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"Don't worry. Everything's going according to plan."

David Xanatos is one of the two primary antagonists of the Disney animated series, Gargoyles. He is a cunning, manipulative schemer, often using others to achieve his ends. On his own, however, he is no pushover, using mechas and other devices to eliminate his foes. He is a major player in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War, the first two Disney Villains Wars, and the first Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Establishing a Presence

Xanatos notices the instability of the Ruberian Age from the start, making preparations for the inevitable breakout of war. The first step is ensuring his technological superiority, hiring a new scientist, Doctor Drakken, to build various weapons for his war. This comes at the expense of nearly killing Mojo Jojo, but David Xanatos is unconcerned with the monkey's death. David Xanatos also proposes an alliance with the Cobra Commander, only to be rejected. However, as Xanatos informs his right-hand gargoyle, Demona, he anticipated the rejection. Cobra Commander and Xanatos soon become rivals, leading two of the most powerful factions of the war.

Xanatos sends Demona to investigate Snake Mountain, only for her to be repulsed by Skeletor. Drakken's henchwoman, Shego, proves more successful, briefly incapacitating the Fire Nation princess, Azula. Xanatos's lot increases further when his associate, Doctor Sevarius, incapacitates the latest invention of Baxter Stockman. Expansion increases yet again once Xanatos has Owen hire Macbeth to stop Destro's missile launch. This final hiring is especially important, as the missile targets Xanatos himself.

Entering the Fray

Xanatos makes his first official move in the war in blackmailing a fellow billionaire, Vlad Masters. As Xanatos has discovered Vlad's alter ego, Vlad Plasmius, Xanatos coerces Masters into ceding control of his assets to him. Masters does not give in, transforming into Plasmius and attacking Xanatos head on. Xanatos, however, brought several Goliath mechs to defend himself. Plasmius, however, proves more than a match for them. When one mech flies away, Plasmius thinks he has won. Unfortunately for him, the mech returns, encasing Plasmius in a healthy dose of ectoplasm. As the mech opens, it is revealed that Xanatos is personally piloting the mech. Xanatos relishes the victory, giving advice to a disgraced Cruella de Vil while in relaxation; he alerts her to a special Talisman capable of giving her revenge on Cobra Commander.


Xanatos and Owen receive a message from Cobra Commander; the enemy apparently desires a meeting. Thinking he can either assassinate Cobra or negotiate a peace, Xanatos heads to the meeting site while adorned in hisGoliath battle armor. Instead of Cobra, the Shredder is waiting to kill him. Though Xanatos attacks with his lasers, the Shredder dodges and delivers a series of lightning fast strikes to the weak points of the mech. Though Xanatos recovers briefly, a swift drop kick from the Shredder sends him plummeting to the ground. Soundly defeated, Xanatos finds himself trapped in the Shredder's prison.

Free At Last

In the interim period, Demona seizes control of Xanatos's faction. She, however, proves a rather untrustworthy leader. Fox, Xanatos's wife, takes the initiative and frees Xanatos from his prison, laying waste to the Shredder's faction in the process. Upon being freed, Xanatos realizes Dr. Sevarius has freed a deadly gargoyle clone named Thailog. Despite some qualms with losing his associate's scientific assistance, he terminates the traitor's employment. Furthermore, he expels Demona from his faction.

Revenge... Or Not

Although Xanatos shows proper contempt for Cobra Commander, the man most responsible for his capture, he dislikes the notion of merely striking back at his enemy. The Illuminati, however, a group of which Xanatos is a member, disagree. They hire an assassin to kill Cobra and his associates, although this plan fails.

Acting Through Agents Yet Again

Xanatos hires Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz to infiltrate Castle Destro and acquire info on Cobra's latest technology. He even gives Doofenshmirtz a few Steel Clan robots to help him. Doofenshmirtz loses his robots and the battle with Destro. Later, the doctor feels cheated and attacks Xanatos with the help of the Skeleton King's minion, Norton Nimnul. In preparation, Xanatos hires Van Pelt, who brings his associate,Professor Ibsen, into the fold. The two Non-Disney villains prevail in the succeeding fight. Xanatos then takes in the disgraced Abraham Kane, who informs Xanatos of his defeat at the hand of the Shredder's servant, Hun. Xanatos later hears of one of Cobra Commander's latest camouflage technologies and has Shego and Kane's agent, Red, to track it down. In the process, they apprehend Cobra Commander's head biker, Zartan.

