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Suggested by Darth Rullak and made by Saverio Gamba aka Scarr94

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

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Round 5

Events of the War

Part One

In the kingdom of Prydain, The Horned King tries to forge an alliance with a king of a near nation, Koschei the Deathless, in order to help him take control of the world. Koschei, however refuses and tries to stop him, but first he has to deal with the Cauldron Born as he easily defeats the undead army. Koschei then activates the Black Cauldron, which sucks the Horned King in and destroys him.

Barmaley, a cannibal pirate, has finally escaped from jail in England, where Prince John rules and lands on a ship. He soon discovers that this ship owned by one of Prince John's allies, Captain Hook. As the captain and the cannibal pirate swordfight, Barmaley's pirates scare Hook's crew with their weapon, a saw. When it appears that Hook is losing, Barmaley is confronted by Prince John's current captain of the guards and his men. The Weasels toss their spears at the crew and kill them, infuriating Barmaley. Hook then finishes off the cannibal pirate with a swipe of his sword.

The Wolf has decided to find new preys to eat and arrives in the Pride Lands. Seeing the king of such place, Scar, walking nearby, the Wolf tries to hunt the predator and have him for lunch. A chase begins, and Scar’s army of hyenas, led by Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed, attempt to gang up on the Wolf, but he fights his way out and continues heading for Scar. Scar tosses embers into his enemy’s eyes, and knocks some logs on him. The Wolf then flees, but the lion catches him and knocks him into the water. Assuming their foe is dead, the king and his lackeys celebrate.

The grumpy hunter, Amos Slade is hunting down the fox Tod as usual, however he is quickly interrupted by the dangerous shapeshifter Krizha, who demands that he gets out if he doesn't want to meet a cruel fate. Slade, not believing him, decides to kill him. However, Krizha uses his powers to turn into a strong bear. He attacks the terrified hunter and knocks him down.

In his lair, the nefarious criminal mastermind Ratigan announces to his henchmen that the time has come for them to take over England and depose Prince John. They are soon interrupted by a fox who not only wants to take over Ratigan's lair, but she also wants to eat him. She easily defeats Fidget by hitting him with her tail and attacks Ratigan. Once she thinks she’s knocked him down, she threatens his lackeys, but the criminal mastermind gets furious and pounces on the fox, striking at her with his claws. One final slash and the predator falls, much to the delight of her killer.

In Paris, the wicked Judge Claude Frollo of Notre Dame has heard of the war and gathers allies to stop these new threats to the world. He recruits Gaston, Brom Bones and his lackeys, as well as Atka.

After Barmaley's attempted escape, Prince John gathers his allies including Governor Ratcliffe. Unaware to the current ruler of England and Hook and Ratcliffe, Pete begins to plot something now that the situation has gone awry.

After claiming Prydain, Koschei the Deathless forges an alliance with Krizha so to have someone to help him rule the world as its almighty king. The shapeshifter accepts his offer.

Meanwhile, the Wolf survived against Scar and is approached by a hyena who wants him to be her ally so she can take over the Pride Lands as the new queen. The animal, thirsty for revenge, accepts the alliance as the hyena's minions accept him.

In the Underworld, Hades is mad because of his latest failure in taking over Mount Olympus and overthrow his brother Zeus. He is suddenly visited by the Mistress of all Evil, Maleficent, who wants him help her to avenge her fallen friend, the Horned King. Hades accepts her offer and the two plan to send Koschei's soul towards the River Styx.

After the Fox's attempt on his life, Ratigan recruits Brer Fox, Brer Bear, the Big Bad Wolf and Mortimer Mouse in his inner circle so to take down whoever tries to kill the Napoleon of crime. If his allies will succeed in aiding him, he promises to give them fame and food respectively.

Still trying to escape his bear trap, Amos Slade is visited by an inuit warrior named Denahi, who offers him to join his master's faction. Interested and thirsty for revenge on Krizha, the grumpy old man accepts and finds out that Denahi was sent to recruit on the behalf of Frollo.

Part Two

In Egypt, the infamous Shamakhan Queen has heard of the war and she is desperate because of not having any ideas. Her crow minion tells her that she can start her uprising by taking over the city of Agrabah as a new base of operations. After a moment of reflection, the queen decides to do so, preparing for war.

After the Wolf's assault, Scar recruits new allies to keep whoever tries to take over the Pride Lands at bay. He chooses Shere Khan, Kaa, Zira and her lions (including Nuka and Vitani) and Sabor.

The Wolf recruits 2 new allies for the hyena's faction.

Ratigan has recently captured Hiram Flaversham and decides to put his master plan in action by having this victim create a robot for him, unaware that two animals are spying on him.

