A spin-off tournament created by GAvillain

Rounds (Part 1): 16 (Part 2): 13


Part One

Round 1:

  1. Hades vs Loki
  2. Frollo vs Doctor Doom
  3. Jafar vs Mandarin
  4. Clayton vs Kraven the Hunter
  5. Ursula vs Attuma
  6. Epilogue

Round 2:

  1. Evil Queen vs Electro
  2. Maleficent vs Enchantress
  3. Sykes vs Kingpin and Shocker
  4. Scar vs Red Skull
  5. Jafar vs Nicholas Scratch
  6. Epilogue

Round 3:

  1. Governor Ratcliffe vs Baron Zemo
  2. Pete vs Rhino
  3. Mace Malone vs Tombstone
  4. Coyote vs Ultron
  5. Jafar vs Mesmero
  6. Epilogue

Round 4:

  1. Doctor Octopus vs Sevarius
  2. Gaston vs Madame Mask
  3. The Green Goblin vs Xanatos
  4. Frollo vs Venom
  5. Jafar vs Magneto
  6. Epilogue

Round 5:

  1. Zurg vs Galactus
  2. Demona vs Mystique
  3. Queen Narissa vs Shocker and Whiplash
  4. Dr. Facilier vs Madame Mask
  5. Ursula vs Venom II
  6. Jackal Beast vs Manwolf
  7. Epilogue

Round 6:

  1. Morbius vs The Witches of Morva
  2. Hobgoblin vs Nathaniel
  3. Yzma vs Vulture
  4. Tombstone vs Pete
  5. Hades vs Wonderman
  6. Maleficent Dragon vs Phoenix
  7. Epilogue

Round 7:

  1. Maleficent and Pete vs Silver Sable
  2. The Headless Horseman vs Deadpool
  3. Rourke vs Red Skull (also featuring Mercenaries and Red Skull's HYDRA Soldiers)
  4. Ursula vs Abomination
  5. Archmage vs Loki
  6. The Horned King vs Morbius
  7. Epilogue

Round 8:

  1. Maleficent and Pete vs Mysterio
  2. Frollo and Ratcliffe vs Scorpion
  3. Ursula vs Doctor Octopus and Electro
  4. Huntsman vs Fin Fang Foom (also featuring Huntsgirl and Huntsclan)
  5. Shan Yu vs Mandarin (also featuring the Hun Army and Hayabusa the Falcon)
  6. Horned King vs Magneto (also featuring Gwythaints, CreeperThe Horned King's men, the Cauldron Born, Queen Grimhilde and Magneto's Acolytes: (Sabretooth, Gambit, Mastermind, Pyro and Colossus)
  7. Epilogue

Round 9:

  1. The Sorcerer Society vs Masters of Evil (Featuring Yzma, Mozenrath, Madam Mim, Ayam Aghoul, Enchantress, Executioner, Baron Zemo, Abomination, Crimson Dynamo, and Wonder Man)
  2. Demona vs MODOK
  3. Captain Hook and Avalanche vs Malekith
  4. The Pack vs The Sinister Six (Featuring Doctor Octopus, Electro, Vulture, Mysterio, Kraven, Shocker, Wolf, Jackal, Hyena, Dingo, and Coyote)
  5. Hades and Doubt vs Dormammu and Venom
  6. Negaduck vs Green Goblin
  7. Epilogue

Round 10:

  1. Doctor Facilier vs Gambit
  2. Lady Tremaine vs Mr. Sinister
  3. Foulfellow vs Green Goblin II
  4. Horace and Jasper vs Molten Man
  5. The Fearsome Five vs The Goon Squad (Featuring Negaduck, Megavolt, Liquidator, Bushroot, Quackerjack, Whiplash, Grey Gargoyle, Whirlwind, Living Laser, Dreadknight, Hypnotia, and Blizzard)
  6. Negaduck vs Hobgoblin
  7. Epilogue

Round 11:

  1. Frontal Assault (Featuring The Nazis, The Letzte Batallion, Armed Priest Corps, Mercenaries, HYDRA, HYDRA SoldiersHYDRA Octopus Robot (Cameo), Black Widow/Natalia Romanova (Cameo), Madame Viper (Cameo), Ratcliffe, Ratcliffe's Army and Mandarin)
  2. Decoy Sneak Attack (Featuring Warp Darkmatter, Chameleon, Zurg, Hornets, Red Skull, Red Skull's Mercenaries, and Lizard)
  3. Frollo vs Doctor Doom (Rematch)
  4. Madame Medusa vs Kingpin
  5. Zurg vs Doctor Doom
  6. Epilogue

Round 12:

  1. Coyote 2.0 vs Ultron
  2. Demona vs Enchantress (Featuring MacBeth)
  3. Xanatos vs Ultron and Baron Mordo (Featuring Fox, Alexander Xanatos and Thailog Shock Troops)
  4. Pain and Panic vs Mandarin
  5. Hades vs Malekith
  6. Maleficent vs Magneto (Featuring Headless Horseman and Avalanche)
  7. Forces of The Evil Queen vs Forces of Loki (Featuring Evil Queen, Evil Queen's forces, Gwythaints, Cruella, Lady Tremaine, Drizella Tremaine, The King's Guards, The Horned King's Barbarian Guards, Gwythaints,  Canmore, Canmore's Soldiers, Loki, Asgardians Soldiers, Ulik, Frost Giants, Fenrir Wolves  Enachntress, Exectioner, and Dr. Doom)
  8. Epilogue

Round 13:

  1. Prologue
  2. The Attack on the Forbidden Mountains Part One (Featuring Maleficent, Maleficent's Goons, Hades, Narissa (transformed into Cromm-Cruach), Pete, Pain, Panic, Loki, Doctor Doom, Enchantress, Executioner, Baron Mordo, Ultron, and Iron Avengers)
  3. Intermission
  4. Attack on the Forbidden Mountains Part Two (Featuring Maleficent, Diablo, Dr. Doom, Avalance, Chernabog, Dragon Maleficent, Galactus, and Mickey Mouse)
  5. Epilogue

Background Battles (Two rounds that focused on aspects of the first part of the series that needed more detail.)

Round 1:

  1. The Queen of Hearts vs Red Skull
  2. Scar and Zira vs The Wendigo
  3. Demona vs The Brotherhood of Mutants (featuring Mystique, Quicksilver, Avalanche, Blob, Toad and Scarlet Witch)
  4. Interlude 1
  5. Scar vs Kraven the Hunter
  6. Interlude 2
  7. McLeach vs Venom
  8. Anansi vs Kraven the Hunter
  9. Demona vs The Sentinel

Round 2:

  1. The Forces of Maleficent vs Baron Strucker (featuring Hades, Ursula, Captain Hook, Baron Strucker, Grim Reaper, Hydra Soldiers, and HYDRA Dreadnought)
  2. Chang vs The Green Goblin
  3. The Assassin vs The MRD (featuring Colonel Moss and MRD Soldiers)
  4. Zira and Nuka vs Sabretooth
  5. Interlude 1
  6. Demona vs The Master Mold
  7. Interlude 2
  8. The Forces of Scar vs The Forces of Kraven (Featuring Scar, Zira, Zira's Lions, Yzma, Kraven, Sabretooth, Calypso, Lady Waltham, and Owen)

Second Part:

Round 1:

  1. Prologue
  2. Klang vs Sandman
  3. Hades vs Hela
  4. The Black Widow vs The Quarrymen
  5. The Heed vs The Skrull
  6. Maleficent's Remnants vs Avalanche
  7. Negaduck vs Carnage
  8. Epilogue

Round 2:

  1. Count Rokoff and McLeach vs Sauron
  2. Thailog vs The Spider-Slayer
  3. Duff Killigan vs Doctor Octopus
  4. Mozenrath vs Fin Fang Foom
  5. Jafar vs Omega Red
  6. Hades vs Dark Hulk
  7. Lady Waltham and Owen Vs Ultron
  8. Epilogue

Round 3:

  1. Abis Mal vs Mesmero
  2. The Pack vs The Marauders (Featuring Coyote, Wolf, Hyena, Jackal, Vertigo, Harpoon, Arclight, and Blockbuster)
  3. NOS-4-A2 vs Super-Skrull
  4. Sarousch and Sa'Luk vs Ringmaster and Swordsman
  5. Xemnas vs Kingpin
  6. Drakken and Shego vs Smythe
  7. Dragunus vs Annihilus
  8. Evil Queen (as Regina) and Cruella vs Blackheart
  9. Epilogue

Round 4:

  1. The Sorcerer Society vs Salem's Seven (Featuring Mozenrath, Yzma, Mim, Ayam Aghoul's Shadow, Reptilla, Vakume, Thornn, Brutacus, Vertigo and Grim Reaper)
  2. The Huntsman vs The Demon
  3. Judge Doom vs Doctor Doom
  4. Syndrome vs The Shocker
  5. Doctor Facilier vs Puppet Master
  6. Klang vs General Ross
  7. Necrolai and Clawbster vs The Hidden
  8. Frollo vs Archangel
  9. Epilogue

Round 5:

  1. Prologue
  2. Koragg vs Loki
  3. Drakken vs Arnim Zola
  4. Zira vs Red Ghost (featuring Mandrill and Mikhlo)
  5. The Quarrymen vs The Masters of Evil (Featuring John Castaway, the Quarrymen, Baron Helmut Zemo, Absorbing Man, Tiger Shark, Whirlwind, Boomerang, Cardinal, and Moonstone.)
  6. The Weird Sisters vs Baron Mordo
  7. Hades' Forces vs Enchantress and the Frightful Four (Featuring Shan-Yu, Morgana, the Queen of Hearts, Zurg, Archmage, Enchantress, Executioner, Wizard, Klaw, Trapster, and Dragon Man.)
  8. Echidna and her Children vs Red Hulk (Featuring Echidna, The Cyclops, Chimera, Ladon, Gegenius, Nemean Lion, and Red Hulk.)
  9. Epilogue

Round 6:

  1. Kalabar vs Laufey
  2. Cruella vs Bullseye
  3. MacBeth vs Kang the Conqueror
  4. Klang vs Klaw
  5. The Chameleon (disguised as Cruella) vs Hammerhead
  6. The White Witch vs Red Skull
  7. NOS-4-A2 and Dragaunus vs Ronan the Accuser
  8. Maleficent vs Enchantress
  9. Hades and Demona vs Loki (as The Destroyer) and Doctor Doom (also featuring Cerberus)
  10. Epilogue

Round 7:

  1. Mother Gothel vs. Shikata
  2. Saraoush vs. Mesmero
  3. Shego and Senor Senior Jr. vs. Klaw
  4. King Duncan vs. Omega Red
  5. Lt. Helga Sinclair and McLeach vs. Vision
  6. Dr Facilier vs. Gambit (Re-Match)
  7. Oogie Boogie vs. Doctor Doom and Sergei
  8. The Evil Queen vs. Loki
  9. Hades and Maleficent vs. Thanos
  10. Epilogue

Round 8:

  1. Prologue
  2. Barbossa vs. Red Skull
  3. Ursula vs. Avalanche
  4. The Sanderson Sisters vs. Abigor
  5. Jafar and Lady Tremaine vs. Mysterio
  6. Rumpelstiltskin vs. The Lizard
  7. The Redemption Squad vs. AIM (Featuring Lady Waltham, Hobson, Dingo, Doctor Vile, Crab Mutant Minions, Yama, Fang, Jason Canmore, Robyn Canmore, Jon Canmore, Ultron, Scientist Supreme, AIM Soldiers and Xanatos)
  8. Epilogue

Round 9:

  1. Prologue
  2. Zuse and the Huntsman vs. Loki and Blackheart
  3. Drakken's Forces vs. Dr Octopus
  4. Senor Senior Sr and Senor Senior Jr vs. Smythe
  5. Madame Medusa vs. Scarlet Witch
  6. Kal vs. Wallow
  7. Demona and Macbeth vs. Miriam the Vampire Queen
  8. Zira (as Queen La) and Irmaplotz vs. Diablo
  9. Gaston vs. Avalanche-Venom
  10. Forces of NOS-4-A2 vs. Forces of Thanos (Featuring NOS-4-A2, The Saurians: (Dragaunus, Wraith, Siege, Chameleon (Saurian), and Hunter Drones), Thanos, Herr Kleiser, and The Chitauri)
  11. Frollo and Zurg vs. Dr. Doom
  12. Epilogue

Round 9.5

  1. Lady Tremaine vs Venom

Round 10:

  1. Prologue
  2. Battle of New York (Part One) (Featuring Loki, Doctor Doom, Bullseye, Blackheart, Laufey, The Destroyer, The Chitauri, Regina, Cruella, Kal, The Sanderson Sisters, Koragg, Catastros, Necrolai, Hidiacs, Styxoids, and The White Witch's Army)
  3. Battle of the Bayou (Featuring Madame Medusa, Doctor Faciller, Ayam Aghoul, BellaDonna, Assassins Guild, and X-Ternal)
  4. Battle of the Eyrie Building (Featuring Ultron, Xanatos Program , Vision, Synthezoid Avengers, Xanatos, Steel Clan, Lady Waltham, Dingo, Doctor Vile, Crab Mutant Minions, Yama, Fang, Jason Canmore, Robyn Canmore, Jon Canmore, and Owen/Puck)
  5. Battle of New York City (Part Two) (Featuring Loki, Dr. Doom, Regina, The Sanderson Sisters and Necrolai)
  6. Epilogue

Round 11:

  1. Prologue
  2. Battle of New Salem (Featuring Huntsman, Huntsgirl, Huntsclan, Queen La (Zira), Irmaplotz, The Mukhtar, Saurus, Al Muddy, Absorbing Man, Tiger Shark, Moonstone, Boomerang, Whirlwind, Cardinal, DragonflyYmir and Frost Giants)
  3. Battle of the Land of Black Sands (Featuring Mozenrath, Xerxes, Mamluks, Yzma, Madame Mim, Ayam Aghoul, Khartoum, Loki, Doctor Doom, Baron Zemo, The Destroyer, Frost Giants and Kronk)
  4. Battle of New York (CGI) (Featuring Kingpin, Kingpin's Minions, Shocker, Shocker's Mercenaries, Sergei, Syndrome, Omnidroid, Oogie Boogie and Mother Gothel)
  5. Battle of Egypt (Featuring Apocalypse, Mesmero, Mr. Sinister, Archangel, Omega Red, Red Hulk, Vertigo, Arclight, Blockbuster, Death, War, Famine, Pestilence, Jafar, Jafar's Horse, Frollo, Frollo's Soldiers, Sa'Luk, Lady Tremaine, Drizella, Monkey Fist, Yono, Stone Gorilla, Monkey Ninja Army, Mcleach, Joanna, Helga, and King Duncan)
  6. Epilogue

Round 12:

  1. Prologue
  2. RoboDuff and Shego vs Hammerhead
  3. Battle of Avalon: The Beach (Featuring Baron Mordo, Mysterio, Enchantress, Fire Demons, Avalanche and Archmage)
  4. Thailog and Chameleon vs Dracon vs Doc Ock
  5. Battle of Avalon: The Orchard (Featuring Baron Mordo, Mysterio, Demona, Morgana, Weird Sisters, MacBeth, Maleficent and Diablo (as Raven))
  6. Xanatos and Kingpin vs Smythe and Feral Mickey (Featuring Chernabog)
  7. Battle of Avalon: The Castle I (Featuring Ursula, Pete, Hades, Maleficent, Shan-Yu, Diablo/Raven, Weird Sisters, Archmage, Baron Mordo, Baron Mordo's Demons, Mysterio, Enchantress and Avalanche-Venom)
  8. Zurg and the Queen of Hearts vs Spider-Carnage
  9. Battle of Avalon: The Castle II (Featuring Maleficent, Enchantress, Baron Mordo, Ursula, The Weird Sisters, Mysterio, Avalanche Venom, Hades and the Archmage)
  10. Hades and Maleficent vs Dormammu
  11. Epilogue

Round 13:

  1. Prologue
  2. Jafar vs Apocalypse
  3. Headless Horseman and Mephisto vs Ramsley and Blackheart
  4. Morgana vs Hela (Featuring Ursula and Annihilus)
  5. Thailog vs the Dark Avengers (Featuring Ms. Marvel (as Moonstone), Hawkeye (as Bullseye), Wolverine (as Daken), Spider Man (as Avalanche-Venom), and Iron Patriot)
  6. The Archmage vs Thanos
  7. Chernabog(in form of Minotaur) vs Avalanche-Venom
  8. Hades and Maleficent vs Loki and Dr. Doom
  9. Epilogue

Part Three

Round 1:

  1. Prologue
  2. Vanitas vs the Mandarin (as Gene Khan)
  3. Ursula and Hecate vs Hela
  4. Prince Phobos vs Graviton
  5. Imperious vs Malekith
  6. Evil Emperor Zurg vs Kang the Conqueror
  7. Redemption Squad vs the Dark Avengers (Featuring Xanatos, Demona, Lady Waltham, Hobson, Dingo, Doctor Vile, Crab Mutant Minions, Yama, Fang, Jason Canmore, Robyn Canmore, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Wolverine, Spider Man, and Iron Patriot)
  8. Peter Pan vs Loki
  9. Epilogue
  10. Regina and Cruella

Alternate Part One:


  1. Hades vs Loki
  2. Frollo vs Magneto
  3. Jafar vs Mandarin
  4. Coyote vsUltron
  5. Ursula vs Enchantress
  6. Prince Phobos vs Dr. Doom
  7. Maleficent vs Dormammu

Events of the War

Part One

Hades was furious about his latest scheme's failure. Loki showed up with his Frost Giants and attempted to take over the Underworld. Hades immolated the Frost Giants and then faced off against Loki. Loki blasted Hades back with a pulse of dark energy, but Hades quickly recovered. He hurled his fire at Loki, only for the trickster god to dissipate into crows and then reform elsewhere. When Loki tried to blast him again, Hades teleported away, gaining the high ground. He then knocked Loki down with a burst of flame and cast him deep into the Underworld.

A Doombot informed Dr. Doom that Paris's Minister of Justice had been publicly denouncing Doom for being a gypsy. Doom was furious and flew to Paris wielding the Silver Surfer's power cosmic. Doom interrupted Frollo's public execution of a gypsy and attacked. Frollo tried to rally his troops to knock Doom out of the sky but Doom was one step ahead as always. Doom began destroying buildings around the pyre. Frollo had his men try to shoot Doom out of the sky, but Doom landed and triggered the lava flows around Notre Dame. Doom looked on as Frollo was seemingly burned alive, while Frollo's soldiers ran away in terror.

In the Valley of Spirites, Mandarin was plotting a new scheme to destroy Iron Man when Jafar appeared to challenge the Mandarin for his rings. Jafar took the first shot, blasting the Mandarin back with a blast of magic from his staff. Mandarin responded with a blast of energy from his rings, but Jafar batted the blow away. Sensing danger, Jafar summoned a massive scorpion to take out the threat, but Mandarin wiped it out with little effort. Jafar seized upon Mandarin's moment of vulnerability to blast him with a dose of seemingly lethal magic, blasting the villain's rings across the planet.

In Africa, Kraven was hunting a gazelle but was interrupted by a flare going off. He looked up to find that Clayton shot up the flare and that he too was hunting in Africa. These two feared hunters went head to head in a fight that only one would walk away from alive. Furious at losing his prey, Kraven beat down Clayton with a massive kick. When Clayton tried to escape into the trees, Kraven followed, knocking Clayton down yet again. To seal the deal, Kraven tied up Clayton in vines, thinking them a fitting distraction for the armed Clayton. To Kraven's surprise and pleasure, Clayton accidentally hanged himself while trying to escape the vines.

At the bottom of the sea, Attuma had overthrown Namor and taken over Atlantis. Ursula was watching and she too wanted Namor's realm to be her own. She showed up and challenged Attuma. Attuma sent out his soldiers, but Ursula quickly disposed of them. Ursula then turned her attention to Attuma and a fight in which the winner will gain full dominion of the seas began. Attuma tried to run away, but Ursula blasted him down with a powerful spell that sufficed to kill him. With no one left to challenge her, Ursula seized control of the seas.

In Hades's pit of souls, Enchantress andExecutioner arrived and freed Loki, who had big plans for the coming war.

Hades had also been considering the possibility of a war and travelled to the Forbidden Mountains. He told Maleficent that he thought a war might be coming. She was sceptical at first but eventually came to believe it and informed Hades that her latest project may be able to help them. They forged an alliance and sealed it in a hand shake.

Ursula was celebrating her new position as Queen of Atlantis when Jafar showed up. Ursula told him to leave her alone... that is until Jafar revealed who he was acting on behalf of.

At a small hospital in China, the paramedics brought in a bizarre man who they found apparently dead a few miles away. However, this man was not quite as dead as they believed. He was actually the Mandarin, having survived his battle with Jafar.

 Part Two

The Evil Queen had finally succeeded in taking out Snow White. However, as she was leaving the cottage, she noticed Electro there, who had been sent to kill her by an unknown master. The Queen fled into the forest but was pursued by Electro. She led him up to the cliff where only one choice was left: fight. The Queen attempted to crush him with a large rock. However, with a single blast of lightning, Electro destroyed the ground on which the Queen stood, sending her falling to her death.

