Disney Versus Non-Disney Villains Wiki

A Spin off Tournament between DC and Marvel Villains

Old Fights of The Dreamfinder

Round 1:

  1. Norman Osborn & Doctor Octopus vs Professor Milo
  2. General Ross vs Kanjar Ro
  3. Red Skull vs Krull the Eternal
  4. Mandarin vs The Gas Gang
  5. Hammerhead vs Red Hood
  6. Dr. Doom vs Tornado Tyrant

Round 2:

  1. Magneto's Acolytes(Pyro, Colossus, and Gambit) vs Mutant Trio
  2. Kraven vs Ultra-Humanite
  3. Tombstone and Silvermane vs Cheshire
  4. Baron Zemo Sr. vs Ra's Al Ghul
  5. Absorbing Man vs Killer Croc
  6. Magneto vs Zebra Man and Dr. Polaris

Round 3:

  1. Juggernaut vs Cinderblock
  2. Mandarin vs The Terrible Trio
  3. Grim Reaper vs President Luthor and Mercy Graves
  4. Mystique vs Madame Rouge
  5. Dr. Octopus vs Black Manta

Round 4:

  1. Man-Wolf vs Scarecrow and Scream Queen
  2. Ultron vs Amazo
  3. Man-Ape vs Gorilla Grodd
  4. Shocker vs Joe Chill
  5. Weapon X vs Slade's Forces (Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Omega Red, Deadpool, Jinx, Gizmo and Mammoth)
  6. The Mandarin vs Sinestro

Round 5:

  1. Attuma vs Black Manta (Kaldur'an)
  2. Whirlwind vs Tornado Tyrant
  3. Spider Slayer vs Red Hood
  4. Mysterio vs Mumbo
  5. Baron Zemo Jr. vs Count Vertigo
  6. The Brotherhood of Mutants vs the Morganians

Battles of RobRulz1231

Round 1:

  1. General Zod vs Loki
  2. Bullseye vs Deadshot
  3. Joker vs Green Goblin
  4. Red Skull vs Ra's Al-Ghul
  5. Zoom vs Electro

Round 2:

  1. Winter Soldier vs Deathstroke
  2. Captain Cold vs. Alexis Sytserkovitch
  3. Joker vs Whiplash
  4. Scarecrow vs Sandman
  5. Loki vs Faora
  6. Epilogue

Round 3:

  1. Joker vs Lady Deathstrike
  2. Deathstroke vs Sabretooth
  3. Ra's Al Ghul vs William Stryker
  4. Kilgrave vs Scarecrow
  5. General Zod vs Laufey
  6. Epilogue

Round 4:

  1. Sinestro vs Malekith
  2. Deadshot vs The Rhino
  3. Bane vs Abomination
  4. The Trickster vs Doctor Octopus
  5. Darkseid vs Thanos

Round 5:

  1. Trigon vs Apocalypse
  2. Red Hood vs Deadpool
  3. MODOK vs Brainiac
  4. Brother Blood vs Baron Von Strucker and Baron Zemo
  5. Doctor Doom vs Nightshade and Gorilla Grodd
  6. Epilogue

Round 6:

  1. Magneto vs Metallo
  2. Zoom vs Loki and Ronan the Accuser
  3. Bullseye vs Two Face
  4. Doctor Octopus vs the Joker
  5. Harrison Wells vs Ultron
  6. Epilogue

Round 7:

  1. General Zod and Sinestro vs Galactus
  2. Bane vs Juggernaut
  3. Magneto vs Ra's Al Ghul 
  4. The Lizard vs The Reverse Flash
  5. Winter Soldier vs Vandal Savage
  6. Epilogue

Round 8:

  1. Gorilla Grodd vs the Destroyer
  2. Captain Cold vs Emma Frost
  3. General Zod vs Sabretooth
  4. Doctor Doom vs Sinestro
  5. Deathstroke and the Joker vs Green Goblin and the Lizard
  6. Epilogue