In England, a mysterious benefactor forms a secret alliance with the barbarian Tugarin Snake to take down Prince John so he can take over the nation as the new king, in return Tugarin will be the new captain of the guards of England's army.

At the Voodoo Emporium, the magician Dr. Facilier decides to make a deal with the Friends on the Other Side in order to survive the war and take down whoever tries to interfere with his plans.

While Maleficent goes to find allies, Hades plots something to take over Mount Olympus. However he is interrupted by Koschei, who wants to take over the Underworld as well. The lord of the dead then summons the Hydra to take him down. Koschei quickly buries the monster in a rock slide. Hades screams with rage before Koschei blasts him into the River Styx.

Not wanting to meeting a unfortunate demise in Agrabah, the Shamakhan Queen hires a infamous thief known as the Nightgale Robber to take down the forces of Agrabah. The cunning vizier Jafar notices his arrival and has his genie turn him into a powerful sorcerer to fight him. After encountering Jafar, the Robber uses his wind breath to blow him away, but the sorcerer uses his staff to zap him twice, the second blast making him disappear. Jafar then takes over as Sultan, overthrowing the old Sultan and his daughter.

The witch Mad Madam Mim is playing poker with Madame Drought to decide which of them joins a new organization of sorcerers and loses. She doesn't take this well and decides to challenge her to a wizard's duel. Madame Drought, knowing that she's not that powerful, rallies her minions, the Lord Dragon and his chickens and dogs to duel Mim. Mim turns into a fox and chases the chickens away, and chases the dogs away after turning herself into a crocodile. Lord Dragon duels Mim, but her snapping jaws knock him down despite Madame Drought attempting to injure the witch with a magic blast. With Lord Dragon having fallen, Mim, still in crocodile form, devours Madame Drought.

With Hades in the Underworld, Maleficent is approached by Dr. Facilier, who forges an alliance and the Mistress of All Evil accepts. Their talk is interrupted by one of Koschei's allies known as the three-headed dragon Snake Gorynych, who from orders of Koschei has been sent to assassinate Maleficent. Maleficent sends tiny demons into the dragon’s mouth, making him choke. He spits out the demon and it hits Facilier, but not before the witch doctor summons the Friends on the Other Side. Maleficent sends the beast flying with a magic blast, before turning into a dragon herself. Intimidated by this bigger dragon, Snake Gorynych flees.

Having sent Ratcliffe and Hook on a mission, Prince John is confronted in his throne room by Tugarin Snake, who came to depose him from orders of the mysterious stranger. Prince John, however, has his minions along with the Beagle Boys to apprehend this dangerous warrior. To counter this, Tugarin is accompanied by his minions, who quickly knock out the Beagle Boys and John’s Wolf Archers. The Sheriff of Nottingham joins the fray, but Tugarin knocks him into a group of Rhino Guards. Eventually, mysterious stranger burns the castle and reveals himself to be Pete. John attempts to flee, alongside Sir Hiss, but Pete’s Weasels capture and arrest them.

After his defeat, the Lord Dragon and his minions fall under the "leadership" of Madame Mim herself.

Captain Hook and Ratcliffe return from their mission only to find Pete sitting on Prince John's throne as he feds both of them with lies about the former king's fate, telling them that John has died. While Captain Hook is willing to join Pete, Ratcliffe begins to be suspicious of the new king of England.

Thanks to the Friends on the Other Side, Maleficent and Dr. Facilier found out that Hades has been defeated by Koschei as the latter overthrowed him. Seeing that they need a new ally until Hades returns, the duo release an ancient dragon known as the Dark Dragon to help them.

Despite having the Underworld under his control, Koschei is mad of Snake Gorynych's failure in taking down Maleficent and Dr. Facilier. Krizha then calms the new lord of the dead down and reveals not only to have recruited a new ally, but also tells him of an ancient being he can release to take down Maleficent.

Scar recruits Ushari and Reirei so to be sure that whoever threat attacks him, he can be fully prepared.

The Nightgale Robber has survived his fight with Jafar, however he finds himself outside a cave where some strange men enter inside of it. Curious, he seeks the cave out.

Now sultan, Jafar is celebrating his victory, only to be interrupted by Madame Mim and the Lord Dragon, who forge an alliance with him. Jafar accepts, seeing them as useful for his plans.

Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat inform their faction leader of what is Ratigan plotting and are well payed.

Not wanting Ratcliffe to know the truth, Pete betrays Tugarin Snake and has his men arrest him, only for the warrior to retreat, swearing he would make Pete pay for his betrayal.