Loki had been keeping an eye on Hades. Knowing that Hades had formed an alliance with Maleficent, he sent his loyal ally, the Enchantress to fight Maleficent. At first, Maleficent allowed her goons to do the fighting, but when Enchantress's sorcery became too much for them to handle, Maleficent stepped into battle. Enraged, Maleficent tried to strike the Enchantress down, only for the Enchantress to absorb her magic. Unfazed, Maleficent tried again, leading the Enchantress to teleport away from the blast sites. In the fracas, the Enchantress turned Diablo, Maleficent's adored pet raven, to stone. Now livid with fury, Maleficent struck down the Enchantress with a powerful shot of lightning. Maleficent then unleashed a full maelstrom of dark magic, unleashing it upon the Enchantress and knocking her unconscious. Just before Maleficent managed to deal the killing blow, the Executioner arrived and hurried the Enchantress through an escape portal.

Kingpin and Sykes were speaking in a video chat. Sykes informed Kingpin that he would be taking Kingpin's territory for himself. Kingpin was not pleased and hired the assistance of the Shocker to take out the competition. Motivated by money and status, Shocker infiltrated Sykes's facility until he was spotted by the security cam. When Roscoe and Desoto attacked, Shocker effortlessly killed them with blasts from his gauntlets. A furious Sykes responded by trying to ram Shocker with his car, but the unfazed hitman stopped him dead in his tracks and blasted clean through the windshield, destroying the vehicle completely and electrocuting his targeted foe in the process.

The Red Skull arrived in Wonderland in a bid to forge an alliance with its queen in the war. However, the Queen didn't wish to ally with Red Skull and shouted at him. Red Skull, not taking no for an answer, challenged her to a battle. The Queen of Hearts smacked him in the face with a flamingo, but Red Skull laid her flat with a pipe. Red Skull brandished a pistol, leading the Queen of Hearts to retreat into her fortress. Red Skull managed to shoot through the fortifications, leading the Queen of Hearts to surrender.

Scar and Zira arrived at the Elephant Graveyard and recruited the Hyenas for their army. However, the Wendigo soon arrived to take the Elephant Graveyard as his own territory. Scar battled the Wendigo while Zira and the Hyenas dealt with the Wendigo's pack. Scar blinded the creature by throwing embers into its face. Scar then delivered a brutal backhand to the Wendigo, while Zira and the hyenas fought the pack. Scar and the Wendigo pounced at each other, with the Wendigo getting the upper hand. Before the Wendigo could land the killing blow, Zira intervened, tearing out the monster's spinal cord. With no predators to threaten them, the two lions took control of the Pridelands.

Demona, seeking to obtain the Grimorum Arcanorum arrived at the home of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Using a spell from the book, she was easily able to scare off the boys. However, Mystique soon arrived and revealed her secret weapon that she had been training using the Grimorum: the Scarlet Witch. The Witch wounded the gargoyle as the beast tried to escape with the spellbook. The Scarlet Witch's offensive was so intense that Demona only managed to escape with a few pages of the spellbook.

Jafar's master ordered him to go to New Salem and take it over. Jafar was enthusiastic and left immediately. Once he arrived, he met resistance from New Salem's unofficial leader: Nicholas Scratch. The two sorcerers went head to head throwing around their magic. Jafar tried to burn his foe to death, but Scratch countered with a few blasts of lightning. The blows had little effect on Jafar, who proceeded to turn Scratch into dust and seal him in a cave. 

Hades, seeking a powerful warrior that Maleficent could train and could help him take down Zeus, found the answer at the scene of the previous fight: Avalanche, one of the fallen mutants from the Brotherhood of Mutants.

It was revealed that Electro was acting upon Red Skull's orders. However, he wasn't too keen on taking Skull's orders and betrayed Skull. Frollo observed this and approached Skull. Skull was surprised that Frollo survived his fight with Doom. Frollo revealed that he dove into a secret passageway before the fire could burn him. He then offered Skull a trade: help him defeat Dr. Doom in exchange for information on where to find an army of fellow Nazis.

In Neverland, Jafar recruited Captain Hook for his master and read off a contract for Hook to agree to.

On HYDRA Island, Dr. Doom arrived. He took down Grim Reaper and Baron Strucker and proclaimed himself the leader of HYDRA.

Enchantress returned from her less than successful attempt to defeat Maleficent. Loki then gave her a new job.

Part Three

Ratcliffe was preparing his armada to become a force to be reckoned with in the coming war. When Baron Zemo got wind of this, he decided to personally deal with Ratcliffe. Terrified of the far more imposing Zemo, Ratcliffe had his soldiers push the gangplank into the sea. Zemo boarded the ship anyways, causing Ratcliffe's men to flee in terror and forcing Ratcliffe to take up his sword and duel the enemy. The two locked blades, but Zemo's skill with a blade proved to be too much for Ratcliffe. With a swift flick of the wrist, Zemo disarmed Ratcliffe. Knowing himself outclassed, Ratcliffe pulled a gun on his foe and fired at him, wounding Zemo in the arm. Zemo backed away, only to be teleported away. Zemo reappeared in a suspicious, dark void where Enchantress and Executioner recruited him.

Kingpin feared that since Sykes tried to take his territory, other Disney Villains might try to as well. He sent out the Rhino to deal with known criminal, Pete. Rhino arrived at Pete's hideout to challenge the crook. As the criminal prepared to charge into the base, Pete triggered his blast doors; the Rhino got stuck in the doors, though he did tear right through the metal. When the Rhino prepared to charge again, Pete triggered his trick floor, making the Rhino think that he was falling to his death. The Rhino charged yet again, only for Pete to lay him flat with a remote controlled punch. Content over his victory, Pete laughed. However, Jafar appeared in the doorway, seeking out Pete's assistance.

Scar was out taking a walk in the Savannah when Kraven spotted him and decided to take the sinister lion as a trophy. However, Scar revealed that he had friends in high places as he ordered the hyenas to attack Kraven. Kraven managed to beat them off but was severely wounded by them. Scar came in to deal the finishing blow, but Kraven grabbed the lion and tossed him off a cliff face. Though Scar survives, Kraven looked on, now determined to catch his prey.

At Sykes's funeral, the notorious gangster from the 30's, Mace Malone, came to mourn his lost colleague's death. Tombstone recognized him and approached the gangster. Malone let slip that he had weaselled in and claimed Sykes's territory for himself, something Tombstone wanted. That night, at the Hotel Cabal, Tombstone came to take out Malone but Malone was ready for him and attacked him with the Hotel's defenses. As Tombstone moved through the corridors, windows began shutting, cutting him off from the light. In mere seconds, the floor began collapsing beneath him. Tombstone ran, but razor-sharp boomerangs shot out of the walls and embedded themselves in his back. Tombstone painfully pulled them out, coming face to face with Mace Malone himself. Malone then noticed that Tombstone was navigating through the hotel extremely quickly and figured out that Tombstone had a key to the Hotel (the key was able to bypass the security). Malone went to deal with Tombstone personally but Tombstone was one step ahead and escaped the hotel. Malone tried to gun Tombstone down, but Tombstone used his own tommy gun to shoot Malone and his rifle down an elevator shaft. Unfortunately for Mace, the key that Tomby used to bypass the security was Mace's key and without his key, Mace was trapped in the Hotel with no way of escape.

Hoping to acquire Ultron's technology, Xanatos sent his Coyote android to confront Ultron, but soon learned that his robot had the inferior technology for once. Coyote confronted Ultron in the latter's warehouse base of operations. Coyote shot first, but the more powerful Ultron absorbed the energy of the blast. Ultron then took a shot of his own, completely tearing off half of Coyote's face. Ultron then fired his fist completely through Coyote's body, destroying the robot almost completely.

Jafar's mystery master sent him on a new mission: to take down the mutant Mesmero and keep him from reviving Apocalypse. Jafar showed up but soon found that Mesmero's mental powers were indeed a force to be reckoned with. Jafar appeared before Mesmero, who briefly distorted Jafar's perception of his own body. However, Jafar's heightened kinesthetic sense kicked in, and he regained the proper sense of reality. He then overloaded Mesmero's mind with a high frequency spell. As Mesmero tried to flee, Jafar bended several steel pylons around him, trapping Mesmero for the rest of the war.

As per Frollo's instructions, the Red Skull travelled to Nutziland in the cartoon Wasteland to find it completely inhabited by Nazis. Skull was impressed and recruited them for his army.

At the Forbidden Mountains, Jafar introduced Ursula, Hook, and Pete to his master: Maleficent. She also had a surprise and revealed that Hades would be acting as her second-in-command, much to Jafar's disdain and jealousy.

Next, Frollo, impressed by Ratcliffe's victory over Zemo, recruited him for the New Axis Powers.

In Tibet, Mandarin recovered one of his rings and prepared to rise to power again.

Part Four

Doc Ock showed up at Gen-U-Tech labs to steal the biotechnology he needed to do a little upgrading. Sevarius, however, wasn't too keen on Ock stealing his designs and confronted him. Ock initially had the upper hand(s) but Sevarius's gun was able to keep him at bay. The two mad scientists called in reinforcements, but in the end, it all depended on which scientist could get the upper hand. Sevarius, horrified by the attacker, opened fire, forcing Doc Ock to use his claws to block the shots. Doctor Octopus then lashed out his claws, knocking Sevarius's feet from beneath him. Doctor Octopus then called in his assistant, the Vulture, for back-up. The Vulture provided a quick distraction for Sevarius's guards, allowing Doctor Octopus the opportunity to knock them aside. Sevarius rushed at Doctor Octopus in a mad dash to stop him, but Doc Ock smashed him into a tank of electric eels. As Sevarius electrocuted himself, Doctor Octopus and the Vulture got away with the technology.

Count Nefaria, leader of the Maggia, sent his daughter, Madame Mask to forge an alliance with Gaston and his band of ruffians. However, Gaston mocked Mask for her mask and sent her away. Mask then went to Facilier's voodoo shop to get the power to defeat Gaston. Facilier gave Mask a crown that not only allowed her to remove her mask by healing her wounds and restoring her good looks, but also gave her magic power. She used his new gift to approach and engage Gaston in battle. Gaston tried to launch a few arrows at her, but she blocked them with little effort. Mask knocked Gaston off a cliff, taking pleasure as the hunter fell to his death.

Norman Osborn arrived at the office to find Xanatos waiting for him. Xanatos informed Osborn that he was buying OsCorp. Osborn, seeking revenge, took on the mantle of the Green Goblin to confront Xanatos. But Xanatos wasn't just a pretty boy business man. Xanatos saw the attack coming, getting into his Goliath mech and readying two other androids. The Green Goblin managed to take out the androids with his various weapons, but Xanatos analyzed the debris so to calculate the best angle of attack. As the Green Goblin came in for a swipe, Xanatos punched his rival out of the side and then pummelled him with lasers.

Venom, being the lethal protector that he was, arrived in Paris to take down Frollo and his reign of terror. Facilier warned Frollo in advance for some unknown reason. Venom attacked Frollo and the judge seemed to be beat. However, Frollo had an ace up his sleeve. Frollo demanded that his "son," Quasimodo, rescue him should he come into danger. When Frollo confronted Venom, he attempted to stand against him. To Frollo's horror, Venom was faster than him and knocked the judge into a nearby wall. As Frollo begged for mercy, Quasimodo rang the Bells of Notre Dame, causing the Venom symbiote to flee from its host and hide, due to the pain of the loud noise.

Maleficent was told by her goons that Magneto was posing a deadly threat. Seeing this as an opportunity to gain Maleficent's favor over Hades, Jafar volunteered to eliminate the master of magnetism. However, this time Jafar might have bitten off more than he could chew as he entered Magneto's lair. The sorcerer blasted Magneto through a stained glass window, catching the mutant off guard. Jafar then breathed fire upon his foe, but Magneto was able to part the flames. Jafar turned into a giant snake in order to kill Magneto, but Magneto impaled his foe with various bits of loose debris. Suddenly, Hades helped Jafar by turning him into a massive genie. Magneto, however, noticed the newly made genie's lamp. Using his magnetic powers, Magneto hurled the lamp into a vat of lava. Jafar exploded into dust.

Maleficent, Hades, Hook, and Avalanche had been watching Jafar fight and discussed his failure as Avalanche mentioned retrieving a princess during the battle. Maleficent then revealed to Avalanche that she had obtained Kitty Pryde for him and that she was all his if Avalanche did her a few tiny jobs.

Doctor Octopus approached Kraven and recruited him for his Sinister Six project.

Sevarius was revealed to have faked his death on Demona's behalf because of her plans to remove Xanatos from the picture once and for all.

Meanwhile, Doc Ock was using the Gen-U-Tech biotechnology to upgrade supervillains. He made Electro into a living furnace of electricity, Kraven into a Lion mutate, and Vulture into a young man.

Jafar requested that Hades revive him. However, Hades was not feeling so generous and denied him resurrection.

Mandarin had found yet another ring. It wouldn't be long now.

And in a New York City airport, Norman Osborn was revealed to have survived his battle with Xanatos and had faked his death to lie low for the moment.

Part Five

It was business as usual at Planet Z. Zurg was planning a new evil scheme to take over the galactic alliance when the devourer of worlds Galactus showed up to consume Planet Z. Zurg sent his hornets out to take down Galactus but were mere insects against Galactus's power and were destroyed, leaving Zurg with two options: fight or flight. Zurg chose to flee, allowing Galactus to eat his planet in peace.

On Magneto's behalf, Mystique went to Xanatos's fortress to sabotage his operation and bring his organization to its knees. However, Demona, who had business with Xanatos, arrived and noticed Mystique. The two blue-skinned, red haired, human-hating (basically carbon copies of each other) villianess fought mano y mano. Mystique got cocky and showed her face, leading Demona to punch her foe into a wall. Mystique offered a swift kick in return. Demona took up her laser rifle as Mystique readied a grenade. Shooting first, Demona missed her foe. Demona instead resorted to throwing Mystique into the ground, but Mystique recovered quickly and delivered a punch to Demona's jaw. Demona turned to her last ditch weapon: the pages of the Grimorum Arcanorum. Demona cast a spell and turned Mystique into stone; victorious, Demona crushed the statue with a mace.

Narissa had been keeping an eye on the war when she noticed an old flame, Shocker, was in the war. She decided that she would do away with him. She used her magic to create an explosion outside to distract him and pushed him out the window into a water tank. Shocker's gauntlets began to overload and short-circuit the rest of his suit, forcing Shocker to remove everything in a panic, minus his mask and briefs, as he jumped out just before the tank exploded. However, Narissa failed to deal with Kingpin's other minion: Whiplash who interceded. Narissa transformed into a dragon, breathing fire at her foe. Whiplash took one hit, but he managed to bind Narissa's snout with his whip. 

Realizing that Madame Mask had not payed Facilier back for the crown, the Shadow Man went to collect his debts. With the powers of a god at her disposal, Mask believed that she was too powerful to have to pay her debts. However, Facilier, like all good con-artists, had an ace up his sleeve. Mask, thinking herself a god, spit magic in Facilier's face and tried to kill him. Facilier shrugged the blow off and blew some magic powder in Mask's face, draining away her beauty and stealing her soul. The Horned King, impressed by Facilier's victory over Mask, hired Facilier into an alliance that he was forming.

Having survived the extensive damage from the battle with Frollo, the alien symbiote slithered on to another host. This did not go unnoticed by Ursula, who was ordered by Maleficent to get rid of the brute. Ursula met the villain and fought with him, lunging at the supervillain. Unfortunately for Ursula, Venom recovered quickly and hit Ursula with a boulder. Ursula lifted the rock and tossed it away. She followed with a blast of magic that disintegrated part of the Venom symbiote's arm, leading the alien half of the supervillain to abandon its human host.

Before his death at the hands of Magneto, Jafar turned a slave girl in his harem into a monstrous jackal because she angered him. In the present, Miriam, the Queen of the Vampires, used her mental powers to take control of Manwolf so that he could steal for her a powerful gem that once belonged to Jafar. However, the Jackal Beast was still there and Jafar's prize gem was feeling mischievous tonight. Jackal Beast tried to stop Man-Wolf, but it threw a table at her. Jackal Beast tore through the wooden table, knocking Man-Wolf over. Suddenly, Jafar's gem trapped Jackal Beast on a hamster wheel. Jackal Beast got free, coming upon the now human Man Wolf, having been transformed by Jafar's gemstone. Just as Jackal Beast was about to tear the man's throat out, the gemstone transformed her back into a human.

Having had his suit destroyed in the battle with Narissa, Shocker went to Doc Ock who supplied him with a new one. On one condition, that is: Shocker's compliance in entering his villain team the Sinister Six.

Xanatos learned that Ultron hired AIM to design for him new upgrades and tried to hack into their computer system to steal them for Coyote. However, AIM's firewall kept him out, so Xany went on to Plan B

An AIM soldier informed MODOK about the attempted hacker and MODOK ordered the creation of a new computer defense system.

Following his escape from Planet Z, Zurg arrived on Earth at Hydra island and forged an alliance with Dr. Doom

By the orders of Dormammu, Baron Mordo used his magic to reunite the alien symbiote with Eddie Brock to recreate Venom.

Mandarin found yet another ring.

Miriam was still in need of some one to steal the diamond for her and used her powers to turn Michael Morbius into a vampire.

Part Six

Morbius traveled to the Marshes of Morva to demand that the witches who live there cure his vampirism. Instead of curing him, the witches toyed with him and mutated him into an immense bat-monster. However, they were not without mercy and revealed to him where he could find a cure: the Castle of the Horned King.

Kingpin, who was in possession of the captured Narissa, was having a meeting with the Hobgoblin about a job as the Kingpin's top assassin in the Shocker's absence. Meanwhile, Nathaniel, determined to free his queen, sent out a monstrous troll to free Narissa. Upon discovering that there was a Troll in Central Park (XD) heading right for them, Hobgoblin volunteered to take out the Troll. Blaster in hand, he felled the troll with one shot. However, Nathaniel also let loose a deadly Hydra onto the battlefield. The Hobgoblin took out one of the monster's heads with a pumpkin bomb, but the monster regrew the heads. The Hobgoblin changed his strategy, blowing up large portions of a cliff face; the resulting avalanche buried and killed the Hydra. Nathaniel emerged from the shadows, bemoaning his defeat. The Hobgoblin launched several missiles at his foe, killing the hapless attendant.

Yzma, looking to recruit the forming Sinister Six for Mozenrath, used a youth potion to make herself younger again, in hopes of seducing the also rejuvenated Vulture into supporting the alliance. However, when Yzma's potion proved less successful than she had hoped, it was time for Plan B. Yzma's youth potion stopped working, revealing her haggard and aged form. The Vulture rebuffed her, leading Yzma to leap into a giant octopus mech and try to kill him. The Vulture flew away from the mech's attacks and shot it with a laser gun. This stunned the machine long enough for the Vulture to make his escape.

Having discovered that Eddie Brock a.k.a. Venom had escaped from prison, Frollo hired the hunter Percival C. McLeach to hunt down this dangerous quarry and provided the hunter with weaponry capable of harming Venom. McLeach tracked down Venom and engaged the brute. McLeach launched a rocket at the villain, intentionally missing to create a loud noise. Venom was stunned but soon recovered, knocking McLeach into his own pit. McLeach got up and shot Venom, but the symbiote absorbed the blast. Venom punched McLeach into a river, watching as the hunter fell off a waterfall to his presumed demise.

Having learned that his old enemy, Kraven, had been turned by Doctor Octopus into a mutate, Scar sent Zira and Nuka to enlist the aid of Anansi, the trickster spirit. The immense spider engaged the feline hunter. Kraven took up two ibex horns as weapons and tore through most of Anansi's webs, only to get entangled in the thick of the web. Kraven built up his rage and tore through Anansi's web, plunging the spider to the ground, where it died.

Realizing that Demona posed a greater threat to humanity than the mutants did, Bolivar Trask decided that the gargoyle must be eliminated and sent out his Sentinel robot to destroy her. Demona, meanwhile, was out stealing necessary equipment for Doctor Sevarius's project when the Sentinel arrived and battled her. Demona shot it with her laser cannon, managing to slow its assault. It soon recovered and unloaded its full payload of lasers, wrecking most of the building around Demona. She fled into the air, but the Sentinel pursued. Just as it was about to kill Demona, Xanatos who had been observing the fight, sent out his Steel Clan to help Demona, who he believed to be an ally. The Steel Clan saved Demona's life. Demona resented the action, as it undermined her plan to defeat Xanatos.

Tombstone was tipped off by Xanatos that Pete was planning on invading his territory and decided to act. Pete, meanwhile, was approached by Dr. Frankenollie about genetic mutation, which Pete agreed to. Frankenollie transformed Pete into a giant, monstrous version of himself just as Tombstone arrived. With Tombstone and Pete battling and Xanatos and a certain Goblin dealing the cards, things were bound to get messy. Pete leaped onto a crane and swung at Tombstone. Tombstone, however, seized the crane's controls and dropped Pete into the bottom of the facility. Just as Tombstone was about to escape, though, the Green Goblin destroyed a key bridge out of the facility. Pete came close to dying from the blow, but David Xanatos digitized him.

Simon Williams, distraught over the bankruptcy of his company, approached Hades for the power to take down the man responsible for the failure: David Xanatos. Hades turned Simon into an ion powered supervillain but revealed to Simon that in exchange for the power, he'd have to serve Hades for all eternity. Wonderman, furious, threw a blast of energy at Hades. The blow missed, leading Hades to respond with a fireball of his own. Wonderman dodged, firing a laser from his palm that actually stunned Hades. Hades summoned some dead hands to capture Wonderman, but he flew into the air. Wonderman grabbed Hades, but Hades destroyed his hand with a blast of fiery energy. Hades then disintegrated his foe.

