undisputed ruler of Hell, Mok gathered his minions, including Professor Screweyes and the Acolytes, and staged an elaborate musical number to celebrate his new power and their coming victory, rallying the legions of the dead for a war against the living. With the end neigh, Mok and his allies prepared for the Armageddon they would soon unleash on the world.

The Fall

Mok rose from Hell and began his conquest of the planet. At Mok's command, Chernabog unleashed his army of demons on the mortal world, beginning Armaggedon. As the Acolytes and the demon horde spread across the planet, brutally massacring everyone and everything in sight, Mok could only laugh, reveling in the destruction and chaos he had caused.

In China, Mozenrath addressed his forces, announcing that he and Skeletor had secured the Crystal Of Darkness, and now stood ready to activate it's power. He also officially welcomed the Huntsman back into the fold, as Mim and Aghoul celebrated that the band was finally back together again. However, Mozenrath also revealed that they now had enemies on several fronts, with Maleficent also seeking to claim the Crystal, and Hannibal Roy Bean having powerful new allies now that Chernabog had been released. The Huntsman volunteered to deal with Hannibal, declaring that it was time for him and the Huntsgirl to reclaim what was theirs. Mozenrath stated that the Mothership had transported the Crystal to China, and placed Yzma and Flogg in command of the army, ordering them to defend the city while he and Skeletor activated the Crystal's power. Yzma scoffed, stating that there was no other force on Earth that could stand against their combined army of Mutant troops and the Sorcerers Society. Enjoying the discussion, Aghoul began to tell an anecdote about one of his previous wives, before Mozenrath annoyedly cut him off. After sarcastically asking Mim to throw Aghoul back into the Styx, Mozenrath proudly announced that tomorrow they would end the war once and for all, much to Skeletor's pleasure.

Having been cast out by Maleficent, Jafar returned to his forces at Snake Mountain. When Evil Lyn smugly observed that Maleficent had dispensed with his services, Jafar silenced her, asking what she had to report. Evil Lyn revealed that Hell was under new management, as Mok had succeeded in overthrowing Chernabog, and now prepared to strike at the surface world. This news pleased Jafar, who stated that this was the distraction they needed to seize the Crystal, after which Chernabog would be of little concern to them. Jafar then rallied his army of Snakemen, announcing that their time had come. The Snakemen marched forward into battle, with Jafar leading the charge.

At his fortress, Mok welcomed a new ally into the fold: Lady Tremaine, who was eager to settle an old score.

In the Underworld, Maleficent held a meeting of her allies, including the newly-recruited Frollo and his faction, and laid out her plans for the final battle. Maleficent revealed to her forces that Mok and Chernabog had risen, and that they would have to act quickly if they were to succeed. Maleficent then explained that Mozenrath and Skeletor had reconstructed the Crystal Of Darkness, and that she planned to take a small force to China and seize control of it before they could use it for themselves. Once she had done that, she would be able to turn it on Chernabog, using his own dark energy against him. However, Maleficent explained that even with Chernabog defeated, Mok would still possess the Ring Of Darkness, which was where Hades came in. On cue, Hades himself stepped forward to explain his part of the plan. Hades revealed that even though the gods of Olympus had created the Ring, this did not mean he would be able to destroy it, as it had been Zeus who poured most of his power into the Ring. However, Hades went on to explain that since Zeus's power had created it, that same power could be used to destroy it, and since Zeus still remained frozen on Mount Olympus, that power was easily accessible to them. With the plan established, the members of Maleficent's faction prepared for the battle to come.

Hell's forces continued to spread chaos across the planet. Eventually, the demon horde reached New York, and began to ravage the city. From atop the Eyrie Building, Xanatos and Cobra Commander watched the destruction, and mobilized their forces in defense of the city. Destro led the Cobra troops against the demons, but they began to find themselves outmatched. Storm Shadow, Zartan, and the Dreadnoks then entered the fray, only for more demons to emerge to meet them. Inside the Eyrie Building, Baxter Stockman reported the damage that the demons had done to their forces, as Xanatos observed that the forcefield around the building was barely holding. Meanwhile, the Foot Clan's forces in the Technodrome found themselves under attack as well, as Krang found that their engines had been disabled. Karai watched in shock as several tentacled demons attacked the Technodrome, holding it in place. Mounting a laser turret, Shredder began to shoot down the monsters, while Rocksteady, Bebop, and the Foot Soldiers joined in the battle. Meanwhile, Macbeth and the Baroness continued to lead Xanatos's forces in pushing back the demon horde, but this did little to slow their advance. In a panic, one of Cobra's henchmen urged the Commander to evacuate immediately, saying that they couldn't possibly fight the monsters. Cobra Commander responded by executing the man on the spot for his cowardice, before returning his attention to the battle.