In the Red Lobster Inn, the Coachman and his faction, consisting of himself, Stromboli, and Foulfellow and Gideon, are visited by Ratigan, who wants to forge an alliance so to take down whoever will try to stop him from making his wish come true. this new face accepts this alliance, hoping to have profit and lots of money after this war will be over.

Hades gets out of the River Styx, and leaves the Underworld to find Maleficent.

Part Three

A new player resurrects this fallen villain to serve as her new ally.

In her castle, the Evil Queen starts gathering her alliance and prepares for war much to the joy of her second in command, Lady Tremaine, who finally wields a powerful object the Evil Queen created for her a long time.

Ursula has successfully taken over Atlantica, however the Black Pirate sees her takeover of the kingdom a threat to his plans and decides to take her down. Is he prepared when Ursula turns into a giant after he killed Flotsam and Jetsam?

Shere Khan was hunting a deer when another tiger makes its presence known in the war against his enemy's employer. Knowing that this impostor is stealing his name and fame, Shere Khan challenges him into a fight to see who is the rightful Shere Khan. Unaware to him, Shere Khan has also plans to have the control of his enemy's wolves not only for himself, but to gather more allies for the lion king himself.

Clayton is hunting in the forest only to be spotted by the Fox, who was sent by the Snow Queen to eliminate whoever could be a threat to her plans. The hunter may be smart, but this sly fox is smarter than him especially when she has a score to settle.

Discussing a plan to defeat a powerful enemy of the French Empire known as Kiev, Frollo sends Gaston and Brom Bones to capture him and have him brought in the Palace of Justice, where he will be interrogated unless he "prefers" to be executed. As the two find Kiev, he reveals to have three more allies to help him in this battle. With Baba Yaga down and the little hares turning into human sized hares, which tag team of brutes will come out on top?

With the Fox occupied, the Snow Queen is attacked by Lady Tremaine, who has to kill her from orders of the Evil Queen. Lady Tremaine may have a magic wand to help her, but will it be sufficient against the snowy queen who has been practicing magic for years?

Having survived his fated encounter with Jafar, the Nightgale Robber has found a cove where forty people may help him in his crusade against the arabian sorcerer.

The Shamakhan Queen orders one of her allies to release the Lord Shadow to aid her, however he forces her to serve him if she doesn't want to die alongside her allies, including her new minion: Abis Mal.

Frollo berates Brom Bones for not only the failure in taking down Kiev, but also for Gaston's death. Fortunately he just thought of a new second in command of his French Empire with Gaston gone, much to Bones' jelousy.

While the Fox is coming back from the fight with Clayton, the Snow Queen recruits a new ally to help her in her cause.

With Tremaine gone, the Evil Queen relies on her last ally by assassinating someone of her alliance she can't trust.

Part Four

Pete is celebrating his victorious takeover of England only to be surprised by Captain Hook, who overheard him. The captain of the guards tells the current ruler not to worry as he is gonna be following every orders Pete carries out. However, they are visited by the Huns, led by the warlord Shan-Yu. As Pete fears an attack was planned, Shan-Yu reveals that he wants to secure an alliance between Huns and England. Relieved, Pete and Hook accept and keep him from Ratcliffe.

Scar recruits this hyena, unaware that she's the one plotting behind the lion's back.

Still bittern of Pete's betrayal, Tugarin Snake is found by Krivzha, who recruits him for Koschei's cause. Wanting revenge on the king of England, the warlord accepts and joins Koschei's faction.

After escaping the River Styx, Hades reunites with Maleficent and plan their next move as the latter is happy about the comeback of the god. To celebrate his return, Hades revives a fallen veteran of the war to serve their cause much to Maleficent's glee.

From orders of Pete, Shan Yu decides to kill or capture Tugarin Snake before he could be a threat to his alliance with the monarch of England. A battle between both warlords begins as only one of them is soon going to get the upper hand, but something that Pete won't like may happen...

Searching allies for Ratigan and the Coachman, Honest John and Gideon are halted by Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat, who were sent to take them down from orders of Karabas. Soon, a bumbling cat is gonna be quite useful when its companion is down.

Seeking to help Maleficent after his defeat against Koschei, Hades sends the Dark Dragon to deal with a member of Koschei's faction who tried to make an attempt on Maleficent's life. Who is the newly freed dragon's first victim whose blood is going to be shed? Snake Gorynych. Does he stand a chance against the Dark Dragon?

The Fox and the Wolf are trying to find new allies to help the Hyena while she spies on Scar, however another Wolf wants to hunt them. Will they survive or will they get an extra help against this bloodthirsty beast?