The Hellfire Club, ever seeking to harness the Phoenix force, had unleashed the Phoenix after extracting it from Jean Grey and the fiery bird went to take on the most powerful Disney villain herself, Maleficent. Maleficent noticed the oncoming Phoenix and transformed into a dragon. Maleficent launched fireball after fireball, but the Phoenix dodged and blasted her in the face with some energy. Maleficent managed to endure the blow and hit the Phoenix force with a direct burst of fire breath, killing the Hellfire Club members within.

Pete woke up inside of AIM's computer system, having been digitized by Xanatos at the end of his fight with Tombstone. Recognizing that this place could be of use to them, Pete called down Maleficent to check it out. Maleficent saw this new dimension as a place from which she could conquer various parts of the world and teleported into it, aiding Pete in his exploration.

Meanwhile, Wonderman was surprised to find himself still alive and discovered that his survival was the Enchantress's doing.

Tombstone returned to his base to find that New York had a new Bigman: the Green Goblin.

Highly suspicious of the Hobgoblin, Kingpin fired the masked goblin. The Hobgoblin did not take the firing well, blowing up large portions of Kingpin's office and forcing the crime lord to flee. The Hobgoblin then took the Kingpin's forces right from under him, becoming New York's most powerful crime boss.

The Horned King and Doctor Facilier recruited Lady Tremaine who resurrected a former competitor: the Evil Queen.

Back in the Forbidden Mountains, Captain Hook, Avalanche, and Hades found Maleficent missing and the body of Snow White in her throne room and questioned what Maleficent had in store for the future.

Part Seven

Maleficent and Pete had entered AIM's super computer and were attempting to use it to their advantage. However, MODOK wouldn't stand for that and deployed a data-based replica of Silver Sable to deal with the intruders. While it was be two against one, Maleficent and Pete didn't quite have their computer legs yet. Pete attacked first, but Silver Sable punched him out. Maleficent readied a spell, but Silver Sable stabbed her with a sai. Maleficent tried yet again, but Sable shot her, severely wounding her. Pete recovered just in time and punched Sable off a platform to her death.

With Maleficent and Pete MIA, Hades, Hook, and Ursula weren't sure what to do anymore when the castle was attacked by Baron Strucker. Captain Hook took on the Grim Reaper, slicing through the reaper's scythe with ease. Hades then blasted the Nazi enforcer out of the castle window. Ursula used her magic to disarm Strucker and his HYDRA troopers. Hook turned his attention to Strucker, but the Nazi shot and stunned Captain Hook with a hand cannon. Ursula was shocked and injured by an attack from one of Strucker's robots. Hades then turned his attention to the robot; using a universal remote, he managed to put the robot out of commission. Strucker, however, managed to drop a chandelier upon Hades's head. Not wanting to risk further injury in a now leaderless alliance, Ursula escaped into the sea, deserting her allies. Captain Hook then got up at just the right time to impale Strucker with his rapier.

Concerned about the rising power of the Horned King, Magneto sent out Deadpool to take him out. However, Facilier's cards let him know about the oncoming threat and he and the Queen summoned up the Headless Horseman. When the enemy mercenary leaped at the horseman, the Headless Horseman sliced Deadpool's arm off. To the Headless Horseman's surprise, Deadpool was able to reattach his arm and unload his guns. Fortunately for the horseman, Deadpool missed, giving the Headless Horseman enough time to ride up and cut through Deadpool's guns. The Headless Horseman finished off his foe with a flaming pumpkin.

The news about Jafar's gemstone had reached Xanatos and, to acquire this commodity, he hired Rourke to steal it for him. He did so, but on his way out, Red Skull and his Nazis crashed the party. With each of their soldiers preoccupied, Rourke and Skull went head to head for custody of Jafar's mystical gemstone. Red Skull sent out his HYDRA soldiers, while he himself shot down Rourke's hot air balloon. The Nazi got into a plane in order to defeat Rourke, but Rourke shot the plane down. Red Skull teleported onto the remains of the hot air balloon, shooting Rourke in the arm. Rourke seized an axe and tried to kill the Red Skull, but he ended up exposing himself to the magical power of the gemstone by accident, turning him into stone.

With Maleficent MIA, Ursula had decided that it was too dangerous to stick around the Forbidden Mountains and had returned to the sea to build up an army of the fearsome Octopids. However, no sooner did she grant her soldiers new powers, then Abomination arrived on the scene to take down the sea witch. Ursula sent her men after the beast, but he managed to defeat them. Ursula dirtied her own hands, blasting Abomination all the way across the ocean with one powerful magic attack. Suddenly, King Triton appeared to apprehend Ursula.

Madame Medusa got a phone call from the Green Goblin, the new Big Man of Crime. The Goblin informed Medusa that he was pulling the funding for Medusa's project in the Devil's Bayou. Medusa, not about to let the Goblin get in the way of her getting the Devil's Eye, hired Chang to take down Goblin. Chang confronted the Goblin at Big Sky Billiards. Chang transformed into a dragon, but the Green Goblin repulsed her with one of his wrist lasers. The Green Goblin dodged most of Chang's attacks, hopping atop his glider. The Green Goblin hurled a pumpkin bomb at his foe, but she neutralized it with some fire breath. Soon, the entire billiard parlour was set aflame. The Goblin took a hit from one of Chang's magical fireballs, but he stayed in the game, hurling a specialty pumpkin bomb at Chang, one that turned her into stone. The Green Goblin made his escape, leaving the parlour to burn.

Demona had learned that the Sentinel that attacked her was created by the government's anti-mutant division, the MRD. Hoping to settle the score, Demona hired the Assassin to cripple the MRD. The Assassin arrived at the MRD's headquarters and began to cause havoc. He took out several soldiers with an RPG. He then used his camouflage to hide, gunning down various MRD personnel from the shadows. The Assassin was even able to gun down one of the MRD's attack helicopters. However, Colonel Moss wasn't about to allow the MRD to go down without a fight. He tracked the Assassin in spite of his camouflage and shot him. He then trapped the Assassin in a prison cell.

Loki had been keeping his eye on the war from afar since his defeat at Hades's hands, simply allowing the Enchantress to carry out his will in the battles. However, it soon came to his attention that the Eye of Odin had resurfaced and was in the hands of the Archmage. Loki personally arrived to take it but the Archmage saw him coming and shot him with a blast of magic. He continued to blast Loki with magic, but Loki responded with a far more powerful blast, knocking the Eye of Odin from the Archmage's brow. The Archmage screamed in agony as Loki used the Eye of Odin to transform him into a badge.

Still in need of a cure, Morbius followed the directions given to him by the Witches of Morva to Annuvin, the realm of the Horned King. Immediately upon arrival, he was captured and was placed within a glass casket of sorts. The Horned King walked in and revealed that he too needed a cure (for his Lich-like form) and decided to test the cure on Morbius. If the vampire survived, then he could go free. The cure transformed Morbius back into a regular vampire. Refusing to be the king's guinea pig, Morbius escaped the casket, and burned the Horned King's face with his hand, only to be blasted out of the castle by Lady Tremaine.

Abomination crawled on to the beach and encountered Baron Zemo and his Masters of Evil, who were looking for one more member for their team.

In Paris, Frollo, Ratcliffe, Red Skull, Wasteland Hitler, and their soldiers met up to discuss their future plans as the Red Skull unveiled his secret weapon to use against Doom: Jafar's gemstone.

Meanwhile, Magneto had reassembled his Acolytes in preparation for a siege on the domain of a powerful leader.

Loki, now in possession of the Eye of Odin, used the amulet and unlocked the true power within himself.

Ursula gained the trident and complete control of the seven seas.

The Horned King, his pride hurt by Tremaine having to finish off Morbius for him, recruited Shan Yu and the Huntsman for a new bid for power.

And Mandarin finally found his last two rings and was ready to re-enter this war!

Part Eight

Concerned about the security of his blueprints, Ultron hired Mysterio to enter the computer and take out the threat. Maleficent, meanwhile, was still injured from the gunshot wound that she received from Silver Sable and when Mysterio arrived, neither Pete nor Maleficent were prepared to fight him. Mysterio frightened Pete off by generating a massive snake out of data. Suddenly, Maleficent received a powerful revival when David Xanatos computed a cure for her injuries into her. Revitalized, Maleficent struck down Mysterio with a pulse of magical energy. Now on top of her game, she blasted Mysterio again, nearly killing the villain with magic. Mysterio escaped, while Maleficent contented herself to her victory. Maleficent and Pete came across the blueprints for the supervillain, Ultron, but before they could inspect them, Xanatos teleported them out of the computer. The two appeared on Captain Hook's ship, returned to their own dimension.

Mac Gargan (the man who became Venom in Round Five) approached the new Big Man of Crime, Green Goblin, to obtain great power so that he could prove that the symbiote was wrong in abandoning him. Goblin had his subordinate, Doctor Octopus, transform the former Venom into a new supervillain: the Scorpion. Who are Scorpion's first targets? Why, none other than Frollo and Ratcliffe. While Scorpion was much stronger than his opponents, Frollo had an ace up his sleeve, namely a piece of Jafar's gemstone. The Scorpion attacked Frollo and Ratcliffe the next morning, pushing the caravan into the river with its tail. Angered, Frollo called his troops to arrest the Scorpion, but they proved to be of little use. Ratcliffe nearly got doused in an acidic attack from the supervillain, leading him to sic his men on the opponent. Unfortunately, the Scorpion took them out with little effort. The Scorpion knocked the two generals down, but Frollo revealed his trump card: Jafar's gemstone. The gem absorbed the Scorpion's power and killed Gargan in the process.

The news of Ursula obtaining the trident had spread even to the criminals of New York City. Doctor Octopus and Electro went to investigate. When Ursula and Doc Ock got into a verbal spat, Electro broke up the fight by cutting Ursula with a light blast of electricity. Enraged, the sea witch sicked her moray eels, Flotsam and Jetsam, onto Electro, but he killed them. Enraged, Ursula transformed into a giant monster. The empowered Ursula hit Doctor Octopus straight on with a powerful blast from her trident. Doc Ock survived and Electro managed to kill Ursula as well.

To prevent Fin Fang Foom from aiding the Mandarin in the coming attack, Horned King sent the Huntsman to slay the pseudo-dragon. Foom tried to burn his foe to a crisp with some fire breath, but the Huntsman blocked the blow. The Huntsman responded with a blast of magic energy that actually managed to repulse Foom for a time. The Huntsman's protegee, Huntsgirl, tried to take Fin Fang Foom out, but the dragon slapped her away with his tail. The Huntsman tried to flee, but Fin Fang Foom incinerated him with a fireball.

On the Horned King's behalf, the Huns invaded the Valley of Spirits to slay the Mandarin and claim his rings. Mandarin saw them coming and used his rings to create an avalanche to bury the Huns. However, the terrifying leader of the Huns, Shan Yu, wasn't going to let a little snow stop him. Shan Yu survived and attacked the Mandarin in his lair. Unworried, the Mandarin spent most of his time roasting Shan Yu's pet hawk. When Shan Yu reared up to attack, the Mandarin knocked him aside with a shot from his power rings. No longer amused with Shan Yu, the Mandarin fired upon him full force, blowing up Shan Yu completely.

Taking advantage of the Horned King's attention being elsewhere, Magneto and his Acolytes invaded the castle. Magneto and his acolytes mounted their assault upon the Horned King's fortress, easily cutting down the Horned King's henchmen. The Horned King summoned some unkillable warriors, the Cauldron-Born. Magneto soon deduced that these fighters were powered by the Horned King's metal Black Cauldron. Magneto thus reversed the flow of the magic, causing the cauldron to pull the Horned King into it and tear him to pieces.

The Evil Queen informed Facilier and Tremaine of the Horned King's death and also announced that she would be taking control of the faction, much to their displeasure. The Queen also introduced her new second-in-command: Cruella De Vil.

Xanatos finally had the Ultron designs in his possession. And now there was just one more loose end to tie up as he sent Demona out to deal with MODOK.

Mysterio arrived at the former lab of Doctor Sevarius and joined up with Doctor Octopus to complete the Sinister Six.

The Masters of Evil were busy planning for their attack on the Forbidden Mountains but someone seemed to be spying on them.

Maleficent, having finally returned to her castle, was approached by a society of sorcerers consisting of Yzma, Mozenrath, Mad Madam Mim and Ayam Aghoul with a deal in mind.

Part Nine

The Masters of Evil arrived at the Forbidden Mountains to claim it on Loki's behalf. However, the Sorcerer's Society intervened. In the ensuing battle, Yzma drank a potion in hopes of transforming into a powerful foe. She ended up turning into a bunny rabbit and being taken away by a hawk before the battle began in full. Mozenrath quickly killed Wonder Man before the fight even properly began. Ayam Aghoul took some early victories by stunning the Enchantress and the Executioner with two powerful magical skulls. Mim took on the Abomination. Mim transformed into a rhino, ramming her foe with fatal force. Mim made the foolish mistake, however, of turning into a chicken after her victory; Crimson Dynamo seized the opportunity to crush Madam Mim under his boot heel. Mozenrath managed to kill Crimson Dynamo with another blast of energy. Mozenrath finally met his match when paired up against the Enchantress. Though he managed to dodge a few of her magical strikes, she landed one powerful spell on him, turning him into stone. Aghoul faced a somewhat greater challenge in Baron Zemo himself. Just as the Nazi was about to strike Aghoul down with his sword, Ayam threw his spell, killing Zemo with one powerful blast. This attack was so imposing as to force the other members of the Masters of Evil to retreat. The departure of these members left Ayam Aghoul the only survivor of the battle, but his survival was short-lived. Maleficent returned; seeing that Aghoul had outlived his usefulness, she cast him out of the Forbidden Mountains to his presumed death.

With the Ultron designs in his possession, Xanatos sent Demona to AIM's headquarters to take out the only other person with knowledge of the designs: MODOK himself. Demona agreed, storming AIM's headquarters with her laser cannon. She landed a solid hit on MODOK before turning attention to his henchmen. While her back was turned, Modok used his own blaster to knock Demona's rifle out of her hand. He then activated a powerful sonic weapon, stunning Demona. But the gargoyle refused to submit; she seized her laser cannon and fired a fatal blast of energy into MODOK's face.

Desiring the Casket of Ancient Winters for herself, Maleficent sent Hook and Avalanche to steal it for her. Upon arriving at the lair of Malekith, the dark elf, Avalanche pulled out his secret weapon from his jacket: a bottle of Ursula's magic. He used it on himself to become an immense rock monster. Malekith tried to attack the mutant during the transformation process, but the process made Avalanche immune to Malekith's magic. The rock monster's presence distracted Malekith; Captain Hook seized the opportunity to stab him with his hook. Malekith teleported away, taking a few potshots at the rock monster and wiping out two of its heads. As Captain Hook cowered in fear, Malekith showed his true face and convinced Hook to make a hasty retreat.

Hoping to reclaim the Gen-U-Tech lab, Xanatos sent out his team of mercenaries, the Pack, to take down the Sinister Six. Wolf was among the first to leap into battle while Jackal encountered Mysterio. Mysterio created several clones of himself, but Jackal deduced which of the clones was the real Mysterio and cracked open his foe's skull with a single punch. More members of the Six entered, notably Shocker. Wolf came to a swift demise after Shocker and Electro blasted him with powerful pulses. Jackal fired some of his metal fingers into Shocker's pulsars, causing them to overload. Jackal and Shocker punched each other, triggering the gauntlets' self destruct mechanism; the resulting blast killed both of them. Hyena quickly took out Kraven the Hunter with a wrist-mounted laser, but Electro managed to blast her weapon off. Dingo tried to defeat the experienced aeronaut, the Vulture, but was knocked unconscious when the Vulture outmanoeuvred him and sent his mech suit crashing to the ground. Hyena used a cannon hidden in her palm to crush Electro under some debris. She then turned her attention to the Vulture, killing him with a blast of her cannon. Hyena crawled through the lab, only to come face to face with the leader of the Sinister Six: Doctor Octopus. Hyena tried to blast him, but Doctor Octopus killed her with a single swipe of his robotic arms. A rebuilt Coyote arrived, knocked out Doctor Octopus and sent him flying a great distance with a single punch.

After Ursula's death at Doc Ock's hands, Hades claimed the trident for himself. With his new found powers and new minion, Doubt, Hades went to dispose of an old enemy, Dormammu, trying to make his grand entrance to the war. The two underworld baddies encountered Dormammu, recently summoned by his acolytes, Baron Mordo and Venom. Hades easily defeated Venom with a blast of the trident. Doubt tried his best to help Hades in the battle, but Dormammu killed him by crushing him with a boulder. Hades then used his trident to cast both Dormammu and Venom into the netherworld. Mordo escaped while Hades reveled in his victory.

Negaduck had decided that the Green Goblin's time as the Big Man of Crime had gone on for too long and arrived at Gobby's headquarters to take him out. Negaduck sent out his trusty attack squid but the Goblin got on his glider and flew out of range. Negaduck decided to take care of him using a brand new machine to bat one of his own pumpkin bombs back to the goblin's glider, killing him, all while the Hobgoblin looked on from his headquarters with Harry Osborn also bearing witness.

The Hyenas reported back to Scar that they had found Kraven the Hunter wandering on the outskirts of town alone. Scar, seeking to taking advantage of the situation, sent out his pride to take Kraven out. Zira and the other lionesses cornered their target but soon discovered that the Hyenas had tracked down Sabretooth instead and that mistake was going to cost Scar dearly. Sabretooth drove his motorcycle towards the lionesses but Zira knocked its front wheel off, causing it to crash. Sabretooth removed his helmet, revealing that he wasn't Kraven as the hyenas tackled him into a van. Vitani then pounced on him, sending him sliding back. As Scar's forces closed in, Sabretooth jumped up a pile of broken branches to try to escape. Nuka chased after him but a branch snapped under Nuka's paw, causing several to fall on top of him, pinning him. Sabretooth then kicked several more logs down, crushing Nuka as Sbaretooth escaped. Zira frantically ripped some of the logs away to find Nuka crushed and dying under the logs. Nuke took one final pleasure in finally getting his mother's attention as he died with his head in her paw.

Scar, furious about Nuka's death, fired Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed for their failure.

Zira, hoping to get a snack to calm her nerves, approached a bird's nest. However, the birds in the nest were just about to eat a certain pink bunny until Zira scared them off. The potion wore off and the bunny became Yzma once again. In gratitude, Yzma promised to help Zira avenge her son.

Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, seeking new employment, travelled to Paris to speak with the Red Skull. Because the Red Skull was drunk at the moment, he cheerfully accepted the random Hyenas into Frollo's faction.

The Evil Queen, hiding her identity under a red cloak, approached J. Worthington Foulfellow and paid him to make sure that the approaching gang war went her way.

Hook returned to Maleficent's castle only to incur the wrath of Maleficent for retreating as she sealed him in her staff.

Hobgoblin showed Harry Osborn the video of his father's death at Negaduck's hands and turned him into a second Green Goblin.

Cruella met with the Queen's secret ally, Magneto, and informed him that they needed to get rid of Facilier and Lady Tremaine since the two of them weren't too keen on following the Queen's orders. Facilier overheard and talked to Hades so that he would be ready for the attempt on his life. Hades then gifted Facilier with shadow demons to command.

Mandarin approached Doom and Zurg and proposed an alliance.

Meanwhile, both Negaduck and Hobgoblin prepared their forces for the inevitable gang war that was going to ensue.

Part Ten

Upon learning of the Evil Queen's treachery, Facilier retreated back to his home town of New Orleans to pursue his own plans of killing Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff. However, Facilier soon found that one of Magneto's acolytes, Gambit, was interfering as used his powers to overload the electricity in a parking meter, frightening the crowd. Facilier summoned his shadow demons but Gambit wiped out a couple and hid behind a wall. As Facilier confronted him, Gambit revealed that he had stolen Facilier's voodoo talisman from the Evil Queen's castle. He promptly smashed it, causing the Friends on the Other Side to turn on Facilier and drag him into their realm.

Fearing Lady Tremaine's betrayal, the Queen sent Tremaine to take out an old rival of Magneto, whom Magneto claimed was nearly invincible, hoping that Tremaine would fall in battle. Tremaine arrived at Mr. Sinister's hideout and faced off against Mr. Sinister and Multiple Man. Tremaine engaged Sinister, who dispatched Multiple Man. However, Tremaine made quick work of Multiple Man with her magic. Sinister attempted to take on Tremaine himself, and, while he managed to protect himself against her first attack, he soon found that his own power wasn't enough to fend off Tremaine. Tremaine used one more blast of magic to annihilate Sinister.

Hoping to eliminate the MRD and Trask once and for all, Demona travelled to the MRD headquarters to finish what the Assassin started. However, Demona found herself face to face with hundreds of Sentinels and their leader, the Master Mold. Using her stolen spells, she promptly annihilated all of them.