War of Injustice Lord

Round 1:

  1. Loki vs Trigon
  2. Joker vs Kingpin
  3. Lex Luthor vs Dr. Doom
  4. Red Skull vs General Eiling
  5. Black Manta vs Attuma 
  6. Felix Faust vs The Mandarian
  7. Epilogue

Round 2:

  1. Prologue
  2. Mysterio vs Abra Kadabra
  3. Ultron vs Metallo
  4. Star Sapphire vs Enchantress
  5. Juggernaut vs Bane
  6. Mr. Freeze vs Doctor Octopus
  7. Electro vs Livewire
  8. Steppenwolf vs Ronan the Accuser
  9. Hyperion vs Black Adam
  10. Magneto vs Parasite and Psimon
  11. Epilogue

Round 3:

  1. Prologue
  2. Killer Croc vs Rhino
  3. Man-Bat and Killer Frost vs Shocker and Vulture
  4. Brainiac vs Annihilus
  5. Wotan vs Baron Mordo
  6. Graviton vs Sinestro
  7. Interlude
  8. Hammerhead vs Deadshot
  9. Paris Franz vs Black Widow Drone
  10. Deathstroke vs Baron Zemo
  11. Malekith vs Darkseid
  12. Ocean Master vs Hydro Man
  13. Epilogue

Events for the First War (Old Version)

Part One

Professor Milo rejoices as his rats steal from OsCorps, only for Norman to arrive with Doctor Octopus. After stating that the diamonds he stole had tracking devices inside them, Osborn has Milo arrested. But Milo won't go down easy...or small...

President Luthor informs General Ross of an alien pirate known as Kanjar Ro who is heading this way to attack Las Vegas. Ross decides to deal with the threat head on. Can his forces stop the space pirates?

Krull is trying to release power from a certain artifact when the Red Skull appears. In a bid to claim the prize, the two duel to the death. But can the Red Skull defeat an immortal and claim the Cosmic Comet?

Osborn discovered another player in the crime world and sends Hammerhead to deal with him. Can the big-headed man take out the troll?

Mandarin finds himself on an island where he discovers a strange source of power that makes him want more. Not soon after is he discovered by the inhabitance of the island: the Gas Gang. Can he get rid of them?

While watching over his kingdom Latveria, Dr. Doom discovers a threat known as the Tornado Tyrant heading his way. But when the machine reaches Latveria, he proposes an alliance with its master and Doom. Doom is uncertain about an alliance and tries to get rid of the Tyrant. Can the machine prove itself to Doom so that an alliance will still be possible? Or will someone else change the outcome?

Osborn and Hammerhead talk about the attacks on OsCorp and decide to take action.

Luthor is doing paperwork when fellow Light leader Vandal Savage appears to talk about the Red Skull.

On Themyscira, Persephone kills a fellow Amazon in order to free Ares. But an Asgardian witnesses his escape...

The Lords of Order and Chaos sense the disturbance and decide to create someone who can balance the war: Equinox.

Meanwhile, someone's working on a computer...

Part Two

One Month Ago, in the Disney vs Non Disney Villains Universe, Mok is furious about Maleficent defeating Sharptooth. But before he can complain about it, Owlman enters the universe, causing Mok to lose interest in complain. Mok greets him as Owlman asks for a supercomputer like his. He kindly agrees for a price that Owlman ends up willing to pay.

Now, in the DC vs Marvel Universe, Pyro, Colossus, and Gambit are all hanging around when strange things known as the Mutant Trio suddenly appear to take them out. Which mutants will come out on top?

Kraven discovers Dinosaur Island and discovers that the creatures there are being controlled by a brain known as the Ultra-Humanite. Can Kraven survive?

Tombstone is having dinner with fellow Crime Boss Silvermane to talk about a certain "Big Man" when he is attacked by the assassin Cheshire. But Cheshire was never informed that Silvermane would help Tombstone...

