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Dimitri as an adult con man

Smuggler with a Heart of Gold

Dimitri is the secondary protagonist of the Don Bluth's animated movie, Anastasia. A former servant of the Russian Imperial Romanov family, Dimitri became a smuggler after the fall of the Romanovs and the rise of the Soviet Union. However, in his latest misadventure taking the long-forgotten Anastasia to her grandmother, for a profit, he learned the error of his ways and decided to help the princess, along with his best friend, Vladimir, and the animal companion, Pooka, against the mad monk Grigori Rasputin. He fights on the front lines, along with many other heroes, during the events of the Heroes vs. Villains War, in order to oppose the villains' schemes and retake their homelands from their enemies.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Dimitri only appears in a flashback of Rasputin in the finale of Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war, where the Russian Imprerial Family was the cause of the mad monk's pursuit of power.

Dimitri as a young servant of the Russian Imperial Family.

Heroes Vs Villains War


Dimitri appears in the early events of the war, having boarded a train out of Russia along with Anastasia and Vladimir to escape the Soviet Union's sphere of influence and live a peaceful life in the western mainland of Europe. However, she was pursued by other nefarious forces as Hades, the God of Death, arrives to kill the Russian princess on orders of Rasputin. The god uses his powers to take the train off track and blow its engine up. Though Dimitri decides to investigate the abnormality of the situation, his efforts are for naught, as the train is heading towards a broken bridge, destroyed by Hades to ensure the elimination of his foes. Having no other choice, Dimitri, Anastasia, and Vladimir escape from the train in the nick of time, before it is blowed up.

Realising that they are threatened in the mainland of Europe, Dimitri and his companions board a ship to America to avoid persecution from their attackers. Sadly for them, Rasputin and his allies have caught word of their escape; the dark fairy Maleficent uses her powers to create a storm and mesmerize Anastasia, tempting her to jump out of the ship. Fortunately, Dimitri came to rescue her from a nearly suicidal attempt, much to the frustration of the villains. Ultimately, they arrive in America with no repercussions.


While avoiding any potential threat, Anastasia and her companions encounter the French noblewoman Lady Tremaine, having also been sent by Rasputin to capture her. When Dimitri rushes to save the princess, Tremaine blast him away with the powers of her magic wand. With Dimitri out of the way, Tremaine uses the powers of the wand to teleport herself, Anastasia, and her daughters out of the reach of her friends, leaving Dimitri and Vladimir to look on helplessly.

Joining the R.L.S. Legacy

In the later events, Dimitri, Vladimir, and Anastasia's canine companion Pooka, join with the R.L.S. Legacy's force directed by Buzz Lightyear, along with Team Atlantis and Colin MacLeod and Julie's task-force. Though Lightyear reveals that he would not guarantee their safety, the two conmen, nonetheless, also reveal that they have no problem in handling their own lives in danger, announching they would provide help against the forces of Marcus Octavius and Emperor Zurg, so long as they would reunite with Anastasia in the later events.

When the heroic group encamp near Marcus' stronghold, Cale Tucker realises the potential of the Iron Giant turned into a dangerous weapon, disturbing the others. Though Hogarth Hughes assures them that the Giant was on their side, Lightyear had stil his doubts. As the Legacy encroaches Marcus' stronghold, they are busted by Zurg's robotic minions and allies; Dimitri and Vladimir encounter the Hun warlord Shan-Yu, who overpower them with ease. Lightyear's fears are proven correctly, as the Iron Giant turns into a monstrosity, after seeing Hogarth's unconsious body, destroying anything in his path. Dimitri and Vladimir look on as their allies are captured by Zurg's forces.

The Battle at Marcus' Base

Finding shelter in a forest near Marcus' stronghold, the Legacy's forces take care of Hogarth's unconsious body, though they fall into despair following the attacks of the villains. At that moment, the spirit of Grandmother Willow appear before them, telling them not to lose hope yet. In order to reinforce their defenses and recruit more allies in defeating Marcus, Grandmother Willow suggests some of them to meet with the resistance in the break-out of Castle Grimhilde and Schechter's lair, and lent their aid, while the others would rescue the Iron Giant and their imprisoned friends from Marcus' fortress. Colin, Dahlia, Julie, and Germaine willingly decide to assist in the break-out from the villains' strongholds, while Lightyear, Amelia, Milo Thatch, Dimitri, and Vladimir head to Marcus' citadel.

The heroes arrive just in time, as Zurg and Marcus prepare to execute the prisoners. Dimitri, on his part, reveals a concealed gun and blasts at Zurg's position, temporary stunning him. With the joint effort of all of the Legacy's forces, the heroes manage to free the prisoners and escape from the citadel. As soon as Zygon orders his robotic droids to chase after them, Dimitri and fellow mercenary Vinny Santorini blow the entrance of a cove they were passing, causing its debris to fall upon the droids, killing them. Though relieved at saving their friends, the Legacy mourn the loss of Mr. Arrow, haven been sent to his demise by Preed. As Captain Amelia gives an emotional speech, she rallies the others, goadding them to carry on his will to continue fighting forwards.

Non-Disney Heroes Vs Villains War