Hoping to get the drop on Negaduck, Hobgoblin sent his new ally to attack Negaduck's hideout (formerly the Green Goblin's hideout, which was formerly Tombstone's hideout, which before that belonged to Mace Malone, and before that was controlled by Sykes.) Foulfellow, Gideon, and Negaduck fought against the attack as a bomb thrown by Harry managed to cause some damage in the lair as well as send Foulfellow flying a distance, however, Gideon made use of a large mallet, shaking up Harry, but it was not enough to defeat him. Negaduck engaged him in a tank but Harry dodged the attacks and blew it up with a missile. Harry, however, was apparently killed when Mace Malone, who had seemingly escaped his imprisonment from the Hotel Cabal and formed an alliance with Negaduck, intervened and shot down his glider, causing it to explode.

Again hoping that he could get the drop on Negaduck, Hobgoblin sent out the Molten Man to attack Negaduck's old headquarters which Horace and Jasper just happened to be keeping watch over. Molten Man set fire to their house, and, despite Horace and Jasper's use of blunt instruments to attack, seemed to have the upper hand. However, Horace and Jasper then found themselves rescued by the Liquidator, who appeared and subdued Molten Man.

Tired of Hobgoblin getting the drop on him, Negaduck took the Fearsome Five to steal Hobgoblin's prized possession, a huge emerald. They successfully obtained it but were soon stopped by the Goon Squad. Negaduck sent the Fearsome Five to fight them. Megavolt fired a beam of electricity to Blizzard but it had no effect. Living Laser responded by firing his own electrical beam, knocking Megavolt back. As Dreadknight rode in on a flying horse, Bushroot called up mounds of rock from the earth, knocking Dreadknight off his horse. However, Hypnotia responded with a psionic beam, knocking Bushroot out. Liquidator shot himself as an arrow at the Goon Squad members, Hypnotia and Whiplash but completely missed, splattering on the wall. Realizing the Five were useless, Negaduck escaped with the emerald out a window.

Negaduck arrived at Kingpin's tower which Hobgoblin was currently occupying. The two battled for control of New York's criminal underworld. Hobgoblin threw a pumpkin bomb at Negaduck, knocking him down as Hobgoblin boarded his glider. Negaduck threw bombs at Hobgoblin but he jumped onto a smaller glider deftly dodged. Negaduck then used a laser spray but Hobgoblin dodged that as well. Hobgoblin then used his glider to open up a portal to the Negaverse, which sucked Negaduck into it. However, Hobgoblin's victory was cut short when Narissa finally freed herself from Kingpin's tower and destroyed Hobgoblin's glider with her fire breath. As Hobgoblin realized he was out of pumpkin bombs, he could only helplessly scream as Narissa burned him alive.

Foulfellow and Gideon returned to the Evil Queen's castle to give her their report on the gang war only to find a side to the Queen they'd never seen before as she had turned herself into an old hag once again.

Finally free, Narissa arrived at the Forbidden Mountains and joined Maleficent's rapidly depleting team of villains.

"Mace Malone" arrived at Frollo's lair, changing back to his true form of the Chameleon upon telling his superiors everything he had learned while posing as Malone to infiltrate Negaduck's ranks so that he could keep an eye on the war for Frollo and his father.

Frollo decided that the time to strike Doom was nigh and gave Ratcliffe and Red Skull the order to assemble the army.

Dr. Doom spied on this and prepared his own forces to defend Hydra Island in the oncoming attack.

The Evil Queen used her mirror to bring Facilier out of limbo following his "death" at Gambit's hands. The vengeful Queen ripped out Facilier's heart and took the Shadowman as her new pet as punishment for his insubordination.

Part Eleven

The Wasteland Nazis, souped up in stolen armor, attacked full force on the Hydra goons out front. The Hydra soldiers were powerful but the Nazis had the element of surprise on their side. After the Nazis wiped out the Hydra soldiers, Ratcliffe arrived with his armada to proceed on with the invasion, Mandarin wasn't going to let them pass that easily. He utterly obliterated the Nazi ranks and tanked a shot from Ratcliffe's rifle with barely any damage. Mandarin then used his rings to hypnotize Ratcliffe's men into turning on him, watching as they overpowered him.

Knowing that Doom wouldn't fall for the frontal assault, Red Skull led a band of mercenaries for a decoy sneak attack. The mercenaries were able to take down the Hornets but were no match for Warp Darkmatter. However, a hornet suddenly attacked Warp and revealed itself to be the Chameleon in disguise. The two battled for a short while only for the Chameleon to get the drop on Warp by causing an explosion to which he hid behind, changed himself to look like Zurg, then shot him down before changing back into his true form to mock Warp for his foolishness. However, when the real Zurg arrived and took out the Chameleon, Red Skull used Jafar's gemstone to summon up the Lizard. The Lizard threw a rock at Zurg but Zurg blasted it apart. The Lizard then knocked Zurg's arm cannon off with a swipe of his tail. Zurg then engaged the Lizard in hand to hand, dodging around the reptile's slashed. He then blasted the Lizard with his eye beams, knocking him out. Zurg then turned to Red Skull, grabbing him by the shirt and seemingly destroying him with an energy beam.

The Hyenas arrived in the control room where Doom was and revealed that the Red Skull's "sneak attack" was just to distract Zurg so that they could bring in the real fight. Doom proceeded to summon up a Doombot which scared off the Hyenas. However, the Doombot randomly blew up and Frollo stepped out revealing that he was the culprit. The two battled in a rematch. Thinking quick, Dr. Doom blasted Frollo off the building. Frollo managed to hold on, climbing atop a gargoyle. Now having the high ground, Frollo managed to severely wound Doom with his sword. But Doctor Doom triggered the island's self-destruct sequence. In the wake of the explosion, Frollo fell off the roof to his apparent death.

After the events of the gang war, Kingpin returned to his tower to resume his control of New York city. However, it wasn't long before Madame Medusa showed up and challenged him for control of New York's criminal Underworld. After a wild battle with Medusa's shotgun, Medusa was able to take out the rear rotor of Kingpin's helicopter and send him plummeting into the Hudson River.

Furious about Doom leaving him to die on the exploding Hydra Island, Zurg arrived at Castle Doom to get his revenge. However, Doom was always one step ahead and deactivated Zurg's ion blaster using his wrist control. Doom then unveiled his latest creation: the power transfer module, which he intended to use to absorb Zurg and his powers into his own body. He successfully merged with Zurg, absorbing his power.

Medusa declared herself the new Kingpin of Crime. And to prevent another gang war from breaking out, she allied herself with fellow crime lords, Owl and Hammerhead.

Avalanche made it to Hades's palace in the Underworld and requested to be revived. Despite initially being hesitant, Hades agreed after Avalanche threatened to shake things up.

Loki was celebrating his domination of eight of the Nine Realms and announced that only Midgard (Earth) remained as Dr. Doom arrived and forged an alliance with the trickster god.

Meanwhile, Xanatos had located Ultron and prepared Coyote for a rematch to prove his own technology superior.

The Evil Queen was informed by her mirror of two things. The first was that Snow White was still alive and was being held by Maleficent. The second was that Loki had conquered eight of the nine realms and was preparing to attack Earth. Alarmed, the Queen rallied her forces to take down Loki and his army.

Part Twelve

Xanatos, having upgraded his Coyote robot with the Ultron designs stolen from AIM, sent Coyote to take out Ultron and prove that he was the superior robot. Coyote showed no remorse for his adversary, firing lasers and guns wildly, trying with all of his might to win. Ultron, however, used his might to toss a large piece of metal into Coyote's body, impaling him. Coyote removed the piece of metal from his body, leaving a large, gaping hole in his body. Coyote then fired a ray from a compartment in his arm that damaged Ultron. Coyote pressured on with the attack. However, Ultron turned the tables on Coyote by firing out a grappling hook that not only destroyed Coyote's ray, but also held him still for a final attack. Ultron then ended the battle by firing a blast from his hand that destroyed a large chunk of construction equipment, causing pieces of debris to fall onto Coyote, destroying him.

Seeking to regain Loki's favour after failing to defeat Maleficent twice, Enchantress went into battle with Demona. Enchantress paralyzed Demona's mech but she fired back at the Enchantress. Recovering, Enchantress threw Demona onto another rooftop, forcing her to exit her mech. Enchantress then used a spell to turn it from night to day, turning Demona to stone. Enchantress ultimately ended up shattering Demona's stone self but soon discovered that Demona had some kind of survival spell and retreated. Back at her base, Enchantress learned that Macbeth and Demona had a magical link and couldn't die until one killed the other. Enchantress then went and used her power to control any man she kisses to control Macbeth. Soon, Macbeth confronted Demona and shot a stone wall from behind her, crushing the gargoyle and killing himself in the process due to their link.

Seeking revenge for Xanatos stealing his designs, Ultron teamed up with Baron Mordo to attack the Eyrie Building. To combat this threat, Xanatos sent out his Thailog soldiers; however, Mordo quickly incapacitated them. Xanatos' wife and son, Fox and Alexander, both attempted to fight them off with Ultron knocking down Fox and trading blows with Alexander. Xanatos himself soon joined the fray and engaged Mordo. Mordo killed Alexander, much to the fury of Alexander's mother, Fox, who attempted to subdue Mordo with a beam of energy that stalled him. As Ultron moved to aid his ally, Xanatos restrained him. However, Ultron broke free and aided Mordo, allowing him to break free and kill Fox. Mordo and Ultron combined their powers to defeat Xanatos before he even had time to grieve for his family.

Since Hades took Doubt with him to fight Dormammu, Pain and Panic were a little concerned that Hades may be thinking of replacing them so they went to the Witches of Morva to be set up with an opponent. The opponent that they got set up with was none other than Mandarin who was decked out in brand new battle armor to strike back against Doom. Mandarin blasted them with his rings' power, scorching them. However, Pain and Panic revealed an enchanted stone they possessed which they used to destroy Mandarin.

Maleficent announced that Malekith was still on the loose and sent Hades to deal with him, much to Avalanche's displeasure. Hades arrived at Malekith's lair and battled the dark elf who was wielding the full power of the Casket of Ancient Winters. Malekith summoned an ice creature but Hades quickly melted its head with a burst of flame. Malekith then unleashed a snowy maelstrom, encasing Hades in ice. Hades quickly freed himself through his rage and hit Malekith with a fire ball, destroying him. Hades then claimed the Casket of Ancient Winters for himself and looked on Mount Olympus, a plan developing in his mind.

Magneto informed his Acolytes that he would be retrieving Snow White for the Evil Queen and arrived at the Forbidden Mountains to challenge Maleficent. Maleficent turned into her dragon form and knocked Magneto down as the Headless Horseman came to his aid only to be shaken up by Avalanche. However, the Headless Horseman's fallen sword was just what Magneto needed to strike Maleficent. He used his magnetic powers to pick up the sword and thrust it into Maleficent's chest. Weakened, Maleficent turned back into her natural form and limped away. Magneto pursued the Mistress of all Evil who unleashed a magical shield that encased her castle. Magneto levitated himself and lifted a multitude of tanks, trucks and satellites around him. He then sent them raining down on Maleficent but her shield blocked all the damage. Maleficent then cast a spell that utterly annihilated Magneto.

Seeking to prevent Loki from taking over Earth/Midgard, Cruella led the Evil Queen's forces against Loki. While the armies of Asgard initially over powered the Queen's forces, Lady Tremaine and the Evil Queen's timely arrivals led to the destruction of most of Loki's army. The Queen's forces pressed forward but soon found themselves face to face with Enchantress, Executioner, Dr. Doom, and Loki himself. Enchantress quickly turned the Queen's guards into bunnies. As Lady Tremaine turned her wand on Dr. Doom, he unveiled an energy pistol that he used to obliterate the noblewoman. Cruella threw several knives at Loki who used his magic to turn the knives back on her, skewering Cruella. Loki then proceeded to use his magic to kill the Evil Queen.

Using the newly acquired Casket of Ancient Winters, Hades froze Zeus and became the new Ruler of Olympus.

With his army in ruins because of the Queen's attack, Loki was on his last leg until Doom brought Baron Mordo and Ultron into their little alliance and resumed Loki's plan to invade Earth/Midgard.

Maleficent called together her remaining Council Members to protect the castle during the final stage of her master plan and Hades revealed his new job description to the others.

Dr. Doom also transferred Ultron's programming into a new, less clunky, design.

Angered by the fact that he wasn't strong enough to defeat Malekith yet Hades was, Avalanche plunged into Darkness under the guidance of a dark figure.

Part Thirteen 

Because the seal on the gates of Hell could only be opened by one who had a pure heart, Maleficent worked her magic through Snow White to get around that pesky limitation. She succeeded in partially opening the door and beginning the rise of her master.

Following Xanatos's alleged death at Ultron's hands, Lady Waltham had become the CEO of Xanatos Enterprises and told Owen of her plan. Meanwhile, Sabretooth met with Kraven (who had Calypso reverse his mutation following the defeat of the Six) and Calypso and offered to ally with them since the three of them were currently the last independent villains left. The meeting was interrupted by the arrival of Scar, Zira, and their Pride. As Zira took her revenge by mauling Sabretooth to death and Yzma repaid her debt by using a potion to turn Calypso into a tortoise, Scar and Kraven were digitized and brought into Xanatos's computer. Waltham had Owen derez Scar since she didn't need him and then used the data to kill Kraven in the same way that Kraven killed her brother.

With his army having been destroyed by the forces of the Evil Queen, Loki led Enchantress, Executioner, Dr. Doom, Mordo, and Ultron into battle against Maleficent for control of Midgard. The two sides clashed in the inevitable conflict building since day one. Maleficent immediately ordered her goons to attack. But they were no match for Ultron and were quickly dispatched. Pete arrived on a flying pirate ship and let loose with his cannons, sending debris raining down on Baron Mordo who barely dodged. However, the Enchantress used her magic to send a cannonball right into Pete's face. Maleficent let loose a thunderbolt but the Enchantress blocked it with a magical shield. Hades and Narissa entered the fray as Pete spit out the cannonball, knocking Baron Mordo on the head with it while Pain and Panic destroyed Ultron's shield with their bow and arrows. As Scourge and Enchantress stepped up to confront Hades, the new King of Olympus unveiled the Casket of Ancient Winters and used it to freeze the two in place before either could attack. Pain and Panic fused into a two headed monster and charged at Ultron, knocking him back. Ultron responded with a mouth beam that defused the two demons and sent them flying. As Baron Mordo confronted her, Narissa transformed into a large caterpillar like monster and rammed Mordo into a pillar. Ultron then engaged Pete and fired a mouth beam that knocked a treasure chest onto a loose floorboard and sent Pete flying around, tangling himself in ropes until Pete ended up hanging himself. Mordo unleashed a barrage of spells at Narissa, eventually overpowering and killing her. Angered, Maleficent fired a lightning bolt at Mordo. The sorcerer attempted to meet it with a beam of his own but Maleficent's magic was too powerful and quickly killed Mordo as Maleficent departed, laughing in glee. Hades then threw a lightning bolt at Ultron, destroying him. Loki caught hades off guard and blindsided him with some magical blasts. As Hades angrily confronted Loki, the God of Mischief blasted Pain and Panic as they came to aid Hades. Hades and Loki fired blasts at each other, damaging both of them heavily and depowering both of them. Loki lost the power of the Eye of Odin and Hades lost the power of Olympus. Despite the setback, Hades found himself with the advantage and summoned souls of the dead which dragged Loki back to the Underworld. However, Doom ambushed Loki and with a blast from his palms, sent the God of the dead plummeting back to the Underworld.

In Maleficent's throne room, Avalanche, possessed by some dark force, spoke with Maleficent. Maleficent then left to personally take care of Doom. After she left, Avalanche began to absorb more energy from the gate, the darkness in him rising.

Maleficent materialized on the bridge in front of Doom and used her magic to create demons to attack Doom. She then used her powers to prevent him from moving and proceeded to separate Zurg's life-force from Doom, reverting the Doctor to his usual armored state. Avalanche then came out on the bridge and Doom quickly used his suit's weaponry to disintegrate Avalanche, much to Maleficent's fury. However, out of the ashes, a new horror appeared. Avalanche rose up from the ashes in the form of Chernabog. The demon god rewarded Doom by throwing him into the cosmos. As one horror rose, another made its way to earth. Galactus had returned. Chernabog, in his malice, shot Galactus with some magic. Unaffected, Galactus engulfed his foe in a pillar of flame. To Galactus's dismay, Chernabog harnessed the power of the blast and reflected it back at Galactus. Galactus fell from his ship, landing onto Earth itself. Maleficent transformed into a fiery dragon to help her master. Galactus was able to throw a fire blast back at Maleficent, destroying her completely. Chernabog, enraged at the loss of his partner, summoned the souls Galactus had already devoured to abandon him, destroying Galactus from within.

Just as Chernabog was about to absorb the energy from Galactus's body, he sensed a strange energy source approaching. He soon discovered that it was Mickey who had come to end this brutish conflict once and for all. Mickey used the powers of light to attack Chernabog but they still weren't enough to bring down the demon. Mickey then saw what he must do and used all of his magic on Chernabog. Mickey finally realized that in order to defeat Chernabog, he would have to become Julius by merging with the creature just as Avalanche did. The two disappeared, only leaving behind Mickey's hat for his friends to remember him by.

The now possessed Mickey found himself in Limbo with Carnage, the spawn of Venom.

Events of the Second War

Part One

Three months after the Siege on the Forbidden Mountains:

Some time in the future, the Archmage travelled back in time to observe his fight with Loki. After rewatching his defeat, the Archmage travelled to the present day Underworld and made a deal with Hades to revive himself after his own death at Loki's hands (to avoid confusion, the Archmage from the future will be called Alpha Archmage while the one that has just been revived will be Beta Archmage). Alpha Archmage then used the Phoenix Gate to transport himself and the Beta Archmage to the Forbidden Mountains of one year ago (before part one started) and told Maleficent about the Gates of Hell.

Hammerhead, on Medusa'a behalf, hired the Sandman to steal a rare artifact from Klang. Sandman, however, was caught off guard by Klang, who activated the artifact which revealed itself to be a powerful weapon. Designed in the appearance of two large scarab beetles, they shook their shells, causing a massive sand storm that vanquished Sandman. 

Immediately after the Archmage left, Hades found himself visited by Hela, Loki's daughter and the Norse God of the Dead. Hela challenged Hades for her father's honour. The two launched attacks that cancelled each other out but Hela followed up by covering Hades in lava. Hela then summoned spirits of the dead to attack Hades. Realizing he was outmatched, Hades retreated.

When Doctor Sevarius's lab was trashed by the Quarrymen (who had learned about his affiliation with Gargoyles), he decided to take a page out of Xanatos's book and manipulated Medusa into attacking the Quarrymen. She fell right into Sevarius's plan and had Smythe deploy the Black Widow robot. The Black Widow ambushed the Quarrymen by breaking into one of their rallies. When they fought back, the robot knocked them down with an oil spit. As one of the Quarrymen drew a pistol, the Black Widow smashed the floor, sending him tumbling down. However, the other Quarryman took the opportunity to sneak up on the robot and smash it with his electrified hammer, destroying it. 

The Skrull and the Heed went to war for control of the empire that Zurg left behind after his apparent death at Galactus's hands. The Skrull fleet arrived at the Heed's lair. Seeing the incoming assault, the Heed fired some of their defenses at the Skrulls, before they could deal with them personally. The Heed then confronted their enemies and started to blast them with their laser guns, only to be unaffected by the enemies's power. The Heed continued to fight against the Skrulls, destroying one of their ships. In a final attempt to defeat the Heed as they demanded the Skrulls surrender, the Skrull Emperor blasted the core of the space ship-lair, destroying the source of the Heed's power, killing all of them in the process.

Avalanche awoke from a three month long coma in the Evil Queen's dungeon. Here, where magic was strong, Avalanche's very memory of Maleficent came to life to try to gain control over him. Maleficent used his memories of Kitty and his accidental murder of her to push him into the darkness. However, Avalanche refused her offer, and Maleficent quickly dissipated back into the shadows. 

After swirling around in between dimensions for three months following his battle with Hobgoblin, Negaduck finally landed in limbo with Carnage and Feral Mickey. Carnage and Negaduck went head to head with Feral Mickey and a mysterious villain watching. Negaduck challenged Carnage, who was always up for a brawl. However, this was a grave mistake on Negaduck's part, as Carnage not only destroyed Negaduck's gun, but managed to defeat Negaduck by firing a blade that chopped up one of Negaduck's bombs, detonating it and killing Negaduck. Immediately after, the mysterious villain revealed himself to be Dormammu.

In the upper levels of Grimhilde's castle, Baron Mordo (who had been buffing up over the past three months), Quentin Beck (a.k.a. Mysterio), and the Magic Mirror discussed the strange occurrence in the dungeon. They discovered the presence of Maleficent's memory replica and Avalanche within the castle's dungeon, and decided to wait and see what happens.

Having lost control of the Underworld, Hades returned to Olympus to rally the support of the other gods but found that Zeus had gotten free and retaken control.

Having survived the destruction of HYDRA Island, Frollo returned to duty after three months in the hospital. Upon returning, he received an invitation to a summit in London.

Medusa was furious at Hammerhead and Symthe's failures and told them that if either one failed her again, there would be severe consequences.

In London, three world leaders (Frollo representing France, Duncan representing Scotland, and Count Rokoff representing Russia) gathered to attend a summit held by Mr. Sinister (who was able to return because of Tremaine's death). He informed them of the coming of Apocalypse but, rather than submit, the three men swore that they would destroy Sinister and Apocalypse.