As Ra's Al Ghul ponders about the coming war, Baron Zemo Sr. demands a duel for Ra's Al Ghul's forces. The two clash blade to blade with both men unable to back down.

The Leader sends Absorbing Man to get rid of a possible threat known as Killer Croc. But can he handle the killer?

Magneto is also pondering about the battles when Zebra Man and Dr. Polaris find him. But do they really stand a chance?

Tornado Tyrant reports the alliance with Doom and Loki to his creator T.O. Morrow, Mr. Twister, and fellow robot Ultron.

Baron Zemo Jr. heads to the base of Armin Zola to take over his father's plans.

In Asgard, Amora informs Loki about Ares, which infuriates him.

In New York, Cheshire is broken out of jail via her father: Sportsmaster.

Mystique and Magneto decide to create a new Brotherhood due to the attack on Magneto.

Ra's Al Ghul catches 'wind' of the Mandarin, who has taken over one of his old temples, and decides to call upon some of his former students.

Smile, darn ya! Smile!

Part Three

Black Manta's given a mission by other members of the Light.

At the White House, Luthor asks Vandal Savage to contact someone...

Slade sends Cinderblock to retrieve Plasmus from Prison.

Mystique frees Juggernaut from prison to help her out. However, he's not one that necessarily follows orders...

Cinderblock breaks into the same prison to break out Plasmus, but ends up running into Juggernaut. Meanwhile, Juggernaut escapes his cell, but ends up running into Cinderblock. The two both assume that the other is there to stop them so, naturally, a battle ensues.

Cinderblock brings Plasmus to Slade.

Mystique brings Juggernaut to Magneto.

After being informed that one of his old temples has been taken by the Mandarin Ra's Al Ghul sends the Terrible Trio to take it back. But will their skills and powers be enough?

Superwoman travels to another dimension where she finds herself surrounded by Owlman-B, Silver Cyclone, and Scarlet Scarab; however Owlman-B stops them to see what the woman wants.

Lords Hawkgirl and Green Lantern are met by Ultraman to discuss an alliance.

Mystique secretly tried to meet Nightcrawler to try to get the young mutant on her side when Nightcrawler ends up being someone completely different who just happens to be there to kill her: Madame Rouge.

Luthor is finishing up some paperwork at LexCorp before going back to Washington DC when he is suddenly attacked by Hydra Agent Grim Reaper. Even when Mercy steps in to defend her boss, does the President need more help to stop this deadly assassin?

While Dr. Octopus begins studying a strange starfish in Atlantis, several explosions rock the area. After sending Electro and Vulture to check out the attacks, Octopus is attacked by the head of the onslaught: Black Manta.

Magneto hires Weapon X to help take care of the one who he sent the assassinate Mystique: Slade.

Slade hires some of the students from HIVE to help deal with a threat.

Vandal Savage meets up with Klarion to talk.

Owlman brings together the whole Crime Syndicate to discuss their actions for the war.

Meanwhile, on Apocalypse, a hero is sentenced to death...

Part Four

Black Manta informs his son Kaldur that he shall be on the surface for a while and will leave him in charge of operations below the surface.

Joker calls up some old friends to help the Light's cause.

While lost in thought of his father's death, Smythe is found by a new player in the criminal underworld: Kingpin.

Miriam, the Queen of Vampires, wishes to take control of Gotham and uses mind control on Man-Wolf to begin her raid. But he has to get past the Scarecrow and the Scream Queen to do so.

Professor Ivo is met by Black Manta who informs him of T.O. Morrow's alliance with Doctor Doom and his betrayal to the Light. Ivo suggests that his latest work is put to the test to take him out. But when Amazo is delivered, Ultron is the first to discover the threat and intends to eliminate it.

The country of Wakanda has fallen under the control of Man-Ape, who has abused his power to a point where his country is hurting. Seeing an opportunity, Gorilla Grodd challenges Man-Ape to a duel for Wokanda.

