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Darkheart is a manipulative magical being and the primary antagonist of Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation. He is notorious around the Internet for saying his name in an elongated and melodramatic fashion; all the same, his motivations and origins are all but non-existent. The only thing audiences do know about Darkheart is his intense hatred for caring. Darkheart is a minor player in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Fox vs Bear

Darkheart first appears evading a massive black bear, intent on killing him. Slyly, Darkheart lures the bear to a cliff, causing the bear to lose its footing and tumble down a waterfall. Lord Maliss, searching for sorcerers for Ruber's faction, observes these events and takes on Darkheart as his apprentice. After being formally introduced to Ruber, Darkheart fails to make a good first impression. However, once Darkheart takes on his true form, Ruber begins to pay attention.

A Change in Leadership

Darkheart later offers his services to Fire Lord Ozai, who steps in as ruler of the world after Jafar eliminates Ruber. When Ozai then dies and his daughter, Azula, takes the throne, Darkheart turns his allegiance to her. Azula, however, trusts no one, banishing all of Ruber's former council in her paranoia.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

A Sealed Fate

Following his exile, Darkheart takes refuge to Lord Maliss' base, in the former castle of Queen Grimhilde. When Grimhilde reveals himself to the party, Maliss orders his allies to attack. Darkheart pulls out a minor fight, as he transforms into a mist of darkness. However, he is too slow to prevent Grimhilde from stopping her, as she opens a mystical box, that draws his spirit form inside of it, ending his menace.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

While lounging in the shade, Darkheart encounters the sorceress, Stormella. The two enter into a heated argument, with Darkheart becoming so enraged that he transforms into a cloud of darkness. Stormella, however, is unfazed by the demon's new appearance; she blasts him several times with her icy magic, forcing him to revert to his boyish form. While he is vulnerable, Stormella plunges him into a lake.