The Archmages met back up with Hades and the Beta Archmage asked him if he wanted revenge on Hela. Hades told them that his priority was Olympus, not revenge, much to the Alpha Archmage's pleasure.

Meanwhile, in the Underworld, with Hades having been deposed by Hela (and Hela having no interest in the realm), dead souls began to escape left and right including Jafar, Mozenrath, Lady Tremaine, Shan Yu, the Evil Queen, Gaston and Cruella De Ville.

The Skrulls, celebrating their conquest picked up a strange man drifting in space: Dr. Doom.

Dormammu recruited Carnage and Feral Mickey and took on his true form.

 Part Two

Having discovered a base of Mr. Sinister's in the Savage Land, Rokoff approached Frollo to ask for his help in sacking the base. Frollo, not wanting to dirty his own hands, sent McLeach (who survived his fall in part 1) along with Rokoff as well as several lackies to help. Mr. Sinister, learning of their arrival, ordered Sauron and his minions to dispose of them. Rokoff and his goons managed to fight off Sauron's minions. McLeach arrived and assisted Rokoff in battle. Sauron, hoping to end the battle quickly, took control of a group of jungle cats that emerged from a small cave, and chased after Rokoff's men. McLeach tried to shoot them, but failed to hit his mark, as the cats, fearing McLeach's fire power, changed course and chased after Rokoff. Rokoff ultimately turned tail and ran, the cats following him, much to the amusement of McLeach, to presumably be devoured by the cats. As Sauron flew towards him, McLeach threw a knife at the monster, sending him plummeting to the ground. McLeach then capitalized on this by using his half track to bury the creature under a pile of boulders.

Medusa, fearing that if the news of Smythe's failure against the Quarrymen got out, it would cause the various criminals to see her as a weak leader, ordered Smythe to kill Dr. Sevarius, the only other person aware that Medusa was the one who ordered the attack on the Quarrymen. Smythe deployed his newest Spider-Slayer and sent it to attack Sevarius's new lab at Nightstone Unlimited. However, when the robot arrived, Smythe found out that Sevarius was now working for a new boss: Thailog. Seeking to defend his new subordinate, Thailog flew out to confront the Spider Slayer which grounded him with a laser blast. The machine then toppled a water tower, using the water to wash Thailog away. The gargoyle recovered and, with a single shot from his laser rifle, destroyed the Spider Slayer.

Pete, seeking to regain his lost criminal empire, stormed into Medusa's headquarters and demanded the return of his territory. However, Hammerhead wasn't willing to listen to Pete and ordered him to leave. Hoping to get back at Hammerhead as well as cripple Medusa, Pete hired Duff Killigan to attack Hammerhead at an abandoned warehouse. However, Hammerhead was there supervising the upgrade of Doctor Octopus, which made things a bit more complicated for Duff. As Doc Ock lashed out with his tentacles, Duff sent a bunch of golf balls rolling towards him, the explosion destroying one of Doc Ock's tentacles. Killigan then followed up by launching another golf ball at Doc Ock, sending him flying into a wall. Enraged, Doc Ock charged towards Killigan who duelled against the scientist's tentacles with two of his golf clubs. Eventually, Doc Ock broke the golf clubs and activated a magnet which disarmed Killigan of his weapons as he tried to attack with another club. In the confusion, Killigan had failed to notice that he had left an explosive golf ball at his feet. It went off, knocking him out.

Baron Helmut Zemo, seeking to avenge his father's death at the hands of the Sorcerer's Society in the last war, used the Mandarin's technology to send Fin Fang Foom to attack Yzma (who he believed was the only surviving member of the society). Meanwhile, Mozenrath had approached Yzma to propose bringing the Sorcerer's Society back together. Fin Fang Foom arrived and Mozenrath offered to take care of it as long as Yzma got on board with the new Sorcerer's Society. Foom breathed fire at Mozenrath who swiftly dodged it. Mozenrath retaliated with a blast of magic which only annoyed Foom, who breathed more fire but Mozenrath absorbed the attack with his gauntlet. Mozenrath then fired a more powerful magical blast which completely obliterated Foom.

Mr. Sinister, fearful that Frollo would continue to be a problem and seeking to give Frollo a bit of payback for the incident with Sauron, sent Omega Red to Paris to assassinate Frollo. Omega Red and Jafar both arrived in Paris at the same time and Omega Red attacked Frollo's guards. Just as Red prepared to attack Frollo, Jafar, using his magic to become a gang of bandits, and Abis Mal swooped in to attack. Riding on flying horses, Jafar, his duplicates, and Abis Mal glided on scene, and Omega Red accepted their challenge. After a brief skirmish between Abis Mal and Omega Red, Jafar decided to end the battle with his magic. Jafar used a spell that proved harmless, however, a second one froze Omega Red in a block of ice. Jafar then revealed himself to Frollo.

Hades arrived on Avalon to make his new base there, much to the fury of the Weird Sisters. The Sisters, not wanting to compromise their duty to protect the island, used their magic to turn the Hulk into a demon to fight Hades. Hades blasted him with an enchanted remote but Dark Hulk shrugged it off. Hades then struck Dark Hulk but this only enraged the Dark Hulk who swore to tear off Hades's head. Hades quickly created some distance and threw a fireball at Dark Hulk. But the Dark Hulk picked up a tank which blocked the fireball and threw it at Hades, crushing him under it. However, Hades quickly recovered and used his powers to expel the demon and depower the Hulk.

A copy of Ultron's programming lying dormant in Xanatos's computer came back online and constructed a new body for itself to begin it's new plans. The first order of business: removing Waltham and Owen from the Eyrie Building. Ultron used his laser mouth to stun Lady Waltham. Owen tried to fight back, but the malevolent program used laser bonds to imprison the disguised Puck within a chair. Waltham escaped in time, just before Ultron scanned enough of Xanatos's computer data to become the Xanatos Program.

Pete arrived at one of Maleficent's old forts on the slim hope that she survived. However, Pete was in no way prepared for what he would find: Diablo.

Frollo inducted Jafar as his new Second in Command while McLeach returned with news of Rokoff's death but Sauron's defeat.

Mozenrath and Yzma met up with Ayam Aghoul who had found a way to cheat Maleficent's banishing spell by sending his living shadow to the land of the living in his stead.

Medusa, furious with Smythe's failure, had Doc Ock turn Smythe into the Ultimate Slayer.

Mysterio recruited Avalanche, promising to help him conquer Hades and Chernabog to free himself of darkness.

Hades got settled into his new lair while Zurg arrived with an alliance in mind.

The Huntsman teamed up with the Quarrymen.

Baron Zemo broke Chameleon out of a Latverian prison.

The Evil Queen and Cruella arrived at Narissa's old palace and used her magic well to travel to another dimension: the live action universe.

Part Three

With Maleficent's empire having fallen, New Salem had descended into anarchy and Mesmero managed to escape the New Salem prison. Jafar caught word of this and decided to deal with his former opponent. However, Jafar didn't personally wish to dirty his own hands so he used his magic to enhance Abis Mal for this fight, turning him into a giant. Abis Mal fired beams from his eyes, knocking Mesmero down. Mesmero retaliated with a magic blast that set Abis Mal's shoe on fire, distracting him long enough for Mesmero to release a magical maelstrom, destroying him.

Ultron, who was masquerading as Xanatos, had taken notice of Mr. Sinister's operations and viewed them as a threat. To attend to this matter, Ultron deployed the Pack to Egypt. To combat their effort, Sinister matched the Pack against his own team: the Marauders. Coyote blasted several Arclight and Blockbuster down but Harpoon threw an electrified spear at him, immobilizing Coyote. However, Coyote recovered and shot down Harpoon that hit him. As Harpoon recovered, Wolf came up and punched him in the face, knocking him out. Blockbuster tried charging but Hyena blasted him into Vertigo with a laser. Jackal charged at the remaining Marauders but Arclight knocked him down with an energy ball. Wolf tried to help but Arclight repelled him as well. Blockbuster and Vertigo recovered and reduced Coyote to aged scrap as he tried to attack. Then Arclight turned Hyena and Wolf into infants, ending the battle as Ultron watched in disappointment.

Hoping to take control of his "father's" stolen territory, NOS-4-A2 infiltrated the Skrull headquarters. The Skrull Emperor, hoping to keep his own hands clean, sent the Super Skrull to deal with the energy vampire. The Super Skrull took flight after NOS and fired a fire blast at the vampire who dodged it. NOS then stopped to absorb some electricity and started firing electrified beams at the Skrull. He then used his powers to re energize robots to serve him. The Skrull forces retreated and NOS knocked Super Skrull into space.

The Ringmaster had brought his criminal operations to Paris and had brought along the Swordsman for enforcement. Frollo, seeking to put an end to this, recruited Paris's two most infamous thieves, Sarousch and Sa'Luk, and offered them an official pardon if they did away with the Ringmaster. The Ringmaster brought in a truck mounted machine gun but Sarousch used his powers to make the machine gun vanish. The Swordmaster fired beams from his sword at Sa'Luk's goons, sending them running. Sa'Luk then punched the Swordmaster in the face and finished him off with a swipe from his knuckle blades. The Ringmaster used his hat to hypnotize a giant snake to do his will. But Sarousch used his powers to nullify the Ringmaster's control and hypnotized the snake himself, commanding it to eat the Ringmaster whole.

Having survived his helicopter crash in part 1, the Kingpin had been in hiding from Medusa. Wanting to build up an army to overthrow Medusa, the Kingpin travelled to the CGI universe. This caught Syndrome's attention and the wannabe superhero sent out his head of research, Xemnas, a man well versed in both science and sorcery. Xemnas arrived and managed to take down a couple of his thugs. However, Xemnas wasted time monologuing and tying Kingpin up rather than killing him. Due to this massive tactical oversight, Kingpin shot Xemnas in the chest, killing the Nobody instantly.

Hearing that Drakken had created an army of deadly robots, Doctor Octopus sent out the new and improved Smythe to deal with the supervillains. Smythe arrives at Drakken's lair and trashed the robots. However, as Smythe turned his attention to Drakken, Shego took out a laser cannon and fired it at the cyborg, the blast dumping debris on Smythe. She then fired at a reactor, spilling corrosive acid over everything. The distraction allowed Drakken and Shego to escape. Smythe then left the lab before it was destroyed.

On behalf of his new ally, NOS-4-A2, Dragaunus tracked down Annihilus to reclaim the last part of Zurg's former empire. He found the bug like emperor and the two entered a fight to the finish for the territory. As Annihilus sent out his bug warriors, one of the Saurians, Siege shot them down with a laser cannon. The sorcerer Saurian, Wraith then dispersed more of the bugs with his magic. As Saurian troops charged in, Annihilus decimated them. Dragaunus then personally confronted Annihilus and killed the bug emperor with a blast from his ring.

Having just arrived in the live action universe, the Evil Queen was looking to make a new name for herself. She and Cruella hoped to do so by destroying an infamous demon known as Blackheart. The demon sent Cruella flying with a punch. The Evil Queen stunned Blackheart with a fireball. However, realizing they were outmatched, the Queen and Cruella retreated as Blackheart leered at them. 

Smythe returned to Medusa's tower just as Medusa and Doc Ock were testing the Hobgoblin's old Time Dilation Accelerator. Spider-Man swung in to foil their plans, but, before he could, Carnage slithered through the open portal and bonded to Spider-Man, as Feral Mickey joined him. This terrifying Spider-Carnage chased away Medusa and convinced Doc Ock and Smythe to support him as the new Kingpin of New York.

Frollo introduced Sarousch and Sa'Luk to Jafar, however, Jafar didn't trust them. He voiced his concerns to Frollo, but the judge silenced him, much to his chagrin.

The Sorcerer's Society revived Madame Mim as they prepared for an attack on New Salem.

Mesmero returned to his lair to find that Sinister had taken it over. Mesmero agreed to an alliances, provided that they rule equally under Apocalypse.

The Evil Queen called together some of the most notorious villains of this universe (namely Necrolai, Barbossa, the Sanderson Sisters, Koragg, and Kal) to form her new team.

Blackheart was also making plans and called upon the Hidden for help.

Dormammu contacted Mordo via the Magic Mirror and informed him that phase one of their plan was complete.

Hades was trying to rebuild Maleficent's empire and had recruited Shan Yu, Morgana, and the Queen of Hearts to add on to his faction.

Tony Dracon was plotting to take over Medusa's empire with... Cruella De Vil?

Drakken had called up his associates Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan, Señor Senior Jr., and DNAmy to forge an alliance against the criminal empire.

Zira was toppled from the throne of the Pride Lands by her nephew, Simba.

NOS-4-A2 was settling into his new empire and thanked Doom (who sold him Skrull secrets) and Dragaunus for their help. As a reward, NOS-4-A2 granted Doom passage into the Live Action universe.

Part Four

With the anarchy in New Salem growing even more intense, the Sorcerer's Society arrived to seize power for themselves. Upon arrival, however, they met resistance from the Salem Seven, Nicholas Scratch's elite body guards who wanted to claim to city for their own. The two groups of sorcerers broke out into a magical duel. Mozenrath blasted Thornn but he blocked with his thorny arms. Aghoul's shadow threw a skull at Reptilla but she tanked the hit. Mim transformed into a tiger and pounced at Brutacus like member of the Seven. But he caught Mim and threw her aside. Vakume blasted Yzma with lightning, knocking her into the mud. Reptilla lunged at Mozenrath, sending him sliding towards a spiky pit, only barely able to hang on to the edge. As Grim Reaper a robotic member of the Seven stepped up to face them, Mim turned into a snake and tried to ambush him but he quickly blasted her with a wrist mounted laser. As Mozenrath pulled himself back onto the ledge, he unleashed a magical barrage, annihilating the Seven.

Kovu was playing in the Elephant Graveyard when he encountered the Huntsman hunting down an elusive demon with the power to hide inside the bodies of other living creatures. The Demon threw a magical ball at the Huntsman, knocking him down. The Huntsman quickly recovered and shot an arrow at the Demon, stunning it. As the rest of the Huntsclan moved in, the Demon fired a barrage of energy, scattering the Huntsclan. In a desperate effort to survive, the Demon possessed Kovu, intending to use his body as a hostage. However, the Huntsman had no qualms about harming innocents and, with a blast from his staff, destroyed the Demon and killed Kovu. Zira arrived just in time to witness her son's death. As she mourned her loss, the Huntsman departed and Zira swore revenge.

Dr. Doom, having just arrived in the Live Action universe, sought to obtain a new base of operations, and, for various reasons, he had chosen the Acme Corporation as his new headquarters. However, once Doom arrived, he needed face another Doom to claim the lair for himself. Judge Doom revealed his true nature as a toon, turned his hand into an anvil and hit Dr. Doom with it, knocking him down. As Dr. Doom recovered, Judge Doom turned his hand into a buzz saw and advanced on Dr. Doom. But before he could use it, Dr. Doom drew a pistol and shot Judge Doom dead.

Kingpin brought Shocker over from the animated universe to help him steal Syndrome's secrets, after he discovered that Syndrome sent Xemnas after him. Shocker broke into Syndrome's lab and hacked his computer. Stealing one of the trolleys that were used for transport to sneak in, Shocker soon jumped out, blasted one of the guards and broke into the lab where he proceeded to hack all the information on Operation Kronos and get it onto a drive. However, he was spotted by Mirage and Syndrome activated the defense systems to capture him. Shocker proceeded to make a run for it and just managed to escape with the help of his men.

Facilier had returned to New Orleans since his bad experiences with the Evil Queen in part one. He had heard tales of an evil Puppet Master who was friends with a pantheon of voodoo spirits. Seeking to make new "friends" of his own, Facilier arrived at the lair of the Puppet Master to take away the "friends". Facilier summoned his shadow demons but the Puppet Master revealed the Human Torch who he had mind controlled. The Human Torch swiftly destroyed the shadows. Facilier then blew some powder which freed the Human Torch from the Puppet Master's control. Facilier then revealed a voodoo doll of the Puppet Master's daughter. He stabbed it in the heart with a needle, killing her. Impressed by Facilier, the friends devoured the Puppet Master's soul.

Klang had finally found the fabled Lost City and it's mysterious weapon. Klang had wasted no time using the weapon to unleash a reign of terror upon nearby towns in Egypt. General Ross had taken notice of this and had mobilized the Hulk busters to take down Klang's tyranny. However, Klang's weapon, a large bell that would fire massive soundwaves as projectile weapons when sounded, easily defeated Ross' forces, burying them in the sand of the desert.

The Evil Queen, who was now going by Regina in this world, tasked Necrolai with tracking down Blackheart and killing him. Kal used his magic to create a monster to assist her. Necrolai and the Clawbster cornered Blackheart and the Hidden in an alleyway in a nearby city and the two sides squared off. Blackheart knocked Necrolai and the Clawbster down with a blast of demonic energy. The Clawbster quickly recovered and advanced on the demons. However, the Clawbster stepped in a puddle of water which one of the Hidden merged with and held the Clawbster in place while another of the Hidden rammed it with a truck. Angered, Necrolai quickly destroyed the Hidden with her magic.

Mr. Sinister put the finishing touches on his latest master piece: the corruption of the X-Man, Angel, turning him into Archangel. Sinister decided to test his new soldier by sending him to take down Frollo himself. Archangel smashed in through a window and knocked Frollo into a wall. But Frollo recovered and hit Archangel in the face, knocking him down. Archangel flew into another part of the building as Frollo kept his guard up, sword at the ready. Archangel burst in through a door and launched fire at Frollo. However, most of it missed, except for a doll on the edge of Frollo's dagger which he flicked at Archangel, once again knocking him down. Having thoroughly humiliated the X Man, Frollo departed as Archangel flew away in shame.

Madame Medusa arrived in New Orleans and caught Facilier's attention. Promising to make her the Kingpin of New Orleans, Facilier forged an alliance with New York's former head crime boss.

In New Salem, Ayam Aghoul found some magic that Maleficent left behind and used it to undo her banishing spell.

In Paris, Jafar had decided that the time to take action was now and used hypnosis to control Frollo's actions. He also took the opportunity to assign Helga Sinclair to be McLeach's new partner.

Cruella returned to Baron Zemo's base, revealing herself as the Chameleon. She informed Zemo that he had found useful information on the Quarrymen, and that he would continue to manipulate Dracon.

Pete called together Lady Tremaine, Gaston, and a mysterious hooded man to join his cause of collecting princesses with pure hearts. He also unveiled to them his master: Maleficent.

Zira met with Anansi who promised to help her get revenge on the Huntsman if she killed someone for him.

Doc Ock called his boss, Norman Osborn, for further orders on what to do next.

With Project Kronos compromised, Syndrome called in Mother Gothel and Oogie Boogie to mix things up a bit.

Enchantress recruited the Frightful Four for an attack on Hades.

Thanos arrived in the Underworld and freed Loki from his confinements, on the condition that he acts as Thanos's acolyte in the Live action universe.

Part Five

Loki and Dr. Doom were reunited and decided to work together to acquire the Tesseract. Loki informed Doom that Thanos had sent him to obtain the Tesseract. He also explained that it was one of two cosmic cubes that the Red Skull had created from Jafar's gemstone. Doom had used one of the Cubes after obtaining it from Frollo to power his Energy Absorber in the first war. The other was on the Red Skull's person when Zurg turned its energy back upon him. Loki knew it was somewhere in the live action universe and the two resolved to find it.

The Evil Queen, having discovered that her murderer, Loki, was still alive, sent her loyal knight, Koragg to kill the god of mischief. The two squared off at the edge of the Dark Forest. Loki fired off several beams from his staff, scattering Koragg's forces as they tried to return fire. However, Koragg dodged the attacks and knocked Loki back with a blast of energy from his shield. Loki retaliated with another blast from his staff, this one hitting home. Injured and outmatched, Koragg retreated.

Drakken arrived at the lair of Arnim Zola to obtain the schematics for Kingpin's tower. Zola, however, was not willing to hand over the plans so easily and called upon Doughboy to take Drakken out. However, the blue scientist had also come prepared with his deadly Bebe Robots. The Bebe plowed through Doughboy then started to laugh as the bombs they had left behind exploded inside Doughboy, destroying it. However, Zola pulled a lever which activated defense mechanisms, destroying the Bebes. Drakken then activated several laser cannons, destroying a good portion of the base and knocking out Zola.

In order to get Anansi to grant her wish, Zira needed to kill the Red Ghost, an old customer of Anansi. Zira travelled to the den of the super apes, Mikhlo and Mandrill, hoping for a quick victory. One of the apes knocked Zira down but she quickly recovered and, after disabling his guards, mauled Red Ghost to death.

John Castaway planned on hijacking a train travelling through upstate New York to send the world a message from the Quarrymen. However, the train that the Quarrymen were attacking was also being attacked by Baron Zemo's Masters of Evil, seeking to steal a valuable weapon from the train. While the Quarrymen landed on top of the train, Zemo and his forces proceeded to steal the weapon. However, as the Quarrymen forced their way inside the train, they disrupted Zemo's theft. As they opened fire, the Masters of Evil responded with Whirlwind knocking the Quarrymen into each other. As John Castaway joined the fray, Moonstone destroyed the tracks above a ravine. Castaway pulled a gun and after blasting Absorbing Man, they retreated. However, the train soon fell off the tracks and exploded, killing Castaway.

