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Darkwing Duck (real name Drake Mallard) is the titular hero of the cartoon series of the same name and tries to protect his city from a number of villains. He is a parody of awesome heroes such as Batman but unlike the former Darkwing Duck has a strong desire for fame and attention, a desire he often has to combat in order to stay heroic. His adopted daughter named Gosalyn, his sidekicks, Launchpad and sometimes Honker, and his girlfriend Morgana help him in many adventures. Darkwing Duck begins to learn what being a true hero is all about. Darkwing Duck is set to appear in the second part of Disney Heroes vs. Villains War.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

Vs Pete and Dr. Doofenschmirtz

Pete sought out another mad scientist, Dr. Doofenschmirtz, hiring him to build a device that could transport them to another world as part of Maleficent's final plan. But as the machine was nearing completion, the costumed vigilante Darkwing Duck stormed in and attempted to thwart the two villains. Pete activated the lab's defenses, firing on Darkwing with a machine gun, but he vanished in a puff of smoke and appeared elsewhere. Pete sent rocks flying at Darkwing, but he deftly dodged them. Pete then sent two boxing gloves to hit Darkwing as he taunted them, flattening him. Darkwing then took out a blaster and shot Pete, knocking him from his perch. As Darkwing turned the gun on Doofenschmirtz, the scientist activated the finished device, transporting Pete to the other universe. While Darkwing was distracted, Doofenschmirtz sent two mechanical arms at him, knocking him out.

Heroes vs Villains War-Part Two

Vs Mojo Jojo

Elsewhere in the museum, the chimpanzee mastermind Mojo Jojo infiltrated the building to steal the enchanted Head of Anubis, as well as the jewels that powered it, to use in his own schemes. As soon as he made to leave with his prizes, however, he was confronted by the costumed vigilante Darkwing Duck. At first exchanging elaborate monologues with his opponent, Jojo used the magic from the Anubial Jewels to stagger Darkwing. Managing to recover from the barrage, Darkwing pulled a gun and returned fire. Fed up by his interference, Jojo knocked down an art piece on the vigilante. While Darkwing Duck recovered, Jojo retreated with the Jewels, leaving the superhero to chase after him.

Run from Museum

During the fight, Odin (who had spent his time in hiding ever since his defeat by the Unicorn and the Medieval Warriors) arrived to take his spear back. While both the Girls and Drakken were focused on each other, Odin claimed the spear and reactivated its powers, preparing to unleash it on them all. At that moment, all the combatants from the previous bouts, including Littlefoot and his companions, Dumpty, Piltdown and his security guards, Darkwing, Clavious, Kim, and Ron, coincidentally gathered on the scene. In the confusion, Odin spotted Clavious, recognizing him from the time he served under the Horned King. Yet Clavious possessed the Eye of Odin, an artifact Odin yearned to take it for his own. Turning against his ally, Odin summoned the powers of the spear to blast at Clavious. While the blasts missed the sorcerer, they destroyed the museum's retaining walls instead, forcing all involved to retreat. Littlefoot and his friends managed to escape in the nick of time just as the museum imploded, though they lost the egg they retrieved.