Wishing to deal with Skeletor's space force, Maleficent had Robotnik and NOS-4A2 activate the ancient robotic being known as Unicron, taking control of the massive robot as their new weapon.

The Skeleton King, Evil Lyn and Hannibal Roy Bean arrived in China, leading Chernabog's forces in an attack on Mozenrath's palace. On Yzma's command, the Sorcerers Society mobilized to fight them off. When a few of Hannibal's minions managed to knock Yzma and Aghoul back, Kronk stepped in and began blasting them down with a laser cannon. Megavolt joined in as well, unleashing blasts of electricity against the monsters. Yzma then ordered her guards to attack, only for the Skeleton King to magically transform them into animals. This didn't stop them, however, as they (with the exception of one who had been turned into a cow) continued to fight. Aghoul then crushed a few of the advancing monsters under one of his giant skull bombs, while Megavolt and Mim took out those that remained. Seeing this, the Skeleton King decided to personally enter the fray. The King sent in a few of his Formless Minions, but these were quickly taken down by the Huntsclan. The Huntsman then stepped forward to confront his old nemesis, as the Skeleton King declared that fate had brought the two of them together again. The King then dispatched the Huntsclan foot soldiers with a series of magical attacks, and proceeded to send his minion, Mandarin, to attack the Huntsman. The Huntsman responded by slicing off Mandarin's arm, before attacking the King head on, wounding him with a blast of magic. With the Skeleton King weakened, the Huntsman charged forward, impaling the King with his staff. As the Skeleton King screamed in pain, the Huntsman plunged the staff in deeper, causing the energy of the staff to course through the King's body, destroying him once and for all. Meanwhile, the Huntsgirl faced off against Hannibal Roy Bean, as her former mentor taunted her for her weakness. Hannibal then transformed into a giant, monstrous form, and attacked his opponent. However, the Huntsgirl met Hannibal blow for blow, quipping that perhaps he had trained her too well. The monstrous Hannibal tried to charge forward, only for the Huntsgirl to dodge his attack and wind him with two consecutive blasts from her staff. As Hannibal struggled to catch his breath, the Huntsgirl revealed one of the Crystal Skulls she possessed, and used it's power to banish Hannibal from the mortal plane.

In Russia, Kent Mansley called an emergency meeting with his allies to discuss what to do about the recent invasion from Hell. Rasputin scoffed that their armies had pushed the demons back, and that the city was safe. Mansley argued that this was only temporary, and that more would soon come. He went on to state that he had lost contact with Xanatos in New York, and that a second wave was imminent. Rothbart conceded that Mansley had a point, and that the demons would come for them again soon enough. Rasputin then revealed that Maleficent and Hades had joined the fray, and argued that they should let the two of them handle it. In response, Mansley stated that they would soon have to make a choice: either make a stand now, or risk annihilation later.

Under the control of NOS-4A2 and Robotnik, Unicron moved into position to intercept Skeletor and the Mutant fleet. On Flogg's order, the Mutant space force deployed to take down this new threat. Unicron transformed into a larger humanoid form, easily withstanding the laser fire of the Mutant ships. The massive machine then retaliated with attacks of it's own, scattering the Mutants. Seeing this, Flogg recalled the fighter squadron, instead deciding to assault Unicron with the Mothership itself. The Mothership unleashed a volley of laserfire onto Unicron, briefly forcing the mech back. Undeterred, NOS had Unicron fire a beam of energy, damaging the Mothership. Yet this was merely a ruse to lure Unicron into a vulnerable position, as Flogg ordered Slushhead to fire everything they had on Unicron. Their shots succeeded in damaging Unicron's core, critically damaging the massive robot. As Unicron's systems began to collapse, Robotnik decided to abandon NOS and Snively to their fate, fleeing in an escape pod. As NOS-4A2 looked on in disbelief, the Mothership continued to fire on Unicron, causing it's core to explode and destroying the massive weapon from the inside out. Skeletor and Flogg celebrated their victory as Unicron was annihilated, leaving only it's head behind.