Under orders from Dormammu, Baron Mordo sought to ally himself with the Weird Sisters who were also enemies of Hades. However, they refused to make a pact with an agent of Dormammu and a fight ensued. Nearby, the Archmage was watching every move. The Weird Sisters grew to an enormous size and blasted Mordo down but he recovered and turned the Sisters into owls, forcing them to retreat. After Mordo departed, the Archmages sought out the Sisters and reverted them back to their true forms. They then forged an alliance with the Archmages when the Alpha Archmage offered to help them seek revenge on Mordo.

With Hades and the Archmage both away, the Enchantress decided that it was the optimal time to attack Avalon. She and her Frightful Four entered a battle with Zurg, Shan Yu, the Queen of Hearts, and Morgana. Morgana fired off a magical beam which Enchantress blocked but at the cost of great damage to her arm. Trapster then fired off a wrist gauntlet, knocking Shan Yu to the ground while Enchantress rejuvenated herself from the damage. She then controlled a ship's rigging to hit Morgana, knocking her into the water. The Queen of Hearts sent out her card soldiers but Klaw blasted her with his wrist gauntlet, knocking her down. Dragon Man flew in but Zurg fired his eye beams at him, frightening the creature. Zurg then equipped his heavy arm cannon and fired multiple missiles at the Enchantress but she raised a shield of ice to block the missiles. Morgana then used her magic to encase the power pack of Trapster with the wrist gauntlet, forcing him to remove it. As Shan Yu tried to re-join the battle, the Executioner shot him in the shoulder with a blaster cannon. While Enchantress and Zurg exchanged blasts, Shan Yu unsheathed his sword and engaged the Executioner. The Hun gained the upper hand and struck down the Asgardian. As the Queen of Hearts tried to re-join the battle, Wizard blasted her in the face. At that moment, the Archmages arrived and swiftly obliterated the Four and the Enchantress.

General Ross arrived at the lair of Mr. Sinister following his defeat at Klang's hands and submitted to be transformed into the Red Hulk. Meanwhile, Hades was hosting the Hades Cup, a tournament to help him to pick out the monster that he wanted to use. However, when Red Hulk crashed the party, things got a little out of hand. Red Hulk had to face the Children of Echidna, but he defeated them easily. Then Echidna intervened and knocked Red Hulk down with a punch, but Red Hulk used a heat wave and sent Echidna flying away, to Hades's surprise.

The Enchantress awoke to find that the Archmage used the Phoenix Gate to send her to the Dark Dimension, where she was enslaved by Dormammu.

Lady Tremaine, fearing what would happen if Maleficent merged her faction with Hades's faction because of her experiences with Grimhilde and Magneto, convinced Maleficent that Hades had replaced her and no longer loved her. What she didn't show is that Hades was a bit annoyed by his new allies.

The Archmages, looking for new canon fodder, pulled Demona and Macbeth out of the time stream to serve them.

Anansi granted Zira's wish and turned her into a human sorceress. She then took the name Queen La for herself.

The White Witch, seeking to enter the war consulted with her ally, Rumpelstiltskin, who told her the location of the desired Tesseract.

Tony Dracon forged an alliance with Thailog to run all crime in New York City

The Queen chastised Koragg for his failure and retreat and used her powers to bring her loyal Huntsman into the live action universe.

Spider-Carnage commissioned Hammerhead to retrieve an integral component of the Time Dilation Accelerator from Oscorp.

Meanwhile, in Paris, McLeach and Helga weren't exactly getting along and Jafar began to put phase two of his master plan into action by masquerading as Jasmine.

And a princess was captured by Maleficent's forces as Pete captured Jasmine, unaware it was Jafar in disguise.

Part Six

Kal and Koragg were suspicious about the Queen's motives and asked her mirror who she truly was, learning that she was a native of the animated universe. Kal mused that his father was right about the existence of the animated universe which prompted Koragg to ask about his father's fate. Kal told him of his father, Kalabar's final bid for power when he challenged the king of the Frost Giants, Laufey. When Kalabar was about to launch his conquest of both the animated and live action universes, Laufey confronted him. Kalabar obliterated his Frost Giant guards with magical blasts but when Laufey engaged him, he destroyed Kalabar with a single blast.

On behalf of the Queen, Cruella set out to gain her mistress a hold in the criminal empire of the live action universe. To achieve this, Cruella attempted to forge an alliance with Bullseye, the top hitman of the Kingpin. However, negotiations quickly fell apart and tempers rose. That night, Bullseye followed Cruella's car on his motorcycle, hoping to exterminate the fashionista once and for all. Bullseye threw some metal blades from his belt at Cruella's car, forcing her to crash. Cruella got out of her car and grabbed a pitchfork, hitting Bullseye with it as he drove at her, knocking him from his bike. Bullseye then retreated.

The Archmage's interference in the time stream had caught the attention of Kang, the time travelling dictator of a future Earth. When Kang arrived to undo the damage that the Archmage had done to the time stream, the elderly sorcerer merely sent out his new subordinate Macbeth to deal with the attacker. Macbeth fired his laser pistol at Kang but his high tech armor absorbed it. Macbeth then threw some explosive pellets but the armor's shields tanked the hit. Kang then blasted Macbeth, knocking him down and tossing him around the room. Kang even blasted Macbeth's pistol when he raised it to fire. Macbeth then dodged around Kang's attacks and blasted him with his pistol when his guard was down, killing Kang.

After escaping from the battle with Hades's forces, Klaw travelled into the desert to find the lost city built entirely of harmonics, realizing that such a city, mixed with his powers would make him invincible. However, the city had already been conquered by Klang who used his weapon on Klaw. However, due to Klaw's unique powers, the weapon actually caused Klaw to become sound itself. Klaw knocked Klang from his perch with sound tendrils and then grew to an enormous size. Klaw then unleashed a massive sound wave, destroying the entire city and raining debris down on Klang, burying him with the city.

Hammerhead stole the component of the Time Dilation Accelerator from Oscorp on behalf of Spider-Carnage. This caught the attention of rival mob-boss, Tony Dracon, who sent out the Chameleon (still disguised as Cruella) to deal with him. Chameleon chased Hammerhead on the road and tried to ram into him. Hammerhead's driver moved out of the way and Chameleon drove down into a ditch as a result. Chameleon drove back onto the road tearing the roof off the car in his haste. He then latched his car onto Hammerhead's and forced it to crash. As Chameleon approached the vehicle with a crowbar, Hammerhead slammed the door open, knocking Chameleon into a trash can. Hammerhead then escaped before Chameleon could recover.

The White Witch, seeking the Tesseract for herself, approached Johann Schimdt (the man who Rumplestiltskin referred her to) in order to bargain for the Tesseract. However, when the Witch's impatience got the better of her, Schimdt decided to show his true colours. He used his Tesseract powered weapons to obliterate the White Witch and her wolf guards before tearing off his face, revealing himself as Red Skull.

The exiled Skrulls were seeking to topple NOS-4-A2 from his throne and struck a deal with Ronan the Accuser to take him out. Ronan engaged NOS-4-A2's forces at the ruins of Planet Z, but he had severely underestimated the power of NOS's allies. Ronan wiped out a group of Saurian forces with a swing of his hammer. Wraith then hit Ronan with a fireball but Ronan telekinetically retrieved his hammer, hitting one of the Saurians with it on the way. As NOS-4-A2 entered the battle personally, Ronan knocked him down with another swing of his hammer. Dragaunus then turned himself invisible and sneaked over to the controls to a machine. He then activated it, vaporizing Ronan.

Still upset about Hades, Maleficent was slightly off her game, making it the perfect time for the Enchantress, having been upgraded by Dormammu, to obtain her revenge. Enchantress attacked, prompting Maleficent to turn into a demonic bear. Enchantress blasted away Maleficent's goons as she turned into a bear. Maleficent swiped Enchantress but her injuries healed instantly. Enchantress then unleashed a barrage of magical blasts, sending Maleficent plummeting to the bottom of a waterfall.

Loki and Doom, wanting to make sure that Hades didn't interfere in their plans, made an attack on Hades's fortress with Loki wielding the Destroyer armor. The two interdimensional travellers encountered Hades and the Archmage's other new subordinate Demona and a battle occurred. Demona fired her laser cannon at Doom but his shields easily absorbed the shot. He then fired a blast of his own, destroying the blaster. Loki coated Hades in lava but the god of the dead recovered quickly and shot a fireball at Doom who swiftly dodged it. Demona then claimed another blaster rifle and fired a sustained blast at Loki, holding him back while Hades unloaded a fire plume at Doom who relied on his shields to protect him. Doom then extended his hand far enough out of his shield to telekinetically push Hades back. Demona then ripped an electric cable out of the ground and sent the electricity along the ground, shocking Loki to the floor. As Doom kept the pressure up on Hades, the god mounted Cerberus to attack Doom. Doom then retaliated by blasting the ground open under Hades, sending him Cerberus plummeting into the earth. Doom and Loki then departed.

Hades and Maleficent, having both lost their respective battles, reunited in the Underworld on less than favourable terms.

The Kingpin held a conference of his allies to discuss the looming threat of Syndrome.

Meanwhile two more princesses were captured by Maleficent's faction as Gaston captured Belle and Lady Tremaine captured Cinderella.

Bullseye tracked down Blackheart and the two decided to team up against the Evil Queen's forces.

Donald Menken informed Norman Osborn that they had completely lost control of their Spider-Man clone due to the Carnage symbiote, prompting Norman to make a change in plans.

The Sorcerer's Society inducted the Huntsman and Queen La into its ranks, and Yzma immediately noticed something familiar about "La".

The Evil Queen made a deal with Rumplestiltskin. He gave her control of the White Witch's sizable army, and she, in turn, told him how to travel to the animated universe.

Gambit and Bella Donna, the leader of the Assassin's Guild, were trying to rekindle their past romance. Faciler and Medusa decided to take advantage of this to not only get revenge on Gambit but to also gain control of crime in New Orleans.

Demona informed Hades's faction of their leader's death. Zurg, with a heavy heart, took the position of leader.

Because of Jafar's hypnosis, Frollo was completely unable to lead, and Jafar had been gone for a week now, prompting Helga to take the leadership position, much to McLeach's chagrin.

With Hades out of the way, Doom and Loki decided to divide and conquer with Doom being in charge of furthering their goals in the CGI universe.

Part Seven

Mother Gothel was keeping an eye on Kingpin's faction when she learned that one of his new allies, Shikata, possessed a sword that could restore youth. Eager to obtain it for herself, Gothel demanded that Shikata give her the sword, but Shikata refused. In response, Mother Gothel attacked her by using the darkness to create ghostly minions... through a music number! As she sang, Gothel summoned Scar's demonic spirit which Shikata slashed away. As Shikata tried to approach Gothel, Scar's spirit returned which she slashed again only for Scar to turn into a more powerful form. Shikata knocked the spirit down but it recovered and blasted her back with lightning attacks. It then bound her to a wall and completely obliterated Shikata with a massive attack.

Mesmero broke into Frollo's personal museum to steal a key to open the tomb of Apocalypse. However, Sarousch was already there on an assignment from Helga. Seeing this as his chance to apprehend Mesmero and cripple Apocalypse's forces, Sarousch and his soldiers engaged the hypnotist in combat. Sarousch conjured up a blinding light stunning Mesmero. One of the guards then activated a mine cart, sending it rolling after Mesmero. But Mesmero outran it and made his way to the key. Mesmero claimed the key then used his powers to turn the guards on Sarousch. Mesmero departed as the guards beat Sarousch down.

With the news of Klang's defeat spreading and Drakken's increasing frustration with Junior's laziness, Drakken decided to kill two birds with one stone by sending Junior with Shego to take down Klaw. Klaw unleashed waves of sound energy, knocking Shego back and coating Senior Jr in liquid dislodged by the attack.Shego fought back with her fireballs but Klaw absorbed the attacks and knocked Shego back again. Junior then unveiled an orb that unleashed a blast that utterly obliterated Klaw.

With Rokoff dead and Frollo unable to lead, Sinister decided to take down the final world leader that questioned him at the London conference: King Duncan of Scotland. To do so, Sinister thawed out Omega Red to defeat the king. Duncan came at Omega with a mace but Red caught his arm and knocked Duncan back with a retractable cable. However, Duncan's guards stunned Omega long enough for the king's servants to drag him to safety.

Ultron, still disguised as Xanatos, sent out his ultimate creation, the Vision, in a test to take down Frollo's faction. Helga and McLeach, however, had no intentions of allowing this to come to pass and stood against the android. McLeach and Helga sent their soldiers to kill the android, but Vision defeated them easily, as Vision is about to attack, Helga shot a ray Vision beam at him, exposing the skeleton of his hand, McLeach threw a knife stunning Vision and Helga shoots him with her gun, causing Vision to withdraw and leaving McLeach impressed.

Facilier wanted to personally get his revenge on the man who sent him back to Grimhilde, Gambit, one of the last remaining members of Magneto's Acolytes. He tracked down the mutant to a bar in New Orleans and challenged him to a rematch. Gambit destroyed Facilier's shadow demons with his cards but Facilier's shadow caught him off guard, knocking him down. Gambit then pulled out a staff and moved to attack with it but Facilier blew powder on him that turned him into a firefly. Facilier then swatted Gambit to the ground and crushed him underfoot.

In the CGI universe, Dr. Doom forged a conditional alliance with the Kingpin: Doom would aid in the struggle against Syndrome and Kingpin would help Doom locate the Princess Aurora. With Kingpin's ally, Sergei, Doom found Aurora in Oogie Boogie's lair. As Oogie Boogie fled the fight, he left his opponents to face a veteran of the last war that had been hiding out in his lair since her defeat: Ursula. As he fled, Oogie activated his lair's traps while Ursula knocked Sergei down. Doom then blasted Ursula with a gauntlet beam, killing her instantly.

Loki seemingly made a rash move by single-handedly attacking the Evil Queen's castle. While he was able to dispatch Grimhilde's allies with relative ease as he knocked the Sanderson Sisters aside with his staff and forced the Huntsman to his knees, he was not able to do so to the Queen herself with Odin's powers. The Queen knocked him down with a single magic blast and with Barbossa holding him at gunpoint, Loki was forced to surrender.

Hades and Maleficent were still trapped in the Underworld, bickering over the demise of their relationship. However, it wasn't long until Thanos appeared before them, still using the Underworld as a base following his resurrection of Loki. Maleficent was quick to attack, but her lightning only angered Thanos. Realizing that his love was in danger, Hades diverted attention over to himself and was knocked into the River Styx. Maleficent, hoping to save Hades, used her quick thinking to defeat Thanos by conjuring up an image of Lady Death and had her proclaim her love and devotion for Thanos. As the Mad Titan fawned over his love and prepared to move onto spread destruction with her, Hades and Maleficent escaped.

Because Ursula was killed outside of her home dimension, the Sea Witch rematerialized back in the animated universe. She immediately flocked to Avalon, much to Morgana's chagrin, where she informed Zurg of Doom's location and goals.

Zurg prepared to strike against Doom by enlisting the help of the only other villain to have survived a battle with Doom: Frollo.

Thanos discovered that Lady Death's appearance was only an illusion, orchestrated by Maleficent.

Avalanche arrived at Spider-Carnage's tower, on Dormammu's behalf, to inform Spider-Carnage that he was behind schedule.

Thailog tricked Drakken and DNAmy to move against Spider-Carnage.

Ultron prepared to bond his shell with Adamantium, which would render him virtually invincible.

Baron Zemo swore vengeance on Mozenrath, who, meanwhile, forged an alliance with the Al-Muddy, promising to make the surface world inhabitable for them if they aid in his army.

Thanos arrived on the Chitauri mother ship and told them to prepare for an attack

The mysterious hooded figure from Maleficent's faction brought together an elite special-ops team that he dubbed "The Redemption Squad."

Loki was escorted to a dungeon cell, but Barbossa noticed the trickster god not only being in a good mood but also paying special attention to him.

And Jafar unveiled his disguise and seized control of Maleficent's leaderless faction.

Part Eight

Barbossa confronted Loki, hoping to figure out the god's intentions. He soon found out: Loki possessed the last pirate medallion that he needed to lift his curse. His price? The Tesseract.

Seeking to obtain the Tesseract as a bargaining tool for Loki, Barbossa invaded the hideout of the Red Skull. Skull sent his forces after Barbossa's pirates. However, they soon learned that Barbossa's pirates couldn't be killed because of the curse. Red Skull's forces, on the other hand, were far too mortal. The Red Skull attempted to escape with the Tesseract, but Barbossa pursued. Red Skull's attempts to fight back were useless as Barbossa's curse allowed him to tank the Skull's attacks. Barbossa then knocked Red Skull back into a machine. In desperation, Red Skull grabbed the Tesseract. But the cosmic cube started to tear Red Skull apart with its energy before warping him to an unknown location. The Tesseract remained behind for Barbossa to collect.

Morgana, furious that her sister had returned, recruited Avalanche to send her sister back to the Underworld. Avalanche happily obliged, eager for the chance to kill another of Maleficent's faction. Using magic from Morgana, he faced off against the overweight sea-witch. Ursula knocked Avalanche to the ground with her magic. She then conjured up multiple traps which Avalanche deftly evaded. She then grabbed Avalanche who quickly broke out of her grip and threw the sea witch back. Avalanche then conjured up a massive rock slide, wrecking Ursula's lair. Realizing she was outmatched, Ursula retreated.

The Sanderson Sisters informed Regina and Cruella that Blackheart had been located again. Regina ordered them to take care of the demon. The three witches cornered Blackheart and the surviving two members of the Hidden, resulting in Blackheart sending out Abigor to take them down. Abigor unleashed a telekinetic wave, throwing the witches back and knocking Winnie off of her broom. Winnie retaliated with a magical maelstrom that lifted Abigor off the ground and tore him to nothingness.

Catching word about Maleficent's death, Smee paid Mysterio to break into Maleficent's headquarters to steal her staff so that he could free Captain Hook. Mysterio attacked and found himself face to face with Jafar. However, the old snake didn't want to dirty his own hands just yet and used his magic to restore Tremaine's wand so that she could fight. Mysterio sent a swarm of bats after Tremaine but she destroyed them with a blast from her wand. Mysterio then transformed Lucifer into a goose and conjured a sword to fight with. Jafar then conjured up a dagger and threw it at Mysterio as he was about to strike with the sword. Mysterio then retreated.

The Archmage used the Phoenix Gate to pull the Lizard out of the time stream so that he could send him into the Live Action realm to test the dangers within. The Lizard crossed over and found himself face to face with the Dark One himself, Rumpelstiltskin, who was just about to cross over himself. The Lizard attacked and Rumple was happy to oblige for a battle. The Lizard slashed Rumple's face with his claws but the Dark One healed himself with magic. Rumple deftly dodged all of the Lizard's slashes then pulled out a wand and turned the Lizard back into Dr. Connors.

Ultron was commissioning AIM to mass produce Ultron robots for him so that he would have an army. However, the meeting was crashed by the Hooded Man's Redemption Squad. Ultron left, not wanting to involve himself in the fight, and left AIM to fend for themselves. Dr. Vile detonated an explosive while Fang picked off AIM soldiers in the smoke and confusion. As the AIM soldiers returned fire, Coyote blasted their ranks apart while the Canmores sent in a robotic raven which blasted at them. As Yama and the Canmores wiped out the last of the AIM guards, the Hooded Man arrived and revealed himself to be David Xanatos.

Barbossa returned to the castle with the Tesseract. He freed Loki and traded the Tesseract for the Medallion. With the transaction complete, both got as far away from the castle as possible.

The Hooded Man revealed himself to have been Xanatos, having faked his death. He was then brought up to speed on the current Ultron situation.

In Maleficent's former lair, Gaston delivered Belle an offer: marry him and be set free. However, she refused him.

Baron Mordo chastised Avalanche and Mysterio for moving against Hades and Maleficent without orders from Dormammu, and warned that if they disobeyed him again, he would kill them.

Blackheart was visited by his father, Mephisto, who ordered that he return to Hell immediately. Blackheart refused, prompting Mephisto to sick his "Rider" on Blackheart.

The Archmage recovered the Grimorum Arcanorum and sent out Demona to retrieve the Phoenix Gate for him.

Regina learned of Barbossa's betrayal and swore to make him suffer.

Zurg and Frollo went to OsCorp where Norman Osborn (using his Green Goblin persona to mask his identity) sent them to the CGI universe so that they could fight Dr. Doom.

Part Nine

Regina appeared before Barbossa and his crew and called for a parley to negotiate terms of peace.

Loki called up Ramsley, Blackheart, Bullseye, and Laufey to form a faction to rival Regina's generals.

Maleficent and Hades returned to her faction and, with the help of the others, ran out Jafar and the traitorous Lady Tremaine.

Loki, needing a centralized building with a large power source to activate his Tesseract device, approached Zuse to request the use of his End of Line Club. However, Zuse's loyalties lied with Regina and he sold out Loki's location to the Huntsman. The Huntsman shot Blackheart in the face with an arrow but Loki quickly pinned him to the wall with his magic. Zuse fired off blasts from his cane, knocking Loki down. However, that Loki turned out to be an illusion as the real Loki appeared next to Zuse and disintegrated him with a tap from his staff. Blackheart then ripped out the Huntsman's heart and crushed it into dust, killing him.

