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DNAmy​ is a minor antagonist in the Disney animated television series, Kim Possible. A talented geneticist with a penchant for creating bizarre animal hybrids (which she dubs "Cuddle Buddies"), DNAmy is a secondary player in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

A Near-Death Experience

Anton Sevarius approaches DNAmy with an offer to use her "Cuddle Buddies" as enforcers for David Xanatos. DNAmy agrees to manufacture a small army for Sevarius. Doctor Mindbender, however, interrupts DNAmy's operation, planning to destroy DNAmy's Gene Splicer. DNAmy, therefore, summons her Cuddle Buddies to defend her, including a humanoid naked mole rat and a rhinoceros bunny. Both animals, however, are overwhelmed, attacked by Mindbender's lethal Bio-Vipers; unlike the animals, the Bio-Vipers have the intelligence to use weapons. Mindbender uses his electric prod to overload DNAmy's gene splicer. Mindbender then flees the room first and bars the door, leaving DNAmy to be incinerated as the entire room explodes.

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Survival and Return

DNAmy somehow survives the explosion, joining Senor Senior Sr.'s alliance of supervillains. The group travels to the Fire Nation on the orders of David Xanatos, hoping to take out Princess Azula. However, DNAmy decides to disguise herself as "Gorilla Fist," an ally of Monkey Fist. She and Monkey Fist take on Mai and Ty Lee, two of Azula's friends. Mai uses her stilettos to bind Gorilla Fist with a hanging wheel. DNAmy breaks free, arriving just in time to pull Drakken to safety after an attack from Azula. She does, however, witness Shego's death at Azula's hands.

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