Hoping to gain some more support for Mok's assault on the mortal realm, Daolon Wong contacted the banished spirit of Shendu, hoping to make a deal. Wong offered to use one of the dark spells in his arsenal to restore Shendu to flesh and blood, in exchange for his aid against Maleficent's forces. Shendu agreed to lend Wong his power, as long as the wizard made sure to hold up his end of the bargain.

As the Demon Army's destruction of the mortal world continued, Frollo led Maleficent's forces in a direct assault on Mok and Chernabog. As Ratcliffe and his troops marched into battle, a horde of demons went out to meet them. Captain Hook went on ahead to face the demons, slicing through several of them with his sword and forcing them to regroup. As a few tried to fly into the air and gain the high ground, Smee shot them down with his pistol. Mechanicles then arrived, activating a giant robot he had dubbed Mechanicles Junior. The robot managed to blast through the demon ranks, only for one of the larger demons to knock it off a cliff with his fire breath, destroying it. Dr. Facilier then used one of his spells to make the demon combust from the inside. Meanwhile, Cruella drove her car across the battlefield, finding herself pursued by a pack of Hellhounds. Despite Cruella's attempts to outrace them, the demonic hounds began breaking into her vehicle. Fortunately, Cruella managed to shake them off, before continuing to make her way towards Mok's stronghold. As Frollo charged through the demon ranks on horseback, one of the demons managed to knock him off his horse. Facilier intervened to save the judge's life, killing the demon with a spell. As Ratcliffe and his army continued to push back against the demon army, the Witches Of Morva aided them by trapping several demons between walls of ice, leaving them easy pickings for Gaston and his militia. As a few attempted to take to the air, they were shot down by Ratcliffe and the Witches. McLeach attempted to enter the fray, only for a winged demon to knock him into a river. Abis Mal, wearing a magic scorpion helmet, began blasting one of the larger demons. However, even with Haroud's help, the demon persisted. Fortunately, McLeach managed to climb his way out, and sliced through several demons with a thrown knife, leaving Abis Mal to finish off the rest. As the battle continued to rage, Daolon Wong managed to complete the ritual to resurrect Shendu, restoring the demon sorcerer to the mortal world. Seeing this, Shan Yu charged in to finish off his old enemy. However, Shendu managed to knock him aside with a fireball, before roasting his beloved falcon. Enraged, Shan Yu managed to knock the dragon to the ground with a powerful blow. Unfortunately, before Shan Yu could finish him off, Shendu retaliated with a blast of fire, killing Shan Yu in a fiery explosion. Meanwhile, Frollo and his soldiers desperately attempted to break through the gates of Mok's stronghold. Seeing this, Chernabog conjured a curtain of lava, which forced the troops back. However, Frollo managed to make it through the gates before the lava could consume him, and was followed by Dr. Facilier, Cruella, and Gaston. As the group made their way through the fortress, they were backed up by Father Anderson, who promised the undead horde that he would cut them down like straw. Although one of the demon guards managed to parry a few of Anderson's attacks, Anderson powered through the assault and impaled the demon on his bayonet. Cruella managed to kill another of the demon guards with a mystical whip, while Gaston wounded another one down with an arrow. Cruella then held it in place with chains, allowing Facilier to finish it off. Angered that Frollo's forces were actually succeeding in fighting off his army, Mok ordered Chernabog to destroy them all. Chernabog called up more undead souls, greatly outnumbering Ratcliffe's forces. Just when all seemed lost, however, Xanatos, Cobra Commander, and Shredder arrived on the scene, bringing their armies with them. As Mok looked on in shock, Kent Mansley, Rameses, Rothbart, and Rasputin also arrived to aid in the fight against Chernabog. With their forces doubled by these reinforcements, Ratcliffe rallied his troops for a renewed assault, as the combined armies began to gain the advantage. Noting this, Mok ordered Professor Screweyes to deal with the situation, before leaving to personally deal with Frollo and the other intruders.

Returning to Mount Olympus, Hades found Zeus, still frozen after the first war, and began to absorb his power for himself.

