Diesel 10 is an antagonist in Thomas and Friends who debuted in the film Thomas and the Magic Railroad, where he was the main antagonist of the film. He is a renegade diesel engine on the Island of Sodor who is noted by Thomas for being 10 out of 10 brutal strength and devious deeds. Diesel 10 is a villainous diesel with a roof-top hydraulic grabber titled "Pinchy". He is particularly fond of causing trouble and is obsessed with destroying Lady, a magical steam engine. In the past, he had deliberately caused her to crash and although he badly damaged her, he failed to destroy her. Diesel 10 Is Also One of the Newer Villains to The Second Instrument of The Free For All Villains Tournament.

Free For All Villains Tournament:

Diesel 10 vs. Wario and Waluigi: 

The Origin of Bowser Jr's Master Plan Starts Out When Bowser Jr Told About His Goal: Rule the Multiverse. And He Sends Them to Duke Out Diesel 10 (Who Has Plans Of His Own.) And Unfortunately For Diesel 10 He Failed To Beat Wario and Waluigi Because Wario Shoot a Golf Ball Towards A Big Shed That Causes Diesel 10's Claw: Pinchy To Accidentally Knock it Down on Top Him Leaving Wario and Waluigi Returning to Bowser Jr.

Teaming up with King K Rool: 

Later on Diesel 10 Arrived at King K Rool's Lair For an Alliance to Join Master Hand and Ganondorf's Army.

Bowser Jr vs. Diesel 10: 

Diesel 10 Had Been Send By King K Rool To Defeat Bowser Jr For Master Hand and He Accepts The Task. During the Fight Bowser Jr Tried to Beat the Claw Diesel But Unfortunately Diesel 10 Had Successfully Defeated Him.

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