At Thailog's suggestion, Drakken was moving against Spider-Carnage's faction to take control of the criminal empire. His first step in doing so was by capturing Doctor Octopus. However, bringing such a dangerous villain back to the base might not have been the smartest decision as Doc Ock immediately fought back, scattering Drakken, Monkey Fist and Duff Killigan with his tentacles. As Monkey Fist and Killigan retreated, Shego blasted Doc Ock back but the mad scientist recovered and knocked out Drakken with a strike from his tentacles. DNAmy tried to drag Drakken away but Dock Ock knocked a building on top of them, trapping them. Realizing she was outmatched, Shego retreated.

The Seniors were attacked by the cyborg Alistair Smythe, who was looking to wipe Drakken's forces off the map. He confronted the father and son duo at "Club Lair" which Senor Senior Sr. had rigged with killer robotic animals. The robot animals swarmed on Smythe and restrained him with a webbing spray but Smythe quickly broke free and shut the robots down with blasts from his shoulder mounted cannons. However, despite Smythe's efforts, the Senors escaped.

Facilier tried to recruit the Scarlet Witch, Magneto's daughter, to help him. However, Medusa was not too fond of a younger woman being on the team, no matter how powerful she was and attempted to chase her off with her shotgun. But the Witch stunned Medusa's alligators with her magic and knocked Medusa off her feet. As Medusa fired off her shotgun, the Scarlet Witch left, much to Facilier's dismay.

Kal was hunting for information about Laufey and went to Wallow, Blackheart's last remaining member of the Hidden, for answers. However, Wallow would much rather fight Kal than give him answers. Of course, Kal was more than a match for the water demon as he casually blasted Wallow to nothingness with magical lightning.

Demona and Macbeth traveled to Transylvania to re-obtain the Phoenix Gate for the Archmage. It was currently in the hands of Miriam, the Vampire Queen. Miriam knocked Demona down and narrowly dodged MacBeth's blaster shot. MacBeth tackled the Vampire Queen but she promptly kicked him off. The two brainwashed servants opened fire on her with their blasters until she retreated, allowing them to claim the Phoenix Gate.

Mozenrath recruited Irmaplotz into his Sorcerer's Society and, as her first task, needed to take down Diablo, an aging Alchemist hired by Baron Zemo to give the Masters of Evil enough power to kill Mozenrath. Zira, still disguised as Queen La accompanied her, but, even together, Diablo was more powerful. Both Zira and Irmaplotz's attacks were deflected back on each other but, just as Diablo was preparing a massive attack, the Mukhtar arrived and fired a blast from his lantern at Diablo and threw an enchanted blade at him, killing the alchemist.

Baron Mordo, hoping to create a more lethal Venom for Dormammu's forces, bonded the Venom symbiote to Avalanche. His target? Gaston. Avalanche charged at Gaston, but the hunter hit him with an arrow, knocking him through a window. As Gaston tried to press his advantage, Avalanche threw Gaston around with his symbiote enhanced strength. As Gaston's mob rushed to help him, Avalanche tore through them, brutally killing Lefou. Terrified, Gaston fled.

With Planet Z being the optimum location for Loki to open the Tesseract portal, Thanos sent the Chitauri to take it from its current holders, NOS-4-A2 and his second in command, Dragaunus. The two extraterrestrial armies went to war, with heavy damage done to both sides. As the Chitauri and Saurian forces, tore into each other, the Chitauri deployed walkers which even managed to stun NOS himself. NOS and Draganous started to tear apart the Chitauri ranks, until Thanos entered the battle himself. The Mad Titan destroyed Dragaunus's warship, leaving the Saurian to plunge to his death. NOS moved to face Thanos personally, but the Titan destroyed Planet Z's tower and then destroyed NOS-4-A2 effortlessly.

Frollo and Zurg tracked down Dr. Doom in the CGI universe and confronted him in a brutal battle to obtain revenge for their wrongs at his hands. Zurg and Frollo were dangerous and full of determination, but Dr. Doom was always prepared and had friends in high places. Doom effortlessly destroyed Zurg's robotic army and sicced his Doombots on the Evil Emperor. Zurg then wiped out the Doombots with his arm cannon and Doom responded by engaging Zurg personally, exchanging blasts of his own with Zurg. Frollo then struck Doom, with his sword, forcing the doctor to his knees. Doom recovered while Loki used the Bifrost to pull Doom back into the live action universe, the shockwave sending Frollo plummeting to his death. Zurg, however found the sleeping Princess Aurora.

Regina and Barbossa met for their parley. She offered him a peace offering: a beautiful apple. However, as it turned out, Regina was up to her old tricks again as, blaming Barbossa for the Huntsman's death, she had imbued the apple with a Sleeping Curse, putting the pirate into a deathlike sleep as he took a bite of the apple.

Syndrome activated Project Kronos.

Hades returned to his faction, much to their surprise (and Ursula's chagrin), and announced that he and Maleficent would be merging their factions, much to Ursula's delight.

Frollo died in the CGI universe, and, thus respawned alive back in the animated universe, with Jafar's hypnotism now worn off.

Helga inducted Monkey Fist and King Duncan into her faction, but Jafar returned and took back command, and now placed Lady Tremaine as his second in command, much to Helga's outrage.

Norman Osborn contacted Moonstone, one of Zemo's Masters of Evil, about a top secret project of his.

Doctor Octopus confronted Avalanche-Venom and convinced him to join with him and Norman Osborn.

Dr. Doom returned to the live action faction and took an immediate dislike to Blackheart, especially the demon's closeness to Loki.

The Archmage taught the Queen of Hearts dark magic and she demonstrated what she had learned by ripping out Maurice's heart.

Zurg returned, and was shocked to find that both of his parents were alive and well. He also gave them Princess Aurora.

Belle was kidnapped by a strange hooded figure.

Factions prepared to go to war, as Loki used the Tesseract to open a portal to let the Chitauri into the live action universe.

Avalanche-Venom goes to the Palace of Justice for revenge, interrupting Anastasia and Drizella's music lesson. The sisters accidently trigger the Symbiote's weakness of loud noise. The lesson ends abruptly after Tremaine scalds the sisters for fighting during it. The second recital gets interrupted as Frollo allies with them, putting them under temporary house arrest.

Part Ten

Ayam Aghoul forged an alliance with Facilier and Medusa to secure the Book of Khartoum for Mozenrath.

As the people of New York looked on, the Chitauri arrived and began to cause massive amounts of damage. However, Regina's forces arrived to head them off. As Regina's army of Beast Warriors engaged the Chitauri, Kal confronted Laufey, transforming into a similar form as his father's Grimace form. Koragg attempted to engage Loki in a rematch but was swiftly repelled by the God of Mischief as Loki, Doom and Regina moved their battle elsewhere. Before departing, Doom scattered Necrolai's warriors. Kal, meanwhile, killed Laufey with a magical barrage. Blackheart then knocked the sorcerer to the ground. Meanwhile, Bullseye confronted Cruella for a rematch while Koragg equipped his Zord and easily killed one of the Chitauri's serpent beasts. The Sanderson Sisters unleashed a magical barrage that obliterated a large portion of the Chitauri while Necrolai blasted apart more of their ranks. However, the Destroyer intervened and blasted Koragg out of his Zord only for Kal to blast the Asgardian armor to the ground. Cruella knocked Bullseye into a wall with a pitchfork only for the assassin to knock the devil woman into a vat of mud. Bullseye and Blackheart then worked together to pull two of the Sanderson Sisters out of the sky. Kal then summoned a massive tornado to suck up the Destroyer then pelted the armor with magical energy, defeating it. Cruella, having pulled herself out of the mud, used her pitchfork to destroy Loki's machine, closing the portal and shutting down the Chitauro army. The remnants of Loki and Regina's factions then retreated.

Facilier, Medusa, and Aghoul decided to move against BellaDonna's Assassins Guild at their headquarters in the Louisiana Bayou. The two sides fought on as BellaDonna summoned up the almighty spirit of the bayou for aid. BellaDonna's troops fired a rocket at Medusa, temporarily stalling her motorbike. Once she started moving again, the goons chased her on speedboats but Medusa turned and vaulted over them, arriving at BellaDonna's safehouse. As Facilier's shadow demons tried to slow them down, BellaDonna's thugs blasted them apart with their weapons. Meanwhile, Facilier knocked BellaDonna back with his cane. Her bodyguards knocked Ayam Aghoul down but Facilier conjured their weapons away. Medusa barged in for BellaDonna to knock her on her ass with her magic. BellaDonna then conjured up the almighty spirit which knocked Ayam Aghoul and blew up Medusa's shotgun when she tried to fire at it. Facilier then summoned his Friends On The Other Side which devoured the spirit while Ayam Aghoul stripped BellaDonna of her powers.

Xanatos and his Redemption Squad arrived at the Eyrie Building to reclaim it from Ultron's clutches. The Redemption Squad faced off against Ultron's robotic replicas of the Avengers while Xanatos himself squared off against Ultron to settle some unfinished business. One of the Squad threw fireballs but Robot Thor deflected them. Another one beheaded the Thor bot while Fang blew it up with lightning. The Robot Iron Man blasted Fang down while Xanatos unleashed a massive energy blast at Ultron. Xanatos then punched Ultron back while Dr. Vile sent a barrage of bullets into the robot Ms. Marvel, destroying her. Vision engaged the Squad, knocking one of the Gargoyles down while a Hunter shot the Robot Iron Man to pieces. Ultron blasted Xanatos to the ground but Dr. Vile distracted Ultron with a laser long enough for Xanatos to recover. Ultron blasted Xanatos back down, but, at that moment, Owen arrived and transformed into Puck, casually blasting Ultron apart. As Ultron started to repair itself, Puck sent the pieces of Ultron hurtling into space, fonally eliminating it.

Regina caught up with Loki and Doom and prepared to finish this conflict once and for all. However, Doom ambushed Regina and froze her in place with his magic. At that moment, Necrolai arrived and fired an arrow at Loki. Loki caught the arrow only for the Sanderson Sisters to arrive and blast him away with their magic. Doom then knocked Winnie Sanderson off her broom and obliterated her sisters when they tried to help. Regina knocked Loki back into another wall. The god then rose to his feet and angrily ranted about his superiority as a god, only for Regina to interrupt him with a fireball to the face. Doom destroyed Necrolai when she tried to face him while Winnie took the opportunity to after Loki while he was weakened. The witch started to suck out Loki's life force only for Doom to intervene and turn Winnie into a stone coffin then blow her up. Loki then turned to Regina and stripped her of her magic, as she found out when she failed to conjure up a fireball. Realizing her predicament, Regina retreated.

Loki and Doom discussed the outcome of the battle as Loki explained that by stripping Regina of her powers, he had condemned her to a fate worse than death by leaving her to face all of her enemies powerless. They then decided to destroy the animated universe with the Bifrost to rid themselves of Thanos, Hades and Maleficent. However, to do that, they first needed to obtain the Philosopher's Stone, with the recipe to create the stone being in the Book of Khartoum which was currently in the possession of Mozenrath.

Facilier settled into BellaDonna's New Orleans mansion as he took the title of head crime boss of New Orleans for himself. There was just one little pest to deal with first as Facilier turned Medusa into a frog, both to avoid having to share power with her and as revenge for ruining his alliance with Scarlet Witch.

Xanatos moved back into his tower after having reclaimed it from Ultron.

Belle arrived in the live action realm and looked upon the face of her hooded rescuer: Rumplestiltskin.

Norman Osborn, having travelled to the live action universe using the Time Dilation accelerator, recruited Bullseye for his "Dark Avengers Initiative."

Necrolai rematerialized after the battle and set off on a quest to find a suitable replacement for the presumed deceased Regina.

Having lost contact with Loki and with the Hidden all destroyed, Blackheart conferenced with Ramsley on how best to proceed with his search for the Contract of San Vengaza. Ramsley assured him that the time had come for Blackheart to take his rightful place as the ruler of Hell from his father, Mephisto.

Mozenrath awoke the Book of Khartoum and prepared for the final stage of his plan.

Loki and Doom, Baron Zemo's benefactors throughout the war, returned to the hand drawn universe to aid in the attack on Mozenrath. Zemo gleefully revealed to them that he had a spy in Mozenrath's operations: Queen La, who revealed that Mozenrath was preparing for his final operation and with his forces, being divided, now was the time to attack.

Frollo returned to the Palace of Justice to deal with Jafar. However, the crafty sorcerer used his abilities to hypnotize Frollo into refocusing on Mr. Sinister (and releasing the Tremaines from prison).

And Apocalypse made his return.

Part Eleven

Mozenrath addressed the Sorcerer's Society and delivered instructions for how to proceed with the final stages of his plan. In order to claim the world for himself, Mozenrath would divide and conquer. The Huntsman would take half of the Society to New Salem and use the crystal skulls to cast a spell that would allow Mozenrath to control the minds of every living being on the planet. Meanwhile, the rest of the Society would stay in the Citadel and Mozenrath would use the Philosopher's Stone to become a god once it was finished. After Ayam Aghoul expressed his concerns of what would become of the rest of them once Mozenrath achieved his goal, Mozenrath assured the others that he would still need them to help with managing the world. He intended to divide all of the territories evenly and make all of them kings with himself as a king among kings. As Mozenrath assured everyone that they would all bear the fruits of their labor, La stated that she had been waiting a long time for this.

Monkey Fist unearthed the Yono to aid in the coming battle with Apocalypse.

Half of the Sorcerer's Society was in New Salem, casting a spell to grant Mozenrath control of everyone's minds. However, the party was soon interrupted by the arrival of Zemo's Masters of Evil and Loki's frost giants, headed by Ymir. Meanwhile, Zira was also planning on making her final strike at revenge against the Huntsman. Irmaplotz unleashed a sonic wave, forcing the Masters to crash land while Huntsgirl blasted at another who deftly dodged her attacks and blasted the Huntsman through a wall, destroying his skull mask and revealing his true face. The Huntsman swiftly knocked one of the Masters back while the Mukhtar deflected one of their attacks back. While La blasted down another of the Masters, one of them knocked down the Mukhtar. The Huntsgirl and Irmaplotz combined their might to force the Masters into a retreat. The Frost Giants intervened and easily blocked the Huntsgirl's attacks. As the Al-Muddy tried to attack, Ymir used the Casket of Ancient Winter to freeze them all. Seeing the odds turning, the Mukhtar and Irmaplotz retreated. La, however, unleashed a massive magical attack, wiping out the Frost Giants. As the Huntsman prepared to make the wish with the skulls, La took the opportunity and blasted the Huntsman in the back. She then transformed back into her lioness self, revealing herself as Zira to the Huntsman. Zira then viciously mauled the Huntsman to death, finally achieving her revenge.

The Philosopher's Stone was close to finishing brewing, when the Citadel was invaded by Loki, Dr. Doom, and Baron Zemo along with a squadron of Frost Giants. Zemo went after Aghoul for retribution for his father's death, while the rest of the Society engaged Doom and Loki. Mozenrath was powerful, but Loki was certainly no one to sneeze at and Khartoum had plans of his own. Doom blasted the Mamluks down with magic while the Destroyer blasted Yzma to the ground. Mim transformed into a dragon and breathed fire at a Frost Giant, destroying its weapon. Mozenrath and the Destroyer traded blasts while Zemo cut his way through Mamluks. Yzma knocked over a cabinet of potions, stunning the Destroyer long enough for Mim to knock it off a ledge with her fire. As Mozenrath blasted through the Frost Giants, Zemo cut down a chandelier over Yzma's head but her slim physique ensured the chandelier landed harmlessly around her. Yzma then pulled a lever which triggered an explosion, knocking Zemo back. Ayam Aghoul and Mim worked together against Doom as he dodged around their attacks. Mozenrath grabbed the Stone as it finished brewing only for Khartoum to claim it for himself and use it to free himself from the book. He then grew to an enormous size and blasted Loki down with some magical attacks. Terrified, Mozenrath and Yzma retreated as Khartoum attacked the Frost Giants. Ayam Aghoul backed Zemo into a corner but Zemo unveiled a magical stone and used it to banish Aghoul from the land of the living again. He then used it to make Mim deathly ill. As Khartoum attacked Doom, Doom retaliated, stunning Khartoum long enough to knock the Philosopher's Stone off his head, claiming it himself. As Khartoum returned to book form, Loki and Doom claimed their prize.

In the CGI universe, Project Kronos had reached it's final stages. Syndrome was planning on using the Omnidroid to make himself look like a hero in order to increase his public image. Kingpin's gang squared off against Syndrome's cronies and the Omnidroid battle to declare New York's biggest jerk. The Shocker blasted the Omnidroid but it did no damage. Sergei blasted Syndrome with a blaster rifle while he was in the air. This sent Syndrome crashing onto the roof of a building, knocking him out. Kingpin's thugs desperately faced the Omnidroid while Oogie Boogie confronted Sergei, eager to settle the score between them. Gothel attempted to sneak up behind the Kingpin only for him to spot her while Oogie Boogie blasted Sergei out of a building. As the Omnidroid wreaked havoc, one of Shocker's goon turned on a water drain, sending a wave of water on the Omnidroid, knocking it down with Syndrome recovering just in time to watch in dismay. Kingpin shot Oogie Boogie, ripping his sackcloth body and scattering his bugs with Kingpin crushing the main bug under his foot. Shocker blasted Gothel out a window, sending her plummeting to her death. Syndrome attempted to retreat on a jet only for Kingpin to blast him off the jet with his cane and sending him to his death in the jet turbines. However, the exploding jet knocked Kingpin to his death, sending him back to the hand drawn universe where Xanatos awaited.

Apocalypse bonded with futuristic technology in preparation for his conquest of Earth. Meanwhile, Frollo's task force arrived at Sinister's Egyptian lair in hopes of finishing things. The battle raged on as Mesmero killed King Duncan with a single blast setting him on fire. Mesmero tried to pull back but Monkey Fist punched him in the face,stunning him long enough for Jafar to levitate him into the top of a tent. Archangel fired off metal shards of his wings, scattering Frollo's soldiers. Jafar then transformed Mesmero into a magical skull before absorbing him and all his power. Helga shot Omega Red, knocking him down only for Red Hulk to attack. McLeach sicced Joanna on him, who knocked the Red Hulk down. Monkey Fist brought in a monkey stone guardian only for one of the Mutants to blast it apart. The Mutant then blasted Sa'Luk to the ground, knocking him out. Yono started meditating and fired a magical beam which knocked out one of the Mutants while a recovered Sa'Luk punched out one of the others. As Lady Tremaine confronted Sinister, Apocalypse revealed himself and casually turned Sa'Luk into gold. Frollo came at the god with his sword but Apocalypse knocked him onto a hanging gargoyle before bringing it to life and sending it and Frollo plummeting to his death in a pit of magma. Jafar blasted Apocalypse back into a rock wall, in response, Apocalypse called out his Four Horsemen: Magneto, Charles Xavier, Mystique and Storm, all brainwashed to obey him. Monkey Fist tried to attack but Charles Xavier blasted them back and they retreated in fear. Mystique transformed into a swarm of birds, harassing Frollo's remaining guards while Magneto lifted the gold Sa'Luk and smashed it into pieces against the ground. Storm launched a barrage of lightning against Monkey Fist but he dodged. As Lady Tremaine blasted the Horsemen back, Jafar blasted back the Red Hulk then breathed fire at him, turning him back into Ross and restraining him. As Storm unleashed another lightning barrage, Yono fired off one of his own, overpowering Storm and knocking her into a mountain. Magneto threw several vehicles at Frollo's guards only for Yono to blast them apart, stunning Magneto. Lady Tremaine knocked Xavier out with a blast from her wand while Yono froze Storm in a block of ice. Yono blew Archangel back into a building but he quickly recovered and attacked Monkey Fist, knocking him out with a barrage of metal wing shards. Yono then approached the unconscious Monkey Fist and prepared to show him the path of the Yono. Lady Tremaine blasted Archangel with her wand, sending him retreating. Mr. Sinister transformed into his true form and seemingly obliterated Tremaine and Drizella. McLeach stepped into protect Helga, profesing his feelings for her while throwing a hunting knife at Sinister. As Sinister healed instantly, Helga stepped into protect McLeach, professing her own feelings as she kicked Sinister to the ground. McLeach shot Sinister while he was down, injuring him. As Sinister tried to run, Helga dropped an explosive on his head, blowing Sinister to pieces. Jafar then put together a scarab, warping him and Apocalypse to an unknown location. With Apocalypse's departure, his Horsemen were freed from his control.

Mozenrath revealed to Yzma that he managed to steal the Eye of Odin from Loki. However, the Archmage took it from him to allow his younger self to become fully powered.

Helga and McLeach learned of Monkey Fist's fate in the battle as Yono had turned him to stone and sealed him away just as he had been.

With her mother and sister dead at Sinister's hands, Anastasia took up her mother's wand, and, hoping to prevent Maleficent from unleashing Hell, freed Cinderella and disguised herself as her step sister in her place.

Norman Osborn recruited Wolverine's son, Daken, to complete his secret alliance.

Gaston used Narissa's well to chase after Belle into the live action universe.

Shego and Duff Killigan flocked to Dracon's gang in the wake of the coming gang war, and Sevarius took a special interest in Duff.

Morgana broke into the Underworld and stole back the trident to prove her superiority over her sister. Ursula witnessed this and realized that it was only a matter of time before the trident fell into her hands once more.

Shocker stood as the sole survivor of Project Kronos, and was approached by a mysterious masked figure.