A relative of the Fox who was once killed by Ratigan attempted to persuade Scar in letting her rule the Pride Lands so like that she could avenge her sister, however Scar refuses having heard that she is also a rebel to his regime. Now that her cover is blown, the Fox challenges Scar and this might end in a scare for her...

Ratigan sends the Big Bad Wolf to dispose of anyone who could be a threat to his plans. Having heard of a lesser criminal known as Wolf, the mischievous villain takes on him, ready to put a stop to whatever he is planning...

The dangerous elephant Mayaba plans to help Scar, however another Elephant stands in his way, bothering him. The two elephants duke it out, but who will win?

Humbert the Huntsman was just accomplishing what the Evil Queen ordered him to do, however Gurya, accompanied by Krivha, decides to kill him. The two are about to make the hitman regret standing in their way...

Angered of the intrusion of the Nightgale Robber, Sa'Luk warns him to get out only for the thief to challenge him for the control of the Forty Thieves. A battle between thieves starts, but who will come out on top? The brute skilled thief or the wind-blowing thief?

Not wanting to dirty his own hands in taking down a Three-Headed Serpent who terrorized Agrabah during the reign of the Sultan, Jafar asks his son Mozenrath to take out the monstrous creature. This dragon may be tough, but the young sorcerer is not going to be taken down so easily...

Managing to escape from the hyenas, the Fox is approached by the Wolf, who wishes to have her join the Hyena's alliance. She accepts wanting to get rid first of Scar and then of Ratigan.

Going for a walk to relax his nerves after the Fox's attempt on him, Scar is visited by Mabaya, who wants to serve the lion. Seeing the elephant as a worthy ally, Scar adds him to his growing faction.

Having heard of Frollo's recent assaults, Polish King Sigismund decides to step in the war to take down the French judge and his faction and conquer France alongside a new recruit of his. The war between Poland and France will soon start In England,

Pete and Shan Yu decide to take down some prisoners to avoid once more Ratcliffe's suspicions as the Weasels look at the carnage in laughter, enjoying the bloodshed.

A sorcerer finds out Jafar sent Mozenrath after his Three-Headed Serpent and decides to plan his next move, realizing this sorcerer may be a potential threat to his operations.

Meanwhile, Ratcliffe persuades his men to join him against the king of England, fearing that he may have actually done something to avoid his suspicions.

Krivzha recruits one last ally to aid Koschei.

Ratigan finally unveils his creation, assassinating someone who outlived his usefulness much to his allies' joy, unaware that an enemy of the Big Bad Wolf is watching this from afar in fear.

Round 5

Ratcliffe is still pondering about Prince John's whereabouts, only for an old lady to offer him a joint alliance with the scope of taking down Pete and rule England together. The governor accepts, having found out of Prince John's fate thanks to this old lady, Skapoklyak.

Meanwhile a fox is being hunted by infamous hunter Sergey Frolov, only for a bear to spy on the man.

After being informed by wealthy crime boss Cruella De Vil of Ratcliffe and Old Lady Skapoklyak's alliance to strip him from power, Pete decides to recruit a infamous bartender to help him take down Skapoklyak.

The Evil Queen finds out of Humbert's fate from the Magic Mirror, but he also tells her an information of great utility: to expand her territory she can invade Russia, now under the Evil Tsarina's rule.

A fanatic group of Mongolians gets a visit from the Nightgale Robber and the Forty Thieves, who add them into their inner circle to join forces with Emperor Basileus and conquer Agrabah.

The Evil Tsarina is visited by the Evil Queen, who wants her to surrender Russia to her so she can have an army to deal with the Snow Queen's likes, but the current ruler of Russia refuses, not wanting anyone to stand in her way. Has she made the greatest mistake ever?

Searching some allies for Ratigan, Brer Fox finds the Fox that was from running away from Frolov and thinks she's quite attractive. Seeking to conquer her heart, Brer Fox alongside Brer Bear meet her and try to ask her if she wants to join Ratigan, but they will soon be met by an harmful response...

Convinced that thanks to the death of Snake Gorynych Koschei's forces have been weakened, Hades decides to relax by participating in a deadly battle of Greek monsters hosted by the cruel King Minos. The god of the Underworld pits his centaur Nessus against the monster from Crete, the Minotaur. Which mythological beast will win. Hades's lackey or King Minos's creature?

The Queen of Hearts from a different Wonderland (Soyuzmultfilm) plays with Wonderland's current queen, the Queen of Hearts, to a game of croquet just to relax after her encounter with Alice. The queen may be not keen on following the rules, but the other one is not one to tolerate cheatings of all kinds and thinks it's time to have this queen's head for herself...