Dealings with the Fire Nation

When the Illuminati demands Xanatos take some action against Princess Azula , now highly unstable, Xanatos commissions Drakken and Shego with taking down her armies. Though they manage to take out several of Azula's lieutenants, Drakken's forces lose much more than they gain. Shego dies in a rematch with Azula.

The Battle of New York

Krang, Karai, and the human Shredder meet up with Xanatos; as it turns out, the Utrom Shredder, really an alien named Ch'Rell, has designed a dimensional-reality breaker capable of destroying the entire universe. Determined to make the world safer, Xanatos agrees to team up with them and annihilate Ch'rell. He alerts the Illuminati to his plan and readies his forces for battle.

As Xanatos deploys his forces into the Utrom Shredder's base, Cobra Commander and his faction attack as well. In the all-out brawl that ensues, Xanatos readies himself to take down his chief rival since the beginning of the war. Cobra takes the upper hand when a well-aimed missile hits Xanatos's armor before he can even fire a shot. Fortunately, Fox is able to distract Cobra Commander briefly. This gives Xanatos ample time to recover and unload his entire arsenal into Cobra's mech. The successive blows eventually take out Cobra's attack mechanism, and the armor begins to malfunction. As Cobra struggles to take control of his mech, Xanatos knocks the commander right out of the cockpit. Cobra falls into a pit of acid and seemingly perishes.

However, the Utrom Shredder gets into a massive battle mech. This supercharged foe electrocutes Xanatos, leaving the criminal for dead. However, before the real Shredder's atomic ray utterly annihilates Ch'Rell, Xanatos's men bring him to safety. After some intense medical attention, he is restored.

The Simple Joy of Living

In the aftermath of the Battle of New York, Demona takes control of Cobra Industries, leaving Cobra's old scientist, Doctor Mindbender, out of a job. Xanatos, grateful for the doctor's role in his recovery, signs him on to Xanatos Enterprises. Meanwhile, though the Illuminati want a follow-up on the Battle of New York, Xanatos ignores their phone calls and spends some quality time with his son.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Three

Disney Villain War

Against Sykes

Xanatos puts one of his priceless diamonds up for public display, goading the mobster, Sykes, into stealing it. The gangster breaks into the storage facility, but Xanatos and his assistant, Owen, are more than ready for him. Owen reveals his true form as Puck and proceeds to take out Sykes's dobermans, Roscoe and Desoto. He electrocutes Roscoe and turns Desoto into a kitten. Xanatos then personally shoots Sykes in the head.

A New Alliance

With Sykes dead, the entire criminal underworld is up for grabs. Xanatos immediately seizes control of the power vacuum, calling together a small army of rogues to take command. Within his ranks are the mercenaries, Commander Rourke and Helga, the small time toughs, the Beagle Boys, and the insidious diamond smuggler, Madam Medusa. He has the Beagle Boys take out the Toon Patrol, due to the latter's interfering in his plans. He then makes a partnership with the Mad Doctor, harnessing the deceased Scar's soul to create Feral Mickey.Learning of the success Xanatos and his criminal empire had been having, Negaduck decided to organize a major diamond heist to upset the monopoly Xanatos had created.Learning of the Beagle Boys' fall, Xanatos met with Horace and Jasper to bring in a new ally, Captain Gantu, who had survived his battle with Dragaunus and been relieved of his command in the Galactic Federation. Learning of this increase in his enemies forces, Zurg responded by bringing in the mad alien scientist Doctor Hamsterviel and his clone army.

Vs Draganous

Out leading another assault on Earth's defenses, Dragaunus was confronted by more of Xanatos' Steel Clan robots. This time, one robot in particular seemed more intelligent, blasting through Dragaunus' soldiers and equipment. Although Dragaunus managed to take out one of the Steel Clan, the leader soon struck a critical blow and destroyed the alien warlord's flagship, knocking Dragaunus to his death in the process. After the battle, the robot gargoyle removed its head...to reveal that it was actually Xanatos himself in a suit of power armor, taking out one of Zurg's key generals in person.