Slade awakens his latest ally in hopes to keep Magneto at bay, unaware that Magneto is already sending a team his way...

Not leaving anything to chance, Weapon X attacks Slade's hideout immediately. Gizmo, Mammoth, and Jinx are all quick to act and do what they can to stall long enough for Plasmus to join in. But if Magneto has found his hideout, then Slade won't leave anything to chance either...

Smythe hires Shocker to help take care of someone trying to compete with Kingpin's planned Criminal Empire: Joe Chill. Can the killer of Batman's parents last against this powerful villain?

Ra's Al Ghul offers a deal with Sinestro: an alliance with the Light for the death of the Mandarin. Sinestro accepts and heads to the Indonesian Temple to stop the Mandarin. At first, the two are civil in their ways, but what happens when the Mandarin strikes first?

With the destruction of the Mandarin, the ten rings fly all across the planet. But it doesn't take too long for one to be discovered...

Red Hood is offered a new mission.

Killer Croc is found by the Brain who offers him a position in his Brotherhood.

With the Mandarin gone, Ra's Al Ghul is finally able to get to the Lazarus Pit and replenish himself.

Black Manta contacts Gorilla Grodd to help him with a special mission.

Loki instructs Amora and the Executioner to begin the formation of the Masters of Evil.

Meanwhile, on Roanoke Island...

Part Five

Klarion and the Morganians begin to summon Morgan le Fay for the Light, but their plan doesn't go unwatched as Mystique informs the Brotherhood of Mutants to take action.

Norman Osborn calls upon the Chameleon to send Mysterio on a mission to stop a little problem...

Equinox calls upon a couple of fourth wall breakers to help keep order and change the tide: Impossible Man, Bat-Mite, and...Ambush Bug?

With his father's absence, Vandal Savage instructs Kaldur to help take out a threat to their operations: the warlord Attuma. Doing so would expand the Light's trust in Kaldur, so he performs his duty with the best of intentions.

While patrolling Latveria's borders, Tornado Tyrant discovers another cyclone heading towards the country. He stops it from advancing and discovers that it was Whirlwind, who was sent by an unknown benefactor to take him out. But someone is watching the battle...

In an attempt to get on Kingpin's good side from the start, Smythe sends one of his latest Spider Slayer models to attack someone they believe is stealing from them for himself: Red Hood. But something Smythe and Kingpin were not expecting was for Red Hood to be aware of the coming attack...and even turn the tables.

Pietro decides to check in on his sister before they face Klarion, and she's not happy with seeing him again.

Amin Zola locates an associate of Ra's Al Ghul and Baron Zemo sets out to find him.

After a chain of robberies, Mumbo is finally discovered by the great Mysterio. Mumbo suggests that the two unite and become the two top criminals in New York, but Mysterio won't be shown up by some C-Rank crook...

In an attempt to regain some honor for his family, Baron Zemo goes after one of Ra's Al Ghul's associates: Count Vertigo.

The summoning of le Fay is almost complete, but Mystique and the Brotherhood enter to stop them. Both sides end up gaining the other hand on the other, but when it's all over, what will happen to the survivors?

Before any punishment can be sentenced on the Morganians, Doctor Fate steps in and takes the remaining members away to Equinox, who has plans for them...(Would have merged all into a sorcerer Equinox would name James Craddock, who would later become the Gentleman Ghost)

Baron Zemo returns to his base only to find that Amin Zola has been taken out by two beings who wish to form an alliance...(And the Masters of Evil would have begun to form)

With the attack on one of his hired guns, Black Mask decides to take a step to stop whoever's responsible. (This was one of those cases that began backfiring after I decided certain alliances)

Ares is able to figure out Loki's plan through the past and summons help. (Deimos and Harm)

Norman Osborn, Hammerhead, and Doctor Octopus think of their next plan, which involves a surviving piece of the strange starfish from Atlantis...