In China, Jafar and the Snakemen arrived to claim the Crystal. The Snakemen quickly surrounded Yzma and the Sorcerer's Society, demanding that they surrender. When Yzma refused, Jafar departed to find the Crystal, leaving the Snakemen to finish them off. The Huntsman rallied his troops against the attackers, as Ayam Aghoul began taking down the Snakemen with his skull bombs. One of the Snakemen confronted the Mukhtar, attempting to turn him to stone. However, the Mukhtar managed to redirect the attack back at the Snakeman, petrifying him. Kobra Khan faced off against Madam Mim, who transformed into a crocodile and knocked him aside. At that moment, Flogg and the Mutants returned from space, and began firing on the Snakemen, driving them back. At the same time, Ursula arrived to deal with her old pets, and confronted Evil Lyn. The two traded magical attacks, with Lyn managing to wound Flotsam and Jetsam. However, Ursula was able to evade her attacks. Irritated, Evil Lyn zapped Ursula with a magical beam. Ursula quickly recovered, and managed to overpower Lyn, knocking her out of the fight. Meanwhile, Pete confronted Jafar and threatened him, only to be easily subdued by a blast from Jafar's staff.

While the battle raged outside, Maleficent and Azula entered the imperial palace, confronting Mozenrath. Before they could attack him, however, Skeletor arrived and greeted his old adversary, sarcastically apologizing for being late. Maleficent unleashed a series of powerful spells on Skeletor, but the overlord of evil was able to ward off her attacks. As the two sorcerers traded blows, Azula faced off against her former fiancee, Mozenrath. The two exchanged blasts of fire and magic, with Mozenrath initially managing to absorb the fire lord's attacks. Azula eventually succeeded in knocking Mozenrath off a cliff with a burst of lightning, but the king managed to grab onto the side, hanging on for dear life. Meanwhile, Skeletor and Maleficent traded boasts, as Skeletor proclaimed that only he would control the Crystal, while Maleficent declared that she would master the darkness and use it to rule all worlds. Noticing that Azula was about to finish off Mozenrath, Skeletor forced her back with a blast of magic, giving Mozenrath a chance to climb back to safety. When Azula attacked again with several concentrated blasts of flame, Mozenrath used a spell to overpower her, knocking her to the ground. This only succeeded in angering Azula, who returned with another furious assault, leaving Mozenrath on the run. Skeletor attempted to come to the aid of his ally, but Maleficent kept him at bay. Having had enough, Mozenrath tapped into the power of the Crystal, turning it on his enemy. As Maleficent watched in horror, Azula was trapped inside the Crystal, unable to escape. Enraged by the loss of her apprentice, Maleficent moved in to attack Mozenrath. The king attempted to cast the same spell on Maleficent as well, only for Maleficent to turn his attack back on him, sucking the screaming Mozenrath into the Crystal, much to Skeletor's dismay. With Mozenrath trapped inside the Crystal, Maleficent was able to take control of it herself, reveling in her mastery over the powers of darkness. However, she had not won just yet, as Jafar arrived to claim the Crystal. Jafar announced himself by transforming into a giant snake, attacking both Maleficent and Skeletor. While Skeletor held off Jafar with his magic, Maleficent transformed into a dragon and lunged at Jafar, with their combined powers forcing the sorcerer back. Jafar quickly recovered and taunted the two of them for thinking they could beat him. At that moment, however, Ursula arrived. Before Jafar had the chance to do anything, the sea witch cast a spell to banish the Snakemen back into Snake Mountain from whence they came. Screaming in horror, Jafar was banished along with his minions, never to be seen again. Seeing that the tide had turned in Maleficent's favour, Skeletor made a tactical retreat, while Maleficent and Ursula laughed in triumph.

