Darth Vader in the universe Live action

Darth Vader was a Dark Lord of the Sith, apprentice under Darth Sidious. Generally considered the most powerful Sith warrior in Star Wars canon, Darth Vader is a staple of villain iconography. He is commonly ranked among the finest villains ever created. He has appeared in a variety of villain wars, to varying degrees of involvement.

Disney Villains War 3

Rise of Vader

Meanwhile in space, Darth Vader was awakened for the upcoming war.

Vs Galactic Leader

The Empire struck and its first target was the home of the Galactic Leader who had been dubbed as a traitor. A squadron of Stormtroopers arrived and fired at the Galactic Leader's minions, restoring them from their possessed state. Darth Vader then entered and as the Galactic Leader was about to attack, Darth Vader and his stormtroopers started to dance Thriller, playing to the Galactic Leader's weakness. Eventually, the dancing killed the Galactic Leader as Vader and the stormtroopers finished the routine.

Next Target

In space, Darth Vader declared the next target and Morticon happily wanted to execute the orders.

Talking with his master

Darth Vader reported to the Emperor their victory on Mars. Now the real battle began to take down Gruumm before he could be a true threat to the Empire. The Emperor ordered Vader to move the fleet to Geonosis to wipe out Gruumm's forces. Despite Vader not believing the plan was wise, the Emperor ordered him to go on with it. When Vader questioned if they would be expecting an attack, the Emperor responded by ordering him to attack them on both land and in space. He reasoned that they could not hold out that long with their defenses. Vader then agreed to carry out the plan and began moving the fleet.

Movies Villains War

Darth Vader in Alterne Form CGI Universe(In Disney Villains War Part Three)

Helping Palpatine

While the two monsters were fighting, Rasputin and his associate, Lord Blackwood, traveled to Coruscant, where they confronted Palpatine. Unintimidated, the emperor drew his lightsaber, while Blackwood produced a magic sword of his own. The two clashed blades, but the younger Blackwood out-fenced Palpatine and backed him into a corner. Blackwood then departed, leaving Rasputin to finish the job. However, just then, Anakin arrived on the scene, but was shocked to see his old friend Rasputin there, as it turned out that Rasputin had protected Anakin when he was a child. Sidious unleashed force lightning on Rasputin, but the wizard used his magic gauntlet to deflect the lightning back on Sidious. Severely wounded and disfigured, Sidious begged the conflicted Anakin for help. Ultimately, Anakin chose his new mentor over his old friend, stabbing Rasputin with his lightsaber. With his foe distracted, Sidious unleashed force lightning on Rasputin once again, completely obliterating him.

A New Name

Back on Coruscant, Darth Sidious gathered his allies, including Count Dooku, General Grievous, Darth Maul, and Anakin, now known as 'Darth Vader'. Together, they planned for the uprising of the Sith.

Darth Vader in the CGI universe(in Video Game Villains War)

Video Game Villains War

Vs Kerrigan

Darth Vader emerges in the epilogue of Video Game Villains Round Four, taking up the mantle of leadership of the Space Resistance upon the death of Saren. Prior to Round Five, Vader establishes a plan to dethrone Kerrigan as ruler of the galaxy.

Anakin Skywalker

Due to Kerrigan's forces being distracted by a large battle outside her doorstep, the Queen of Blades does not notice Darth Vader's arriving in her headquarters. The Sith Lord commands that she bow before him, but not before being attacked by a puppet version of Kerrigan controlled by SHODAN, Kerrigan's chief ally. Vader destroys this copy easily enough, then attempts to crush Kerrigan with a massive metal pillar. Kerrigan survives, knocking Vader through several walls in retaliation. Vader survives, destroying the massive Zerg Kerrigan is riding in a second attack. Kerrigan manages to get in a few good strikes, though Vader manages to shrug off most of the damage. The two eventually clash with their telekinetic abilities, with neither able to get a strong hold on the other. Resorting to final measures, Darth Vader hacks off both Kerrigan's wings, ultimately impaling her through the chest. Kerrigan does not survive the blow and succumbs to her injuries.

A New Emperor


With his new position as Emperor of the Galactic Empire in place, Vader seeks to consolidate his rule over the galaxy. He has his two new apprentices, Komari Vosa and Desann, collect some technology from the corpse of Saren. Unfortunately for Darth Vader, the two Sith perish to rival Sith Lords Darth Vindican and Darth Malgus. Now without an apprentice, Vader schemes a new plan to tighten his control. Suddenly, Dark Samus emerges as a potential ally.

Dealing with Bounty Hunters

Making Dark Samus, a being that does not use the Force, his apprentice proves to be a hazardous move for Vader. His rival in the Sith Council, Darth Thanaton, engages in a seditious rant. Thanaton, secretly working for the Gravemind, is actively trying to undermine Vader's role as Galactic Emperor. Though unaware of Thanaton's affiliation with the Gravemind, Vader has Dark Samus exterminate him for his treachery. After a prolonged battle, Dark Samus emerges victorious. She convinces Vader to hire a trio of bounty hunters - Rundas, Gandrayda, and Ghor - to fill out the ranks of the Imperial army. The three bounty hunters prove to be a lethal force, killing the Shadow Broker and cutting off supply of illegal firearms to Darth Malgus.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Vs Lord Dominator

Darth Vader was sent to make a deal with Lord Dominator, but she refuse. Darth Vader has no choice and has to kill her with the help of Tie Figthers.He succeded that and take her territory.

Building Death Star

Darth Sidious and his forces decide to build a new Death Star.


  • It is questionable whether or not Darth Vader applies for Video Game Villains War, due to his originally being a movie villain. dagwood525 justifies this due to most of the video games Vader stars in not being canon to the actual Star Wars movie universe.
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