Lord Batman discovers a dimensional gate near him. (Eviler Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Disney Villains War would end his final battle in DVW Part 2 to find himself back in his home dimension, only to be arrested by Lord Batman for dishonoring the alliance and striking on his own without the Syndicate's approval.)

Owlman accepts an alliance with someone. (Emperor Zurg from Disney vs Anime Villains)

Deadpool finally finds his way out of Slade's old base...but only finds himself to be crushed by something...(The Hulk, a hero who survived)

And that something is being hunted. (General Thunderbolt Ross would return to send Major Force in and then Faceless Hunter).

Events for the First War (New Version)

Part One

Loki travels to the hellish realm of Trigon in hopes for a certain artifact. The lord of darkness isn't too keen with the norse god however and tells him to leave. Loki then offers Trigon two options, submit or die. Trigon just laughs at him and attacks the norse god, however Loki has some tricks up his sleeve.

At a criminal meeting, Joker exclaims that he has a plan to take down the New York syndicates under Kingpin's control. Kingpin, at this time is handling some problems and tying up loose ends in his partnership until the Joker attacks. Kingpin may be the most powerful criminal in New York but is he a match for the clown prince of crime? During a diplomatic Lavertian address, Doom reveals that Luthor is a liar and a criminal to a very large public. Furious at the dictator, Lex takes his warsuit armor to Lavertia. Luthor may be a smart adversary with lots of high tech but is he a match for Doom?

Amanda Waller holds a meeting of CADMUS exclaiming that she has an ace in the hole proclaiming that HYDRA has resurfaced. She then tells General Eiling of the Nazi's location and the general goes right after he enhances his strength. The general's new form is indeed powerful but Red Skull has some weaponry of his own... Attuma and his sea barbarians are planning an underwater takeover. Ocean Master, the new king of Atlantis hears this and sends the pirate Black Manta to handle the problem. Attuma and his armies arrive and declare that the Atlantian government should surrender but will Manta show them blood is thicker then sea water with his artillery? The Mandarian is preparing another one of his conquests of the world. However, he is soon rudely interrupted by the wizard Felix Faust. Faust exclaims that the Mandarian's lair will be needed for him to summon his master but the mandarian isn't too keen on letting it go and a fight ensues.

Allistar Smythe calls a meeting of the highest crime lords in the territory. Riddler, Hobgoblin, Penguin, Tombstone, Two- Face, and Doctor Octopus attend. Once all the guests arrive Smythe introduces his new boss and also the new kingpin of crime; Joker, a position that no one is really comfortable with.

Doom is furious at Lex Luthor for invading his country but is calmed down when he is approached by Loki who offers an alliance which he accepts.

Growing paranoid that Doom may wage war against him, Lex Luthor forges an alliance with Slade.

And meanwhile on Apokolps, a certain warlord gives one of his henchmen a certain mission for the war to come.

Part Two

In order to stand his ground against Doom, Lex Luthor calls his allies; Deathstroke. Black Manta, and Metallo to go over his plans.

On HYDRA Island, Red Skull and Baron Von Strucker have a meeting of HYDRA's situation and strategy in the upcoming war. Skull reveals that his plans are just beginning pleasing the baron.

Meanwhile, the Rogues are preparing for their latest financial scheme until they are approached by Eobard Thawne. The reverse flash offers them a deal to work for him and bestow on unlimited riches which the rogues accept and their alliance begins.

Wanting to take control of minor problems with his new title of; Kingpin of crime, the Joker hires Mysterio, a B-Rank crook to get rid of Abra Kadabra, a street performer who's been causing him trouble. After gaining the wizard's location, Mysterio views Abra as a phony and an insult to the art of trickery, but will Abra show him what true magic is?

In a hope to help Luthor with Doom's plans, Deathstroke hiresthe criminal known as Metallo to attack one of Doom's storage units in Germany after the collapse of HYDRA. Metallo soon arrives but is shocked when he sees the base has been overtaken by the omniscient android Ultron. Ultron reveals that he has plans to wipe out humanity and isn't going to let his new base of operations go, but Metallo isn't exactly going to be simply told off.