Battle for Earth

Inside Xanatos' headquarters, Zurg and Shego caught up to the criminal mastermind. Shego lept in to kill Xanatos, but was attacked by Puck, who stepped in to defend the crimeboss. Shego held her own in battle for a while, but was soon overwhelmed by Puck's magic. The faerie's victory was short, however, as Zurg shot and gravely wounded him, forcing him to retreat. Out of allies, Xanatos entered the fray, pitting his battle armor against Zurg's technology. Xanatos soon gained the upper hand, and Zurg returned to his flagship, intending on annihilating the entire base with his fleet's weapons. Prepared even for this, Xanatos simply used an EMP blast to render Zurg's armada powerless. Macbeth arrived on the scene, and Xanatos informed him of his great victory, only for the Scotsman to betray his boss and shoot him with an energy blast, seemingly killing him.

Disney Villains War 2

A new plan

Nearly a year had passed since the end of the first war, and David Xanatos, still imprisoned since his downfall, put a plan in motion for him to escape incarceration. Contacting his right-hand-man Owen Burnett, Xanatos had him visit the criminal mastermind's old headquarters and access the rogue sentient computer program called the Master Control Program, or MCP, who had provided aid to Xanatos during the first war.

Decide to escape

As Owen spoke to Xanatos in prison, Macbeth suddenly arrived disguised as a prison guard, having decided to return to make amends now that Frollo had succumbed to paranoia.

Taking his company back

With Khan and Drakken's forces on the run, the alternate Doofenschmirtz and his robot army claimed New York, declaring the dimension under their control. However, he had not counted on Xanatos and his Steel Clan robots arriving to reclaim his empire. Using his Steel Clan battlesuit, Xanatos managed to destroy many of Doofenschmirtz's robots, but saw he would never be able to defeat them all if he couldn't close the portal to Doofenschmirtz's dimension. Picking up a car, one of the robots hurled it one of the Steel Clan, knocking it from the sky. As another of his robots fell to enemy fire, Xanatos managed to destroy the portal's control projector, causing Doofenschmirtz's robots to depower and fall from the skies. As the portal began to close, the alternate Doofenschmirtz retreated back to his own dimension, leaving the original Doofenschmirtz to his fate. Victorious, Xanatos departed to reclaim his company.

Back home

Back in New York, Xanatos returned home at long last, welcomed back by the faithful Owen.

Disney Villains War 3

Meeting Mr.Khan

At Xanatos Corp, Khan was made to answer for crimes against Xanatos and needed to clean up his mess lest the cops get on his tail.

Meeting Zurg

Xanatos and Zurg crafted a fragile alliance as Zurg revealed the existence of other realms to Xanatos that other nothing like their realm but still bared significance to theirs, Zurg explained that he had encountered strange beings in this other realm but also encountered a familiar face, the Mad Doctor. Zurg commented that it was like he was back from the dead but also took into account that he was an android so that made it difficult for him to die in the first place. Xanatos was fascinated by the possibility of more worlds and believed they could profit from this. Even though Zurg was confused, Shego explained that Xanatos wanted to get to the bottom of this. Xanatos explained that Doofenschmirtz was working on a device to access different worlds and now that he was gone, he could move in on his plans without any interference. Zurg then reminded Xanatos that they were on the brink of an invasion by the Skeleton King. But Xanatos pointed out that if they could get the equipment, they would tip the scales in their favor. After Xanatos had left, Shego asked Zurg if he intended on staying as his errand boy. Zurg revealed that he was only going to work with him temporarily and once the device was complete, he would steal it and use it for himself.

Needs help

Having failed to take out his wife, Xanatos decides that Zurg and Shego should take the Eye of Odin from her, after reminding the Emperor of a loss he had.Xanatos thanks the Evil Emperor for helping him as he goes back to his castle, as the feud between Zurg and him is over.

Disney Villains War Reboot

Xanatos appear in the reboot series in a role similar to the original series. He recruits Madam Medusa to his inner circle, telling her that she wouldn't find a better friend than him. During that time, Xanatos recruits the infamous squad known as the Pack, including his wife Fox, to his Enterprises to make a hold against the rising threat posed by the other criminal alliances.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

An Ultron Problem

Seeing Ultron as the most powerful robot in the world, Xanatos desires to have Ultron's technology for himself. He thus sends his prototype battle droid, Coyote, to defeat Ultron. Unsurprisingly, Ultron far outclasses Coyote and tears the robot to pieces. Now determined to take Ultron's technology, Xanatos hatches a plan to take Ultron's upgrades for himself.