As the final battle reached it's climax, Chernabog's onslaught threatened to consume the planet. The combined forces of the mortal world desperately fought to hold them back, but began to find themselves overwhelmed by Hell's armies. As Ratcliffe barked orders, Cobra Commander and his troops charged forward against the demon army. A particularly large Gergoth demon managed to force the Cobra soldiers back with it's fire breath, only for Captain Hook to intervene and slice it's face off, allowing the Commander and his men to push onward. Professor Screweyes then stepped into the fray, backed up by the remaining Acolytes. Seeing his old enemies, the Horned King ordered his barbarian troops to attack them, only for Magica De Spell to send them packing with her magic. While this was happening, however, the Horned King's Gwynthaints attacked Scar, managing to overpower the lion and knock him off a cliff. Seeing that he had gained the upper hand, the Horned King sent in his Cauldron Born to press his advantage. Unfortunately, the Lich used a spell of his own on the undead warriors, causing them to fall apart, much to the anger of the Horned King. To make matters worse, Magica used her powers to raise Scar up as a much more powerful, demonic being. While Towa (who had survived the battle in the Underworld) stepped in to face Magica and Scar, the Horned King confronted the Lich, and unleashed a powerful spell on the undead sorcerer, wracking him with pain. As Scar watched in terror, the Lich was torn apart by the Horned King's magic, laughing maniacally as he was destroyed. Towa then turned to Magica, using a spell of her own to strip her of her magic. With Magica's sorcery undone, Scar's demon form quickly dissipated, extinguishing the lion's spirit forever. Realizing that she was now powerless, Magica fled, leaving the Horned King and Towa victorious. Hoping to even the playing field, Screweyes summoned up one of the Old Ones, the mighty Cathulu, and hypnotized it into doing his bidding. Cathulu moved forward to attack the enemy armies, as Screweyes boasted of his power and proclaimed himself the master of fear. Xanatos and the Steel Clan fired on Cathulu, but their technology had little effect on the ancient monster, who easily shrugged off their attacks. Baxter Stockman and the Cobra air force launched their own assault on Cathulu, only for it to redirect their laser fire back on them, knocking several of them out of the sky. However, while Cathulu was distracted, Cobra Commander flew in and planted a powerful explosive on the creature. Meanwhile, Shredder stepped forward to face Cathulu, firing a beam of magical energy from his helmet that managed to wound the demon. Rothbart joined in, unleashing a barrage of spells that left Cathulu severely weakened. At that moment, Cobra Commander's bomb went off, completely destroying Cathulu, much to Screweyes' dismay. Meanwhile, Baxter Stockman found himself being attacked by a demonic dragon, who chomped his robotic body in half. Before it could finish Stockman off, however, Shendu decided to betray Mok and Wong, and destroyed the dragon. Despite all this, Chernabog continued his onslaught undeterred. Determined to stop the demon at all costs, Kent Mansley and Rameses sent their soldiers to attack him. However, Lady Tremaine and her daughters then appeared on the battlefield, halting their attack. Mansley stepped forward to deal with his nemesis personally, only for Tremaine to turn one of her spells on Rameses. The pharaoh was incinerated instantly, much to Mansley's horror. As Tremaine moved to finish off her old enemy, Anastasia pleaded with her to stop, saying that this had gone too far. While Tremaine verbally lashed out at her daughter for her ingratitude, Rasputin leapt into the fray and confronted her. Tremaine attempted to conjure a powerful curse that would banish the sorcerer from the mortal plane, only for Rasputin to turn the curse back on her, leaving only her wand behind. As all of this was going on, Frollo and Facilier managed to reach the top of the fortress, only to be confronted by Mok himself. Mok observed that Frollo was a fellow escapee of the damned, spat out by Hell just as Mok had been. Frollo acknowledged that they had both broken out of Hell in their own ways, but declared that if this was to be the day he went back, he would be taking Mok down with him. Mok responded with a bolt of magic, knocking Frollo to the ground. Facilier attempted to attack his old foe, only for Mok to declare that Facilier was no longer his equal, as Mok’s power now far exceeded his. Displaying his new powers, Mok quickly overwhelmed the terrified Facilier and dragged him to a fiery demise, leaving only a headstone to remember him by. Mok bid his old nemesis a mocking farewell, as Frollo looked on in horror. However, at that moment, Hades arrived on the scene, having gained the powers of Zeus, and was shocked and horrified to see that Facilier had been killed. Mok taunted the god, boasting that not even Chernabog had been able to stop him. Enraged by the death of his friend, Hades unleashed a powerful blast of flame, melting the Ring Of Darkness, much to Mok’s horror. With Mok’s control over him broken, Chernabog turned on the mastermind, promising that he would die for his treachery. Mok desperately attempted to assert his control over Chernabog, but to no avail, as the demon struck him down. Mok could do nothing but scream in rage and pain as he was destroyed, never to return. However, Hades and Frollo’s troubles were not over just yet, as Chernabog was now free.

