The Dark Masters

The Dark Masters are four Mega level Digimon created by Apocalymon - MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon and their leader, Piedmon - many years ago. When a Koromon andParrotmon were transported to Earth by a dimensional rift, the mysterious group charged with protecting the DigiWorld (of which Gennai was a part) observed the situation that ensued, and decided upon the eight children who viewed the battle to be the new DigiDestined. They began to create Digivices, Tags and Crests for them, so they could save the DigiWorld from evil in the future, but the Dark Masters got wind of their plan. In a brutal attack, Piedmon killed all of the group and stole the Crests. Four Earth years later, the Crests were spread out across the DigiWorld - it is not clear how this came to be. Prior to the coming of the DigiDestined, the Dark Masters battled and defeated the Harmonious Ones, the four guardians o the DigiWorld, sealing them away. The DigiDestined soon arrived, and battled and defeated Devimon and Etemon. In the many years that passed in the DigiWorld during the few days that the kids returned to Earth to stop Myotismon's plans for conquest, the Dark Masters emerged again took control of the entire DigiWorld, reforming its digital matter into the massive Spiral Mountain. The kids returned to the DigiWorld to battle the Dark Masters, but in their first fight with them, they were severely outmatched. They were only saved by Piximon. The kids then began to climb Spiral Mountain, battling each of the Dark Masters in turn, with help from their old Digimon friends. The Dark Masters were each defeated in turn, and the kids then had to fight Apocalymon himself. The Dark Masters first appeared, obviously enough, in "Enter The Dark Masters."



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