Enchantress is told by Loki to collect the Predator's egg to start the next phase in his plan. Hearing that the egg is in possession of the Star Sapphire, Enchantress heads to her wear a bouts in hopes to take it. Enchantress uses her magic to fight of the Sapphire's goons but taking the egg from the power villainess herself might be a bit more difficult.

Ra's al ghul calls upon Bane to complete a mission for him. That mission is to lead a covert assault against Magneto and his mutant acolytes for the Light. Bane, of course, accepts and begins to attack. Once he arrives, Bane sees a mutant fight club going on. Seeing this as a chance to gain victory, Bane enters his name as a fighter, however his opponent, the Juggernaut might not be on top when it comes to brains, but doesn't hold back in a brawl which is what Bane is about to find out.

Wanting to end Joker's rule as Kingpin of crime, Black Mask hires Mr. Freeze to take down one of Joker's main operatives, Doctor Octopus. Freeze accepts Mask's offer and begins to hunt the scientist down. While Doctor Octopus is stealing a priceless artifact, Freeze ambushes him and a battle ensues. Which mad scientist will come on top?

Gorilla Grodd recruits Livewire for a job, break into Oscorp so that he can complete his plans and start his new empire. The villainess accepts Grodd's proposal and travels to Oscorp. Once she arrives, Livewire notices the villain Electro has been entrusted with Osborn's security making it a challenge for her. Which electric themed villain will be getting out in one piece?

Darkseid sends out his general Steppenwolf to destroy the threat to Apokolips known as Ronan the Accuser and to take down the Kree Empire along with him. Steppenwolf with an army of parademons attacks Ronan in the name of Darkseid and order that he surrenders his planet. However even for being a general of Darkseid, Ronan isn't intimated in the least by Steppenwolf and isn't to keen on losing this particular battle.

Doom hires Hyperion to take out the leader of the country Kandauq Black Adam. Seeing him as a threat to his plans and an ally of Lex Luthor, Doom wants him dead which Hyperion plans on achieving. Once the man arrives he is met by Black Adam and the two square off in a destructive battle. Will the king of Kandauq prevail, or has he finally met his match?

Wanting to remove all media eyes on him from Doom's comment at the United Nations. Lex Luthor installs a new mutant ban and hires Paimon and Parasite to take down the mutant leader Magneto. The two head off to Magneto's hideout and begin to attack him. Although it's two against one, Magneto should not be underestimated.

After Mr. Freeze's defeat, Black Mask discovers that the new threat of Joker's criminals can't be ignored. To ensure he's victorious in the long run he forms an alliance with Carmine Falcone and Silvermane to overtake the crime world.

At Project CADMUS, Amanda Waller has a meeting with her top scientists, including the likes of: Mark Desmond, Curt Conors, Dr. Rice, and Dr. Sammunel. They are also introduced to Eiling's replacement General Thunderbolt Ross and Norman Osborn who is taking his finances to fund CADMUS.

On Asgard, Loki reveals his plan to his allies Dr. Doom, The Mandarian, Ultron and Ronan creating a new powerful alliance to complete the trickster god's plans.

Psimon reports to the Light of Magneto's escape. However, they exclaim everything is going as they have planned.

Norman Osborn receives a phone call in hopes of a partnership from an unidentifiable number.

As Mr. Freeze is grieving in Arkham Asylum over his wife, the new warden Hugo Strange employees Edward Nygma for a scheme that will change the entire game of the war and the criminals with it.

After his defeat against Black Adam, Hyperion is taken to the Red Skull's base of operations. Seeing his potential of power, Red Skull welcomes him to his alliance which includes: MODOK, Dracula, Speedster and Night Hawk forming the foundation of the Cabal.