Spider-Carnage was only hours away from completing Dormammu's device. However, his allies were growing quite suspicious as to his motivations.

Dormammu's inner circle met as the release of Dormammu into this dimension drew ever nearer. He revealed that the only place he could enter was at Avalon, where a certain Lord of the Dead was making camp.

Part Twelve

The Archmage warned Hades of the approaching conflict with Baron Mordo as well as that the attack was a ruse to keep their attention away from Dormammu's release in New York City. He then suggested Hades send Zurg and the Queen of Hearts to Xanatos so they could prevent Dormammu's return although he did not reveal if they won the coming battle, and introduced the Weird Sisters to Hades, neither of whom seemed to care for each other after the Dark Hulk incident.

Tony Dracon was contacted by Xanatos about storming Spider-Carnage's lair with Sevarius revealing that Killigan was adapting to his cybernetic refit and that he would be staying behind as he was not a fighter, and Thailog, realizing that "Cruella" was Chameleon, blackmailed him into submission.

Dracon's gang, alongside several members of Hades and Maleficent's faction, entered the tower to find Hammerhead as the first line of defense. The rest of the group moved on as the now cyborg Duff Killigan and Shego held him off. Killigan launched a volley of golf balls at Hammerhead's guards, knocking them out of the fight. As the rest of the guards shot Shego with her barely dodging, Hammerhead rammed Killigan into a wall with his metal plated head, knocking the lower half of his cybernetic body off. Shego threw fireballs at Hammerhead, with him barely dodging. Sheo then kneed him in the face, knocking him into a wall. As Killigan pulled himself back together, Hammerhead fired at Shego with a machine gun, knocking her into a wall. Killigan unleashed a volley of explosive fireballs, blowing up the floor under Hammerhead and knocking him out.

Mordo's faction landed on the shores of Avalon, and were quickly cut off by the Archmage in a sandy form. The Archamge easily defeated Amora's demonic minions and easily recovered from Baron Mordo slicing him in half, throwing the sorcerer's sword aside. However, Avalanche managed to easily defeat the sandy form. However, the Archmage mocked them for merely beating up a beach, commenting that they hadn't accomplished much.

Thailog, Dracon, and "Cruella" proceeded to make their way up into Kingpins tower when they encountered Doctor Octopus. Thailog decided that now was the perfect time to take out Dracon, and sicced the Chameleon on him. Meanwhile, he faced off against Doc Ock. The Chameleon disguised himself as Daredevil and kicked Dracon to the ground while Doc Ock knocked Thailog back with his tentacles. Thailog shot Doc Ock to the florr and the mad scientist retreated by climbing further up the building with his tentacles.

Mordo's faction made it up to Avalon's Apple Orchard, where the Weird Sisters, Macbeth, Demona, and Morgana were waiting for them. Hoping to get past them, Mordo unleashed a swarm of demons for his enemies to face. Morgana blasted the demons back with the trident while the Weird Sisters shot at them with eye beams. Macbeth attacked one of the creatures with his sword while the Weird Sisters impaled swarms of them on thorny vines. As Morgana took down another beast with the trident, Demona blasted another with her blaster while yet another swatted Macbeth's sword away. Maleficent, hoping to ensure her side's victory, gave a bit of a power upgrade to her faithful Raven, Diablo, turning him into human form. The Weird Sisters blasted a group of the demons to nothingness while Macbeth shot another one with his pistol. Morgana wrapped one of the beasts up in conjured tentacles while Diablo turned into a humanoid raven and struck a demon climbing a building, knocking it down, wiping out the last of the army.

Xanatos and Kingpin continued up into the tower but were headed off by Smythe and Feral Mickey. Smythe tried to attack Kingpin, but what was left of his human side remembered that Kingpin was once his friend and ally and began to rebel against his programming. Smythe blasted Xanatos down wen he attacked anyway while Kingpin engaged Feral Mickey. Xanatos blasted Smythe out of the sky and onto the floor. Feral Mickey over powered Kingpin but Smythe intervened. Smythe saved Kingpin from Feral Mickey, but, in the process, ended up releasing Chernabog.

With the forces in the orchard preoccupied, Mordo, Mysterio, Amora, and Avalanche were able to make their way into Oberon's former palace. While Maleficent was initially shocked to see her former apprentice alive again, Amora quickly diverted her attention. Pete went forward to take on Mysterio, as Avalanche took on the Symbiote's form to fight Hades and Ursula at once, aiming to kill Hades for dragging him into the darkness and free himself from the dark shadow, immediately knocking Ursula to the side and pinning her under a rock. Shan Yu, meanwhile, went directly after Mordo and two engaged in a sword fight to the death. Pete came at Mysterio with his sword but Mysterio transformed into an orb and rammed Pete in the gut then knocked Pete out with magical blasts. Diablo flew in to aid Maleficent but Amora blasted him away. Hades threw a fireball at Avalanche, stunning him long enough for Ursula to free herself from the boulder. However, Avalanche dodged the boulder as she threw it at him. Mordo struck at Shan Yu but the Hun grabbed his wrist, disarming him of the sword. Mordo reclaimed his blade and kicked Shan Yu in the face before running him through with his blade, killing the Hun.

Zurg and the Queen of Hearts reached the top of the tower, just as Spider-Carnage was about to use his device to release Dormammu into the world. Spider-Carnage knocked the Queen of Hearts down while Zurg launched out a sonic device, stunning the symbiote. Spider-Carnage used the Time Dilation Accelerator to send the Queen of Hearts to another dimension as he did battle with Zurg. However, as Dormammu was released, the Peter Parker clone inside of Spider-Carnage began to become overwhelmed with guilt, and, with his own nature fighting itself, created an unstable portal and jumped in, killing himself and the Carnage symbiote.

Maleficent subdued Amora, and, noticing that she was not in control, used her magic to remove Dormammu's influence. Amora teleported away after giving a final threat to Mordo, and, as Ursula knocked him to their feet, the Weird Sisters took their revenge on Mordo once and for all by utterly destroying him, prompting Mysterio's retreat. Meanwhile, Venom was inches away from killing Hades, but the Archmage revealed to him that Chernabog was released, prompting Venom's retreat to pursue his vengeance against the being most directly responsible for his corruption. But the fight wasn't done yet! Hades and Maleficent still had to deal with Dormammu.

Dormammu was free in New York City and released his demons to tear the city apart. However, Hades and Maleficent headed him off in an epic clash of magic. Maleficent cast a spell that summoned a meteor storm on Dormammu, briefly stunning him. But Dormammu recovered and dissipated the spell then coated Hades in lava. As Hades mocked Dormammu, Maleficent transformed into her dragon form and unleashed her fire breath on Dormammu. The demon tanked the hit and responded with a fire attack of his own, knocking Maleficent down. Hades then took advantage of Dormammu's pure magical nature and absorbed all of his power into himself while Maleficent turned back to her normal state. With Dormammu powerless, Maleficent finished him off with a final lightning bolt.

Loki unleashed the Bifrost onto the Animated Universe, prompting Hades to use his new found abilities alongside his own to take himself and Maleficent to the live action realm in order to put a stop to Loki and Doom's schemes.

The Beta Archmage went back to become the new Alpha in the time loop, and the Alpha Archmage of this timeline prepared for his endgame.

Part Thirteen 

With the Bifrost slowly ripping apart the animated universe, Thanos realized that the time was nigh for Death's return and Thanos intended to meet her and present all of the death from the universe's destruction as a gift to her.

Norman Osborn pulled together his recruits as a new team of Avengers to take down the super criminals plaguing the world with Moonstone as Ms. Marvel, Bullseye as Hawkeye, Daken as Wolverine, Avalanche/Venom as the new Spider-Man and Norman would be the Iron Patriot.

The Archmage went to Aurora and Cinderella intending to use their hearts to open the Hell Gates and summon the Horseman Death, only to discover that Cinderella was really Anastasia in disguise. However, this changed nothing of his plans as Anastasia was also a pure hearted Princess.

Mephisto summoned up his rider, the Headless Horseman, to defeat Blackheart.

Jafar's spell took him and Apocalypse back to Agrabah to give himself the home field advantage. Once back, Jafar unleashed his full powers upon Apocalypse through an elaborate musical number to prove that Apocalypse, while the first mutant, was "only second rate". Jafar humiliated Apocalypse with his superior magical ability, turning him into a playing card, tanking his attacks, turning Apocalypse into a kitten when he tried to attack and mocking the mutant. Jafar finally tired of the game and trapped Apocalypse in a pyramid of energy, sealing him away forever.

Blackheart used the contract of San Venganza to take on the power of a thousand evil souls, becoming Legion. However, Mephisto arrived with the Horseman to put an end to his son's rebellion. Ramsley briefly blinded Mephisto with a flash of light while Blackheart held back the Horseman's charge. The Horseman cut off his head with hiss word but Blackheart regenerated and knocked the Horseman off his horse. Mephisto summoned a fiery dragon which dragged Ramlsey back to Hell. The Horseman then threw its flaming pumpkin head at Blackheart, finally destroying him.

Desperate to make one final bid to win Hades' approval over her sister, Morgana stormed the Underworld to take on Hela herself. Hela used her powers to resurrect Annihilus to fight in her stead. As Ursula watched from the side, Annihilus blasted one of Morgana's tentacles. Morgana retaliated with a blast from the Trident but Annilus tanked it with his shield. Annihilus then unleashed a sonic scream which knocked the Trident from Morgana's grasp. Ursula seized on the opportunity and finally reclaimed the Trident. She destroyed Annihilus with a single blast. Due to losing Annihilus's soul, Hela claimed Morgana's in return. Ursula departed to see to other matters as Morgana's soul sank into the River Styx.

Hoping for a grand entrance into the public eye, Osborn set his Avengers team against the newly crowned Big Man of Crime, Thailog. With the public watching below, the outcome of this battle was crucial in deciding the political climate of the future. Thailog zapped Osborn with an electrified cable and blasted at Bullseye down with his rifle, forcing him to take cover. Moonstone blasted Thailog down while J. Jonah Jameson grabbed a camera from a news crew and zoomed in on the action. Avalanche/Venom dodged around Thailog's shots only to buried under the rubble the lasers created. Daken dodged around Thailog's shots and cut down a water tower, with the spilling flood washing Thailog away. As Thailog pulled himself up, Norman blasted him with a barrage of missiles, knocking him back down. As the Dark Avengers apprehended the gargoyle, Avalanche/Venom left to find Chernabog.

The Archmage took Aurora and Anastasia to the ruins of Maleficent's castle in the Forbidden Mountains to open the Hell gate and release Anubis, the horseman Death itself. Archmage demanded ultimate power from Death but the horseman replied that he only granted release from life which he would give to the Archmage when his time came as he does all mortals. Thanos soon arrived, hoping to win Death's affections. As Death rejected him and claimed that he lacked a true comprehension of death, Thanos begged Death not to turn away from him. The Archmage then blasted Thanos in the back, prompting Thanos to respond in kind. As the two masterminds clashed beams, Death claimed that their final hours had come. Death then ended Thanos and the Archmage, claiming their souls. All the while, Anastasia escaped.

Avalanche tracked down Chernabog to Athens, Greece. The devil revealed that he was considerably weaker without his wings and that they still resided within Avalanche. The two battled, practically tearing the city apart in the process as they knocked each other around the city. However, Chernabog knocked Avalanche into an electrified fence, forcing the Venom symbiote to abandon him. Chernabog then regained his wings, regaining his full power. However, Avalanche refused to be used by the devil again and unleashed an unknown light magic which destroyed Chernabog.

Hades and Maleficent arrived at the Bifrost and met back up with their old enemies. The rematch of the century ensued with the fate of the animated realm riding on its outcome. Doom blasted Maleficent back but she blocked his follow up attack. Loki blasted Hades back but he turned into a fiery demon while Maleficent knocked Doom back with a breath attack. Hades hit Doom with a fireball while Loki knocked down a chandelier over Maleficent, restraining her. Loki threw her back into a wall but Hades blindsided Loki with another fireball, nearly knocking him off the Bifrost. As Doom moved in, Maleficent transformed into her dragon form. Doom blasted her down with a missile launcher but Maleficent recovered and nearly melted Doom's armor with her fire breath. Hades then shattered the Bifrost with a fireball. Hades and Maleficent transformed back into their regular forms and departed the Bifrost beam was halted, Doom's mask was all that remained while Loki mourned his loss.

Gaston in the live action realm attacked Rumplestiltskin's palace for Belle, but he didn't exactly come off of this skirmish smelling like a rose as Rumple turned him into a rose and presented him to Belle as a gift.

J. Jonah Jameson reported on the emergence of the new Avengers, much to Xanatos's chagrin.

Osborn imprisoned Thailog in his underwater prison, the Raft, with the promise of more prisoners to come.

Kingpin reclaimed his tower and his title at long last.

Jafar celebrated his victory over Apocalypse.

Loki found Maleficent's staff, which she left behind, and freed an old competitor who had been trapped since the first war: Captain Hook.

Baron Zemo visited his father's grave, his revenge sated.

Magneto and Mystique found themselves alive again and free of Apocalypse's control. Magneto rekindled his relationship with his estranged children.

Ursula returned to Avalon, chained up the Weird Sisters, and freed Demona and Macbeth of their mind control spell. Pete watched in shock as she claimed control of Hades and Maleficent's faction.

Helga and McLeach heard reports of Jafar's victory over Apocalypse in Agrabah and prepared for a romantic evening to celebrate their victory.

Romance was also in the air for Hades and Maleficent who shared a kiss to celebrate their victory.

Loki and Hook shared their life stories and found a new purpose in each other as they bonded over having been abandoned by their fathers.

Events of the Third War

Part One

Anubis returns to his side of his follow Horseman, The Beyonder the true mastermind of the war. Deadpool, who is aware of the fictional nature of the war, agrees to watch the war unfold with them.

Necrolai resurrects Imperious to replace the MIA Queen Regina as the head of their armies.

A year before the first war, Mandarin survives his fight with Pain and Panic, but loses his rings in the progress, so he uses Narissa's well to go to the CGI Universe to find them again.

In the Present, Mandarin has his army as well as his Step-Son from a Brief marriage that ended with his wife's presumed death in the CGI Realm, however one of his rings is only been found.

Hela resurrects Malekith the Accursed and sends him to the Live-Action Realm to find her Father.

Demona approaches Xanatos and suggests that they restart their alliance to oppose Norman Osborn.

On the Jolly Roger, Loki and Hook bond over their unhappy pasts with their fathers while going to Neverland.

One of Mandarin's allies tells him the second ring has been held by Zexion one of the members of Organization XIII and Mandarin goes after the ring, however alongside him is Vanitas who challenges him to a fight using the rings to hit Vanitas but he comes back up kicking him to the ground but Gene Khan retreats.

Near Avalon, Ursula forms a Alliance with Hades' rival Hecate and gains her services, promising to overthrow Hela to be the New Ruler of the Underworld. They arrive and challenge the goddess with her blasting Ursula in the face with Magic, however Hela's Crystal and Ursula's Magic turns the goddess into dust.

The Secretary of Defense Dull Rusk recognizes Meridian as a threat to national security, so he sends out Graviton to assassinate the Ruler Prince Phobos. He goes into the castle where Phobos uses his magic to knock him to a wall and then to a road. Graviton uses his powers to knock the Prince into one of his Henchmen, but he unleashes a Powerful blast destroying him and the surrounding area.

After wondering about Koragg's fate, Imperious and Necrolai hear about Malekith in the Live-Action Realm who is searching for Loki and finds him a Major threat to their Forces which Imperious blasts away his Dark Elves with his Magic. However Malekith uses his powers to weaken Imperious and he retreats back to his castle to recharge.

Zurg returns to Avalon, but finds out that Ursula has taken his parents' position, claiming that he should reclaim his birthright. However Kang the Conqueror returns to fix the damage from the Time-Stream, inciting to challenge the Evil Emperor. However he defeats his Hornets and traps Zurg in a Capsule, leaving Ursula to finish off Kang and someone rescues Zurg, taking the Capsule somewhere else.

At the George Washington Bridge in New York City, Osborn and his Dark Avengers arrive to challenge Xanatos's Redemption Squad. Moonstone hits Waltham with her energy while Bullseye knocks out one of the Canmores on his Motorcycle. However Xanatos and Demona arrive to assist. After knocking out Moonstone, David goes up against Osborn in his Iron Patriot armor and Dr. Vile destroys a wall, trapping both Avalanche and Xanatos. Fang and the Canmores face off against Bullseye and Daken but they take down each member one by one. After knocking out Xanatos, he reveals himself to Norman as Demona and him escape.

Loki and Killian arrive at Neverland and are found by Peter Pan who taunts Loki and uses his Shadow to injure Loki, as Hook watches but Jafar arrives to heal Him and asks them for a favour, before he flies away on his carpet.

Barbossa is awoken by the true love's kiss of Jack, the Notorious Giant Slayer.

Loki, knowing that Pan is still alive, takes on the visage of Odin to hide his survival for the rest of the Live-Action World.

Moonstone and Daken lock-up the Redemption Squad in the Raft.

Magneto and Mystique use Narissa's well to go into the Live-Action Universe.

Phobos's Bath gets interrupted by Mozenrath and Yzma seeking an alliance with him.

Gene Khan is revealed to be the Mandarin that fought Vanitas and locks up the original Mandarin so he can hold the title without disputation.

Zurg looks up the face of his rescuer, Warp Darkmatter, who survived Hydra Island's Self Destruction.

Necrolai holds a Meeting of the Vampire World's Leaders; including Deacon Frost, who questions her authority and her decision to ally with the Humans.

At Vanitas's urging, Maleficent uses her powers to resurrect Master Xehanort.

Ursula and Hecate use Ariel, the last Princess of Heart, to once again open the Hellgate to release Mirage, The Horseman of Conquest.

After escaping the Bifrost, Dr. Doom returns to the Animated Universe and his castle in Latveria.

Regina arrives at Cruella's new base of operation and discuss Loki's death and possible survival. Cruella and her butler Alonzo show her a briefcase containing the Tesseract.

Alternate Events of the First War

Part One

Hades returns to the Underworld after his latest plan's failure. He gets interrupted by Loki and his Frost Giants, who plan to claim the realm for themselves. Hades quickly dispatches the God of Mischief's minions using a blast of fire. Loki then uses his magic to blast him into a wall, which just makes him angry. Hades tries to incinerate Loki, only for him to turn into a swarm of moths, as he reforms after a failed celebration. After teleporting away from Loki's blast, Hades transports him to his Pit of Souls.

At the Palace of Justice, Judge Claude Frollo is ready to burn a mutant alive, claiming them to be unholy products of Satan. Magneto witnesses the execution, and sends a wooden pole crashing down to the ground, scaring the crowd and enraging Frollo. After fending a guard off with a lamppost, Magneto is pushed back with a battering ram, breaking a clock in the process. He then uses his powers to empty buckets of Molten Copper onto the streets below.

In the Valley of Spirits, The Mandarin's latest scheme to destroy Iron Man is interrupted by Jafar, who wants his ten rings for himself. After pushing him back with his staff and deflecting a blast from Mandarin, Jafar summons a scorpion, which Mandarin easily defeats. The Grand Vizier than blasts Mandarin, scattering his rings around the world.

Hoping to acquire Hank Pym's technology for himself, David Xanatos sends Coyote to fight Ultron. Coyote fires a blast at Ultron, temporarily paralyzing the robot. He then unmasks himself, only for Ultron to remove half of his humanlike face and knock him away with a rocket punch. Xanatos and Owen think of their next plan.

Amora, The Enchantress uses her crystal ball to find out that the bride to be of Prince Eric, Vanessa is actually Ursula making a power play. Amora teleports onto the boat and summons some birds to distract her, while Skurge The Executioner uses his axe to make her land on the wedding cake, making the guests panic. After Vanessa emerges from her former feast, The Enchantress uses her magic to blast her with water, only for her to get pushed down with her hairpin. Vanessa transforms back into the Sea Witch, knocking Amora unconscious. She then moves towards her body, as Skurge's axe creates a portal for them to escape.

Victor von Doom's search for The Black Cauldron leads him to Prince Phobos' castle. Phobos tries to attack Doom with his magic, but it is absorbed into his axe and sent back at the Prince, knocking him into one of his followers. Phobos puts up a protective barrier to block Dr. Doom's axe lasers and blasts him into a wall. Doom however gets up and uses a device on his gauntlets to trap and kill The Prince and then escapes.

Baron Mordo arrives at The Forbidden Mountains and takes the Wand of Watoomb after dispatching some of the goons guarding it. Mordo uses the wand's power to summon his master, the Dread Dormammu. However Maleficent and Diablo arrive in order to stop the thief. She pushes back Dormammu, who turns into a dragon to stop her. Maleficent, after sarcastically quipping about the situation, reverts Dormammu back to his usual self with her staff and petrifies him. He recovers, leading Maleficent to summon a portal to send the Faltine back to the dimension. Mordo retreats, while Maleficent teleports away.

The Enchantess and Executioner free Loki from the Pit, as they set up a plan.

Hades, Pain and Panic meet up with Maleficent in order to ally with her for a war. Maleficent agrees, shaking the Lord of the Dead's hand.

Jafar meets up with Ursula, in order to forge an alliance with her.

A group of paramedics in China bring a strange person's body to a hospital, believing him to be dead. However, he isn't dead just yet...

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