The Goblin Attacks

During his campaign to acquire the Ultron upgrades, Xanatos purchases Oscorp from powerful CEO Norman Osborn. The two come to a disagreement, with Osborn swearing revenge. Later that night, a mysterious figure known as the Green Goblin attacks Xanatos's compound. Xanatos sees the attack coming, getting into his Goliath mech and readying two other androids. The Green Goblin manages to take out the androids with his various weapons, but Xanatos analyzes the debris so to calculate the best angle of attack. As the Green Goblin comes in for a swipe, Xanatos punches his rival out of the side and then pummels him with lasers. Xanatos thinks his foe is dead, but the Green Goblin manages to get away.


Xanatos learns that a firm known as AIM has been contracted to design Ultron's upgrades. Xanatos tries to hack into AIM's mainframe, but his attempt fails miserably. He thus turns to Plan B. While scheming, Xanatos has a group of Steel Clan robots save Demona from the Sentinel. Xanatos then puts his plan into action. Xanatos tips off Tombstone that Pete is planning to take over his territory, while keeping close tabs on both combatants. When Pete emerges from the battle victorious, Xanatos digitizes his rival and inserts him into the world of code. In the meantime, Xanatos hires Rourke to acquire Jafar's gemstone, but Rourke fails in his mission. Fortunately, Pete and Maleficent locate Ultron's blueprints, but they encounter Mysterio. An injured Maleficent has difficulty fighting the foe, but Xanatos codes in a cure for her injuries. When Pete and Maleficent emerge victorious in the battle, Xanatos teleports them out of the computer and steals the plans for himself. Reveling in his victory, Xanatos hires Demona to eliminate AIM's leader: MODOK. She succeeds.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part 2

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part 3

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part 2

Teaming with Dr.Willy

With this War continuing Xanatos goes with Dr. Wily for his assistance in this War along with World Three, seeing their chances of survival Willy and Xanatos reach an accord on working together for now.

Vs Mewtwo

After his little reunion with World Three, Xanatos awakes Mewtwo. Wanting to have the most powerful Pokemon at his side, he was found by Xanatos' men after his fight with Jafar. But as Mewtwo awakes, Xanatos Tower is under attack but could it get worse if Mew remembers what he truly seeks...

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Shredder

Meanwhile, in New York City, the ninja warrior and crime lord, the Shredder, was growing annoyed by the operations of billionaire and criminal mastermind David Xanatos hurting his business. Resolving to destroy his rival personally, Shredder confronted Xanatos in his home. Xanatos attempted to defend himself, but was no match for Shredder, who quickly defeated him in combat. However, as Shredder gloated over his enemy and prepared to kill him, Xanatos smugly revealed that his attempts to fight Shredder had merely been to buy time. At that moment, one of Xanatos’ Steel Clan robots entered. Outmatched by the superior arsenal of the robot, Shredder was forced to flee, while Xanatos taunted him.

His Robot Army

Back in New York, Xanatos and his right-hand man, Owen, inspected their new army of Steel Clan robots, preparing for the future conflicts to come.

Making First Contact

Some time later, Xanatos comes into possession of a strange statue resembling an ancient god. Before he can study it further, however, it is stolen by Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation, who fights his way past Owen and takes the statue back to his kingdom as Xanatos watches remotely.

Although disappointed by the loss of his statue, Xanatos quickly moved on to other matters. Seeking to build up his forces to defend himself from attack, he decided to hire both the Pack and renowned geneticist Anton Sevarius to his side. More importantly, however, Xanatos had managed to intercept a transmission from Yellow Diamond on Homeworld, and saw that the alien conquerors could possibly be of some use to him...

Meanwhile, with the Gem's domain on Earth established, Yellow Diamond arrived to personally oversee the invasion. Upon arrival, she was greeted by David Xanatos, who offered to use his vast resources to aid the Gems, in exchange for access to some of their technology. Amused by the confidence of the human, Yellow Diamond accepted his proposal.

Operating From The Shadows

Xanatos later learns that his old enemy, Shredder, has made a deal with Dr. Robotnik for an army of robotic warriors. Concerned by Shredder's growing power, sends one of Dr. Sevarius's lab assistants, Baxter Stockman, to invade Robotropolis and sabotage Robotnik's work. Stockman ultimately fails to report back, causing Xanatos to label the mission a failure. Still wanting to keep pace with Shredder, however, Xanatos puts the technology the Gems have given him to good use, upgrading the Pack and creating an android dubbed Coyote.