A beaten Steppenwolf is punished by Darkseid for his failure against Ronan and for conquering the Kree empire.

Doctor Octopus decides to make himself a great threat for the war and recruits villains such as Electro, Mysterio, Shocker, The Vulture, and to make a powerful criminal fighting force, The Sinister Six!

Meanwhile, Klarion is met by Black Adam in hopes of a partnership for the war which intrigues Black Adam laying out Klarion's grand scheme.

With his criminal empire bringing in new threats, Joker hires some extra support for his newfound empire. In his cabinet are the likes of Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow making the clown prince of crime a powerful force.

While of the conflict is going on, Baron Mordo meets with his master, Dormammu for his eventual release.

Part Three

At Project Cadmus, Osborn and other scientists are coming up with new projects. However their time is cut short by an uninvited guest who claims to have been paid by one of the scientists.

Loki and Dr. Doom make an alliance with Dr. Destiny.

Grodd makes a powerful alliance for the war.

Brother Blood is told to make arrangements by his superior.

After the big man's deal, Norman Osborn starts developing super villains and his first is project rhino. Once the power is transferred Rhino is told to go after Killer Croc but the convict may be too headstrong at the moment.

At STAR Labs, Man-Bat and Killer Frost prepare their latest crime spree. Once word of the two gets out Shocker and Vulture arrive to take out the duo.

In space, Annihulus is beginning his plans to conquer the galaxy. However his plans are cut short when Brainiac arrives. Annihulus may be powerful but can he match Brainiac's intellect?

Klarion and Black Adam begin phase 1 of their plan: take out Dormammu's apprentice. The two send out Wotan to take him out but Mordo isn't going down without a fight.

At HYDRA Island, Red Skull hears of Sinestro's presence on earth and sends out the the meta human Graviton to take him down. Once Graviton locates Sinestro he finally learns how powerful yellow rings can be in a painful way.

With Hobgoblin's attack on CADMUS, Desmond tries to figure out the identity of the traitor which when is presented is shocking to him, but useful.

Local gangster Paris Franz meets with his uncle, Falcone and Black Mask for a job. However when he is cocky, Mask puts him in his place.

Joker takes over a gang for his empire When all of this is going on, Magneto addresses his mutants for war which is like music to the ears for one bystander.

Wanting to get rid of Black Mask's subordinates, Penguin and Joker send the assassin Deadshot to kill Silvermane for them. At the same time Silvermane is in negotiations to recruit Hammerhead into his alliance. Considering it a way to prove himself when Deadshot attacks, Hammerhead engages the assassin rather brutally.

Tombstone confronts Smythe telling him to test out some of his robots for the war. As a result Smythe sends out the Black Widow in high hopes to take out Franz. Even with his android should Franz be underestimated?

Lex Luthor sends Deathstroke on his first mission, kill Baron Zemo. Once Deathstroke finds the Baron they engage in combat and with both of their skills only one will make it out alive, or so it seems....

Darkseid informs Kalibak that with Steppenwolf's defeat he can rise up to the ranks of general. However Kalibak's promotion is cut short when Malekith attacks hoping to make Apokolips a future home for dark elves, but can he take on the wrath of Darkseid?

Norman Osborn visits Hydro Man telling him to invade Atlantis and find something Oscorp needs. However when Hydro Man challenges the royal guard, the invasion catches Ocean Master's attention who believes all surface dwellers should be brought to justice.

Lex Luthor and Norman Osborn have a conversation about companies and their futures in the war. Zemo is met by two promising strangers.

Penguin receives a strong new ally.

Magneto prepares his acolytes for war.

Tensions rise between Joker and Doctor Octopus in leadership.

Killer Croc wakes in Belle Reeve where a prison riot is taking place.

Brother Blood unleashes Dracula for his cause.

At Cadmus, Mark Desmond is visited by Amanda Waller and his new partner T.O. Morrow.

Meanwhile, 3 warlords meet with their master.