With Mozenrath gone, Skeletor rallied the Sorcerers Society and the Mutants, attempting to regroup for a final assault against Maleficent. The group boarded the Mothership, moving in to destroy Maleficent once and for all. However, Maleficent, now wielding the power of the Crystal, managed to grab the Mothership in a telekinetic grip. Maleficent then used her new powers to open up a wormhole and flung the Mothership into it, sending Skeletor and his allies hurtling into the depths of space. Maleficent then turned the power of the Crystal on Chernabog, severely weakening him, much to Hades' joy. With their master weakened, the demon army and the remaining Acolytes were banished from the mortal plane, with Frollo looking on in triumph as they were dragged back into the depths of Hell. Thoroughly defeated, Chernabog was left petrified atop Bald Mountain, where he would slumber for all of eternity, never to rise again. At last, the final battle was over.

With the battle won, the survivors regrouped. While the armies dispersed and slowly made their way out of the desolate wasteland, several mourned their losses. Anastasia grieved for her mother, while Mansley and Hades separately mourned the deaths of Rameses and Facilier. Alone in China, Maleficent mourned the loss of her apprentice, who remained trapped in the Crystal alongside Mozenrath.

Meanwhile, Jafar found himself trapped in Snake Mountain and stripped of his powers, and screamed in anguish at his defeat.

On Mount Olympus, Maleficent and Hades gathered together the various leaders that had taken part in the final battle (including Ursula, Ratcliffe, Cobra Commander, Xanatos, Kent Mansley, Shredder, Krang, and Shendu) and announced that the war was over, laying out their plans for their new order. Maleficent explained that she would assume the position of Empress, while each of them would be rewarded by being given their own territory to rule within her empire. Maleficent went on to declare that this would be the end of their hostilities, and that together, they would move forward into a new golden age.

In Agrabah, Abis Mal reclaimed his title as Sultan, with the witch Orwen helping him alongside Haroud.

With Tremaine gone, Anastasia returned to her kingdom alongside Lawrence, as both of them were now free to live happily ever after as their true selves.

Cobra Commander and the Baroness rewarded Baxter Stockman for his loyal service, using their technology to restore his body and allow him to live as a flesh-and-blood person once again.

In Paris, Frollo prepared to leave with Father Anderson, as Ratcliffe asked if he would be coming to the celebration with the other world leaders. Frollo admitted that he had lost his taste for power, and revealed that he and Anderson would be leaving to supervise the reconstruction effort. Frollo then left France/England under Ratcliffe's rule, commending the governor for his faithful service and wishing him well in his new role.

In space, Snively and NOS-4A2 were left stranded within the remains of Unicron.

In the Underworld, the Horned King took over as the new Lord Of The Dead, with Towa ruling by his side.

In Thebes, Mechanicles declared himself the ruler of Greece.

Cruella paid a visit to Kent Mansley's prison to propose a prisoner exchange, turning over the captive Professor Screweyes to Mansley in exchange for the freedom of her old henchmen, Horace and Jasper.

Rasputin and Rothbart claimed control of Russia, and together they ushered in their new reign over the land.

With Shan Yu dead and Mozenrath imprisoned, Shendu was finally able to reclaim his old kingdom of China.

In Hell, a power vacuum had been left by the defeat of Chernabog and Mok. One particularly strong-willed soul, Ruber, stepped in to fill it, declaring himself the new King Of Hell.

Thanks to Rasputin's curse, Lady Tremaine and Drizella had been banished to Limbo, where Tremaine was forced to endure her daughter's terrible singing for the rest of eternity.

Cruella was given control of Queen Grimhilde's kingdom. As she and her henchmen moved into their new castle, Cruella was astonished to find the queen's Magic Mirror, with Grimhilde's soul now trapped inside after her death.

Ursula was finally able to retake her rightful place as Queen of Atlantica, while Evil Lyn was locked away in the Atlantican dungeons, with only the frozen body of Morgana to keep her company.

As Maleficent and her allies celebrated their victory on Earth, Skeletor and the Sorcerers Society were left stranded in the depths of space. Flogg stated that it would be quite some time before anyone could come to pick them up, much to Yzma's frustration. To pass the time, Ayam Aghoul decided to regale his allies with an anecdote about one of his previous wives, much to Skeletor's chagrin.

In a mid-credits scene, the Huntsman revealed to Yzma and the rest of his teammates that he knew of a possible way to free Mozenrath from the crystal, and set off to do just that, as Yzma, Skeletor, and Flogg declared that their day of triumph would come again.

Meanwhile, an unknown figure picked up the Stalker's discarded mask, indicating that Stalker may have survived.