Xanatos continues to observe the events of the war, and having gotten everything he needs from the Gems, decides that it is time for him to end his dealings with them and focus on his own affairs. In order to complete their bargain, Xanatos sends the Pack to gather intel on the Gems' biggest rivals: the Fire Nation. Despite meeting resistance from a few of the Fire Nation's warriors, the Pack succeed in gathering the needed intel.

Prepared for the final battle

Yellow Diamond meets with Xanatos, who resigns from her forces, and offers the intel the Pack gathered as payment for her aid. Gladly accepting the information, Yellow Diamond orders her generals to begin mobilizing their army, as she prepares for an all-out attack on the Fire Nation capital, with the help of a secret new ally.

Vs Slade

Shredder decides that he has grown strong enough to finally take out his old rival, David Xanatos, and sends Slade to lead an attack on the Eyrie Building. Although the Pack are away, Coyote and the Thailog Shock Troopers are there to defend the building. Fortunately, Slade has planned for this, and sends out his own minion, Cinderblock, to deal with Coyote..Despite the efforts of Sevarius and the Shock Troopers, Slade and his men are still able to infiltrate the main building, forcing Xanatos himself to step in and duel Slade personally. Has the mastermind finally met his match?

Faking his death

Unbeknownst to Slade, Xanatos merely faked being knocked unconscious, and escaped the castle before it’s destruction. Having successfully faked his death and escaped scot free from Shredder, Xanatos meets with Owen to plan his next move.

Reuniting with his family

Reconstruction starts on the Eyrie Building, as Xanatos returns home and reunites with his family, including two foster children he took in some time ago following the death of their mother.

Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

Meeting with other business leader

Xanatos and Fox hold a meeting of various powerful business leaders, where they explain that Skeletor’s regime poses a threat to them all, and proposes that they use their combined resources to unseat him.

Bonding with his son

Following the meeting, Xanatos bonds with his foster son, Lelouch, over a game of chess, before leaving to attend to another matter.

New plans

Xanatos hires the Hacker to capture Digimon for a secret research project of his.The Hacker reports back to Xanatos, who prepares to put the captured Digimon to good use in his AI research.Skeletor is visited by David Xanatos, who pays his respects to the new ruler. Little does Skeletor know that Xanatos has an ulterior motive.

New allies

Xanatos and Rook visit their team of geneticists at the House Of Evolution, led by Dr. Genus and Anton Sevarius (who is revealed to have faked his death as well), to check the progress on their latest project.Mr. Burns and Plankton retreat back to Xanatos’s side, while Lex Luthor introduces his new ally, Norman Osborn. Meanwhile, Xanatos is contacted by a secret ally of his own…

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

Vs Richie

Xanatos prepares to make his move after seeing Richie as a big threat. He creates a robotic clone known as Coyote in attempt to destroy him. But Richie has an ace up his sleeve.

Teaming with Baxter Stockman

After the loss of Coyote, Xanatos calls Baxter Stockman to form an alliance hoping to take down Ash Ketchum and his friends personally.

Finding something

And finally, Xanatos and Baxter Stockman send the ghost of a dead villain inside a Black Bear's body.


Xanatos, pleased of Edgar's success of defeating Pikachu, locks up the Electric Pokemon in a dark prison. Xanatos is also approached by Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine, after his victory against Tracey, who joins his alliance.

Vs Ash

Xanatos is visited by the Joker, who asks him to destroy Ash Ketchum personally. Xanatos accepts the deal, but then out of nowhere comes Magica DeSpell, who offers to help defeat Ash. Xanatos agrees to and head to France.

Finally at France, Xanatos and Magica DeSpell arrive at the Hall of Paris and confront Ash Ketchum. With his Steel Clan army as well as his Steel Clan suit, Xanatos prepares to attack. But even with Ash finishes off two of his Steel Clan, he accidentally forgot to defeat one. Plus, Magica DeSpell has a potion to finish him off.

Pleased by Sevarius's idea

Sevarius presents Xanatos his secret revealed project none other than the newly resurrected Warp Darkmatter. Xanatos is pleased of this, and decides to test him by taking out an earlier threat.


Elsewhere, Xanatos hears of Ash Ketchum's escape, and not wanting to have his plans fail, he hires Macbeth to take out the next big threat.

Sending his minions

Xanatos has heard of the death of Baxter Stockman at the hands of Blastoise, and dispatches Liquidator and Megavolt into attacking him.anatos is proud of Megavolt and Liquidator's success of defeating Blastoise, and has the creature already locked up!

