Devil daniel mouse
Daniel Mouse is the eponymous protagonist of the animated short The Devil and Daniel Mouse. A street rodent and an old-fashioned performer, Daniel is an optimist visualizer, hoping to expand his musical horizons and ambitions, along with his partner and companion, Jan Mouse, although their low and financial way of living prevented them from reaching fame and glory through music. He once managed to save his companion from a terrible fate, as she foolishly signed a contract with B.L. Zebub, (the movie's incarnation of the Devil), to gain popularity and recognition, in exchange of being put into eternal torment in B.L. Zebub's infernal realm.

He also appeared in the Epilogue of Heroes vs. Villains War, reconciling with Jan Mouse, after the two of them got seperated in the early events of the war, and living with her on the Patch of Heaven ranch for the rest of their lives.

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