round 1

spongebob vs red claw

simba vs little jimmy

timon and pumbaa vs team rocket

perry vs chaos


at ash's dimension ed, shenzi, and banzai got kicked out of the villain they manage to have an argue until they see the heroes they ask if they could join on the good side and ash and friends configured yes

at the wicked witch's castle the ur-didact meets the wicked witch to join together to have their plan to defeat the heroes

during at space broccoli overlord has plans to revive megatron (transformers prime) after he revived him he lets him join the broccoli aliens

at king pig's castle chef cochon make a creative creature as half fruit and half vegieble known as franken fruit

round 2

mordecai vs zim

the three laughing hyenas vs plankton

kirby vs gir

dinoblade vs the abonible snow mollesk


at the chum bucket ranamon join forces with plakton and his allies

during on planet hog zim arrives and becames king pig's top servent

back on earth the hyenas plan their revenge on the vilains while ash is prepared to defeat the villains

somewhere at africa cheetato cheetatha smoldy and quint join forces with little jimmy to defeat the heroes by his plans

round 3

a bunch of baby ducks vs decipticons

scracth and grounder vs a bunch of full grown geese

littlefoot vs shark butt and king pig

pooh and tigger vs king simon(ice king)


back at the wicked witch's castle she and the ur-didact send the flying monkeys, the promethean ship and and the liches to find something

during on dinobot island the autobots let the dinobots join their side to stop the villains

somewhere in space nega duck and his minions join metarex to became the top minions

at bikini bottom spongebob and ariel prepared to have war against the villains

round 4

the mighty eagle vs fraken fruit

cheese vs fluffy puffy

autobots and dinobots vs flying monkeys,prometheans,and covenant

the three hyenas vs the night owl


somewhere in africa little jimmy and his minions found quint's ship and use it to have plans

back at the wicked witch's castle they had gave the gift(the all spark) to the wicked witch and the ur-didact to use it as a secret weapon

at the fruitstand grapefruit was revived and the fruits let him rejoin to the good side

back at the chum bucket plankton and his minions prepared the giant robot to destroy the heroes

at chris's house ash, picachu,tiff,tuff,kirby,pooh,tigger and the hyenas arrive to become friends with chris to help him defeat the heroes

round 5

pelt and belliten vs metal sonic

rouge vs destoryer of woods

snow white vs bowser

shadow vs nega duck


somewhere at the covenant base commander balkizar sends a secret weapon to defeat the heroes

back on planet hog barranco joins king pig to become friends

at the space colony ark prophet of truth sends the two creatures pluton and the gorrila to earth

at grumpis's house he belliton pelt and fifi prepared the weapons to defeat the villains

during on dinosaur land red claw became a pet of ganon

round 6

spongebob vs the greaser dogs and rancid

orange vs zombie cons and zombie veggies

mordecai vs lockdown

rigby vs slade


at the house the wattersons join the heroes with mordecai and rigby as they decided to find out it is a good idea

during on cybertron broccoli overlord and megatron revive the villains(from the annoying orange)

back at the wicked witch's castle the ur-didact shows his aprantice jul mdama the leader of the covenant renmant to be the top comander of the wicked empire

back at planet hog at king pig's castle zim invents something as a gift for king pig

on angry birds island red with the angry birds epcelialy studder and paz teamed up together to become heroes

round 7 coming soon...

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