Vs Brock's Forces

Fleeing from Pewter City, Brock arrives in Xanatos Enterprises, and when the master mind, Xanatos sees this, he prepares with his forces in a full attack. It's going to be one huge battle as Brock fights with his Onix, Croagunk, Geodude, Vulpix, Mudkip, and Zubat fights off Xanatos, Edgar, Magica DeSpell, Negaduck, Sakharine, MacBeth and Warp Darkmatter.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

About to kill Brock

At Xanatos' maximum security prison, a hooded man asks Xanatos to sentence Brock to death. Xanatos agrees, but as he reaches the cell, the man takes off the hood revealed to be Tracey, much to Brock's delight, and helps him escape. He also talks about Ash Ketchum alive in the live action universe.

Teaming with Fat Cat

Xanatos is greeted by Fat Cat, who offers to join his alliance in which Xanatos accepts, but Negaduck is not pleased of this.

Vs Tracey

Though the death of Negaduck has impacted some of the other members of Xanatos' alliance, Magica DeSpell, Warp Darkmatter and Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine try to decide what to do to prove their worthiness to Xanatos. But the discussion is interrupted by Tracey, and Sakharine decides to deal with him once again. But Tracey might have the upper hand this time.

Teaming with Dr.Blowhole

Magica DeSpell and Warp Darkmatter warn Xanatos about the gruesome death of Sakharine, and fearing that his empire will come crashing, Xanatos is soon encounted by Doctor Blowhole and T.R. Chula who vow to merge teams in which, Xanatos gladly accepts. But Fat Cat is watching, fearing he will ruin his secret plan.

Vs Charizard

Xanatos, wanting to keep his empire from falling, decides that maybe he should take down some of the heroes himself, just in case anything goes wrong. He gets his chance when Charizard arrives in his castle, but will he be worthy enough to capture the fire Pokémon?

Disney Heroes vs Villains - Part 2

Contacting Kim and Ron

In New York, David Xanatos contacted Kim and Ron to tell them what he knew about the two battles on top of his building the previous night. He warned the two teenagers that the gargoyles were dangerous creatures who would attack any human that crossed their path. Kim and Ron agreed to keep an eye out for any more of the creatures and departed. After they left, Xanatos met with Kim's old enemy Drakken, who had been hiding in the shadows, telling him everything was going according to plan.

Heroes vs Villains War-Part 2

Realising Odin's Eye

At the same time, local teenagers and espionage agents Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were contacted by their friend and IT support, Wade, who informed them about the Eye of Odin being put on display at a museum in New York thanks to the patronage of entrepreneurs David Xanatos and Vlad Masters. Realizing that the valuable relic could be a target for criminals, the two young agents decided to investigate.

Teaming with Kent Masley

Xanatos asks Kent Mansley for assistance regarding Mace Malone's murder.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Talking with Owen

Xanatos talks with Owen about a possible rival of him Syndrome.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Lex Luthor

Xanatos saw that Lex Luthor's army begins to destroy everything in their part. Xanatos won't let that happen. After Luthor's arrest, Xanatos reveal to Luthor his informator.

New allies

After his defeat against Syndrome, Dr. Drakken begs Xanatos to let him in his faction. Xanatos accept him with having his plan in motion.After her call with Zurg, Yellow Diamond decide to join forces with Xanatos, with the motivation to stop Zurg and his forces.

Vs Vlad Plasmius

While testing his newest machines, Xanatos asked an old friend to help him, but he attack Xanatos. Owen decide to distract the intruder while Xanatos attacks him with the costume. Will Xanatos be able to kill the intruder?

Vs Holli Would

David Xanatos decide to come to the grand exposition of his diamond. However, a famous dancer decide to seduce Xanatos into stealing the diamond. What they didn't know is that they were spied by Fox. Xanatos may be able to make things rights with Fox, but he can't protect the diamond stolen by the dancer.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

Villains Battles 2

Villains Battles 3

Preparing his forces

A newcomer enters the war however this hasn't gone unnoticed by Xanatos and Cobra Commander, who prepare their men to stop him at all costs.

Disney Vs DC Villains War

Teaming with Gantu

Lamenting over his failure, Gantu is quickly found by David Xanatos, who finds interest in a big alien such as him and offers him an alliance as Gantu accepts.

His faction

Xanatos finally gathers his own faction to take out Lex Luthor once and for all

Disney Vs TV Villains War

All-Star Villains Tournament

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War - Part Two