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The Dark Ace is a major antagonist in the animated series, Storm Hawks. The Dark Ace is a secondary player in a variety of villains tournaments, including the Animated Vs Video Game Villains War and the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament


When Remington Smisse steals a powerful artifact that Queen Cyclonis desires., the Dark Ace and Ravess set out to take him down. While pursuing his foe, the Dark Ace battles Smisse in a blade clash, with neither of them managing to score a blow. Due to Ravess's archery prowess, the Dark Ace manages to acquire the artifact without killing Smisse, returning it to Cyclonis for her to summon Qilby.


The Dark Ace is called into action once again when three Rahkshi enter Cyclonis's lair. After the Rahkshi rough up Ravess and Snipe, the Dark Ace tries to come to their aid. His efforts prove fruitless, as the Rahkshi he attacks simply bats his staff out of the way. The Dark Ace is helpless until he is mysteriously imbued with a powerful magic energy. Upon receiving this new strength, the Dark Ace punches a Rahkshi right in the face and blasts another with his staff. He then harnesses up a massive amount of magical energy to destroy all three Rahkshi at once. This newfound success gets the Dark Ace into Cyclonis and Qilby's good graces.


Pitch Black enters Cyclonis's lair and begins fighting her and Qilby. The Dark Ace looks on, realizing that Pitch Black was the one that gave him a power upgrade. Thus, when Qilby readies himself to kill Pitch Black, the Dark Ace goes rogue, destroying a vat of flammable chemical and burning Qilby alive. The Dark Ace and Pitch Black then flee.

New Protection

Pitch Black presents the Dark Ace to his co-worker: Master Xehanort. Dark Ace is honored to be before another Grandmaster of darkness, but he grows fearful when he meets his new bodyguard: Bloody Mary.

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