Dark Samus

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Dark Samus AKA Metroid Prime is the primary antagonist of the Metroid Prime video game series. A Phazon-based Metroid with mutative capacities, Dark Samus is a major player in the Video Game Villains War.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Video Game Villains War

Creation and Assassination

Dr. Eggman creates Dark Samus as one of his doppelganger minions. At first, Dark Samus is a highly obedient warrior, heading out to murder Dr. Neo Cortex, one of Eggman's rivals. Cortex takes the coward's route, sending his minion, Crunch, to eliminate Dark Samus. Crunch tries to harness his energy in a earthen ball, but Dark Samus blasts it open. The two exchange blows, with Dark Samus being launched back from an attack from Crunch's wind form. Eventually, Dark Samus manages to annihilate her foe with a wave of Phazon. When Crunch lurches up, stunned, Dark Samus guns him down.

A New Faction

Dark Samus soon tires of Dr. Eggman and his allies, leaving the faction entirely. She joins up with Darth Vader and the Galactic Alliance, even becoming the Sith Lord's new apprentice. Her services are soon required, as Darth Thanaton, a Sith spy for the Galactic Empire's enemies, is sowing dissension in the ranks. Dark Samus arrives to terminate him, but Darth Thanaton's Force Lightning proves to be a difficult power to surmount. She blasts him away, but Thanaton reprises his assault. Injured, Dark Samus fires one last shot as Thanaton approaches her with a lightsaber. The shot is lucky; Thanaton falls to the ground, where he is soon exterminated by the other members of Darth Vader's Dark Council.

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