Disney vs Non Disney Villains


The Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains Wiki is a collaborative website about the YouTube videos of the same name, that anyone can edit!

The Villains Tournament

The Villains Tournament is a series of video's hosted on YouTube, which feature a villain from a Disney animated movie fighting a villain from a Non-Disney animated movie. The series was originally proposed by YouTube User 73Windman, and the video's themselves are created by YouTube User Manwhoooo. This Wiki will contain information about the characters, storyline and everything else associated with the project.

The Rules

  • If a villain has never appeared in a tournament yet (eg. The Joker) do not add them to this Wiki.
  • If you are writing a biography for a character, please use the proper format (See articles like Ratcliffe and Mok Swagger for good examples)


  • I have noticed that some users are using this wiki for questions and suggestions. I just want to point out that this is not the place for that. I would use Youtube itself, or preferably, the Villains Tournament discussion forum at this link;


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